Ojibwe Bibliography – part 10




            3941.    Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: According to Star Tribune staff writer Pat Doyle, who wrote an in-depth article on the Mille Lacs Treaty re-negotiations in last Sunday’s paper ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to Star Tribune staff writer Pat Doyle, who wrote an in-depth article on the Mille Lacs Treaty re-negotiations in last Sunday’s paper, the people of Mille Lacs are “Chippewa, or Ojibwe...”  For you media writers who mold public opinion, we would like to clarify that the “Chippewa” are an entirely different group of people than the Anishinabe Ojibway.  The Chippewa Indians have European or Indo-European fathers; the Chippewa Indians have the same values as their European fathers; and if they ever had any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors, the Chippewa Indians have lost their identity because of their White fathers.  (The only reason that the “Chippewa Indians” are a distinct and identifiable group of people, separated from the Whites, is because of European racism, superstition, guilt, genocide, miscegenation, lust and greed.)  The Anishinabe Ojibway are NOT! the same people as the Chippewa Indians!  The Anishinabe Ojibway are the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this land, who still have our patrilineal Anishinabe Ojibway Clan and Dodem.  Our fathers, and their fathers and grandfathers, for time immemorial, were all Anishinabe Ojibway of this Continent.  We can prove—with your own U.S. Government documents—that the Anishinabe Ojibway did NOT sign the “Indian Treaties” because we are not “Indians.”
The external governments which were brought in here by the colonizing European nation-states, also brought in relocated people from other places, and turned them into “Chippewa Indians.”  Since the Anishinabe Ojibway people own the land, and the Chippewa Indians signed the Treaties “selling land” which the Chippewa Indians did not own, it is in the vested interests of the immigrant Europeans to confuse the two groups of people using Crooked and slippery English.
ABOLISHING OF TREATY-MAKING, MARCH 3, 1871:  The United States Congress, in 1871, in an obscure rider to the Indian Appropriations Bill, outlawed  further treaties with Indian tribes.  The U.S. Congress outlawed more treaty-making because both the “Indians” and the Whites who made the treaties were “outlaws.”
Treaty-making is, along with “peace” pipes, a foreign European concept, and is not indigenous to this land.  The Treaties were written only in the alien European language of English.  The parties negotiating the Treaties were the European Whites and the European “Indians.”  Stealing and then dividing up somebody else’s land, which is what the “treaties” did, is uncouth and shows that the Europeans have bad manners, if they have any manners at all.
On February 8, why weren’t you Indians celebrating?  Last Monday was the big day—where were you Chippewas?  On February 8, 1887, the Dawes General Allotment Act was passed by Congress.  Chip-away Halfbreed Scrip was issued under almost all of the Chippewa Treaties.  A generation later, many of the people who got Halfbreed Scrip (180 Acres) got “allotments,” along with their children and grand-children.  Because of their genocide, the United States “Indian Agents” were running out of Aboriginal Indigenous People, who they deliberately mis-identified as “Indians,” for the purposes of their parasitic social engineering.  Under the Dawes General Allotment Act, countless numbers formerly White people were turned into “Chippewa Indians,” and used to alienate Anishinabe Ojibway land through the “allotment” scam.  The genealogical records show that many of these “Indian Allottees” were White or Mulatto people prior to 1886.
The United States Indian Office tried to “legitimize” their Instant Indians by giving them names stolen from Anishinabe Ojibway people who were killed in the genocide.  The Indian Agents also gave their New Indians Chippewa Creole names, like Wah-bish-ku-kush and Gi-chi-e-quay-zaince.  It’s obvious that the U.S. Government planned on exterminating all of the Anishinabe Ojibway.  In their racism and arrogance, they never once thought that any Aboriginal Indigenous people would survive, much less understand Crooked English as well as their own language, and would be scrutinizing the U.S. “Indian” records.
I looked through all of the Red Lake Halfbreed Scrip for my great-grandfather and my grandfather.  These Anishinabe Ojibway men, whose land was being “given away” by the United States Government, did not get any “Scrip.”  They also did not get allotments.  My grandfathers were Aboriginal Indigenous People of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  My grandfather’s grandfathers have been here for a hundred millennia.  It is Anishinabe Ojibway land which the “Treaties,” the “Halfbreed Scrip,” the “Allotments,” the “Indian Claims Commission,” and now the “Agreements” are trying to steal using the White man’s Chip-away Indians, who have the same values as their Indo-European fathers.
The public ruckus over fishing is a smokescreen to distract people from the real issues of the “Treaties.”  The “Agreement” with the State of Minnesota is a vicious document.  With one stroke of the pen, they are going to abrogate the Treaties, and “terminate” the “Indians.”  They’ve been threatening the Chip-away Indians with “one stroke of the pen” for at least two generations, but what the White man is going to use is “White Out.”  The “Treaties” do not affect Aboriginal Indigenous People; as far as we the Anishinabe Ojibway are concerned the “Treaties” are fraudulent and irrelevant.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist. 
HONORING THURGOOD MARSHALL:  On January 24, 1993, a great man went to the next world.  In Thurgood Marshall’s eulogy, his colleague Justice Renquist quoted the inscription on the Supreme Court Building, “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.”  However, Thurgood Marshall has explicitly said, “We are Not Free,” because the United States operates under racist European Law.  All the United States guarantees their citizens is the elusive “pursuit of [the illusion of] happiness,” and “The American Dream,” which, people should have noticed by now, isn’t real.  The United Nations’ World Court also operates under ethnocentric European Law, and tries to maintain “Peace” through violence and force.  As long as “International Law” operates only from a narrow European perspective and world-view, there will not be harmony, justice, equality, nor freedom in the world.  Western European $ivilization’s track records prove it.
POLITIKING IN THE LOBBY:  There is a story going around that scientists are yielding to the demands of the Animal Rights movement.  Instead of using laboratory rats, they are now using Lobbyists.  There are certain things rats won’t do.  Also, the United States Congress is ignoring a terrific source of revenue.  Instead of trying to bleed Joe Sixpack dry and put even more taxes on minimum-wage slave laborers, they should put a sin-tax on the Lobbyists, and make them pay their fair share.
Exploiting other people is an inherent part of Capitalism and the Nation-State.  If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is take your head out of the sand, and look around.  Whose land are you on, you immigrant foreigners?  Making Zoe Baird a scapegoat is unfair—she was just following Capitalist traditions, and she had nothing to do with creating the policies which entrapped her.  Hiring “illegal aliens” as domestic servants is a fringe benefit of the élite.  So-called “aliens” are preferable to U.S. Citizens—because they don’t speak English, and so they cannot go to the Tabloids and sell gossip about what’s going on in their employer’s household.  Also, because they are considered “illegal,” their behavior is rigidly controlled by the threat of deportation hanging over them.  The U.S. Immigration knows that—they are the foreigners who let the “aliens” in.
Now, one of the main concerns in Washington is paying Social Insecurity Taxes on household help.  Are they going to issue Social Insecurity numbers to “illegal aliens,” and then deport them?  The question is, if they are deported, who gets to keep the money that was paid “for their retirement?”  It looks like there’s a good scam and cover-up going on here (ho-hum—business as usual).
MILITARY PROTOCOL:  During his campaign, candidate Clinton was called a “Draft Dodger” by the rear-echelon heros who make up “war stories” with their elbows on a bar.  President Clinton is now your Commander-in-Chief, and with due respect and admiration, I take off my grey (neither black nor white) hat.
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3942.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: According to Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, “the Clinton administration has discovered India,” and “the [real] Indians are miffed,” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, “the Clinton administration has discovered India,” and “the [real] Indians are miffed,” because they don’t know whether Clinton is bringing the White man’s Manifest Destiny, or whether he’s touting Western European Democracy.  Either way, the Indians lose.  The Clinton administration recently appointed an Indian ambassador, so presumably they’re getting ready from some Indian Treaties.  We all know what that means.
The Indian fakirs’ political opinions on these Indian fakirs’ affairs have not been heard in the outside world, unlike the opinions of the Indian fakers in Washington, D.C.  The voices of these latter, mythological, Indians, are amplified and repeated, so that it seems to the world that the Indians are alive and well in the U.S.A., and nobody notices what’s happening to the Aboriginal Indigenous people.
The Minneapolis Tribune also commented, in their “World and National News” summary, on the old, worn-out issue of Indian land cessions giving Indians the “right to an education.”  The focus this time is Head Start: that every Indian should have the inalienable right to be taken away from their family as a very young child, again, and placed in an institutional setting like Head Start, where the State can teach them how to be a real B.I.A. certified Indian, regardless of family income, religious preference, or national origin.  The anonymous writer parroted the tired, trite phrase, “tribes traded land for education,” without bothering to think about who traded whose land to whom, and exactly what is meant by “education.”  If Western European civilization is that great, why does the educational system have take near-infants away from their families and brainwash them into being Indians?
The sap is rising in the maple trees.  In harmony with the rest of Grandmother Earth, everything is starting to wake up from the Winter’s big sleep.  The crows are back and making a racket; and there are big clouds of steam coming out of the sugarbush.  Making maple sugar is a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.  The sugarbush is connected and in harmony with Grandmother Earth, and maple sugar is a Traditional Ahnishinahbæótjibway food which is healthy, and in balance.
The White man’s rites of Spring include Easter dinner.  I was going to have Easter Bunny and dumplings, but there were no rabbits.  The White Indian loggers cut down the woods, and then the crazy White man sprayed the ditches and powerline right-of-ways with Agent Orange and D.D.T., and the only Easter Bunny I’ve seen this year has been in the Sunday Comics.  I try to be tolerant of other peoples’ traditions, so we had an Easter dinner anyway.  We got a ham, and then to honor Passover, we got some Matzo bread, and had ham sandwiches on Matzo, with deviled Easter eggs on the side.  I figured I might as well try to be culturally tolerant, rather than discriminating among competing White-man traditions.  I went and looked for an Easter-bunny tree, but they’d already been logged out.
The debate over expanded high-level nuclear waste storage at Prairie Island is approaching meltdown.  Lobbyists on both sides are diverting the debate away from the critical issues.  The White man’s mis-understanding of relationship to the land is that a few greedy leaders can ruin an ecosystem for what amounts to eternity, make money, and then walk away to another new frontier.  Their language is disconnected from nature, they do not know what is real and what is not real, and they apparently have not gotten it through their thick heads that there is no place else on this Earth to go.  If the Mississippi Valley is contaminated with high level radiation, it can not be fixed.  There are no more new frontiers.  The Circle has come around, and even the White man will not be able to run away from the consequences of his abuse of this land.
Nuclear power—“Atoms for Peace”—is about the White Man’s guilty Burden of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and Bikini and Eniwetok and a lot of other places), and it is about the ultimate in greedy centralized control and mindless worship of the abstract God of Technology.  There are alternative energy sources, and even if there weren’t, what possible use of electricity, what conceivable job, is worth a twenty-thousand year legacy of cancer, birth defects, AIDS-like radiation sickness, mutant new diseases, and devastation of the ecosystem?  The White man tells those he tries to exploit, “be civilized like us.”  You cannot keep raping Grandmother Earth.
One political wag asked me about the Housing Authority at the Red Lake Tribal Council.  They wanted to know about what happened to the birch veneer, and some missing French Doors.  Rumor is they were part of a sweetheart contract with kickbacks.  The person who told me the story was hard-of-hearing, and thought they had lost some French Moors.  I don’t know why anybody thought I would know where French Doors (or French Moors) go to when they’re missing—I stay as far away from Frenchmen pretending to be Indians as I can.  Anyway, they came and asked me to solve their problems for them.  I told them to go to the White man in charge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, because he’s the one who created Indians.  They didn’t like that idea, so I suggested they ask Chairman-for-life Roger Jourdain, or his sidekick Butch Brun; they know all about those French immigrant things that got lost.
