originally posted this list - from the G.A.O. Archives - because the Department of the Interior's 'Whereabouts' list was no longer online.
The official 'Whereabouts' list has been updated, and it is back online at
This August 2004 list has been superseded: it is here as a matter of historical interest only. 

The Federal Government's efforts to remedy problems with Indian trust accounting are described:
   - by the Department of the Interior
   - by the hundreds of thousands of Indian people who joined in a class action lawsuit, seeking remedy for longstanding problems
   ... and by thousands of other voices on the Internet.

August 31, 2004


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US Department of the Interior Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians

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Locating IIM Account Holders

The Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) is seeking current addresses for the Individual Indian Money (IIM) account holders listed at the left of this page. All Whereabouts Unknown (WAU) accounts have funds to be disbursed to the rightful owner.

If you are or you know an account holder whose whereabouts is unknown to OST, please contact OST and provide the information below. OST will send the accountholder the required forms to update the IIM account.

Information needed to request OST forms:

Name of account holder (First, M.I., Last name)
Current address
Telephone number


Attn: Whereabouts Unknown Coordinator
4400 Masthead St., NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109


Toll Free
1- 888 - 678- 6836 ext 392







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