Ojibwe Bibliography – part 11




3991.   Wub-e-ke-niew =(a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1996). There has been a great amount of discussion and debate about “family values” and “community” in the political arena ...
Abstract: There has been a great amount of discussion and debate about “family values” and “community” in the political arena, with each political party claiming that they know more about how to create a viable society than the other party.
From the perspective of one who was raised in my formative years in the Bear Dodem of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, in an aboriginal indigenous tradition, the current “family values” debate seems a shallow farce: the policy-molders are talking only about the nuclear family, which is only a fragment of what “family” means in my tradition of egalitarian extended family and Dodem.
The Indian boarding schools and other U.S. Indian policies were created explicitly to take away the identities of the aboriginal indigenous people of this continent, and destroy our language, culture, and—most importantly—our egalitarian extended families and Dodems.  At the time that I was a child, in the 1930’s, patrilineally and culturally white people who the U.S. government categorized as “Indians” were being supported by the government as agents of acculturation and social change in the remnants of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway community—which included promoting fragmented nuclear families.  These dark-skinned, black-haired “Indians” had Western European hierarchical values and predominantly European/Moorish ancestry, but they were (and continue to be) presented to the American public, and to the world, as the “real” indigenous people.
The egalitarian Dodems of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway are perceived by policy-makers as a threat to the hierarchical social structure of the Western European society, who projected onto us such erroneous labels as “primitive communism,” as well as doing blatant name-calling, calling us “savages” and “pagans” to our faces, in our own land—to have some foreigner invade one’s land and then call us names is disgusting and without good manners.

The nuclear family of Western European society, and the cultural conventions such as linear time which support the nuclear family context, are, from my Ahnishinahbæótjibway perspective, a human rights violation and a blatant denial of the humanity of those who are caught up in this mutant and crippling social structure.  In my understanding, all human beings have an innate, biological drive to associate in egalitarian extended-family groupings, which meet human needs for nurturing, cuddling, social recognition and identity, security and interaction, and generates the template for living in harmony with each other and the natural world.  Western European structure thwarts these natural human needs with the nuclear family, and then maintains its fundamental hierarchical institutions (including corporations, the Church, and Western European ideologies) through sublimated redirection.  Such Western European institutions and conceptual structures could not—and cannot—coexist with intact and viable Dodems and egalitarian extended families.
The human needs which are not met in the context of the nuclear family, are—although unacknowledged in the languages of Western Culture—nevertheless felt by its members as an “emptiness” or a “void,” which cries out for love and fulfillment.  The formation of ghetto gangs follows the same mechanisms as the formation of corporations or the cohesion of armies: the crippled members of nuclear families adhere to the pseudo-family group and will do almost anything to retain acceptance within the group and whatever semblance of “love” that they can get.  Family violence, which reflects the pathological nuclear-family structure, is carried over into the pseudo-families of the Western hierarchy in such ways as gang initiations and gang fights, as is the fundamentally misogynistic orientation of Western hierarchical tradition.
            The “here today and gone tomorrow” nuclear family, which has neither continuity nor roots, replaces the functionally eternal continuity of the Dodem with a highly mobile “fly by night” mentality.

3992.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). When I talk to well-intentioned White people, some of them admit that “what my grandfather did was unfair,” but then the they add “things are different now.” ...
Abstract: When I talk to well-intentioned White people, some of them admit that “what my grandfather did was unfair,” but then the they add “things are different now.”  The White Earth Land Settlement Act is classic United States Government boilerplate “Indian Treaty” legislation. 
MORE LAND-GRAB PORK: The European immigrants went to all the trouble of stealing Anishinabe Ojibway land at White Earth, and they don’t plan on giving a single acre back.  Under W.E.L.S.A. the United States Government is doing nothing more than buying time.  They’re using their puppet Indian Reorganization Act government to keep the land in White hands, under crooked “Trusteeship.”  The W.E.L.S.A. “gives” with one hand, and takes away again with the other.  Nothing is resolved, and the land title will remain clouded.  Why don’t they use the term “Indian Giver” any more?

3993.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). When the Jourdainian council here at Red Lake talked about Aboriginal Rights as a Sovereign Nation--along with Butch Brun--the question which ...
Abstract: When the Jourdainian council here at Red Lake talked about Aboriginal Rights as a Sovereign Nation—along with Butch Brun—the question which always comes up is “why do these people claim that they are a sovereign nation, or quasi sovereign nation, and at the same time the United States calls them ‘wards of the government’ under ‘trusteeship’?”  Either the Indians are lying, or the U.S. Government is lying, or they are both lying.
Treaty-making is generally considered to be done under International Law, between Sovereign Nations or Sovereign People.  However, the United States Government enacted their policies regarding what they claim is “Treaty Law” regarding Indians in a sneaky way.  As though they wanted to hide their shame, and sweep their misdeeds under the rug, Congress attached an obscure rider to an “Indian Appropriations Bill” on March 3, 1871, ending the United States Government’s treaty-making with “Indians.”
The “Treaties” which the European Nation-States signed with people who they claimed were “indigenous” on this continent were never Treaties signed between Sovereign people nor Sovereign Nations.  The European Nation-States, including the United States, have steadfastly refused to recognize Aboriginal Indigenous Nations existence here, let alone our inherent and inalienable title to our own land and resources.  This particular strategy of refusing to recognize the reality of non-European Nations owning their own land has been a cornerstone of  colonialism for as long as the Europeans have been marauding around the world, “discovering” other peoples’ land.
The original intent of the so-called “Indian Treaties,” under European concepts of law, was the transfer of European “Title” (to land and resources which the Europeans did not own) from European to European.  The “Indian treaties” were signed with the “Hang-Around-The-Fort-Indians.”  (These “Indians” were hanging around the forts, looking for their White biological fathers.  The Europeans held their Sovereignty.)
In the mid-1960’s, during the Civil Rights Movement, the “Indians” who identified with mainstream White goals and values were called by their own half-breed brothers, “Sell-Outs.”  Now, the children and grandchildren of these Indians are calling themselves “Sovereign Nations,” and are gearing up to sign some more papers, although this time they’re saying they’re “accords” or “agreements.”
For more than a century, the United States has been calling the “Indians” the “Vanishing American.”  (In the last century, the policy-makers of the Lake Mohonk Conference were gloating and orating about the soon-to-be non-existence of the “party of the first part,” meaning the “Indians,” and thereby the release of the United States Government from Treaty obligations.)  The “Indians” are kept on a tightrope, and both they and the American public are being told that they are on the verge of either “termination” or “extinction.”
On one hand, the “Indians” are kept in the identity of being “Indians,” because under the social engineering of the Indian identity, they are led to believe that being a “real Indian” means hating white people—although their own biological fathers are White. 
On the other hand, the “Indians” are strung along with that old carrot-on-the-stick of “payment, you’re gonna be rich some day.”  The U.S. is going to abrogate the treaties, because they are crooked.  As soon as it’s politically feasible, they are also going to do what they have been promising to do for the last hundred years: terminate the “Indian.”  The “Indians” have been threatened with a “stroke of the pen” for many decades, but technology is catching up with them—it will be with a bottle of “White Out.”
ATTORNEY GENERAL:  It’s been reported from the Senate Confirmation hearings for that Zoe Baird hired an “illegal alien” couple from Peru as household servants.  It should have been written that European immigrant Zoe Baird hired an couple with Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry from Peru.  The media has taken the whole issue off in a different direction.  But, get serious here: what point is there is paying Social Security to people who are expected to leave the United States?  They can’t file a claim here.  Zoe Baird may have been ripping them off—but now that’s she’s paid their Social Security Taxes, it’s just money from her to the Government, and these people will never see it.  When the immigration officials get ahold of her, she will have to pay some more money ... that’s business as usual in Washington.  Illegal aliens have been over here since 1492, ripping off, anyway.

3994.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wah-be-ge-niew)]. (1991 April). Reflections from Indian Country: Since 1958, when the Indo-European Indians brought the United States ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Since 1958, when the Indo-European Indians brought the United States Government 1934 Indian Reorganization Act onto Anishinabe Ojibway Country at Red Lake, our Anishinabe Ojibway forests have been decimated by the U.S. Government’s Indians.  Our entire permaculture that we kept intact and beautiful for hundreds of thousands of years has been destroyed by 33 years of steady clear-cutting since the I.R.A. was brought in.  The Indians have gotten jobs and money from the demolition of resources which do not belong to them; the Aboriginal Indigenous people have not benefited at all.  What were beautiful forests with plentiful game fifty years ago, now look like a war zone.  European Indians who have a desert-and-camel mentality have destroyed the entire forest.  In the clear-cutting, what do we expect to give our children?  In a clear-cut Ojibway land, our children and grandchildren have nothing to look forward to; we the Anishinabe Ojibway have nothing to give to them.
The complaints by the Anishinabe Ojibway about the clear-cutting and the genocide has been an unheard voice in Washington, D.C. where the decisions are made.  Environmental destruction and genocide are on the agenda of Indo-Europeans all over the world.
There are two distinct sets of people here on this land.  Indians were brought in by the U.S. to replace the Aboriginal Indigenous people who were killed in the genocide.  Indians are Indo-European people; they are Whites with some Moorish ancestry who are kept out of W.A.S.P. society because of racism and competing theocratic empires.  At the Lake Mohonk Conference, the Protestant Christian Clergy decided that these Catholic Moors should not become a part of the mainstream, so they made them into “Indians” and “Squaw men,” and the Indian Reservations became dumping grounds for the W.A.S.P.’s castoffs and misfits.  The “melting pot” is really social and genetic engineering, because only certain people get into the “kettle” of the American Mainstream.
Some Moorish people were involuntarily “made into Indians.”  After it became obvious that there was money to be made from the theft of Indigenous peoples’ lands, some Indo-Europeans bought their way onto the “tribal rolls.”  Some were “adopted” by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  These Indo-Europeans who were adopted or “enrolled” into the European-made Indian Tribes and Indian) Bands—the descendents of these people are the people who are adopting and fostering out the Aboriginal Indigenous people of the Anishinabe Ojibway Clans under the Indian Child Welfare Act.  The Anishinabe Ojibway children are NOT Indians.
The “mixed-blood” Moors who are clear-cutting Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ forests are descendents of Arabs and North Africans, who got into Southern Europe under Moorish conquest.  The Spanish Moors and the Portuguese Moors are presently in Brazil, clear-cutting the Aboriginal Indigenous people’s rain forest in the Amazon Basin.  The French Moors are presently in the Northwoods, clear-cutting the Aboriginal Indigenous people’s forests right here.  The desert mentality is in their blood; their ancestors who clear-cut the Sahara Forest and made it into the Sahara Desert.  And now they are over here, making our forests into deserts.  It seems like they won’t be happy until they create another desert.  It looks like they want sand dunes and camels in the former Northwoods.  If they want desert, why don’t they go back to the Sahara where they came from?
There have been several moves to abolish the Bureau of Indian Affairs because of corruption.  In investigating the corruption and graft of the B.I.A—which has been part of the Bureau since it’s inception—they might as well also investigate who is “Indian.”  It seems like anybody can become an Indian.  In researching the genealogy in Red Lake, and the history of these two continents, I fail to find any Indians or “Chippewas” here or anyplace else (except maybe in Indian) until the White man created their identity as he pillaged and plundered across our Continent.  There aren’t any Indians in the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ Traditional genealogy, nor in the Traditional Oral history.  The Indians first show up in the Indo-Europeans’ records as they came with the White man.  Everybody remembers the Boston Tea Party, where Whites dressed up as Indians.  Go and research it, you will find the same thing that I am writing about.  When I ask the Bureau of Indian Affairs for some of their genealogical records, they say “it is confidential, and nobody can see it.”  I can understand why they want it to be confidential.  In White Earth and in Red Lake, in doing the genealogy and the background of these people, we find most of the “Federally Recognized Indians” are Indo-European, and have no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all.  With one stroke of the pen, anybody can become an “Indian,” that’s why the Indian population is increasing far faster than the Indian birthrate.  When the U.S. no longer needs Indians, “one stroke of the pen” and historians will say, “Indians never existed” (and be speaking the truth for once).  But, there are still Aboriginal Indigenous people here, neither created nor destroyed by Indo-Europeans’ pens; we are not Indians.
While we are writing about the desert, the dust hasn’t settled from Desert Storm yet, either.  The Oil Baron might have defeated the Oil Sheik, but wait until the dust from the Desert Storm settles on the Petro-gon.  The bombing runs “under U.N. sanctions” created two thousand years of hatred, and covering up the destruction done by United States/British bombs by inciting a civil war (just as was done in Viet Nam) won’t obliterate the memories of Arabic human beings who were under the bombs.
If you are into Machiavellian European thought, into the sadistic-masochistic infrastructure of hierarchical societies, thirty-two nations ganging up on one third-world nation under the banner of a World organization supposed to promote Peace, maybe you enjoy the S & M.  On a lower level of the very same hierarchy, where were 21 Los Angeles Police brutalizing and dog-piling one Black man.  This is not “police brutality,” these are Indo-European Terrorist acts in the context of the violence that they need to govern.  Around the world everything is unstable, and in chaos, and full of hatred.  That’s the only way the Englishmen and other Indo-Europeans can govern; they have to create instability and factions.  Their past history proves it; they have used the same pattern for five thousand years.  If that isn’t an S & M mentality, I don’t know what is.  If you’re into S & M and enjoy it, that’s your problem.  But you can’t keep on beating people up, and expect them to love you.  There is an alternative to this hierarchical violence; there has to be a different real peace around the world.  There has to be a different definition of “Civilization.”  War-Peace the Indo-European way is a clever short-term scheme, an endless cycle of violence because their “peace” comes only at a high and enslaving price that can’t be paid.  Indo-European “peace” only leads to continual war, violence only creates more violence.
War is a very childish mentality and it is used to steal form other people.  It was designed by people who had already destroyed their own resources, to steal from other Peoples who took care of what they were given by the Great Creator.

3995.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wah-be-ge-niew)]. (1991 January). Reflections from the Ojibway Nation: Letter to the Secretary of the Interior. Ojibwe News.
Abstract: This is to inform you that I want my name removed from the basic membership, identification and enrollment lists of your “Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.”  I will no longer be identified by your racist term of “Indian.”  I am not an “Indian,” I am not a “Chippewa,” and I am not a “Native American.”  These words are all European terms using Crooked English.  I am Anishinabe Ojibway.  My father was Anishinabe Ojibway, and all of his patrilineal ancestors were Anishinabe Ojibway, going back for hundreds of millennia.  Every one of his ancestors were Aboriginal Indigenous people of these two Continents.  I am of the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin, and as you know quite well, the Indigenous governments of this continent are, and always have been, theocracies. The land is held jointly by the Clans of the Midewiwin, and every Aboriginal Indigenous person of the Clans is Sovereign.  The land is not, and never has been, held “in common,” nor has it ever belonged to “Indians,” as the United States Government continues to falsely claim.  The only Indigenous Indian people that I know of are from India.  The Christian Democracies of the Indo-Europeans have criticized Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ egalitarian theocracies, although they themselves are an hierarchial theocracy, with their Sovereignty held by the Queen of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and/or the Pope.  They criticize us because their agenda is world conquest; and as such they are structurally incapable of co-existence with anybody else, even with themselves or with their own blood relations the people of the Muslim Nations.  This is because of their mental illness of Greed.
In studying the history of my own people, as well as the history of the European people, I find that there are tens of thousands of Indo-Europeans claiming to be “Indian,” claiming to have Aboriginal rights and title.  Maybe they have Aboriginal rights and title to Europe, to North Africa, or to the Middle East, but not here.  All of the people that the Indo-Europeans  recognized as “Chiefs, virtually all of the “Indians” who are on the “Band Councils” and “Tribal Councils” created by the Indian Reorganization Act [unilateral legislation by the United States Congress in 1934] are people of Indo-European descent.  It seems that according to the United States Government, just about anybody can be an “Inbeing one.  However, these Indo-European “Indians” are falsely claiming to be Aboriginal Indigenous people, and have been trying to steal our land, our Aboriginal rights, our identity, our religion, and even our names by pretending that the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous people are also “Indians.”  This has been happening since before the Boston Tea Party.  There were no Indians on either of these two continents until the Europeans got here and invented them.  Then, all of a sudden, the instant Indians got “governmentally recognized” title to Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land.  How did these Indians get title to our land?  There were no Indians here until the Europeans got here with their boats.  They must be boat people like the Europeans are.  The only Aboriginal Indigenous Indians are from India, and most of them are still over there.
The Constitution of the United States mentions their “Indians” as “not taxed” and thus without representation.  The Declaration of Independence calls their Indians “merciless savages.”  The Indian people that the Europeans invented were a scapegoat, labelled “lazy,” “drunken,” “warlike,” etc.  These labels were used to discredit the real Aboriginal Indigenous people, so that the Europeans could justify to themselves blatantly trying to steal two continents.  Such derogatory labels are the inventions of the Indo-European; these racist stereotypes are projections from guilty Indo-European psyches, and have been used everywhere the Indo-Europeans have had colonies as a Christian “justification” for stealing land and oppressing people.  Christian “original sin” is an ancient tactic for blaming the victims of oppression.
United States history is full of what unilaterally written history books call “Indian wars.”  This term “Indian wars” is also a projection; they were really European wars.  The Indo-Europeans were greedily fighting each other (as well as annihilating Aboriginal Indigenous people), European against European fighting over who got to steal the most, like a pack of hungry dogs.  The people of European, Mediterranean and African ancestry who the U.S. called “Indians” were undoubtedly involved in wars.  However, the Aboriginal Indigenous people of these Continents have never been a warlike people; it was inconceivable to us that human beings could act like the Indo-Europeans have: greedy, dishonest, violent, hierarchial and without any manners.  After the “Indians” that the Indo-Europeans created signed Treaties—with their fellow countrymen of France, England, etc.—to sell land and resources that did not belong to them, then these “Indians” were drafted to fight in more wars.  (There is a word in the Ojibway language for this kind of violent insanity.)  The Indo-Europeans are still involved in wars over somebody else’s land; wars to steal and plunder, wars to subjugate, wars of world conquest.  They will always be involved in wars until they become civilized, until they start coping with their mental illnesses of greed and pathological lying.  It doesn’t have to be like this, violence is not an inherent human characteristic.  If the pns would not have been able to land their boats, and there certainly would not have been abundant resources left to steal.  Violence and war may indeed be intrinsic to hierarchial structures; it seems as though Indo-Europeans have been brainwashed to be greedy and warlike, so that their “upper class” can live in parasitic luxury.  I have experienced these brainwashing attempts first-hand under the Indo-European compulsory school-education laws unilaterally and illegally applied to Aboriginal Indigenous people to allegedly “civilize” us.  Some of my people succumbed to this violent brainwashing, and got trapped into the identity of “Indian.”  This is a bitter White false identity, filled with “White lies.”  Every day the Catholic Nuns would tell us “you are the ‘vanishing American,’ and you will go.” 
In July of 1889, the Minnesota Chippewa Commission was on my land to “negotiate” an Act of Congress which had already been unilaterally legislated, and then amended five times, the Act of January 14 1889: “An Act for the Relief and Civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota.”  [The title of this Act is Crooked English, as usual: what “relief” meant was “relieve of land and resources,” and “civilization” meant genocide.]  In their letter to the President of the United States on January 30, 1890, the Department of the Interior endorsed this particular racist and dishonest unilateral Act of Congress, “it is hoped that this agreement will furnish a basis for its early and final solution.”  Adolf Hitler got this concept of “final solution” from the British-Americans and the British-Canadians, from the British Empire and the Holy Roman Empire however you want to categorize these Indo-Europeans.  Hitler studied the Christian ideas of world conquest, and emulated them in his building of the Third Reich.  Hitler was Democratically elected by Christians, and the Nazi political party was supported by the Christian Church; and then you had the Holocaust, not only of Jewish people but also of Indigenous Slavic people, Gypsies, and others.  The Nazi Holocaust was not unique; there is a Holocaust on these two Continents, and where ever the Indo-European has gone.  These Holocausts continue, and they are kept quiet just as the Nazis kept theirs hideous agenda quiet.
The people who signed the Treaties and the subsequent “Agreements” were of Indo-European descent on both sides of the negotiation process: the French, the British, the Yankees and the Canadians were making fraudulent agreements with their own fellow Indo-Europeans.  (It’s the same way with the present-day Indian Claims Commission: the U.S.A. is trying to “close the books” on their fraudulent thefts of their past—but they are still “negotiating” Indo-European with Indo-European.)  The Aboriginal Indigenous people of these Continents have not had a part in any of these negotiations, because we cannot and will not “sell” our land—the land is sacred to us and cannot possibly be sold.  The United States and the rest of the Indo-Europeans can use all of the Crooked English that they want, this is not their land and lying about it won’t make it so.
The original Treaties were “negotiated” between two Indo-European parties in foreign languages like English and French; the people who signed the Treaties for both sides were Indo-Europeans citizens, and that’s why Treaty settlements like the one in Wisconsin was handled in the lower courts; nothing has changed and the Indo-Europeans still have both sides of the crooked “Treaty.”  This is also how the U.S.A. can claim “plenary power” over the Indian Treaties—Indo-Europeans have always held their Indians’ Sovereignty.  However, they have never held the Sovereignty of the Aboriginal Indigenous people of these continents, and they still do not.  The “Indians” were Indo-European citizens when they got off the boats here, and yet in 1924 the United States passed an Act of Congress to make these Indo-European Indian people Citizens of the United States.  The Indians were already citizens of the United States.  The U.S. made these Indians citizens twice, maybe that’s why they’re second-class citizens.  In their greed, the United States Congress also inadvertently made all of India’s people citizens.  There are almost a billion people over in India, who have a loophole through the immigration process because they are already citizens.  These millions of real Indians could vote everybody out of Congress, and repeal the U.S. Congress’ intolerant legislation about Indian religion, as well as all of the rest of the Indian Jim Crow and Apartheid laws.
Even though the theft of these continents depends on Indians, they are kept in the lower classes.  They are legislated to be “born losers,” ethnic minorities in a racist society.  Although they are Indo-European, most of them are not pure-blooded White Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the upper class, and under the Good Old Boy Network, the gerrymander lines are drawn to keep them in their place.  After 100 years, they are still Trustys in the P.O.W. camps unilaterally and illegally placed on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ lands and called “Indian Reservations.”  But, I am not an Indian, I have never even been to India.  I am an Anishinabe Ojibway.  The Indo-Europeans knew the name of my great-grandparents’ Nation perfectly well when, with larceny in their hearts, they “negotiated a Treaty” with Indo-European Indians.
This whole “Indian” identity is a fraudulent scheme.  (It is also quite painful for the people who are trapped into an Indian identity.)  The Indo-Europeans know perfectly well that “Indians” are not a distinct race of people, although they draw attention away from the dishonest way that they tried to steal this land by talking about the “Bering Strait Theory” instead of admitting that “Indians” came over on the same boats as the rest of the Indo-Europeans.  I cannot in good conscience allow myself to be erroneously identified as an “Indian,” to have any part of this fraud.  The British Empire and their cronies and heirs created Indians, and when they have finished using Indians to dispossess and destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous people of these continents, they will terminate the Indians; they will be discarded onto the bottom of the hierarchy as cheap labor, cannon fodder, ... and living projections of “lazy,” “criminal,” “drunk,” etcetera ad nauseam will continue European upper class needs the homeless, the drunks, the prison inmates, the panhandlers and the derelicts on Skid Road, as a threat and example to keep the rest of their subjects under control, regimented into being mechanical men so that the privileged can live in parasitic luxury.  An hierarchial class system has to have people suffering on the bottom of the hierarchy, as a visible reminder of what happens to dissidents.  The world doesn’t have to be inhumane.  Crooked social engineering and civilization are two entirely different things.
The Red Lake “Tribal” Code, obviously written either by a Philadelphia Lawyer or by an old Nazi in the Department of the Interior, makes this clear in the Definition Section about “Persons or Indians.”  Indians are defined as non-persons; they are an invention of the Indo-Europeans and are under Indo-European sovereignty; owned by them.  Maybe the reason that Indians are not recognized as human beings by the Indo-Europeans is that the Indo-Europeans created their identity and has been using them to commit genocide.  No matter what, they are human being—but they are definitely Indo-European human beings.
The United States Government unilaterally applied the 1889 Agreement and volumes of other legislation and regulation to the Indians they had invented, to “civilize” them.  We see that European culture is a deformed culture; they call it “civilization,” and if this is Civilization I cannot in good conscience be a part of it.  We would like to propose a program for the treatment of the mental illness called in English “greed.”  Almost every Indo-European I know, including most of your Indians, is seriously ill with greed.  These Indians that the Europeans created are virtually identical to the Indo-Europeans themselves; they have the same value system, same religion, same culture, same kinds of thinking.  So-called “Indian religion” is not the Aboriginal Indigenous religion of this continent.  The only Indian religions I know of are Hindu, Moslem, Sikh, Jain, etc.  The “Indian Medicine Men” touted by the media are Indo-Europeans, who may have taken some of the surface artifacts of our Aboriginal Indigenous religion, but don’t know anything about most of it.  If they have an “Indian name,” it’s either a made-up one, or one that was stolen from an Aboriginal Indigenous person; Aboriginal Indigenous people are named only through the Midewiwin or other truly Aboriginal Indigenous manifestations of our religion.
If I continue to allow myself to be falsely identified as “Indian” I am guilty of complacency and conspiracy; I want no part whatsoever of the fraudulent Indians that the United States Government is still using to destroy the legitimate Aboriginal Indigenous people of these two Continents.  I cannot possibly be Indian and Anishinabe Ojibway at the same time, only Indo-Europeans know how to speak with forked tongue in Crooked English.  I wipe my hands clean of being identified in the same category as those who are contributing to ongoing genocide, dispossession and destruction of my own people and my own Traditional Aboriginal Indigenous culture.  I sending my “Indian Identity Card” by certified mail to the Supreme Court.  I am turning it in as a false document issued with felonious and genocidal intent by the United States Government in collusion with their colonial Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Councils.” 
The Indo-European Good Old Boys who run Beltrami County and the State of Minnesota have been trying to take the Red Lake Indian Reservation for a hundred years.  If they want the Red Lake Indian Reservation that bad, we’ll FAX the whole thing, in its entirety (apartheid laws and everything else that legitimately under Aboriginal Indigenous Law belongs to an Indian Reservation) to them—but the land, the resources, the Aboriginal Rights, and the Traditional Aboriginal Indigenous people stay right here, an inherent part of this Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, right here where our people have always been.  They can put the Reservation on Callihan Avenue in the City of Bemidji if they want it so bad—we’ll even send them, C.O.D. Express, the “Arches” at the Indo-European drawn line in the middle of our land.  We’ll be glad to get this P.O.W. camp out of our heartland.  If they insist on having it on Indian land, they can talk to the real Indian people in New Delhi about putting it in India.
Because of the racism and greed embedded in Indo-European culture, because of their complete lack of understanding of what Civilization means, the Indo-Europeans have consistently refused to recognize the Sovereignty, Aboriginal Indigenous land title, and legitimacy of Aboriginal Indigenous people.  That’s the Indo-Europeans’ problem.  From our perspective, civilization is not unbridled greed, it is not stealing peoples’ children and brainwashing them, it is not world conquest, it is not oppression and hierarchies, and it is not violence.  The Indo-Europeans have abused “civilization” in their Crooked English to justify a parasitic relationship with Aboriginal Indigenous people as hosts.  They have been trying to say that “civilization” is stealing peoples’ identity and brainwashing and terrorizing them into becoming something that they are not.  There are so many people who could contribute to all humankind, and their talent is being wasted because of Indo-European greed.  This could be a good community, instead of in turmoil.  Violence and upheaval are a necessary part of the Indo-Europeans’ way of government; a symptom of a sick society; a Machiavellian means of destabilizing a society so that the privileged can live in luxury.  Greed is a mental illness.  If you want to see just one aspect of Indo-European greed, all a person has to do is look at the land: the way we kept it and the way it is now.  The uncivilized Indo-Europeans are always at war: at war with somebody else or at war with the environment, with the very Earth that we all depend on.  The mental illness of greed must be dealt with, before we can go on any further.
I have discussed this matter with my daughter, Valerie Lynn Blake, and she asked that her name be removed from the basic membership, identification and enrollment lists of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians along with mine.
     I am not Indian, I am not Chippewa, and I am not Native American.  These arealso racist Indo-European terms.  They are derogatory, and they are uncalled-for insults.  I am Anishinabe Ojibway of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations.  The heartland of my peoples Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous Nation is located right here, on the shores of what the French mis-identified as “Lac Rouge” and the British, British-Canadians and British-Americans mis-identified as “Red Lake.”
                                                            (aka Francis Blake, Jr.)

3996.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ge-niew)]. (1991 May). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: Hate groups and racism were written about in the April 28 issue of Parade ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Hate groups and racism were written about in the April 28 issue of Parade, distributed by the Duluth News-Tribune.  Racism has been promoted, hidden, and addressed all over the country.  The hate groups that promote racism have as role models groups controlled by the United States Government.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs is a role model for hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan.
The United States Government has actively promoted hate against both “Indians” and Aboriginal Indigenous People since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The “merciless Savages” are Indo-European projections of themselves—for example the racist, merciless savage bombing of Iraq and Viet Nam (using Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ stolen resources to do it).  Another example is racist social and genetic engineering, used to create, on the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Continents, societies which reflect the which reflect the values of the Indo-European People.
Compulsory school education is social engineering.  Throughout the 1800’s, the Bureau of Indian Affairs openly said that compulsory school education was necessary to destroy Aboriginal Indigenous culture, and “civilize” us.  When Indo-European education was first brought into Aboriginal Indigenous communities, the few of our children who (voluntarily) were in school caught on quickly, understanding Indo-European culture and learning to read and write.  It would never work to have Aboriginal Indigenous People, and even Indians, able to read and write the crooked English of the fraudulent Treaties.  At Red Lake, no Anishinabe Ojibway People from here signed the Treaty; only European-created “Indians” signed it; it was not “Indian land” they were signing to sell.  People of the Midewiwin (the Aboriginal Indigenous religion) cannot sell land.  The Indo-European knew this; that’s why he created Indians to “sell” him this Continent.
Governor Ramsey of Minnesota foresaw the problems that Anishinabe Ojibway People who were literate in English would create in his plans of Empire-building.  In 1852, Ramsey issued an executive order abolishing the literary and religious schools, and replaced them with manual training schools and the “manual-labor system.”  This executive order helped create the many facets of the Red Lake Factor, which need to be addressed and talked about.  If this order had ever been rescinded, White teachers wouldn’t be teaching a second-rate, low class curriculum in Red Lake; instead our children would be learning Political Science, Physics, Chemistry and the Philosophy of Linear Thinking and Crooked English from Aboriginal Indigenous teachers.  But, they are taught about a “Chippewa Indian” culture which is a caricature and a parody of the Aboriginal Indigenous culture.  If they make it through twelve years of school, they end up with a shoddy, low-class eighth-grade education, and are taught by White teachers with a colonial mentality who don’t live here.  These “teachers” commute into the concentration camp called a “reservation” to teach our children hostility, anger directed at themselves, and low self-esteem.  Governor Ramsey’s order, and the Red Lake Factor, need to be abolished.
One of the Red Lake Factors is that the school superintendent (and the State of Minnesota which supervises him—colonialism) have all of the power over the school policy and administration.  The school board (which is elected) is a rubber-stamp, and has no authority at all.
Another facet of the Red Lake Factor is the 1934 I.R.A. Chippewa Indian “Tribal Council.”  Indo-Europeans have been made into “Indians” to replace the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The racist White Supremacist Bureau of Indian Affairs has programs for the Indians.  The White B.I.A. bureaucrats take the laws written by the Indo-European U.S. Congress, interpret them with hate-group thinking, and use them to change the identity of the Aboriginal Indigenous People and make them into Indians.  The only programs that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has for the Aboriginal Indigenous People are compulsory school education, the jails and the courts, and adoption and “foster care” to take Aboriginal Indigenous children out of our community.  These are all social engineering coming out of a hate-group; the Geneva Convention calls this genocide.
Under International Law, the B.I.A. really has no jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous People; we are still Sovereign.  This is Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  This is not Indian land.  The Indians, who were created by the Indo-Europeans, are not Sovereign.  The Indian Sovereignty that is used to issue passports, etc., is Indo-European Sovereignty, created under Roman and English law.  Title 25 of the U.S. Code—so-called “Indian Law” is named in Crooked English and came out of English and other Indo-European law.
If a person has a White grandfather or a White father, they automatically become an “Indian,” and their Sovereignty is held by the Indo-Europeans—as planned.  The Indian Scouts who were conscripted to lead the Cavalry against their mother’s People had lost their Sovereignty through the Indo-European colonization strategy of White men creating mixed-blood children.  This genetic engineering has been used by Indo-Europeans all over the world; against themselves in shifting their class system and national boundaries; against other empires such as the Chinese; and against Aboriginal Indigenous People on every continent.  The Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Clan system is Patrilineal: a person gets their Clan and their Dodem from their father.  When an Aboriginal woman marries a White man, she loses her Clan, and her children are Metis whose Sovereignty is held by the Indo-Europeans.  That’s why the racist hate group, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, is so anxious to change Aboriginal Indigenous People into Indians.  Read Title 25—the Lawyer’s edition with the annotations.  According to United States Statutes, the person who holds “Indian Sovereignty” is the Secretary of the Interior—he is “cloaked with” it.
This is another facet of the Red Lake Factor, written in Crooked English in Title 25 and other U.S. Statutes, Executive Orders, Court Decisions, Papal Bulls, and other racist hate and colonial legislation.  (Colonialism is created by a hate group—the people who create and benefit from colonies are a role model for the K.K.K., the Nazis and other racist hate groups.)
Indo-European society depends on a hierarchy.  Social hierarchy means that some people steal the Sovereignty and resources of everybody else below them on this artificial ranking system.  For the people at the top, it is anarchy—there are no laws to govern them and they are not accountable for the terrible crimes that they commit.  Racism, and other types of discrimination, are necessary to keep this hierarchy going.  The racism on the lower levels, for example Stop Treaty Abuse, the Skinheads, the Aryans, etc. all come out of this racist Indo-European hierarchy, under orders from the people at the top.  Racism is a necessary part of this system, and it’s here to stay.  Johnny can’t read or write because the people at the top don’t want Johnny to understand this crooked system, nor be able to defend himself against it.  This is only part of the many facets of the racist Red Lake Factor.

3997.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 July). Cross burning is diversionary tactic.
Abstract: To the Editor:
The Christian Patriots League and other Christian Fundamentalist Leaders seem ready to drape themselves in patriotism and seize the issue of flag-burning.  It’s surprising that they haven’t raised a hue and cry about burning their own sacred symbol, the cross.  Seems like it’s alright with them to burn a cross in public.  But, there is a law on the St. Paul books about burning trash.  If cross-burners were arrested for littering and dumping on other peoples’ property, and burning trash without a permit, the charges would be Constitutional.
Robert Viktora, the “white separatist” and White Supremacist alleged to have burned a cross in St. Paul two years ago, is quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune as saying that White people should live apart from other races.  White people already have their own land, and their own Nations, in Europe.  This Continent belongs, and has always belonged, to the Aboriginal Indigenous People (not “Indians” invented by the European colonizers who gave their “Indians” stereotyped labels and a racist identity).  Talking about White separatist communities on somebody else’s land is the height of arrogance, or ignorance, especially when the European immigrants don’t have any roots here, nor own their own identity on this land.  The wanna-be White Aryans should scrutinize their own history and their genealogy, and find out why their ancestors were kicked out of the White nations they once had in Europe.  (Many of these Lily-Whites were forcibly deported from White Europe because they had “tainted blood” from the Moorish and Tartar occupations.)  Instead of adding further to the enormous social problems the European refugees have brought onto somebody else’s land, why not face the truth, and work to create a harmonious communities among all the diverse peoples who are now here?  The twisted dream of White Aryan Supremacy vanished with the greedy “Divine Mandate” of Manifest Destiny.
Cross-burning is a diversionary tactic.  What we need is political parity and economic security for all of the people; not just for the W.A.S.P.s, but for everybody.  If White historians are going to claim that the U.S. Constitution has roots in the Iroquois Confederacy, then they had better live up to the standards of that Aboriginal Indigenous concept.                                      
                                                            Francis Blake, Jr.

3998.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 April). Dear Gramma,  How do I become a Federally Recognized Indian? ...
Abstract: Dear Gramma,
How do I become a Federally Recognized Indian?  How much does it cost?  How much do I have to pay politicians in Campaign contributions?  Where can I get one of those neat laminated plastic Indian cards?  Do you know of any good books that I can read to learn how to be a Real Indian?
                                                                        Wondering Wanna-Be
Dear Gramma,
How do I become a Federally Recognized Indian?  How much does it cost?  How much do I have to pay politicians in Campaign contributions?  Where can I get one of those neat laminated plastic Indian cards?  Do you know of any good books that I can read to learn how to be a Real Indian?     
                                                Wondering, of the Fugarwi Tribe

3999.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 May). Dear Mr. Klobuchar,  This letter follows up our conversation just before you went to Alaska ...
Abstract: Jim Klobuchar
Minneapolis Star Tribune
425 Portland Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55488

Dear Mr. Klobuchar,
This letter follows up our conversation just before you went to Alaska; you requested that we write a letter summarizing what we were trying to tell you.
What we are saying is that the history that the United States is operating under, is seriously distorted.  We are, also saying that the vast majority of people who claim to be “Indians” are an entirely different group of people than the Aboriginal Indigenous People who were here before the Europeans got here.  There is no word “Chippewa,” nor “Indian” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  There were no “Chippewa Indians” here, in Ojibway Country, before the Europeans got here.  We can prove—we have done the research, and would be glad to show it to you if you want to come look at it—that out of the approximately 8,000 “Chippewa Indians” on the Red Lake rolls, for example, only about 300 of them are actually Anishinabe Ojibway People.  The rest of them are either Metis (mixed-bloods), or they are 100% Indo-European/African in ancestry.  The problem is not that they are who they are, but that they are pretending to be somebody that they are not—they are trying to be Aboriginal Indigenous People; in order to hide the genocide of the real Aboriginal Indigenous peoples.
For the Anishinabe Ojibway People, the line of inheritance is through the father—patrilineal just like the British, the French, and other cultures where the woman takes the man’s name and the children enter their father’s patriline.  For the Anishinabe Ojibway People, the land is held jointly, through the Clans and Dodems, which are patrilineal.  The Chippewa Indians, on the other hand, have matrilineal (passed through the mother’s line) clans—because on the patrilineal side, they are White people.  Ojibway people are matriarchal—the political power is ultimately held by women—but inheritance of the Clans and Dodems is patrilineal, and our residence is patrilocal.
These distinctions are important, for several reasons.  One of these is “sovereignty.”  Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty has never been ceded [the people who signed the Treaties were Metis people, whose Sovereignty was already held by the Europeans].  Chippewa Indian Sovereignty, is, and always has been held by the Whites [ultimately, through the Christian Church—from an Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, the Whites’ Church and State are not separate].  Specifically, in relation to “Indian gaming” and suchlike, the Sovereignty which is being used is the delegated Sovereignty of the Secretary of the Interior of the United States, who is “clothed with Sovereign immunity arising from various United States court decisions arising from United States Code, Title 25, Section 463, for example.  This does not have anything to do with Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples Sovereignty—and the various Indian Gaming operations benefit the White “Indians,” not the Aboriginal Indigenous People, anyway.  Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty is held jointly [not “in common”] by all of the Anishinabe Ojibway people, through the Midewiwin religion, through the Clans and Dodems.  The land is sacred for the Anishinabe Ojibway people; it cannot be sold, it is an inseparable part of our identity and our religion.  This was explained to Alexander Ramsey and the other Treaty negotiators during the 1863 “Red Lake and Pembina” Treaty, for example.  The Anishinabe Ojibway people said, “Grandfather [our religion] says we cannot sell [Grandmother Earth].”  The Chippewa Indians—at that time mostly French, French-Moorish, and French Metis people—are the ones who signed that “Treaty.”  They did not have any Sovereignty (some of them were drafted to fight in the U.S. Civil War; some of them were veterans from other White man’s wars; at least one and probably several of the “Chiefs” created by the White men were old “Indian Scouts” who were a part of systematically destroying the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples).  Furthermore, the Chippewa Indians did not own the land that was allegedly “ceded.”  This is one of the reasons that the U.S.A. has a vested interest in keeping “Indians,” by maintaining the fiction that Chippewa Indians are Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, time is bought for the fraudulent Treaties (on which the U.S.’ “title” to the land rests).
There are a couple of other big reasons why it’s in the best interests of the United States to maintain the fiction of “their Indians.”  One of them: genocide.  We figure that the pre-Colombian Aboriginal Indigenous population of Red Lake’s original land area was several million people.  The first decimation of our people came before the White people got this far inland: bubonic plague, the first of many smallpox epidemics, and all of the other diseases that the Europeans brought to this Continent.  Then, for 200 years, the Europeans were here, as a part of the fur trade, as part of a number of military and “exploring” expeditions, then as settlers—directly killing Aboriginal Indigenous people.  (The State of Minnesota had a bounty on scalps until the 1870’s.)  It was not until after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, that the United States began seriously re-working their openly stated policy of genocide of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples on this Continent.

4000.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Euro-American scientists claim that “Indians” came over the Bering Strait.  The European immigrants can say anything that they want to about “Indians,” because the Indians which have filled the media in preparation for Columbus ...
Abstract: Minneapolis Star Tribune
attention: Jim Dawson
                Staff Writer
Euro-American scientists claim that “Indians” came over the Bering Strait.  The European immigrants can say anything that they want to about “Indians,” because the Indians which have filled the media in preparation for Columbus Day are European mythology, an invented identity applied to European subject people.  “Indians” are not the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.  The people living out the “Indian” stereotype identity have European or Indo-European patrilineal ancestry.  It would be more accurate to say that the great-grandfathers of the “Indians” came across the Atlantic, many of them below-decks as indentured servants.  There were no “Indians” here until the Europeans came here, and through genetic engineering, factual revisionism and fantastic lies, created “Indians.”  There is no word for “Indian” or “Chippewa” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.
The Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent did not come over the Bering Strait in 10,000 B.C., nor any other time.  The European science which is being used to try to claim fallacies about Aboriginal Indigenous People (which these Europeans can say with impunity about “Indians”) is based on a Judeo-Christian world-view, the false assumption that all human beings are descended from incestuous relationships between Adam and Eve’s children, whether 5,976 years ago just outside the Garden of Eden, or hundreds of thousands of years ago in Africa.  Judeo-Christian hierarchial thinking requires centralization; it models an unbalanced and violent social structure in order to create slaves, and this imbalance is reflected in their “Scientific theories.”  Euro-American scientists accumulate huge masses of details, but very rarely scrutinize the underlying cultural assumptions through which they select and interpret their “facts.”  The Bering Strait Theory was formulated by Ales Hrdlika, an European immigrant employed by the United States Government, Smithsonian Institution.
Much of Ales Hrdlika’s research was done in Minnesota, in the context of the White Earth Allotment scandal of the early 1900’s.  Virtually none of the people Dr. Hrdlika was studying were Anishinabe Ojibway people—they were Indo-European, mostly French and Moorish, descendants of voyageurs who ended up at the P.O.W. concentration camp called White Earth Reservation as “Indians,” refugees from the French-and-Indian wars.  Some of these “Hinton Full-Bloods” also had documentable African ancestry.  Dr. Hrdlika based his research on political expediency [by claiming “Indians” are immigrants, too, the Europeans can steal this land with impunity] as well as on the incredibly racist ideas about “Indians” then prevalent in Euro-American culture.  He believed that real “full-blooded Indians” could be determined by, for example, scratching a person across the chest with his fingernails; that the “Savage” is so tough he or she would not show the scratch.
Ales Hrdlika also figured out that the Inuit people on the Eastern side of the Bering Strait are related to the Aboriginal Siberian people on the Western side.  If he had spoken their language, he could have asked these people about it.  The Bering Strait is no great abyss requiring a “land bridge,” but rather an easy two-day walk any winter, and the people on both sides of the Strait have traded and inter-married since time immemorial.  The Bering Strait Theory is Judeo-Christianity masquerading as “Scientific Fact,” and like any political slogan is quoted so frequently that regimented people believe this nonsense without question.
The “Chippewa Indians” on which the media has recently been focussing almost all have European patrilineal ancestry.  Many of them are full-blooded Whites who the U.S. Government made into “Indians” to sign “Treaties,” to sell Anishinabe Ojibway land and resources, and to hide the genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway people.  The “Tribes” and “Tribal Governments” which the Whites call “Indian” are statutory creations of the United States Congress, and have nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway Traditional egalitarian theocracy, the Midewiwin.  “Indian Religion” is a cult created, in violation of the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, by the U.S. Government.  Most of the publicly visible “Indian Medicine Men” are European people with European values and thinking.  “Indian Religion” is no different than Christianity; both of them embody self-destructive behavior and male domination.  The United States called itself the “Great White Father” because they thought they were God, and God was a White man.  In the Boarding Schools, they said their “God” was the “Great White Spirit,” and then their next sentence was, “you are the Vanishing American, and you will go.”  All of the Anishinabe Ojibway people kidnapped as children into the Boarding Schools bear psychological scars.  The U.S. Government’s imposition of their alien values and their foreign “Chippewa Indians” they created, onto Anishinabe Ojibway land is violence, a human rights violation, and a lie to the Euro-American, African-American and Asian-American public.
The Europeans wrote, and still write, incredible nonsense about the “Indians,” who falsely claim to be the Aboriginal Indigenous People who have been here since there were human beings anywhere.  “Cannibals,” the European invaders wrote, as a part of a sixteenth and seventeenth-century public-relations effort to dehumanize the people this land belongs to, to justify their genocide, slave-trading, and resource-theft.  Read the Judeo-Christian Bible, or walk into any Christian Church at Communion, and one could say “Cannibals” and “Human Sacrifice” with much more basis in reality than the Europeans had about even their own Indians they invented.  The Europeans invented an “Indian mythology,” they peopled their invented “Indian” identity with their own illegitimate children and escaped servants, and then they try to apply their racist “Indian” stereotype to Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People, and claim this is “Scientific History.”
What the Europeans call “Science,” looks different from another culture. “Science” becomes a weasel-word.  It’s very easy to intimidate and abuse Euro-Americans with “Science,” because they have all been regimented and brainwashed.  To an Anishinabe Ojibway person, standing outside of the European context, “science” is a slick disguise for diabolical schemes of disharmony and destruction.  Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” is just one example of “Science” being used to justify inexcusable violence, with the implied claim that human beings are more knowledgeable than Grandmother Earth.  All living beings are connected, and as each species disappears, how much longer until your number comes up, and you stand to face the consequences of your “scientific thinking” as you follow those you have sent before yourself into extinction?  “Science” is rigid and controlling, and limited in scope by the Judeo-Christian materialistic and hierarchial world-view.  The Anishinabe Ojibway People maintained beautiful forests and an abundant and harmonious permaculture on this Continent.  This unlocked wealth is an example of our non-violence.  The Euro-Indians have helped their White relations cut down our forests and plunder our ecosystem.  This wanton destruction is just one aspect of their culture’s violence.
The Euro-Americans need to scrutinize their own violent values, religion, and roots, instead of trying to force their self-justifying lies and “science” onto the few Aboriginal Indigenous People who have survived five centuries of Holocaust.  Rather than inventing pre-Colombian wars on a non-violent Continent (the Anishinabe Ojibway language does not even have a word for “war and peace”), the Euro-Americans need to scrutinize their own violence, greed, and disharmony Judeo-Christianity is a violent religion, bending a weak-willed “God” to justify world conquest, ecological mayhem, slavery and genocide.  If their “God” can be manipulated so easily, why not have Him advocate harmony, non-violence, and generosity instead?
The more than 90 physical diseases which the Europeans brought here (including Tuberculosis and Syphilis) are a legacy of hundreds of years of European war, imbalance, disharmony and greed.  How many mental diseases have they also brought?  Greed and violence are among them.  The rape, plunder, and killing that the Europeans brought to this Continent have gone on long enough.  These imported European values have turned back against their own people, and the streets of the cities of their Great Civilization are unsafe.  Instead of trying to re-mythologize history, pretending that the Aboriginal Indigenous People are “Indians” projected from the fears and lusts of the Europeans, why not look at the truth?  The Euro-Americans are quickly reaching a point in their “progress” where their old cultural paradigms and values will no longer lead to anything but misery.  It’s possible that we can all live here in harmony, that we can work together to create a better place for the generations yet to come.  We need to get rid of violence, and start dealing with reality truthfully.  The way that Euro-Americans presently deal with violence is adding more police and jails, spending more money, entrenching the very system that creates the violence.  It’s like starting a gasoline fire, and then adding water to “put it out.”  The violence just spreads—because as the Euro-American system is structured now, violence is a necessary part of it.  The immigrant peoples need to address the root causes of the violence which is entrenched in their culture, and one of them is their violent Judeo-Christian religion.
I spent nine years as a political prisoner in the Boarding Schools that the White man created.  One of the first things that they showed me, and it very traumatic and profound, was a picture of a man nailed to a cross, bleeding all over.  They said, “this is your savior.”  You don’t need violence to save anybody.  Violence just promotes more violence.  Non-violence and harmony must be created non-violently.  Violence does not belong on this Continent.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, had a non-violent, harmonious, egalitarian society on this Continent for hundreds of millennia.  Our religion, the Midewiwin, is non-violent.  The Euro-Americans have to come to terms with the truth about themselves, including their violence.