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3943.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: According to the news, the United States Government is colluding with the State of Minnesota to restructure, re-entrench and re-organize the apartheid structure of Indian Tribal Courts ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to the news, the United States Government is colluding with the State of Minnesota to restructure, re-entrench and re-organize the apartheid structure of Indian Tribal Courts, after operating these kangaroo courts without any legal basis other than unilateral bureaucratic degree for more than a hundred years.  These Western European foreign governments are currently re-defining their Constitution, violating their own White citizens’ civil rights, and destroying the lives of the children they use as bait.  If they want to justify the racist apartheid structure, a separate (and unequal) federally-established court with jurisdiction only over U.S. citizens with fractional non-White ancestry (these people are called “Wanna-Be’s”), why don’t they get a Constitutional amendment legalizing discrimination by degrees of Aryan “racial purity,” which is what Indian blood quantum is really about.  I suppose that the reason that they aren’t worried about violating the Bill of Rights with their Indian Courts, is because the U.S. Constitution has racism written into it, and was intended from the first draft, to create a government which favored the merchant W.A.S.P.s who wrote it.  The kind of  violent hierarchial thinking embodied by the U.S. Constitution has no place on this Continent.
The agenda hidden in the crooked English of the recent Minnesota Court of Appeals decision, C1-93-1352, in Re the Matter of the Custody of K.K.S., and the present litigation over the adoption of children categorized as “Indians” by Eugene and Carol Campbell, is trying to abrogate Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty and Natural Rights, and create ethnic conflict like that in Bosnia, between the Indians and the Whites.  Did the judges who ruled on these cases realize that the “Tribal Code” defines “Indians” as non-persons, and makes no provisions for the civil rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution for other U.S. Citizens?   The worn-out trick is using “trust Indians” as the means of accomplishing their dirty deeds.  Both the Indians and the Whites have yet to answer for the violations of the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, with regard to the Anishinabe Ojibway children—over whom neither the United States, the States, nor the Indians have any jurisdiction.  I and my family, personally, have been physically and psychologically injured by the genocide and human rights violations committed by the foreign Western European Governments and the Europeans who are posing as Chippewa Indians.   None of the Europeans’ violence belongs on this Continent, and I have a moral obligation to speak out against the on-going genocide of the Anishinabe Ojibway of the Bear Dodem.  What the Europeans do to each other in Europe it their own business, but here, they are on my land.  Saying that the “Indian sovereignty” delegated by European-law U.S. statute to the U.S. Department of the Interior is somehow connected with the ancient Anishinabe Nation is a lie.  Abusing anybody’s children with these legal fictions is a personal insult.  The kinds of conditions which require that children be removed from their families were brought here by the Europeans—now they want to write laws which only entrench the underlying problems, and then blame me for the U.S. Government violating their citizens’ rights.  “Indians” have been getting blamed for the White man’s atrocities since the days of the Boston Tea Party and the Cavalry, with the insinuation that the Aboriginal Indigenous People are “guilty,” when we continue to have nothing to do with it.
CROOKED ENGLISH TERMINOLOGY:  Last week at Reno, the National Congress of American Indians resolved to ask The Buck Stops Here, a.k.a. the Honorable Attorney General Janet Reno, “to investigate possible violations of federal law in cases where public money is spent to support [organizations] that use offensive names and mascots.”  The target was the Washington Redskins, who play in a stadium built on supposedly “federal land” and rented by a big-money sports corporation for a dollar a year.  Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who is patrilineally Scottish, calls the name Redskins offensive, and is quoted as saying, “A slur is determined by those who are being called the name, not those calling it.”  Senator Campbell apparently does not object to being called an “Indian,” because he is not an Aboriginal Indigenous Person.  A lot of the publicly visible Indians get good money for becoming living caricatures of this racist stereotype.  The very word Indian, which is being funded by the U.S. Congress, is a derogatory name, historically much more damaging than “redskin.”  The word Indian is an English word, derived from Indo-European roots, and is worse than a racist slur against the Anishinabe Ojibway—it is also a human rights violation.  While shouting to the world, particularly China, about human rights violations and implying that the worst that they have to worry about is fictional mascots of mass entertainment, at the same time the Federal Government funds a large bureaucracy of institutions based on the racist delusions of “tainted blood” and the artificial concept of “Indians,” including the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The National Congress of American Indians was supposed to have been organized to protect peoples’ rights and resources.  I suppose that the N.C.A.I. and similar “Indian organizations” are diverting public attention away from the serious issues of land, water rights, environmental degradation, and genocide, because the “Indian leaders” know that they are not the Aboriginal Indigenous People who own the land, water, and resources, and who are the most deeply affected by the genocide.  These “Indian leaders” do not want to deal with their own assumed identity, nor endanger their well-paying status as token Indians.
WHITE AND INDIAN LA-LA LAND: A lot of Wanna-Be’s apparently don’t mind being called “Indians,” because even this racist insult is better than being categorized by their blood brothers as “low-class White trash with tainted blood,” which is how the World Leaders in the allegedly egalitarian democracy of the U.S.A. consider the Metis people who were among the first Europeans on this continent, and without whom the more recent European immigrants would not have been able to steal this land.  The White man and the Wanna-be Indians keep saying that this is “Indian Country” and “Indian land,” when they know perfectly well that the Indians never owned any land.  The White man is the biggest Indian Giver around—some of the acreage in the U.S. has been “given” to the Indians and then taken away four or five times—a local example is some of Becker County.  The Indians never owned any land, and the land that they claim now as “Indian Land,” or “Tribal Land” is really Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land, illegitimately claimed by the White legal fiction of “Indians,” with the illegal title held by the United States Government, under “Trust.”  “United States Government” is the owner of record in the land plat books—not the Indians—and neither one of them own the land.  No matter how many times the Indians “sell” the land to the Whites, and no matter how many times the Whites “settle” with the Indians, the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ inalienable title to the land has not been abrogated by this Western European hocus-pocus and their abstract thinking.
THE END OF THE TRAIL: Dr. Kevorkian has been arrested again for helping terminally ill people commit euthanasia.  All that Dr. Kevorkian is doing is being honest and explicit about an old Western European medical practice.  Instead of focussing on people who only have a few weeks of pain-filled life left, why not take a good hard look at the quacks who peddle legal, and illegal, means of suicide to healthy young people, including alcohol, crack cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs.  There is a much higher rate of suicide among non-White young people, who, under Western European capitalism, are confronted with racism, discrimination, a contaminated environment, and what looks like a very grim future.  This needs to change.
WANNA-BE’S AND OTHER INDIANS:  If your land is held in trust by the White man, you’re an Indian.
If you buy land, and then give it to the “tribe” to be held in trust, you’re a dumb Indian.
If you buy reservation license plates from the Tribal Council, and they keep the title to your car, you’re a trusting Indian.
If you use the Chippewa word “boo-zhoo,” you’re a Metis Indian.
If you call yourself a Red Laker, and you helped bring in the 1934 I.R.A. “trust” for Chippewa Indians, you’re an outsider-Indian.
If your two-story house is owned by the bank and the Red Lake Housing Corporation on a checkerboard trust allotment, you’re a trust Indian in deep doo-doo.
If you’re travelling down the Red Road, and all you see are Real Estate and “land for sale” signs, you’re a real Indian.
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3944.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: After five hundred of Western European occupation, genocide, and grand theft of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: After five hundred of Western European occupation, genocide, and grand theft of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources, the Europeans and their Indians, who have been on welfare for five hundred years, celebrated Columbus Day.  At Red Lake, the Chippewa Indians marked Columbus Day by celebrating the White Sovereignty that was given to them by the United States Government.  1934 I.R.A. Tribal Administrator Judy Roy was quoted in the Bemidji Pioneer as saying that the Red Lake Indian Pow-Wow “began last year as part of the quin-centennial celebration of Christopher Columbus, ... and ‘our celebration of our sovereignty that we are still here’.”  From an Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, what Ms. Roy said can be interpreted as that colonial governments and their subject Indians are still here, celebrating five hundred years of colonial occupation and complicity in genocide.
Also quoted was Frances Brun, who said that Red Lake was a closed Reservation, meaning, according to the Bemidji Pioneer, that “all the land is held in common, with no individual allotments.”  Francis Brun was speaking on the basis of Western European Indian policy, and what the U.S. Government calls “Indian law.”  These Indians that Brun was talking about, have European patrilines, and are thus subject to imported Roman Statute law, British Common Law, and the colonial occupations called United States Law.  Brun did not mention the Anishinabe Ojibway, because he was speaking on behalf of the U.S.A. as one of their subject Indians, and Brun does not have any Anishinabe Ojibway ancestors at all.  Brun did not say, and probably does not understand, that according to the ancient laws of the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin, this land is not held “in common,” particularly with the Chippewa Indians.  This land is held jointly by the patrilineal Dodems of the Anishinabe Ojibway—and the Indians promoted in the media have been packed onto land which does not belong to them by the United States Government.
The Indians celebrated their Sovereignty, which is Protestant Sovereignty, operating under the French feudal philosophy of the subject Chippewa Indians at Red Lake.  I am not an Indian, and I do not belong to the Chippewa Tribal structure created by the United States Government.  The B.I.A. listed me on their “Chippewa Indian Rolls” without my knowledge or consent, and I sent my resignation as a Chippewa Indian to then-Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall of the U.S. Supreme Court, in respect of the procedure described in the U.S. Constitution for one Sovereign dealing with another.  Justice Marshall accepted my resignation, and these papers are now in the Library of Congress.  I explained to Thurgood Marshall about the dishonest identity of “Indian,” and that I have my own Aboriginal Indigenous identity.  I am a Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway on my own land, and British Indian common law, United States law, and the Chippewa Indian Tribal Code do not have jurisdiction over the Sovereigns of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  We are on our own land, and have been here for millennia, long before the White man, the Pillager Indians, the French Métis, and the Chippewa Indians got here.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to continue existing on our own land, without the wanna-be Chippewa Indians trying to steal our identity and our traditions, abetting the Whites in trying to steal our land and resources, and covering up the genocide.
To you, Brun, I challenge you, as you try to use and abuse my Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty to get out of paying taxes on money you made plundering my resources and destroying my forests.  Try to kick me off of my land, which has belonged to the Anishinabe Ojibway, including my family and my Dodem, for more than the last hundred thousand years—we’ll see who leaves.  Why don’t you Chippewa Indians practice the Protestant Ethic, and go to work, instead of spinning your wheels trying to live out all of the projections, labels, and stereotypes that the White man created for his subject Indians?  One moment, the United States Government tells you that you have Sovereignty, and then out of the other side of their mouths, they tell you that with “one stroke of the pen, we can terminate you.”
  According to Saturday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Casino mogul Donald Trump” testified on Indian gaming regulations to the Natural Resources Committee of the House of Representatives.  Trump is quoted as saying that many Indians who want to operate casinos “don’t look like Indians to me, and they don’t look like Indians to Indians.”  You’re right, Don—the Aboriginal Indigenous people of this Continent did not have curly hair, blue eyes, nor the other Moorish and European features that characterize most Federally Recognized Indians.  The U.S. Government is using some inconsistent logic that has nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  “Indian Blood Quantum” is irrelevant—both to whether or not a person is an Aboriginal Indigenous person, and the way that the United States has calculated it, it has nothing to do with whether or not a person who claims to be an “Indian” has any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry.  The U.S. is hurting because of past genocide, desperately trying to re-create the Aboriginal Indigenous People that they destroyed.  Re-defining 1/32 as 1/4, and then saying “this person is an Indian because their great-great-great grandmother was an ‘Indian princess’” [she was probably one of the so-called King’s Daughters involuntarily exported from France to Montreal] makes as much sense as would re-defining an African-American as “Lily-White” because they have 1/32 White blood.  Maybe because Math is an abstraction, this can be done.
