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A terrible saga for Jawnie Hough
May 31, 2002



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    Native American Press / Ojibwe News

Tribal courts being cruel

I just read the article "Jawnie Hough -vs- Donald Brun, Jr." I feel that what the Red Lake tribal courts is doing is totally outrageous and by all standards cruel to the mother and child. I would think that Willa Beaulieu and "her people" would take the child’s best interest into consideration. They claim that they have the child’s welfare and well- being at heart-but yet they tear her away from her mother and don't even so much as offer supervised visitation. Willa Beaulieu should ask herself if that spoiled rotten son of hers was taken from her as a infant how would she feel. She cannot put herself in that mothers shoes because she has no compassion for anyone.

As far as "Chunky" Brun goes, this is a man who made the decision to "NOT" prosecute the drug dealer who sold crack cocaine to a young female who is alleged to have killed George Stately. I might add that the drug dealer is closely related to one of Chunkys employees as well as his close personal friend.

It makes me sad that our people in positions of power use that power to hurt people and then hide behind the sovereignty of the Red Lake Nation. I ask all members of the Red Lake tribal council to help this poor mother to at least get visitation with the child in question until custody can be worked out. I would also like to encourage the Leach Lake Band to assist Jawnie Hough, their own member, in getting her god given right to mother that child. Please- all just put your egos aside and show compassion for both mother and child.

In closing I would like to say shame on you Willa Beaulieu for being a liar and a cold heartless female. You give women and mothers a bad name. I know Judy Roy to be a good caring woman and hope that she as well as Wanda Lyons think about what was written here. Wanda, you are a mother and grandmother and I believe you know what htis mother is going through-help her-kindness and compassion goes a long way and one day you too will be judged based on you fairness and compassion-and that is the only judgment that matters. The answer to this problem is in your hearts if you dare to look that deep.

Chunky Brun you also will be judged by the almighty one day, you are getting up their in age and need to look long and hard in the mirror and ask yourself if you are being the best you can be or do you need to do some soul searching. You have done nothing to better the Red Lake court system, you have played favoritism for far to long.

Lastly, I would like to add that I know neither Ms. Hough or Mr. Brun and as far as I know no concerns of abuse or neglect has been alleged against either parent so treat both parents equal, the child needs both.

Tonya Morris







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