4001.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 October). From the introduction to one of the B.I.A.’s long-range plans, THE RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION ...
Abstract: From the introduction to one of the B.I.A.’s long-range plans, THE RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION, Its Resources and Development Potential (1979):
“Such a program will necessitate changes in certain activities and attitudes that may not be entirely acceptable to tribal members [particularly the Anishinabe Ojibway who own the land].”
This document is signed by the then-Superintendent, Red Lake Agency.  Some of the long-range plans, arrogantly concocted by sly, sleazy, slippery snake-oil salesmen and other accredited Expert Social Engineers are now being put into effect.  This includes the environmental racism of clear-cutting on the West end of Red Lake Reservation (and wasting most of the timber)—“technical assistance” was provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  The ancestors of these so-called Accredited Experts ran away from Europe, literally starving because all of the resources in Europe had been destroyed.  How can they possibly know how to manage natural resources and permaculture when all of their own resources were destroyed; when they have no understanding of this land.  These White Experts are bullshitting; their greed culture does not make them good managers, and their thought is stunted by their Indo-European language.  They are alienated from the harmony of Nature—all a person has to do is look around at the destruction and pollution all across this continent.
From: Red Lake News, February 1, 1918 (Volume 5, #8): “COMMISSIONER SELLS AND HIS REPORT”
... [In the discussion of] his well known “Declaration of Policy” the following comments are made:
A careful study of the practical effects of governmental policies for determining the wardship of the Indians of this country is convincing that the solution is individual and not collective.  Each individual must be considered in the light of his own environment and capacity for larger responsibilities and privileges.
While ethnologically a preponderance of white blood has not heretofore been a criterion [sic] of competency, nor even now is it always a safe standard, it is almost an axiom that an Indian who has a larger proportion of white blood than Indian partakes more of the characteristics of the former than the latter.  In thought and action, so far as the business world is concerned, he approximates more closely to the white blood ancestry.
In the so-called Great Age of Discovery, Columbus thought he landed in India.  In the name of the King and the Pope who held his Sovereignty, Columbus exercised the so-called Indo-European “Right of Discovery,” and gave a new name to our Continents and to the Aboriginal Indigenous People who lived here.  This is one of the devious strategies of Social Engineering that the Indo-Europeans are great at: giving people and places, and everything that belongs to somebody else a different name, in order to claim and control everybody and everything.  The Europeans called everybody here “Indians,” which is a racist identity.  They claimed that some CrackPots in Europe owned it all.
The Melting Pot Theory comes from the Social Engineering thought that the Europeans brought with them—it’s been built into their language and culture by four thousand years of hierarchial government and wars to conquer whatever the “known world” was at that time.  The idea was to destroy all of the distinct Aboriginal Indigenous Nations that were here, to force everybody into an identity that is owned by the European: “Americans,” (with or without hyphens).  For Social Engineers, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it doesn’t work and it never will work.  The Melting Pot has cracked.  The Liberty Bell is cracked.  So, the Social Engineers brought in “pot,” and then they brought in “crack.”  The whole concept of Social Engineering is a CrackPot theory.  Social Engineering doesn’t work in the long run because it is aimed at world conquest in the Name of a few of the elite.  Adolf Hitler was using Social Engineers’ theories when he constructed the Third Reich; like Spain and like England he wanted world conquest.  Such violent ego-maniac delusions are built into the Indo-European language and culture, Adolf Hitler as an individual was not the problem and he was not unique.  Theodore Roosevelt used the same kind of Indo-European language to describe the U.S. Congress’ “Indian” laws as a “giant machine to pulverize the Tribal masses,” and then he laughed and said “we’ve got them where they want them, they can’t move.”  All of the Indo-European laws that they pass for other people are Social Engineering laws.  This is genocide and it is a violation of human rights.
Social Engineering can never work because everybody has their own identity.  When people are forced into an identity that doesn’t belong to them—an identity owned and controlled by somebody else—even if they don’t know what is wrong, people are angry, depressed and unhappy.  The people who created or control the identity get to brag about playing God, “with one stroke of the pen we created you, and with one stoke of the pen you will no longer exist.”  Instead of letting other people force you into an artificial identity, find out who you really are.

Other excerpts from the RED LAKE NEWS: April 1, 1918 (Volume 5, #18)
“Farmers have began [sic] to plow and make preparations for sowing oats.
“The Farm Station Farmers’ Club met at the Farm station March 9 with the following members present: Joe Roberts, William Sayers, Henry Sayers, Frank Sayers, Louis Gurneau, Joe Lajannesse, Gust Lajannesse, Frank Carl, Joe Lusier, Peter Neadeau and Solomon Blue.  The following officers were elected for the coming year: Louis Gurneau, President; Peter Neadeau, Vice President, and Solomon Blue, Secretary-Treasurer.
“It was been [sic] decided by the farmers’ club of this district that all stock must be kept in a pasture.  Anyone camping in this district will be obliged to keep their stock tied and if they destroy any crops or gardens they must pay damage.
“The next meeting of the farmers’ club will be held at Sayersville April 3rd.
“It was reported a short time ago that a German spy was in our midst in this district, but on investigating the matter it was found that it will be twenty-one years before he will be able to transmit information to the enemy, and by that time the war will be ended and he will be a good American.  The little fellow is making his home with “Dutch” and Mrs. Brun.
“‘Smoky’ Kelly says he is going to farm in the Northwest Angle this Spring; good for him—we hope he makes a great success.
                                                            - C.A.S.”
RED LAKE NEWS, June 1, 1918 (Volume 5 #20):
“The state law provides that no fishing be done for commercial purposes until after May 1, 1918.
“This law was enacted by the State Legislature in order to preserve the supply of fish.  As you know this is the time of year when the fish are spawning or laying their eggs.  If they are destroyed at this time many millions of fish will be destroyed with them.  However, the State Superintendent of Fisheries advises me that he will take pickerel and rough fish, but NO PIKE.
“White men and non-residents are prohibited from fishing without a permit but none will be granted during the closed season.
                                                            WALTER F. DICKENS
                                                            Supt. and Spl. Disb. Agent”

When I attended Catholic Mission School, during the school discussion one day, the Nuns were talking about their grandparents from Germany, and how they had emigrated over here.  When I tried to talk about my grandparents, I was told to keep quiet, because my Anishinabe Ojibway grandparents were “dirty, lazy, and good-for-nothing Savages,” that is what the Nuns told me.  The Nuns also said, “You’re an American, now, forget about your past.”  Every morning, they told us, “You are the Vanishing American,” and tried to make me into a Chippewa Indian, one of the conquered people they call “Our Indians.”
The Nuns were using the CrackPot Melting Theory.  They wanted to put the Aboriginal Indigenous children into an identity which they owned and controlled.  The United States Governments’ policy toward Aboriginal Indigenous People on this continent is and always has been based on “Indians” that they created, own, and control.  The Crooked English name of this policy is “Indian Policy.”  This policy addresses what they call the “Indian Problem,” and for more than 200 years they have been looking for a “final solution.”  This Indian Policy has absolutely no jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous People and never had jurisdiction.  Title 25 of the United States Code, Section 479, in which the United States tries to extend the term “Indian” to include Aboriginal Indigenous people does not apply to the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous people because we are NOT “Indians” and we still hold our own Sovereignty, and we still have our Aboriginal Indigenous religion, the Midewiwin.  “Indian religion” is a cult, legislated by the United States Government.  Check it out—read the Indian Freedom of Religion Act carefully.  If you want further documentation of the Social Engineers’ botched strategy, go ask the Bureau of Indian Affairs for your genealogy.  The B.I.A. will tell you that it’s “Confidential,” but what they’re saying between the lines is that “we need you to be an Indian to hide the genocide and other human rights violations that were done here.”  The Bureau pays good taxpayer dollars to keep people with European ancestry in the Chippewa Indian identity, and lately there has been a lot of media promotion of “Our Indians.”
Genetic Engineering is a part of Social Engineering.  One moment the Aryans screaming against miscegenation; the next moment they are mating with Aboriginal Indigenous women to produce Chippewa Indians intended to serve in the long-range plans of stealing these continents.  This kind of strategy worked very well in Europe, but it does not work here.
Chippewa Indians are still being used to steal or destroy whatever the Anishinabe Ojibway people have left.  The United States Government’s de-forestation policies, put into practice by their broker and middleman Chippewa Indians, have another more accurate name: environmental racism.  The Chippewa Halfbreed Treaties are another example of Indians being used to steal from Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The people of the White Earth Land Recovery Project who are trying to get “their” land back are saying that the Whites who got land in White Earth have “clouded title.”  Chippewa Indian Title is also clouded title.  The Chippewa Indians never owned any land—there were no Chippewa Indians here until the Indo-Europeans came and created them.  The Chippewa Indians had no right to “sell” the land that the halfbreed Chippewa Indian “Treaties” are based on, because they never owned that land.  The land is owned by the Anishinabe Ojibway, through the Midewiwin, and cannot be sold.

4002.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 July). Honorable Senator Gore,  Enclosed is what the Clinton Campaign in Minnesota sent in response to our request ...
Abstract: Senator Al Gore
Candidate for Vice President of the United States
The Clinton Campaign
National Campaign Headquarters
P.O. Box 615
Little Rock, Arkansas  72203

Honorable Senator Gore,

Enclosed is what the Clinton Campaign in Minnesota sent in response to our request for your position paper relating to Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The paper does not mention the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent.
I am Anishinabe Ojibway, of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway are Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous People.  I am not an Indian.  “Indian” is an artificial identity created by the Europeans and applied to their own subject peoples, of European and Indo-European patrilineal ancestry.  “Indian” is a derogatory racist term to which innumerable negative stereotypes have been attached by the Whites who invented “Indians.”  “Indian” is also an Euro-American “legal” term used in unilateral United States legislation, executive orders, court precedents and bureaucracies applied to people caught in the “Indian” identity—and which were created with the intent (specifically stated in Title 25 of the U.S. Code) of forcibly including the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples in this fraudulent category of “Indian.”
Apparently, the people who wrote Governor Clinton’s position paper have some awareness of the nature of the term “Indian,” which is used only twice in your platform’s position paper.  The term which they chose as a substitute is “Native American,” which broadly and ambiguously means “people born in America.”  Governor Clinton is a “Native American.”  You are a “Native American.”  I was most certainly born here, on this land that is, and has been a part of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation for millennia—but by no stretch of the imagination am I either “American” or “Native American.”  “Native American” is an European term, referring to an illusory European identity.
When we requested your position paper, we, as Aboriginal Indigenous People of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, asked John Wodele of the Clinton for President campaign, “is your position five hundred more years of genocide?”  He did not answer our question at that time, and the position paper which he sent, still did not answer our question.  Six years ago, in response to the 1986 Democratic Party Platform, we wrote to the then-Chairperson of the Minnesota D.F.L., detailing some of the ways in which that platform continued the United States Government’s ongoing policies of genocide.  We did not even receive the courtesy of an answer from the Minnesota D.F.L.  The only significant difference that we see between the 1986 Democratic Party Platform and your present position paper, is the removal of the idea of “Trust Relationship” from your position paper.
It is quite true that there are about three million (according to the 1990 Census) people here who identified themselves as “Indian” or “Native American.”  A tiny minority of these people, along with a few people who were not enumerated by the U.S. Census, are the Aboriginal Indigenous People who have survived the centuries-long Holocaust by the United States of America and other European Nations.  The rest of these self-proclaimed “Indians” are Indo-European subject peoples.  Is U.S. Euro-American culture so bad, that millions of your people wanna-be Indians?  The “Indians” have an identity problem, but the Great White Father also has an even more serious identity problem.
I have spent the last sixty years of my life listening to lies about my people and our history, and studying the dishonesty of the Euro-Americans.  The U.S.-supported Red Lake Catholic Mission school, as well as the U.S. Government school, tried to literally and physically beat our native Ojibway language out of myself and all of the other Anishinabe Ojibway children over two generations.  They tried to replace our ancient language with a functionally incommunicado 400-word vocabulary of Broken English and Anglo-Saxon four letter words.  But, some of us have taught ourselves your “Crooked English” language.  I am not writing to you in my native language, I am writing to you in a language that was forced on my people.  I will communicate, but I feel no obligation to use what you call “proper English,” whatever that is.  The English language is a bastard language, whose native speakers have stolen words from people all over the world.
Over the past eight years, we the Anishinabe Ojibway People have gained access to the documents: U.S. Census records since 1830; Red Lake Annuity Payment Rolls; church records; B.I.A. enrollments; B.I.A. and Land Office “Halfbreed Scrip” records and other B.I.A. documents, position papers and correspondence; “Indian” genealogies done in the course of timber company litigation; fur trade records and other historical documents.  We can prove what we, the Anishinabe Ojibway people have always said among ourselves: most of the people who say that they are “Chippewa Indian” (or “Native American”) are really people of European, Indo-European, and African ancestry, pretending to be something that never existed.
Anishinabe Ojibway People have always defined ourselves by our patrilineal Clans and Dodems, by our Traditional religion, the Midewiwin, our Sovereign Grandfather Religion held jointly by those of the Clans and Dodems.  We can document the genocidal colonizing strategy (which has been part of Euro-American tradition since the Roman Empire1) of genetic engineering—the intentional and often forced breeding of mixed-blood people with an Indo-European patriline: people whose Sovereignty is held by the Europeans and Euro-Americans, including “Indian” and “Native American” people whose identity was invented and is controlled by the Europeans and Euro-Americans.  Although many of the people claiming to be “Chippewa Indians” do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all (many of them were dark-skinned, dark-haired Moorish mixed-bloods who were already “half-breeds” when they involuntarily left Europe), there are also thousands of so-called Chippewa Indians who are the product of Europe’s colonial genetic engineering on this continent.  Their Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors are matrilineal.  Like some other subject Peoples, they reckon descent on the matriline.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, say “the woman (it doesn’t matter where she is from) marries into the Clan of her husband, the children are born to their father’s people.”  The Euro-Americans state patrilineal inheritance by saying “these are our subject peoples, ‘our Indians’... our Natives.”  Conquered people, including the Jewish People, use matrilineal descent, through the mother’s line; their (and your) Sovereignty is held by Europe through the Judeo-Christian religion.  Euro-Americans have a very serious identity problem, no roots.
United States military forces have occupied Germany for fifty years, along with their civilian adjuncts.  Many children of these occupation forces were born in Germany.  If you apply your logic of “American Citizenship” to these people, why didn’t they become Germans—particularly those with a little bit of German ancestry on the matriline?  The Euro-Americans are an occupation force on Aboriginal Indigenous land.  The Anishinabe Ojibway people never did any harm to the Euro-Americans; we were and still are a non-violent people, because of our non-violent religion the Midewiwin, Grandfather.  Yet, the Euro-American occupation forces have instigated all kinds of violence—it’s documented.  Europe was bankrupt, plundered to the bedrock, when the European occupation forces started stealing our property.  You cannot continue to use violence and Machiavellian politics and expect to be an effective world leader.  You have to come to terms with your own violent behavior.  As far as I can see, the Democratic Platform is remaining firmly on the Euro-American base of violence, plunder economics, and business as usual.  It’s not going to work.
The United States Government has directed their strategy of stealing a continent—land, resources and Sovereignty—by trying to use a “blame-the-victim” ploy and mis-identifying their subject “Indian” people.  The Indian “tribal entities” supported in your position paper are inventions of the Euro-Americans.  In a telephone conversation yesterday, Washington, D.C., Bureau of Indian Affairs official Lathel Bussifle told me, straight out, “the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians was created by Act of Congress.”  For once, someone in the B.I.A spoke the exact truth.  The so-called Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians was invented as a post-facto justification of an illegal “Treaty,” of which European subject peoples comprised both sides of the “Treaty.”  My patrilineal great-grandfather, Midewiwin spiritual leader of the Bear Clan and Dodem, known by his title Buss-e-noss, was at those 1863 “Treaty negotiations,” and along with the other Anishinabe Ojibway men there, refused to sign.  It is against our religion to “sell” Grandmother Earth, which is our religion and our identity.  That is what we told the Treaty Commissioners.  The United States Government used their “Indians” to “sell” land which did not belong to them, and has been using their “Indians” ever since, as brokers and middlemen in a series of thieving and genocidal policies directed against the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples.  They have tried to use their complacent Indians to mask the Euro-Americans’ own complicity in genocide.  Both the Indians and the other Euro-Americans are guilty of genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.
The Indians’ claim to this land is based, in part, on “Land Grants” from the United States Government.  Anishinabe Ojibway land never belonged to the United States Government, which had no jurisdiction to “give” Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land to their Indians.  “Indians” bear part of the responsibility, for accepting and selling stolen property.  The United States of America bears a far larger part of the liability.  Indians have a dishonest identity, and as long as they choose to remain in this deceitful identity, they are dishonest people.  There were no “Indians” here, and there were probably not any “Indians” among the myriad peoples of India.  The British Empire has a great time calling their subject Peoples “Indians.”  If you have read very many of the original documents from your country’s history, you already know this.  As long as we, the Anishinabe Ojibway, and my relations the other Aboriginal Indigenous People, did not understand English, you could claim to have “Indians.”  We understand English, now.
The colonial puppet governments created by the United States Congress under the United States’ 1934 Indian Reorganization Act (I.R.A.) are the “governments” which you support, according to your position paper’s vague pledge to “guarantee the government-to-government relationships between the United States and ... tribal entities.”  The pitiful shams of “democracy” which the U.S. recognizes as their Indian Tribal Governments operate on “constitutions” written by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, in which (European) “sovereign power” is specifically retained by the Secretary of the Interior.  These I.R.A. caricatures of “democracy” are intended to entrench the political power of the United States’ White Indians, who have been packed onto the Reservations on top of, or displacing, the few surviving Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The European subject people who are Chippewa Indians trying to lay claim to the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation’s land and resources, and lately to our very identity and religion, is human rights violation, racism, and genocide.  The Chippewa Indians are not the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  Unwittingly or not, the Chippewa Indians are fraudulent fakes, supported by the United States Government and in your position paper, implicitly supported by yourself.  Lawsuits in World Court, from the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent, are coming.  The United States Government is using the Chippewa Indians, and other “Indians” as a smokescreen for their ongoing genocide and their complicity in past genocide.
The 1934 I.R.A. was designed to provide a corruptible colonial government, in part as an occupation force, and in part as a broker to “sell” resources, and “close the books” (e.g. through the Indian Claims Commission) on land, which do not and have never belonged to the U.S. Government’s Indians empowered by the I.R.A.  Since the I.R.A. was forced onto the Red Lake Reservation through fraud (we can prove this), the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ remaining forests at Red Lake have been clearcut on a massive scale.  We have been left with environmental devastation, scorched-earth destruction of our Traditional food supply, and consequential nutritional diseases which are killing our people.  The B.I.A. has manipulated this theft, in collusion with the rest of the U.S. Government and other European countries, in a way that purports to bankrupt us.  On your crooked books, we’re nearly bankrupt.  Is this why you took “trusteeship” out of your platform, support “government-to-government” relationships [from an Aboriginal Indigenous perspective, it comes out European-to-European], and had the Bureau’s Philadelphia lawyers re-write the “Red Lake Indian Tribal Code,” which refers to [European] “Indians or persons.”
The Europeans and Indo-Europeans who call themselves “Indians” and “Native Americans” are writing themselves a free ticket in Anishinabe Ojibway land.  They have a dishonest identity.  On the White Earth Reservation, the Chippewa Indians are protesting the Indian Reorganization Act Government which the United States Government gave them, claiming that it is dishonest.  But, because of clinging to their dishonest identity, they themselves are also corrupt.  They are operating on a foundation of lies and deceptions.  The Indians cannot reasonably expect honesty toward themselves, until they are honest about who these people claiming to be “Indians” really are.  The “Indians” do have a real identity—and for all but a minuscule minority of lost, adopted-out, and confused or brainwashed people, this identity is not Aboriginal Indigenous people of this Continent.
It is time that the United States dealt, honestly, with the massive genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  F.D.R. could not handle the early reports of Nazi genocide: Hitler sent him a cable citing F.D.R.’s “own backyard,” and as a direct consequence countless people both in the concentration camps and in the Allied Forces died.  Until the United States (and Britain which still holds your Sovereignty through the Christian religion) deal fully, openly, and honestly with the past, they cannot even hope to begin to build a future.  Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism was a product of Western European Civilization just as surely as Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was, and just as surely as the 1992 Revitalized Democratic Party is.  The repercussions of the lies upon which your society is built extend in every direction, from the environment to social policy.  The violence which is engulfing your cities is part of the circle of violence which was transplanted by the Europeans onto our continent five hundred years ago.  The time when you must deal with the truth is here, right now.
We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, have a right to exist as a Sovereign People in our own land.  We need to find mutual terms of harmonious co-existence with the descendants of those who came as refugees, of those who came in chains, to our land.  Your platform “on issues of importance to Native Americans” does not touch the real issues.  We are extending an invitation to dialogue; we are also extending an invitation for you to come and look at the thousands of pages of documentation which back up what we write.
As Communism (a political theory written by Capitalists using the same linear thinking) has fallen, the focus is on you as world leaders.  You cannot point your finger at Saddam Hussein and say, “you are a dictator, committing genocide against the Kurds.”  You must come to terms with the genocide which you, personally and presently, are still in complicity.  You cannot be a world leader and continue lying about being a “free country.”  There are millions of people in this country who do not say anything, who work hard and try to make ends meet—but who are well aware that the bureaucrats slopping at the public trough are the ones hollering about a “free country” the loudest.  With the D.F.L.’s eloquent rhetoric about “change” at the 1992 convention, you have sparked a public awareness that you will not be able to quash after the election.  There are a lot of people who sensed the hedging in Bill Clinton’s acceptance speech.   Ross Perot catalyzed the change that was already building—you cannot go back to the “good old days,” and survive.  Violence always breeds more violence; it is a vicious circle, and the Euro-American elite knows that, and uses it to maintain their artificial position of “superiority” so they don’t have to work.  There was no violence on this continent until you people brought it as a part of your European cultural baggage.  The class system upon which Euro-American society is based, is violent in its fundamental concept, and needs violence and turmoil in order to stay in existence.  There were enslaved human beings chained in the holds of even the very early European immigrant ships, and among the very first things that the Europeans did on our Continent was build prisons and stockades.  The next thing they did was build churches and saloons and whore-houses—which are all inseparable parts of the cultural complex of artificially polarized “dichotomies” which define you.  The Judo-Christian religion is a violent religion, and when you say that you have a Judeo-Christian Nation here on this Continent, you are openly admitting genocide.  Rather than adding yet another layer to the violence, it is time for you to look at the root causes of your violence.  Hiring more police will not solve the problem.  You could make every Citizen a police man or woman, and you would still be shooting each other and stealing from each other.  Go to the mirror and look at yourselves.  The Americans need to take a long, hard look at the violence which is a part of their values, their religion, and inextricably a part of American history.
We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, did not have an hierarchial class system, and our religion the Midewiwin, is non-violent.  It is a twenty-four hours a day religion.  The Midewiwin is in part about the connectedness of all things that you mentioned in your acceptance speech.  Grandmother Earth is sacred, inseparable from the Grandfather Midewiwin religion.  Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest”—each time you break another link in the chain, and another species disappears, how much longer will you be able to stand there, before you disappear also?  All people are a part of Grandmother Earth, and each people, each species, has a right to survive.  Each species is a part of the inter-dependent totality, each species is here for a reason, and each bears the unmistakable reflection of the Great Creator in this vast and once beautiful living world.  You have no right to use violence, the threat of violence, and lies, to try to claim “ownership” of that which is not yours.
The orators of the D.F.L. said, to great cheers, that they wanted to re -build America.  From what?  To what?  While the Bigwigs in Washington were busy concocting what they hoped were airtight labyrinths of “Indian” policy, and while the Anthropologists were busy studying their own illusions, projections and reflections in their Indians, the Aboriginal Indigenous People have been watching the Indo-Europeans, and learning.
Are you basing your re-built America on the Greco-Roman traditions so proudly re-claimed in early 20th century history texts: Imperial traditions of which slavery was an integral part, depending on colonial exploitation of other peoples’ resources and capitol punishment of dissidents?  The sand of man-made deserts drifts through the ruins of their cultural centers, and their bloodstained torch passed into the grasping hands of their illegitimate half-“barbarian” sons of the colonial outposts.  You claim Roman law, the Roman Alphabet, and politico-religious institutions which bear the unmistakable imprint of an acclaimed Roman Emperor.
Or, do you think you can re-build America using the pattern of the Moorish Empire which occupied much of Europe?  The Moors taught the illiterate people of Europe how to read and write, and they taught them math.  The Arab culture is an ignored cornerstone of Western European Civilization.  Can you imagine using Roman numerals for the Arabic discipline of calculus?  The Moors also embellished what the Romans had taught the Native Europeans about brutal occupations, and laid the foundation for the Spanish Inquisition.  Although the Renaissance was funded by plunder and genocide in the mis-named “New World” under the purported Divine Mandate of Christianity, many of the seeds had been cross-fertilized by ideas from the East.  The patterns of colonialism were not invented by the Europeans.  When President Bush bombed the Garden of Eden, he closed the circle.  The paradigm of colonial expansion has exhausted itself, and if you understand your roots you will understand clearly why you cannot expect to continue the path of your cultural forbearers and survive in the world that you have pillaged and repressed so violently.  You must look beyond the confines of your tunnel vision.

4003.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). The “Indian” identity is owned by the Europeans, and the Whites can write anything they want to about their invention of “Indians.”  The people that they are trying to “assimilate” into Indians  ... unpublished and uncompleted newspaper column.
Abstract: The “Indian” identity is owned by the Europeans, and the Whites can write anything they want to about their invention of “Indians.”  The people that they are trying to “assimilate” into Indians have been trapped in this dishonest identity.  Down in White Earth, the people are complaining about having a dishonest government.  But, when you have a dishonest identity, you deserve each other, until you come to terms with who you really are.  The whole “Indian” thing is a fraud and a fake, invented by the Europeans to steal this continent.
The European has the right to write history for the Indians, because he invented “Indians.”  The so-called “Indian history” that the Europeans and Euro-Americans write is all lies.  The White man needs to invent rationales to justify his stealing here.  There were no “Indians” here—in order to build up his ego and his self-esteem, he has to discredit other people.  European Science tries to prove how great the White man is (according to White science, the Europeans of the nineteenth century were at the pinnacle of Social Evolution).  European science is based on the Christian world-view.  The Bering Strait Theory is Adam and Eve, re-clothed in pseudo-science.  Since the White man invented the Indians, he can make up all kinds of nonsense and call it “science.”  The White historians say that the “Indians came over the Bering Strait.”
The “squaw men” were men of inferior class in Europe.  Their “superiors” brought them into the concentration camps called “Reservations” in the 1800’s to help destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  By 1928, the Brookings Institute described these “squaw men” as “an extremely low grade white, a misfit in the economic and social life of the white civilization, [who] forms a union with a low grade Indian.  These low grade whites turn Indian in a way that is quite shocking, and they may be found existing in shacks that are below rather than above those of the purely [Aboriginal] dwellings in the neighborhood.  Children of these unions have frequently the handicap of bad heredity and bad environment.  The White father, too, is apparently fairly prone to desert the Indian woman, leaving her with the burden of caring for the children.”  This is the “ethnic laboratory,” the social and genetic engineering of Western European $ivilization.
There is no role model for an “Indian” that anybody in their right mind would want to follow.  Look at all the stereotypes.  “Indian” is a derogatory name, built out of the ugly racism of the White man.  A lot of “Indians” are being paid good money to perpetuate this fake identity.  These are White people, who are dishonestly pretending that they are Aboriginal people, and lying and saying that Aboriginal Indigenous People are “Indians.”  Their genealogy proves that the “Heap Big Indians” at Red Lake, who control the Indian I.R.A. Government here, are descendants of non-Aboriginal people who were “packed” into Red Lake.
The United States Government hides behind the European “Sovereignty” which “clothes” the Secretary of the Interior, and quotes the Martinez decision that “Tribes” are in charge of who is Indian and who isn’t.  But, if you research it, Indian “Sovereignty” is also held, through their religion, by the Europeans.  The Indians are European subject people: Catholics’ Sovereignty is held by the Pope of the Holy Roman Empire, and Protestants’ Sovereignty is held by the Archbishop of Canterbury for the Queen of England.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway people, hold our own Sovereignty, through the Clans and Dodems of the Midewiwin.  That’s why we are writing our own history.  We have to debunk all of the trash and lies—we are not Indians.  The White man can say anything he wants to about Chippeway and other “Indians,” because he invented “Indians.”  Although the “Base Rolls” used for “Tribal Enrollment” were created under the Indian Reorganization Act, allegedly by “Indians,” these rolls came out of the old B.I.A. “Census Rolls,” and are still an integral part of the White structure, using our resources.
The housing that’s built for the Europeans’ Indians on Red Lake Reservation is very similar to the “settlements” on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  Both of them are using European sovereignty to relocate subject peoples into somebody else’s territory in order to occupy it.  Both of these housing projects are paid for by Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources.

4004.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 January). “Indians do not hold legal title to land held on their behalf by the United States,” ...
Abstract: “Indians do not hold legal title to land held on their behalf by the United States,” according to a court decision made by a United States Court when the Coast Indian Community sued the United States in 1977.  In a court decision a year later, it was determined by the United States that the “Secretary of Interior was within rights and not arbitrary or capricious in taking trust land within historic bounds of Puyallup [Indian] reservation.”
The crooked trick up the Government’s sleeve is “Indians.”  There were no Indians here in 1492.  Indians did not come over the Bering Strait, they came across the Atlantic Ocean with Columbus and the stealing Indo-Europeans who followed in Columbus’ wake.  “Indian Tribes” are defined by the United States Government in Section 479 of Title 25, United States Code; the United States has about sixty mutually exclusive definitions of “Indian,” which they pick and choose between according to what they want to steal next.  “Indians,” “Indian Tribes,” “American Indian,” and “Native Americans” are all fake identities and fraudulent definitions created by an elite Tribe of Europeans, who are snake-oil salesmen and con artists and go around stealing from other people all over the world.
It’s 1992.  The White Indians and Wanna-Be’s who are demonstrating at the Superbowl for the Washington Redskins, are already “Indian Mascots,” trying to drum up business, P.R. and monetary support and in their protest of “ethnic slurs” against an identity that was intentionally created by Europeans as a racist stereotype.  Why don’t they just go right on the playing field as a part of the halftime show.  Instead of demonstrating against “Redskins” and “tomahawk chops,” why aren’t these Wanna-Be’s demonstrating to get rid of this inherently racist stereotype and label that the Europeans invented, “Indian?”  Or, are the “Professional Indians” afraid that if the fraudulent identity, fake Mascot “Indian” is exposed for what it really is, that they’ll be out of an easy living and have to go to work, and that they’ll have to deal with their real identity, as Meti People.
The legal analysis of Title 25 refers to “ambiguous statutes passed for the benefit of Indian tribes.”  No matter which way a person reads this lying, crooked English, whether it’s “Indian” or “tribes,” it’s all White.  It’s all written by a tribe of Europeans and benefits a narrowly defined patrilineal band of marauding, warmongering so-called “elite” Europeans, who have used “their Indians” for centuries to keep their own lily-White hands untainted.
I was talking with another Anishinabe Ojibway person the other day.  Our conversation got around to timber, the mill, and the grading of lumber.  Our discussion got around to mentioning R.L. Giles, who used to haul truckload after truckload of finished lumber off of the Reservation, in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  I mentioned that when the Indians ran the Red Lake Mill (under the Supervision of the U.S. Government) in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, I bought some two-by-fours and two-by-sixes.  When I went up to the mill to get the lumber, I paid for Grade A lumber.  When I picked it up, it was #4 lumber, warped and full of knots.  I told the person working at the mill-yard, “you mean, I have to buy my own timber, back again, and not only that, but I have to pay more than a White person would pay.”  I got cheated by White Indians and Wanna-Be’s who claim they’re my own people.
The lumber that was being hauled off of the Reservation, when it left the Mill, it was #4 lumber.  That’s what the White people paid for.  But then, when that same truckload of lumber crossed the Reservation Line, presto! it was Grade A clear lumber, without a blemish in it.  Truckload after truckload, billions of board feet, were stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway People by the White men and their White Indians.
The Anishinabe Ojibway People were told that the reason the Red Lake Mill was started, was to provide lumber for every family to build a house, and barns, and everything that was needed.  But, we never got any lumber.  The only people who got lumber were the White Indians.  The Potemkin Village of “Red Lake Housing” is built from lumber imported from Montana.
The discussion got around to the Federal employees of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Hospital, also in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Just about every kid around here could tell at a glance the year and model of every car that had been made up until that time.  When the White Government employees started working here, they drove an broken-down older-model car (something like the one the Beverly Hillbillies had), which barely made it onto the Reservation.  As kids, we noticed these cars, and we would say to one another, “how long will it be, before that person drives a new car?”  In about four to six months after they started working in Red Lake, every one of these White Bureau Government employees had a new car.  Even at the prices then, they couldn’t have paid for these new cars on their Government salaries.
The crooked “Economic Development” that the White Indians and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have brought onto the Red Lake Reservation is a scam and a rip-off.  Kee-wah-say was flooded so that the big-shot cronies of Floyd Jorgenson would have a private duck-hunting preserve.  This con job was presented to the Red Lake people as “you’re going to have jobs as guiding for the Fugarwi Indians.”  It looks like Kee-wah-say might close down—there aren’t any wars right now.  There’s just Perestroika now, and I don’t know if that can create a war or not.  I’ve been watching the news on T.V., and every night, certain policy-makers are looking for some excuse to start a war.  How can they make money when there’s no war?  Like little kids, they’re playing “bomb, bomb, who’s got the bomb?”  The European elite needs war, it’s part of their way of maintaining their European power.  On the Reservations, the latest in “economic development” is that ancient European shell game, Bingo and Casino Gambling.  They’ve created a few jobs for a few White Indians at the minimum wage, and some big-time profits for the White Consultants.
Peter Graves, Roger Jourdain, and Butch Brun, these White-appointed “Tribal Chairman” working for the United States Government’s invented “Indian Tribal Council,” are all White people, and you don’t belong here.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs decides who is going to win the election before the ballots are printed.  (The I.R.A. “Tribal Council” doesn’t have any power, anyway—it’s only a rubber stamp and a scapegoat for the corporate interests lobbying the Department of the Interior.)  French Metis are not Anishinabe Ojibway People.  Look in your family tree: almost all of you Metis in political power do not even have any Anishinabe Ojibway blood in you (unless you got it at the blood bank).  No Anishinabe Ojibway leader would ever consent to letting the United States military do medical experiments on their own people, or take money to study using the headwaters of the Red Lake watershed as a dumping ground for nuclear waste.  On a map of Minnesota I bought this year, the Northwest Angle is “State Forest” and is not “Red Lake Reservation” any more.
Anishinabe Ojibway means “We, the People.”  Chippewa Indian is a term invented by the White people.  Interpreted, what it really means is, “I’m going to steal everything I can for myself.”

4005.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 October).  It is said that “history repeats itself,” and that the problems of the past come back ...
Abstract:  It is said that “history repeats itself,” and that the problems of the past come back to haunt the people of the next generation who do not know what has happened before them.  I was brought up without any access to historical documents about Red Lake.  Books written about Anishinabe Ojibway history are filled with distortions of the truth by Whites and Metis who are lying for their own personal gain.  Some of the writers of “Indian History” are trying to include Aboriginal Indigenous people, who are not Indians, in their Indian mythologies.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Churches have infiltrated our Oral History.  They have also prevented Aboriginal Indigenous people from having access to their documents about our history.  We are putting together an archives for the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, so that our children and grandchildren will able to see the documentation of what has happened here.  Propaganda, stereotyping and lies about Aboriginal Indigenous people need to be debunked.
Growing up in the 1930’s in Red Lake, except for the strength and role model of my grandfather Bah-wah-we-nind during my formative years, I was vulnerable to the Social Engineering of the Indo-Europeans.  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the Reservations became a dumping ground for the Indo-Europeans’ misfits and social outcasts.  In the Bureau of Indian Affairs records, there is specific mention of their using these White “Squaw Men” both for Genetic Engineering and to disrupt and destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous communities—this is part of the Cracked MeltingPot Theory.  Many of the role models I had when I was growing up were violent, chronic alcoholics.  The Anishinabe Ojibway community was under intense pressure: at that time the United States was still openly committing genocide (including chemical and germ warfare) against the Anishinabe Ojibway People, and actively demolishing our Aboriginal Indigenous social infrastructure.
The United States’ “final solution” to the “Indian Problem” was—and still is—to replace the Anishinabe Ojibway People with Metis and Whites, who were made into Chip-away Indians and because of their Indian identity are under Indo-European control.  The “Sovereignty” that these Indians allegedly hold is a lie, it is not Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty.  Chippewa Indians, who are Metis, are held under White European Sovereignty; when Europeans say “Indians are Sovereign” what the Europeans are doing is making Indians responsible (on paper) for genocide and human rights violations originating with the European policy-makers.  Many of these Indians do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all.  They have Indo-European values, and their stories about history are White Christian and pseudo-scientific mythology.  One of the leading Indian Historians of the 19th century, W.W. Warren, blamed the Aboriginal people for the Fur Trade and Indian wars, made up fanciful lies about the Midewiwin because he could not go into it, and thought along with Joseph Smith that “Indians are the Lost Tribe of Israel.”  If you understand the difference between “Indians” and Aboriginal Indigenous people, if you understand Crooked English, some of what Warren wrote makes sense: “Indians” are a “lost tribe,” they are not and never will be Aboriginal Indigenous Tribal People from these continents.  They take on the identity given them by their White fathers, and become Indians through the Matrilineal line, like certain other conquered, formerly Patrilineal Tribal people.  They may claim “clans” through their mother, but they do not have Anishinabe Ojibway Clans, and they are stuck in Christian thinking.  This is why Leading Whites call them “our Indians.”
Many of these Meti who are posing as Chip-away Indians are even more racist against Aboriginal Indigenous people than most Whites are.  Bemidji claims to be the “Racism Capitol,” but racism in this whole area is reinforced by the Bemidji Whites’ blood-brothers the Chip-away Indians.  The Identity of Chip-away Indians was given to the Meti and Indo-Europeans by the Whites—there is no word “Chippewa” or “Indian” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  There were no Indians in our Anishinabe Ojibway homeland, right here where We the People have been for more than fifty thousand years.  The Metis, Creoles, and Whites who are posing as Chip-away Indians did indeed “come from the East;” many of them were already mixed-bloods and halfbreeds when these boat people disembarked after their trans-Atlantic migrations.
In the early 1900’s, the racist Social Engineering Plan was to allot the Red Lake Reservation: to break up our Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway land into individual allotments so that it could be stolen piecemeal, through Colonially controlled Chip-away Indian brokers, from the Anishinabe Ojibway people who own it.  Once the land was broken up into “individual allotments” the people who were allotted would either be taxed or flooded out of “their” land.  This same strategy was used successfully in White Earth and Leech Lake.
The Anishinabe Ojibway people of Red Lake kept our homeland from being allotted.  So, the United States Government came up with the old crooked strategy of “Democracy”, in the form of the Indian Reorganization Act, passed by the United States Congress in 1934 and brought into Red Lake in 1958 by the Metis and Wanna-be’s who call themselves “Chippewa Indians.”  Liberal Historians blame “Indians” for Democratic Ideas, but in the hands of the Hierarchial Indo-Europeans what “Democracy” means is “packing the rolls, stacking the deck, and dealing from the bottom.”  (Communism is another package for the same dishonest hierarchial thing—Indo-European languages tell any linguist about who these people are, and how Indo-Europeans think and look at the world.)  Some of these Chippewas who were packed onto the “Indian Enrollments” and therefore onto the White Democracy Voter Rolls are blond and blue-eyed Europeans who have absolutely no idea whatsoever what Anishinabe Ojibway people are about.  Even the Chippewa Indians who are dark because of their Moorish ancestors do not have a Clan or a Dodem, have no sense of Anishinabe Ojibway values, and would not understand our Midewiwin Religion even if they could go into it.
Here is a news excerpt from a newspaper published by an Indian Agent, a White employee of the Bureau who worked in Red Lake in the early 1900’s: “Red Lake News, ‘The City of Happiness is in the State of Mind,’ Volume 3, Number 17, May 15, 1915, FARM STATION ITEMS:
“Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gurneau are home again.  Mrs. Gurneau is still on the sick list.
“Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brun visited at Red Lake from the 8th to the 11th.
“Frank Brun’s father from Germany is here on a visit.  He will spend the summer here.
“William Blue visited his father this week.  William is putting in eighteen acres of grain this spring on his tentative allotment near the Well’s place down the river.
“Gus Lajenesse has two and one-half acres cleared on his place near here.  Gus moved his family and household goods in on the 7th.
“Louis Gurneau was real busy acting in the capacity of father, last Sunday.  He sure did some good work.
“Mr. Richardson, the picture man, spent a few days around the Farm Station this week.
“With cows, pigs, chickens, and material for excellent gardens it looks to us as if we have plenty to live on around here besides grass and bull frogs.
“A new colt arrived at the Farm Station on the 10th.”
Frog legs are gourmet food in fancy French restaurants.  And, as far as history repeating itself, “grass” was very recently big news again, out in the Farm Station area.  The descendants of the French Metis and Wanna-be’s who were manipulated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs seventy-five years ago, are still being conned by CrackPot Social Engineering and White Con-Man “Get Rich Quick!” schemes.
The Supreme Court nomination and confirmation of Clarence Thomas, Esq., was another test of the White man’s value system.  The Venerable Men of the United States Senate do not like to air their dirty laundry in public.  The usual scheme of things is to have a closed-door meeting of the Good Old Boys, and Liberally smear White-Wash.  But, those less than sparkling-White values really need to be changed.  We wonder what else the Government was up to, while everybody’s attention was focussed on one African-American Female Law Professor being “lynched” under the White glare of Lime-Lights on Prime Time.  It’s still unclear who got black-balled and who got black-listed, and who is lily-white.
This time of the year has been known as “Indian Summer,” from the word abused by Columbus, who was seriously debilitated by the European mental illness of Greed.  Every Season is beautiful, and this time of the year is really spectacular.  The Indo-Europeans try to own everything by giving it another name, even the seasons.  But, the Europeans don’t put “Indian Summer” on their calendars as an “official season,” because the Policy-Makers (who can adjust holidays and “Save Time” twice a year to get more work out of their slave-labor and make more money) know that “Indian” is an artificial identity that they made up, and they know that there never were people here who were really “Indians.”
Have a nice day, and I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful Aboriginal Summer.

4006.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). The Minneapolis Star Tribune referred to the Goddess, Ceres, as the "Roman corn goddess," ... unpublished and uncompleted newspaper column.
Notes: The Minneapolis Star Tribune referred to the Goddess, Ceres, as the “Roman corn goddess,” implying Indo-European ownership of the Aboriginal Indigenous food crop which the Euro-Americans call “corn.”  The Romans built a temple to Ceres in 496 B.C.  Neither the Romans nor any other Europeans saw “corn,” (Mandoomin, aka Zea mays L.) until nearly two thousand years later, when sailors operating under Spanish sovereignty tried to steal two continents that did not belong to them in the name of an alien “God.”

4007.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 April). No community input on proposed amendments. Ojibwe News.
Abstract: To the Editor:
According to  yesterday’s Bemidji Pioneer, the I.R.A. Tribal Council passed a resolution, 8 “for” and 0 “against,” calling for a referendum on amendments to the Red Lake Constitution.  There was no open discussion of the implications of the present Constitution in 1958, when it was brought in here.  There were no meetings on the Red Lake Reservation, with the Anishinabe Ojibway community, about this Constitution, which the pathological liars at the Bureau (the old people call this “forked-tongue speaking”) said was a “revision” of the 1918 Constitution.  However, there were innumerable meetings over the years within the context of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, with the shyster lawyers and with the Department of the Interior—the people who stood to gain from the resources which have been plundered since the Constitution was enacted.  In the Bureau’s documents from that time, the word was “dare not mention” to the Anishinabe Ojibway people that this was an I.R.A. document, a blank check for the United States Government to steal.  The Bureau spent 24 years manipulating factions in the Red Lake Community, trying to get this crooked I.R.A. constitution in here in the first place.
There have been no community meetings on the proposed amendments to the Constitution.  There should have been community meetings “town hall” meetings, and democracy on Red Lake about the proposed amendments, instead of presenting the amendments, already written, in the Bemidji paper about a month before the election.  It’s a new era: Anishinabe Ojibway people have learned how to interpret Crooked English and crooked laws, and the old era is gone.  The old way of interpreting White European laws will no longer work.  No matter what the results of the proposed referendum turn out to be, no matter what changes are made in the 1958 Constitution, it is still an Indian Reorganization Act Constitution, and whether it states so openly in the Constitution or not, it’s still subject to the review and over-ride of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Secretary of the Interior, which holds Indian Sovereignty.  (The Catch-22 is that they are trying to include the Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway people, with the Clans and the Dodems, in the same category of “conquered people” as their Indians.)  We need to throw the whole Indian Reorganization Act out of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, and go back to Traditional Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, also need to file human rights violations—and genocide charges—in World Court, about this 1934 Indian Reorganization Act Constitution and its implications.  We are not Chippewa Indians.  We are Anishinabe Ojibway People on our own unceded Nation; we have a right to exist and neither the Chippewa Indians nor the United States Government has a right to impose an external form of government on us.  Whether they call it “Democracy,” “Socialism,” “Civilization,” or “Communism,” it’s all European idiot-ology.
 aka Francis Blake, Jr.
Red  Lake, Minn.