The following is an excerpt from the chapter on “Language” in my upcoming book, We Have a Right to Exist.  The publisher revised the printing schedule, and it will now be coming out in January of 1994:
Chief Joseph did not understand Western European abstract thinking in detail; Aboriginal Indigenous People usually described the language generated by it as “forked-tongue speaking.”  Because he could not speak English, he did not know how to defend himself against the abstract Indians and the abstract laws which were used to steal his land.  The United States Government gave Chief Joseph four abstract, artificial identities: Chief, Nez Perce, Joseph, and Indian, in order to steal his land.  (The U.S. wanted to make absolutely certain they clinched the deal they had stacked in their own favor, so they overdid it with the fake identities.  I haven’t figured out yet, why they changed the names of a lot of Aboriginal Indigenous people, as well as many of their White Indian Chiefs, into Joseph.)  Neither the Europeans nor the Euro-Americans have clear title nor eminent domain to any of the land on this Continent.  Western Europeans can write all the Title Abstracts that they want, but they can’t change reality.  This is the way Chief Joseph was interpreted as describing what happened—I don’t know what was lost in translation:
Suppose a white man should come to me and say, ‘Joseph, I like your horses, and I want to buy them.’  I say to him, ‘No, my horses suit me, and I will not sell them.’  Then, he goes to my neighbor, and says to him, ‘Joseph has some horses.  I want to buy them, but he refuses to sell.’  My neighbor answers, ‘Pay me the money, and I will sell you Joseph’s horses.’  The white man returns to me and says, ‘Joseph, I have bought your horses, and you must let me have them.’  If our lands were sold to the government, this is the way they were bought.
The “neighbor” that Chief Joseph describes as selling things which do not belong to him, was not an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  Neither Joseph, nor any other Aboriginal Indigenous person, can sell land, because of the Autochthonous religious and philosophies of this Continent.
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3945.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: After reading the 1991 and 1992 management agreements between Chip Wadena and Gaming World International, I was taken back in time to the Indian Treaty-making era. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: After reading the 1991 and 1992 management agreements between Chip Wadena and Gaming World International, I was taken back in time to the Indian Treaty-making era.  I said to myself, “this agreement sounds familiar.”  The faces have changed, and times have changed, but the Euro-American paradigm of relationships with Indians is the same as it was a hundred and fifty years ago.  The moral obligation of Manifest Destiny is still there—the White invaders are still acting as though they have a God-given right, and also a duty to steal from Aboriginal Indigenous people, using Indians, which is an European perspective.  The Indian Agents like Barlow, and the Indian Traders, have always gotten a hefty commission, although in the late twentieth century there isn’t more land to steal and give away, so some of the payola was in vouchers.
The management agreements, which have been informally called “compacts,” gives Gaming World International 70% of the Shooting Star Casino’s take.  30% goes to the “Tribe.”  (Under the definitions used by the B.I.A. to describe 1934 I.R.A. Indian Governments, an “Indian Tribe” consists of the three executive officers of the Tribal Council, so Darrell “Chip” Wadena is the “White Earth Tribe,” and Indians remain P.O.W.’s without any legal rights.)  Gaming compacts are just a bad re-run of the broken treaties: the only “Indians” who benefit are the Chiefs that the U.S. Government created, just like at the Treaties.  The scam artists are still at it, and the band plays on, and on.
The Sovereign Red Lake 1934 I.R.A. elections are starting to heat up, and Indians are coming out of the brush (which is all that’s left of the woods now) and throwing their hats into the ring.  In the March issue of the Minneapolis Circle, there is an ad promoting laminated plastic photo I.D. cards for all of their Indians.  This is political ploy to get all of the absentee voters registered to vote—this is one of very few services that the I.R.A. Tribal Council offers to people who live off of the Reservation (who the in-group call “outsiders”).  Chairman-for-life Roger Jourdain passed a resolution so that people living off the reservation—“outsiders”—couldn’t run in the I.R.A. Tribal Elections.  They want to use your absentee ballots to put who they want in office, but if you need some kind of assistance from the Red Lake Tribal Council, well, the urban people I’ve talked to have been told to “Go to Hell” by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and their Tribal Councils.  Now, get this: the Photo I.D.’s will be issued at the Minneapolis Indian Center on the afternoon of All Fool’s Day.
The Tuesday, March 15, Minneapolis Star Tribune, had a front-page article with a headline announcing that “Minnesotans find evidence” that Europeans did not bring tuberculosis to these continents.  At the very end of the article, after the jump to an inside page, the “News Services” who wrote this anonymous front-page article admit that “there is a risk that the specimens ... were contaminated by TB bacteria in the laboratory.”  This questionable science is being heavily promoted because the Euro-Americans are trying to ease their guilt about the genocide they have committed here, in a process of historical revision.  If tuberculosis had been a disease of Aboriginal Indigenous people here, we would have some immunity to this imported disease.  The Euro-Americans knew that we did not have any tolerance to their diseases, and openly used their diseases as a means of genocide.  As the good Christian policy-makers discussed at the 1890 Lake Mohonk Conference, 1890 (from a paper, “The Indian Health Question,” by Dr. Martha M. Waldron).  These Friends of the Indians were trying to change the identity of the Aboriginal Indigenous people into Indians, and slandered us by stereotyping us as “full-blood Indians.”
“The full-blood Indians [sic] have less endurance than the half or mixed-bloods; and when attacked by tuberculosis or any form of scrofula, they perish more quickly.  ... The well-attested fact that consumption is the scourge of the Indian [sic] in the climate of Dakota, where pulmonary diseases among whites are almost unknown, points conclusively to the fact that there has been and is that, in the peculiar conditions of Indian [sic] life, which engenders the disease. ...       The more thoroughly the contagious nature of tuberculosis is established, the more terrible the present condition of the Indian appears.  It is stated on good authority that tuberculous cattle are constantly sold to and consumed by the Indians [sic].  Their only hope is in a common knowledge of every-day affairs, which shall protect them from their enemy, the unscrupulous white man ...”
I lost both of my parents to the White man’s disease of tuberculosis and my great-grandfather (and most of the rest of my relatives) in the many smallpox epidemics which were planted by the United States Government at Red Lake.  These diseases were intentionally brought into Aboriginal Indigenous communities as a part of Western European Civilization’s Divine Mandate of genocide.
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3946.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Al Gore, the environmentalist Vice President, is so serious about the environment that when he takes a walk in the woods ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Al Gore, the environmentalist Vice President, is so serious about the environment that when he takes a walk in the woods he’s thinking about the ecology and forgets to pay attention to where he’s going.  He does not have an Aboriginal Indigenous person’s connection to the land; the woods may be beautiful to him, but they are also alien.  He learned about the forests from his ancestors, immigrants from an Europe without forests or lakes—and so he gets lost in the woods, along with his S.S. bodyguards, who don’t know the way back to their European “civilization” either.
Recreational fishing is an imported European colonial leisure activity, like the English ritual slaughter of the predators of imported vermin (“Fox Hunting”).  It is increasingly defined in terms of the values of the British upper class.  People who fish for food are caught up in the mess created by the catch-and-release fishermen, stuck with a limit of one fish per day.  The U.S. Government wants to terminate the “Indians” and abrogate the Treaties, because there are no more resources.  The social welfare system for immigrant elite has finally plundered the whole continent, and even though “Indians” are the Europeans’ invented proxy for the Aboriginal Indigenous people, they serve as a reminder to guilty consciences of what was once here.  Hunting and fishing has always been an inherent part of the Anishinabe Ojibway culture, and is an entirely different thing than the Europeans’ idea of “hunting and fishing.”  Fish and game are a part of our permacultural ecosystem, and a traditional part of our food supply.  Hunting and fishing for subsistence are not in the European culture, and under immigrant European management, it’s all been destroyed.  The Europeans do not understand the harmony and the balance of Grandmother Earth, who gives us all life.  It’s time that you come to terms with reality.
In Europe, there is a forest they call the “Black Forest,” which is not a forest, it’s a tree farm.  It’s all been planted.  I’ve walked through the Black Forest, and I couldn’t see any resemblance to the intact Anishinabe Ojibway forests I knew as a child.  I remember the soft carpet of pine needles, the harmony.  The ecosystem here has been plundered, and the European immigrants are trying to fool people by saying they “have planted trees.”  Those planted trees are not the same as the natural ecosystem. They are out of balance, disharmonious, barren window-dressing.  When you walk though a tree farm, it’s like walking through a plowed field, going through rows of trees and ditches in between.  From an Aboriginal Indigenous point of view, it’s really ugly.  Nobody can get lost in a tree farm—all you have to do is follow the ditches.
When the fishermen complain about no fish, they should also complain about the trees being cut down.  Everything is connected.  The birds depend on the trees, the fish depend on the trees—and so do you.  You are cutting your own throat when you cut the trees down.  Professional Foresters can have all the Advanced Degrees they want, and they are still out of touch with the land and the life on it.  They don’t know what’s happening with the delicately inter-related ecosystem.  Respecting the harmony of Grandmother Earth is a part of the non-violent Anishinabe Ojibway religion and philosophy.   In the Europeans’ arrogance, he cut down everything, and tried to “manage” the living systems of this Continent with abstract thinking, lifeless linear mis-understanding and greed.  Their greed far outweighs their common sense.  The United States forest service’s inventory of Potemkin forests, which flourished “on paper” for twenty years before people figured out that there weren’t really any trees there, is a good example of abstract thinking and capitalist greed.  Greed is a dangerous mental illness which must be addressed in the proposed National Health Care system.
HEALTH CARE:  If Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to talk about health, she also needs to talk about the air, the water, the other living beings that are part of the web of life.  It’s all connected, and if you want to have healthy people, you have to have a healthy ecosystem.  A noxious brown cloud has been hanging over the cities of the United States for the last forty years.  When people in Los Angeles complained about the smog in the 1950’s (when the freeway system was in the planning stages and there was an intact mass transit system), the public was told that the smog “won’t hurt you, it’s no worse than two packs of cigarettes a day.”  They have warning labels on cigarettes now.  They need to put warning labels on the roads going into the cities, “Surgeon General’s Warning: Breathing this Air is Hazardous To Your Health, Causes Cancer, Respiratory Disease, and Other Problems.”
Smog is a symptom of the mental illness of runaway greed.  When the Europeans first applied the “Divine Mandate” of Manifest Destiny on this Continent, they stole the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations’ land and resources to subsidize the imported welfare system for the European upper class (which they called the Industrial Revolution).  At that time, our relatively intact ecosystem absorbed the worst of the consequences of their criminal greed.  The immigrants plundered our resources over several generations, and their descendants are still stealing from the Aboriginal Indigenous People, they are still here wrecking our Continent and their immigrant elite are still on welfare.  The Lily-White-Liberals are still beneficiaries of the grand Land Theft and the genocide.  I’ve got news for you immigrant Europeans.  You have finally arrived, and you’d better start dealing with reality.  Linear abstract thinking is pure hogwash, no matter how many of the “experts” of Western European Civilization certify it.  You can’t run from away from the truth forever.
If the Clinton Administration is planning on having any form of “socialized medicine,” I suggest that they evaluate and take a lesson from the U.S. socialized medicine that they already have, for example the Indian Health Service.  Better yet, go get a second opinion—maybe you should have several reservations about it.
