We are redesigning our website

We are redesigning our website: making navigation more user-friendly, getting rid of experiments in web-design that didn't really 'work,' and taking some images that attracted too many hot-linkers offline. 

Some people don't realize that copyright laws apply to the Internet, some people don't understand that 'linking' to someone else's images to use on their website or blog is thievery... and some people don't seem to care.

So... 'bandwidth' theft and other abuses were getting serious (a webserver has to pay for data transfer, equipment, electricity, and a lot of other things), and we've taken some things offline right away. 

It takes hundreds of hours to redesign a website, which means there are going to be some broken 'links' for awhile: both from the search engines and - unavoidably - a few broken links on this website.  (That's why you're seeing this message - because the file your computer asked for isn't there - either it's been moved, or taken offline.

If you're one of our many wonderful visitors, thank you for your patience while we redesign.  We've put up a temporary 'index' to help you find what you're looking for, listing some of the most popular and most interesting parts of this website.

(And, if you're one of those other folks, wondering what happened to that image you hot-linked, well... you know who you are (and so do we - you may not realize it, but every webserver keeps track of every 'referral' and - looking at the server logs - knows what websites and blogs are hot-linking.  The image you stole might have disappeared from your website - we 'blocked' it - but if the hot-link's still there on your web-page, your website is recorded in our server logs.  You should probably re-do your web-pages and take out those hot-links, eh.)

Mii gwetch