Yeast Growth Curves

A "yeast growth curve" -- a graph depicting stages of population growth and decline in a closed environment:
(first) exponential 'doubling' and then 'doubling again' growth until carrying capacity of environment is approached;
(second) gradual increase and then 'leveling off' at the peak; and
(third) very rapid population decline to zero as the population is poisoned by its accumulated waste in a closed environment. 
'Classic' example is yeast in a champagne bottle: yeast-beasties continue to reproduce until concentration of alcohol [yeast 'piss'] and carbon dioxide [the 'sparkle' in traditionally-made champagne, but lethal 'morning breath' to another yeast] poisons them.

Writing to a friend about the inevitable consequences of population growth, was looking for an example online.  Skimmed through text descriptions of about the first 100 search results for 'yeast growth curve,' glanced at the ones I thought would likely have a good graphic.

What I found seems really chilling 'newthink' in the face of human overpopulation:

The 'decline' phase of yeast growth curves -- that I remember very clearly from textbooks used in the 1950s -- is gone.

Why are people denying the reality that we face?  It's not too late, not yet ...


[a few examples, with the incomplete part of the graphs sketched in purple ...  ]

yeast growth curve #1

yeast growth curve #2

yeast growth curve #3

yeast growth curve #4

dynamic representation