MORE EUROPEAN EPIDEMICS:  According to the newspapers, the people who are concerned about violence are finally being heard.  Violence is really in epidemic stages.  Violence and the police are caught in a positive feedback loop—the more police they hire, the more violence there is.  Many of the people who are supposed to be “fighting crime” are getting rich off of somebody else’s suffering, and the violent crime rates keep going up.  When you see “crimefighters” without any other source of income driving B.M.W.’s and wearing Florscheim shoes, you know that society is way out of balance and out of harmony.  Hiring policemen, judges and lawyers, building more jails, doesn’t solve the problem of crime, although it’s an economic system that puts bread and butter on the tables of law enforcement officers and the legislature.  Crime is a part of the Western European economic system, and if the problems which generate crime were solved, then a lot of the elite would be without jobs.  Violence and crime exploit non-W.A.S.P.s who don’t speak fluent English, and provides barriers which protect the status and privileges of the elite.  The Europeans who call themselves “Americans” need to look at the social baggage their ancestors brought from Europe—the imported European language, values and religion.  That’s where the problem is embedded in the immigrant culture, and that’s the only place where it can be addressed effectively.
Violence and racism are necessary to maintain the social class system the way that it presently exists in the United States.  When grassroots movements seriously addressed racism, the establishment re-defined the issue on their terms, and centralized the “solutions.”  The same thing is happening now with the issues of violence and crime.  Violence is being re-defined in terms of unreal abstract thinking.  For example, children’s television cartoons are being excluded from the proposed “warning label” system proposed by the media.  Hitting and kicking people, maiming them and then laughing, is not funny—it’s an insidious brainwashing of the world’s children.  Violence and crime presently kill more people than AIDS, and take away more years of life expectancy than any other illness.  The unending waves of violence from the media, which makes big money with “cheap thrills,” is like a vaccine, desensitizing people to an appalling reality.  There need to be warning labels on the news and on children’s’ programs.  The self-righteous right-wing monopolizers of the First Amendment need to take a hard, honest look at themselves (if they can).
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3947.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Amendments to the Indian Freedom of Religion Act are currently under consideration by the United States Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Amendments to the Indian Freedom of Religion Act are currently under consideration by the United States Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs, in the U.S. Legislative Branch.  In the Executive Branch, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is putting a lot of lobbying pressure into passing this unique piece of legislation in a form under which protection of the practice of Indian Religion will be granted only to Federally Recognized Indians.  So-called “Indian Religion” is an Indo-European hierarchical cult based on Christianity.  Using apartheid legislation (euphemistically referred to as “protection”) to abrogate Constitutional provisions of Civil Rights for Indians, and limiting the practice of so-called “Indian Religion” to Federally-defined “Indians,” entrenches the U.S.’ control over the Indians they created, and draws public attention away from the Aboriginal Indigenous people and religions—over whom the U.S.A. has absolutely no defensible jurisdiction.
Real Chippewa Indians are always pestering me, either asking me some irrelevant detail about how to be an Indian, or telling me how to be a proper, Real Indian.  I am Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  I am not an Indian.  I don’t care about how to be an Indian, and I don’t want to be insulted by being mis-categorized as an Indian.  (If Wanna-Be Indians have questions about how to be a Real, Federally Recognized Indian, go ask the White men who created the Indians, and who are the self-appointed definers of Indians—and, it’s a venerable American political tradition, the God-given right of the W.A.S.P.’s to make sport of such hapless Indians.)  So-called “Indians,” and the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, are two entirely different groups of people.
Indians are, by their acceptance of definition as “Indians,” citizens of the United States, so the question arises as to why the ordinary Constitutional guarantees purporting “freedom of religion” to all U.S. citizens do not provide freedom of religion for Indians.  Even the often-cited issue of sacramental use of peyote by Indian subject people has legal precedent in the White Christian mainstream.  During Prohibition, the U.S. Constitution banned “beverage” alcohol.  There was no religious-use exception made in the 18th Amendment.  This was circumvented by tacit in-house agreement: sacramental wine was produced by licensed wineries, for sale to approved religions.  Why not license “Indian Medicine Men” and other Indo-European Shamans, under this precedent?  (The Branch Davidians were licensed Christians.)  That established, presumably legal, precedent is not being used, means that the issue is something other than the surface explanation.  Could it be that, under the joint provisions of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, “Indians” are categorized by the founding documents of the United States Government as P.O.W.’s, occupied peoples defined as enemies of the State, inherently without rights or representation? ... and, that these subject Indo-European peoples, the Indians, are in complicity with the White Euro-Americans in masking the centuries of genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous people.
The vast majority of the people who are Federally Recognized as “Indians” by the United States Government, have European patrilines (and many have nearly pure Indo-European and African ancestry).  Most of the Federally Recognized Indians have little or no connection to the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent (which is why Gerald Torres, counsel to the U.S. Attorney General’s Office, claims that Indians are not “classified as a racial group.”)  Almost all Indians are European subject peoples.  As I was growing up in the Boarding Schools, we were told quite forcibly that “Indians are the Vanishing Americans” and that “Indians must assimilate.”  It’s not clear what the White man wants his Indians to assimilate into, and the U.S. Congress keeps legislating roadblocks to keep the “tainted-blood” Indians out of the White mainstream.  The present U.S. Indian policy entrenches an apartheid system, socially engineering pseudo-ethnic “minorities” out of ordinary White Trash and a few Métis.  Although the United States Supreme Court determined, nearly forty years ago, that “separate but equal” was unconstitutional for Euro-African Americans who are not categorized as Indians, the U.S. is continuing to elaborate their institutional structure of “separate and less than equal” for those people classified as Federally Recognized Indians.
If the U.S. Indian policy was really assimilation, why would Indians need: a separate and inferior Civil Rights Bill (which does not provide actual civil rights); a separate health-care system which promotes diabetes and creates the lowest life-expectancy in the United States; and a separate governmental system which is so corrupt it can only be described as “unique.”  This medieval legacy of French fur-trade feudalism is entrenched by U.S. Government funding of what the U.S. Congress privately calls “Federal Instrumentalities,” labelled in NewSpeak as “Indian Self-Determination.”  Why has the United States created a White puppet government, patterned after the worst of the European-style governments, and claimed that the White Indians who they have empowered in this “Indian Tribal Government” are “Sovereign,” meaning “separate under apartheid.”  Indians are not Aboriginal Indigenous People, and Indians have no concept and no inkling of what We the People, our Dodem values and our traditional Midé religious philosophy, are about.  The Euro-American “Indian” structures and mythologies have absolutely nothing to do with the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.
In researching this column, I telephoned every major Washington agency involved in the amendments to the Indian Freedom of Religion Act, from the White House to the Justice Department, trying to get some sensible explanation about the U.S. policy reflected in this legislation.  There are not any “Honest Injuns” in Washington, D.C., although I was told some Lily-White lies.  The most enlightening response I heard was “no comment.”  Since the dedicated public servants I talked to did not want to be quoted (and some refused to tell me their names), something must be even more rotten than usual in D.C.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has deleted some sports-team designations, including “Redskins,” “Chiefs” and “Indians,” from their sports pages.  They have apparently decided that these terms are potentially offensive, and will refrain from using them until the politically-correct climate shifts again.  If these words can no longer be printed in the paper, I don’t know how—or if—the newspaper will report on White Indian militants’ protests of sports mascots, or the Real Indians’ demonstrations against the use of the term “Washington Redskins,” etc.  It’s a strange kind of abstract wishful thinking, where not writing a word can solve a problem.  The caricature “Indian mascots” will still parade around at half-time, reflecting Western European Civilization’s foolish racist heritage, whether or not the Star Tribune writes about them.  After all, one of the main purposes of sporting events is to make “Big Bucks.”  How are the Federally Recognized Cherokees going to get their “Indian Bucks” for Bingo and Gambling, if they can no longer manufacture Tomahawks for the Redskin fans?
The State of Minnesota Legislative House passed a bill to ban Crazy Horse Malt Liquor, and any other alcohol named after Indians or Wanna-Be’s.  If Heileman Brewery wants to sell booze so badly, why don’t they make a beer called Custer’s Malt Liquor?  The Brewery could even build a bar, and call it the “Little Big Horn Corral.”  If they put it across the river in Wisconsin, they could sell Crazy Horse Malt along with Custer’s.  Heileman’s could promote a new cocktail, mixing the two Malt Liquors, and instead of having a “Happy Hour,” they could have a “Treaty Hour.”  The toast could be “as long as the grass shall grow and the rivers shall flow—drink to broken promises,” and everybody could get “wiped out.”  The last one standing gets a prize: an arrow shirt; and the first one “out” gets a Tomahawk Chop and a one-way ticket to the ethnically appropriate Detox.
Linguistic cleansing has not been limited to Minnesota.  According to Boston syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman, the élite arbiters of culture are seeking language purity.  The French are exorcising English impurities, and the American W.A.S.P.’s are in quest of their Germanic roots, eliminating one French “loan-word” after another.  The latest is that the White House (French) “Chef” has been replaced by another European food-handler, who Ms. Goodman calls “Le Cook.”
Speaking of gourmet cooking, a friend of mine was telling me about his grandson’s favorite sandwich.  The recipe goes like this: spread a layer of potato chips on a slice of bread.  Then, add a slice of baloney, a second layer of potato chips, another slice of baloney, and then a third layer of potato chips.  Finally, top it off with a slice of bread.  This is the recipe I was given for the sandwich.  When I first heard about it, I said “yuck.”  But, curiosity got the best of me, so I bought bread, potato chips and baloney, and made one of these renowned but unnamed sandwiches.  I was hungry from working all day in the sugarbush, so I don’t know if it just seemed like it tasted good, or is it terrible nutrition, masquerading as a delicious sandwich?
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3948.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Another hunting season has passed, so it’s fairly safe to go out in the woods again. ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Another hunting season has passed, so it’s fairly safe to go out in the woods again.  The people wearing red have finally gone back home, and the D.N.R. are counting the piles of money they made selling licenses to kill deer that belong to the Anishinabe Ojibway.  The textbook name for this is “capitalism,” but it’s really socialism for the Western Europeans, using the resources of the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.
All the guys wearing red, who are driving around with dead deer strapped to their cars or piled in the back of their pickup trucks, are a poor role model for young children.  It isn’t too long before another guy in a red suit will need deer to pull his sleigh, to bring the children presents.  It’s confusing: one month the people in red are killing deer, and the next month the man in red is driving with them, and he’s not a very good role model, either.  He doesn’t have a very big vocabulary.  All he seems to say is “ho, ho, ho!,” maybe because he never gets caught for drunk driving, or even for driving while impaired, after having a tankard too many of Holiday Cheer, or spiking his eggnog.
INDIAN SOVEREIGNTY: Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Jim Klobuchar wrote about “Tribal Sovereignty” and how it is being used to insulate casino owners from liability for sexual harassment and other civil rights violations against their employees.  Such maltreatment of employees is nothing new, but when it was organizations like the Red Lake Indian lumber mills and the Bureau of Indian Affairs discriminating, refusing to provide any compensation for employees who were injured on the job, and not contributing to any retirement plan (even social insecurity), nobody cared.  Now that officially White people are being affected by policies which have been in place for fifty years, all of a sudden it’s an issue.
