Online Research Resources

History and federal policy

    National Archives and Records Administration: Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793 - 1989
    National Archives of Canada:
      Aborignal Peoples - Guide to the Records of the Government of Canada
Indian Affairs Annual Reports - 1864 - 1990
             Métis Scrip Records - database searchable by surname
Native Canadian Women Writers
             Native Residential Schools in Canada: a selective bibliography
    Bureau of Indian Affairs
Native American Documents Project - includes transcriptions of key 19th-century documents

             The Indian Act

Legal Resources

     Code of Federal Regulations
     Cornell Univrsity Legal Information Institute - index of online legal materials
    Minnesota Revisor of Statutes
    Office of the Law Revision Counsel
search U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Human rights & international law

    Amnesty International - International Criminal Court  
    Crimes of War project - timeline
    Human Rights Defence Centre - International Treaties relating to human rights
    International Committee of the Red Cross
    International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - electronic reference shelf
    Society of Professional Journalists - A brief history of the laws of war
    United Nations - human rights research guide
    United Nations - Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
    University of Minnesota - Human Rights Library

Specifically "Indian Law"

    Felix S. Cohen - Handbook of Federal Indian Law
    Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties
    U.S. & Canada: federal treaties and agreements with Chippewa Indians
    Indian Courts & 'Tribal Code'
    Decisions of the Department of the Interior Board of Indian Appeals
    National Tribal Justice Resource Center
    Federal laws specifically affecting Red Lake Indian Reservation
    Department of the Interior Solicitor's refering to Leech Lake Indian Reservation:
             October 10, 192 - Hunting, Fishing, Ricing Regulations - Jurisdiction of Leech Lake Band of Chippewa Indians
    Department of the Interior Solicitor's opinions involving Red Lake Indian Reservation
            May 14, 1935 - "Red Lake Chippewa - Enrollment"            
            June 30, 1936 - "Red Lake Reservation Title to Lands"
             December 19, 1936 - "Upper Red Lake - Fishing Rights of Indians"
             February 19, 1938 - "Red Lake Band - Ceded Land Disposition"
             November 28, 1938 - "Menominee & Red Lake Reservation - Wages & Hours"
             July 31, 1951 - "Red Lake Sawmill Fund - Use for Defraying Expenses of Sale of Little Pine Island Timber"
             October 4, 1954 - "Minnesota School Attendance Laws - Jursidiction to Enforce on Red Lake Reservation"
             October 5, 1956 - "Interpretation of the Act of August 3, 1956 (70 Stat. 982) Relating to the Management of the Red Lake Indian Forest and Sawmill"
             November 22, 1957 - "Tribal Government of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians"

Key U.S. federal statutes

       1934 Indian Reorganization Act


       Manitoba Treaties
       National Aboriginal document database
Archivianet: searchable photographic database from the National Archives of Canada


    U.S. Census data on the Internet, 1990

Very cool links
       U.S. Census American Indian and Alaska Native Data and Links
       Library of Congress - Prints & Photographs Reading Room
                                           Prints & Photographs Online Catalog
       North American Indian linguistics bibliography, compiled by Anthony Mattina