4008.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Norman Draper, of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on Sunday, September 20 that, “Ancient Indian burial mounds pose problems for homebuilders. “Indian” is a weasel-word ... unpublished newspaper column.
Abstract: Norman Draper, of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on Sunday, September 20 that, “Ancient Indian burial mounds pose problems for homebuilders. “Indian” is a weasel-word invented by Europeans.  The word “Indian” refers to a stereotype and a stigma.  “Indian” is a Catch-22 category used by the Euro-Americans to steal the land, resources, Sovereignty and Eminent Domain of the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent.  The word “Indian” is an inaccurate and racist term: there were no “Indians” here before the European invaders invented them.  The people whose graves pose such a “problem” to the descendents of Europeans who are trying to claim our land are Aboriginal Indigenous People, not “Indians.”
Euro-Americans have a powerful vested interest in maintaining the ugly identity that they invented, “Indians.”  The Euro-Americans who are heir to England’s colonial occupation of our land, including the “United States,” are making up titles to land which does not belong to them.  Their strategies of theft have always depended on “Indians.”
The United States claims to this land are based, according to the history books, on “Conquest and Treaty.”  Most history books do not admit to the details.  The Republican Party’s intolerantly arrogant claims that “this is a Christian Nation” have to do with the United States’ fraudulent title to this land.  As one real estate book puts it,1 “as to the title of the ... property prior to 1803.  Please be advised that in the year 1803 the United States of America acquired the Territory of Louisiana from the Republic of France by purchase.  The Republic of France acquired title from the Spanish Crown by Conquest.  The Spanish Crown had originally acquired title by virtue of the discoveries of one Christopher Columbus, sailor, who had been duly authorized by embark upon the voyage of discovery by Isabella, Queen of Spain.  Isabella, before granting such authority, had obtained the sanction of His Holiness, the Pope; the Pope is the Vicar on Earth of Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is the Son and Heir apparent of God.  God made Louisiana [Territory].”
U.S. coins are all stamped with the disclaimer, “In God We Trust,” because the U.S. monetary system is based on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources stolen in the name of the Judeo-Christian patriarchal father-figure, “God,” who was an arrogant and genocidal Johnny-Come-Lately.  The Fundamentalist Christians, who say they have a “hotline to God,” claim that God created the world less than seven thousand years ago.  This is probably historically accurate in the sense that the ancestors of the Judo-Christians destroyed the environment of Eden about five thousand B.C.—but they are not the only people in the world.  The Anishinabe Ojibway religion, the Midewiwin, goes back in the history of the Anishinabe Ojibway People on this Continent for more than four ice ages.  The Midewiwin has been the theocratic foundation of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation for a very long time—longer than Judaism, Christianity, and Islam put together.
Christianity, particularly Genesis 1:28 and Genesis 2:20 (in which Adam tried to claim “dominion” by naming everything), is being used to justify the violent theft of land and resources belonging to the Anishinabe Ojibway people, and is also being used to justify genocide. 
1Alfred Ring, Real Estate Principles and Practices, 1972

4009.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 March). On March 3rd, the Democratic Precinct Caucuses were held at 7:30 p.m.  The purpose of this caucus ...
Abstract: On March 3rd, the Democratic Precinct Caucuses were held at 7:30 p.m.  The purpose of this caucus was to have people involved in the so-called political process of “democracy.”  I attended this Caucus for Red Lake at the Red Lake Tribal Offices.  The convener, the person appointed by the Democratic Party to hold the caucus, was not there at 7:30.  The only people there were myself and three Citizens from Red Lake.
When it looked like the Caucus was not going to be held, because the Convener was not there, at almost eight o’clock, I left.  This type of “democracy,” which excludes the people of Red Lake from participation in the democratic process, has been going on since 1958, when the Bureau of Indian Affairs used Roger Jourdain to get the Indian Reorganization Act onto Red Lake.  The I.R.A. was allegedly brought onto Red Lake under “democratic vote,” but ever since it was brought in here.
White man’s democracy is supposed to be “government of the people,” although it’s not specified which people they’re talking about.  Ever since the White man fraudulently brought his democratic process in here, the people holding the “democracy” have been the Metis elite few.  The Red Lake United States Indian Reorganization Act Constitution recognizes only the I.R.A. Tribal Chairman, I.R.A. Tribal Secretary, and I.R.A. Tribal Treasurer as having any duties or function under the I.R.A. Government.  In other U.S. Government documents, these three people, all by themselves, are referred to as “the Tribe” and “the Band.”  These three people are the ones who take a part in the democracy.  The I.R.A. Representatives who sit on the council are all House Niggers, whose job depends on their nodding in unison as the resolutions written by Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs lawyers are passed.  This “Gang of Three,” as we shall refer to them, are, along with the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, are in human and civil rights violations here at Red Lake.
For thirty years, the Democratic Party at Red Lake has been run by the Gang of Three.  These people, or their appointees, have been the delegates from Red Lake to the Democratic Party—apparently the Gang of Three are the only people who have Democracy.  Chairman Brun has a lot of talk about having more “open Democracy,” but the Democratic Caucus in Red Lake was not officially recognized until Chairman Brun showed up after I left.  Chairman Brun was not the Convener appointed by the D.F.L., and so by Democratic Party rules, there was no Caucus held at Red Lake, again.  Chairman Brun is living out the stereotypes of coming on Indian time, trying to be a Real Indian, and the D.F.L. Convener is living out the White projections of “irresponsible, dumb Indian,” living on Indian time where maybe the meeting that was supposed to start at 7:30 on Tuesday will happen next week, or maybe the D.F.L. Caucus will get Convened in Never-Never Land.
Nineteen out of twenty of the people who would like to work at Red Lake can’t find a job.  All of the issues that need to be addressed by people who live in the community, can’t be, because the people who live in the community have been disenfranchised.  All of the decisions are made by White Bureaucrats in Washington and other people who do not live here.  Talk about Apartheid.  The Aboriginal Indigenous People are being oppressed by these Apartheid laws, written by Crooks in Washington.  Although only about 5% of the people around here have a job, the unemployment rate, using crooked math, is only (!) about 45%.  The way that they figure this, is that some of the people who do have jobs, have five or six jobs.  The reason that the unemployment rate is so high, is to fill out the projection of the White man, and call everybody in the out-group “lazy.”  You can see them for what they are: slimy, slick snake-oil salesmen, promoting their own privilege with apartheid laws and hate legislation.  Three cheers for the White man’s Democracy!
In the late 1800’s, when the Red Lake People were self-sufficient, and didn’t need to depend on the White man for food. We had everything we needed in here: clear water, no pollution, an abundance of wildlife, food to be had here.  But, then the White man saw what a good life we had, he said he was going to come in and Civilize us.  He forced us into boarding schools where we could only speak English.  He took away our beautiful Ojibway language, and gave us a vocabulary of Broken English with only 400 words.  He said, “Be like us!”  Assimilate, and be Christianized.  After all these years of listening to these con artists, in the early 1950’s the Relocation program came about.  The White man wanted to get particularly the Aboriginal Indigenous People off of the land, to get then down in the Cities to work for him.
The same racist apartheid kept these people out of assimilating, and being accepted by the European.  But, get this: the same hunters and gatherers of food, who were told they had a “nomadic lifestyle,” these Aboriginal Indigenous People who gatherers of berries, who grew corn and had their own potato and vegetable gardens, everything that they needed, are now destitute.  They are still hunters and gatherers: they are hunting for jobs, and are being trained for non-existent jobs.  They are hunting for a place to sleep, and they are hunting at the food shelves for food.  They are still hunters.  They were better off, up here, hunting in an abundant ecosystem.  But, now Brun and his crew are clear-cutting the Aboriginal Peoples’ land, and pretending to be a blood brother.  These White Indians are not a part of my people.

4010.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]). (1992 January). On Wednesday, January 8, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a Commentary article (reprinted from the Los Angeles Times) by Michael S. Berliner ...
Abstract: To the Editor:
On Wednesday, January 8, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a Commentary article (reprinted from the Los Angeles Times) by Michael S. Berliner of the Ayn Rand Institute, praising the “Civilization” brought by Christopher Columbus to these Continents.
The article begins by claiming that Congressman Ben Nighthorse Campbell is “an American Indian.”  This is true (anybody can be an Indian, and genealogical records prove that full-blooded White people were turned into full-blooded “enrolled Indians” by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is a White political institution).  But Congressman Campbell is not  an Aboriginal Indigenous person from either one of these Continents.  He is identifying himself as an “Indian,” fraudulently claiming to be an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  There is a crucial distinction here.  Mr. Campbell is an European, from his patrilineal ancestry.  Although he may have had a few Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors on his mother’s side, by both the patrilineal inheritance of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and the patrilineal inheritance of the Europeans, Congressman Campbell is gone as an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  He belongs within the Indo-European patrilines, and never was an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  Things would be different if Congressman Campbell stood up and spoke out for the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, but he can’t, because his Sovereignty and identity are owned by the White man.  There were no “Indians” here before 1492, Mr. Berliner.  The only “real Indians” here now came from India.
Whether Congressman Campbell is called “Indian” or “Native American,” or by whatever U.S.-created Tribe he might claim, these are fraudulent identities.  The Chip-away Indians of Northern Minnesota are part of these same fraudulent identities: they do not have the patrilineal Clans or Dodems of the Anishinabe Ojibway (We, the People).  Historical and genealogical documents show that these “Chip-away Indians” are European Metis brought in from the East, who were put on the “tribal rolls” by the same White men who created “Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.”  Why do “Indians” need to be “Federally Recognized” by a White man?  Don’t they know who they are?  Or is there some fakery going on?  Grouping Aboriginal Indigenous People into “tribes” is another Euro-American sham.  I am of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, and I am proud of who I am.  My culture and my identity have had their roots in this land, my land, for countless millennia.  My ancestors did not come over the Bering Strait, either—this is more self-serving crooked European pseudo-history.
Mr. Berliner’s article goes on to state that “before 1492, what is now the United States was sparsely inhabited, unused and undeveloped.  The inhabitants were primarily wandering hunter-gatherers, living hand-to-mouth and day-to-day. ... there were endless, bloody wars.  With rare exception, life was nasty, brutish, and short.”
If life was so cruel here, why did boat-load after boat-load of Europeans sign themselves into virtual slavery under indentures to pay their passage to the “promised land?”  Let’s look at the facts, Mr. Berliner.
Life in Europe in 1492, and for a long time thereafter, was indeed “nasty, brutish, and short.”  War, after war, after war, raged back and forth across Europe.  There were gallows and later guillotines in virtually every European village.  Burning at the stake was a common way of resolving religious differences, as was beheading the “infidels” after torture (including on that renowned invention, the “wheel”).  The Protestants did it, the Catholics did it, and the Puritans did it.  Religious wars are still being fought by the Europeans.  In the U.S.A., 1992, if a person doesn’t belong to the “right religion,” they are black-balled, black-listed and red-lined.  The Sovereignty of the Europeans was held by an inbred “royal” family claiming “divine right.”  The Sovereignty of the United States, Canada, and the United Nations is still controlled by British institutions under the “divine right” of royal English monarchy.  Read your own history!  Machiavelli, Cromwell, and Adolf Hitler are as much a part of “Western Culture” as Newton was.  The flowering of the Renaissance came not from stagnant European feudalism, but from the ideas and resources stolen from our Aboriginal Indigenous continents.  The Europeans peasants and serfs had no opportunity to read philosophy, and most of them still don’t.
The Englishmen left England, not to bring their best here, but out of sheer desperation and greed.  The British Isles are a small country.  The British plundered their own land into the bedrock to support their endless wars.  They still cannot support themselves: they have to maintain unbalance and conflict in the world so that they can survive as a parasite on other peoples’ land, labor, and resources.  “Democracy” was created by slave-holding societies.  Capitalist “democracy” is, and because of its very structure, always will be a system that depends on slavery and exploitation, a social system designed by crooks and con artists who have no legitimate claim to the world.  There are many other Peoples, and many other religions, languages and cultures who have ancient rights to their place in the world.  “Divine Right,” warfare, and illegal occupation and exploitation of other peoples’ land are not “civilization” by any truly Civilized standards.  They are racist concepts which violate Natural Rights as well as Human Rights, and are used by England to maintain their grip on other peoples’ land and resources.  Natural Rights supercede European claims of “Divine Right.”
Michael S. Berliner writes that “some cultures are better than others.”  Some cultures are more heavily armed than others, and some cultures con their people more thoroughly than others.  What kind of people would stand for hours in the cold, for a glimpse of “royalty.”  I wouldn’t, and no sane person would, only a person who’s been deluded into crazy actions.  When you evaluate a culture according to the condition of the most oppressed, rather than that of the most privileged “big wheels,” then the world looks different.  The Europeans have their priorities backwards.  Look at all of the jobless, homeless, and hungry people that the culture which Mr. Berliner refers to as “man’s best” has created  If children starving in the midst of plenty is “progress,” I wonder what Mr. Berliner’s definition of “decline” would be.  Get your head out of the sand, and face the real world!  All you have to do is go to the other side of the Freeway in smoggy Los Angeles.  There was no poverty, and no crime, on these continents before the Europeans brought them here on their boats.
Columbus didn’t come by plane, or by space shuttle.  He didn’t use wheels to come across the water, either, and he didn’t come on the “wheels of justice.”  Columbus travelled by boat, just like everybody else at that time in the world.  The Europeans concentrated on war, to the virtual exclusion of all else, and all of the European cultures were insanely unbalanced toward the development of weaponry.  They still are: only a madman would drop bombs on women and children.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people of these continents had superb agriculture/permaculture, and we had writing and permanent settlements until we were driven out by wandering bands of marauding, warmongering uncivilized Europeans.  The transportation that we used was more efficient in the natural environment that we intentionally maintained than wheels would have been.  We lived in a paradise of our own cultural design, a peaceful harmonious co-existence throughout the Nations of this Continent which we had maintained for millennia.  There were no wars here.  There was plenty to eat, and the Aboriginal Indigenous People lived long, healthy, joyful lives with ample leisure time for the development of our oral literature, music, dance, and other arts.  Harmonious and peaceful stability are not “stagnation.”
The Aboriginal Indigenous People deliberately maintained an egalitarian paradise for everyone on these continents.  The Europeans pillaged our Peoples’ vast jointly held wealth, and created their idea of Utopia for their elite White men and a few of their cronies, and poverty in a degraded environment for everyone else.
The Europeans brought us disease: bubonic plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea, influenza, killer measles, and a host of other plagues.  They swept through our land like locusts, intentionally bringing us starvation.  They slaughtered our buffalo and the rest of our abundant permacultural game, and what of our forests they couldn’t cut down, they burned.  They polluted our land and our water, and sent over 90% of the indigenous species of this continent into extinction.
The United States Census says that there are “three million Indians.”  Almost all of these people are Europeans disguised as the invented identity of “Indians,” so that the United States, Canada and England will not have to face genocide.  These fake “Indians” are helping the blood-thirsty Europeans hide from the genocide that they committed on these Continents.  There are only about fifty or sixty thousand Aboriginal Indigenous people left here, if that many (the rest of the “Indians” are Indo-Europeans).  And Mr. Berliner has the blind, stupid arrogance to say that “without [Western culture], most of today’s Indians would be ... not even alive.”  He’s right about the “Indians”—the Europeans invented this hybrid identity with genetic and social engineering and cross-cultural fertilization, but he’s absolutely wrong about the Aboriginal Indigenous people.  He doesn’t know the Aboriginal Indigenous people, and he apparently doesn’t know very much about European history, either.
“... every person [as] a Sovereign entity, with the power of choice and independent judgement,” which Mr. Berliner cites as a value of “Western Civilization,” is in fact an Aboriginal Indigenous idea, not an European one.  Under our Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty, or land is not held in common.  It is held jointly, among egalitarian Sovereign People, along with our Aboriginal Indigenous religion—which is not the same as “Indian religion” (which was established by U.S. Congress for “their Indian” citizens, in violation of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution).  The Indo-Europeans of 1492 did not have any Sovereignty, and they still don’t.  They don’t have the guts to talk real, true individual Sovereignty.  They are so afraid of personal Sovereignty that everywhere they go, they build prisons and jails—and they continue to commit genocide against the few remaining Peoples in the world who still hold their own individual Sovereignty.  The Europeans do not own their own personal Sovereignty, and their colonial nations, for example the United States, do not hold any Sovereignty on this continent, either.  The Sovereignty alleged by the United States and Canada is owned by England—and the European Nations are illegally on our two continents.  The “Indian Treaties” which the United States uses to claim our land are fraudulent documents, signed by their “Indians” who did not own Sovereignty and did not own this land.
If everything on these continents was that bad, why did the Europeans come here?  We didn’t ask you to come here.  If you don’t like the culture and values that are indigenous to this land, you are welcome to go back to the barren European rock that you and your ancestors came from, and take your fake “Indians” with you.
The headline to your column reads “Man’s best came with Columbus.”  Why didn’t you put down “White man?”  Are you afraid to admit to your racist agenda?  Or, is your conscience bothering you, and you are ashamed that you are White?  I’ll say it for you, “it was mighty White of you to write your article for us.”
                                                Bear Clan
                                                Anishinabe Ojibway Nation

4011.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 May). Our research in the National Archives has found part of the Red Lake Mill audits from the early 1940’s ...
Abstract: Our research in the National Archives has found part of the Red Lake Mill audits from the early 1940’s.  As we research into Anishinabe Ojibway history, we find there were an enormous number of carpet-bagging legislation and get-rich-quick schemes.  For example, the Izaak Walton League of Thief River Falls was caught up in a con game of trying to turn Ponemah Point into a National Park.  There have been all kinds of schemes to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  The 1916 carpet-bagging legislation to gain control over Chippeway forests was one of many greedy plans.
In the early 1940’s, a Red Lake Mill audit listed the following under “Accounts Receivable, Bad and Doubtful Accounts”:
Local Indian Accounts


  Bigbird, Amos                    /18/34                           Deceased                                 48.25
  Blake, Francis                    4/6/35                                                                                   2.80
  Green, Rodger                    7/10/42                                                      93.45
  Gurneau, Francis                7/10/42                                                                         7.36
  Hardy, John                               1/20/36                                                                               11.94
  Kah-zob-be-tung                9/14/32                                                                         4.48
  Kay-bay-aus-ung              12/9/36                                                                        56.00
  Ke-we-toh-cumig-oke       11/16/36                                                                      10.17
  Mason, Joseph                  7/11/36                                                                        22.40
  Needham, Joseph               8/19/36                 Committed to Minn. State
                                                                             Hosp. for Insane                                           15.64
  Nay-tah-wah-be-tung        3/19/30                          Deceased                                   4.82
  Nodin Chief                              5/24/33                                                                                 10.35
  Nordwall, Anton &           10/29/34                      Anton deceased - Rose
       Rose (wife)                                                                  remarried, whereabouts
                                                                                                                unknown                     27.01
  Oom-bway-yam-ah-quod 2/14/34                           Deceased                                  19.18
  Oh-ke-mah-benais             9/22/32                                                                            5.98
  Pay-way-way-benais        11/20/35                                                                        28.43
  Perkins, Dan                              2/8/34                                                                                     2.25
  Pe-tan-e-ke-shig                 2/14/34                                                                         10.09

  Brun, Frank                        3/29/32                 Deceased - wife a Red Lake
                                                                                                   Indian still residing on
                                                                                                         Reservation                        19.33
  Cross, Roy                         1/7/37                   Rt #5, Bemidji, Minn.                31.30
  Haley, Hubert                    10/6/33                 Gemmell, Minn.        36.20
  Lambert, Sam                     5/12/33                 McIntosh, Minn.              58.44
  Olson, Henry                     8/13/31                 Address unknown             75.97
                                                                                                Total, Local  601.84

The real irony of listing some of these accounts in the permanent records of the United States, is that some of these people were Anishinabe Ojibway people, for example my dad (who was of the Bear Clan and Dodem)—and the United States had already stolen literally billions of dollars worth of timber resources from the Anishinabe Ojibway, at the same time using the “Chippeway Indians [Indian is just another word for Metis],” who never did own any land or resources.  This is an European tactic of blaming the victim and discrediting the Aboriginal Indigenous People, all the while ripping off from them.
Another incredibly crooked tactic of stealing timber was issuing so-called Chippeway Half Breed Scrip [this is exactly what it was called and this is exactly how it was spelled].  This scrip was issued in the name of Meti people, some of whom got a hundred dollars for their scrip, and some of whom didn’t get anything.  There was speculation on this Halfbreed Scrip in the Twin Cities—a lot of it ended up in the hands of the timber companies.  The only thing that these companies “cleared” was the timber; they didn’t bother to clear the land titles.  After the ecology was destroyed, the land “reverted” to the State (which still doesn’t own it—this land still belongs to the Anishinabe Ojibway People), either as “tax-forfeit” land, or else as land with cancelled, fraudulent scrip issued on several fraudulent Treaties.
This is Anishinabe Ojibway land.  Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty takes precedence over European Sovereignty on this land, all of the time and any time.

4012.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 December). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: According to the dictionary, “ethnic” is defined as, “Of, pertaining to, or peculiar to a race ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to the dictionary, “ethnic” is defined as, “Of, pertaining to, or peculiar to a race; pertaining to races, their origin, characteristics, etc.; ethnological; also, pertaining to nations not Jewish or Christian; heathen or pagan...”  This is a European point of view.  The Anishinabe Ojibway people are “none of the above,” and we are not “ethnic” (and we are not “minorities”).  “Ethnic” is an ethnocentric word; for us it’s simpler to say that these immigrant and pilgrim peoples are invaders, whether they were armed with guns, germ warfare or Bibles.
Chippewa Indians define themselves as “minorities” and “ethnic people,” because they were created by the White man and depend on the White man for their identity.  They are holdovers from the French and Indian Wars, which were a fight over which European Sovereign could exploit this Continent—and none of these European Sovereignties belong here.  United States Government “experts” and academic scholars get into all kinds of word-games and Crooked English about something simple like “Sovereignty.”  The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article last week about Red Lake, which mentioned “status as a quasi-sovereign state.”  A B.I.A. official says that it’s difficult to explain, a “government to government” relationship.  The experts and officials are making Sovereignty seem complicated, because they are obscuring their lies.  Sovereignty is really very simple: when the People jointly have owned their religion, and their culture, their land and their language since time immemorial, when these People know who they are through their Clans and don’t have to take on a fake identity from somebody else, then these are Sovereign People.  Sovereignty can’t be delegated piecemeal by one group of people to another, and Sovereignty is not given out commodity style.  Neither the Pope nor the Archbishop of Canterbury has any right to allocate another Peoples’ Sovereignty or another Peoples’ land.  (Ask the Arabs and the Jews about religion, land, language, which add up to identity and to Sovereignty.)
The Meti refugees from the “French and Indian” wars between France and England were made into Chip-away Indians in order to sign treaties.  Common sense shows that these “Treaties” were fakes and frauds manipulated by con artists: no Sovereign People would ever sell their land and thus their Sovereignty.  The heavily armed Alexander Ramsey knew that the Anishinabe Ojibway were not about to sell Grandmother Earth or our Sovereignty when he came to our Nation in 1863.  He lied about the purpose of his visit,
“Now, there is growing up a trade of considerable importance between the British settlements on the north and the American [also British[] settlements on the south.  It is of the highest importance that this trade goes on without interruption ...  Now, this is a trade which cannot and must not be interrupted.  And their great Father, feeling this, and desirous to prevent any trouble between his white and red people, has sent us here to come to some understanding with you about it.  The Great Father has no especial desire to get possession of their lands.  He does not want their lands at all if they do not want to part with them.  He has more land now than he knows what to do with.  He simply wishes that his people should enjoy the privilege of travelling through their country on steamboats and wagons unmolested.”  (September 23, 1863, Old Crossing; Confidential Executive Papers of the 38th Congress, 1st Session [emphasis mine].)
The Chip-away Indians and Metis who were present at the Old Crossing in 1863, and who were the ones who eventually signed the “Treaty,” did not have any Sovereignty.  They were willing to “sell land” for four cents an acre, because the land did not belong to them.  The Meti from the French fur trade were Prisoners of War and the Reservations were concentration camps.  They were offered a choice of being deported to France or being turned into Chip-away Indians.  A lot of them were refugees from some pretty desperate circumstances in France.  They were purged out of France and dumped into the Colonies in the first place, and if they had refused to sign the “Treaties” and had been shipped back to France, France would have just sent them out again into another colony, probably Devil’s Island.
The White and Indian European foreigners have used many methods to steal our land and resources.  Just recently, I received a visit from Chairman Brun.  I offered him coffee and offered to engage in dialogue, but that was not on his agenda.  He complained to me that there were “people here who wanted to polarize the community.”  But, the community has already been polarized.  The United States Government intentionally creates factions in the Indian and Anishinabe Ojibway community (B.I.A. documents show that the “precipitation of factions” is planned—one example was deliberately using factions to get the I.R.A. into Red Lake, against the wishes of both the Anishinabe Ojibway and some of the Indians).  Factions are a necessary part of the Indo-European violent way of governing.  I am not trying to create factions or polarize the already-divided community.  What I want is to preserve what little the Anishinabe Ojibway People have left, for the generations yet to come.  The Anishinabe Ojibway, “We, the People,” have an inalienable right to exist as a People in our own land.
The Indo-Europeans have developed a large number of devious methods to intimidate and manipulate people.  They’ve fine-tuned their dehumanizing strategies for centuries.  Chairman Brun of the Chip-away Indians does not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors; he was turned into an “Indian” by the European immigrant government.  The Chairman’s White values really showed as I talked to him.  I cannot be manipulated by the B.I.A., so the Chairman told me I was “lazy.”  Sure, I’m “lazy.”  I’m so lazy that I’m growing a garden instead of going to all the work of filling out applications for food stamps and rations left over from one of the White man’s many wars (probably World War II). I’m so lazy that I cut my own firewood instead of going to get energy assistance.  I’m too lazy to claim I’m “Indian” so I can collect paychecks for six Government jobs.  I’m too lazy to apply for all of the assistance that the United States Government pays “their Indians” to stay Indian ... well, I’m Anishinabe Ojibway and not Indian, and I don’t want any part of the U.S. Government’s Indian Programs mandated by International Rules of War for Occupied Peoples.  From the French and Indian-Meti Wars, “Indians” are a conquered people, and you do not belong here (research your genealogy—by the crooked B.I.A. pen, Whites were packed onto the Red Lake Enrollments as “fullblood” Indians).  Indo-Europeans and foreigners have no right to be destroying the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ forests, selling our Natural Rights to our resources, or speaking “for” the Aboriginal Indigenous People as “Indians.”
Calling people “lazy” is an old Indo-European trick.  The foreign U.S. calls the Mexicans “lazy” and “wetback aliens.”  A lot of the Mexicans are Aboriginal Indigenous people; the foreign U.S. stereotypes them as “lazy” in order to manipulate them into slave-labor working conditions.  The “wetbacks” might have a little bit of fresh water on their back, but the European boat people came over a lot of salt water, they should call them “salt backs.”
The Europeans have a tired old song and dance story, the same old worn out theme “Assimilate and Be Like Us.”  They’ve been telling it to the Aboriginal Indigenous People; they don’t need to tell it to the Indians because the Indians have already assimilated into an Indo-European identity.  Why are the Indians stealing culture from the Aboriginal Indigenous people?  Why are they telling Chip-away Indians, learn “Ojibway first.”  What the Indian-Metis need to do is learn how to speak Crooked English, so that they can defend themselves against Crooked English Bureaucrats and Shysters.  They’re not really serious about “assimilation” (it’s just another manipulation tactic like calling people “lazy”).  The Indo-Europeans don’t have any culture to assimilate into.  They were too busy going to war and stealing from other Peoples to develop any culture besides a culture of violence and greed.  They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t violent.  If they really wanted the residents of the Red Lake Reservation to assimilate, why don’t they put up mailboxes and have rural mail delivery?  Why aren’t there newspaper routes like there are in any other rural area?  The original European Political Scientist, Machiavelli, prescribes keeping people isolated and mis-educated and uninformed.
Speaking of education, watch that Red Lake Indian School Board!  They’re trying to mortgage land that doesn’t belong to them again, to pay off their $12 million dollar debt.  They should know by now that “Trust Status” can be abolished by the stroke of a pen, because you Indians were created with a stroke of a pen.
By the way, I returned the turkey the Chip-away Indian Tribal Council sent over.
NEWS FLASH: Politicians are gearing up for the election.  A bumper sticker was sighted:
            “DONT STEAL OR ROB 

4013.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 February). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: According to the newspapers, the United States Forest Service retaliates against whistle-blowers ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to the newspapers, the United States Forest Service retaliates against whistle-blowers.  The U.S. Forest Service is serving the timber industry as government agents of environmental destruction, and here on Anishinabe Ojibway Land they are agents of environmental racism.  Every day, we see truckload after truckload of timber going off of Red Lake Reservation.  Each semi-truck holds fifteen cords of wood.  If you count the trucks going by, there are at least fifty loads a day going out of here.
This rampant environmental pillaging has been going on ever since Roger Jourdain and his crooked cronies co-operated with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in getting the Indian Reorganization Act in here.  Millions of cords and board feet of lumber have been stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway People since the thieving 1958 I.R.A. “Tribal” Constitution was put in here.  I called Bud Anderson, who is head of the U.S. Government “Forestry” Agency here on the Red Lake Reservation, to talk to him about what has been happening to the forests here in Red Lake.  I left a message, but he never returned my call.  I wanted to ask him how much timber: White Pine, Norway Pine, Oak, Birch, Basswood, Maple, Jackpine, Cedar, Spruce, and Popple has been cut off of our Anishinabe Ojibway land since 1958.
I remember when the cedar swamps were so thick with trees that inside the swamps it was dark during the day.  Now, the cedar trees are all gone, and everything else that lived in the swamp is gone with them.  The deer are really suffering, because they used to go into the cedar swamps for the Winter.  In order to address the problem of the vanishing wildlife, the D.N.R. has brought State of Minnesota game wardens into the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  Bringing the I.R.A. and the State of Minnesota Laws onto Red Lake are both violations of our Sovereign Aboriginal Rights, as well as the Human and Natural Rights of the Anishinabe Ojibway People who own this land.  Why have game wardens when the game is gone, because the habitat of the game has been destroyed?  With their homes cut down and burned, where are the wildlife going to live?
There are a few greedy “Indians” who are with the “in” group, flunkies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who profit from stealing the timber which belongs to all of the Anishinabe Ojibway People, and their descendants.  Everybody else suffers from the irresponsible actions of these timber thieves.
Now that the wildlife is gone, and most of the rest of the permacultural base has been destroyed, more people in Red Lake have to eat commodities.  According to a recent press release, written in Crooked English, from the Department of Agriculture about commodity meat, “the labels will include more information on preparing the food and removing excess fat.  The meat was investigated by the General Accounting Office because of allegations that it was substandard and high in salt and fat, but was found to be healthful.”  How can it be bad for you, and still be “healthful?”  Maybe they meant “harmful.”  I know a lot of people whose dogs have died from eating commodity beef.
I watched George Bush’s “State of the Union” address the other night.  He reminded me of a barker at a circus sideshow, or maybe an auctioneer pandering to the highest bidder.  He offered a promise of “something for everybody,” but he played on the common peoples’ weaknesses, their greed, their fears—and their lack of identity.  What George Bush promised the American People was a “Capital Gains” tax cut, which moved some people, and then he talked about middle-class people being able to take money out of their individual retirement funds.  But, he didn’t talk about the homeless people.  There is a price for everything in the European value system.  Who gets the tax write-off for homeless people, and how much profit goes into Corporate pockets because people are kept “in their place” by the implied threat of joining the growing numbers of homeless and hungry people?
Right after George Bush’s last campaign, the Savings and Loans went into bankruptcy, and the American People inherited billions of dollars of bad debts that the taxpayers still have to pay for.  (Why don’t the people who plundered the Savings and Loans, or the ones who are making money from the bailout, subsidize it?)  In the present campaign, what big institutions are going to pile up debt for the taxpayer again?  Hang onto your hats!  Somebody is making a lot of money, and the way it looks from the Reservation, the Feudalism embedded very deeply in the European subconscience and in their language, is coming back to the surface.  Even middle-class “landowners” pay rent. It’s called “tax” and “mortgage payments,” but it still comes out rent to the Feudal Lord.
George Bush also did not talk about the details of the National Debt.  All of the tax money that is going to pay interest on the National Debt, is going into somebody’s pocket.  Who gets all of this interest money, and do they have to pay taxes on it?  Who has a vested interest in keeping the National Debt high?  If the United States defaults on the debt, who collects what collateral?
In the 1930’s, there was runaway inflation, fueled by immense national debt, in a certain European country.  There was a little corporal going around making speeches, playing on peoples’ fears, greed, and national pride, and he got elected democratically.
George Bush was promoting New World Order, when his three Wise Guys from the East went with him to Japan.  The Ugly Americans cried when the Japanese beat them at their own game.  Why would a Japanese person buy a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side, and the instruction manual written in a foreign language (Crooked English)?  Did the Tycoons of Detroit expect the Japanese to commit Hari-Kari by driving on the wrong side of the road?  Don’t blame the Japanese, who have learned to play by your rules.  Most Americans have no roots, no identity, very little common sense, and a lot of arrogance.  They use slogans, bad jokes, and racism to make up for American insecurity, and lack of identity and self-esteem.  Before they start complaining about the Japanese “buying up” America, they should look at whose land this really is.  The Japanese are on their own land in Japan, and on this, our Aboriginal Indigenous land, the genocide of millions of people will come back to haunt the Europeans.

4014.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 September). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: Hunting season has come again to the hinterland.  The people who live in the Northwoods ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Hunting season has come again to the hinterland.  The people who live in the Northwoods off of the Reservation will have to stay out of the woods, or wear bright red clothing and venture into the brush at their own risk.  Farmers are going to have to tie up their horses and paint “cow” on the side of their cattle.  The upper-class City Savages are coming to the Northwoods to kill for sport, taking sound-shots.
On the Reservation, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Council and the State of Minnesota D.N.R. are trying to lay claim to Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ resources by saying that they are regulating hunting and fishing.  Years ago, these Natural Rights were regulated by the Anishinabe Ojibway People, through the Clans.  The Natural Rights included the Natural Responsibility of killing an animal only because the animal was needed for food or clothing—and the Natural Responsibility of not wasting what was taken.
Now, under the regulation of the Indo-European State and Federal Governments, the woods on the Reservation are full of Chippewa Indians who are shining and shooting indiscriminately, slaughtering anything that moves.  Every year, I see bears who are shot and left to rot, with nothing taken but their claws and teeth.  Every year, I see deer thrown away in the dumpground (or “sanitary landfill”), the whole deer killed and just wasted.  I see raccoons and foxes and woodchucks and everything else just killed and left to lay.  The Chippewa Indians who claim to be Aboriginal Indigenous People have lost their identity and their Traditional Anishinabe Ojibway values.  No Anishinabe Ojibway person would ever shoot wildlife and waste it like these Chippewa Indians have been doing for years.  The reason why this happens is because these Chippewa Indians are mostly White people that the U.S. Government has made into “Indians.”  The question is, “How many Chippewa Indians would there be if the U.S. Government didn’t pay them to be Indians, subsidizing their housing, education, and sometimes giving them jobs?”
Chippewa Indians might be better off if they found their real identity and took control of it, rather than getting trapped in a vicious White-man identity owned and defined by the Indo-Europeans.  A lot of the people who are trying to be Chippewa Indian are really Meti or Creole people.  Research it!  I’ve been doing this research for eight years, and anybody else who honestly looks at the facts will see the same thing.  “Chippewa Indian” is a White identity, and so is “Pembina Indian” and “Pillager Indian.”  These White identities have White values attached to them—that’s why the deer and the bear and all of the other wildlife are shot and left to rot in the woods.
The State of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (a Pork-Barrel Bureaucracy) and the U.S. Department of the Interior (another Pork-Barrel Bureaucracy, staffed by White relatives of politicians) are not interested in maintaining the permaculture and resource base of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  It seems that they are mostly interested in promoting the Indo-European economic structure—selling guns and blaze-orange jackets and making money any way they can.  They are trying to claim control over, and steal, all of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations’ resources (along with their relatives and fifth columnists, the Chippewa Indians); if their agenda was what they claimed it is, we would still have old-growth forests and plenty of wildlife.  Instead we have polluted waters, vast acres of clear-cut forests, and dead animals laying all over the place in what’s left of the woods.  I was told by one of the D.N.R. men to “shoot all the porcupines that you see” because they kill pines.  It isn’t the porcupines killing the forest (the porcupines belong here), it is the Indo-Europeans destroying everything that they see (and you don’t belong here, and act like you don’t expect to have a future here).
Hubert “Skip” Humphrey says that the State of Minnesota needs more gaming laws, more control, because the Mafia is going to move into Reservation gambling.  I’ve got news for you, Hubert “Skip” Humphrey, the Mafia (or their first cousins) have been here since 1850, stealing and ripping off from the Anishinabe Ojibway people.  An example is giving the halfbreeds that the Europeans forcibly created the identity of “Chippewa Indian” and then signing treaties with these artificially created Chippewas to steal Anishinabe Ojibway land.  This land has never belonged to the Chippewa Indians; there were no Chippewa Indians here until the White man created them.  Reservation gambling is set up under the same fake and fraud kind of system as our Anishinabe Ojibway land was stolen under: the State of Minnesota signed “Agreements” with 1934 Indian Reorganization Act Tribal Councils—who have absolutely no connection with the Traditional Aboriginal Indigenous Governments.  These 1934 I.R.A. Governments were designed by the United States B.I.A. to empower the halfbreeds and promote the U.S. Government’s agenda of genocide and assimilation of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The European-Created “Chippewa Indians” have lost their identity of Anishinabe Ojibway and have taken on an artificial identity created by the Whites.  They are squatters and carpetbaggers on Anishinabe Ojibway land—and their sovereignty is held by the Indo-Europeans.  It was designed like that.
If the State of Minnesota wants gambling, stealing from people under the illusion of giving something for nothing, they should put the gambling in their own stolen territory.  If they want to, they can hire Chippewa Indians to front for them—but don’t blame the Aboriginal Indigenous People, the Anishinabe Ojibway, for the crooked mess that White-man gambling is from its very definition.
The State of Minnesota must be really hurting for money.  Every year, when the Duly Elected Lawmakers gather, you would think that what is happening in St. Paul is a Pork-Barrel Stock Market.  It seems like every law that the State Legislature passes is either to spend a big pile of money or to steal from somebody to get more money.  I don’t see anything patriotic about these law-makers playing Robin Hood economics.  What these lawmakers are doing is just plain crooked greed—winning an election seems like just a license to spend other people’s money, and taking out a debt against generations yet to come, rather than a trusteeship for the welfare of the people.  If they were interested in the future generations, they wouldn’t be polluting and clear-cutting.
Mythical Ka-lai-jah, mythical Chief Bemidji’s companion statute in that little transplanted Indo-European mythical hamlet with a namesake that nobody knows what to do with, has lost his shirt at Morrell’s Trading Post.  The real Savage, Paul Bunyan, who allegedly did environmental destruction on a truly massive scale, still has his shirt—he must have had Ka-lai-jah slaving in the camps at far less than the minimum wage.  That’s probably why Ka-lai-jah lost his shirt.

4015.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 September). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: In an unsigned Sunday editorial, the Bemidji Pioneer blamed "proximity to three American Indian reservations ...". Ojibwe News.
Abstract: In an unsigned Sunday editorial, the Bemidji Pioneer blamed “proximity to three American Indian reservations which suffer problems of unemployment and poverty” for part of Crime Capitol Bemidji’s “major crime problems.”  Election year is coming up.  The Political Carnies are descending like vultures, starting their entrench-the-system “Get the Criminals and Welfare Bums!  It’s all their fault!” same old song and dance routine again.  This time around, a new variation on the same tired old theme will probably be Indian Gambling and the Mafia, even though Reservation gambling is owned and controlled by the State of Minnesota and benefits all White interests.
The Governor’s Commission on Violent Crime held hearings last Wednesday at B.S.U. [Bemidji State University]. The people who addressed this commission were from all levels of the hierarchy.  Some of them were misled into believing that the Crime Commission actually wanted to address the root causes of crime, and gave heartfelt stories about their own personal experiences with violent crime.  Some, from higher levels of the hierarchy, wanted to start more programs, and get more money for their projects to deal with the symptoms.  They did not address the underlying problems.  Nobody said, “we are a violent society, and we have to change our values.”  Nobody talked about Hollywood’s constant stream of propaganda for violence: I’ve seen three year old children laughing and gleefully clapping their hands when a “bad guy” gets killed by a “good guy” on T.V.  The “good guys” and the “bad guys” are both violent.
Nobody at the Governor’s Commission talked about the violence that their society depends on.  Violence is a part of their infrastructure, and a part of their hierarchial economic system.  How many laws are there on the books in the United States, including death-penalty laws, if it’s not a violent society?  How many jails, prisons, reform schools, and Criminal Justice programs are there in the U.S., if it’s not a violent society?  The people at the Governor’s Commission did not even start to look at the violence that is used to maintain the social hierarchy in the U.S.A.  Maybe they’ve been so brainwashed that they couldn’t see it.  All they have to do is go look in a mirror, to see a violent person staring back at them.
An example of the kind of violence that isn’t even thought about, is the “good guys” passing tax loopholes, one of the many laws that the rich “good guys” pass for their own benefit.  This means that the people who do not profit from the tax loopholes have to work harder to support the rich.  This covert violence isn’t obvious from within the hierarchial structure, but what happens to the “little guy” who doesn’t pay his taxes, or who is pushed beyond his financial means and can’t pay his rent?  He’s forced into a credit trap, borrowing from loan sharks so he doesn’t have to go on welfare (which is psychological violence).  Another name for this is Feudalism, improved by Machiavellian philosophy.  (When the Master called, the indentured slaves with death sentences commuted to being shipped over here chained in boat-holds said, “serf’s up, peon the peasants.”  This is part of your Indo-European lower hierarchy.)
Compulsory school education is another violent way of brainwashing children, especially minority and Aboriginal Indigenous children.  Forcing Anishinabe Ojibway children into boarding schools was just one aspect of the Genocide.  For the Chippewa Indian children, their education may have been violent but it was not genocide.  As was standard Indo-European colonial practice of social and genetic engineering, Chippewa Indians were already Citizens and had lost their Aboriginal Indigenous religion, their Anishinabe Ojibway identity, and their Aboriginal Sovereignty.  Because of their Indo-European fathers or patrilineal grandfathers, these people were owned and controlled under European Sovereignty, and were given the invented name and identity of “Chippewa Indian.”  But, the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous children still have their Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty now, under the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation and through their Dodems and Clans.  Forcing these Sovereign children into an  Indo-European curriculum, physically and psychologically abusing them, and calling them “dumb” for not abandoning their own beautiful Traditional identity, forcibly removing them from their families into school is violence.  These are Human Rights violations, and compulsory education is still genocide legislated by the “good guys.”  The United States and England are still violating the United Nations International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, to this day.
There has been a lot of talk about “Euro-centric” curriculum lately, for example what Columbus did or didn’t do, and hair-splitting about what to say about it in textbooks.  But, there has been very little talk about the covert curriculum of compulsory school education: twelve years of violent programming, psychological abuse, and brainwashing using both teachers and tacitly condoned schoolyard bullies.  The compulsory school education forces children into the social class system.  It tracks children into their “station in life” in the artificial European hierarchy at a very young age, and once a child is identified by a teacher as a potential ditch-digger or prison inmate, they have very little chance of escaping this imposed identity.  Their self-esteem is stripped away from them so they can’t defend themselves against attacks from “above” themselves in the hierarchy.  They are trapped in the pecking order of the Indo-European hierarchy —this maintains the phony class system for the privileged.  Upper-class children are catered to in school, given every advantage, and repeatedly told they’re going to be somebody.  Schoolyard bullies play an important part in this system, and so does the teachers’ racism and class-ism.

Children have to be treated as responsible people, and as human beings, not as juveniles.  All children need to be responsible for their actions.  The bullies need to be tried in court for “assault and battery,” not as a “juvenile” with a slap on the wrist because they’re maintaining the class system, but as an adult who is fully responsible for what they are doing.  The teachers who condone the bullies’ violence, and perpetrate violence of their own, whether psychological or physical, also need to face the full responsibility for their actions in court, with the children who are their compulsory-education victims testifying against them.
If violence was eliminated from propaganda packaged as “entertainment,” from the schools, from the social hierarchy, and from the English and other European languages, we will have gone a long way toward eliminating the root causes of “violent crime” and violence.  If schools were designed to genuinely educate instead of being abused for social engineering by the corporations, this would be a big step toward eliminating violence.  If everyone, including the “good guys” at the top of the hierarchy who create factions and orchestrate violence to maintain their position, were held directly and personally responsible for the consequences of what they are doing, this would be a much less violent world.  This includes the violence that is a part of the infrastructure of the economic system.
The factions that are created by the abortion debate are used to divert attention from the real problems and put a guilt trip on everybody.  But, the people who are using such gruesome words to oppose abortions are con artists and worse.  Completely beyond the question of women’s ownership of their own bodies (which it is possible to question because these women do not have any Sovereignty—their Sovereignty is held by the Church, and maybe that’s a question that needs to be addressed), the anti-abortionists are not talking about the consequences of their political agenda.  They are pushing us deeper into Feudalism with over-population.
This continent has already been overpopulated by the Indo-Europeans.  The water is so polluted you can’t drink it, the forests have been cut down, and most of the indigenous species of plants and animals are either extinct or “endangered.”  They are already so overpopulated that a lot of their people go hungry, and don’t have a place to live.  The stresses of overpopulation have a lot to do with their wars and addictions.  What these anti-abortionists’ hidden agenda looks like, is going back into the same Feudalism that our two Continents’ resources pulled the Europeans away from during the Renaissance.  The European immigrants ran away from Feudalism when they came here—but they brought their violent values and social problems with them.  They might call themselves “Americans,” but they are still Feudal Europeans.
With overpopulation, the upper class can make people crawl for the alleged privilege of catering to them; with overpopulation the elite upper class has plenty of cannon fodder and cheap labor.  Sadism, enjoyment of human suffering, is one of the personality characteristics of the Indo-European “good guy” upper class.  They are even more violent than the “bad guys”; they are the ones that initiate and perpetrate each cycle of violence.  When a person who is not at the top of the hierarchy responds to the violence that is a part of the Indo-European culture with violence of their own, then they are caught up in a perpetual motion machine of violence.  It has to come to an end somewhere, but the only way to do it is non-violently.
Bemidji should look at its own violent historical roots that go back to Europe, rather than blaming the Anishinabe Ojibway people who have managed to survive on our land surrounding Bemidji.  How was the land on the “three American Indian reservations” stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway to become Indian Reservations?  This is part of Bemidji’s violent roots.  Instead of blaming the people who live on the Reservations for being poor, the “good guys” in Bemidji should take a close and honest look at how the money and resources flow in this area’s economy (and who these resources really belong to—they don’t belong to the Chippewa Indians or the Europeans).  The Pillars of Bemidji also need to take an honest look at the way that racism, compulsory education and the money economic system support the violent hierarchy—and exactly who the Outstanding Chippewa Indians who pretend to speak for the Anishinabe Ojibway People really are.
George Bush keeps threatening to drop some more Smart Bombs on the people of Iraq.  The compulsory education system doesn’t give students a very clear history of where the math used to design these Smart Bombs came from.  Children get history of the Roman Empire, and they hear about Roman Numerals, but they don’t go into the implications, in school.  Picture all of the students trying to solve any kind of math problem using Roman Numerals (that’s why the Romans wore sandals, so they could count on their toes as well as their fingers).  When the Islamic Moors, with cultural roots in the ancient Iraqi Civilization, conquered Europe, they gave the Europeans mathematics.  Nobody could design a Smart Bomb using Roman Numerals, which aren’t good for much of anything except making fancy numbers on watches and hiding the copyright dates on violent Hollywood movies about the Europeans Lording it over the Arabs.  Latin is about as useful as Roman Numerals, it’s mostly used by White European medical professionals trying to sound important, when they’re not sure what they’re talking about.  It’s used to intimidate the “uninitiated.”  It’s impossible to design a Smart Bomb in Latin, using Roman Numerals, and can you imagine Einstein trying to work out the Theory of Relativity using Roman Numerals?  The Europeans even stole the words “mathematics” and “algebra” from the Arabs, as well as the idea of zero, and all the rest of their numbers.  They steal from everybody, and then they holler about being “my brother’s keeper,” blaming the victim.