Indians are, by their White patriline and their values, already assimilated members of the Euro-American society.  The Sovereignty which is being abused by the Indian Casinos is not Anishinabe Ojibway nor other Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty.  The European immigrants, Indian law and Indian Sovereignty, have no jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignties, which belong on this Continent.  The “Indian Sovereignty” under which the casinos, B.I.A. officials (who are also White people), and other so-called Indian employers have abused their employees for years is White Sovereignty, held specifically by the United States Secretary of the Interior, and his boss the U.S. President.  The Euro-American laws under which this “Indian Sovereignty” belonging to the U.S. Executive Branch is generated include United States v. Anglin & Stevenson (1944, CA10 Okla) 145 F2d, cert den 324 US 844, 89 L ED 1405, 65 S Ct 678, among others.  In this particular case, the legal interpretation is, in part, “Where the Secretary of the Interior held funds in his custody as guardian and trustee of the ... Indian, ... he had exclusive jurisdiction over them in his sovereign capacity and they were not within the reach of the judicial process unless by authorized consent ...  When the Secretary of the Interior, acting within the scope of his powers as guardian of the Indian wards, ...”  Indian Sovereignty is a sham.  It’s held by the Whites who created the Indian identity.
Euro-Americans Whites are supposed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  But, then the U.S. Government comes along with Indian Sovereignty, and violates their own Constitution by taking away every vestige of Constitutional Rights for the Whites they call “Indians,” under Indian Sovereignty.  “Indian Trusteeship” and “Indian Sovereignty” can’t exist in the same paradigm, even in Crooked English, unless Indian Sovereignty is understood for what it really is: apartheid dictatorship, without accountability, over the low-class White people who the U.S. Government has defined as “Indians.”  I’m glad that I’m not an Indian.  If employees have problems with their Indian employers, the buck stops with President Clinton, telephone (202) 456-1414.  He’s in charge of Indian Sovereignty.  The Executive Branch co-operated with the Legislative Branch, and the U.S. Congress created the I.R.A. Tribal Councils.  If you have a problem with the Tribal Councils, call Senator Wellstone at 1-800-642-6041.
By Act of U.S. Congress (August 27, 1954), codified as U.S. Statutes, Title 25, Section 677w, the United States Government provides for the Termination of Indians, even those defined by the U.S. as “full-blood” Indians.  This means that, after the United States Government terminates the Indian identity of those who they have defined as Indian, these former Indians cannot use either the Secretary of the Interior’s “Indian Sovereignty,” nor the Indian identity.  I suppose if the Indian Police caught a person trying to say they were an “Indian” after they’d been terminated, they’d throw them in jail (if they weren’t already there).  If they were persistent, incorrigible Indians, and they still wanted to play Indian, they could deport (relocate) them to India.  I would gladly nominate Barlow, Roger Jourdain, Butch Brun, and their councilmen, for the first boatload on the new Indian relocation program.
NAFTA:  Al Gore and Ross “The Boss” Perot had a serious debate about whose family had more money and less ethics.  In the part of it I saw, they didn’t even discuss Free Trade—the content of this policy discussion was controlled by politician Al Gore, who was questioning the ethics of Ross Perot’s family.  Why didn’t Ross Perot ask about the shenanigans that Al Gore’s dad, who was also a Senator, pulled?  If they were going to talk about families, and totally disregard Free Trade, why didn’t they talk about the families of all the people who were losing their jobs, the families of those unemployed both on this side of the border and on the other side.  Ross Perot showed a picture of a big corporation, surrounded by shanty-towns.  This photograph shows that Manifest Destiny is still alive and well, unchanged since the days when the Hang-Around-The-Fort Indians (who had White fathers) built their shanty-towns of “teepees” around U.S. Forts in order to be near their Great White Father.  Al Gore responded by saying that Free Trade was going to raise the standard of living of the people in these shanty-towns.  They’re going to move them up a notch on the socio-economic scale, Upward Bound, and guess what, they’re going to move them into a ghetto.
Anything that the Europeans call “Free,” you can be sure that the hidden costs are high.  Nothing is free, and in my experience, “Free” is a dirty four-letter word.
If NAFTA is going to improve the standard of living in Mexico, what is going to happen to the people on this side of the border, who have to go south for a job?  Are they going to throw the Gringos in a Mexican jail, because they don’t have a Green Card, and the WASPs who own the corporations aren’t paying social insecurity taxes in Mexico?  What word are they going to use for the Anglos sneaking south across the Rio Grande desperate for a low-paying job—are they Wetbacks, or are they going to be called Greenbacks?
MORE FREE TRADE:  The present argument about Hillary’s program of socialized medicine is who is going to pay for what.  Hillary wants Sin Taxes to pay for her program.  If taxing sin is going to pay for health care, why not focus on the real sinner: the corporations who have polluted the water, and destroyed the environment.  Tobacco is being scapegoated by the Clinton Fundamentalists and Al Gore’s right-wingers, for a litany of diseases caused by pollution.  The health program legislation should include an “exit fee” for corporations going South like rats leaving a sinking ship.
During the first few months of the Clinton presidency, Senator Dole had a press conference almost every day.  The Senator from Kansas is one of the best politicians that money can buy, and he was vehemently protesting everything that the Clinton administration proposed, but he’s been mum on NAFTA.  I suppose he’s on the Dole, lining his pockets with Pesos and Greenbacks, getting ready to be the first Senator from Mexico.
One of the hidden agendas in NAFTA has to do with the Spanish-speaking people in the United States, who are starting to outnumber the English-speaking people.  The W.A.S.P.s are hoping to buy about a generation’s worth of time with NAFTA, hoping that they can destroy the Spanish-speaking community in the United States.  They want to make these people speak Anglo-Saxon, and bring them under their control, and re-entrench the hierarchy with the Good Ol’ Boys on top—they want English First.  If everybody’s native language was English, rather than having a diversity of cultures, then centralized control would be much more rigid.  This is why you don’t hear the Protestant clergy speaking out in favor of multi-lingual communities.  What a shame they forget their own history so quickly.  Hitler did the same thing.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3949.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Attorney General nominee Zoe Baird withdrew from the Cabinet confirmation process last week, ...   Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Attorney General nominee Zoe Baird withdrew from the Cabinet confirmation process last week, because she did not have the support of the Good Ol’ Boy network.  Zoe Baird was a victim of the disparity between rhetoric and reality: the point of Capitalist Democracy, and its blood brother Communist Democracy, has always been to “make money.”  By paying her employees as little as she could get away with (just like “everybody else”), Zoe Baird was following the unwritten laws, “playing by the rules” of the Good Ol’ Boy élite.  “Cheap labor” is the Eleventh Commandment of St. Avarice.  Zoe was targeted, not because of her minor infractions, but because her Senatorial inquisitors felt insecure about what they themselves have done under Capitalist money-making values, and did not trust her to adhere to their code of “honor among thieves.”
Capitalism is always a parasitic relationship with other people: it has left its mother country and is in other peoples’ homeland, doing what this dogma of the élite does best: stealing, enslaving, and raising havoc with other peoples’ land.  The Colonial English term for this is “Making Money,” although what it is really doing is destroying ecological infrastructure which is not theirs, plundering the future.  The ethics of the other political appointees are even murkier than Zoe Baird’s—but the Senate confirmed them because they fit within the boundaries of “business as usual.”  The way that Capitalism (and Socialism and Communism) have always worked, is that if the Ol’ Boys can’t con other people out of their resources, they set themselves up as the “legitimate government” and pass laws, or else they use violence including going to war to steal them (and then they sign a “peace treaty,” which is more violent yet).  Capitalism is a foreign ideology on this land, one which has been developing during thousands of years of violence and theft and wars/peace under Indo-European dominion.
Nominee Zoe Baird was eased out of the picture using the excuse that her husband hired “undocumented workers,” referred to in the mass media as “illegal aliens” rather than “immigrants.”  According to the newspapers, her barrister husband hired servants, nannies and domestic workers at a licensed employment agency.  Where did this employment agency get these “illegal aliens,” and how did they get through the immigration barriers to Connecticut (which is quite a few border crossings from Peru)?  Since the European immigrants first got here, they have been using their alien European immigration laws on this continent to entrench their foreign European Capitalist class system.  The U.S. offices of Immigration and Border Patrol have been using various kinds of prohibition as “social engineering” for a long time.  The way that the immigration laws are presently enforced, there is a “Green Card” stigma attached to the people they call “aliens.”  (From the Anishinabe Ojibway perspective: all you other descendants of illegal aliens, including the Chippewas—where is your “Green Card?”)
Immigration laws promote the importation and exploitation of “illegal aliens” at wages which are much cheaper than the “minimum” slave-labor wage.  Prohibition sounds good, particularly when applied to drugs which are intentionally used by the élite to destroy individuals, family values and entire communities [and “make money” in the process].  What “prohibition” accomplishes is keeping illicit drug prices high, the profits in the hands of a few selected special interests, and wages exploitatively low.  This transplanted European Capitalist/Communist scheme of indirect slavery is one of the fundamentals of colonialism.  Alcohol on Indian Reservations, opium in China ... Indo-European history is filled with violent precedents.  What the Honorable Senators say they are “trying” to do, and what they know they are doing, are two entirely different things.
Part of the ruckus was that Zoe Baird did not initially pay “Social Security” for the people she was allegedly hiring illegally, although she later paid a lump-sum “settlement.”  The people that she made the “Social Security” payoff to, should have also been sitting in the box in the Senate Hearing chamber, because the Peruvian couple will never see a penny of the about $2,900.00 “Social Security” which was paid under their names, and the bureaucrat who took Zoe Baird’s check knew that.  The U.S. Treasury collecting money on illegal transactions becomes an “accessory after the fact,” just like Iraq-gate.  A former union leader was sent to prison, convicted of stealing from the Teamster’s Pension Fund.  What about the Social Insecurity Pension Fund?
From the Anishinabe Ojibway perspective, the question of foreign Euro-Americans hiring Peruvians, and then being criticized for their employees being “illegal aliens,” does not address who this Peruvian couple was.  The chances are very good that the Peruvian couple that Zoe Baird hired have a lot of Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry from these Continents.  The irony is that descendants of illegal immigrants: Senators, were questioning another descendant of illegal immigrants: Zoe Baird, about “hiring aliens.”  Neither the Anishinabe Ojibway, nor any other Aboriginal Indigenous people, asked the immigrant Europeans, nor their fake “Indians” nor slaves, to come here.  We also did not ask you to bring your excess social garbage and your European criminal problems to these shores.
RED INK: Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the “budget deficit” this year as “a record $327 billion.”  In response to a phone call about this figure, one of the Star reporters said that this was the red ink accumulated under some fiscal definition of “this year,” and that the actual debt was “somewhere between four and five trillion dollars.”  Nobody can run a business, nor their own personal affairs, like that.  What kind of role model is the U.S. Government, when they can’t balance their checkbook?  If you or I wrote rubber checks, “give or take a trillion dollars,” (that’s $1,000,000,000,000.00) we’d be practically immortal in the Federal Pen.  Even presumably well-educated Euro-Americans are amazingly vague about how much their future is in hock for, and about where their taxes are going.  Under Democratic hierarchial thinking, people are numb to their own victimization, because the Great White Father is supposed to have promised, “I’ll take care of you, my children.”  Most people haven’t thought through what this kind of patronizing relationship does (the Great White Father has done nothing but steal from me, from all Anishinabe Ojibway).  Most Euro-Americans don’t seem to know what’s real, and apparently they’ve never learned how to think for themselves, because “Father Knows Best.”  Paternalism is their system.  Instead of wasting time grilling Zoe Baird about “illegal aliens,” and quibbling about how to put more Sin-taxes on Joe Sixpack so the Honorable Senators can fund their pet projects and pay off their political hacks—why isn’t somebody absolutely raising the roof about selling this country out from under the [immigrant] American people?
