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             Aborignal Indigenous author - Ahnishinahbæótjibway of the Bear Dodem at Red Lake

Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway
(We, the People)

We Have The Right To Exist, A translation of Aboriginal Indigenous Thought, the first book ever published from an Ahnishinahbæótjibway perspective

Indian 'tribal courts':

Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses - Code "Revisions July 25, 2001"

Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses - Law and Order Provisions, 1952 - 1990

United States Commission on Civil Rights - "Enforcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968" (May 1990)

Other legal material: free public access to U.S. State Laws, U.S. Federal Laws, National Laws from around the world, and International Law including U.N. International Human Rights Instruments

Indian civil rights struggles

Leech Lake Indian Reservation & Bemidji, Minnesota

Documents from Red Lake history:

Old Crossing treaty with the Red Lake and Pembina Bands of Chippewa Indians, concluded on the 2nd of October, 1863

1864 Amendments

Halfbreed Scrip
issued on Article VII of the April 14, 1864 amendments to the Old Crossing Treaty

January 14, 1889: "An act for the relief and civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota"

1889: Minnesota Chippewa Commission
,  for cession of land and allotment

"Indian copy" of Red Lake transcripts of 1889 'councils,' provided to Red Lake General Council by the Minnesota Chippewa Commission

1902: Minutes of councils held by James McLaughlin
, United States Indian Inspector, with the Indians of Red Lake Agency, Minnesota, from March 4th to March 10th, 1902, for cession of land.

U.S. and Canadian federal treaties and agreements with Chippewa Indians

Bureau of Indian Affairs history and policy:

September 1948: pamphlet. "A BIRTH CERTIFICATE TELLS THE FACTS!"
"Náásgóó háadi da nihe'awéé doo tsístl'a nádááh da dooleel biniiyé naaltsoos bee 'ééhózinii bá 'ádaalne'go yá'át'ééh.  Hool'áágóó bízhi' dooleelii yá'át'éehgo niha'álchíní bízhi' bá 'ádaahle'go yá'át'ééh.")

Diminishment of Leech Lake Indian Reservation



        Ransom Judd Powell Papers - White Earth Genealogies, 1913-15

1934 Dakota Census - Minnesota

Lake Superior Half-Breed Scrip

Minnesota Indian reservations and a few links



"An Exploration of the Conceptual Foundations of Western Herbalism and Biomedicine With Reference to Research Design" by Matthew Wood

               (Master of Science Dissertation, Scottish School of Herbal Medicine)

Native Plants in Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Michigan
    list by Latin name
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Ojibwe Bibliography

Online Research Resources

U.S. Indian reservation populations and "race"

Census Information

Community writers & resources:

    James D. Vukelich's Anishinaabemowin Blog

    Finisia Medrano

    American Indian Homelands: Matters of Truth, Honor and Dignity - Immemorial
            Barry ZeVan, producer and director, in collaboration with the Indian Land Tenure Foundation

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