4016.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 November). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: Princess Pale Moon is in the news again.  Many Indians and Indo-Europeans think ... Ojibwe News.
Notes: Princess Pale Moon is in the news again.  Many Indians and Indo-Europeans think that she is infringing on their exclusive turf of stealing from Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The smug, self-righteous character assassination of Princes Pale Moon by other “real Indians” has more to do with the assimilated Greed Culture of Indians than it has to do with whether or not she is also a “real Indian.”  Indians have had U.S. Government and European-protected rights to their percentage of the plunder of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land, resources, and culture for centuries.  Princess Pale Moon has written some pretty effective mass-mailing fund-raising pleas for impoverished Indians on the Reservations.  The Indian Princess probably has more Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors than a lot of other “real Indians;” she should be enrolled in any Tribe she claims, and issued a laminated “official Indian” card.  (I never had one of these laminated cards, because I am not an Indian.  I am an Anishinabe Ojibway, and I do not need a card issued by White men to prove who I am.)  We need diversity in here, and Princess Pale Moon has just as much right to be a Federally Recognized Indian as most of the rest of the Indians.  In India, they have Indian Fakirs, and over on this side of the British Empire there are also (Federally Recognized) Indian Fakers, with no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all.  The Europeans made up all kinds of “Indian Tribes,” for example the Pembina and Pillager Chippewa Indians.  It is interesting to note that the Chippewa name for “Pillager” is makandewewinini.  (In the 1870 U.S. Census, the French Moors left over from the diminishing fur trade were recorded as mulattos.)
The Politicians are just warming up for the 1992 Presidential three-ring circus and the hoop-la that goes with it.  They talk of pie in the sky and carrots on a stick, but once again they are planning on fleecing the flock and pulling the wool over their eyes.  Abraham Lincoln said “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time,” but these con artists are refining their flim-flam and crooked English all of the time.
According to the newspapers, U.S. Congressman Ben Nighthorse Campbell has agreed participate in the Rose Bowl Parade.  Most politicians will do anything to achieve “name recognition” and to get free T.V. time.  By promoting “Indians” for Columbus’ quinticentennial, this apparently crooked politician is promoting racism.  There were no Indians on either of these two Continents before Columbus got here.  “Indian” is an European name for an European identity.  By promoting “Indians,” the Honorable Congressman Campbell is promoting the United States Government’s racist smokescreen to hide the theft of this Continent and what has been done to the Aboriginal Indigenous People this land belongs to.  In the 1930’s, a nickel was a nickel, and politicians at that time were a dime a dozen.  Now, with inflation, the best politicians that money can buy are still a dime a dozen.
The former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, has been in the political arena lately.  It didn’t really matter whether he won the Governorship of Louisiana or not—whether racism is overt or covert, it is still racism.  One of the planks in Duke’s political platform was targeting Welfare Mothers.  (Whatever happened to Apple Pie and Motherhood?)  The Duke’s blame-the-victim and blame-the-defenseless tactics remind me of a little corporal politicking in Germany in the 1930’s.  So-called “high-class” bullies like to pick on people who can’t fight back, and blame all of the problems that the Country has on “other people.”  If Duke was serious about reducing taxes by reducing Government expenditures, he could pay all of the other people grunting at the public trough at the same rate that A.F.D.C. Welfare Mothers get.  Just reducing all of the Welfare administrator, case-worker and provider salaries to standard A.F.D.C. income-levels would solve the problem of a bloated welfare budget.  The “invisible hand” of Adam Smith helps the Social Workers and other De-greed professional rip-off artists prosper at the public trough, while on the other hand, the “helping hand” keeps Welfare “clients” under their thumb, powerless and trapped by low self-esteem.
People who blame Welfare Mothers for the United States’ economic problems should also look at how much money is going out of the U.S. economy as profits and royalties claimed by foreign-owned corporations.  Japan is not the biggest foreign owner, nor even the second-largest foreign owner.  How much money and resources has Great Britain taken out of these two Continents?  Who gets the interest on the “National Debt?”  It sure isn’t the Welfare Mothers.  Ronald Reagan promised to “balance the budget” in 1979—but his big campaign contributors couldn’t have made a profit on their political investment with a balanced budget.  Sir Ronnie wouldn’t have gotten Knighted if he had broken his backroom campaign commitments.  On the subject of campaign contributions, how many of George Bush’s supporters profited from the S. and L. crisis, or will profit from the upcoming banking crisis?  The difference between Communism and Capitalism is that Communist citizens own everything while it’s being run into bankruptcy, and Capitalist citizens only own it after it’s already bankrupt and in debt.
Welfare Mothers are a diversionary tactic.  For almost two centuries, the United States kept the public trough filled to the brim by stealing Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  Now that they’ve stolen just about everything on this continent, the trough is running low.  They keep on looking for excuses to declare war on some other resource-rich country, to keep their plunder-economics working.
Rape and plunder have been a part of Indo-European government for millennia.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran a series of articles on the problem of rape, but most of what they proposed were more punitive and longer sentences for rapists of women.  They did not talk about the underlying patterns of rape within the Indo-European culture: rape as an integral part of war and conquest; the forcible violent penetration of children of other cultures’ minds in compulsory school-education; homosexual prison rapes; the violence  inherent in social hierarchies, the ongoing rape of the land, and the American heritage of the rape of these continents.  These issues need to be addressed.  Violent sentences for rapists cannot solve the problem.  Violence always creates more violence.  The only effective long-term solution is to use non-violent ways to change the violence permeating Indo-European culture, and to use non-violent means to address the violent perpetrators of their culture.  Non-violence does work.
In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the criminal culture of England sent entire fleets of prison-boats, their holds bulging with condemned criminals, to our continent.  (In this particular scapegoating operation, the idea was to “rid society of people with criminal tendencies,” as well as to make money.)  The gullible American public is told that one of the causes of violent crime is “lack of prison space.”  Rather than build more prisons, why not draw upon the British Common Law that this colony here is heir to, and follow England’s precedent by sending all violent criminals back to the British Isles as pardoned, full citizens with Noble Titles.  With the twenty or so generations intervening, we could send back about two thousand and forty-eight prisoners for every one they sent here.  Just in case some of the prisoners are incorrigibly institutionalized, we can send all of the prisons and law enforcement personnel back to England along with the convicted criminals, because they are inseparable.  To the British Imperial Isle which exported so much crime, a kind of good neighbor guarantee: “double your criminals back.”  We can also send all of the stunted David Duke politicians and White Supremacists with low I.Q.’s along with them: White Supremacy is an European idea and if the Europeans hadn’t gone around being greedy and meddling in other Peoples’ lands and cultures, Whites would still have White Homelands and Nations.
In the Anishinabe Ojibway language, there is no word for “war,” and there is no word which is a translation of the Indo-European word for “peace.”  Our Anishinabe Ojibway culture did not have such insane and inhumane, violent concepts.  In the Indo-European tradition, “war” and “peace” are two facets of the same violent interactions; there is more violence in their “peace” than there is in war.  European “culture” is a man-made culture with no roots, with no-where to go, with no sense of harmony and no connection with the land, and no sense of their identity as human beings.
Recently, a Red Lake Enrollee was arrested for having three bags of fish in the trunk of his car, on allegedly “Tribal Land.”  The State of Minnesota D.N.R. confiscated his fish, kept it unrefrigerated, and returned the fish after it was rotten.  Does the State of Minnesota have the jurisdiction to come onto this still Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway land allegedly ceded by Chippewa Indians subsequent to the Act of January 14, 1889, and then “restored” by the I.R.A. to the foreign Chippewa Band of Indians?  The State is apparently claiming the right to confiscate what might have been this Enrollee’s lunch or dinner.  What if this person had three blocks of firewood in his car?  Would the State have the right to confiscate that, also?  The I.R.A. Chip-away “Tribal Council,” along with the United States Department of the Interior, is sending truckload after truckload of plundered forest products off of the Reservation.  I don’t see the State of Minnesota or their D.N.R. confiscating any of this stolen wood and timber.  I have never heard of an I.R.A. Chippewa Indian Tribal Council standing up for the human rights or property rights of an Anishinabe Ojibway person, nor speaking out in support of Aboriginal Indigenous People victimized by racism.  Some of the French Moors who got turned into Chippewa Indians are more racist than David Duke.  (The United States Government, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Minnesota D.N.R. need people like that to do their “dirty work,” perpetuate racism and implement greedy racist colonial policies.)
The Anishinabe Ojibway People, and the Clans, need to be sending a bill to the United States Government, not only for the fair market value of the stolen timber plus interest, but also for the damages done to the wildlife, to the permaculture and to the forest ecosystems of our Aboriginal Indigenous land.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the I.R.A. Tribal Council do not belong on our land, and an enormous bill for back rent is long overdue.  No matter what the United States or the Queen of England says, this land is not Chippewa Indian land, and never has been.  Research the Chippewa Indians’ genealogy, and you will find out that they are foreigners within the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations, just like the rest of the White people, and they need to be held accountable to the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation and to the Clan Mothers.
The Aboriginal Indigenous People on the East Coast were trusting people, because all of our Aboriginal Indigenous cultures were non-violent.  (“Indians” are violent, because their identity is created by the Indo-Europeans, a projection of these “$ivilized” peoples’ subconscience.)  The Tribal People of what became known as Plymouth Rock generously gave the starving refugee pilgrims, who were running away from religious persecution and the scapegoating processes of Feudalism, a place to live and food to eat.  After a year, the Pilgrims gave thanks—and then when these Europeans became stronger in number they turned around, raped and murdered their hosts, persecuted their Aboriginal Indigenous religion and stole their property, and created homeless people and hungry children.  The few surviving Aboriginal Indigenous People have been going “cold turkey,” Commodity Style (and Food Stamps in the White racist economic system), ever since.  From the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations, we wish you Pillagers and Pembinas, and the rest of you Chippewa Indians and you White People a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy our Aboriginal food, including turkey, corn, potatoes, and cranberries.

4017.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 May). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: Quotas, such as Affirmative Action, equal opportunity, and Indian Preference are all racism ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Quotas, such as Affirmative Action, equal opportunity, and Indian Preference are all racism.  These programs are not designed by minorities; they are preferential policies designed by White men to maintain their racist structure.  They are stopgap measures that seem to work for about a generation, hide the real problems, and divert the pressure for change.  Because of the “generation gap” it becomes a perpetual motion machine, with the same problems coming back over and over again.  The “White Liberals”  and the “Far Right” are both protecting the same privileges in the White Paternalistic society.  The elite only needs a certain number of henches and hacks, and dehumanized people who are cannon fodder, cheap labor, and the homeless are just as necessary to the maintain the structure.  Why aren’t there helicopters dropping food and the Red Cross helping the homeless here?  Some of the U.S. ghettos look like they were bombed out, but there wasn’t any United Nations Resolution behind “Urban Renewal,” which is another racist White linear-thinking social program.  These programs all have White Backlash built into them; blame the victim—they were designed that way.
There are alternatives to these programs.  The alternatives have to designed, owned, and controlled by the people that they benefit.  Affirmative Action, and other preferential policies only change which of the subordinate classes get slightly better jobs; not who owns and controls the economic system.  We can go for ten thousand years of “Indian Employment Programs” designed by Whites, and it won’t solve the problems.  The solutions created by the White community are racist.  Why send all Whites to the Reservation to work, and send all the Indians to Bemidji to work?  That’s dumb, like school-integration bussing, which was intended to sell busses and gasoline and “create employment,” not to provide a good education for Minority children.
The way the system is set up, the “recognized Community Leaders” of any Minority community are controlled by the White community (in their back pocket or purse). For years, they have been talking about “economic development at Red Lake.”  But these White-appointed “Community Leaders” all develop paralysis when it comes to actually developing a program that employs anybody but Whites (and maybe a few of their relatives in “token jobs”).  It’s a lot easier to sit on your fat ass and be a rubber stamp, than actually have to go work, or even think for yourself.  Just recently the 1934 I.R.A. Council signed a “Government to Government” agreement with Beltrami County for welfare and social services.  $900,000 dollars (almost none of it County money) goes to A.F.D.C. grants—which are spent in Bemidji.  $4,100,000 goes to administer the program, for “program costs” which go directly to the White community.
Hollywood, anthropologists, and other Technocrat P.R. flunkies have labelled the Indian community as “socialist” and “primitive Communist.”  These con artists, who are Capitalists posing as Socialists, have the rip-off built right into the  Indian (and other Minority) “social programs” on all levels. Capitalism ripping off Socialism.  None of the programs come from the community that they are supposed to “help,” and they are not owned by it; they are owned by the State (and so is Bingo, gambling, and the school system).
The reality is that the State of Minnesota, and other White States including Christiandom, have always held the Indian’s Sovereignty. “Indian” is an identity created by the White man.  This is written into racist hierarchial law in—among other places—Title 25 of the United States Code, Section 479, “For the purposes of this Act, Eskimos and other aboriginal peoples ... shall be considered Indian.”
“Indian” is a fantasy definition.  The people in India are Tamils and Sikhs and hundreds of other ethnic groups.  “Indian” according to the first definition in the dictionary is a category used by the British to oppress these people of South Asia.  According to the second definition, “Indians” are White British men who have lived in India; it doesn’t say so in the dictionary but apparently “Indian” also includes the descendents of French Voyageurs who got caught between the British-Canadian and British-American armies and herded into the concentration camps called “reservations” along with the Aboriginal Indigenous People.
In the 1860 Census of Minnesota, racist strategies were used to disenfranchise these French Voyageurs; later they became “Indians” and are still disenfranchised by, for example, the Beltrami County Board’s gerrymander line right through Red Lake Reservation.  Red Lake Reservation has about half the population that Bemidji does—there should have been a Beltrami County Commissioner from Red Lake a long time ago, as long as they want to put County Line signs up on our land.
Jim Crow and Affirmative Action are two facets of the same ugly thing—they are linear lies in Crooked English which have the sole purpose of keeping the people who have power, in power.  From an Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, this “power” relationship is a parasite living off of a host.  Jim Crow/Affirmative Action is part of the economic system; this economic system is a necessary part of the Utopia that the privileged few already have.  Crooked English has many words and many definitions.  It’s slick and slippery.  The names change, the definitions change, outward appearances change—but the same thieving thought is here, there, and the underlying structure hasn’t changed for centuries.
When Moses was on his way down from the Mountain, he dropped at least one Stone Tablet and broke it.  “Thou Shalt Not Lie;” “Thou Shalt Not Be Greedy;” “Thou Shalt Live In Harmony With Creation;” “Thou Shalt Not Foul And Pollute Anybody’s Nest” and “Thou Shalt Respect All Of Creation” never made it down the mountain.  What goes around, comes around, and what turns,  returns.  It’s our turn to study the Indo-Europeans, his value system and his religion, and what his sicknesses of greed, violence, and linear dishonesty have done to the world.  Civilization has to return to this continent again.

4018.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 February). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: The boilerplate Indian Reorganization Act “Revised Constitution” of the Red Lake Band of Chip-away Indians ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The boilerplate Indian Reorganization Act “Revised Constitution” of the Red Lake Band of Chip-away Indians was adopted by the Constitution Committee on June 12, 1958.
subject to the review of the Secretary of the Interior, or his duly
  authorized representative
is a phrase which appears, directly and in crooked English, at least twenty times in the first eight pages of this alleged Constitution.
Roger Jourdain tried to claim “Aboriginal Sovereignty.”  But, the Sovereignty that Roger Jourdain was using, was European Sovereignty (see United States court decisions relating to 25 USCS, section 463).  This European Sovereignty was allocated by the Secretary of the Interior, through the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, and this European Sovereignty does not belong on Anishinabe Ojibway land.  The Chairman under the 1918 Revised I.R.A. Constitution does not have any Aboriginal Sovereignty, and never did.  The Sovereignty of the Christian Chip-away Indians belongs to the Europeans.
The Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ Aboriginal Sovereignty is held jointly through the Midewiwin Religion, through the Clans and the Dodems.  The Midewiwin Religion is completely different from “Indian Religion.”  The Midewiwin Religion is indigenous to this land; “Indian Religion” is European in origin and in thinking.  The Sovereignty of “Indian Religion” is held by the Europeans.  (“Indian Religion” was established by the United States Government in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.)  There were no “Indians” here before 1492.  People have to come to terms with their real identity.
The Chippewa and other “Indian” identities were created by the White man.  The Indo-Europeans created the “Indian identities,” and because they’re the ones that created them, the White men own Indian “Sovereignty,” and they control the people who fall into the trap of these artificial identities.  The United States’ “Chippewa Indian Trust Property” really belongs to the Anishinabe Ojibway People here.  The U.S. is using the identity which they own, “Indian,” in order to try to claim Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ property.  Because of their White patrilineal heritage, the people caught in the identity of “Chippewa Indian” do not have Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty though the Midewiwin—their Sovereignty is held through the Judeo-Christian Churches, by the White man.  Because they have accepted the fraudulent identity that the White man has given them, the White man can tell them “who is Indian, and who is not,” through the Bureau of Indian Affairs bureaucracy and the United States Court system.  The Indo-Europeans are the ones who promote their mythological stereotype of “Indians” through Hollywood movies, and the White men are the ones who write “Indian History.”
We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People must write the history, and the genealogy of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  People who do not own their own history, or have somebody else write history, such as the “Indians,” do not exist in the eyes of the rest of humanity and are, therefore, prime objects for extinction.  The Chippewa Indians do not own their own identity, and so they can not own their own history.  With “one stoke of the pen, you will not longer exist, because we created you,” this is what the White man says to the Chippewa Indians.  According to current congressional policy papers, U.S. Congress’ power over “Indians” is “unlimited and without constraint ... though presumably such power will be exercised only when circumstances arise which will not only justify the government, but may demand, in the interest of the country ... that it should do so.”
With one stroke of the pen, “Indians” will be gone.  The crooked “Indian Treaties” will be “forgotten history,” and the White man will take the identity of “Indians,” which he owns, back into his own mythology, an “Indian giver.”  All that the Eurocentric “Respected Historians” have to do is write “there used to be Indians in America ...” in their official “Histories.”  The Indo-Europeans invented their own mythological “Indians.”  The people who say they are Chippewa Indians are trying to be something that they are not—and it’s time they came to terms with their real identity, as an extension of Indo-European so-called “Western Civilization.”
President George Bush and three businessmen from Detroit went to Japan.  They told the Japanese that it was in their mutual best interests to have Free Trade—that more American products needed to be sold in Japan.  The Japanese leadership promised to set guidelines and a target date.  When the Americans found out that there were no specifics to this promise, they cried, “you broke your promise, and you lied to us.”
The model that the Japanese learned from, in promising “guidelines and targets,” was American and European business savvy.  The Japanese learned how to use slippery English from the European-Americans, and they polished their language ability studying the crooked English in the fine print of Euro-American warranties, contracts, “free-trade” accords and treaties.  The United States can’t accuse the Japanese of telling lies and breaking promises—the Japanese have learned from their mentors quickly and they’re playing the same game, by the same rules, as the European-Americans are.  Under Manifest Destiny, and the “Divine Mandate” of Indo-European tradition, they’re not stealing, they’re not cheating, and they’re not lying.  They might be saying you have a “poor work ethic,” and calling Euro-Americans “lazy.”  Maybe what they’re talking about is the greedy “invisible hand” and crooked “lazy-fare economics.”  What the Japanese are saying, is “I’m a businessman, just like you American businessmen.”
When the Chip-away Indians signed Treaties to “sell” land which did not belong to them, there were many promises made, and many lies were told.  People were promised “a better life,” and they were promised “education.”  We got an education all right, when the Chip-away Indians signed away Anishinabe Ojibway land that did not belong to them (using crooked English, and a Creole “Chip-away” language that nobody but the Meti People understood).  The Europeans promised us the “benefits of civilization.”  The first thing they brought us was European organized crime, with the crooked Bureaucrats and their Chip-away Indians.  The second thing they brought us was their sacred drug, alcohol.  We know the social consequences of that.  We should learn from history.
Now, the Bureaucrats and their Chip-away Indians (both are European) are at it again.  They say that history repeats itself.  The descendants of the same Indo-European “Indians” who promoted the fraudulent “Treaties” are still here, clear-cutting the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ forests, and telling us that massive environmental destruction and high-stakes gambling is “economic development.”  This compounds the social consequences and social problems we already have.  The Chip-away Indians are hiding from any accountability behind European “Sovereignty.”  What gives these Indo-European “Indians” a special status, of not paying taxes?  Could it be that they are getting a tax break for implementing the Social Engineers’ “final solution,” for putting the finishing touches on the Anishinabe Ojibway community, which has already been ravaged and devastated by the Europeans’ alcohol program (and other addictions and compulsions essential to “civilized” European mind control).  These White Chip-away Indians are still acting as “brokers”—and the U.S. is promoting them and paying them off to hide the genocide of millions of Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The Nuremberg Principles need to be applied to these people.
In the New York City harbor there is big statue facing Europe.  There is an inscription on this statue that reads:
“ ‘... Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp,’ cries she
With silent lips. [“Read my lips!”]  ‘Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, the tempest-tost to me, ...’”
In the mid-1800’s, relocation agents went throughout Europe, to entice Europeans to occupy the land stolen from the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, which immigrant recruiting agents called “the Land of Milk and Honey,” or “the Promised Land.”  Potential immigrants were promised land of their own, they were promised jobs, they were promised opportunity—they were promised “education.”  The descendants of these tired, poor, and homeless people who migrated across the great waters to this land: many of them are now unemployed and homeless.  Many more are facing mortgage foreclosure and a bleak future.  The Promised Land has been ransacked, polluted, and plundered.  Broken promises and lies made many of the European immigrants “educated.”
Political candidates, politicians, “advance men,” and other confidence men are on the Campaign Trail, promising to cut taxes and balance the budget.  They are promising to jump-start an economy.  There would a better chance of jump-starting an old vehicle with a dead battery, ignition and wiring components made in some Asian country, and four hundred billion miles on it, particularly if you put some Kuwaiti Sweet Crude in the gas tank (before the used-car salesman comes in the middle of the night to repossess it).
A different song is at the top of the charts on Red Lake radio.  Eric Clapton and Bob Marley have got a hot single on the Red Lake hit parade, “I Shot the Sheriff (But I Did Not Shoot the Deputy),” dedicated to the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs Police, the United States colonial occupation force on part of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.

4019.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 December). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: The December 6 Bemidji Pioneer reports that the Beltrami County Commissioners are making plans ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The December 6 Bemidji Pioneer reports that the Beltrami County Commissioners are making plans to hire a half-time Welfare Fraud Investigator on the Red Lake Reservation.  This is another diversionary tactic.  It is like throwing a bone to a pack of starving dogs, making everybody fight over this half-time job that is bound to generate hostility with the neighbors.  It’s “divide and rule,” another tired, old worn-out European trick.  The Whites are always telling “Indians” and Aboriginal Indigenous People—as well as everybody else, “Assimilate, and Be Like Us.”  If welfare is all you’ve got to offer us, you haven’t got anything worth assimilating to.
The White Policy-Makers are orchestrating BINGO and “Indian Gaming” as economic development.  What they are doing, is having “their Indians” (who are also White) going around parroting the slogan, “Gambling is the New Buffalo.”  The “Indian Gaming” set up and ultimately controlled by the Whites has absolutely no comparison to the Buffalo that they slaughtered by the millions.  The Buffalo that the Whites exterminated (as a part of a scorched-earth policy of occupation) housed, clothed and fed everybody with healthy, nutritious food.  There was no diabetes.  The short-term economic development called “Bingo” is already generating problems and conflict with the Welfare System.  As these so-called Indian Leaders say “Bingo is the New Buffalo,” so then why do we need welfare?  Why isn’t everybody being housed, fed, and clothed from the proceeds of the “New Buffalo” Bingo Halls and the Casinos?
In the Aboriginal Indigenous Tradition, it is the duty of the leaders to make sure that all the People had eaten first, and the Traditional leaders ate last.  From this new “Buffalo” called Bingo, the Indian “leaders” are up there gorging themselves first, and the People are going hungry and without the necessities of life.  This is the way that it’s designed and planned.  To you “New Indian Leaders,” take your “New Buffalo” and stick it where the sun never shines.  All you’ve brought in is trouble: your “New Buffalo” is a White Elephant in disguise.  This kind of “economic development” that is being given to Indians benefits only the handful of people in the “in-group”—as planned.
The Chippewa Indians have been given a grant by the National Park Service to learn the Ojibway Language.  What the Park Service called it was “Ojibway First.”  When we went to school, the Department of the Interior paid the Catholic Church to take away our native Aboriginal Indigenous languages at Boarding School.  After two generations of We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, having our language beaten out of us, now these same crooks are back again, promoting a revival of what they call the “Ojibway Language,” but which under their programs has been mutated, and is really a pidgin French Creole language, “Chip-away.”  The thought-patterns and world-view of this Chip-away language are Indo-European ways of thinking and looking at the world.  The plan is to Chip-away at our Aboriginal Indigenous culture until we are gone as a People, and then the Europeans and ”their Indians” can steal the rest of our land.  The values embedded in this Chip-away Language come out to the European way of thinking and acting: a world-view which generates greed, racism and genocide.
Since I’ve gone out into the White world and learned the foreign Crooked-English language, I’ve often wondered about their contorted and convoluted, narrow linear thinking, and about their twisted, one-dimensional logic.  I’ve also wondered how the racism built into their language worked.  I’ve wondered about what the White strategy was, in creating Spanish, French, and Portuguese Metis, and in bringing Black Africans over on their boats.  It all fits together, as part of the same pattern: all of the Black African women were raped by Indo-Europeans, either on the boats or on the Plantations.  The consequence of this brutal colonial processes of intentional genetic engineering, is that the Afro-Americans here now are, in Bureau of Indian Affairs terminology, “halfbreeds.”
The Whites can’t deal honestly with what they have done.  Instead of facing reality, or having open dialogue, they are hiding the truth, and buying time from one generation to the next.  The bureaucracy that handles Afro-American Affairs keeps such a low profile, it’s almost as invisible as real Civil Rights for “non-whites” and “people of color.”  In other Crooked English terms, the Afro-Americans are called “mulattos,” “quadroons,” or just plain “Black People,” even though they are half White.   If one “Indian” great-great-grandparent can make a person an enrolled, “Federally Recognized Indian,” then by the same logic, all “Black” people are really White.  Probably the reason why Congress doesn’t pass any laws to protect Afro-Americans, and why the Supreme Court finesses their way out of granting Afro-Americans any enforceable legal protection, is that these Afro-Americans are all “legally” White people.
The Afro-Americans have already lost their African Sovereignty, their African land and their African identity.  That’s why Congress hasn’t passed volumes of laws “for Afro-Americans.”  But, there are literally millions of laws, amendments and regulations passed “for Indians.”  What the U.S. and England are trying to do, is put Aboriginal Indigenous people in the same category as “Indians.”  That’s why all of these laws are passed—and at the same time the Justice Department refuses to give justice to “Indians.”  They are using “Indians” to get at the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  They are trying to be slick and sly, and hoping nobody will notice their long-term agenda.
The same kind of genocidal genetic and social engineering which was done to Afro-Americans was also applied to the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Many of the people walking around with laminated plastic “Indian Identity Cards” are 15/16 White, or have all Indo-European ancestors, some of whom were Moors.  And, some of their ancestors are Black Africans.  While the Whites were still refining their social and genetic engineering, some of these people ended up in records which we have found in our research as “1/3” or “2/3” Indian, which is Crooked English, Crooked Math, and biologically impossible. According to recent legal opinions used by the United States Congress, “Indian Justice” is a “purely political process,” and the U.S. refuses to claim jurisdiction over “Indian rights.”  “Indians” are mythological, an imaginary creation of the Europeans.
“Indians” were created by the Indo-Europeans so that they would have somebody under their control to get at the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Charles Curtis, White “Indian” Vice President of the United States realized “that Congress could make or unmake an Indian, regardless of genealogy, ethnological data, treaty commitments or tribal preference.  So could an employee of the Indian Office, acting under his interpretation of federal law or the directive of an administrative superior ...”  The hidden agenda of the United States is that the “Indians” are Whites, and the Blacks are White.  The invisible party hidden within this White man’s torturous labyrinth of fantasies and lies, are the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  When you understand Crooked English, a person can see what the English men in Congress are doing with their laws—and why, under racist European thinking, neither the Blacks nor the Indians can get any justice.  That’s why they have to go to the Supreme Court to get a ruling, and it still comes out racism.
As Indian Commissioner Thomas Morgan wrote to Charles Curtis, ‘to suggest that mixed-bloods were not Indians “would unsettle and endanger the titles to much of the lands that have been relinquished by Indian tribes and patented to citizens of the United States.”  Land Titles are already ‘endangered’—the United States is all stolen property and clouded title.  The “Indians” were already citizens of the United States, through their White fathers.  Because of their White fathers, even half-Aboriginal “Indians” became Christians, and became part of the European Patrilineage: they lost their Aboriginal Indigenous Identity and their Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty.  These half-breeds did not have any land to be ceding to the United States; they were second-class (because they were only “half-White”) United States Citizens who were subject to the United States draft, but most of the Indians did not have Suffrage until after World War II.  Indians did not have Sovereignty to sign Treaties.
The “Indian Problems” do not come from the Aboriginal Indigenous communities, nor from the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The “Indian Problems” come from the racist Indo-European society, which wants Indians to assimilate to Welfare (either A.F.D.C. or government patronage jobs) so that they do not get any political or economic power, and so they do not have any culture or identity of their own.  The Indo-European hierarchial system is set up so that the millions of mixed-blood children, intentionally created as a part of racist Indo-European social and genetic engineering policies, never will get any political power.  The long-range plan is to turn them into helots and serfs, trapped by what the bigoted Europeans call “tainted blood” into the lowest classes of the racist Indo-European feudal social structure.  This is already happening, and the “social change” orchestrated from the top of the feudal structure just re-entrenches it.
According to the newspapers, the Fighting Sioux, the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Braves are all losing teams.  I don’t have any complaints about sports teams using these names.  These are all English names, they are not about Aboriginal Indigenous People and these names are not in our Aboriginal Indigenous languages.  People are getting all upset about these names, but they haven’t done their homework and researched it.  The main thing one might get upset about, is that these teams are losers.
Also, mass media have been full of talk about pollution, deforestation and vanishing species.  Wolves, buffalo, and eagles are all “endangered,” and the delicate interconnected balance of nature is being ripped apart by the White man’s greed.  The beautiful Aboriginal Indigenous permaculture which provided abundantly for our people for so many millennia, was destroyed by the Europeans in the name of “progress,” so that they could provide “jobs” for their people.  The Circle goes around.  What’s almost extinct now, and needs to be put on the “endangered species list,” is jobs for people in America.  We should hold a requiem for the “American Dream.”
Warning labels have been put on tobacco, and nobody smokes Havana Cigars anymore—the economic boycott on Cuba has worked!  Nobody can smoke in Federal Buildings any more: tobacco smokers are being blamed for consequences of two-pack-a-day smog (while they pay for the costs of Federal Buildings, and subsidize the big-time polluters with their tobacco taxes).  People who were once addicted to nicotine are now addicted to smog.  Health problems created by toxic pollution are blamed on “second-hand cigarette smoke.”  Warning labels also appear on beer; pregnant women are advised “do not drink this beer.”  A jolly old man driving reindeer (due to appear soon) is promoted as a role model for all good children.  This red-nosed old man is singing “ho, ho, ho” because he’s had a tankard too many—and he’s driving!  (That’s why “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”)  Over the Reservation, he has to worry about the penalties for “Drunk Driving,” although once he gets past the Reservation Line, all he has to worry about is “driving under the influence.”  Why are the Mothers Against Drunk Driving taking their children on “special treat” trips to sit on the knee (he doesn’t have any lap left) of this old man with a beer belly?  And, all the rest of you men: if you look pregnant, if you can’t see your shoes, this warning label on beer bottles applies to you also.

4020.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 January). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: The first order of business under the illegal colonial 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “government” ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The first order of business under the illegal colonial 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “government” on the Red Lake Reservation was Ordinance No. 1 in 1959: “ENROLLMENT.”  Section number 2 of this First Ordinance reads:
 “ENROLLMENT AND LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP IN THE BAND SUBSEQUENT TO NOVEMBER 10, 1958.  In accordance with Article 3, Section 1(b) of the Constitution and Bylaws, the following rules and regulations shall constitute the requirements for enrollment in the band subsequent to November 10, 1958 and such rules shall govern the loss of membership in the Band:...
“(C)  Upon the death of any enrolled member of the Band, his name shall be removed from the roll and any of his Band rights or interests shall terminate upon the date of death. ... “  [This means that Indians do not own any land, and that Indians cannot inherit rights in land under “Indian law,” which is really English law derived from the conquering Roman Empire—the U.S. laws that the “Treaties” were written under recognized the “absolute title of the crown,” which was the King of England.]
“(G)  Any child born to a Red Lake member mother out of wedlock shall not be enrolled, unless the mother becomes married to the father of the child and the father is an enrolled member of the Band, or if the mother becomes married to a member of the Band, not the father, the child may be enrolled if the husband legally adopts the child, provided all other qualifications for enrollment are met.
“(H)  Any child born to a Red Lake member mother who becomes or is married to a non-Indian or non-member of the Red Lake Band shall not be enrolled as a member of the Band.”
Section 1 of this Ordinance Number One of the I.R.A. colonial puppet government refers to the “per capita roll of August 28, 1958.”  This “per capita roll” was a Payment Roll: the money came from the sale of timber, from Anishinabe Ojibway resources, under the provisions of Senate Bill 2922, 35th Congress.  This bill—and amendments—was designed to do several crooked and unethical things.  One of the things which this bill accomplished was “packing” the voter registration rolls, which are based on “Tribal Enrollments” derived from Payment Rolls.  For a quarter of a century, the U.S. Government had been trying to put an I.R.A. colonial government into Red Lake—over the strenuous objections of the Anishinabe Ojibway People who hold Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty here.
The “Tribal Council” organized under the Constitution of 1918 and headed by Peter Graves was also a colonial government, and was not the legitimate, Anishinabe Ojibway government of Red Lake—which is still here and which is still Sovereign.  After Peter Graves’ death, the U.S. withdrew “domestic dependent” recognition from the “Tribal Council” organized under the 1918 Constitution—and using classic Machiavellian divide-and-conquer tactics, created and then precipitated factions, planted vicious rumors, and polarized the community in a way that still exists today.
In the absence of any “duly, Federally Recognized” [which is Crooked English] Colonial Government to hide behind, the United States Government gave us a peek at their stacked deck.  The Senate Committee Hearings for S. 2922 read, “The Department has determined that there is no governing body of the Red Lake Band at the present time, and it is probable that one may not be functioning before the end of the fiscal year.  Under these circumstances, the enactment of authorizing legislation that is not dependent upon action by a governing body of the band is advisable.  ... The Secretary by law ... may employ personnel only with the consent of the tribal council. ... [There were at least two “Tribal Councils,” each with their own Government Chiefs and ten little Indians, and then there were none.]  This requirement of tribal council consent ... was not requested by the tribe [the “tribe” and the “tribal council” are two different things—more Crooked English], it is inconsistent with the Federal trust responsibility.  The “Federal trust responsibility” is the third, usually hidden level of the externally imposed colonial government.
The United States used the amendments of S. 2922 to write themselves a blank check.  Under the thieving provisions that the U.S. wrote for themselves in 1958, the U.S. claims that they have the “right” to hire whoever they want to “administer under Trust responsibility” the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ resources.  They have written into their own laws the “right” to steal whatever they want to without either the direct permission of the real Anishinabe Ojibway owners, or even the irrelevant “permission” of the Meti Indians and White Wanna-Be Indians who are the usual brokers and middle-men.  It hasn’t cost the U.S. Government a dime, in fact they’ve made billions by stealing.  The amendments to Senate Bill 2922 eliminated even the token per-capita payments for Red Lake timber.
1934 I.R.A. “Tribal Council” elections are coming up again.  During the last two 1934 I.R.A. election campaigns, there were expensive ads in the Bemidji Pioneer about “terrorists” and “fish peddlers,” and people who were potential Communist sympathizers.  This is getting to be tiresome—we need new scapegoats and new campaign slogans.  Instead of “Turn In Fish Peddlers!” how about “Turn In Ecological Terrorists!”  “Turn in Wood Peddlers!”  “Turn in Stumpage Thieves!”  “Turn in Land Thieves!”  “Turn in Hunting and Fishing Rights Thieves!”  “Turn in Radioactive Waste Peddlers!”  “Turn in Aboriginal Identity Thieves!” and “Turn in Sovereignty Thieves!”
The Anishinabe Ojibway People need to file lawsuits in International Court about human rights violations and ecological racism, against the United States Government, as well as against the Wanna-be Chip-away Indians who are tools of the U.S. in chipping away at the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ hunting and fishing rights, land, resources, and Sovereignty, religion and identity, and our right to exist.
Basic English is an acronym for British, American, scientific and commercial.  It was developed as an international language, by C.K. Ogden and I.A. Richards.  It has a vocabulary of 850 words: 600 nouns, 150 adjectives, 16 verbs, 20 prepositions, and miscellaneous words.  Reservation English consists of 400 words, and this is including Anglo-Saxon words such as “sheeit,” “sonnuvabich,” and “F...”, etc., etc.  A lot of people on the Reservations and in the ghettos are really angry—this is partly because they do not have any language to communicate with, except the kind of Body English that can send you to General Hospital.  Compulsory School Education is a big rip-off.  If people learn how to read and speak the Crooked English Language, only then can they see the covert curriculum crystal-clear.
It’s now 1992.  The Europeans have had five hundred years of racist stereotyping and name-calling on our continents.  U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt said he wanted to “pulverize the Tribal Masses” in order to get rid of the “Indian problem.”  Other racist projections include the label “Indian Giver.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People propose to celebrate the quinticentennial and end the legacy by giving the Europeans back their racist artificial label, “Indian.”  Let the sports enthusiasts have their projected stereotypes of a non-existent mythological “Indian”: making money is $acred for Europeans.  Those who are paid to lead demonstrations against “Tomahawk Chops” and “Redskins,” while claiming to be “Indians,” are part of the same crooked scheme.  The Wanna-be protests are a replay of the Boston Tea Party, and are choreographed right out of Hollywood.  Drugstore Cowboys and Hollywood Indians ride again!  When these “Indians” come to terms with their real identity (and they are not Aboriginal Indigenous people), only then can we solve the real and serious problems that were created for us—as Human Beings.
In our historical research, we’ve found out that during World War II, the Bureau of Indian Affairs was into relocation and P.O.W. imprisonment of yet another group of people: the “evacuated Japanese” citizens of the U.S.  This is the Mother of All Facts, not Dancing with the Facts.

4021.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 November). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: The World Series has come and gone for this year.  But, the racism ... Ojibwe News.
Notes: The World Series has come and gone for this year.  But, the racism that goes with big-time for-profit Commercial sports is still here.  Spectator sports are a holdover from the Roman Empire, a mass release of frustrations, a mob-hysteria scapegoating of the designated “bad guys.”  It is exceptionally bad manners for Europeans to do what they are doing to Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ sacred drums as a part of their “spectacle.”  But, racism and intolerance have always been a part of Gladiator Sports.
The “tomahawk chop” and the “tom-toms” protested by Indians aren’t the root of the problem.  If A.I.M. wants to be “Indian,” that’s fine.  A.I.M. leadership needs to publicly recognize that “Indians” and Aboriginal Indigenous People are not the same people.  If people want to get caught up in an Indian identity created by Europeans, they should realize that tomahawk chops and war-paint and all of that other nonsense is part of the fake Indian identity that Europeans have created.  The Europeans own the Identity of “Indians,” they invented it and they can say what they want about their own creation.  If you think you’re an “Indian” and don’t like what Europeans are saying about “Indians,” go get your real identity and quit promoting racism against Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Is what the Bureau of Indian Affairs pays people to be “Indian” enough to compensate for the personal cost of a false identity?
On Friday, the first of November, the Star Tribune published an article about some more racism.  The Christian Clergy apologized to Alaska’s Indians and Eskimos.  The Good Men of the Cloth can apologize until the cows come home, but as long as they’re identifying the Aboriginal Indigenous People they’re apologizing to as “Indians” and “Eskimos,” they’re perpetuating the racism, arrogance and ethnocentrism that they’re trying to apologize for.  Instead of praying “for forgiveness for our sins...” perhaps the Christian Clergy could look at what makes them respond “with fear, suspicion, arrogance, hostility and a patronizing attitude...”  They could commit themselves to changing the Indo-European system, which is continuing to destroy the Inuit and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  They could look at their own ongoing racism, at the problems that Indo-European in accepting other Peoples’ cultures because the Europeans have had their own Aboriginal Indigenous culture destroyed.
The Genocide Convention Act prohibits forcibly imposing another religion on Aboriginal Indigenous People anywhere.  Sovereignty, both for the Aboriginal Indigenous People and for the Europeans, is held through religion.  Church and State are not separate, and never have been.  (Ask any European historian about the Divine Right of Kings and Queens.)  The agenda of the political institutions which call themselves “Christian Churches” is “conversion of all Peoples,” which is crooked English for World Conquest under the assumed Sovereignty of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Chippewa and other Christian Indians were created by the Indo-Europeans in order to sign away the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations’ land.  The problem that the United States is facing—and they are doing “Spin Control Public Relations” like crazy, promoting “Indians” and hiding the genocide—is that Chippewa and other Indians did not own any land when the “Treaties” were signed, and they do not own land now.  Without Sovereign Land, there is no Sovereignty.  There are several examples of Peoples caught in pseudo-Sovereignty in world events right now.  Many of the Quebecois want to secede from the British Colony of Canada—but the Quebecois do not own any land: the Iroquoians and the Algonquins and the other Aboriginal Indigenous people of this continent own the land.  Without land, there can be no Sovereignty.  Ask the Israelis and the Jews about Sovereignty—or better yet, ask the Palestinians about land and Aboriginal Sovereignty.
The United States is not Sovereign.  There are laws about “Crown Land” in the U.S. law books along with the rest of English Common Law, European-mandated Grand Juries, and Roman Statute Law, all written in Crooked English Legalese.  The Treaties transferring European-conferred “land title” from “Indians” to European Nations do not mean anything, because the Indians who signed the Treaties did not own the land.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people owned the land then, and we still own it.  “Indian” is a con-game identity created by Europeans in order to steal land.  Without land, there is no Sovereignty.  Indians do not have Sovereignty, except that artificially conferred by the United States Government, which does not own the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land on this continent, either.  Research it!  I have not found one single Aboriginal Indigenous Person who knowingly signed a Treaty to sell their own land—and I haven’t found one single “Indian Treaty” written in any Aboriginal Indigenous language, either.  I have found some astonishingly crooked “halfbreed” Treaties that were so openly dishonest that even the notorious Senate wouldn’t ratify them.  The ratified “Treaties” are just as crooked, but more discreet, and they also were signed mostly by Indo-Europeans and by a few token “halfbreeds” who were mostly illiterate.
The United States knew at the time that the Treaties were written that they were fraudulent.  In the 1890’s, the long-range plan discussed and approved by Leading Christian Men at the Lake Mohonk Conference was to annihilate all of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, so that there would be nobody left to challenge the United States Government’s claim to this stolen continent.  One of the means used for many years to wipe out Anishinabe Ojibway people was the Sacred Cow of the Indo-Europeans.  (Sacred Cows have been a part of germ warfare for a long time; because of Cow-Pox they protect dairy-herding Europeans against Small-Pox.)  The buffalo and other permacultural foods of the Aboriginal Indigenous people were being destroyed—and are still being destroyed.  Sacred Cows, intentionally infected with Tuberculosis, were brought into Aboriginal Indigenous communities.  Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ vulnerability to Tuberculosis and other germ warfare was also discussed at Lake Mohonk.  My paternal great-grandparents and grand-parents, and both of my parents, all died of Small-Pox and Tuberculosis, as planned at Lake Mohonk by “friends of the Indians” (who were genocidal enemies of the Aboriginal Indigenous People).
In the early 1900’s, there was yet another Small-Pox epidemic in Red Lake.  The smallpox vaccine was developed in 1796.  During these planted epidemics, the U.S. vaccinated the Metis they wanted to keep as “Indians” and did not vaccinate the Aboriginal Indigenous People.)  There is still—by Disease Control Center standards—a Tuberculosis epidemic on the Red Lake Reservation, mostly in Ponemah.  (The Tuberculosis rate here is presently a thousand times greater than the epidemic rate among the homeless people in New York City.)  The racism goes on, and the genocide of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples goes on.  This is part of why the United States is so actively promoting “Indians,” to hide what they have done and are still doing.
I am Anishinabe Ojibway, and my religion is the Midewiwin.  I am not  a Chippewa Indian, and I am angry about being called by this racist insult, “ Chippewa Indian.”  The United States Government and the other Europeans have no business calling me by this racist name of “Chippewa Indian,” and this is what I am writing about.  I am writing about identity.  I am not writing about the further racism and discrimination that is perpetrated against people caught in the identity of “Chippewa Indian:” the “red-lining” by insurance companies and banks, and the long-distance charges that start at the reservation line by the telephone company.  I am not writing about the racist gerrymandering that cuts through the Reservation: there are almost eight thousand Chippewa Indians on the Red Lake Rolls (and about 350 Aboriginal Indigenous People of Red Lake who still survive and have a right to exist)—with 80% of the population of Bemidji there should be three Beltrami County Commissioners from Red Lake Reservation.
I am not writing about the racism of teacher certification in Red Lake (why are almost all of the tenured teachers European-Americans who commute onto the Reservation?)  I am also not writing about the inherently racist perspective of certain other mass-media in this area.  When I questioned one of the editors of this racist media, she told me, “Why can’t you be like us?”  Maybe what she wanted was for me to become a Chippewa Indian; a person who had lost their identity like the rest of the Indo-Europeans; a person who has assimilated into values of greed and lies; a person who doesn’t know who they really are.
For most of my life, I have been under pressure to “assimilate,” to throw away my ancient Aboriginal culture and assimilate—but to what?  For many years, I was forced off of my homeland and into European-American so-called culture, and I have studied European-Americans, their values and what they call “culture.”  I have been in Europe, and have studied the Europeans in their homeland.  I have not seen anything worth assimilating to.  The only “culture” that I have found among the Europeans is in some of their music, like Wagner, Bach, Beethoven, and Johann Strauss, which is all violent, regimented military music with an artificial harmony and a rhythm of jackboots and sabers.  European culture, music and languages center around greed, violence and war: the Knight in Shining Armor, Gladiator-Heros, Princes and Kings, and Getting Rich.  The other side of the same gilt coin of their culture—and the two cannot be separated because they are the same thing—is more violence: concentration camps and reservations, prisons, reformatories, penitentiaries and other “correctional facilities,” jails and “let’s build more jails,” lawyers, judges and prosecuting attorneys, probation officers, entire libraries filled with European laws, juvenile delinquents, gangs, police and “we need more police,” alcohol, dope, poverty, crime in the streets and crime-shows on T.V., human sacrifice to the Goddess of Justice (the “Death Penalty”), minimum wage, homelessness, “third-word” and “fourth-world” conditions right here in the U.S. and everywhere else the Europeans have gone.  F.B.I. statistics show that “crime is up.”  Crime is always on the rise—it’s been like that here since 1492.  Instead of going to the root causes, crime is used to entrench the culture and economics of violence.
How many wars have there been in the Indo-European dominated world since just 1066 A.D.?  There have been many thousands of hours of propaganda about “warlike Indians” in Western propaganda movies promoting Western $ivilization (granted the “Indians” were warlike because they were created by warlike Europeans and, unlike the Aboriginal Indigenous People, they have European values).  The so-called “Indian wars” were fought by Europeans and Metis, and then the Europeans over-ran this continent and they kept right on having wars.  So, who’s war-like?  Manifest Destiny reached the Pacific and beyond, and the Europeans drafted “their Indians” to fight in still more wars.
All of these social problems were brought from Europe right on the same boats as the refugees running away from them.  This violence is European culture, and as long as it’s embedded in European language, religion, and values—in the very way they look at the world—they can’t get away from it.  The European-American refugees from European Feudalism and European war might want to take a serious and honest look at U.S. history and European-American “culture.”  It’s all violent.  A piece of trivia for you, if you don’t already know it, and you should: Mars is one of the Indo-European Gods of War.