The numbers are so big that people apparently don’t think about them very clearly.  The “mortgage” [dollars debt per acre] on the stolen Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land which the U.S. claims as “public lands,” is, right now, more than its market value.  In plain English, when a person’s debts are more than their assets, this is called “bankrupt.”  I can laugh at it, because the land never belonged to the immigrant people who call themselves the United States anyway.  Neither the alien people who created the “deficit,” nor the alien people to whom the “deficit is owed” have any claim whatsoever on Anishinabe Ojibway, nor any other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ property.  The Russians are on their own land ... the Japanese are on their own land ... but you who call yourselves “Americans” and “Canadians” are not on your own land.  You have been duped.  When the really big bills start coming due, over just the next few years, you will find out that you, and your children, and your grandchildren ... are back to being indentured slaves of the Nation-State, and that you were never “free.”  The Circle goes around.
OLD WORN-OUT TAX INCENTIVES: The first thing that the politicians do when they get elected is ask for the public checkbook.  The “Good Ol’ Days,” when the main function of the U.S. Government was to distribute stolen Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resource plums to selected Good Ol’ Boys, are gone.  There are no more frontiers to run to, no virgin territory to exploit anywhere in the world.  You are here, on this land, and you had better take a very careful look at where you are going.  The Good Ol’ American Boys are living in a make-believe world, and they have to come to terms with reality.  There is no more to steal.  Maybe you immigrants will start seeing what’s real; then you will understand your history and your culture, and your European identity.  Maybe you will become civilized, yet.
LINGUISTIC TRIVIA: Roget’s Thesaurus defines a synonym of the English hierarchial word, “Chief” as “cock of the walk.”  “Chief” is an imported European term which is not indigenous to this land, and it is not in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  (In Black-Robe Baraga’s Chippewa-Creole language, his 19th-century dictionary translates both “Chief” and “Government Agent” into the same Chippewa Indian word.)
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3950.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Bemidji Mayor Douglas Peterson proclaimed last Friday, May 7, to be Arbor Day in Bemidji. ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Bemidji Mayor Douglas Peterson proclaimed last Friday, May 7, to be Arbor Day in Bemidji.  According to the Bemidji Pioneer, in his proclamation address he said “I urge all citizens to support efforts to care for our trees and woodlands and to plant trees to gladden the hearts and promote the well-being of present and future generations.”  (I guess the City of Bemidji’s icon, Paul Bunyan, wasn’t thinking about the next generations.  For Arbor Day, they should have taken Paul Bunyan’s statue down, tarred and feathered him, and run Paul and his Blue Bull out of town—and planted a tree there by the lake instead.  Paul Bunyan and Arbor Day go together like drinking and driving.)  Mayor Peterson said that whenever trees are planted, “they are a source of joy and spiritual renewal.”  The Pioneer quotes nothing about primeval forests providing joy—and also nothing about the abundant and beautiful ecosystem which the Anishinabe Ojibway maintained.  Apparently, the only trees which the White man sees as “beautiful” is the ones that he’s planted and “owns.”  The Bemidji area economy depends, in large part, on the continuing destruction of the ecosystem.  You are just now starting to glimpse the price you will pay for plundering and squandering the fat of this land.
A healthy forest is much more than trees, and planting trees will not restore an ecosystem which has been demolished.  They say that the Europeans “can’t see the forest for the trees.”  Don’t get me wrong—I’m certainly not against planting trees—but no matter how many trees you plant or tree farms you make, no matter how much public pomp and circumstance, and no matter how many scientific foresters with Ph.D.s, a tree farm has very little resemblance to the harmonious, intricate, and balanced ecosystem of the Anishinabe Ojibway.  A tree farm will not stop your lakes from drying up; it will not provide what forests must provide in order for the lakes and rivers to be full of fish.  The spear-and-release fisherman [that’s how the Europeans think—the D.N.R. had to publicize a regulation prohibiting spear-and-release for the White spearfishing season] are going to have to do more than plant a few trees (or scapegoat “spearfishing Indians”) in order to have fish.
The ecosystem in this area is in serious trouble.  The forest products companies will not—and cannot—restore what they are looting and ransacking.  A few trees cut down, will grow back in an intact forest, but forest ecosystems, once destroyed, are not renewable.  Just one example is what we called “fish flies.”  Ask any old-timer about the clouds of fish flies, so thick they looked like smoke, that swirled and hummed every May.  I haven’t seen even one fish fly in four or five years.  They may be “pesty,” but they are a necessary part of the ecosystem.  When you destroy the forests, you destroy everything.  If you fishermen really cared about the fish, instead of hollering about “Indians,” you would be chasing the wood-butchers out of the woods, and doing something about the D.N.R. poison-spraying programs that are killing the fish flies.  All of the insects (including mosquitos!) are here for a purpose.  Everything is a part of the ecosystem—it’s about time you immigrants came to terms with that.  But, most of the White people I’ve met are either so domesticated, so brainwashed, or so afraid, that they’ll swallow the propaganda about scapegoats hook, line and sinker, and not even dare to think about addressing the real problems.
FIRST “ENVIRONMENTALISTS”:  Have you noticed that this concentration camp called a Reservation doesn’t have as much garbage laying around as it used to?  There have been people out in crews, picking up garbage along the roadside.  The Red Lake I.R.A. Tribal Council finally provided some leadership, at least with roadside litter.  Congratulations.  This is a milestone event, which should have been done years ago—but better late than never.  Picking up roadside trash is only half the project.  Not only is the clear-cutting wrecking the ecosystem, but the loggers are really leaving a mess: piles of slash, stumps, wasted wood, oil spills, oil cans dumped all over the place, trash everywhere.  The slash and trash of the Anishinabe Ojibway forests is going on under the misnamed “Forest Management” bureaucracy of the racist crooks in the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  They have no jurisdiction to be cutting Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway forests in the first place, and they’re adding insult to injury by letting the irresponsible wood pirates who leave such a mess come back and cut again on another contract.
Several people have asked me to write about taking the asphalt removed as a part of the Nebish Road repair, and dumping it in the woods.  The road crews should have crushed it, and used it again in the road.  It looks like they’re going to cover the mess they made up with dirt—it will be here for millennia.  There is also absolutely no excuse for taking “cleanup” toxins from a Bemidji oil spill, and dumping it up here on the Reservation.  Did the Tribal Council take a payoff and grant them permission to do this—or is it that they don’t have the power (or the guts) to stop outsiders from dumping poisons on this land and in the water.  Maybe the Red Lake Chippewa I.R.A. Tribal Council’s paper “sovereignty” doesn’t have any substance.
ROGER JOURDAIN’S DREAM COME TRUE:  Former Chairman-for-Life Roger Jourdain finally got a “National Indian Month,” which is happening this May.  It would been better to have a “invite a mythological Wanna-Be to dinner month”—guess who’s coming to dinner.  The National Celebration could be kicked off with stereotypical colonial “Indian Food” like fry bread and hangover soup.
THE TRUTH IN LYING:  Senator Packwood of Oregon is weaseling out of the hot seat, using crooked linear thinking.  Now that he squeaked back into the Senate, Packwood admits that he sexually harassed women.  The Oregonians are accusing Packwood of lying to his constituents, and are pressing the Senate to expel him for telling lies.  The Catch-22 is that the Senate can’t set the precedent of invalidating Packwood’s election for telling lies—because if that precedent were set, the entire U.S. Congress would have to pack their bags and go home, and admit that they’re liars.  If that precedent were set, then the U.S. Government would also have to abolish the Bureau of Indian Affairs, because the entire “Indian” identity is a lie.  There are no “Indians” here, and there never were any “Indians” on this Continent.  The entire “Indian” mystique is a myth, and it needs to be debunked.  I am not an Indian.  I am Anishinabe Ojibway.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People have a right to exist as a Sovereign People on our own land, without being saddled with the projected European identity and racist lie of “Indian,” which is an illusion and a demeaning caricature, and an abusive mythology which serves the vested interests of the European colonializers.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3951.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Dr. Michael Trujillo was nominated by Clinton to head the Indian Health Service, “a troubled agency,” ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Dr. Michael Trujillo was nominated by Clinton to head the Indian Health Service, “a troubled agency,” according to an Associated Press report.  In this report, the I.H.S. is “often criticized by Indians for being inattentive to their health needs.”  What do you expect from external forces running socialized medicine for another group of people?  The Indian Health Service serves at least two functions, one of them mandated by the International Rules of War for Occupied Territories.
Emily Seegar, Washington-based spokeswoman for the Mille Lacs Band of Chip-away Indians, is quoted by the A.P. as being “happy with the president’s choice.”  Dr. Trujillo is described as a “full blooded Indian.”  I don’t know whether or not Dr. Trujillo is an Aboriginal Indigenous Person, but I know that he is not a full-blooded Indian.  There is no such person as a full-blooded Indian on these two Continents, and if such a mythological invention of the Europeans shows up, he should be in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.
There are many horror stories that can be told about the I.H.S.  When a person goes into an Indian Hospital with a ruptured appendix, the doctor says, “take two aspirin and call me in the morning [if you’re still alive].”  I wouldn’t send my pet dog to the local Indian Hospital, and if I had any say about what’s being done on my own land, I’d kick the I.H.S. out of here, and send their Indians with them.
The United States needs to be seriously concerned about what the Indian Health Service has done in the past.  For one example, ask all the women who have been sterilized without their consent by the I.H.S.—this needs to be publicly documented.  Then ask about the medical experimentation done by the I.H.S.   No matter what kind of person is nominated to the I.H.S., or as Commissioner of Indian Affairs, they cannot change the structure of the racist institutions for which they become time-buyers and scapegoats.  No matter who gets the job, the entrenched bureaucracy and their bosses the special interests, do not change.  It’s in the nature of bureaucracy to become crooked and corrupt.  The whole bureaucracy of the I.H.S., and the Bureau of Indian Affairs could be filled up with “fullblooded Indians,” and it still wouldn’t change the nature of these racist institutions.  Former B.I.A. Commissioner John Collier described the kind of Indians who will work for these institutions as having a “white-plus psychology,” by which he meant that such “fullblooded Indians” have a White patriline and super-White values.
TREATIES, RETROACTIVE:  Under the Treaties, and the U.S. Trust Responsibility, any relationship between “Indians” and the U.S. is deemed “purely political,” and the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government did not tread on the Executive Department’s Indian Country.  Retroactive Willie has now assigned the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government to help with the Mille Lacs Chip-Away Treaties.  The present Mille Lacs “Tribal Government” is based on United States Government legislation unilaterally enacted in 1934, part of the purpose of which was to abrogate the Treaties.  The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe was created by U.S. legislation unilaterally enacted in 1889, and the purpose of the Act of January 14, 1889 was to abrogate the Treaties and steal the land.  The “Indian Treaties” and the “Indian Tribes” which made these Treaties, exist only at the pleasure of the U.S. Government, and have nothing to do with internationally valid land title.  The Honorable State Senator Charlie Berg got off the hook, because the United States’ negotiating with itself and the State of Minnesota over the 1837 Treaty will drag on for decades, obscuring the real issues.
One reason for dragging the Treaty process out, is that there are no more forests.  The ecosystem has been destroyed, and the fish and the wildlife have nearly vanished.  As the last of the fish and game disappear, the Indians are setting themselves up for some good ol’ redneck and Fundamentalist Indian-bashing, being blamed for the consequences of the White man’s shameful and disgusting policies toward the environment.  If you Indians are so interested in hunting and fishing, I suggest you go on a real “fishing expedition,” up to the State Legislature and to Washington.  There are some real sharks there, though, and catch-and-release might not be such a good idea.  (You might have to use another White man’s fishing technique, spear-and-release.)   Don’t let your lawmakers tell you any whoppers—ask them some serious and hard questions about their policies of destruction toward the ecosystem.  What’s the point of having “hunting and fishing rights” if there’s nothing left to hunt or fish?  While you’re at the Capitol, ask the U.S. Department of the Interior why they are intentionally destroying the ecosystem, polluting the water, and blowing up ducks’ nests.
I notice that nobody’s saying anything about the Black Hills Treaty.  Another reason for dragging the Treaty Process out for another couple of decades, is that in 1977 the U.S. Senate American Indian Policy Review Commission predicted that the Final Solution (genocide; in modern politically correct terminology, “ethnic cleansing”) would be finalized by the year 2027: that there will be no more Aboriginal Indigenous People on this Continent in thirty-four more years.  This Final Solution has been the U.S. Government’s agenda since the days of the Continental Congress.
As Mr. Austin Abbott praised Senator Dawes (of the Dawes Allotment Act) during the 1890 Lake Mohonk Conference of Friend of the Indians, “These treaties are made with tribes.  You have already signed the death warrant of the tribal relation in disestablishing the reservation system: and, when the reservation has gone, the tribe has gone.  The party of the second part no longer exists.”  The United States Government has not changed its genocide policy toward Aboriginal Indigenous People, and now they tell their Indians, “with one stroke of the pen, you will no longer exist.”  According to my crystal ball, the U.S. Government will abrogate the Indian Treaties, and terminate the “Indians.”  Their agenda has not changed.
PURLOINED SCROLLS:  In the Opinion section of Sunday’s Star Tribune, Robert Treuer wrote an article fostering the lie that the Anishinabe Ojibway are not from here.  Much of his information comes from U.S. Government Bureau of Ethnology writings done around 1889, when the United States had a vested interest in promoting their Chippewa Indians, who did migrate from the East and who were warring with their European brothers.  The researchers were locked into their own culture, and even when they talked to Aboriginal Indigenous People, saw only European mythology and stereotypes.  The introduction to one of the documents on which Treuer based his article reads, “the purposes of the [‘Mide’] society are to give a certain class of ambitious men and women sufficient influence through ... exorcism and necromancy to lead a comfortable life at the expense of the credulous.”  As Midewiwin of the Bear Dodem, I will tell you that in our culture there are birchbark longhouses, but there have never been “Grand Medicine Lodges” where we were falsely alleged to worship the Devil.  The Anishinabe Ojibway never had a Devil until he immigrated with the White man from Europe, and we never “worshipped the Devil.”  We have no Hell, and we have no Hierarchy.  What the U.S. Government researchers wrote were projections of their own racist minds: slanderous misinterpretations of our language, our values, our culture, our writing, our history, and our spirituality.
As Treuer implies, language plays a formative part in culture.  The major informants cited by Hoffman and Treuer’s other sources were not Anishinabe Ojibway (which means “We, the People”); they were Chippewa Indians with White patrilines who were not part of the Midewiwin, and who did not speak the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  We have read their names in these old books, and have done their genealogies.  Why talk to Chip-away Indians?  There are living Anishinabe Ojibway elders of the Midewiwin who will tell you the truth of our very ancient Traditions: we come from Grandfather the Midewiwin, and Grandmother Earth—and we have always been right here, we are the Autochthonous People of this very place.  We tell the Europeans who we are, and they still don’t understand.  They are so imprisoned by the limitations of their European languages that they can’t see what’s right in front of them.
Treuer’s “migration story” interpretations of our Midewiwin scrolls are about as accurate as Nazi “interpretations” of the Torah would be, for many of the same reasons (maybe Treuer doesn’t know what he’s doing, promoting this propaganda).  I don’t lay all the blame on the Nazis—I haven’t met any publicly acclaimed Judeo-Christians who have gotten their Ten Commandments right yet, either.  Why don’t White writers get their Traditions straight, before they try to scramble up my culture?  The way that these European immigrants have destroyed the environment says more than enough about their own Traditions, culture, and language.
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3952.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Gassing and burning the Branch Davidians was the top story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Friday, April 23 ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Gassing and burning the Branch Davidians was the top story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Friday, April 23.  On the same front page was an article about the Holocaust Museum commemorating the gassing and burning of Jewish and other ethnic people in Germany fifty years ago.  President Clinton went along with blaming the victims of the fire in Waco; in his televised appearances he didn’t bat an eye about the way the F.B.I. went about killing the children of a religious group.  When Hitler committed genocide against religious and ethnic groups, he was a democratically elected product of Western European Civilization, just like the people here who are sedated by the Spin Doctors into complacency.  Adolf Hitler was not unique; both he and the Euro-Americans are a part of Western European Civilization.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people here (not the “Indians”) were scapegoated for being the owners of the vast wealth of these two Continents, and the Euro-American version of history blames us for the genocide of our own people.  Hitler also blamed the victims.  Whether the Waco Jesus was a “monster” or not has nothing to do with the deaths of innocent (although perhaps misguided) men, women and children.  The F.B.I. blamed the Branch Davidians for the G-Men psyching themselves up, and created a rationale (“see what you made me do”) for escalating a situation until many people died unnecessarily.  The Feds should have had neutral negotiators—and the children would still be alive.  There needs to be a monument in Waco commemorating fratricide: White people killing White people.
One of countless many massacres of Aboriginal Indigenous People committed by the Europeans occurred in the winter of 1890-91 at Wounded Knee.  The United States Government justified the genocide of unarmed men, women, and children by calling it a “battle,” and awarded 23 Medals of Honor to the soldiers who did the killing—to mold public opinion that this was honorable behavior.  In the psychotically warped linear thinking of Western European Judeo-Christians, maybe genocide is “honorable.”  The U.S. Government blamed the Lakota people for getting killed, claiming that they were members of a cult which the B.I.A. labelled the “Messiah Craze.”  There are already millions of Good Christian churches in this country, and they don’t seem to be solving the problems of killing and other violence.  What the moral leaders need to do is stop building new churches, and start turning some of the churches they have into monuments and holocaust museums—all around the world—to commemorate the billions of victims of Western European violence.  The Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent need to begin the process of building monuments and museums, in Germany and Japan, honoring and commemorating the more than 1,000,000,000 Aboriginal Indigenous People who were annihilated in genocide committed by Western European Civilization.
Crooked English and euphemisms play an important part in the unjustifiable and uncalled-for killing and violent behavior by the leadership of Western European Civilization.  These people are going to have to face reality—it can’t go on.  “Ethnic Cleansing” is outright genocide, hidden by an innocuous-seeming word.  “Ethnic Cleansing” sounds like you’re using a patented detergent to scrub the color out of people, so that you can make them White, rather than killing them, burning their bodies, wiping them clean out of existence and destroying every trace that they ever lived without a speck remaining, so that all is sparkling white.  I want to know if the international Jewish Community is going to build a memorial to the people who have been slaughtered in the former Yugoslavia?  No matter whether it’s eighty people or eight million people, it’s genocide.  All people from around the world must stand up and stop this genocide, this fratricide, and all of the other violence that’s going on in the world, caused by Western European Civilization’s “war and peace” and other violent values.  From what I have seen in the media, the Holocaust monument in Washington, D.C. is impressive.  But, do you think that Jewish people are the only people against whom genocide has been committed?  (What about the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent?)  In the Anishinabe Ojibway religion and philosophy, the Circle comes around—and all people have a moral obligation to make this a better world for everybody.
The Anishinabe Ojibway have always been a non-violent people.  Until we were forced to learn English, we had no words for “war,” “peace,” “ethnic cleansing,” “genocide,” “discipline,” “punishment,” nor “prison.”  We also had no swear words, and no ethnic slurs—we didn’t need them.  The languages of Western European Civilization have an obscenely rich vocabulary of violence, “discipline” and other masked ugliness.
FISHY NEGOTIATIONS:  It’s amazing to listen to the crooked and slippery English on the television news.  According to guest politicians who spout off on T.V. panels, the people who  are “at the table” at the “treaty settlement” negotiations include the “landowners,” the “sportsmen,” and the “Mille Lacs Band,” but the descendants of the Sandy Lake Chippewa Indians have not been invited, although they are the people who will be affected the most.  The Sandy Lake Chippewa Indians need to file a class action lawsuit against the people who claim to be (by their Crooked English) the only relevant “landowners” and the self-serving politicians, as well as against the Mille Lacs Band and against Uncle Sam who runs the mythological Indian Reorganization Act “Bands.”  This 1993 “Treaty Table” reminds me of Plymouth Rock, but this time the “Indians” aren’t invited.  While the rascals divide up the goodies, the “Indians” are on the outside looking in.  Most of these “settlement negotiators” don’t seem to know anything about reality or the truth—from the Anishinabe Ojibway perspective they look like pathological liars.  Who do they think owns the land in what they call the “State of Minnesota”?  Western European Sovereignty has never had any legal jurisdiction in the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, and never will.
We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have a right to exist on our own land.  No immigrant Europeans have any right to come in here and make crooked Treaties.  The Anishinabe Ojibway never invaded your land in Europe, but the Europeans are sure over here dividing up our land.  Apparently European Civilization does not include manners or a conscience—it’s uncouth and piggish to come steal somebody else’s land and resources.  Although “Thou Shalt Not Steal” is of the Christians’ “Ten Commandments,” this bit of religious dogma has had no meaning during the immigrant Europeans’ five hundred and one years of anarchy and lawlessness on this Continent.  Unless the Good Christians start facing the truth instead of their abstract “reality,” their “Ten Commandments” won’t have any meaning for the next five hundred years either, and by that time this place will be a barren rock like Europe.
TRUNK HIGHWAYS:  According to the news, a nurse reported that the Minneapolis Police are now transporting Indians in the trunk of their squad car, rather than bothering to call an ambulance.  President Clinton’s deficit reduction austerity programs must really be hitting the City of Minneapolis hard.  Whenever a patrol car goes by now, I’m going to look and see if there are any moccasins or feathers sticking out of the trunk, and if there’s groaning and moaning coming from the trunk of the police cars, they’ve probably given the Indians some Rodney King “police protection.”  I know that the Code of Federal Regulations defines an “Indian” as a “non-person,” but any way you look at it, in Reservation English a “baton” is an euphemism for just a plain old club.  Maybe one of the Trunk Indians still had a bottle on him, and Minneapolis’ Finest didn’t want to violate the “open bottle” law.  You can carry an open bottle in the trunk, but putting these poor guys who were just trying to live out the White man’s stereotype of “drunken Indian” in the trunk wasn’t necessary.  Maybe one of the Officers had a speech impediment, and thought “trunk” and “drunk” were the same word.  There’s a new stereotype, label and slogan for the Red Ghetto’s mythological Indians now: “Nobody loves a Trunk Indian.”
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3953.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Greetings.  Boo-zhoo.  Parlez-vous Française, eh?  That’s Real Indian talk! ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Greetings.  Boo-zhoo.  Parlez-vous Française, eh?  That’s Real Indian talk!
According to the news media, some more strange events have been happening in what the immigrant Europeans call “Indian Country.”  In the case involving the hunting and fishing rights retained in the Treaty of 1836 by the Mississippi Chippewas, some of the heirs of the Mississippi Chippewas, including Chief Bug-o-nay-ge-shig VII and Dale Hanks, have been excluded by a decision of a low-ranking Federal Judge.  The United States Government is focussing their settlement efforts on the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians, and is defining all of the Mississippi Chippewas who were removed to White Earth or Red Lake, as well as any other Chippewa Indians that they want to, as being excluded (for not having maintained a “Federally Recognized” Band Organization).  Did China stop existing when the U.S. didn’t “recognize” them?