4022.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 March). Reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: There is still a lot of unsettled controversy about “Indian Nicknames.”  The problem ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: There is still a lot of unsettled controversy about “Indian Nicknames.”  The problem is the White man’s crooked scheme of re-naming everybody here, in order to steal the land and the resources.  Here at Red Lake, the Anishinabe Ojibway People own the land, and we have never “sold” our homeland.  The Midewiwin forbids us to sell our Grandmother Earth.  It was the White and Meti Chippewa Indians who signed the Treaties which the White man used to try to claim our land.  The Europeans pretended that their “Treaties” were legitimate, by giving the Chip-away Indians shadow governments.  The Indians had to sign, because they were a “conquered people,” P.O.W.’s from the French-and-Indian wars.  The Europeans gave the “Indians” their identity.  Indian patrilineal roots go right back to Europe, so the Europeans held Indian Sovereignty.  Indians had no choice about signing the fraudulent Treaties.
The very identity: “Indian,” “Redskin,” “Squaw,” “Brave,” “Noble Savage,” “Native American,” “Papoose,” “Buck,” “Cruel Scalper,” “Warrior,” “Vanishing American,” “Indian Giver,” “Lost Tribes,” “Indian Chief,” “Chip-away Queen,” “Cherokee Princess,” “Savage,” “Primitive,” “Indian Medicine Man,” “Devil Worshippers,” “Pagan Unbelievers,” “Dirty Indian,” “Lazy Indian,” “Drunken Indian,” “Christian Indian,” “Federally Recognized Indian,” “Me Tonto,” “Indian Tribal Chairman,” “Cigar Store Indian,” ... (I could write a whole column on these),  and some that aren’t printable, are all projections, scapegoating, and greedy wishful thinking by the Europeans, to justify stealing this land.  The Europeans invented Indians. [The movie, Nobody Loves a Drunken Indian, had all white actors, like most of the rest of the “Indian” movies.]  The Europeans tried to call the Aboriginal Indigenous People here “Indians,” in order to take control of us.  The Anishinabe Ojibway, “We, The People,” know who we are.  We own our own Sovereign identity.  Europeans invented “Indians” and “Chip-aways”—there were no Indians here, and there were no Chip-aways here.  If a person accepts the Chip-away identity, or any other “Indian” identity, at the same time they accept all of the racist stereotypes that are a part of these European identities.  The Indo-Europeans need racism.  Racism is a necessary part of their hierarchial system and their values, and racism is an inherent part of the identities that they put on other people.  The White man’s “Indian” identity cannot be separated from the racism that is a part of it.
There have been demonstrations, letter-writing, and protests about the stereotypes that the White-run schools and gladiator-teams are using to “build American Character.”  “Indian” is an English word.  English is the White man’s language, all of the stereotypes of “Indian” belong to the White man, and he can use them any way he wants to.  Most of the Indo-Europeans aren’t ashamed of what they have done with their idea, “Indians,” because apparently they don’t have any conscience or ethics.
“Indian Tribes” are also an European invention.  The “tribes” can’t get any solidarity, because the “Indians” don’t own their own identity.  “Indian Reservations” are also an European invention (they started out as concentration camps).  “Closed Indian Reservation,” like Red Lake, means the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs has packed outsiders, White, Meti and Indian, onto the “Indian enrollments” that they invented and control.  “Closed Reservation” also means the F.B.I.A. bringing an outside foreign government into the Anishinabe Ojibway land, and using that foreign government to give almost all of the jobs to foreigners, and to destroy our Anishinabe Ojibway community.
If the Washington Redskins were re-named the Washington Niggers, you can bet that the African-American people would be in court the same day, and the N.A.A.C.P. would be right on the spot filing enormous lawsuits for defamation of  character, libel, punitive damages, and a lot of other things.  The word, “Indian” is just as racist as the “N---” word.  But, you don’t see the National Congress of American Indians defending the Indian identity from defamation, in court.  They can’t do it.  The N.C.A.I., N.A.R.F., and the Tribal Councils aren’t doing anything, because they get paid to be “Indians.”  They are Indo-European people posing as “Indians,” working in collusion with the other Europeans to hide the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and the land and resource theft that the United States is based on.  Indians have to thank the White man for their identity.  If you paid most of these “Indians” enough, you could give them just about any identity.  You could call them the “Redskin Tribal Councils,” and if they got to go to hotels on expense accounts, most of these guys would probably be glad to wear turkey feathers and walk around waving plastic Indian identity cards and tomahawks, saying “Ugh, I’m a Redskin Savage,” ask the Federal Bureau of Redskin Affairs to tell them who they are again, and then watch some more Hollywood movies to reinforce their identity.
I’m telling you “Indians” and you “Redskins” out there, if you don’t like what the sports teams are doing, if you don’t like racist stereotype logos, why don’t you file a class-action lawsuit?  If “Indians” owned their own identity, there would be hordes of Philadelphia lawyers lining up all over so-called “Indian Country,” to sue for all the human rights violations, as well as racist slander and hate crimes.  But, you can’t even get the crooked “Treaties” that your ancestors signed into World Court, because “Indians” are mythological people.  (The U.S. tried to “close the books” by suing themselves with the Indian Claims Commission—England and United States have been schizophrenically negotiating with themself over “Indian Fraud” for a hundred and fifty years.  The lawsuits from the White Earth Land Settlement Act are a recent example of Indo-Europeans suing themselves and keeping the money.  If an “Indian” tries to go to court about racist stereotypes, the White man would be suing himself again, because of the crooked “Trust Status.”)  The United States Government admits that without White Indians, they would have never gotten the fraudulent title they claim to this land.  They’ve even passed unilateral legislation, trying to put Aboriginal Indigenous People in the same category as “their” Indians—another crooked scheme to “close the books.”
We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, don’t need somebody to give us a fake identity.  The White man can do whatever he wants to, giving whatever stereotype he wants, to the myth of “Indian” that he invented.  All that he’s doing is showing the ugly side of his racism, by the stereotypes that he invents.  “Indians” are a purely political hockey-puck, and the United States Justice Department won’t have anything to do with it.  “Indians” can’t get a lawyer to take a defamation case to court, because the trial would destroy the White man’s myth—and the Indians would be without the identity that they’ve held onto for so long.  If “Indian” was a real identity, the Indians would have a very good case, because some of the things that the White man is doing and saying are ugly.  He doesn’t want to look at himself, that’s why he created Indians.  Without Indians, the White Euro-American Cosmology would fall apart.
We, the People of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, have a right to exist as a jointly Sovereign People on our own land.  Nobody has a right to come into our land and give us an “Indian” identity, nor any other crooked identity.
In the Law-and-Order Bush and Buchanan camps, you can hear the faint strains of Wagner.  Beyond the barbed wire around the camp of Corporal Duke’s campaign headquarters, you can hear the goose-stepping of hobnailed jackboots in the not-so-distant background.  One of the planks in David Duke’s campaign platform is “blame the welfare mothers.”  The other one is “racial purity.”  David Duke is not white, and he’s not “right,” so he’s trying to be “super-White.”  These tainted people running from their own past are the worst kind of racist.  There was another little Corporal, the Austrian “Overman,” a.k.a. Superman, who was also sprouting racial rhetoric.  He was not a full-blooded Aryan himself.
The right-wingers: Bush, Buchanan, and the Duke have been neglecting the jobless, the homeless, and the impoverished people here, and handing out subsidies to their wealthy friends.  As a diversionary tactic, they’re scapegoating the National Arts Council, bashing dead artists, looking for a new Willie Horton to take the blame for the problems they’ve created.
On the other side of the same coin, the Democratic Platform also has some rickety planks.  The Honorable Governor Clinton was accused by Ms. Flowers of having her as his mistress for twelve years.  The Honorable Governor responded, “Let He who is without Sin, cast the first rock.”  However, Governor Jerry Brown picked up a boulder, and immediately the rest the left-wingers got into the foray, and started slinging mud.
When you put these left-wingers and these right-wingers together, what you get is a big bird, a bird of prey also known as a Culture Vulture.  Is it a coincidence that every Law-and-Order Presidential Campaign is accompanied by jail-building?  Four years ago, Bemidji was the Crime Capitol in order to get a new jail.  Now, Minneapolis is melting down guns, bamboozling the public, and going to court over a new jail.  The migratory immigrant people of Western European Civilization brought their social problems and distorted values with them.  One of the first crooked schemes that they did when they got here, was building saloons and jails, and going to war.  Ho-hum.  Some things never change.

4023.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 June). Reflections from Anishnabe Ojibway Country: Medallions and flags were used by both the British and the British-American governments to create Government Indian Chiefs ... Ojibwe News.
Notes: Medallions and flags were used by both the British and the British-American governments to create Government Indian Chiefs.  Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Chiefs were appointed by consensus of the Clan Mothers and Elders.  Medallion Chiefs were appointed by the French and then replaced by the British on both sides of the 48th Parallel.  When the U.S. and Britain created Medallion Chiefs, they created an European colonial government, which they called “Tribal Government,” but which had the Sovereignty being held by the Church of England or the Pope.  Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty and Traditional Government were entirely different than what was created by the European migratory people.  Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty is held jointly by every Aboriginal Indigenous member of the Clans.  Under this Traditional Theocracy, we could not, and still cannot, sell land.
In order to steal this continent, the Indo-Europeans made Medallion Chiefs and have been re-inventing their own version of “Indian Tribal Governments” ever since.  They called the last one they invented here in Red Lake the “Red Lake Band of Chip-away Indians”—which means that they were created to steal all of the land and resources still belonging to the Anishinabe Ojibway here.  The Indo-Europeans had to create “Indians” for their “Indian Tribal Governments,”  and these “Indians” do not have a Clan or a Dodem.  These invented [Indo-European] “Indian tribal governments” claim to be Sovereign —it’s true, they are Sovereign, but they are using White European Sovereignty.  When they issued Passports in Red Lake, they were using White Sovereignty to keep out other White people who have just as much White Sovereignty as they do.  The artificially created Chip-away Tribal Governments were based on Medallion Chiefs, who did not have Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty; they were not of the Aboriginal Indigenous religion, and almost all of them were either full-blooded Indo-Europeans or mixed-bloods without a Clan or a Dodem.  In Mission School, they told us every day that “Indians are the vanishing American.”  Those nuns were speaking the truth for once; without a Clan or Dodem, with an Indo-European father, these “Indians” are the “vanishing Americans.”  Since the plan was first formed, the agenda has been to “vanish” these Indians into the melting pot as soon as they’ve filled their purpose of “selling” all the land.
The Medallion Chiefs were known to high-level bureaucrats and back-room men in Washington, D.C. as “real estate salesmen.”  The medallions and flags were used to give these Government Chiefs status, and anyone carrying one of these Chiefs’ Medallions was “recognized” by the Indo-European Governments, by the Clergy, by lumber barons and land speculators, and by Euro-Indian Traders.  The Medallions were a railroad pass, and a credit card for hotels, saloons, and trading posts.  Medallion Chiefs were given these credit cards, but their bills were paid out of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land that they sold.  This was the “Old Indian” identity.
Now, there is a “New Indian.”  Instead of Medallion Chiefs, they are called “Tribal Councils” and “R.B.C.’s;” but they are still real estate agents, and are still charging up bills and running a tab against Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  They still go on junkets.  When you ask one of these New Indians about the meeting they just went to, they say “well, our dinner cost us a hundred dollars apiece.”  When you ask again, “What about the meeting,” they say, “well, our hotel room cost a hundred and fifty dollars a night.”  And, you still ask, “how was the meeting,” and they say, “well, we went down to the gaming room and dropped a couple ‘thou’.”  For Medallion Chiefs, the more things change, the more they remain the same.  They are still White man’s Government Chiefs even if they are called “Tribal Council Officers and Reps.”
There was recently a court case in Baudette, between the Chip-away Indian Tribal Chairman and the State of Minnesota.  The Chairman of the Chip-away Tribal Council said that he didn’t want to order the Baudette people off the land, he just wanted a “settlement,” which means land sale.  The judge closed the case on the basis of some 1938 Minnesota Statute, because he didn’t want to get into the details of a crooked Treaty, the insider-trading railroad land-grabs, or the 1889 Crooked Agreement.
Up to this point, it has not cost the United States Government anything to run “Indians.”  As a matter of fact they’ve made a lucrative windfall profit.  But, the Red Lake School Board showed their hand.  By going into debt against Anishinabe Ojibway land, which does not belong to the Indians, they showed that the United States Government is just about through with their agenda, and has bankrupted the Aboriginal Indigenous people of Red Lake and the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation—at least according to their own crooked laws.  Bankrupting Aboriginal Indigenous People—stealing everything—was the original goal.
Not all Indians are Medallion Indians.  Indo-European hierarchial thinking requires a class structure; they cannot have anything except for superior-inferior relationships.  Their languages make it impossible to have an egalitarian society.  (Aboriginal Indigenous people are automatically labelled as “backwards” and “inferior” so they can be destroyed without qualms of conscience.)  The Indo-Europeans created at least three social classes of “Indians,” and tried to force Aboriginal Indigenous people into the “lowest” one.  At the top of this artificial hierarchy are the Medallion Indians, who are coddled and pampered—as long as they are still useful to the White elite.  Then, there are the show-and-tell, hang-around-the-fort Indians, “everything’s fine in Indian Country” Indians, tokens for Indo-Europeans to hide the destruction of Aboriginal Indigenous culture and Peoples.  These mostly White, blood-quantum Indians are kept in public view.  They get Indian scholarships, Indian-preference jobs and Indian Government houses.  Many of them could easily disappear into the White melting pot, so they are bribed with a comfortable living and artificial status to personify a myth and stay “Indian,” paid for by Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  But then, many Indians, particularly those people who visibly have Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors, are kept impoverished, manipulated by rumors of “Indian Payment,” conned by this carrot on a stick, this illusion of escape from grinding poverty, strung along by a false promise into staying Indian.  They are caught in a projective identity, “tracked” by compulsory education, derailed into the prison system, misguided into the dead-end of being Indo-European blame-the-victim scapegoats.  They are kept powerless, unemployed, and visible only as a negative stereotype.  Many Aboriginal Indigenous people have also been forced into this self-destructive Indian identity.  If you’re Anishinabe Ojibway, or any other Aboriginal Indigenous person, you don’t have to get caught in this racist Indian identity.  You can go back and get your real identity.  You can be who you are—you don’t have to be stereotyped and labelled by these racist foreigners.
Indo-Europeans have used labels and stereotypes to give diverse peoples new identities under their control for centuries. This is to steal land, resources, and anything else.  They are also doing it to the Arabs.
An Anthropology Professor at Bemidji State University recently said that “Indians are the anus of humanity.”  A lot of people got upset about this, but as Indians they couldn’t take the Professor to court and sue him for defamation.  Since White people invented the “Indian” identity, it belongs to them and so they can say whatever they want about Indians.  People who have been brainwashed into the Indian identity and projections of the White man aren’t allowed to define an identity they don’t own. 
“Indians” are a politically-motivated invention, and according to Congressional documents the Justice Department cannot hand out justice to Indian people, who do not exist except as political hockey-pucks.  “Indians” are make-believe, along with Snow White and Mickey Mouse (c), a White man’s Fantasy-Land.  The land, the resources, and the Aboriginal Indigenous People are the only ones that are based on reality, not part of this nightmare fantasy.  Maybe the way out of this mess, is for Aboriginal Indigenous People to copyright “Indians (c)” under International Law, and use it as a Registered Trademark.  But, then again, the White Man invented Indians, and we might be infringing on his patent.
Treaty issues have been orchestrated recently in Wisconsin and in White Earth.  The White man owns the Indians and he has always owned both sides of  the Chip-away Indian Treaty-making process.  The Indo-Europeans want to abrogate the Chip-away Indian Treaties that they invented, because they know that they are a shell game, and they are still trying to steal the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources by using “their Indians”  to close the books.  The Chip-away Indian Treaties are frauds; they were not made with the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations.  International issues are not settled in District Court, or with a low-ranking Official Bureaucrat.  Sending Chip-away Indian Treaties to lower court in the first place, “Chip-away Indians get half, Whites get half”  (but what about the Aboriginal Indigenous People that the land and resources really belong to)  makes it very clear that the Anglos knew that these Treaties were a fraud from the very beginning.  Treaties made with Indians are in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  The Treaties are a Tar-Baby.  The Englishmen are so clever that they just created another Tar-Baby in Iraq; the Queen celebrated by knighting Stormin’ Norman just a couple of years after she knighted President Reagan.
Other reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: after many years of Cold War, Democracy and Communism are finally getting together.  They could simplify politics, and just call it “Comm-mocracy,” or, if Decmocracy has to be first, then they could call it “Demo-nism.”
                                                            Francis Blake, Jr.

4024.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 July). Reflections from Anishnabe Ojibway Country: Sovereign and unique have been used to characterize “Indian Tribes.”  The ... Ojibwe News.
Notes: Sovereign and unique have been used to characterize “Indian Tribes.”  The way that the Indo-Europeans deal with the Aboriginal Indigenous Tribes completely ignores Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Sovereignty.  The Indian Treaty-making process consistently used mixed-blood people whose Sovereignty was already held by the Indo-Europeans, in an “unique” violation of the U.S. Constitution.  Also “unique,” these “Treaties” were written only in English.  The European-appointed mixed-blood Medallion Chiefs who signed the Treaties spoke English.  The language of their fathers was English (or French).  These Medallion Chiefs were automatically U.S. Citizens through their White fathers, but they were denied suffrage by racist policies.
The Indian Claims Commission is funded by the United States Congress with the full knowledge that the claims that it is “adjudicating” are based on fraudulent Treaties.  They want to use their Indians to “close the books forever” on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ rightful claims—and they keep promoting “our own Indians” (who have only White “sovereignty”) so they don’t have to face the responsibility for genocide and the Holocaust of these two continents.  According to a legal report to the U.S. Congress by M. Maureen Murphy, Legislative Attorney; given to Congress on June 19, 1989, “Treaties with Indians could be abrogated without recourse. The power to do so was a political power, as such,  not cognizable by the courts. [The Aboriginal Indigenous People did not sign these Treaties.  At Red Lake, the Anishinabe Ojibway did not sign the Treaty of 1863 or the Amendment in 1864.  The Anishinabe Ojibway  X’s  on the 1889 Chip-Away Agreement are forgeries; all of the  X’s  were written by the same person.]
“Plenary authority over the tribal relations of the Indians has been exercised by Congress from the beginning, and the power has always been deemed a political one, not subject to be controlled by the judicial department of the government...
“The power exists to abrogate the provisions of an Indian Treaty, though presumably such power will be exercised only when circumstances arise which will not only justify the government in disregarding the stipulations of the treaty, but may demand, in the interest of the country and the Indians themselves, that it should do so.
“The courts, therefore, were unable to scrutinize the background of the legislation; whether there was fraud in obtaining signatures was irrelevant because the decision as to how the nation would deal with the Indians was a political one, left to the political branches of the government, the trustees of the Indian wards.” [emphasis mine]
The Indian Treaties were not made under International Law; they were not made with the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations which held and still hold Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty under International Law.  The Indian Treaties were made between U.S. Government Officials, White Indian Traders, and their own bastard sons who they refused to legitimize or support.  The Indian Treaties were not made with Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous people; this is why they can be abrogated by the United States Congress, internally, in a purely political process.
Fathering mixed blood children—and then refusing to recognize their legitimacy—was an Indo-European colonial strategy of genetic and social engineering all over the world.  Here, the first group of these children were fathered by the Voyageurs, who were mostly French Moors.  In South Africa, the Portuguese Moors, who were blood brothers of the French Moorish Voyageurs, did the same kind of colonial rape and pillage that was done to them by Moors who occupied Southern Europe until 1492.  In his 1972 book, South Africa, Jim Hoagland writes,
“The assumption is that the mesticos [half-breeds and mixed-bloods] will identify completely with Portuguese interests and help promote them.  The rewards the mulattos receive in the way of jobs and social mobility in the process will show that color is not a bar ... Such theories have promoted miscegenation, once a matter of carnal convenience, into official policy, encouraged by the government and praised as patriotic.  Officers have encouraged their soldiers to do their duty to Portugal by leaving at least six mestico children behind when they finish their tours in Angola.”
The Sovereignty of both the French Moors and the Portuguese Moors is held by the Holy Roman Empire—Catholicism.
In spite of the promises, the genetically-engineered mixed-bloods—here and in South Africa—are not given human dignity (African-Americans are looking in the wrong place for equality; they would get farther if they went after human dignity and democratic parity.)  People of “Indian” identity are not under the protection of the Justice Department of the United States, and are defined by the U.S.A. as not being eligible for human rights or civil rights, or even the Bill of Rights.  In the apartheid Federal Code of the Red Lake Chip-away Tribal Council, for example Section 600.193,
“No person or Indian shall operate or drive any motor vehicle ... unless such person or Indian ...”
The racist White people who wrote this so-called “Tribal Code” (rubber stamped “adopted” by the Red Lake Chip-away Council on September 11, 1990) obviously do not consider Indians to be persons or human beings.  (The Red Lake Chip-away Tribal Council apparently can’t read.)
Under the Colonial Indian Reservation system, de-humanizing begins with the covert curriculum of the Red Lake Schools.  One of the facets of the Red Lake Factors is to give the Anishinabe Ojibway children, as well as the children trapped in an Indian identity, low self-esteem.  Janet Lee Sullivan measured our children’s low self-esteem at Red Lake for her 1979 Masters Thesis, “Perceptions of Students’ Self and Ideal Self by [White] Teachers and Students at the Red Lake Indian Reservation.”  In her thesis, she also quotes self-proclaimed “expert” Charles Brill, “a white man who spent more than a decade in contact with Red Lake Indians, [and who] summed up his acquired knowledge as follows: ‘In time I came to understand it comes down to a question of priorities.  What is of the greatest importance to the white man may simply not fall within the Red Laker’s range of values and interests, and he will ignore it.’”
The Indo-Europeans have been telling the Anishinabe Ojibway that “this is the land of the free,” and “you should be democratic like us.”  They have tried to destroy everything the Aboriginal Indigenous People had in order to “give us Democracy.”  Forked-tongue speaking using crooked English: the system that they have set up for us is a racist dictatorship under Indo-European “International” Laws of Occupation.  The world should know that this hypocrisy is called “Democracy.”  An example is the Red Lake Fishery.  This is the first time in the history of the Fishery that the fishermen got paid a living wage, and the fisherman want to keep their livelihood in a democratic way.  The manager for the last year has done a good job, and most of the fishermen want to keep him on, using democracy.  If we are to go from a White bureaucratic dictatorship here, to a real democracy of the Red Lake people, there must be an audit of the Fishery for  all of the years prior to Mr. King’s management.  There also needs to a complete audit, for all years, of the Red Lake Mills.  There needs to be a complete audit since the beginning: of the Bingo, of the Red Lake Tribal Council, of the Indian Health Service, Red Lake Housing Authority, Red Lake Builders, the U.S. Government Red Lake Courts and the “Tribal Courts.”  The Red Lake Forestry and stumpage (United States Department of Agriculture) and the Red Lake Real Estate (what about Pine Island and the Northwest Angle?) Both must be audited for all years that they have been in existence, if we are to have a democratic process here at Red Lake.
Indians and other non-existent minorities have always been given a racist, paternalistic society by the Whites.  When you ask these self-important bureaucrats “what time is it,” they say, “that’s confidential, that’s private, that’s internal information,” it’s interpreted in a covert way, “ mum’s the word.”  If an organization is honest, they don’t need to keep secrets, and they don’t need to be afraid of an audit.
Other reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: everybody’s getting ready to celebrate 1492.  Columbus mis-named the Aboriginal Indigenous People here “Indians,” because he planned to lie to Queen Isabella and say he’d been to India.  Calling Aboriginal Indigenous People “Indians” is like naming your pet dog.  Take back your own Aboriginal Indigenous identity!  The Anishinabe Ojibway people have absolutely no reason to support Columbus’ lie, nor any other White man’s lies.  Celebrate 1992 by reclaiming your own identity and disowning the White man’s racist and derogatory “Indian” identity.
Somebody gave me a Treaty pen, one of the ones used in the 1863 Treaty-making.  I was going to use it to write about the Treaties, but, it would only make X’s, forgeries at that.
                                                            Francis Blake, Jr.

4025.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 July). Reflections from Anishnabe Ojibway Country: “You don’t belong here.  You’re an outsider.”  How many times have you ... Ojibwe News.
Notes: “You don’t belong here.  You’re an outsider.”  How many times have you heard that?  Many people who call themselves “Red Lakers” have told me that I don’t belong here even though my patrilineal ancestors have lived here for millennia, I am Bear Clan of the Midewiwin and have Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty.  But, after doing research on the history and genealogy of Red Lake, and putting together their family tree, I have found out that the people who tell others the loudest, “you don’t belong here,” are second and third-generation Red Lake residents, and White blood-quantum Indians without an Aboriginal Indigenous Clan or a Dodem.  The blood-quantum Indians’ sovereignty is held by the Europeans; they are history and they are gone, in Gonesville.  It’s sad, I’ve known these people all my life, and I hated to face what I’ve always known by doing genealogy.  After doing the genealogy and finding out who they really are, people I’ve known all my life have become total strangers, when I had to face the fact that they were not my people and never have been.  What the Indo-Europeans have done is uncivilized in Aboriginal Indigenous terms.
The United States Government used the 1889 Nelson Act as “legal justification” to pack blood-quantum Indians from the East onto the Red Lake Rolls.  According to the B.I.A. rolls—and other research into their ancestry—most of the Bureau’s blood-quantum Indians do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors from Red Lake at all.  Many of these blood-quantum Indians are three-quarters White and one-quarter Aunt Jemimah or Uncle Tom.  The blood-quantum Indians never publicly discuss their Indo-European ancestors; maybe the Bureau doesn’t want them to know about where they came from, or to get back their real identity again.  The B.I.A. is hiding a lot of crookedness and corruption by keeping every document “confidential.”  If the Bureau was honest, their records would be public information, and accessible to the Aboriginal Indigenous people they are trying to hold under crooked “Trusteeship.”
The Nelson Act was titled “An Act for the Relief and Civilization of the Chip-away Indians in the State of Minnesota.”  Docket 18-A of the Indian Claims Commission (which was established to “close the books” on the fraudulent sale of the Red River Valley by Indians that the land did not belong to), as well as the Nelson Act, were written for the purpose of stealing land and creating fake tribes of Indians.  For example, the Pembina Indians—some families of whom have sold Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land four or five times—were mostly French people.  Little Shell was one of the Pembina Indian Chiefs who signed away the Red River Valley.  He was an Indo-European whose last name was Coquille.  None of the people named as plaintiffs for Docket 18-A had any Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway ancestors at all.
The boilerplate introduction for the Indian Claims Commission reports says, “When the Europeans ‘discovered’ the North American continent they found it inhabited by the Indians and the question of their rights aroused a great moral debate.”  The Great Moral Debate was turned immoral and pushed aside when the Indo-Europeans said that our Continent was inhabited by “Indians.”  There were no Indians here until the Europeans came.  Indians are a mythological people that the Europeans invented.  The Englishmen have gone through all kinds of con games and dishonest mind games because of their mental illness of Greed; trying to say that land all over the world doesn’t belong to the people who have lived on their own land for hundreds of thousands of years.  To perpetuate the myth of Indians, the Europeans have spent millions of dollars choreographing and orchestrating stereotyped Hollywood Indians, Cigar-Store Indians and Drugstore Cowboys.  They are still promoting blood-quantum Indians; sometimes Indians are “vicious Savages” and sometimes they are “noble Savages,” but the Englishmen are stuck with their mythological blood-quantum Indians in order to hide the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People and the theft of our land.

According to the Englishmen, you have to be “civilized” like an Englishman in order to own land.  The United States Government spent a lot of my money and resources on compulsory school-education in order to “sivilize” me.  You Englishmen are hereby put on notice, that when I do become “sivilized,” I am going to do what all Sivilized Europeans do.  I am going to steal the land back that was stolen from me by Civilized People.  When I steal it all back, I want to be put into the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations’ Hall of Fame, because Sivilized people have to be centralized and under control.  The first thing that Sivilized People do is build prisons, jails, churches, and saloons.  Then, the next thing a Sivilized Person does is send out Fifth Columnists, euphemistically called “Missionaries.”  The next order of my Sivilized Business will be to coin and print money, sell Junk Bonds, and put everybody else under Trusteeship so I have total, monopolistic sivilized control.  The closest boilerplate model of a Sivilized Country is the United States, so I’ll have to use stolen resources to back up my money—and charge eighty cents on the dollar in interest and taxes as a surcharge for using my money.  If I am going to use Democracy, which was founded in slave-states 2,500 years ago and is still a slave state, I need to have control over these slaves through my money system and by stealing other peoples’ Sovereignty, when I become Sivilized.  After I become Sivilized, I’ll go and discover everything and say that it’s mine, even though it belongs to other people.  When I’m really Sivilized, I’ll have to write Treaties selling Europe and create mythological people to sign them.   I’ll write falsified and mythical “histories,” and then I’ll tell these people that if they don’t knuckle under, “with one stroke of the pen you will no longer exist,” I have the Sivilized Divine Right of Kings and I created you and I can make you disappear again if you don’t follow orders.  I’ll know that I’ve really become Sivilized when I catch the Mental Illness of Greed.  So, keep tuned to the Ojibway News, to find out about my progress toward Sivilization, a progress report on my acculturation and assimilation, and whether I have caught the European mental illness of Greed.
On the International Scene, the G-7 was having a meeting in Europe.  I could never figure out what the G stood for, but then they told me it was the Civilized “Greedy 7.”  For some third-world countries, and third estates, it would be the Genocidal 7.  When the Soviet Union gets into this elite club, it will be called the “Gorby 8.”
On the local scene, Gravelle and Stanich have been doing some serious investigative reporting for the Duluth paper, about absentee ballots being used to “fix” the crooked 1934 I.R.A. elections of the Blood-Quantum Indians.  Here, at Red Lake, we just had a fishery election.  The fishy elections went just the way I figured they’d go.  Even though the ballots might have added up, it was still a crooked election—somebody who doesn’t vote the “right ticket” can be kicked out of their government-owned house, lose their government-subsidized job, and get labelled as welfare bums and dissidents [which isn’t such a bad word after all].  The entire bureaucratic dictatorship that the Bureau has given their Indians is crooked, from the bottom to the top.  An example would be the “outsider” who was campaigning and passing out literature—which we are told is part of Civilized Democracy.  He was kicked off of Red Lake Reservation for campaigning for the person challenging the incumbent.  But, get this, the incumbent who gave the orders to kick him off the Reservation was also an outsider.  Outsiders kicking outsiders off of my land, it’s hilarious and a big joke.
In other local news, the Bemidji Pioneer writes that the Indians in Bemidji want to have an Indian Center.  Bemidji already has racism, high unemployment, and slave-labor wages.  Now, they want gambling and Bingo in an Indian Center.  Maybe the people in Bemidji like to gamble, and among the “sins” that are being put on the scapegoat Indian identity are gambling and Bingo, which are being used to rip off the Anishinabe Ojibway community and benefits only a small “in” group.  Blood-quantum Indians are already multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people; instead of perpetuating the myth of Indians, the people of Bemidji should build a Multi-Cultural Center.  This would include all people.  There has been a lot of talk and no action in Bemidji about racism; and a Multi-Cultural Center could provide a place for programs to actually start dealing with racism.  Racism affects everybody, and there needs to be dialogue.
There is a new Complaint Department.  Do not harass the secretaries at the Ojibway News.  If you have a complaint, call (218) 679-2382.  This is only for complaints about editorial and column content; for advertising, news articles, circulation and other publication business call the Ojibway News at the numbers on the masthead.  If you have a complaint about wire-service news, call the A.P., don’t bother me.

4026.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 June). Reflections from Indian Country: There have been “Indians” all over the newspapers lately.  William Safire of the New York Times ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: There have been “Indians” all over the newspapers lately.  William Safire of the New York Times wrote an editorial reprinted in Saturday’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune about gambling on Indian Reservations.  The next day, the “Trib” featured an editorial by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post about revisionist history.  The Mass Media is focussing on the Indo-Europeans’ mythological “Indian.”
The Indian Identity is a misnomer, as Safire points out, “I was born here, which makes me a native American; if American Indians want to abandon a fine [sic] if mistaken appellation, they could accurately chose ‘Aboriginal Americans.’”  Safire is on the right track, but he hasn’t gotten out of the Crooked English box yet—“American” is another “mistaken appellation.”  Some Aboriginal Indigenous People who got caught in the compulsory mis-education of Government—and mission—schools got brainwashed into believing they were “Indians.”  Some Indo-Europeans,  including White people, also got stuck in this “Indian” identity.
“Indians” were created because the Aboriginal Indigenous People of the Traditional Aboriginal Religions could not sell Mother Earth.  We still cannot sell.  The “Indians” and the Indo-Europeans stole the customs, they stole the language, they stole the land, they stole the names, and they stole the religion which belong to the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  But, they did not steal the value system of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  If they had stolen everything, including our Traditional values, then the Indo-Europeans wouldn’t have had any use for the “Indians” they created.  If they had stolen our value system, then they wouldn’t have been able to sell Aboriginal Peoples’ land.  From the Aboriginal Indigenous perspective, there is no difference between Indian values and Indo-European values. 
For many years, I have been studying the history of Red Lake, and have been working on a genealogy of the people enrolled by the United States Government as “Chippewa Indians” in Red Lake, White Earth, and Leech Lake.  Most of the people enrolled in Northern Minnesota as Chippewa Indians do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors.  The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act’s “closing the rolls” clause is an example of how Indo-Europeans became Indians, but it is not the first precedent.  The Treaties that Indians base their claims to “Indian Rights” on are also fraudulent—as far as I know, there was never a Treaty with the United States which was signed by an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  They were all signed by Indians (Indo-Europeans) who were already citizens of the United States.  Some of these Indians were returning draftees, veterans of the Union Army in the Civil War.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs should be re-named, and called the Bureau of Indo-European Indian Affairs.
I have also been studying Indo-European culture, history, and language.  As any self-honest linguist can tell you, the Indo-Europeans’ languages are the root of their racism.  (Racism is a “black-and-white” issue.)  Their languages mold how they look at the world.  The violence of Keynes, Machiavelli, Marx, and Darwin—whose minds were short-circuited by Crooked Indo-European languages—is an example of how these languages are put together.  Deforestation, lethal pollution, wars, overpopulation ... it’s a nearly endless list ... also reflect Indo-European linguistic structure.
These Indo-European ways of thinking are totally the opposite of the Anishinabe Ojibway—We, the People’s.  Maybe that’s why they called us “backwards people.”  It continues to be a projection, just like “savage” (look up the derivation in the dictionary).  Another projection was calling us “warlike.”  We were the original Peaceful Conscientious Objectors; we lived in harmony with each other and with the environment.  The “Indian Wars” in the history books were wars between Indo-Europeans; or wars between half-breeds fighting at the command of their father’s Nations, over who could steal the most.  The “French and Indian” wars are an example: the “Indians” involved in this were mixed-blood French people whose sovereignty was held by France.
Genetic engineering, creating mixed-blood people as a part of the colonizing process is an Indo-European colonial strategy.  It was done to them just before Columbus discovered he was lost, by the Moors in Southern Europe.
Another part of Indo-European culture is pathological lying.  According to a survey printed in the May 16 Star Tribune, “91 percent of Americans say they lie regularly.”  The other nine percent were telling the truth, but they were lying—because English is a Crooked, linear language.  When you look at it from outside, from an Aboriginal Indigenous culture, you can see it.  That’s why the Aboriginals always said “forked tongue speaking.”  Even if the forked-tongue person they were talking about thought they were telling the truth, they were still lying.  It’s extremely difficult to tell the truth if Indo-European languages are your only languages.  Go ask your Congressman or Senator, he keeps getting re-elected.
Other Anishinabe Ojibway reflections and perspectives: What about the Red Lake School?  There’s a $2,500,000.00 deficit.  “Interest-free” loans were being given out by certain members of the School Board, to themselves and to their relatives.  But, there is 25% interest on that two and a half million dollar deficit that financed the loans.  “Indians” who have no ties to this Aboriginal Indigenous land, apparently used the Anishinabe Ojibway People’s land as collateral.  This land does not, and has never, belonged to “Indians.”   The School Board had a Poster Child in the school referendum, an emotional appeal for votes approving a ten million dollar loan (in part to cover up the deficit).  Where is that little Poster Child going to live, if the land that the Aboriginal Indigenous people have let others live on is hocked by people it doesn’t belong to?  The Referendum was a move by the State of Minnesota toward land taxes on Red Lake Reservation.  Anybody who doesn’t know what land taxes do, should talk to somebody from White Earth or any of the other reservations that have been allotted out.  According to B.I.A. documents, their policy is that the land will be gone, and I repeat, GONE, by the third generation.  The B.I.A. is nothing more than a real estate agency and a resource broker—and they have a police force.  There are no Aboriginal Indigenous people on that police force, and never have been, only “Indians.”
Wake up, Anishinabe Ojibway People of Red Lake!  We are the last ones in the United States who still have our land.
                                                            Francis Blake, Jr.

4027.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 March). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: “Aboriginal Indigenous” and “identity” are words which are not used in the same sentence by the Indo-European, or the Chippewa Indians ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: “Aboriginal Indigenous” and “identity” are words which are not used in the same sentence by the Indo-European, or the Chippewa Indians.
When the missionaries came into our land, to Christianize and “Civilize” us, when they created Indian boarding schools, they had plans of social and genetic engineering.  The main part of their agenda was to take away our Anishinabe Ojibway identity, and give us a Chippewa Indian identity.  Chippewa Indians all have an Indo-European patriline, and they are under White control.
The idea was to create a new race of people, who did not have a Clan or a Dodem, a people who did not hold their own Sovereignty and could be enslaved.  These new people were tied to the Europeans through their identity, through their economic system, and through their religion.  The genetic engineering, creating a new “race” of people who depended on the Europeans, was the Europeans’ way of maintaining permanent control over the land and resources of this continent.  (Now, David Duke and Pat Buchannan are hollering about “racial purity.”  I don’t know why they’re complaining about the matrilineal descendants of people who were kidnapped from their homeland, and forcibly brought here by Europeans.)
Compulsory school education is the Catch-22, an integral part of their plan.  The Boarding Schools were run on a military plan, where they dumped the Metis, the Whites, the Indians, and particularly they wanted to catch the Aboriginal Indigenous children, such as the Anishinabe Ojibway.  The plan was to brainwash the children under their control in the boarding schools, and make them all into “Indians.”  In this part of the country, we were to be called Chippewa Indians, or Chip-aways, which also means to chip away at our resources and land base, and steal our Anishinabe Ojibway culture.  The projection of the stereotypes and labels onto Indians, was a part of the way that the Europeans got their dirty work done while keeping their hands clean.  The other part of was done through compartmentalized, linear, dichotomized thinking: alienating people from reality and confusing them with a web of lies and rationalizations, in order to justify and hide their greed and mask their violence.  This unscrupulous spin control goes on to this very day.  All of these dirty tricks, this con job, is done in the name of Christianity, to provide justification for the Indo-Europeans’ stealing Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples land and resources.
The entire structure of Indian society was created, and is controlled, by the Indo-Europeans.  Indian Chiefs are a stereotype, a caricature, and an Indo-European invention.
How do you maintain this structure?  In order to maintain this structure, the Indo-Europeans had to use labels and vicious stereotypes, lies.  He did a psychological number on these people to perpetuate his lie.  Since these Indians had White fathers, this was very easy to do.  They were Christianized, and their psyche was—and still is—accessible to the Whites.  Once the Indians’ Great White Father, the literal as well as metaphysical father of these Indians, had battered Indian children’s self-esteem into nothing in boarding school, he could do whatever he wanted with his Indians.  In the boarding schools, we were told that we were “Savages,” and we had all of the racist Indian stereotype labels put on us.  No matter what their ancestry, this was done to all of the children who were being turned into Indians.  The White man controls who can be Indian and who can’t.  The real irony is that the White Americans are telling Indians who to be, but, on this Aboriginal Indigenous land, the Real Americans don’t know who they are themselves.  They draw their culture, their English language, and their values from Europe.  On this continent, the Americans are on very shaky ground.  They have no roots, no solid foundation, and in Anishinabe Ojibway terms, they are morally bankrupt.  The Great White Father has an enormous identity problem, himself.
Anybody can be an Indian, because the White man invented and controls the Indian identity.  Anthropologists believe in the blue-eyed, blonde Indian.  The W.A.S.P.s keep creating more Indians, in order to avoid coming to terms with the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People here.  America’s Indians, the shadow I.R.A. so-called Indian Tribal Governments created by the United States, cannot confront the genocide.  Indians were created by the Europeans, and without Indians as cohorts and brokers, the Europeans could have never carried out their genocidal agenda.  This is why the I.R.A. so-called Indian Tribal Governments never mention genocide.  The genocide on this continent should have been addressed at the same time as the Nuremberg Trials.  In addition to the genocide, there is still ethnocide.  The United States has volumes of hate legislation on the U.S. Statute Books, passed to apply to the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, but written referring to Indians and intended to use Indians as smokescreen to get at the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples.  These United States Statutes, and the polices and regulations derived from them, are genocide laws, in violation of human rights and international law.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, have a right to exist on our own land!
Chairman Brun is a White man, and former Chairman Jourdain is a descendant of voyageurs.  But, the people working under the mandate of the White elite, turned them into their Chip-away Indians.  When Butch Brun visited me, he called me “lazy,” which is a stereotype applied by Whites to Indians, and applied by Indians to themselves.  Chairman Brun called me “lazy,” but he is stuck in a fake identity which turns people into parasites, carpetbaggers, sponges, and leeches, exploiting the Aboriginal Indigenous People, claiming “blood brotherhood” when he is not indigenous to this land.  That’s why this Red Lake community is in such chaos: there are certain Real Indians (if the shoe fits, wear it) who are acting out the worst of the White man’s projections: jealousies, back-stabbing, back-biting, selfish greed.  The Real Indians can’t get together, because they do not own themselves, and did not create their own identity.  They have no solidarity because they are only a projection.  There were no Indians here; there is no word for “Indian” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  It is a human rights violation, both by Indians and by Whites, calling this “Indian land.”  These stereotypes, those labels, and those lies are all wishful thinking and projections by the Indo-European culture, onto the Indians created by the Europeans.  The Indo-Europeans are stuck in dichotomies, and they have to have somebody else “act out” the things that they cannot accept in themselves, they have to send scapegoats into what they perceive as Wilderness, across the frontier that never existed except in their own minds.
Did you ever see a real Indian?  When you meet a Real Indian, you will notice that he is wearing lots of beadwork or turquoise, and probably a headband or braids.  A Real Indian is caught between stereotypes: trying to be super-spiritual, a Real Indian Medicine Man, and being a stereotypical Drunken Indian.  A Real Indian can probably speak Colloquial English perfectly well, but if he’s really a Real Indian, he’ll use a clipped artificial tone of voice, Broken English with a lot of Creole phrases in it—Hollywood style.  Real Indians divide their time between going to Indian Conferences, telling people how tough it is to be an Indian, and going to Pow-Wow’s (a Real Indian commercial event, which is not the same thing as the Anishinabe Ojibway social and religious gathering).  A real Indian has a hard time getting anything done, because living out the Indian stereotypes is more than a full-time job.  Indians are also handicapped by acting out the “lazy,” “irresponsible” Indian stereotype, operating on Real Indian Time.  The stereotype of Indian also includes being incompetent and corrupt, and a lot of Real Indians are acting out that part of the stereotype, also.  It’s a good thing the U.S. Government pays people to be Real Indians, but the problem is that both the F.B.I.A. bureaucrats and the Real Indians are being paid using stolen Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources and land.  The Real Indians who are the biggest drain on the Aboriginal Indigenous community are the Instant Indians, the people who suddenly realized that they are Real Indians because their great-great-grandmother was a Chip-away Queen.  Even people who should have more sense, get greedy and stay Real Indians because of the U.S. Government’s carrot on a stick: “Payment’s coming soon, you will be rich.”
Real Indians think like Indo-Europeans—because they are Indo-Europeans.  Most White people find it easier to talk to Real Indians than Aboriginal Indigenous People, because they are blood brothers coming out of the same thought-patterns and values, of Western Civilization.  So, when an advocate, for example for Human Rights, is appointed, the person is usually a Real Indian, a person without any Aboriginal Indigenous blood trying to say that they’re Anishinabe Ojibway.  Stealing our identity, as has been done by Governor Carlson’s Real Indian Human Rights appointee, is a human rights violation in and of itself.  He can’t do anything effective, because he’s living a lie, trying to be a fake identity, just like the rest of the Real Indians.
The Real Indians on the Indian Reorganization Act Tribal Councils, and the Real Indians working for the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, are caught in the same dilemma.  They can’t be honest with themselves, nor anybody else, they’re stuck in something that they’re not, because they have to be Real Indians to keep their jobs.  The only thing that they learned how to do, in Indian School, is be a Real Indian, and live out the stereotypes, myths and labels that the White man projects onto Real Indians.  Except for Real Indians (and politicians and lobbyists), going to Washington and telling lies is not a marketable job skill.  The White man has to have Real Indians, in order to avoid looking at himself, in order to hide from his own dishonesty.  (If you don’t believe me—why are you on this land?  What do you mean, you’re a Real American?)
Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saints, wrote in the Mormon Bible that Indians are descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.  Many of these Indians are dark because they have Moorish ancestors.  Joseph Smith, who broke away from the Protestants, was a visionary who had access to the W.A.S.P.’s plans of entrenching themselves on this Continent through social and genetic engineering.  He claimed that the Indians were descendants of Joseph of the Lost Tribe.  He was right.  He knew an Arab when he saw one.
All you have to do is understand Crooked English, Crooked Thinking, and Greed, and the social and genetic engineering of the English W.A.S.P.’s long-range plan will become crystal clear.

4028.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: According to last Saturday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Catholic Church of the Holy Roman Empire is formally admitting that Galileo was right ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to last Saturday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Catholic Church of the Holy Roman Empire is formally admitting that Galileo was right when he supported Copernicus’ 1543 “heresy” that the Earth moved around the sun.  The Pope is having his apology proclaimed in the “far corners” of his linguistically Flat Earth.  At the time that Galileo was arrested for his scientifically supported views (and threatened with execution unless he took back what he said and agreed with the Church, which he did), the Holy Roman Empire controlled the definition of what was “true” and what was not true throughout what they said was the “Civilized” world.  The Judo-Christian Church, through one branch or another, still holds Euro-Americans’ Sovereignty, and continues to exercise rigid control over peoples’ thoughts, speech, and actions.
Also just recently, the Christians apologized to the “Indians,” quite a few generations after the Europeans invented Indians by genetic engineering and by re-naming the Aboriginal Indigenous People here.  The purpose of re-naming things comes out of the Christian Bible, which supports the con job of magically gaining control over something by re-naming.  The Christians did not apologize to the Aboriginal People who are Indigenous here—they apologized to their own people, the “Indians” that they made from White people.  There was no apology to the Aboriginal Indigenous People for the rape, plunder, and genocide on our Continent.  The apology was to the “Indians”—maybe what they were apologizing about was turning their blood brothers and bastard sons into “Indians,” and subjecting them to racism in order to completely obliterate every trace of the Anishinabe Ojibway and all other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The apology is meaningless, because it entrenches the artificial category of “Indians,” and the racism goes on, and the hegemony that the Judo-Christian Church has been trying for the last 500 years to establish on this Continent is only increased by their apology.  Judo-Christianity is still a foreign Sovereignty, and does not belong on this Continent, and never will.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People who have lived here and cherished this land for nearly a hundred millennia have a right to exist as a Sovereign Nation on our own land.  No foreigners have any right to come in here and tell us what to do, nor any right, no matter whose “God” they use, to steal our resources.
Paternalism, in plain English, means “Father knows best,” and bullying people into agreeing is done under the falsehood “this will hurt me more than it hurts you.”  Under Paternalism, the Great White Father steals and gives shares of the booty to his Pets—if you’re the Black Sheep, forget it, your Station in Life is intended to be the Homeless Shelters, the Unemployment lines, and the Prisons.  Creating and maintaining the class system—with Father’s pets near the top—is what Social Engineering is all about; and the foreign Dollar money system is a part of this social engineering.  For immigrant people, who do not own the land and resources to import a “legal system” and operate their money system so that they can convert Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ resources into money—which they control on the MegaBucks level—is really a diabolical scheme.  There is absolutely nothing “free” in this Euro-American dollar money system.  Really, you even pay for S & L Green stamps, and all of the other parasites that get their hooks into you by promising something “Free.”
The American Public “owns” the financial institutions that went broke before the S & L Bailout, and before Inauguration Day, they are going to own a lot more broken banks than they thought they would, although they will never have any say about how they are managed.  How much is this most recent election Extravaganza going to cost every common peasant and peon (who some columnists call the “Real People”)—and whose grand-children will eventually pay for it, with compound interest?  The Euro-Americans have been engaged in Grand Theft on a massive scale ever since they got here, while destroying everything they couldn’t steal.
The Anishinabe Ojibway Nation has suffered devastating losses, in human suffering as well as in destruction of our resources and theft of our land, to pay for the illusion of “American-Style Democracy.”  The original W.A.S.P. immigrants chose their colonial sites as suited for piracy.  Very little has changed.  From the Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, the Great White Father is racist, a liar, a cheat, and a thief.  Let’s talk about Paternalism.  What is it that Father Knows Best?
The State of Minnesota is a foreign European institution, which is stealing the Anishinabe Ojibway resources, trying to claim that they own the trees and the wildlife and the fish and the air and the water, and everything else that they can think of.  Actually, they are foreigners, and don’t own much of anything besides the Crooked English language, some mad scientist theories that don’t have anything to do with how forest ecosystems really work, and highly developed theories of how to steal.  I am not a “tree hugger,” I am an inseparable part of the forests that belong here.  These forests are a sacred part of my Midewiwin religion; they are the bones of my ancestors from the time that the first pine sprouted here after the ice retreated, and for many millennia before then.
The United States Department of Agriculture mis-manages something they call the “Chippewa Forest.”  The name is appropriate because they are naming their Potemkin Forest after a fake “tribe” of people.  They are publishing a map guiding people to the six rows of trees along the lakes and roads that they call “forest.”  Tourists and White City People can only see the edge of the “forests,” so six rows of trees is probably “deep forest.”  I’ll let you people in on an old Anishinabe Ojibway secret: live in harmony with the forests and you will be able to see all the way in there.  If you look through the six rows of trees along many of Northern Minnesota’s highways, you will be able to see the stumps and the piles of slash and the rest of the mess right behind them.  This is something that the D.N.R. won’t tell you how to do.  If you don’t believe me, drive your car from Northome to International Falls—and get out and walk through the six rows of trees.  In some places, you will see miles and miles of clearcut stretching to the horizon just behind the Potemkin Forest.  If clearcut is as wonderful as the D.N.R. says it is, why don’t they cut all the way to the main highways?  You can also drive around on the back roads on the Reservation, and see what your blood brothers the Chippewa Indians, whom you call the “first environmentalists and first conservationists,” are doing.  These Indo-European “Indians” are immigrant people just like the rest of the foreigners who re-named themselves “Americans,” but who are really still foreigners.  “American” is an European name, and doesn’t belong here.  What the Chippewa Indians have been doing to the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation’s forests shows the Indians’ real European values, and it shows who controls them.
Deer-hunting season is starting.  An elder of the Mah-en-gan Clan and Dodem asked me to send a message to you hunters.  He says, “if the deer each had a rifle, there wouldn’t be any hunters who dared to go in the woods.”
I am solely responsible for this article.  My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

4029.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: According to the papers, there was a parade in Fargo recently.  On one of the floats in this parade, immigrant Europeans ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to the papers, there was a parade in Fargo recently.  On one of the floats in this parade, immigrant Europeans featured the “tomahawk chop.”  Some more immigrants, calling themselves “Indians,” dressed up in feathers and other stereotypical regalia of the Euro-Americans’ “Indians.”
The United States Cabinet agency, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, creates “Indians” and micro-manages their Indians’ lives.  Some of my best friends are Whites, and also some of my best friends think they are Indians—in other words, some of these people are descendants of immigrant Europeans, and some of immigrant Indo-Europeans.  It bothers me to see racism against anybody, because racism promotes and entrenches parasitic relationships.  Anishinabe Ojibway values include egalitarian society, and the inferior-superior relationships created by racism are out of harmony, archaic, and out-dated.
So, I called the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Minneapolis.  The White Europeans who administer this United States Government Agency calculate “blood quantums,” and use their own obscure (Agency Regulation) formulas to decide who they recognize as “Indian,” who they want on in their scheme.  I asked the Bureau the question, “since you administer the so-called Sacred Trust, and every minute detail of your Indians’ daily lives, why aren’t you standing up front with your Indians, and protesting along with them about the Tomahawk Chop, the racist mascots, and ugly stereotypes like the Washington Redskins?”  Although these caricatures of “Indians” have nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, it still bothers me to see this thing go on.  Such racism has no place on this Continent.
The B.I.A. gave me a classical bureaucratic shuffle.  They told me, “that’s a very good question, but we have all this paperwork to do.”  I suppose that the B.I.A. in Minneapolis has lots of important papers from their acting as a broker for corporate America, stealing.  By remaining silent on the issue of the Tomahawk Chop and the Indian Mascots, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is condoning and tacitly advocating the foreign European immigrants’ institutionalized racism.  It’s not really surprising, because the Christianity which holds these European immigrants’ Sovereignty is racist, and uses racism to justify their theft and genocide.
After the Bureau of Indian Affairs shuffled me through seven bureaucrats and then back to the receptionist, I called the Indian Affairs Specialist David Barris at Senator Wellstone’s office (at the Senate Switchboard number, (202) 224-5641).  Barris also said, “that’s a good question,” but one to which he would not give me an answer.  What kind of World Leader is the United States of America, if their government is actively promoting apartheid and racism on the land these foreigners claim as “Home”?
In 1889, the United States created the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe by Act of the 50th Congress, Second Session (Chapter 24, codified as 25 Stat. 652).  I don’t mind if the U.S. Congress creates “Indians,” but trying to claim that their “Indians” are Aboriginal Indigenous People is crazy.  The “Minnesota Chippewa Indians” were created by the U.S. Congress as a smokescreen for the massive genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway People which they had already committed.  They assumed that their Indians could successfully appropriate Anishinabe Ojibway culture and values, and “replace” us just as plantations of Scotch Pine and other imported and genetically engineered species (like so-called “wild rice”) are used to “replace” the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ permacultural forest ecosystem.  (From the way their records are put together, it also looks like what they assumed is that there would be no Anishinabe Ojibway People who would survive to question their ongoing genocide and human rights violations; nor to provide a reality check for their Hollywood Indians and other Wanna-be’s trying to be something that they cannot possibly be.)  Anishinabe Ojibway Clans and Dodems are patrilineal.  This means that Anishinabe Ojibway Clans and Dodems are passed from father to son, on the male line.  The Europeans’ Chippewa Indians are claiming the matrilineal “clans” of a conquered people, because on their fathers’ side, most of them are Frenchmen who lost the war with England.  There is no such concept, no such word, as “War” and “Peace” in the Anishinabe Ojibway culture and language.  The Europeans and their Indians conjured up the “Peace Pipe,” [Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin Pipes have nothing to do with war-and-peace] “Tribes” and “Bands,” and “Indian Chiefs,” which are all alien European concepts.  They are projecting their caricatures onto Indo-European subject people, making them into “Indians.”  It’s just like White people putting on “Blackface” for Vaudeville, like Al Jolson singing “Mamie” in black grease-paint, or “Amos and Andy.”  The “Indians” all have Indo-European patrilines, and what the “Indian leaders” are getting paid to do is Vaudeville all over again, trying to caricature the Aboriginal Indigenous People, still trying to re-define us into someone under European hierarchial control.
At the Boston Tea Party, foreigners dressed up as caricatures of Aboriginal Indigenous people and called themselves “Indians,” and Euro-american immigrant wanna-be’s have been at it ever since.  But, they’re getting their caricatures mixed up.  At the Mission School the foreign German nuns were trying to teach Anishinabe Ojibway children how to sing plantation slave’s “minstrel” songs like “Old Black Joe” and “Massa’s in the Cold, Cold Ground” in their projection of plantation dialect.  (Maybe these German immigrant nuns were mocking the Indo-European children at the Mission School, who had been made into “Indians.”)  The European élite remains in charge of “Indians,” using blood quantums which are irrelevant to Anishinabe Ojibway people, to make and un-make their “Indians.”
The newspapers are winding down the United States ceremonial rituals of “Democratic Elections” and using polls for spin control.  Soon, we can go back to four more years of apathy.  When you voted George Bush in, you jumped from the frying pan into the fire.  With Clinton, you’re jumping from the fire back into the frying pan.  (Either way, the melting-pot keeps calling the kettle “black.”)  Euro-american political “progress” moves like the swing of a pendulum: nothing of substance changes, and it seems like that massive theft of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources is going to go on until there is absolutely nothing left to steal.  You are in the midst of a new era of history.  You have arrived.  There is virtually nothing left to steal—it has all been converted into a foreign European currency system, Dollars, an illusion of an economic system which is “sound as a dollar.” (What sound does a dollar make when the inflationary bubble bursts?)  Euro-American culture has never been in touch with reality, and the rape, plunder, and theft on these two Continents goes on.  That’s what the trillions of dollar of deficit are about.  What kind of man would steal from his own grand-child? and leave piles of poisonous filth where the water once ran pristine and pure through magnificent forests?  To me, it seems like only A*holes blinded by the mental illness of greed, would do what is being done.  When what the Aboriginal Indigenous People have maintained for a hundred millennia on these two Continents is gone, there won’t be any more—anywhere.  “You are here,” and what are your grandchildren going to do, move to the moon and breathe vacuum?
Some of the Métis and Wanna-be’s have been calling me up, asking to see their genealogy, but they don’t show up because they already know that they are not Anishinabe Ojibway people.  Instead of engaging in dialogue, some of these Indian back-stabbers are calling me “crazy” behind my back, but they won’t talk to me to my face.  They live in a make-believe world of delusions.   A “Chippewa Indian” identity is a lie.  It’s a fake identity, and it is dishonest.  Everybody has a real identity—and anybody who would get stuck in a shabby imitation identity must be into S & M, a wanna-be conned into complicity in genocide by that old carrot-on-a-stick, “you’re gonna be to be rich someday.”  You’ve lost more than you’ll ever gain, by giving up your real identity.  As long as you “Indians” are living a lie, there is not one issue about which the so-called “Indian” people will be able to act in consensus.  Instead of solidarity, their communities are divided by people telling each other, “you don’t belong here.”  If I was to say I was “Indian,” I wouldn’t belong here, either—but the Clans and Dodems of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation jointly own this land that both the immigrant “Indians” and the foreign Euro-Americans are trying to claim.
I am Anishinabe Ojibway with a patrilineal Clan and Dodem.  If I say I am a “Chippewa Indian,” I am lying to you and I am lying to myself.  If I gave up my ancient and beautiful identity to be a “Chippewa Indian,” then I really would be “crazy.”  Chippewa Indians do not have Anishinabe Ojibway Clans and Dodems—they were created by the United States Government to steal from the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, have a right to exist as a Sovereign Nation on our own land, without any interference from any foreigner, including “Indians.”
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382, and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

4030.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Camp Justice, on White Earth Reservation, is in the news again.  U.S. Public Law 280 was designed to terminate ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Camp Justice, on White Earth Reservation, is in the news again.  U.S. Public Law 280 was designed to terminate the legal/political manifestation of the mythological Tribes of Indians which the United States created.  But, when faced with the consequences of losing their Indians, the U.S. Social Engineers take another track, and promote the United States’ “Indian Laws,” which are nothing more than Roman and British laws turned apartheid and applied to the Western European genetically engineered subject peoples known as “Indians.”  Application of these imported European “democratic” laws to Aboriginal Indigenous people (who are not “Indians”), is a human rights violation and genocide.  The Nuremberg Principles are also applicable.  The day they let “Chip” Wadena and his cohorts run a kangaroo court system with jurisdiction over the White people of Becker County is the day I’ll start believing in “Indian Sovereignty” and other European mythologies.
I asked an elderly White philosopher to explain reality as defined by the Western Europeans.  He told me that most of his people do not have a clear idea what is real and what is unreal, because they base their understanding of reality on muddled projections of warped and self-serving myth.  The example he used was Judeo-Christian religious pathology: reality as proscribed in Western Europeans’ Holy Book, the Bible, is violent, vague, nebulous, contradictory, patronizing, archaic, and obsolete.  In the spirit of this season, he added that the person who became known as Jesus Christ was really born five years before his birthday is celebrated, in the Spring of the year 4, B.C.
I asked, “what about the calendar?”  This Euro-centric “Christian Nation” counts time as beginning with the birth of a Jesus of Nazareth, so why isn’t it April of the year 1,997 right now?  The Europeans had their calendar all scrambled up from trying to use Roman Numerals.  In the middle of the sixteenth century—after the Europeans had seen the incredibly accurate calendar of the “pagan” Aztecs—Pope Gregory stole the calendar from the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent, and used the numbers the Catholics had stolen from the “pagan” Arabs to reset the Europeans’ sundial, and the stolen gold they used to buy time.
Any European Idiot-ology, such as Democracy, Communism, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Nazism, Fascism, Fundamentalism, etc., gets twisted beyond recognition when it is either imported or exported; particularly when it is forced on other people—then it becomes a human rights violation.  The “democracy” that the Europeans have brought to Haiti, Somalia, the Banana Republics, Nazi Germany, and other peoples subject to the Europeans’ Old World Order and their revised “New World Order”—the kind of “democracy” that the English want for other people, is not something they would want forced on themselves.  They wouldn’t want an Indian Reorganization Act “Democracy,” either.  What the Europeans do to each other in Europe is their business, although it might be civil rights violations.  Exporting their social problems, deliberately destroying occupied peoples’ self-esteem, profiteering from the cynical and self-righteous use of drugs and alcohol as tools of colonial oppression and social control, and forcing an alien mythological world-view and consequent government on people outside of Europe are all human rights violations, no matter how you try to muddy up “International Law.”  By the time even the finest European philosophy gets to these shores here, greedy European alchemy has transmuted it into Colonialism and worse.
During the years that the refugees of Western European Civilization have been here, we have watched our resources disappear.  Over the last fifty years, I have seen our water and our land desecrated by pollution.  I remember when the water here was pristine, pure and clear, when this really was the “land of sky-blue waters.”  You call yourselves “Civilized”?  The European immigrants and their mythological caricatures, their “first conservationist” Indians are wrecking everything.  The Europeans arrogantly tell us that they are superior, “civilized” people.  Tell me some more lies.  Western European Civilization has been grossly distorted by the mental illness of greed.  Perhaps because of their greed, they cling to their self-serving money-making mythologies: the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Indian.
Again, I tell you in your own language, that the Anishinabe Ojibway here could not and cannot sell land.  I am writing in the foreign language of English: We, the Anishinabe Ojibway cannot sell Grandmother Earth, our identity, our religion, the bones of our ancestors, the foundations of our existence, which is based in harmony.  Such can never be sold.  The Europeans knew that, and so they created their mythological white “Indians,” in part through eugenics.  The white “Indians” are Europeans, because of their European patrilineal ancestry, and they do not have either the roots nor the ties to the land that Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People have.  The land, resources and rights that the “Indians” are selling do not belong to the Indians.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have a right to exist in our own land.  Anishinabe Ojibway (We, the People) are not “Indians”!
The Europeans are still trying to use their “Indians” to alienate Anishinabe Ojibway land.  The “Indians” who signed the Quit Claim Deeds giving away Anishinabe Ojibway land that doesn’t belong to them are all European subject people, and are not indigenous here.  Under colonialism—oops, I meant “democracy,” Peter Graves, who was a White man, signed away Anishinabe Ojibway land at Red Lake (just one example: Beltrami County Deed Book 111, page 585, giving away much of downtown Red Lake to Independent School District No. 45 in 1955).  Another one of the White man’s fine feathered friends, Roger Jourdain, a French Métis, was turned into an “Indian Tribal Chairman” and used by his puppet-masters the Western Europeans to steal more land and resources from the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  Gerald “Butch” Brun, another White man, is presently being used by his European relatives in yet another “education” scam to steal land again.  It’s funny how certain other European laws, particularly those about selling and receiving stolen property, don’t seem to be applied to the Europeans’ “Indians” when the property belongs to Aboriginal Indigenous People.  When all the land is stolen, the White man’s prophecy is that the “Indians” will be terminated with a stroke of the pen.  This is what he has written, over and over again, in his own official policy statements conspiring grand theft and anarchy.  This is why the Nuns told us at the Boarding School, “you are the Vanishing American, and you will go!”  I’m sure glad I’m not an Indian.
The Snake-Oil Salesmen lubricate their crooked pitch with slippery English, and use any excuse they can get hold of to sell their scheme and steal some more.  Even before the English Colonists dressed up like “Indians” at the Boston Tea Party, the Europeans had been using their mythological projection of “Indians” as a smokescreen for the Europeans’ theft, plunder, pollution, eugenics and genocide.  The implication has been that “Indians” are the Aboriginal Indigenous People here, and they are not!  “Medicine Man,” “Tribe,” “Band,” “Chiefs,” “Indian,” “Chippewa,” “Tomahawk Chop,” ad nauseam are all English terms, referring to Western European mythological projections onto their own subject peoples.  Such imported European fictions do not have anything to do with the reality of this Continent.
Winter $ol$tice Greeting$, with due regard for your mythologie$ and your merchandi$ing.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

4031.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Have you ever noticed the town of Redlake?  This is the only town to speak of, that’s a local telephone call for more than six thousand people. ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Have you ever noticed the town of Redlake?  This is the only town to speak of, that’s a local telephone call for more than six thousand people.  Casual visitors to Redlake are discouraged by the Bureau of Indian Affairs: “this is a Closed Reservation,” people are told, “strangers keep out!”  There is no public transportation onto or off of the Reservation (except for Bingo, and that’s run by the immigrants).  Anyone wanting to do business here must first approach the Tribal Council to get a license to trade (a product of capitalism, free enterprise, and economic discrimination).
When you go off the Reservation on any highway, you see an altogether different set-up.  Compare the immigrants’ settlements with what purport to be towns on the Reservation.  Look at any one of the little towns with a population of around two hundred, look again at Redlake with an in-town population of nearly two thousand—and then tell me again about economic discrimination, and an occupation of government employees.  Tell me this isn’t an “company town” run by the U.S. Government, and tell me it isn’t still a P.O.W. camp.  The social engineering is graven in the architecture.  The economic infrastructure is “occupation—we’re going to steal it all from you,” and every other “service” on the Reservation is what’s mandated under European so-called “International” conventions of War-and-Peace, which is all violence.  European “peace” is even more violent than their war—look at how these foreigners have devastated our forests and polluted of our water under a “peace treaty” with their Indians.
Wherever those immigrant Europeans have occupied other peoples’ land, the number one item on their agenda has been stealing (and what they can’t steal they wreck and destroy).  The social engineering necessary to maintain their theft is accomplished through eugenics.  In order to obliterate every trace of reality here, the marauding Europeans created a fictitious group of people and called them “Indians.”  [The real meaning of “Indian” is hinted at by the use of the words “Indian country” referring to the “humanitarian war” in Somalia.  “Indian” is an European word which means that the Europeans don’t belong there, they’re getting violent, and they’re stealing again—in Somalia it’s oil.]   Rather than recognize the people who were here and who have been here for millennia, rather than acknowledging that this land and these resources do and always have belonged to real people, a few of whom still survive, the Europeans created a fictitious people and they called them a “tribe,” and use their European languages to put all kinds of attributes on them.  These adjectives and these names are foreign to the Aboriginal Indigenous People here: “tribes,” “peace-pipes,” “tomahawk chop,” “warriors” ... these are all English words describing foreign European projections.
The Europeans, in order to steal the land and hide the genocide, say that the Aboriginal Indigenous People never existed.  The Europeans created the “Indians,” and their co-called Indians’ existence is on shaky ground, because Indians can be “terminated” and are repeatedly told so.  In 1967, the Indian Omnibus Bill was an open message that “you Indians only exist through the Europeans’ creation and with the Europeans’ permission.”  Roger Jourdain and a number of other “Indian leaders” were pleading with immigrant Europeans’ government, “please don’t terminate us, because then we’ll have to find honest work!”  The biological fathers of these “Indians” are all Europeans.  This White paternity is one of the main ways that the Europeans have defined “subject people” since they began their colonial expansion.  They keep them under rigid control by continually threatening them with “termination,” and by using racism as the other side of these brutally defined artificial identities.
The only people who benefit from the racist “Indian” identity (and other racist labelling) are the good ol’ English so-called élite.  Even presumably “positive” stereotypes hurt the people who get caught in them.  We need to come to terms with the racism and start dealing with reality.  There were no “Indians” here, and getting caught up in this European mythology doesn’t help anybody.  Everybody does have a real identity—and something positive to contribute to this Earth.
NEWS FROM THE OCCUPATION FORCE: In the past week, President-Elect Bill Clinton held a two-day economic conference in Little Rock.  Good vibes came out of this conference.  It reminded me of F.D.R.’s “fireside chats,” the same old deal that turned into the New Deal.  There were no right-wing fundamentalists from the Republican Party in the Clinton Circle, who would have brought the “moral issues” down Pat, or Duked it out over “ethnic cleansing” and Final Solutions.
One of the participants in this economic summit was a health-care provider from Hawaii.  She said that she felt discriminated against because many of the other participants were bashing the health care system, using it as a scapegoat for part of the Deficit.  They’re approaching “health care” backwards, as usual.  What they’re doing to the environment and to the food supply is what’s making people sick.  The contaminated food is also one of the fundamental reasons for the violence and the crime, and the more than ten percent of the population that’s “institutionalized.”
Another participant in the Economic Conference spoke of how much it cost to keep prisoners incarcerated.  He said that it would be less expensive to send the Prisoners to Harvard, than to keep them in prison.  Can you imagine all of these inmates going to Harvard and getting a law degree—and after they graduate, going to Washington as high-powered, high-status lawyers ... and then these poor innocent lawyers, with the ink barely dry on their law diplomas, being corrupted by the old-line politicians and lobbyists who have been running the inner circle on the fringes of the Law for decades.  (They stay out of prison by having the law re-written one step ahead of their shenanigans.)  Maybe these newly-graduated Harvard Lawyers could reduce the Deficit by breaking it into a serial form, like “Rocky” or the SuperBowl: put a cap on Deficit I, and then go into Deficit II, and so forth.  This kind of psychological “reduction” of the deficit, using slippery English, isn’t any different than some of the creative accounting that is already being used in Washington.
Although this two-day economic conference had good feelings and was good P.R., in Western European customs and ethics, and the traditions of Western Capitalism and economic discrimination, these people still need to have somebody to bash and scapegoat in order to make their programs work.  Indians are still having the Willies from when President Bush threatened to terminate them last summer, but now Willie Horton has finally decided to move on.  He has had enough of his codependent abusive relationship with the Republican Fundamentalist Camp.  Over the past two elections, Willie Horton has been projected into whatever role was convenient.  His image was used without his approval.  In 1993, look for the new headlines: “Willie Horton summoned to Washington by Executive Order.”  Maybe he will form a task force on ethnic bashing, scapegoating, and foreign capitalist economic discrimination.
I thank the people who have taken the time to write or call about this column.  If you haven’t already heard from me, you should be getting your reply soon.
My phone number is (218) 679-2382, and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

4032.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 April). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: In 1958, Roger Jourdain and the Bureau of Indian Affairs fraudulently brought the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: In 1958, Roger Jourdain and the Bureau of Indian Affairs fraudulently brought the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act onto some of the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  From  1958 until now, there has been massive destruction of the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ forests and other permaculture.  As a part of their scorched-earth policies of “colonization” (stealing other Peoples’ lands), the Euro-Americans are completely destroying the Anishinabe Ojibway People’s resources, and Traditional food and medicines. 
Hollywood and other high Government officials, in their propaganda, have called Indians “the first environmentalists and conservationists.”  This is an ironic lie.  These alleged “first environmentalists” have used the flowing well on the Farm Station Road as a dumping ground for their garbage.  At the fish landings where the Indians fish, there are rotten fish and other trash.  Sheephead and other “rough fish” are dumped all over the brush, along with dead animals shot by these so-called “first conservationists and environmentalists;” calling them this is White Lie.
The White Tribal Council is planning on building a park down by Pike Creek, for the youth and the tourists.  I wonder how long that park will last, before the Indian youth tear it up and throw empty beer cases and everything else all over it?  When will the graffiti and other angry writing cover whatever buildings are made in the park?  The slashing of the school-bus seats, and the dumping of more garbage all over the land gives a good example of what’s probably going to happen to that park.  These Indian youth have a self-destructive mechanism built into their psyche, because they see their so-called leaders destroying the forests and the environment, and polluting—it amounts to the blind leading the blind.  These are the examples that the 1934 I.R.A. Tribal Council sets for the Indian youth.  These children have no self-esteem, and they have nothing to look forward to.  There has to be a turn-around in this community.  The Chippewa Indian “Red Road” is a dead-end.  It is already red-lined.  The Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, “We, the People,” have Aboriginal and Natural Rights which supersede anything which the White man has brought in here.  The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act is an illegal government. International Law, including the Nuremberg Principles and the International Convention against Genocide apply—to both the Euro-Americans and to the Chippewa Indians that the White man is using to keep his own hands clean.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have a right to exist in our own land without foreign governments destroying our forests, polluting our waters, and decimating the birthright of our generations yet to come.  Because of the genocide, we may be a few in number, but this is Anishinabe Ojibway land, and always will be.
There is a huge difference between the Chippewa Indians and the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  The Anishinabe Ojibway People are Aboriginal Indigenous People of this continent, with aboriginal Sovereignty and a Clan and a Dodem on the patrilineal line.  Through Grandmother Earth and Grandfather the Midewiwin, the Anishinabe Ojibway People are the joint owners of this land, the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  The Chippewa Indians are victims of European genetic and social engineering; they have a new identity because of their White fathers.  Chippewa Indians do not have Anishinabe Ojibway Clans and Dodems.  Some Chippewa Indians claim “Indian Clans” on their mother’s side, but they are an extension of Western European Civilization, an inherent part of the European colonization process.  Chippewa Indians are patrilineally Indo-European; their Sovereignty is held by the Western European empire through their White patrilineal ancestry.  Although they are kept out of the White mainstream because of the racist European social structure, Chippewa Indians are an inherent part of Euro-American society.  Indian identity is created by the White man; the labels and stereotypes which are a part of the “Indian” identity are European projections.  The Washington Redskins can continue to promote their racism, because the White man created and owns Indians.  It’s a pretty sick society that disowns their own relatives, that creates ugly stereotypes and uses racism to maintain their hierarchy.  The people who identify themselves as “Indians” have bought into the trap; they are stuck with an identity that they don’t own, and instead of defining themselves as who they are, are forced to live out the vicious stereotypes created by sado-masochistic Europeans crazed with the mental illness of greed.  The Indians can’t sue; they are history.  Because of the White man’s control and mandate over them through the White-owned Indian identity, Indians clear-cut Anishinabe Ojibway forests; the incredible mess that Indians leave behind in the forests is a direct consequence of the White man’s stereotypes: “drunken Indian,” “lazy Indian,” “filthy Indian,” and all of the other projections that reflect who the White man really is.  This needs to be addressed, there needs to be dialogue and on-going discussions.  People don’t need to be stuck in the Indian identity—but they’re not going to get out of it by trying to steal the Anishinabe Ojibway identity, they need to look at who they really are.  The destruction of our forests must stop.
The United States is using the Indians that he created and controls as a broker for Anishinabe Ojibway forest products, land, and other resources.  The reason that Red Lake is a heavily funded Government town, is that we, the Anishinabe Ojibway, are paying for the destruction of our own land and resources.  The profit for the timber, and everything else from the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources, goes right into the “Regional Center,” Bemidji’s economy.  They like to scapegoat “welfare mothers,” but they never talk about all of the White people who live off of the Reservation who commute here to well paying jobs.  All of the people on the Government Dole don’t belong here (that includes the Tribal Council).  The self-righteous welfare-bashers and political editors and County Commissioners don’t mention all of the salaries for the White people and the White Indians, all of the Government pensions, all of the lucrative White contracts and Sweetheart deals, all of the pork for the D.N.R. political hacks, all of the bargain deals on “surplus equipment” that the Anishinabe Ojibway people are paying for.  Beltrami County pays about half a million dollars in “welfare,” virtually none of which comes out of property tax (on land which was stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway).  Property tax is a red herring—it serves big property owners right for buying stolen property.  Property taxes are really rent—sunder Eminent Domain, United States citizens don’t own any land, never did and never will.  They might hold [crooked] “title to property,” which is not the same as owning land, an exclusive prerogative of the so-called ruling class.  This is the way European thinking works, and doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the United States doesn’t own this Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Continent.  Neither the Indian Treaties nor the 1889 Chippewa “Agreement” that Roger Jourdain celebrated with such fanfare are worth the paper they’re printed on.  These U.S. - Indian documents are all frauds and fakes, because the Indian Sovereignty is held by the Euro-Americans; the White man was signing the Treaties with his own genetically engineered subject peoples.  The Indians don’t own any land, and never did.
When the elite ruling class gets carried away with their greed, and the people outside of the elite start to get restless, the elite always orchestrate a scapegoat.  The people you see are the people from the lower classes, bashing another group of people, for example auto-workers in Detroit bashing Japanese cars with sledgehammers, and some of the other really ugly racism that’s been going on against the Japanese.  The elite orchestrates a diversion: when the fire is here, the smoke is over there.  This kind of scapegoating is stupid, it’s senseless racism and it’s ignorance.  The people who get caught up in it become Ugly Americans to no purpose except protecting the elite who is manipulating them.
It looks like George Bush has won the nomination for Republican Presidential Candidate hands down, or hands up, or hands in the pocket.  David Duke, who likes to bash welfare mothers and other people who can’t fight back, hasn’t been heard from in the Mass Media for quite awhile.  He’s been censored just like the Iraqi side of “Desert Storm” was censored.  Hmmm.  I think David Duke is a lightening rod connected to a loose Bu-cannon.
Bush is looking outside the continental United States for his presidential agenda.  Because of his connections with the C.I.A., he’s an expert in Foreign Policy.  The President is starting bush fires all over the world, looking for a Willie Horton.  He’s trying to escape political responsibility for the serious problems he has created at home.  For example, jobs need to be put on the endangered species list.  Official United States Labor Department statistics are lies, and don’t tell the whole number of people who are unemployed.

4033.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: In my research, doing the history and the genealogy of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: In my research, doing the history and the genealogy of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, and of the people who call themselves the Chippewa Indians here at Red Lake, I find that the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians was created by an Act of the United States Congress in 1889.  There is a big sign on the Red Lake Reservation boundary, and also on the “centennial” Red Lake license plates, “celebrating” this Act when Congress blatantly tried to steal the land, resources, identity, and culture of the Anishinabe Ojibway People at Red Lake.  This racist piece of legislation, passed by the United States Congress on January 14, 1889, reads in part, “... and as to the Red Lake Reservation, the cession and relinquishment shall be deemed sufficient if made and assented to in like manner by two-thirds of the male adults of all the Chippewa Indians in Minnesota...”  These “Chippewa Indians” had no claim whatsoever to the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ land that they were allegedly ceding.
In order to justify their thievery after the fact, the United States Executive Branch (including the Bureau of Indian Affairs) has interpreted this particular devious phrase as “creating the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe,” including turning White and Mulatto people into “Minnesota Chippewa Indians.”  In 1889, this nefarious scheme had absolutely nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway people, nor the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  It still doesn’t.  We cannot sell Grandmother Earth, we cannot sell our religion, and we cannot sell our identity; although the “Chippewa Indians” who are claiming to be Aboriginal Indigenous People, but are not, will apparently sell anything if the “price is right.”
As the United States elections near, there is the question being asked, “if these Chippewa Indians are a Sovereign Nation, how come are they voting in the United States elections?”  (Why aren’t the Norwegians or the Swedes also “sovereign”—they have European patrilineal ancestors, just like so-called the Chippewa Indians do.)  The second question is, “When did they give the Indians suffrage, and why did they make the Indians citizens, when they all had European or Indo-European patrilines, and were already European subject peoples?”
“Indian Sovereignty” is an invention of foreign European il-legal thinking, just as “Indian” is a mythological identity created by the European immigrants.  United States “Sovereignty” is also a European Sovereignty which is foreign to this Continent, just like the “Chippewa Indians” have an European Sovereignty.  According to crooked European linear “logic,” it makes just about as much sense as most of the things the White people here do.  These Europeans have no identity, they have no roots here, and the only culture that they have is almost indistinguishable from the violent pseudo- “culture” of their relatives in Europe.  Whites are always saying, “why shouldn’t the Indian assimilate, and be like us?”  I’ve got news for you—the “Indian” is your bastard blood brother, with values exactly the same as yours.  The W.A.S.P. élite distorts and romanticizes “Indians,” because they are trying to turn the Anishinabe Ojibway into “Chippewa Indians” so that they can hide the genocide and the Big Lie on this Continent.
This is Anishinabe Ojibway land.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, are a Sovereign Nation, no matter what any European-derived Nation, any “Indians,” or any Christian Church, for that matter, says or does.  Why should we give up our ancient and beautiful heritage for a second-class status in the racist Euro-American non-culture?
There have been a lot distortions, “spin control,” and other misinformation told about the “Minnesota Chippewa Tribe” that the United States Congress expediently invented on January 14, 1889, in addition to outright lies.  On February 5, 1936, the Executive Committee of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe held a meeting at Cass Lake.  According to the minutes of that meeting, Resolution Number 7 was, “WHEREAS the Red Lake Council has agreed to affiliate with the Minnesota Chippewa Tribal Council until the Red Lake Band is segregated by Act of Congress from the Chippewas of Minnesota in their common interests as provided under the Act of January 14, 1889 (25 Stat. 642). ...”  Delegates were appointed (including “Chippewa Indian” Peter Graves) to act for the Red Lake Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, and this was “unanimously” agreed to by the fraudulent Minnesota Chippewa Red Lake Tribal Council.  None of the “Red Lake Tribal Councils,” nor any of the other “Chippewa Indian” Councils, have ever been authorized by the Anishinabe Ojibway People to speak, or otherwise act, for the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  Chippewa Indians representing the Anishinabe Ojibway people makes just about as much sense as having the Ku Klux Klan act as a “representative” for Malcolm X.
That European-derived Nation, the United States of America, whose Sovereignty is held by Europe through both their religion and their genealogy, uses European Sovereignty to claim “eminent domain” over Anishinabe Ojibway land.  They have used their subject people, the “Chippewa Indians,” to claim “right of occupancy” and to “purchase” resources which belong neither to them nor to their so-called Chippewa Indians.  It’s about time that an accounting was made between the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation and that Johnny-Come-Lately pretender, the United States.  We could start by talking about the taxes that are due to the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, including taxes past due on all the land ceded by the European subjects and brokers, the “Chippewa Indians” in the “Treaties” and other schemes like the “1889 Agreement.”  If the Red Lake Chippewa Tribal Council were Anishinabe Ojibway people, they probably would have read the thing before they started “celebrating” it.  But, very few of them understand Crooked English, that’s why they keep trying to teach them the Creole language of “Chippewa” in school.
The Pembina Métis were voting in Minnesota Territorial elections, in the 1850’s—before they signed the 1863 “Red Lake and Pembina Treaty” as Chippewa Indians.  The Chippewa Indians were already citizens through their White patriline, when they got turned into citizens by allotment (1899), by “civilization,” and again by United States Statute in 1924.  (They got made into “citizens” so many times, they are second-class citizens.)  The U.S. keeps trying to use the “Indians” to claim jurisdiction over the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  I am not an Indian, I am Anishinabe Ojibway.  I am not a citizen of the United States; I hold the Sovereignty of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation jointly with all other Anishinabe Ojibway People.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist as a Sovereign Nation on our own land.  We do not need to vote according to the alien European scheme of mis-representative “democracy,” nor whatever else they want to call their foreign governments.
Everybody’s talking about “The Deficit.”  Nobody has even mentioned the underlying issue, which is that the theft of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources has sustained the United States’ economy from the very beginning.  “The Deficit” is only a symptom of a sick plunder-economy that’s running out of things to steal.  Also, into whose pocket does the two hundred billion dollars per year compound interest on the deficit go?  With tinkle-down economics, you’re all in deep doo-doo.  Vote November 3, for small change, but hang onto your hat!  Better yet, put your hand on your ass and wish for the moon. ...  Hmmm.  I wonder if the homeless ever get home-sick?
I am solely responsible for this column.  My telephone number is (218) 679-2382; my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601

4034.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 April). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Iskigamizigegiizis, or in English the “sap boiling moon” has come to Anishinabe Ojibway land. ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Iskigamizigegiizis, or in English the “sap boiling moon” has come to Anishinabe Ojibway land.  That’s when Grandmother Earth and Mother Nature begin re-awakening after the Winter.  The trees are budding and birds have begun to come back.  It’s another phase of our life, in which all things are connected, and harmonious.  Soon, the mosquitos and the flies and the woodticks, and the bumblebees and all of the other insects which belong here will wake up.  The deer will be having their little ones, and the bears with their cubs are already out, getting into mischief, investigating everything, looking at the world.  The cubs are playfully rassling with each other, acting like the little ones of every species.  It’s a good time of the year.
We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People have to get back to our roots, and our identity.  Our Traditional permacultural foods are an inherent part of this: our corn, our potatoes, our Mahnomen, our Ziinzibaakwad, and growing our gardens again.  But, then again, if you are not motivated, you can still be a “ration Indian” and get “commods,” and pay the price with your health and your life expectancy.  But, that’s your choice.
The rumor is that the housing authority at the hospital compound is ousting all of the Red Lake Indians, making them vacate the hospital housing to make room for some high-class Whites that are coming in.  Could it be that these are social engineers?  The evicted Indians will have to go out and rent housing off of the Res.  The closest place with much rental housing is in Bemidji.  What is this, integration, assimilation, and segregation all at once?  Put it any way you want to.
There was recently a court case involving two Metis people who were not enrolled members of the Red Lake Chippewa Indians.  The real issue is Indian Tribal Sovereignty, or Metis Sovereignty, whichever way you want to put it (no matter how you put it, it’s a delegated quasi-Sovereignty coming from the Europeans).  Two representatives from the Tribal Council are claiming that they had “Tribal Sovereignty,” and claimed jurisdiction over the Metis child and the mother.  The Tribal Judge honored the State of California’s Sovereignty, which was the diplomatic and legal thing to do, wasn’t it?  The Tribal Judge is operating under United States Federal Law, in a so-called Tribal Court run by contract from the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, and probably didn’t have much choice in interpreting the laws that were handed to him.  If the U.S. wants to give democracy to Indians, it seems like the judges should be elected like everywhere else, as should the Chief of Police.  But, what they are doing is muddying up the issue of Indian/Metis Sovereignty, and trying to confuse it with Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty.  The U.S. is trying to use the Metis to try to steal our Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty, which they have no right to do.
The con artists in high places must be up to something again.  In Sunday’s Bemidji Pioneer, there is an unsigned editorial saying that “both whites and Indians in this area are victims” of the Treaties.  With one side of his tongue, the writer of this editorial writes to support the Treaties, and with the other side of his tongue, he wants to abolish them.  The problem is that the United States negotiated the Treaties with themselves.  We’ve asked Senators and other officials for copies of the Treaties in Chippewa or Creole or any other Metis language, but the Treaties were only written in English.  The Treaties are not International Law, and if these Metis Indians take these Treaties to World Court under International Law, they would throw them out of court, because they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.  So much for Metis Sovereignty.  Whatever they do with the Treaties, it does not affect the Anishinabe Ojibway People’s Sovereignty on our own land.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway (We, the Original People) have a right to exist on our own land.  The Indians do not have anything to do with our inherent Aboriginal and Natural rights to our own land.
The writers at the Pioneer are always hollering about “taxes,” with particular focus on Red Lake.  The Anishinabe Ojibway people did not ask them to bring their European money system in here, and we did not need the White man’s money until they used money from our stolen resources to violently force us into their money system.  With one hand, the Beltrami County Pillars are desperately trying to gerrymander their new County Commissioner districts to prevent a County Commissioner from Red Lake—although the Diminishing Reservation has a population of about half that of Bemidji itself.  With the other hand, they are crying for money, and more money.  Sunday, the complaints were about “Payment In Lieu of Taxes.”  More than a hundred million dollars per year of Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ money goes directly into the Bemidji area White-controlled economy, instead of staying here and building up our own community.  Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples stolen land and resources are the base for the rest of the Bemidji area economy.  And still they are greedily crying, “more money, more money.”  The White man red-lines us with his crooked money system, and sends out his racist projections through his Capitalism showing as crooked “socialism,” stealing our resources for his own use and then blaming impoverished welfare recipients for the consequences of his theft.
An excerpt from the report of the Indian Claims Commission:
“Following the 1863 treaty session [which no Anishinabe Ojibway People signed], the Red Lake Indians [as well as the Anishinabe Ojibway People] continued to occupy the unceded lands adjoining the cession on the east, ... which Ramsey reported had been reserved by them at the time of the treaty.  The United States Supreme Court has held in the cases of Minnesota v. Hitchcock, 185 U.S. 373 and United States v. Holt State Bank, 270 U.S. 49, that the Red Lake Indians held the Indian right of occupancy or title to the lands retained on the east of the 1863 treaty cession, even though there was no formal cession from the United States [which never owned our Anishinabe Ojibway land], or a formal act setting the land apart as a reservation for them.  In the latter case the Court stated in its opinion that “the effect of what was done was to reserve in a general way for the continued occupation of the Indians of what remained of their [sic, this has always been Anishinabe Ojibway land] aboriginal territory, and thus it came to be known and recognized as a reservation.”
The Indian Claims Commission, as a part of their crooked process of trying to “close the books,” goes on to cite the 1889 “Agreement.”  The Anishinabe Ojibway people of Red Lake did not sign this agreement—on the original “signature rolls” the X-marks are forged.  That’s why the Indians and the United States don’t dare go into International Court, because they know it’s a con job.  England and the other heirs of Western European “Civilization” still need to come to terms with the genocide on this Continent.  Just as Hitler came out of the exact same tradition of Western Civilization, so the other Europeans and Euro-Americans must face what they have done.  They cannot hide.
Governor Brown is making the Feudal Lords uncomfortable with what he is saying about taxes, housing, and the de-facto slavery which is a part of the Democratic Process.  He’s waking up the farmers who lost their farmland, the people who are losing the mortgages on their houses, the jobless.  I still say, nobody has addressed jobs as one of the endangered species in America, which need to be addressed along with the buffalo and other wildlife, which the lords and the vassals of Ye Olde Merrie England are after.  George Bush’s lip-synching, “read my lips, four more years of Reaganomics, S. & L. bailouts, give-always to the rich,” and more pork for his cronies in the Department of the Interior, subsidizing the destruction of the environment that’s left.  George Bush’s “new world order” is the same old European upper-class Feudal rip-off trying to rule the world, when they can’t even run their own lives.  They’re kiting checks for themselves, and don’t want to balance the National budget because the interest on the National Debt is another give-away for the privileged rich.  The American Dream has always been a night-mare named “Unbridled Greed.”  Someone needs to tell President Bush that the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources that have supported England and the United States for 200 years are gone.  It’s time to get your head out of the sand and face the real world.  There is no more.  You have already wasted and plundered what supported the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples in abundance for many millennia.

4035.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: King Henry the Eighth of England reclaimed his Sovereignty away from the Pope when Henry founded the Anglican Protestant Church, which continues to hold the Sovereignty ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: King Henry the Eighth of England reclaimed his Sovereignty away from the Pope when Henry founded the Anglican Protestant Church, which continues to hold the Sovereignty of the Euro-American W.A.S.P.s.  Henry went to war with France, of the Holy Roman Empire, and with Spain, which is also part of the Catholic Empire—and defeated them both.  These European wars were fought, on both sides of the Atlantic, over which European Sovereign would get the rights to rape, plunder, and steal on both of these Continents.
Compulsory education in the “public schools” has a covert curriculum which is more important than reading, writing, and arithmetic.  I spent nine years as a political prisoner in the Boarding Schools, subject to all of the propaganda and brainwashing techniques of the Europeans.  They were trying to change my identity from a Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway person with a Clan and a Dodem, to turn me into one of their Chippewa Indians, who do not have a Clan or Dodem because of their Indo-European patriline.  The history that is taught in American schools is crooked history, written by the Englishmen, who conquered the Frenchmen.  What the English call the “French and Indian Wars” were fought between European people: between the French and the English.  After the English conquered the French and their halfbreed Frenchmen, they put them into P.O.W. camps which are called “Reservations,” and turned the Frenchmen into “Indians.”
When the Frenchmen leave the Reservation, at the Reservation line, they say “take off your feathers.”  When they return, at the boundary marker, they say “put on your feathers again.”  These Frenchmen are subject people of the Englishmen, because France lost the wars.
Friday and Saturday, September 25 and 26, there was a conference in Minneapolis called “Issues in America and [Apartheid] Indian Policy,” held by the Hamline University School of Law, sponsored by the St. Paul Companies and St. Paul American Indians in Unity.  One of the speakers at this conference said that there were “deplorable conditions” on the Indian Reservations, yet.  According to the speaker, these deplorable living conditions include things like no running water and no sewage systems.  In International Law, the Rules of War lay out very specific guidelines for treatment of Prisoners of War and Occupied Peoples.  The W.A.S.P. programs on the Indian Reservations comply with—and no more—the andated provisions in the European Rules of War, although the “social engineering,” “genetic engineering” and other diabolical schemes are apparently jackpot bonuses.  The Rules of War don’t require running water.
The Anishinabe Ojibway People did not go to war with the Englishmen, we did not go to war with the Frenchmen, we did not go to war with the Halfbreed Indians, and we also did not go to war with the Sioux like some of these Indians who call themselves “historians” are lying about.  These “Chippewa and Sioux” wars were fought between Europeans, French “Chippewas” and French “Sioux” and English Iroquois, mostly over the fur trade (and also over colonial expansion).  The enterprising Englishmen bought the stolen goods and booty at bargain prices.
The Anishinabe Ojibway People cannot go to war.  We lived in harmony—war is against our religion and there is not even a word in our language for “War” or “Peace.”  We kept our forests intact, we kept our water pure and pristine.  Everything was how it was supposed to be, not like Europe which was all torn up from the endless wars in which more than 90 physical diseases were generated.  These diseases, and I don’t know how many categories of mental illnesses (including greed, violence and going to War), were brought over here, and some of them used as tools of genocide.  Now that we have these French Indians and English Indians here, with their European war culture, everything is plundered and destroyed.  If these European people are not fighting with each other, they’re going to war against the environment.  They have endless conferences about “social problems,” which don’t change the problems.  They need to look at their war culture, and also their leaders and their whole idea of “leadership.”  The Europeans here need to find out who they are.  The whole European culture is a con job—they wouldn’t be here stealing from us if it wasn’t.
Sunday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune printed an article about Civil Rights and the “Tribal Courts” again.  These “Tribal Courts” are really military courts: the W.A.S.P.s are using some slippery English, but what they are really administering are P.O.W. Tribunals coming out of the French-and-Indian wars that the Englishmen won.  The reason that the W.A.S.P.s treat the French Indians so ambiguously, is that they are trying to drag the Anishinabe Ojibway people into their crooked system.  Neither the French Indians nor the Englishmen (including the U.S.A.) have any jurisdiction here over the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  We are not Indians, we are a different people altogether.  This is not the Europeans’ land, and it is not the Indians’ land.  This has never been their land, and it never will be.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People have a right to exist on our own land, without these European people here interfering with our lives, stealing from us, telling lies about ourselves and our history, and destroying our environment.
When George Bush ran against Michael Dukakis in the last election, Bush was looking for a scapegoat.  Dukakis had a prison furlough program going, and Bush won the election by playing on peoples’ fears.   George Bush used dirty scare tactics, trying to imply that Dukakis would let every criminal and crook out of prison—like they did in Europe at one time.  The European prisons were emptied into this Continent (and some of George Bush’s ancestors probably include people on the European Kings’ transatlantic Furlough).  This time, Bush is trying another angle on the same scam, looking for weak spots.  This election, he’s lawyer-bashing.  The guy who four years ago had lost his name for a Massachusetts prison number all of a sudden got a new title: Willie Horton, Esquire, Barrister and Litigator.  I’ll sure be glad when this election is over, and we can go back to four more years of apathy, before politicians, in their once-every-four-years patriotism (or is it patronism) try to save the country again, and everybody else tries to save their pocketbooks (if there’s anything left by then).
I am solely responsible for this article; the opinions are mine. 
If you have any complaints, my telephone number is (218) 679-2382. (My phone number is in the new phone book, although they mis-spelled the name the Europeans forced on me in the name of “Civilization.”  They must be trying to change my identity yet again, by giving me another European name.)  I would be glad to hear from you.

4036.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Now that the two party conventions are history, they can get on with the real mud-slinging, name-calling, and allegations--so that the would-be leaders can avoid the serious domestic issues here in what they call “America.”...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: September 4, 1992
Now that the two party conventions are history, they can get on with the real mud-slinging, name-calling, and allegations—so that the would-be leaders can avoid the serious domestic issues here in what they call “America.”  Seems to me that the Republican party has it down “Pat,” Pat Buchanan, Pat Robinson, these extreme right-wingers who call themselves the “Real Americans.”
The Democratic Party is called “Un-American.”  They call them “liberal,” whatever that means, and I supposed that if Communism was still in existence, they would call them Commie-Pinkos.  How many different categories of “Americans” are there?  And, what if you are on the unemployment rolls, what are you called then?  Lazy American?  This is the Helping Hand of Adam Smith and Hobbes: blame-the-victim Lazy-Fair economics.
Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson, who are so far right they’ve left their common sense, and want to run everybody else’s country, just like the Communists and all of the other Evil Empires of history.  They are so greedy that they can’t take care of the people and the land they claim here.  Like an Austrian Corporal they remind me of, they have megalomaniac dreams of grandeur and power.  They want to be the World Policeman, the World Leader Superpower, but they need get their head out of the clouds and their feet firmly planted on the ground.  They need Hillary’s home-made cookies and a warm glass of milk—and listen to some good advice from Ross Perot.  They claim that Bill Clinton is not an expert at World Affairs, but admit that his wife knows what an Indian Reservation is like.  War is not the final solution, and Indo-European “peace” is even more violent than their wars.  They are two sides of the same worn-out coin.
The five E’s that have to be addressed here in this country: Employment, Education, Empowerment, Ethics, and Environment.  These are the issues that the Republican Party is not addressing.  It seems that their Right-fringe diplomacy is accomplished through violence masked by mixed metaphors, elusive euphemisms and crooked and slippery English.  The present reality, after twelve years of “Dawn in America,” the Ninth European Crusade (hailed as the “American Crusade,”), and rigid linear militaristic thinking, is that the cities in America are disasters, the farms are disasters, and what’s left of the wilderness is a disaster.  Your voo-doo economics equals hip-boot deep doo-doo.  The Right Wing Crusaders are even talking about taking away Cuban Sovereignty, and giving it back to Europe yet again.  That old Machiavellian thinking, of beating somebody into “loving” you, is outdated and archaic, and cannot work in this day and age.
Those right-wingers who claim that they are the only “real Americans” should go look in the mirror.  From where I sit, they are the “Ugly Americans.”  They have no business telling other people how to live.  The Divine Mandate of Manifest Destiny is also archaic and outdated.
They should have held their convention here at Red Lake, in what was once called the northern forests, and sat on stumps.  There would have been enough seating for hundreds of Conventions.  Anishinabe Ojibway, We the People, have lived on this land, and kept it beautiful, for hundreds of millennia.  We don’t need these johnny-come-lately Europeans telling us how to live.  The Great American Crusader leadership is more concerned with their greedy G.N.P. than with the ecological and human infrastructure of this country.
How do “Ugly Americans” perpetuate stereotypes?  There were no “Indians” here until the Europeans created the ugly stereotype of “Indian.”  There is no word for “Indian,” nor for “Chippewa” in our language.  The English have been going around the world for five hundred years, giving other people labels and racist identities.
The role models for the “Indian” stereotypes are paid good money (or bad money, but lots of money any way you look at it) to promote this artificial identity.  Kevin Costner made millions of dollars producing propaganda; promoting stereotypes of a non-existent “Indian” race of people.  Chairman Brun and Former Chairman Jourdain are paid a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year, plus fringe benefits, to promote this fake and racist Chippewa Indian identity.
If the Ugly Americans of the Religious Right get in, maybe they’ll try to solve the Civil Rights problems by creating a Bureau of Nigger Affairs, with “Tribal Chairmen” getting paid a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year.  Or, why not “solve” the economic problems by creating a Bureau of Redneck Honky Affairs, and put a Tribal Chairman in, and pay him a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year?  You would have long lines of people eager to change their identity—no matter that it’s an incredibly racist, mythological lie—for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year.  Redneck Honkies, Niggers, and Indians do not exist, and yet the United States and England keep on funding, paying and promoting this racist label of “Indian,” as well as other ugly stereotypes so that they can steal other peoples’ land, resources, and Sovereignty.
There are the Ugly Americans, the Un-American, the unemployed American, the racist American, the Real American, the Native American and the All-American—I’m sure glad that I’m not an “American.”

4037.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 April). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On Wednesday, April 22, 1992, the State of California executed the son of a Cherokee Indian woman ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On Wednesday, April 22, 1992, the State of California executed the son of a Cherokee Indian woman, Robert Alton Harris.  The vicious stereotypes and labels of Indians have done their dirty work.  The media avoided saying that Robert Harris was an “Indian,” although an in-depth article from the Los Angeles Times mentions that Harris fantasized about “mystical Indians.”  There were no Indians here before the White man invented them, and Harris paid with his life in the gas chamber of San Quentin, for trying to live out the White man’s nightmare and scapegoat projections of “Indian” identity: drunken Indian, lazy Indian, dirty Indian ...  As long as a person is caught in the identity of “Indian,” there is no escape from these stereotypes.  An extremely high percentage of “Indians” are in prison—because of their identity of Indian.  They don’t need to follow that vicious, self-destructive path.  The Indian identity is a diabolical tool of genocide invented by the White man.  There is absolutely no way anybody can base a good life on this insane European racism, and too many people have died trying.  It’s too late to turn the meaning of “Indian” into something else; the genocide cannot be erased.
I, myself, have tried to fill the Indian stereotypes and live the roles defined by the labels the White man created: the drunken Indian, the lazy Indian, the dirty Indian, the born loser.  I was forced into the Boarding Schools at Red Lake, and I went through the brainwashing process that both the Churches and the U.S. Government used to try to turn Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, as well as Metis Peoples, into “Indians.”  I speak from experience.  My advice to you young Metis who want to be “Indian,” is forget it.  It isn’t worth it.  No human being can fill out the stereotype, anyway.  My children and my grandchildren are not Indians, they are Anishinabe Ojibway People with a Clan and a Dodem.  If you’ve lost your Clan and Dodem, find out who you really are.  Metis people have their own identity and their own history, although they are not Aboriginal Indigenous peoples of this Continent.  Metis do not need to be the White man’s caricature.
I went into the St. Mary’s Mission School, under the genocidal Compulsory School Education Act, speaking the Ojibway language.  Every time I said a single word in my own, ancient and beautiful language, I would get physically beaten that night.  They said that this was to “civilize” me.  (Now, the Red Lake Schools are teaching “Chippewa,” which is not the same as the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  The Chippewa language is a creole language, with French, and English, and a lot of other things all mixed up together; it’s a mutated language and does not have the strength and power of the Anishinabe Ojibway language.)  To replace the language they beat out of me, they gave me four hundred words of broken English.  The nuns told me “you are the vanishing American.”  They said “your grandparents are dirty Indians,” and advised me to abandon my Anishinabe Ojibway heritage.  They told me I was a “savage, dirty Indian, and the Europeans have a God-given right to destroy you [Manifest Destiny].”  They brainwashed all of us young Anishinabe Ojibway children into believing we were “no good,” so we could fill out their stereotypes, provide cheap labor and cannon fodder, and so they could steal our land and resources.  (Their ancestors had already plundered their own land in Europe through their greed.)  After they got done with me, I didn’t have much of any language at all.  I didn’t have much of anything: low self-esteem, a fake identity, and a lot of anger because it’s difficult to express yourself in four hundred words of Broken English.  It’s difficult to even think clearly, without any language at all.
I left the boarding school when I was fifteen years old.  In order to be an “Indian,” a person had to drink.  I was given “home brew” (home-made beer).  The people who gave it to me said, “Have a drink, Nii-jii!  You are no friend of mine unless you have a drink.”  The family violence, the fights, the car-wrecks, the broken marriages, were all a part of the “drunken Indian” stereotype.  How many of our people have died from this vicious projection of the White man, “drunken Indian.”  Alcohol had no place in the Anishinabe Ojibway community, and alcohol and drugs still do not belong here.  Alcohol is the “sacred drug” of the Europeans, and was brought into the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation with the intended purpose of destroying us as a People, which it does.
The subject peoples who were relocated from the East Coast, the Metis or Chippewa Indians, many of them were already alcoholics when they were packed onto the Enrollments at Red Lake.  The Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, an Euro-American genocide organization, controls who is recognized as “Indian,” who can be Indian and who can’t be Indian.  These people of European patrilineal heritage were adopted into the “Indian” tribe by the colonizers, but they were not adopted by the Anishinabe Ojibway People who own the land.
These White Indians are the people who are the most outspoken about “Indian” culture.  These are the people who told the Anthropologists about “Indian culture,” they are the people who sit on the “Indian boards,” and they are all over the Media, promoting Indians.  But, they are not Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, and they do not know anything about Anishinabe Ojibway culture.  Although several books have been written about “Chippewa Indian religion” some of them by “Indians,” these Metis people cannot go into the Midewiwin and do not know anything about our Anishinabe Ojibway religion.  The Big Chippewa Indians leaders are “faking it,” and adding “authenticity” to the Europeans’ stereotypes.
It’s more than a full-time job filling out the stereotypes of “Indian.”  The projections and the scapegoats and the labels have already done their dirty work.  There are now people out in the front, Indian spokespeople to the Media, trying to change the label from a bad label to a good label, but the damage has already been done.  They can’t un-do it.  The Media are scrambling, promoting and cheer-leading their Indians, trying to prevent the day of reckoning that must come.  The United States, and all of the other Euro-American States on these Continents, are founded on the genocide tradition of Western European so-called Civilization.  Their roots and their way of thinking are the same as Adolf Hitler’s.  They come out of the same mold, and they are going to have to come to terms with it.
Robert Alton Harris filled out a role and a stereotype, and he paid with his life for it.  The prisons are filled with Indians—and there were no Indians here before the Europeans got here.  These Indians are trying to live out the stereotypes: Dances with the Wolves, Billy Jack, Tonto and all of that other crap.  All of the Hollywood role models that Indians are so desperately trying to follow are all the White man’s bullshit.  Indians and Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples are two entirely different groups of people.
To you people in the Euro-American prisons, how are you going to live out all of these Indian stereotypes?  You can’t do it, nobody can do it.  You would be better off finding out who you really are, and throwing the White man’s garbage identities into the trash; they are more pollution, worse than the Nuclear Bomb they dropped on the Japanese.
At last January’s Super Bowl football game, a lot of Wanna-Be Indians got on T.V.  They thought they were protesting the racist slur used by the United States Capitol City’s football team—but what it amounted to was free promotion (unless some of the Indian leaders got paid—and they probably did get paid from the Churches), international Media coverage that there are really colorful Indians in Minneapolis.  The football team got free advertising, and the Indians got used and shafted by these snake-oil salesmen, again.  There are real, serious problems in both the Metis and Aboriginal Indigenous communities in Minneapolis.  There needs to be serious questions directed toward this “Indian identity,” and the Indian leaders are not helping their people.  They are caught up in an ego trip where they are promoting racism and the very identity that’s destroying people, along with the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, which has been trying to annihilate all of the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations ever since it was founded in the United States War Department in the early 1800’s.
The Euro-Americans have written what they think is a practically airtight maze of statute laws, bureaucratic regulations, and court decisions for their “Indians.”  They call it “Indian law,” even though it is imported European Roman Statute Law and British Common Law written for their subject peoples, the people they call “Indians.”  When Indian Law is applied to Aboriginal Indigenous People, it is in violation of International Law—and it is genocide.  Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty on these Continents takes precedence over any European-derived laws, it supersedes “Indian Law” any day of the week, and it also supersedes the Papal Bulls and other Judeo-Christian laws.
In my research into the genealogy and in writing the history of the Anishinabe Ojibway, of the more than twenty-one original Clans of the Anishinabe Ojibway, there are only five Clans and Dodems remaining in Red Lake.  There are three Clans and Dodems which have disappeared recently; the last person of these Clans and Dodems has died.  These are the Lynx Clan, the Beaver Clan, and one of the fish Clans and Dodems, and these Anishinabe Ojibway People who are now gone are my relations.  This is genocide.  It is an extension of Western European Civilization, just like the Nazis.

4038.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: One of the themes of the G.O.P. Convention was “family values.”  As the speakers came on and described their home lives and their childhood stories, and nostalgic experiences,...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: One of the themes of the G.O.P. Convention was “family values.”  As the speakers came on and described their home lives and their childhood stories, and nostalgic experiences, this almost brought me to sentimental tears.  But then, suddenly, I came to my senses, and knew that this was not reality, but pure election-year hocus-pocus and bullshit.  The only “family values” these guys have, are destroying other peoples’ families, and stealing their land, resources and Sovereignty.  I started to realize what they have done—and are still doing—to the Anishinabe Ojibway families: the genocide and the intentional destruction of the family values that we have, as well as of our religion and the rest of our culture.  One of the strategies that the good ol’ self-proclaimed “Real American” W.A.S.P.’s have used to obliterate Anishinabe Ojibway people, has been through their “Indians” that they invented and packed on top the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  These Euro-Indians are used by their puppet-masters the Euro-Americans to hide the genocide and ongoing genocidal policies of the English-American “multinational” Corporate State.  These “Indians” are being used by the Euro-Americans to obliterate every trace that the Aboriginal Indigenous People were ever here.
At the Outlet to Lower Red Lake, there are what the State of Minnesota and the Bureau of Indian Affairs call “Indian Mounds.”  These are not “Indian Mounds.”  These are the burial places of Anishinabe Ojibway People.  The Red Lake “Federally recognized (fake) Indian rolls” are filled with White and Mulatto French and other Indo-European people, who the Englishmen made into “Indians” to steal our Anishinabe Ojibway land.  The White Government Indian Chiefs signed a “Treaty” in 1863, at the Old Crossing on the Red Lake River.  England and the United States Government signed “Treaties” with themselves, and called them “Indian” treaties.  The Euro-Americans have tried to hide their crookedness from generation to generation, but each generation they add another layer of deception.  In 1948, in order to try to resolve the problem of the “Treaties” that they knew were crooked, the United States Government sued themselves in the Indian Claims Commission.
Rather than call my and other Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ ancestor’s graves Anishinabe Ojibway mounds, they call them “Indian mounds.”  Building highways and bridges over our ancestors graves is part of the Euro-Americans’ agenda of obliterating the Anishinabe Ojibway People from the face of this continent, and trying to say that we “were never here.”  The State of Minnesota did not negotiate with the Anishinabe Ojibway People about our ancestors.  They called this burial site “Indian mounds,” and then “negotiated” with themselves yet again: striking a deal with their Euro-Bureau-Indians to seal under concrete the graves that they had already looted and plundered.  I called the State of Minnesota to ask for the archeological reports, and was told that it was “a felony” to make results of this publicly-funded research public, even to people whose ancestors are being directly affected.  The bridge that they want to replace would still be in very good shape, if it wasn’t for the steady stream of overloaded logging trucks stealing the Anishinabe Ojibway People’s timber, with the help of their Euro-Indians.
On the Reservation Line, the United States Forest Service has a sign with Smoky the Bear pleading with people not to start fires, to save Smoky’s home.  I don’t hear Smoky the Bear saying anything to the woods-butchers, clear-cutting his home—or for that matter, anything to the Euro-Indians who shoot anything they see and leave it lay.  Smoky the Bear should have been around in 1889, when the White people who call themselves the “United States Government” were burning our property.  That’s what you call “family values,” looting and burning—at least if you’re upper-class W.A.S.P.
The old, virgin forests have all been cut down and destroyed.  They have planted a small number of trees along the road.  What the Euro-Americans want to be able to say, in another generation, is that “there were no virgin forests here, the only forests here are the ones that we planted.”  To me, these scrubby little straight lines of imported species look ugly.  They remind me of Hitler’s Black Forest, regimented rows of trees and nothing else.  These forests look ugly, just like the ugly American who planted them.  They invent “scientific theories” about things that they don’t know anything about, to justify completely demolishing our beautiful and harmonious permacultural ecosystem.
In the 1940’s, we could drink the water in the lakes and streams at Red Lake.  But now, it’s all like Europe, all polluted.  It figures.  European culture was imported, European values were imported, and European immigrants were imported to this Continent (and some of them were turned into “Indians”).  Where our Anishinabe Ojibway people kept the environment intact—while supporting a much larger population than the Euro-American “historians” admit to—where our water was pristine and clean, and our forests were beautiful, the Europeans have managed to wreck just about everything here in just a little more than a hundred years.  Think about it.  The Euro-Americans are sick with the mental illness of Greed; maybe most of them don’t understand what they are doing; they don’t understand the terrible liability that they are creating for everybody, and for all the people who have to live on this land.  There are some Euro-Americans who understand what is happening—but have been conned into believing that they are “powerless” to do anything about it.  And then, there are the greedy politicians, who spout rhetoric about “family values” at the same time as they are destroying the homes and futures of the very people they claim to “represent” in their foreign “democracy.”
Don’t forget to go to the Primaries and vote next week.  Let’s throw the old scoundrels and rascals out, and put new and better rascals in!  Have a good day.
The opinions in this column are mine, and I take responsibility for what I write.  If you have complaints, write to me c/o this paper, or phone me at (218) 679-2382.

4039.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Tanja, a three-ton hippopotamus imprisoned in the Amsterdam zoo, has sat on and killed ten of her babies ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Tanja, a three-ton hippopotamus imprisoned in the Amsterdam zoo, has sat on and killed ten of her babies, according to the November 14 Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The zoo officials’ reaction to Tanja’s infanticide does not deal with the real problem.  Why doesn’t the Amsterdam zoo return Tanja and her mate to their natural habitat (pardon their “crime”), where she would be in the environment she is meant to be in, and where she would want her children to live, rather than killing them.
Western European “Civilization,” including the Christianity which has been used to justify everything from slavery to Holocausts, is based on violence, control, dishonesty about history as well as present reality.  Prisons, in all of their many forms, are an inherent part of this.
The suicide rates for both Anishinabe Ojibway and Métis children are a symptom of broader human rights violations by the Honky élite of the European occupation force.  These children are reacting in a terrible way to the conditions of the concentration camps called “Reservations” which the same people who create zoos for four-leggeds have created for human beings.  It doesn’t have to be like this.  The present-day American Citizens do not need to remain in complicity with Western “Civilization” stealing Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ property and destroying our human and ecological infrastructure.  Tanja the imprisoned hippopotamus knows more about human rights violations than all of the “World Leaders” apparently do.
A hate letter arrived in the mail, from an anonymous person who is trying to blame me for what the immigrant Europeans have done here.  This is not my language, and yet you are blaming me (in your immigrant English) for the racist hate laws that your own people have passed here, in order to steal.  Scapegoating and Willie Horton tricks are an indispensable part of European and Euro-American culture, values, and politics.  Go read your own statute books—every one of these immigrant foreign laws are hate laws, thievery and anarchy, and every American Citizen carries part of the responsibility that these hate laws remain “On the Books.”  My people didn’t know English when most of these foreign laws and policies were written.  The Anishinabe Ojibway People did not have anything to do with passing United States hate laws and inventing fake tribes and bands of “Chippewa Indians” to apply these laws to.  Hate laws are an old European tradition.  Adolf Hitler was a product of Western European “Civilization,” just like the “Americans.”  Have Nazi Germany’s hate and holocaust laws ever been formally repealed?  United States hate and holocaust laws remain in the current United States statute books, in court precedents, and in Common Law.  The U.S. hate laws include so-called “Indian Law,” which is nothing other than European British Common Law and Roman Statute Law applied to their own European subject people who have been given the identity of “Indians.”  None of these European laws apply to Aboriginal Indigenous People on this Continent.  Foreign, European Judeo-Christian Sovereignty has no jurisdiction on this Continent, whether it’s called “American,” or whether it’s called “Indian.”  When immigrant Europeans claim that this is a “Judeo-Christian Nation,” it is an open admission of genocide.
English is not my mother tongue, it is a foreign language.  I had to learn your foreign European language of English to tell you what was and is presently being done.  Now that I have taught myself how to write in English I am trying to do something about the way things are.  My ancestors tried to tell you, in the Anishinabe Ojibway language, and you wouldn’t listen.  The Métis interpreters couldn’t interpret what we were saying, because they didn’t speak the Anishinabe Ojibway language, and most of them didn’t speak English very well, either (they spoke a French Creole language they call “Chippewa”).  Because the Métis have European values, they didn’t understand the Anishinabe Ojibway People at that time, and they still don’t understand (they think like their White patrilineal ancestors).  That’s why I’m telling you in English.  I’m telling you how you look from an Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, what your culture, your religion and your values look like from the outside.  What the Europeans do in Europe is their own business.  The immigrant Europeans—who forced themselves on Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples—ran away from the violence, chaos and devastation that they had created in Europe, and brought their problems with them here.  The social violence, dictatorships, religious oppression, addictions and ecological mayhem which now confront us all here are a part of the European culture which you Europeans brought with you.  Don’t blame me for your problems.  Find another scapegoat who can’t defend themself with English—or better yet, take responsibility for yourself and start dealing honestly and honorably with the mess that you immigrant peoples have made.
Your laws were all passed in Crooked and Slippery English, to benefit the immigrant Europeans—they were and are stealing from us.  All I did was learn to understand and write in English, and tell you what you, as an American citizen, are condoning and still reaping the benefits of.  If the Anishinabe Ojibway People didn’t speak English, you could still get away with having “Indians” here—but we understand English, and are telling you that your “Indians” are a fake and a fraud, an European mythology peopled by Europeans.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People have a right to exist as a Sovereign People in our land, without any interference from European “Indians” nor any other immigrant European subject people.  The “hate” that you write about is a projection from yourself, a person who is too scared to have debate and dialogue, nor even sign your name.  I don’t hate White people.  Now that there are millions of immigrant people here, we must have dialogue about how to make this world a better place.  Your leaders have had five hundred years to do this, and haven’t.  Every person has to be responsible and accountable for their actions (instead of hiding behind “democracy,” “free-market economies,” bureaucracies and unsigned letters), and the people that you allow to act as your leaders have been criminally irresponsible.
In the August issue of Field and Stream, there was an article about “White Indians,” which was full of stereotyped lies about Aboriginal Indigenous People, but it was accurate about many thousands of the millions of European immigrants who tried to “go native,” (including the French and Métis people who were turned into “Indians” by the Englishmen as a result of the wars between England and France).  With all of the Europeans trying to be “Indians” (because they don’t know that “Indians” are not Aboriginal Indigenous People—Crooked English again), it seems ironic that the Europeans created Boarding Schools to kidnap Anishinabe Ojibway children and try to change us into Europeans, brutalizing us for speaking our own language.  If the European culture is in such a crooked shambles that you people don’t want it, why are you trying to force us into it?  The Europeans here ran away from their own homeland, and are trying to give themselves another identity of “Americans” or “American Indians,” but no matter what Crooked English words they use, they still come out foreign Europeans.  If you don’t like your own culture, why should I?
WORLD HUNGER:  The United States Government is sending their hired mercenaries, who they call Marines, into the country of Somalia to shoot the externally-supported leaders who are hoarding the food, when they should have been planting their own gardens to help feed their people.  But, so-called “Leaders” all over the world have been using access to food to subjugate the people.  The U.S. Marines are a diversionary tactic, and by their “Shoot To Feed” policy cannot solve the problems that the Europeans have created in Somalia.  After the present Civil War is settled, there will be a revolution, and the senseless and unnecessary violence will go on and on as long as the European élite keeps adding fuel to the fire, creating factions and playing one side against another for their own benefit.  Such Machiavellian tactics are diabolical thinking, outdated, archaic and obsolete.  All people need to live in harmony, rather than the Europeans’ violent “Peace.”
FARM STATION NEWS:  For most of the summer the flowing well has been broken.  We would like to thank Roman Sigana for taking the time to fix the flowing well for the people at Red Lake.  He spent money from his own pocket, and this is not “tribal money,” nor welfare, either.  Thanks again, Roman, from all of us who enjoy the water from this well.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

4040.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The First Amendment to the United States Constitution begins, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...”...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: October 9, 1992
The First Amendment to the United States Constitution begins, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...”  In 1977, the United States Congress violated their own Constitution by passing the “Indian Freedom of Religion Act,” to establish “Indian Religion.”  Anishinabe Ojibway People are Sovereign, and neither the United States Congress, nor any other European Nation, have any jurisdiction over Anishinabe Ojibway People, land, or the Midewiwin Religion.  The Euro-Americans know that they have no jurisdiction over Anishinabe Ojibway People—that’s why they created Chippewa Indians, who are European subject people because they lost their Anishinabe Ojibway identity when their European patrilineal ancestor created them.  Chippewa Indians do not have an Anishinabe Ojibway patrilineal Clan and Dodem.
When Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ religion started coming out from underground, after a century of oppression, during the Civil Rights Movement, the United States Government was stuck with a bunch of Christian “Indians.”  The United States Congress passed the “Indian Freedom of Religion Act” in order to give their Indians a “Real Indian Religion,” and make these people stuck in a mythological identity seem more like the Aboriginal Indigenous People the United States is trying to hide.  This was so critical to the United States that they violated their own Constitution to create “Indian Religion.”
After this illegal act of United States Congress, establishing “Indian Religion,” lo and behold!  Hundreds of White fake “Indian Medicine Men” started coming out of the woodwork.  All of a sudden, among certain groups of wanna-be Indians, the way to be a real Indian was to be a “Medicine Man,” and wear beads and turquoise and carry a medicine bag and a plastic laminated card to show that they are a Real Indian, complete with a license for eagle feathers issued by the White man.  These Wanna-be Instant Medicine Men look foolish and stupid.  Some of them have apparently read all of the Anthropological literature about “Indian Medicine Men,” and watched every movie, and their trying to live out the caricatures of racist nineteenth-century anthropologists, Hollywood screenwriters, and New Age Chanters and Fakirs all at the same time is really hilarious.
The “Indian Medicine Man” who was in the news lately is not the only “Indian Religion” cult leader who has hurt people.  How many other people have been hurt, and not said anything about it?  There are a lot of desperate people looking for help in solving their problems coming to “Medicine Men.”  How many have been mis-guided, or abused?  The United States Congress is liable for the people who have gotten hurt under the “Indian Religion” they established.
Congress, who created this mess, needs to turn around and start a Congressional investigation because of all the people who are getting hurt by these fake and wanna-be Indian Medicine Men.  If people want to look for something deeper than Christianity, more power to them.  The problem is that the “Indian Religion” which has been created by the U.S. Congress is a cult.  What I say to you “Indians” and your sideshow Indian Medicine Men, is “go on back to Christianity, where you belong because of your European patriline.”  There are too many people who have been hurt by irresponsible abuse of power by “Indian Medicine Men.”  “Indian Religion” is patterned after Christianity, and like Christianity is has centralized power held by a few men, and like Christianity, “Indian Religion” has a lot of potential for many kinds of abuse.  The safeguards in the Midewiwin have been taken out of “Indian Religion”—and Christianity.  “Indian Religion” has nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin.  “Indian Religion” is an European foreign religion, based on European concepts.  “Tribes” are also a foreign Indo-European crooked ideology.
“Indians” and “Indian Religion” were created because of the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  They were also created to protect the hierarchial, centralized, materialistic European way of thinking from the egalitarian Anishinabe Ojibway and our religion, the Midewiwin.  The Euro-Americans are using their “Indians” as a broker, as a smokescreen, and as a buffer and a scapegoat.  Why did the Europeans dress up as “Indians” at the Boston Tea Party?  The impostors are still here, posing as “Indians” and trying to say that they are the same as Aboriginal Indigenous People, when they are not.  They are a cheap imitation when they get caught in this fake “Indian” identity.
When Roger Jourdain was Chairman, he sounded like a broken record.  He was always saying, “look what I done for all you Indians.  I gave you housing.  I gave you an old folks center.  I got all these Government programs for you.”  But, what Roger Jourdain neglected to tell you Indians, is that he was a vital part of the resources being stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway People.  Just go out and look for the forests.  Where are they?  (There is lots of room for politicians making stump speeches.)  The money from stealing our resources was paid to the “Indians.”  The Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Council” brought in by Roger Jourdain does not belong here—and Roger Jourdain does not belong here, either.  He is a European, and does not have any Anishinabe Ojibway ancestry.  He might have some Mohican ancestry on the matriline, but he does not have an Anishinabe Ojibway Clan or Dodem, and that means that he has no claim to Anishinabe Ojibway land or resources; he has no right nor authority to bring in alien governments; and he cannot sell our land or forests.  Being “Federally Recognized” or “Unique” does not give you the right to steal.  This is not Chippewa Indian land, and these are not Chippewa Indian resources.  The translation of the Crooked English term, “Federally Recognized,” is “being told by a bunch of crooks that you’re one of their good ol’ crooked henches,” and that’s really very unique.  It’s only happened in every colonially occupied Aboriginal Indigenous Nation on this Continent for the past five hundred years.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People have a right to exist as a Sovereign People on our own land.
As soon as the media starts putting heat on Ross Perot, he withdraws from the race.  When they start ignoring him, he jumps back into the race.  I don’t suppose I can vote, because Anishinabe Ojibway people aren’t citizens of the United States—I am not an Indian.  “Indians” are citizens, they were already citizens when they were made citizens again.  They were citizens when they were born, because of their White father.  Congress passed another law, in 1924, making “Indians” into citizens, but they were trying to incorporate the Aboriginal Indigenous people, by calling us “Indians.”  “Indians” are second-class citizens because they got made into citizens twice, but I am not a citizen, because I took my identity back—I am Anishinabe Ojibway, and no matter how many laws the United States passes, they can’t turn me into an “Indian” nor a “citizen.”  If I could vote, I would vote for Ross Perot, but only if he wasn’t on the ballot.  Vote anyway, for any one of the Hobson’s Choices on the ballot, but hang onto your hat, and especially hang onto your pocketbook.
I am solely responsible for this column.  My phone number is (218) 679-2382.

4041.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The grand-daughter of Indian athlete Jim Thorpe, who is director of United Now Indian Olympic Nation (UNION) ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The grand-daughter of Indian athlete Jim Thorpe, who is director of United Now Indian Olympic Nation (UNION), met with other activists to form an Indian Olympic Committee, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The paper reports that any Indian Olympic team would have to be able to “identify the ‘internationally recognized territory’ it represented.”  I think that international recognition and competition of Aboriginal Indigenous athletes is a wonderful idea.  Aboriginal Indigenous Nations continue to endure, whether or not the immigrant Europeans recognize them.  The problem is that Europeans are using the identity that they created, “Indians,” to obfuscate the reality of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples and Nations of this Continent.  There are no Indians here, and there never were.  There is no “Internationally recognized territory” (no matter whose concept of Sovereignty you use) that Indians can claim.  Indians do not have Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty.
Indians also do not own land.  The land or territory that athletes going under the identity of “Indian” might represent under the Euro-centric Olympic guidelines is, according to parochial and obsolete European concepts of “Sovereignty” and alien European law, held in so-called “Sacred trust” under the assumed “Sovereignty” of European occupation forces.  The Europeans (including the Euro-Americans) are not going to give their “Indians” legitimate full-fledged international status, when they went to all the trouble over the centuries of social and genetic engineering, creating “Indians” and then using their “Indians” to construct a mythology of European-derived land “ownership” and “sovereignty” on this Continent.  The Europeans used their “Indians” to sell land which the Indians did not own; to sign “Treaties” to try to legitimize the European theft and occupation.  The United States Government can, according to their own Congressional documents, unilaterally “terminate” Indians and “abolish the Treaties” with a stroke of the pen.  What kind of standing does a “Treaty” signed with people like that have?  Even the current Great White Father, George “Read My Lips” Bush, said last summer that the United States can unilaterally terminate “Indians” at any time, because they created them.
The United States Government knows—and knew at the time of the “Treaties”—that their Indians are subject (Wanna-Be) people.  Before the Métis who got turned into “Pembina Indians” tried to sign away Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land under “Treaty” and “Amendment” in 1863 and 1864, they had already voted in Minnesota Territorial elections and many of them had been drafted to fight in the Civil War.  Metamorphosis of “Indians” is truly amazing.  In the 1860 United States Census most of these Pembina people are recorded as “Mulattos.”  In 1863, with a stroke of the pen, these very same individuals were made into “Indians” who were coerced into signing the “Treaties,” looking at the “business end” of a cannon.  The immigrant Euro-Americans knew that the Anishinabe Ojibway People could not and would not sell our land.  Anishinabe Ojibway people showed our patriotism and our nationalism, our love for Grandmother Earth, in our forests which we had kept beautiful, and our water, which was pristine and pure.  Both the Europeans and their “Indians” have no respect for the land.  It looks like a war zone here.
“Indians” know that they don’t have any Sovereignty, and they know that their relationship to their White fathers is that of conquered, subject peoples.  They also know that the highly touted “Sovereign Indian Law” is a racist and apartheid delusion, with no jurisdiction over either Aboriginal Indigenous People nor Whites.  At the Tuesday, September 15, 1992 “Special Meeting” of the I.R.A. Tribal Council, for example, the suggestion was made that “non-Indian sign a waiver that would voluntary submit said person to the criminal jurisdiction of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians [sic/i-ke-do].”  The United States is using their “Indians” to try to encroach on the Sovereignty of Aboriginal Indigenous People, and trick the Anishinabe Ojibway, using Crooked English, into accepting the Europeans’ racist apartheid “jurisdiction” over them.  However, applying these crooked European laws to Anishinabe Ojibway People is a human rights violation and a violation of International Law.
The immigrant Euro-Americans’ devious strategy of using their Indians to try to alienate Aboriginal Indigenous Nations’ land did not end with the last of the broken and crooked “Treaties.”  The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Governments” were unilaterally entrenched by the United States, as an explicit social engineering project to regulate the lives of their Indians—and to try to get hegemony over remaining Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources.  At Red Lake, the I.R.A. Constitution was dissimulated as a continuation of the 1918 General Council—which also was not an Anishinabe Ojibway Government.  None of leaders recognized by the Euro-Americans in either of these puppet governments of Euro-American occupation—Peter Graves, Roger Jourdain, Gerald “Butch” Brun—are Anishinabe Ojibway People.  One has an Indo-European patriline; the other two have White European patrilines.  None of these so-called “Federally Recognized Indian Leaders” have an Anishinabe Ojibway Clan or Dodem.  Presenting themselves as representatives of Anishinabe Ojibway People is fraud, and using this fraudulent identification of themselves to alienate Anishinabe Ojibway land or resources is criminal.
In terms of current affairs, Red Lake I.R.A. “Tribal Chairman” Gerald “Butch” Brun does not have an Anishinabe Ojibway Clan or Dodem—and for that matter does not have any Anishinabe Ojibway ancestry at all (he is just a plain Indo-European wanna-be trying to “go native” to escape from racist European culture).  No matter what the United States tries to claim, neither Butch Brun nor any other member of the “Tribal Council” has any authority whatsoever to sign any papers alienating any Anishinabe Ojibway land or other resources.  The genocide which the White man passes off as “education” has been used as a justification try to steal land from the Anishinabe Ojibway People more than once.
ABORTION:  For the last thirty years, people have been screaming at each other over the same issue, which amounts to how many pins can you stick in the head of an angel.  They have been stuck in gridlock over the abortion issue, avoiding the deeper questions.  The real issue is empowerment of women.  European men don’t want to give up their claims over women as chattel.  If a woman decides to get an abortion, whether it’s because of rape or because the future of her children looks bleak (unemployment, the homeless, a screwed-up environment, pandemic violence), that should be her business.  The European State has been grabbing the Sovereignty of their citizens’ children, and destroying family values, since Sparta and since Plato, the “father of democracy.”  The élite does not want to get their soft, uncalloused hands dirty, and they need slaves—and you’re “It.”  The immigrant Euro-Americans’ imported hierarchial “democracy” depends on cheap labor, cannon fodder, and mercenaries.  “Democracy” has a parasitic relationship with all people, and all other living beings, that it comes into contact with (pocketbook issues).  If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is take a serious look at the environment.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

4042.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The “Indian New Deal” (the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act) was a part of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Big Deal.” ... 
Abstract: The “Indian New Deal” (the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act) was a part of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Big Deal.”  According to Taylor’s book about the Indian Reorganization Act, the I.R.A. was “an experiment in social engineering, a ‘laboratory in ethnic affairs,’ to use Collier’s words.  ... It proposed to manipulate Indian behavior in ways which their white ‘guardians’ thought best for them.”
Assimilation is the ultimate goal of the Indian Reorganization Act.  The I.R.A. reorganized, and retrenched, but it did not change the underlying United States policy of a Final Solution.  Another elected leader out of Western European Civilization, Adolf Hitler, is the one who led the United States into their present policy of preserving “Indians.”  But, which way is the present policy of assimilation going?  They have always taken those dark Indo-European people, and also some lower-class Europeans, and made them into “Indians.”  Now, they are saying that “these people are Aboriginal Indigenous People,” when these engineered “Indians” do not have any Aboriginal blood at all.  (Blood Quantum is about “Indian blood,” not about Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry.  You either have an Anishinabe Ojibway Clan and Dodem, or you don’t.  United States Government Blood Quantum is irrelevant.)  Is the European culture that bad, that Europeans are willing to be turned into all of the racist stereotypes of “Indians?”  The genealogical research that we have done shows that these  European subject people called “Indians” are not Indigenous People of these continents.  They are pawns in a game of grand theft played among the gang of European elite.  The Social Engineers are also taking the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People, and trying turn us into European subject peoples.  The assimilation goals of the United States are going in both directions, and are colliding in the crossroads.  Assimilation will not work in either direction.  No matter how many unilateral laws they pass, or how many lies they tell, the Euro-Americans cannot change the nature of reality.  Euro-Americans do not understand this, because they are hiding from their own identity.  Their religion, culture, roots, and Sovereignty are all European.  No matter how many slogans, or how many “patriotic” songs written in an European language, or how much propaganda they put in their “history” books, they are still an alien occupation force on Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  They are strangers in this land.  Look about you, and see the pollution and slime; the violent scorched-earth treatment and how they defile the land they pretend to call “home.”
 We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People are writing our own history.  We have deep and ancient roots on this continent, we have our own language, religion, values, and culture.  We have natural and Aboriginal rights, an inalienable right to exist as Sovereign Nations on our own land.  We do not need to have some Europeans who call themselves “Amerikans” writing mythology and lies about us, and calling it “history.”  They can not face the truth, and so they hide in a Disneyland fantasy of fictitious “Indians” and Wanna-Be’s.  The revered “Amerikan Historians” are more like exorcists, holding the cross of their mythology in front of themselves, chanting incantations and other hocus-pocus, desperately warding off the truth.  They are living in an isolated little satellite, fanatically clinging to their disintegrating structure of “scientific” lies.  Even a Constitutional Amendment cannot repeal reality.
The White Earth I.R.A. elections are an endless series of protests and complaints of fraud.  Unending creation of factions is designed as a part of the way the 1934 I.R.A. is “supposed” to work.  There is not one issue about which White Earth, or any other Indians, can get together in solidarity.  The White Earth Indians are complaining that they have a corrupt and dishonest government, but because of their dishonest “Indian” identity, they are stuck with the crooked social engineering built into the 1934 I.R.A..  These Chippeway Indians are trying to “assimilate” into the Anishinabe Ojibway identity, and it can’t be done.
Diogenes was going around looking for an “honest man,” he was looking for the truth.  Emperor Alex the Great told his slave Diogenes, “you can have anything in the world.”  Diogenes said, “just get out of my light.”  Plato saw the shadows, and Western European Civilization has been in the dark ever since.  But, other people see right through the Europeans’ self-deceit, and find crooked and slippery English enlightening.
“Democracy” comes from the Greek slave-states.  Jim Baker is looking for his Willie Clinton, oops I meant Willie Horton.  There are plenty of scapegoats to go around.  Both parties of the Demo-Publicans are feudally evading the serious issues that confront Feudal America.  The Japanese are laughing in scorn, and calling you “lazy;” they are telling the European-Americans “we are on our own land, and you aren’t.  You don’t have any roots.”  The so-called “Amerikan leaders” are desperately ducking the issues.  Ross Perot, by his actions says that both before and after the Amerikan revolution, there has never been any Amerikan leadership in the United States, because Europe holds Amerikan Sovereignty, through the economic system, through the European language and culture, and through the Judeo-Christian religions.  Just like Canada, the United States operates under Royal Charters and a Constitution controlled from England, where the United States’ Sovereignty is held.  Violent “America” is an European name for plunder, theft, and genocide.
Gun-control George Bush sold something bigger than Saturday-night specials to Saddam Hussein.  He’s still fighting the useless Crusades, and wanted to squash a revival of Islamic fundamentalism—and nationalism—above the oil sands.  This Good Christian Man thinks that by bombing the Garden of Eden, again, maybe he can get rid of “Original Sin.”  The reason that he’s so sure that Saddam has those papers is because George the Dragon-slayer’s henchmen sold them to him.  His Queen, the Dragon Lady of Windsor Castle, and her Knight Sir Ronnie Reagan know that, too.
There’s a knock-knock joke out, about World War III:
“Knock, knock” ...   ...   ???    ???

4043.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 July). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The July 10 issue of the Free Native American Press printed an Associated Press article from Seattle ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The July 10 issue of the Free Native American Press printed an Associated Press article from Seattle on the front page, stating that the George Herbert Walker “Bush administration has quietly asserted that it has the power to declare any Indian tribe in the nation extinct.”  From the time of the First Continental Congress, the agenda of the United States of America has always been the Divine Mandate of Manifest Destiny.  The Fundamentalist Christians at the Lake Mohonk Conferences, who were the policy-makers for Indian Country, openly supported genocide of this continent’s Aboriginal Indigenous People.  One of the ways of destroying Aboriginal Indigenous Nations, advocated by these Good Christians, was through genetic and social engineering, particularly using the polygamous, morally bankrupt “Squaw Men” on the frontier to bring in alcohol and rum, etc.
The policy of the United States has always been to Terminate the Indians.  One of the diabolical methods used in this Termination Agenda was the creation of the boarding schools.  The scheme was to brainwash the Aboriginal Indigenous children, such as the Anishinabe Ojibway children, and to change their identity and make them into Indians.  Catch-22 spin control.
Another part of the Euro-American Governments’ scheme to Terminate Indians was designing “blood quantum,” where the White owned Bureau of Indian Affairs could take full-blooded Europeans or full-blooded Indo-Europeans and turn them into full-blooded Indians.  The United States Statutes on Indian Enrollment, including Title 25, Section 479, also provide that for the purposes of stealing land, “Aboriginal peoples ... shall be considered Indians.”
The Commissioner of Indian Affairs, writing about the Court of Indian Offenses shortly after its establishment, described the White Indians packed on top of the Aboriginal Indigenous people, as “Indians ... who could be relied upon to aid the Government in its efforts to abolish rites and customs” of Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The Commissioner goes on to write, “The policy of the Government for many years past has been to destroy tribal relations as fast as possible. ... To do this the agents have been accustomed to punish for minor offenses, by imprisonment in the guard-house and by withholding rations.”  The missionaries used the same strategies to force Christianity onto Aboriginal Indigenous People.
Another method used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, when their Indians got out of line and started talking politics, was to tell their Indians, “with one stroke of the pen, you will no longer exist.”  This is what the United States Government’s Indians have said to me.  But, I am not an Indian.  Indians were created by the United States Government, as a purely temporary expedient for annihilating the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The Europeans created the identity of “Indian,” they own their Indians, and the Indians have to thank the White man for their existence.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, were here long before the United States Government came into existence.  We are a Sovereign People who own our identity, we are writing our history, and we have a right to exist.  It does not matter what the United States Government says about their Indians—it does not apply to us.  This land does not belong to either the Indians or to the Europeans, it is and always has been Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  The Indians created by the White man do not own their own identity, and they do not have any roots, just like the Europeans who gave them the Indian identity do not have any roots on this Continent.  Their Great White Father has a serious identity problem, also.
The United States Government is trying to abrogate Indian Treaties, again.  For the last hundred and fifty years, they have kept predicting that the Aboriginal Indigenous People will be extinct in another generation—and try to forget that the Indian Treaties were signed by their subject people, the Indians.  The Anishinabe Ojibway People have never signed a Treaty.  We cannot sell our land, because we cannot sell our identity and we cannot sell our religion.  Maybe the Europeans can sell anything, but we don’t.  Abrogating the Chippewa Indian Treaties does not have any effect whatsoever on the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ land, which does not and has never belonged to the United States nor to any other European power; not to the Euro-Americans’ subject people the Chippewa Indians, either.
Senator Paul Wellstone sits on the Senate Select Committee for Insular Affairs, which is guilty of complicity in genocide.  Senator Wellstone should be very familiar with Holocausts.  The United States is using mythological “Indians,” euphemisms, and Wanna-Be’s to get at the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The ugly statistics of ongoing genocide are hidden in a mass of numbers about “Indians,” who are Western European subject peoples.  Every ten year enumeration of the U.S. Census, more Whites and other Indo-Europeans get turned into statistical “Indians.”  (The B.I.A.’s present death statistics are calculated using U.S. Census data about living “Indians.”)  The historical and genealogical research that we are doing, proves that these “Indians” are not Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Forcing the identity of “Indian” onto the Aboriginal Indigenous people is a human rights violation, and it is also a violation of the United Nations Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.
We encourage the Bush administration to recognize the truth, and come to terms with the massive genocide that the Euro-Americans have committed on both of these Continents.  It is true—and it urgently needs to be talked about—that most of the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations on this Continent are indeed extinct, including the Five Civilized Tribes.  If you have an European or Indo-European patrilineal ancestor, and you are an Indian, you are already “Terminated” through genetic engineering.  Anishinabe Ojibway Clans and Dodems are inherited through the father’s bloodline.  If you do not have an Aboriginal Indigenous Clan or Dodem, you are history.  The White man has taken your identity away from you, using a colonizing strategy that’s older than the Roman Empire, and tried to replace your real identity with the mythological identity of “Indian.”  So-called Chippewa Indians, like other conquered people, figure descent through the mother’s line—the Chippewa Indian patrilineal line of inheritance is Indo-European, and thus is no threat to the Whites.  The United States said that they were going to annihilate and terminate the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent, and there are only a few of us who have survived the centuries of genocide.  It’s time that the Euro-Americans quit hiding behind their subject peoples the White and Mulatto Indians, and started facing the truth, and taking responsibility for what has been done.
Genocide is an inherent part of the history, values, and religion of Western European Civilization.  (The U.S.A. was a role model for Adolf Hitler.)  Until the people here deal honestly with their history, they are doomed to repeat it.
Another message to you Leech Lake Chippewa Indians who are posing as Ojibway people, and trying pretend that you are Aboriginal Indigenous people.  As far as I know, no Anishinabe Ojibway people have been in the inner circle of your Casino operations.  Wait until the Christian Fundamentalists start making money leading grassroots movements against gambling.  To add converts to their flock, they will scapegoat the Indian Casinos, and preach fire and brimstone sermons against gambling, so that they can terminate you and abrogate the fraudulent Treaties.  It’s also called fleecing the flock, and pulling the wool over your eyes.  It’s coming, it’s one of the same old schemes they use over and over again, generation after generation.  The handwriting is on the wall.
Instead of letting the White Euro-Americans control you through their identity of “Indian,” find out who you really are.  Nobody can “terminate” you, if you own your real identity.  I am not an Indian, I am Anishinabe Ojibway, and I have a Clan and a Dodem, and my religion is the Indigenous Anishinabe Ojibway religion, the Midewiwin.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, have an inalienable right to exist in our own Sovereign land.
Go ahead, George, Terminate your Indians.  Make my day.

4044.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Political Editor of the Bemidji Pioneer wrote an article published Friday, August 7 about “discrimination.”... 
Abstract: The Political Editor of the Bemidji Pioneer wrote an article published Friday, August 7 about “discrimination.”  He quoted the Honorable City Councilor Ralph Zachman, who said that if there was going to be any support for Joe Sayers’ protest against Bemidji discrimination, he would “have to drag them out of the bars.”  Ralph Zachman was referring to the racist stereotype, invented by Euro-Americans, of the drunken, lazy, no-good Indian.  Both sides of the dispute about “discrimination” are promoting racism, by defining the issues in terms of the artificial Indian identity.  The people in the bars are White people, who want to project their drunkenness onto scapegoated Indians.  Some of the blonde, blue-eyed people in the bars are Métis and Wanna-be’s who turn into “Indians” when there’s Halfbreed Scrip, allotment, and payment; pretenders who have been drinking up Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources for more than a hundred years, and are still at it. There are almost no Aboriginal Indigenous People in the bars.  Sitting in bars is a part of the vicious stereotype, “drunken Indian.”  The whole “Indian” identity was invented by White people, in order to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.
Joe Sayers, and the other “Indian Activists” are spinning their wheels, because they are stuck in an identity that doesn’t exist.  The “Indians” are European subject people—and the White élite has a vested interest in keeping “Indians.”  For the Euro-American culture, loosing their mythological “Indians” would be worse than losing Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse, and the Tooth Fairy all on the same day.  The shaky identity of the Euro-Americans depends on their fictitious Indians.  Without “Indians,” they would have to address the serious issues of genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent.  That’s why the Bureau of Indian Affairs exists.  The B.I.A. lobbies for pork-barrel legislation every year.  It is filled with bureaucratic pigs swilling at the public trough, doing a con job, promoting a fake racist identity.  There is, and always has been, deep discrimination in Bemidji against anybody that’s not pure white, nor from Anglo-Saxon, Protestant England.  Racism and discrimination is in the English Language and in the Judeo-Christian religion, and has been used for many centuries to steal.  The Europeans destroyed their own resources, and cut down their own forests in Europe.  When they saw the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ forests, they went insane with greed.  “Indians” were invented by Europeans.  These White Indians were used by their White fathers to sign treaties, and “government-to-government agreements,” and to “agree” to the taking of land and resources which have never belonged to “Indians.” In our history and genealogy research (the Anishinabe Ojibway people who were here before the chippewa indians came) all data points towards human rights violation and genocide.  We the Anishinabe Ojibway people have a right to exist in our own land.
Joe Sayers and the Bemidji City Council need to start addressing the racist issues by starting with the racist identity that they are using.  The White man has already said that “Indians are a product of social and genetic engineering.”  There is a small in-group of “Indians,” who are White people, who are getting paid a good living wage to promote the racist fake “Indian” identity.  There were no Indians here.  If you start dealing with reality, then you can solve the problems—if the W.A.S.P. élite can tolerate any justice anywhere.  I am not an “Indian.”  My patrilineal Anishinabe Ojibway ancestors of the Bear Clan have lived here for many thousands of years, long before the ancestors of the “Indians” migrated westward across the Atlantic.  Look at the big sign on Highway 89, it celebrates an anniversary from 1889.  That’s when the Chippewa Indians sold eleven million acres that did not belong to them, and got “created” as a “Tribe” by the Europeans (the “Minnesota Chippewa Tribe”).  That’s when a number of White people got made into Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa Indians.  I address the racism here head-on, by telling the truth.  There were no “Indians” here.  The “Indian” identity is a blind alley, the “Indian Red Road” is a dead-end, and the “Indian” identity is a fake and a con job.
Dealing with racism and discrimination in terms of “Indians” locks you into a Catch-22 system where there isn’t any way to address the real problems.  The very term “Indian” is a derogatory name for the Aboriginal Indigenous People here.  If you White people and Wanna-be’s don’t like your European identity and want to be “Indians,” go ahead and call yourselves any racist name you want to, but don’t try to identify yourselves as Aboriginal Indigenous People of this continent, because you are not.  There are places in the Federal Code which read “persons or Indians.”  If the “Indian Activists” dealt with the real problems in terms of their real identity—as Métis people—then they could actually make some progress.  As an “Indian,” they can’t get the Euro-Americans to be accountable in the crooked European courts.  Why can a White person drive 90 miles an hour across this concentration camp called a reservation, and the C.F.R. court (which was created by the Europeans as a part of their social engineering project) has no jurisdiction, and never will get jurisdiction.  The White man invented Indians and owns them.  The C.F.R. Courts also have no jurisdiction over Anishinabe Ojibway people with a patrilineal Clan and Dodem.  The C.F.R. Courts are trespassers on Sovereign, unceded land and applying alien European laws and a foreign European money system is a human rights violation.
At this year’s Beltrami County Fair, one of the places to visit was the Ojibway Village, which was put up by the Auginaush family of Redby.  It was nice to go there and look around, and see all of the outdoor cooking, and the arts and crafts that were there.  The atmosphere was harmonious, and friendly.  Another real attraction was the pioneer log house.  It reminded me of my Grandfather Ba-wah-we-nind’s log house, and it had good feelings and vibes.
The fair is a place where people enter their livestock, what they grow in their gardens, their canning and their sewing and arts and crafts.  One category that the fair planners missed, was clear-cutting of the forests.  There should have been a picture of the havoc created by the White Indian Wanna-Be, “Butch” Brun, who is cutting down the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ forests; he would have won a blue ribbon in scorched-earth occupation.  He is another example of a White Indian who owes his identity to Western European Civilization.  He doesn’t have any Aboriginal Indigenous heritage, and he doesn’t have any Aboriginal Indigenous values.  His White values show by what they are doing to the Anishinabe Ojibway  Peoples’ forests.  He is like the rest of the White “Indians,” frauds and fakes, people with a dishonest identity.  They have values which are so European that most of them don’t even know what they are doing.  If your patrilineal ancestry is White, you no longer have an Anishinabe Ojibway clan; you have lost your Ojibway identity.  In the Anishinabe Ojibway tradition, a child is supposed to go with their father’s people.
Nanabozho is a story-teller of the Anishinabe Ojibway people; he has been a part of our legends for thousands of years.  Wanna-boozho belongs to the Chippeway Indian Wanna-be’s; he is a cheap imitation who was created after 1889.  The Chippeway Métis Indians, along with their White fathers, have been here only a very short time.  They do not have a Dodem or a Clan and they do not have any roots here.

4045.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The State of Minnesota, Department of Education is, once again, putting Chippewa Indians in the position of alienating Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land rights. ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The State of Minnesota, Department of Education is, once again, putting Chippewa Indians in the position of alienating Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land rights.  This is yet another re-run of an old story.
At the Old Crossing in 1863, a verbal promise was made to provide a good education in the “3 R’s” for those who wanted it.  However, no provisions for schools were made when the “Treaty” was revised in accordance with the insidious treaty boilerplate of the time in Washington, D.C.  This could be because Governor Alexander Ramsey had issued an executive order abolishing the teaching of reading, writing, and arithmetic to “Indians” eleven years earlier.  Governor Ramsey advocated “manual training,” by which he meant learning how to use a pick-axe and a shovel—also known as “tools of ignorance.”  Times haven’t changed.
In the grand land theft known as the 1889 Nelson Act, the excuse that the United States used for stealing nearly three million acres of Anishinabe Ojibway land at Red Lake—and not paying anything for this land—was “civilization” and “education.”  They promised the Chippewas of Minnesota an education.  After the Anishinabe Ojibway land was stolen, they said to the Chippewa Indians, “now, you’re educated.”
By 1890, again on the pretext of “education,” both the Roman Catholics and the Protestant Episcopals each had 160 acres fee patent “title” granted them by the United States Government at Red Lake.  By this time, and over the next fifty years with increasing intensity, the United States Government was using “education” as a cover for outright genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway people at Red Lake and other places.
I spent nine years as a political prisoner at the Boarding School at Red Lake.  What I experienced was social engineering, brainwashing, torture, and genocide.  As an Anishinabe Ojibway with a Clan and a Dodem, another thing that I learned (although it certainly wasn’t part of the curriculum) was that it is my land and resources which still back up the United States dollar.  The only thing that the Europeans had was a printing press to print their money with.  Their paper dollars continue to be used as a tool of social engineering, to break up Traditional Peoples’ family values and as a lever to steal the rest of our resources and destroy our communities.
The State of Minnesota “Independent School Districts” which have been established on Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway land are illegal.  Morrison vs. the State of Minnesota is a court decision, made under alien Euro-American law which has no jurisdiction at Red Lake, establishing an “Independent School District” at Red Lake.  At that time, one of the pretexts for this illegal incursion onto Sovereign land was that those living on the Redby “Townsite” would have lower taxes.  None of the land which was taken illegally from the Anishinabe Ojibway has been paid for.  With compound interest, the amount owed to the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation alone, is more than the present United States Deficit.
The Good Citizens of Beltrami County are encouraged to complain about the “tax burden” of Red Lake Reservation.  Particularly around election time, their abusive diversionary tactics include bashing “welfare mothers.”  Not only does the land on which you complain about paying taxes have clouded title, but the economy of this entire area is based on Anishinabe Ojibway land and resources.  Who did you say was on “welfare”?  It always amuses me when some racist immigrant European says, “when we got here, there was nothing here.”  If there was “nothing” here, why didn’t you turn around and go back home?  The Anishinabe Ojibway People didn’t ask you to come here.  Ever since the European immigrants got here, they have been doing nothing but taking.  It’s time that you started putting something back.  We can’t change history, and we all have to live here in harmony.  The immigrant people need to learn how to take responsibility for their actions, as well as for their generations yet to come.  Instead of blindly following the politician who makes the biggest promises, and pretending you don’t notice when that fat cat starts stuffing his pockets and his pocketbook, it’s time you took responsibility for your actions.  The resources have been plundered to the bedrock.  There is no more, and you are going to have to change your lifestyle.
POLITICAL NEWS:  I just returned from the Twin Cities, where I was an involuntary participant in the consequences of the Clean Air Act.  Have you ever been in a Skid Row tavern and smelled the rancid smell of stale alcohol?  That’s what the Twin Cities smell like.  Not enough people were buying Gasohol until Clean Air Act legislation improved sales (Fascist style, in this World Leader of “Free Market Economies”).  I still have a hangover from breathing second-hand Gasohol—it’s like the morning after a big bender.  Carrie Nation, where are you!  And, then, did you know they had the nerve to close the Detox Center?  Nobody likes second-hand smoke, but I wonder how many people are going to get “Wet Brains” and Cirrhoses as a result of breathing under the Clean Air Act?  They’ll have to set up aid stations, where people can stop and buy a breath of pure air bottled in the countryside.
ROYAL NEWS:  The Queen of England has been having a tough year.  The Irish have finally been getting revenge: Murphy’s Law is hitting the Queen on all sides (in four dimensions).  When Windsor Castle burned, she called it an “annus horribilus.”  But, what she is asking the Taxpayers to replace has been plundered over the centuries from all over the world.  The Third Reich, half-brothers to the English and another Western European Democratic Nation State, also financed its patronage of the Arts with other peoples’ blood and property.
George Herbert Walker Bush wants more than a footnote in the history books.  After the “World Leaders” of Western European Civilization engineered the conditions under which the Somalis (and many other people) are starved into submission, the Lame Duck is once again building the only kind of consensus he knows: for violence—this time, “shoot to feed.”  He’s going to leave President Elect Bill Clinton some terrible quagmires and quandaries.  Before this Lame Duck makes his final exit, he will have launched some vicious “Sour Grapes Policies” and “Sore Losers Legislation.”  Peace on Earth to Everybody.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

4046.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the Indian Allotment Act, passed by the United States Congress in 1888, allows taxation of Indian Fee Patent lands ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the Indian Allotment Act, passed by the United States Congress in 1888, allows taxation of Indian Fee Patent lands—another “get rich quick” scheme by the bankers and other people who are in charge of the European foreign currency, the dollar bill.  The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, also passed by the United States Congress, was presented to the White Earth “Indians” with the representation that acceptance of this Social Engineering Scheme would protect “Indian Allotments” from alienation.  According to what the U.S. Supreme Court just decided, the United States Government lied, again.
The laws that the Euro-Americans have passed here have been anarchy from the very beginning.  What they call “Laws” in Crooked English, is really blatant theft of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  Even the “Indian Treaties” are not valid, because they were not signed with the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples who owned the land, and who for that matter could not sell it, because the land is an inalienable part of our religion and our identity.  The 1863 “Old Crossing” Treaty was not signed by the Anishinabe Ojibway People at Red Lake—the U.S. signed this “Treaty” with European subject people, mostly French Métis, and now they want to tax them.  The “Chiefs” who signed this 1863 Treaty all had European patrilines, if they signed at all.  The other agreements that the United States tried to make to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land are also null and void.   The Euro-Americans were signing “treaties” with themselves.   All of the other laws that the U.S. tries to apply to “Indians” are also European laws applied to European subject people.  “Indian” laws do not apply to Aboriginal Indigenous People, who have never ceded our Sovereignty nor our land.  Neither the Euro-American U.S. Congress nor the Euro-American U.S. Supreme Court has jurisdiction—and the “Indian Commerce Clause” of the U.S. Constitution is apartheid which applies only to “Indians,” who are European subject people anyway.
Anishinabe Ojibway land is held, jointly through the Anishinabe Ojibway Clans and Dodems, through the Midewiwin.  The Midewiwin was here long before the Fundamentalist Christians say their world was “created,” on April 1, 4004 B.C.  No matter how loudly they invoke their genocidal religion, and holler “Under God,” Christianity does not belong here and has no jurisdiction here.   European and Euro-Indian people who do not have Anishinabe Ojibway patrilineal Clans and Dodems cannot be a part of the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin.  White people say, “why can’t I go into the Midewiwin, and see what’s going on in there?”  They can’t go in there, just as these same White people can’t go into the Christian churches and look at the account books.  The Bishop or the Deacon will tell them that it’s none of their business.
The General Allotment Act is being cited for “Indians” by the United States Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to make decisions for Anishinabe Ojibway people.  This General Allotment Act was passed with genocidal intent: the specific purpose, thoroughly discussed at the Lake Mohonk Conferences, was to destroy the people who signed the “Treaties.”  The United States kept such crooked books in the “Indian Department” that even the policy-makers, from generation to generation, did not know what had gone before them.  The “Treaties” were not signed with Aboriginal Indigenous People, and are therefor null and void—but the next generation of Euro-American thieves had been deceived by their own fathers and grandfathers, and thought that they were really in a bind with these malicious “Treaties”—which they are, but not for the reasons that they thought.
Greed in the United States has not changed.  The “next generation” inherited the crooked Treaties at that time, just as the “next generation” is going to inherit the Deficit now.  Corporate America is the one who looted the Treasury, and they are the ones who should pay it back.  Instead, the élite is blaming us, trying to collect more taxes.  When I ask “where do my taxes go,” they tell me, “it goes for roads.”  The White can keep his roads—as far as I am concerned, I don’t want any more roads on my land.  There are too many roads here already.
The land that is to be taxed by an alien European government does not belong to the “Indians,”  and it does not belong to the Europeans, Euro-Americans, nor U.S. Government, either.  If the United States Government wants to talk “taxes,” they should be talking about the Eminent Domain of the Aboriginal Indigenous people here, which has never been abrogated and cannot be abrogated.  This Continent belongs to the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and maybe we should be talking about “back taxes” which the European immigrants have never even considered paying.  The land and the forests here are an inalienable part of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples religion and identity.  “Indian” is a weasel Catch-22 word, with stereotypes and stigmas attached to it.  How can you make a stereotype into a “Citizen”?  In 1924, the United States made “Indians” into “Citizens,” with all of the stereotypes, stigmas and racist labels attached.  I sure don’t want any part of that crooked scheme.  Maybe when we didn’t understand Crooked English, the W.A.S.P.s could get away with it, but it’s a new ball game, now.
European law claims that “Original Land Title” depends on being “Civilized.”  But, they’re making up their own rules to steal.  The European immigrants have been incredibly violent since they got here, and if that’s “civilization,” I don’t want any part of it.   Their violence is both direct, and also by threats.  The Europeans’ “Indians” are told, “with one stroke of the pen, you no longer exist,” and whenever “Indians” get out of line, the U.S. threatens termination and abrogating the Treaties.  If “Indians” are cancelled by a stroke of the pen, will they take on their European patrilineal identity, again?  Will “Indians” become the French citizen Voyageurs who disappeared after the “French-and-Indian” Wars?  Ask the Englishmen who wrote Crooked “American History.”  The way that many “Indians” have been treated, if they were the real owners of this land, “Indians” would have an unbeatable case in World Court.  Why can’t “Indians” file genocide, human rights violation and other charges?  The “Indians” have an Indo-European patriline, and therefor they are European subject people.  The “Indians” are products of colonial genetic and social engineering—and as long as they remain stuck in the identity of “Indian,” there isn’t anything they can do about their station in life.
When the “Bill of Rights” was written, it was written ethnocentrically by the so-called “upper class” W.A.S.P.s.  There is also a “Bill of Lefts.”  The “Bill of Rights” was a diabolical scheme, leaving out women, minorities, and other people.  The “Bill of Lefts” addresses what was left out of the “Bill of Rights,” including the homeless, the unemployed, and other impoverished people stuck at the bottom of the Europeans’ imported hierarchy.  The Good Ol’ Boys who wrote the Bill of Rights left out all women, even their own wives, daughters, mistresses and illegitimate offspring.  The time has come to ratify the “Bill of Lefts,” by Constitutional Amendment.
The Minneapolis Star Tribune, in the Sunday Arts and Entertainment section, printed a movie review entitled “Last of the Mohicans reflects attention to historical correctness.”  They cast “Indian activist” Russell Means as the Last Mohican.  Were they talking about the “Means to an End,” or the “Final Solution,” or is it the “Final Curtain”?  The reviewer says that “Means had no acting credits.”  I don’t know what he means—Means has a lot of acting experience.  He has been posing as an “Indian leader” all of these years.  He has been pretending to be an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  Russell Means must be a pretty good actor, he fooled Joel Engel of the New York Times, who wrote the review.

I am solely responsible for this column, which does not necessarily reflect the views of the Native American Press, the Ojibway News, nor the publisher.  I take responsibility for what I write.  If you have any comments or complaints, my telephone number is (218) 679-2382

4047.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: There is a new sign posted at the “Reservation line” on Highway 89, a notice that “Alcohol is prohibited,” under the delegated European foreign...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: There is a new sign posted at the “Reservation line” on Highway 89, a notice that “Alcohol is prohibited,” under the delegated European foreign Sovereignty of the Secretary of the Interior.  The problems created by alcohol and alcoholism on the Reservation need to be addressed, but simply “prohibiting” alcohol entrenches the bootleggers and drug dealers.  Since the sovereignty of this sign is an artificial alien European concoction of “Indian Sovereignty,” the sign should read “No Drink-um Firewater,” in accordance with the European stereotype of “Indians.”
The labels and the stereotypes of the Europeans projected toward all of their subject people are embedded in the Indian identity.  Since the European Chippewa Indians are trying to steal the Anishinabe Ojibway land, language, religion, identity and culture, I have every right to poke fun at how silly and foolish you look and act—you Europeans apparently have no idea how hilarious you are, in your lies and pretensions about your real identity.  The Anishinabe Ojibway identity does not belong to the Indians, and no matter what the “Indians” do, they cannot steal the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ identity, because our identity cannot be separated from the Anishinabe Ojibway People and our land.  It is an identity which is much deeper and more ancient than the Europeans’ understanding of “identity.”  The Anishinabe Ojibway people have learned to understand and use the Crooked English language.  A hundred years ago, the Chippewa Indians could get away with calling themselves the same as the Anishinabe Ojibway people, and we did not have the language, the documents and the genealogy records to say anything about it.  Things change, and there are increasing numbers of Aboriginal Indigenous People who understand English and how the Europeans think.  Now—although they are getting enormous amounts of support (including yet another con job, the proposed new Institute of Indian Studies) from the Euro-Americans, who need Indians, the European Chippewa Indians who are paid by the Englishmen to be “Indians” are on increasingly shaky ground.  The United States of America’s alleged “land title” rests on the fake tribes of Indians that they created, who are all Indo-European.
I do not need to attach myself to, nor wrap myself in some “Indian” woman’s skirts for my identity, like some of these white Indian leaders have to do in order to claim their fake Indian identity.  It’s the same old worn out parrot-talk, “my great-grandmother was a Cherokee Princess (or a Chippewa Queen).”  None of these Indians will publicly speak the truth that their “grandfather was a White man,” although their identity, like the Anishinabe Ojibway identity, is passed from father to son, through the patriline.  (Conquered people often claim matrilineal descent to obscure the humiliation of their conquest; and also because the males of conquered peoples are of the same blood as the conqueror and thus no threat to the European élite.  Over the course of their colonizing expansion, the Indo-Europeans have developed very clever, diabolical, schemes—but these dishonest strategies are coming to an end on this Continent.  Your “divinely mandated” paradigm of “world conquest” is exhausted; the Circle has come around and the time has come when you will have to face yourselves.)  Anishinabe Ojibway people have a Midewiwin Clan and Dodem.  The Chippewa Queen from whom so many of the Indians claim to be descended probably did not have a Clan or Dodem herself, and even if she had, it wouldn’t make a difference.  She married a White man, and her offspring became European subject people, because the White man’s Sovereignty is held by Europe.  Because of European patrilineal heritage, the Sovereignty of the descendants of “Chippewa Indian Queens” (and Indo-European “squaw-men”) is also held through the European political institutions of Judeo-Christianity.
The very name, “Indian,” is an European name applied by the Europeans to people whose land and resources they wanted to steal, on both sides of the world.  The Europeans called both the Aboriginal Indigenous People here, and the Hindu people on the other side of the world, “Indians” in order to claim European dominion.  “Indian” is a foreign word which is not in the Anishinabe Ojibway language, just like “American” is a foreign word which does not belong here.  When people identify themselves using these alien European words, then they are admitting that they have an European identity and that their Sovereignty is held by the Europeans.
We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, know who we are, and we don’t need foreigners to give us one of their mythological identities, nor to give us an European name.  Social and genetic engineering, re-defining who people are and then brainwashing them into an artificial identity, are strategies of imperial exploitation as old as the earliest Indo-European empires.  Almost all of the people walking around being “Chippewa Indians” are French Moors or other Indo-Europeans, who were made into “Indians” by the British after the conquest in the French and Indian Wars.  Because of their White patriline, they have taken on the greedy hierarchial values of the Europeans.  There is no such thing as a “Queen” or a “Princess” in the egalitarian Anishinabe Ojibway language, just as there were no “Indian Chiefs.”  These hierarchial social identities were created by the Europeans for their fake “Indians” as a part of bringing this continent under English-American control in their own terms; as a part of maintaining the illusion that the fake treaties are “legitimate.”  (If these were real Treaties, they would not be negotiated in State or Federal Court, but rather in International Court.)
Just recently, I filed charges of genocide and human rights violations against both the United States Government and their fake White Indians who call themselves the “Federally Recognized Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians” in the International Court of Justice.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, have a right to exist as a Sovereign People on our own land.
I am solely responsible for this column.  My telephone number is (218) 679-2382, and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, Minnesota 56601.

4048.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 May). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Ventura County, California: The all-white Jury’s verdict was that Los Angeles Police Officers were “not guilty” of beating Rodney King ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Ventura County, California: The all-white Jury’s verdict was that Los Angeles Police Officers were “not guilty” of beating Rodney King—even when a videotape showed six officers clubbing and kicking Mr. King, and a dozen more police standing by, enjoying the violence.  The case had been moved from racially-mixed Los Angeles into an all-White neighborhood, and the jurors had no choice in their verdict.  In coming to the verdict, the Jury said that Rodney King deserved the beating because he “wouldn’t hold still,” even when he was handcuffed, he wouldn’t hold still.  He was still trying to get away.
The Ventura County Jury’s verdict was the catalyst for rioting in Los Angeles.  On the day after the riots began, page 9A of the Minneapolis Star Tribune shows a picture of a White man being beaten and kicked by three black men.  He’s not holding still, either.  He’s trying to get away; he’s trying to escape the beating.  Unless he’s into S & M, he’s not enjoying being kicked and hit.
The question is, the White man always states, “it’s the law.”  He neglects to state that it’s the racist White law that they’re enforcing; that they become judge, jury and executioner under White law, and then the man has to go to court again and face another set of judge, jury, and executioners under the law, interpreted meaning the “White law.”
In the aftermath of the rioting and the burning and the looting in Los Angeles, the destruction of the neighborhoods where people live, was a message sent.  So, what happens now, is a whole flock of carpet-baggers appear on the scene, the main one coming from the White House.  He wants to hire more policemen, buy more weapons for the police, bring in the National Guard ...  With his New World Order, he might as well put barbed wire around the ghetto.
The carpetbaggers, profiteers and other exploiters come in all shapes, forms and colors.  There is a whole hierarchy of them: the instant social workers, the clergy, the singers who come on with protest songs, the reform politicians and the sloganeers—they are all taking something from the community and not putting anything back.  That’s what a “carpetbagger” is.  We the Anishinabe Ojibway people should be very familiar with the varieties of carpetbagger—we’ve had carpetbaggers packed onto our land by the B.I.A. (a carpetbagging bureaucracy) for 150 years.  They have taken everything out and have never put anything back, except poverty.  They have tried to destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ infrastructure.  The Europeans, who control the “Indian enrollments,” and who named and own “Indians,” have been putting carpetbaggers onto the Red Lake enrollments ever since they signed the fake Chip-away Treaties.  Now, the majority of “enrolled Red Lake Indians,” who are really Metis and are not Aboriginal Indigenous People, are the descendants of these carpetbaggers—as planned.  But, these people are not indigenous here.  Some of them do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all.  They are not Anishinabe Ojibway People with a Clan or a Dodem.
Columbus was the first European carpetbagger recorded by history to have come here.  These Europeans have been carpetbagging ever since.
The United States of America was founded by joint-stock business Companies (for example the Virginia Company) specifically for the purpose of exploiting Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources, and stealing.  The Europeans exported their values, both the pillars and the “dregs” of their society, and they brought their social problems with them.  That’s why they build all of their prisons.  European society is based on violence; the riots in Los Angeles are a product of their social problems.  No self-respecting people can create an economic system based on drug-dealing, bootlegging, (bingo) and gambling.  That’s no economic system at all.  There needs to be something different in those communities, and in this community.
After blaming the riots in Los Angeles on “the Sixties,” the next thing they’ll do is bring in the carpetbaggers, like they did in the Sixties, to rip off the community.  They will pass carpet-bagging legislation, they will enrich carpet-bagging politicians, and nothing will change for the people who live in the community.  There will be artists and singers and poets, all exploiting the situation, and the only thing that they put back into the community is more poverty.
It’s the same thing that they are doing on Red Lake with the forestry products.  They have been taking everything out of here for more than a hundred years, and have never put anything back.  They say, “we’re planting trees,” but no matter how many trees are planted, it doesn’t restore the ecosystem, nor replace what was taken out of here.  In the end, what they will say is, “we own these trees, we planted them,” after they have stolen the ancient giants of our land.  The are planting Potemkin Forests along the highways, and everything is clearcut behind the narrow band of trees.  More carpetbagging.
While doing the history and genealogy of Red Lake, we have found out that under Article 7 of the 1864 Amendment to the fake Treaty that the “Indians” and Metis signed, Halfbreeds (all of whom have a White father, and no Clan nor Dodem) got Scrip for 160 acres of land.  As we dig through the reams of documents that we’ve finally been able to get our hands on, we’ll report from time to time in this column.  Colonialism depends on carpetbaggers and rip-off artists!

4049.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). This is an excerpt taken from the Lake Mohonk Conference, “Friends of the Indian” policy-making sessions held annually in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s ... unpublished newspaper column.
Abstract: This is an excerpt taken from the Lake Mohonk Conference, “Friends of the Indian” policy-making sessions held annually in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  The focus of these conferences was putting together a strategy, and a publicly acceptable rationalization, about how they were going to destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous People, through the Indians.  The person who told this particular little story was Bishop Whipple.
A party of engineers was once lost during a survey of the North Pacific Railway.  Some of the men came to an Indian who was the head of a band.  He had very comfortable things about him, chickens and pigs, etc.,  They told the Indian that they were very hungry, that they had been lost three days, and had nothing to eat.  He asked his wife to get up the best dinner she could.  When the dinner was ready, the Indian sat down and ate, and left the white men hungry.  They were very angry; but what could they do?  After he had finished his meal, he asked his wife to prepare another.  Then he said solemnly: “I suppose you wonder why I do not have you eat with me.  I went to Washington once; and the Great Father said to me, ‘You must do exactly what the white men do if you want to be happy and go to the good place when you die.’  And I noticed that the white men never let poor men than themselves sit with them at the table.  I want to be happy in this world, and I would not like to lose my chance of going to the good place. You are poor, and so I would not let you eat with me.”

4050.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 March). unpublished annotation to constitution ...
Abstract: NOTE
There are several versions of this “constitution.”  (This is the one that was presented to the Constitution Committee.)  ALL of the versions of the “constitution” are liberally sprinkled with the phrase “subject to the review of the Secretary of the Interior or his duly authorized representative.”  You call this “sovereign”???  This 1934 Indian Reorganization Act does not have anything whatsoever to do with the Sovereignty of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of these Continents.  The Anishinabe Ojibway, “We the People,” still have our Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty.
If you can give these “Indians,” who have White ancestors in the Patrilineal line, “Sovereignty,” then you can give the African-Americans, almost all of whom are also White on the patrilineal line, “African Tribal Councils”—here, and give them Sovereignty.  It’s the same thing that you are doing with these Indians.  You can give all of the Europeans “Sovereignty,” not just a few selected people who are of European descent but called Indians.

4051.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). What they should be teaching these Indians first, is English.  The language that people speak here, and call “Reservation English,” ...
Abstract: What they should be teaching these Indians first, is English.  The language that people speak here, and call “Reservation English,” is not a very useful language, and it is not really English.  When I went to school, they took away my native language and did not give me anything in return.  They said they were teaching “Basic English,” but Basic English has a vocabulary of 850 useful words.  We were lucky if we got half of that vocabulary, and a lot of the words that they gave us in return for our beautiful and ancient language were Anglo-Saxon words like “goddam,” “shit” and “sonnuvabitch.”  Our half of the Basic 850-word vocabulary was also used up by mutated French Colonial words, a few Scandinavian words, and a smattering of German from the Nuns.  Maybe we got the dregs of the Melting Pot Theory.  We were deliberately given scraps of language that made it impossible for us to communicate, so that we couldn’t understand their documents, couldn’t talk to people on the “outside,” and had a hard time communicating even with each other, except by violence.  If people have ever wondered why there were so many angry people on the reservation, a big part of the problem is that we couldn’t communicate—and a lot of the people on the reservation still can’t.  They’ve lost their native language, and they don’t have any other language, except a language of violence, and that doesn’t solve anything.
The Euro-American Policy-Makers knew exactly what they were doing.  That’s why they built jails, and why they want to hire a half of a Sheriff.  By their twisted logic, what they’ll probably do is hire a “half-breed,” full time under the Indian Preference Act, which they’ll figure will come out to about half of the Sheriff of Nottinham.  The Anishinabe Ojibway People are not even eligible under the Indian Preference Act, because we are Aboriginal Indigenous People and not “Indian.”  This is some more racism.
The Aboriginal Indigenous People all over the world need to file charges of Human Rights Violations and Genocide—against the Indians (and other mixed-blood colonial puppets all over the world) and against their puppet-masters the United States Government and England.  Walking all over Aboriginal Indigenous people using White delegated “Indian sovereignty” is not the answer.  We need to make this a better world for EVERYONE.

4052.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992 April).  When I was in Mission School, the Nuns accurately called them “our Indians,” ...
Abstract:   When I was in Mission School, the Nuns accurately called them “our Indians,” in the same way that they would talk about owning a pet dog.  In European thinking, everything has to be socially and genetically engineered, so that the European elite has total control over all Peoples and everything else.  Euro-American and other European thinking is slave-society thinking, they need somebody else to do their work.  The Great White Father always referred to the Indians, his namesakes, as his children.  They both have identity problems.

4053.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1992). When the Red Lake Chippewa enumerators for the United States Census came over, they were looking for Chippewa Indians to count.  The United States Commerce Department is counting a mythological people ...
Abstract: When the Red Lake Chippewa enumerators for the United States Census came over, they were looking for Chippewa Indians to count.  The United States Commerce Department is counting a mythological people, who they call “Tribes” and “Bands” of “Indians” (that the White man created and named with European terms).  “Indians” are a projection and a stereotype of the White man, created to hide the genocide and to justify the grand theft of this Continent.  There are no “Indians” here, and there were never any “Indians” here, Chippewa nor any other kind.  No wonder the Census numbers don’t add up—one moment the “Federally Recognized Enrollees” are White, but when they can get something for “free,” then they’re “Indians.”
Abortion is another symptom of the social pathology created by nomadic European fundamentalists.  No one wants to bring children into a world where the future looks bleak and brutal.  Instead of hollering about abortion, why not question the leadership which is creating these conditions.  The leaders have all looked out for their own fat pocketbooks and their own privileges, and keep people in line by using weasel words like “Science,” “Sedition,” “Patriotism,” and “Land of the Free” (which means “free to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples Resources”).  There hasn’t been any accountability since the élite sent the farmers home during the U.S. Constitutional Convention, and weaseled away from what they left out of the Constitution by amending it with a sneaky “Bill of Rights” written for themselves only.  (The dichotomy of the Bill of Rights is hidden because they didn’t publish the “Bill of Lefts.”)  The leaders of so-called Western Civilization are out of touch with reality.

4054.   Wub-e-ke-niew [Blake, F., Jr. (Wub-e-ke-niew)]. (1991 August). Why does Chief Bemidji have his hand shading his eyes? ... [Unpublished].
Abstract: Why does Chief Bemidji have his hand shading his eyes?  For all these years, he’s been looking for a job, and waiting for his ship to come in (his ship came in, in 1492).  The Arts Council could give him a promotion, a new title but no pay raise, and put him in the Indian Employment Office.  He can stand facing the front door, looking for racist employers and cheap labor.
The town of Bemidji is named after a Mythological Indian.  The venerable Town Councillors of this mythical little transplanted European hamlet have recently expressed concern that their namesake, Chief Bemidji of the Lakefront, “is considered to be offensive to the Chip-away Indian people who live around here.”  Calling us “Indian” is offensive and derogatory to the Aboriginal Indigenous people who live around here, as well as being a racial slur.
Marlon Davidson, Director of the Bemidji Community Arts Council, wanted to replace the mythological Chief Bemidji with another mythological Indian to “honor the Native Americans.”  But then, the Bemidji City Council voted to keep the Mythological Chief Bemidji.  The Concerned Citizens were on the horns of a blue-ox dilemma; if they had put up another mythological Indian, what about all of the other Native Americans: Swedish people, Norwegians, French, English, Germans, Finlanders, and all of the other people who were born in what they call “America” and are therefore “Native American.”  (The only people around here who are not “Native American” are the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  In the Northwoods, we’re the Anishinabe Ojibway, “We, The People.”)
The Bemidji Community Arts Council was asking for input from the community about who should replace the mythological Chip-away Chief Bemidji, but then the City Council decided that the Firemen will spruce up the old Halfbreed Chief, because he’s a wooden Indian.  Why did they assign the Firemen to fixing Chief Bemidji?  There are plenty of unemployed Chip-away artists in Bemidji, who could have used a job, restoring and restructuring Chief Bemidji.
If the City of Bemidji had decided to put up another “Indian” up at the lakefront, they are would have been still stuck with a statue portraying a mythological identity.  (They also would have had to rename their town.)  There were no “Indians,” nor Chip-aways, nor Pembinas nor Pillagers, on either one of these continents before the Europeans got here; the Europeans invented Indians, and fake Tribes and fake Tribal Councils to go along with them.  The people who have the mythological identity of “Indian” are legally non-persons: the only “Indians” who have any civil or legal rights are the neo-colonial Tribal Councils (created by the U.S. Government)—and when it gets right down to it, even the Tribal Councils have only a sovereignty given to them by the United States Government.  The U.S. gave the Chip-away Indians a White “Sovereignty” because they are White.  They couldn’t recognize Aboriginal Sovereignty for the Chip-away Indians, because they has European fathers and had lost their Dodem, their Clan, and had lost their Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  The U.S. also gave their Chip-away Indians an identity and a revised history, and less then twenty years ago, under the Indian Freedom of Religion Act, they finally got around to giving them a religion.
The Anishinabe Ojibway have always been here.  In White Earth, in the late 1800’s, the United States Government recognized the relocated Chip-aways, who were half-breeds formed into a fake tribe by the Europeans.  These Chip-away Indians could not get the identity of Anishinabe Ojibway (“We, the People”).  The Chip-away Indians do not have a Clan or a Dodem, and that’s why they’re called Chip-away Indians.  That’s why they’re recognized by the U.S. Government, because they’re the blood brothers of the Europeans.  Many of them are also blood brothers of the Africans and some of them have Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors.  Because of this identity problem, the people in White Earth still can’t get good and honest government.  They are stuck with an artificial White ghost Sovereignty.  That Sovereignty is an old shell game, now you see it, now you don’t.  The U.S. Justice Department doesn’t recognize them; their status is “purely political” and the U.S. can do what they want with Indians because the Englishmen created them.  The Sovereignty given to the White Earth Chip-away Indians isn’t good for protecting hunting and fishing rights, and it doesn’t exist in getting stolen land back, Anishinabe Ojibway land that the Chip-aways sold.  The U.S.-created “Sovereignty” for the Chip-away Indians seems to be mostly good for protecting the White men from the consequences of social and genetic engineering, and genocide.
The people who call themselves “Indians” are trapped in this mythological identity.  They have European fathers or grandfathers, but their racist White European fathers won’t accept them as people.  Their own relatives look away from them and don’t recognize them as human beings; they call them “bastards” and disinherit them, even if by English law they should inherit British or French Estates and Noble Titles through the primogeniture line.  On the Anishinabe Ojibway side, these “Indians,” by our own Traditional laws of patrilineal inheritance, take the Clan and Dodem of their fathers.  The “Indians” do not have Aboriginal Indigenous Clans, and therefore cannot share in the joint ownership of Anishinabe Ojibway land and religion by the Clans.  For a long time, the Anishinabe Ojibway people tried to accommodate these Indian people in our own community, but both because they had their European fathers’ values and religion, and because the United States Government claims patrilineal rights to their sovereignty, it hasn’t worked.  These Chip-away Indians have spent the last 150 years selling land that does not belong to them, clear-cutting AnishinabeOjibway forests that do not belong to them, and have been co-opted by the United States Government into being agents and brokers of genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous people.  The foster care and adoption of children of the Clans out of the Anishinabe Ojibway community is one ongoing example.  Because the English and United States Governments hold their sovereignty, the Indians have been drafted and conscripted to fight in wars ever since the Europeans got here, and to serve as mercenary scouts against the Aboriginal Indigenous people.
Senator Dawes said it, the Lake Mohonk Conference proclaimed it, and the Nuns told us every day in school, that “Indians are the vanishing Americans.”  Theodore Roosevelt graphically described it, “like a giant machine, pulverizing the Tribal mass.”  The scheme was to brainwash the Anishinabe Ojibway here into becoming Chip-away Indians, and then they’d have everybody under their control.  The United States sets the agenda and defines Indians down to the last decimal point, as in “Blood Quantum.”  The Indo-Europeans use crooked English, and they also use Crooked Math.  I don’t need that racist identity of Chip-away Indian, I am Anishinabe Ojibway. 
MY SIVILIZATION PROGRESS REPORT:  In the process of researching history and genealogy, I found a “Civilization Test” applied to Aboriginal Indigenous People, and Indians, from the 1890’s (reprinted in the March, 1986 issue of  Roots).  In 1889, the United States Congress said they were going to relieve us of our land, and civilize us; that we were to assimilate, and adopt the European values and conform to the social problems that the Europeans brought from Europe.  The mandate for civilization included:
“- Do you wear “citizen’s dress” (shirt, trousers, coat, and shoes)?  [Are you in style?*]
“- Do you live in a wood or brick house built with a square (not circular) floor plan?  [How about a sod house?*]
“- Do you farm, raise cattle, or work in a wage-paying job?  [How about permaculture: wild rice, maple sugar ... ?*]
“- Do your children go to school?  [Yes, the Anishinabe Ojibway were brainwashed into a new identity of Chip-away Indian.*]
“- Are you a Christian?  [Do they practice what they preach, or are they hypocrites?*]
“- Do you have only one wife?  [The Whites had only one wife at a time, but they didn’t say anything about their mistresses and concubines, and all the lumberjack bastards.*]
“- Can you speak and write English?  [Does this make Swedes and Norwegians uncivilized?*]
“- Do you abstain from liquor?  [Alcohol is the sacred drug of the Europeans.*]
[*Bracketed comments mine.]  So much for Sivilization this time.

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Abstract: Scope and method of study. This study traces the cultural influences which led to the formation of the Citizen Band Potawatomi Indians. Primary sources, government documents and previous studies were consulted. Discussions with present band members augmented the written research. A traditional, narrative history spotlights the cultural development of the band. Major emphasis is placed on Citizen Band experiences after arriving in the geographic area which became the state of Oklahoma. Findings and conclusions. The various responses to the culture clashes of the post-Columbian era resulted in the fracturing of the Potawatomi into several bands. Citizen Band acculturation choices led to the formation of a Metis culture which retains its identification with the original Great Lakes Potawatomi. They have encountered identity dilemmas while functioning within Indian, Metis and current American cultures. However, their flexibility in melding the various cultures to which they have been exposed has resulted in a vigorous, financially stable, tribal organization that serves members throughout the United States.

4063.   Young, M. I. (1998). Anishinabe voice: the cost of education in a non-aboriginal world (a narrative inquiry) (First Nations). Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Manitoba, Canada.
Abstract: In this thesis, the author, a Native Student Advisor in a university setting examines how her personal schooling experiences in residential school, high school and university have contributed to the kind of 'educator' she has become. She shares her schooling experiences as they relate to what she refers to as 'feelings of separation'--loneliness, fear of failure, isolation and alienation, all of which are associated with personal experiences with racism and oppression. She submits the difficulties Aboriginal students face in 'white' institutions need to be better understood by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal educators. Using 'narrative inquiry' or 'telling stories' as a method to 'research herself' the author attempts to make meaning and learn from her 'experiences' by reflecting and analyzing them. She describes how the writing process and the actual 'retelling and reliving' of those significant moments, allows her to discover how she contributed to her own 'colonization'. She offers insight into the importance of understanding Aboriginal students, in the context of both secondary and post-secondary education and she also discusses the impact of systemic racism and how it continues to affect the lives of Aboriginal students.

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Notes: Source: University of Minnesota BioMed electronic databases, Fall 1999 search
Abstract: The mortality experience of an isolated Indian population in the Sioux Lookout Zone of northwestern Ontario from 1972 through 1981 is reviewed and compared with that of the Canadian population. Standardized mortality ratios for major categories of causes computed showed excessive risks in most conditions. Notable exceptions included circulatory diseases and neoplasms. Injuries and poisonings accounted for more than one-third of deaths. The proportionate mortality and age-specific mortality rates were considerably higher in all age groups in the Sioux Lookout Zone than in the whole of Canada. Excessive risks were found in almost all categories of accidental and violent deaths except motor vehicle accidents and accidental falls. Local conditions that contributed to the pattern observed are discussed. More than 90 percent of deaths from accidents and violence occurred before the medical care system was involved, highlighting the need for primary preventive strategies in reducing mortality due to these causes. While the infant mortality rate declined, pneumonia, gastroenteritis, and meningitis still accounted for 28 percent of infant deaths in the decade. Even with sudden infant death syndrome excluded, about 25 percent of infant deaths still occurred at home. Some features of the pattern of mortality reported here are also observed in other North American Indian groups undergoing the stresses of social change.

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Notes: Source: University of Minnesota BioMed electronic databases, Fall 1999 search
Abstract: BACKGROUND. In a cross-sectional survey of 704 Cree and Ojibwa Indians ages 20-64 in six northern Canadian communities, blood pressure was measured along with various anthropometric, dietary, biochemical, sociodemographic, and lifestyle data. METHODS. Two readings of systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) pressures were obtained using a mercury sphygmomanometer in accordance with WHO protocol. In analyses where blood pressure (BP) was a continuous variable, the means of the two readings were used. Where 'hypertension' as a dichotomous variable was used, a 'normal' subject was one with no past history of known physician-treated hypertension and who currently had SBP less than or equal to 140 and DBP less than or equal to 90 mm Hg. All others were classified as 'hypertensives.' RESULTS. Based on these criteria, the adjusted prevalence of hypertension in the sample was 27%, with an increased frequency among males and those in the older age group. Compared with data from the Canada Health Survey, the mean SBP among the Indians exceeded that of Canadians in the younger age groups but was lower beyond age 45. For DBP, Indians had higher mean levels than Canadians consistently across all age groups and in both sexes. On univariate comparisons, significantly higher BP levels were found among men, the old, those with little education, nondrinkers, the physically inactive, the obese, and the diabetic. Hypertensives also differed from nonhypertensives in terms of total cholesterol, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol/total cholesterol ratio, various indices of obesity and fat patterning, and fasting glucose levels. In a multiple logistic regression model, significant predictors of hypertensive status included male sex, age, body mass index, total cholesterol, unemployed and single marital status, and positive family history of hypertension.  (Abstract by: Author)

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Notes: Source: University of Minnesota BioMed electronic databases, Fall 1999 search
Abstract: A cohort of 630 non-diabetic adult Cree and Ojibwa Indians aged 20-64 from 6 remote communities in northern Manitoba and Ontario were followed for 46-63 months. During this period, 22 new cases of clinical diabetes were registered, an incidence density of 8.0/1000 person-years (95% confidence interval 5.8-10.3). Compared to the few published incidence studies, the rate in this population is slightly higher than the 'general' North American population but still far below that of the extremely high risk groups such as Pima Indians and Nauruans. On multivariate analyses, fasting plasma glucose (FPG) level and body mass index (BMI) at baseline were significant independent predictors in a multiple logistic regression model that also contained age, sex, total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertensive status, waist/hip ratio and subscapular/triceps skin-fold ratio. These associations are in accordance with current knowledge of the pathogenesis of non-insulin-dependent diabetes. This study indicates that a longitudinal follow-up study of a cohort of non-diabetic Native Canadians in remote communities is feasible. Useful data on the etiologic role of various risk factors can be generated which may be used in the planning of intervention programs in the control of this emerging health problem.  (Abstract by: Author)

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Notes: Source: University of Minnesota BioMed electronic databases, Fall 1999 search
Abstract: Among the Cree-Ojibwa Indians in the subarctic boreal forest of northern Manitoba (Canada) and Ontario, a high prevalence of clinical gallbladder disease (18.5% among women aged 20-64) was observed.  Of a variety of sociodemographic, physiological, anthropometric, and lifestyle factors, increased age and serum triglycerides, and reduced total cholesterol were found to be independent associated factors on multivariate analysis whereas diabetic status, obesity, and a central fat distribution were not. Previous studies in this population have indicated that the Indians also suffer from a high burden of obesity, diabetes, and gallbladder cancer, thus lending support to the hypothesis that genetic predisposition to a constellation of metabolic disorders is perhaps universal among New World aboriginal peoples.

4068.   Young, T. K., & Sevenhuysen, G. (1989). Obesity in Northern Canadian Indians: Patterns, Determinants, and Consequences. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 49(5), 786-793.
Notes: Source: University of Minnesota BioMed electronic databases, Fall 1999 search
Abstract: A survey of 704 adult Cree and Ojibwa Indians in northern Canada found that a large proportion of individuals in all age-sex groups was obese. Almost 90% of females aged 45-54 y had a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 26. The obesity was primarily of the central type as gauged by skinfold thickness and girth ratios. Multivariate analyses showed that age, sex, smoking, alcohol use, marital status, and employment were associated with the levels of BMI and/or the sum of skinfold thicknesses. When three categories of BMI were compared, higher age-adjusted mean serum lipids, blood pressures, glucose, and glycosylated hemoglobin were observed in the obese subjects whereas total energy was decreased. Calorie-adjusted carbohydrate intake was higher in the obese subjects. BMI was an independent and significant predictor of both diabetic and hypertensive status. Obesity is a significant public health problem for Indians and poses particular risks for future chronic diseases.  (Abstract by: Author)

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"initiated by Jennings, Leathy, Hass and Woehlker"

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Notes: Source: University of Minnesota BioMed electronic databases, MEDLINE, Fall 1999 search
Abstract: This study compared quantity and quality of family time spent with parents/elders by American Indian Ojibway adolescents (ages 12-18) in the 1980s to Ojibway adults (ages 55-70) who were adolescents in the 1930s. Results indicated that 1980s adolescents spent an average of 12.5 hours per week with parents/elders compared to 62 hours per week indicated by respondents who were adolescents in the 1930s. The 1980s adolescents reported significantly more adult substance use and family abuse within their homes, and indicated significantly less favorable well-being responses than 1930s adolescents.  (Abstract by: Author)

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Notes: Source: University of Minnesota BioMed electronic databases, Fall 1999 search
Source: Family Studies Database [University of Minnesota onlinedatabases], August 1999 search
Abstract: This study sought to determine whether volume of time spent by adolescents (ages 12-18) with their families (parent/elder present) and the existence of family dysfunctional factors (substance use, domestic abuse, and negative well-being within the family) shared a relationship with adolescent experience in court adjudication and juvenile delinquency behaviors. Results indicated that adolescents experiencing greater volume of family contact tended to have less involvement with both court adjudication and delinquency behaviors (r = -.16 to -.38). Increased frequency of family dysfunctional factors served as a predictor of adolescent involvement with court adjudication and juvenile delinquency (r = .24 to .59).

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