The United States Government is expediently defining and re-defining “Indians” to fit their diabolical scheme of stealing.  While the negotiations are in process, the eligible “Indians” are defined as the “Mille Lacs Band.”  They are using the word “Band” as the Catch-22 word.  The negotiations are being carried out with the three people who are, under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, defined as having “Indian Sovereignty” to represent the “Mille Lacs Band.”   None of these three people are Anishinabe Ojibway—if they were Aboriginal Indigenous People, the United States Government wouldn’t be dealing with them.  Dale Hanks and Bug-o-nay-ge-shig VII are not presently “federally recognized,” and the way that the United States Government is defining “Indians” this week, they have no “Sovereignty.”  After the crooked Mille Lacs “Treaty Settlement” deal is finally cut and pushed through, however, then Bug-o-nay-ge-shig VII and Dale Hanks will be brought back into the Mississippi Chippewa family again by the U.S., and will have had their hunting and fishing rights negated by “settlement” with the “recognized” Mississippi Chippewa, the Mille Lacs Band.  In other words, the United States Government is going to make these “Indians” into White people, again.  To compound the problem, they won’t have any land, any hunting, fishing, or gathering rights, and, in another generation, any “Federally Recognized Indian Blood Quantum” either.  Everything will be gone.  The long-term agenda is to abrogate the Treaties and terminate the Indians.  The allotment process was set up, and promoted to “Friends of the Indians” in the 1880’s, as designed to eliminate the “party of the second part” [“recognized Indians”], in the “Indian Treaties.”
Another case in point, of the United States Government categorizing people into whatever they need at that particular moment, is what’s happening with WELSA (the White Earth Land Settlement Act).  The United States is not only re-defining peoples’ “Indian blood quantum,” they are also giving people a different set of ancestors.  The Hinton Rolls defined a number of people as “full-bloods.”  Several years later, Ransom Judd Powell did extensive “investigations” into the genealogy of people who had gotten allotments at White Earth, and re-defined many of the people on the Hinton Fullblood Rolls as “mixed bloods,” including a number of people who were unilaterally re-defined with the mathematically unsound category of “Mixed Blood, 4/4 Indian Blood Quantum.”  The reason for this sleight-of-hand was that “Mixed Blood Indians” (who were really Whites who already had U.S. Citizenship) were defined as “competent,” U.S. Citizens [by reason of allotment], and able to sell land (which still belongs to the Anishinabe Ojibway).  “Full Blood Indians,” on the other hand, were defined as “incompetent,” but under “Indian Trusteeship” the U.S. could re-define them any way they wanted to, so that their allotment was salable, and, under “trusteeship,” could even sell their land “for” them, without having to consult with the people the U.S. claimed were the “individual owners.”
The people who have challenged the hocus-pocus being done at WELSA, as “Indians,” have been told, “too bad.”  The deck is stacked, and no matter what loopholes they find, any low-ranking bureaucrat can close the loopholes on an “Indian,” and re-define the White man’s slippery mythology of “Indian” again.  What the United States Government is telling them is, “we created, and we own the Indian identity.  As long as you buy into our crooked definition of ‘Indian,’ we can define you however we want, including giving you different ancestors.”  This scam rests on the United States Government’s ownership and definition of “Indians” and “Bands.”  The U.S. is using their created and fully controlled “Indian Bands” as the brokers.  Through the 1934 I.R.A. “Indian Bands,” individual “Indians” do not own any land, any rights, their own identity, or even their own ancestors.  The White man claims that he owns it all, with the “Indian Band” as a front.
I have always been Anishinabe Ojibway, of the Bear Dodem.  I have never been an “Indian.”  I admit that when I was younger, and didn’t understand Crooked English, I tried to be an “Indian,” but it’s impossible to live out all of the racist stereotypes and projections that the immigrant Europeans have built into their “Indian” identity.  That’s what the “Indian Boarding Schools” were all about—to take away our Aboriginal Indigenous identity and brainwash us into being “Indians,” so that the immigrant Europeans could justify their land theft and genocide.  Another facet of their evil strategy was to try to convince us that we were “ration Indians” on “Welfare.”  We haven’t been on “welfare,” not on our own land.  The immigrant Europeans have been stealing our resources to underwrite their dollar and pay for their own welfare.  The U.S. Government has been using our Anishinabe Ojibway resources to pay their appointed “Indian leaders” that they’re using as a front to steal from us.  The self-righteous, finger-pointing immigrant Europeans (including certain “Indian leaders”) need to ask themselves the question, “why am I on this Continent, instead of still in Europe.”  In case you haven’t noticed—you have been on “welfare” since you got here.
The United States Government has passed unilateral legislation to turn Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Indians” [and has yet another such garbage bill in the pipeline, the Indian Freedom of Religion Act, under which the Judeo-Christians are defining “Indians” and “Indian Religion”], but neither the U.S. nor the Judeo-Christians have any jurisdiction over the Anishinabe Ojibway, nor over our land and resources, nor over our ancient religion and philosophy the Midewiwin.  I turned in my “Indian Enrollment Card” to the U.S. Supreme Court (Justice Thurgood Marshall), with an explanation that I am Anishinabe Ojibway, and not “Indian.”  If I call myself an “Indian,” I am lying to myself and everybody else, and I refuse to get caught up in this vicious fake identity.
IN THE MOVIES:  On the propaganda circuit, there have been complaints about not having any “Indian Actors” in the movies to play “Indians.”  This amazes me, because throughout the Europeans’ theft of this Continent, the whole “Indian” thing has been has been played by a bunch of bad actors following an insanely violent and greedy script, portraying values which have absolutely nothing to do with the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent.  The movie, the “Last of the Mohicans,” saturated with violence of Indians killing Indians.  Why weren’t you Indians out there, demonstrating against this movie glorifying fratricide?  The next time you demonstrate against “Indian Mascots” and “Indian Logos,” I suggest that you also demonstrate against the Bureau of Indian Affairs, for sustaining the whole fake “Indian identity.”  Then you would be contributing something that is positive to this Continent again, and doing your part to make this World a better place to live, instead of promoting stupid, mindless violence, and lies.  There were no “Indians” here, and there still are no “Indians” here.
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3954.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Greetings, Pilgrims, and all you foreign-born Europeans who call yourselves Americans.  Happy Thanksgiving Day to you! ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Greetings, Pilgrims, and all you foreign-born Europeans who call yourselves Americans.  Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!  The Mayflower Pilgrims have been here 373 years, and the ecology of this Continent has gotten worse every year that they’ve been here.  Pilgrims, you’ve over-extended your pilgrimage, and it’s time you packed your bags and went back home.  School-children are told that the Pilgrims came here fleeing religious persecution—but in the Mayflower Compact, which was the Pilgrim’s constitution, the point of their journey was exploitation of the vast resources of this Continent, and making money for the Good Ol’ Boys of the Virginia Company back in England, and for the King who chartered them.  England had already been plundered down into the bedrock, and the King was flat-ass broke.
Over the course of the fifteen generations that the Pilgrims have been here, a lot of them have turned into Wanna-Be Indians, in order to sell the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources to their cousins.  If you really knew the Aboriginal Indigenous culture here, you would know that the land can’t be sold—and the Whites who bought land from the “Indians” were buying stolen property, including Manhattan Island, which did not belong to the Indians who sold it.
When the Pilgrims, and the rest of the Foreign Born subjects of Western European Civilization, who call themselves Americans, go home, the Aboriginal Indigenous people who have been tolerating their shenanigans and watching everything we have valued for millennia destroyed, are going to have a celebration that certain guests who have overstayed their welcome have finally left our land to go back home.  A pilgrimage is usually just a short visit.  I don’t know what the people who live in Mecca would do if their pilgrims stayed for fifteen generations.
INDIAN CASINOS: Indian Casinos were promoted with a great deal of hoop-la about “Jobs, jobs, jobs,” and also a lot of fanfare about the New Buffalo.  The implication was that everybody would benefit.  As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see the land speculators descending like vultures on bankrupt Indian Casinos, and along with them, I see this highly touted “great white buffalo” turning into a White Elephant.
A FISHY DEAL:  The I.R.A. Tribal Council and the State of Minnesota are always talking about Economic Development, Democracy, and the Great American Way.  But, on Reservations, this only seems to work for the in-group.  An elderly gentleman who lives at the Outlet of Lower Red Lake has a hobby of making smoked fish. He keeps himself active, rather than sitting around watching T.V., and people enjoy the fish he makes.  He buys “rough fish” (which are usually thrown away) like gold-eyes from the Fishery, at a dollar a pound.  As an elder who isn’t rich, the Fishery could have just donated the fish to him, since he was making good use of them.
The real problem arose after he sold ten of his smoked fish to a friend of his, for fifteen dollars.  The Red Lake D.N.R. stopped the potato farmer who had bought the fish, at the Reservation Line, and confiscated these fish which had come “legally” through the Fishery.  This is really petty jealousy, which put a big strain on a friendship, and did great damage to the very small business of an elder who wasn’t hurting anybody.  Arresting the customers of an honest business is bad P.R.
The D.N.R. and the Tribal Council say that the fish is a “natural resource.”  According to their way of thinking, timber is also a natural resource—although the forests, which are called “timber” in crooked English, are really a part of the ecological infrastructure, upon which the Gold-Eyes, and all of the other fish, depend.  As the timber disappears, so do the fish—but the White man is so disconnected from Nature by his language that he hasn’t gotten this through his thick head even after watching the fish and other wildlife disappear, after deforesting most of the land where he’s been over the last four thousand years.
Roger Jourdain brought in the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, and the foreign “Indian” government created by the I.R.A. is responsible for agreeing to the massive destruction of the forests here, and bankrupting the Anishinabe Ojibway.  Roger Jourdain and Butch Brun are both running to be Chairman-for-Life of the European “Indian” Government the U.S. created by act of Congress.  Informed sources have told me that Butch Brun was bragging about how much timber he’d stolen from the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway, without even paying stumpage.  Many of the older people here have been asking about why there hasn’t been a per-capita timber payment in the last forty years.  Two thieves, who have stealing the resources in here, are running to be your Democratically Elected Indian Leader.  Either one of these guys, or just about anybody else who’s likely to be endorsed by the B.I.A. to be Red Lake I.R.A. Tribal Chairman, will sell the land right out from under your house, and would probably sell their own grandmother as a part of the package.
Every day, truckload after truckload of timber goes off of the Reservation.  Nobody stops any of those trucks, and tells them to put the trees back, or even to unload it.  Every time you see one of these trucks on the highway, there goes a part of your timber payment—and there goes more fish than you can count over the generations.  Destroying even the third-growth popple, which is Grandmother Earth desperately trying to heal herself, destroys the lakes, the rivers, and the fish.  If you don’t believe me, go look at the land these Indo-Europeans came from.  Where there used to be forest, all that’s left is rocks in their indigenous homeland.
IDENTITY:  When the Western Europeans landed here, they went insane with greed.  The Aboriginal Indigenous People could not sell Grandmother Earth, so the immigrant Europeans invented Indians.  These are some of the ways you can tell if you’re an Indian:
If you go to a Pow-Wow and you have to pay to get in, you’re a Wanna-Be.
If you like to demonstrate against the Redskins and the Braves, you’re probably a Wanna-Be.
If you keep electing I.R.A. Tribal Chairman who steal everything that isn’t nailed down, you’re a good Indian.
If you hate White people and blame them for your problems, you’re a bad Indian.
If you’re always looking for your Traditions, but you can’t find them, you’re an Indian.
If you attack people like Sun Bear and Chief Red Fox, and other Wanna-Be’s for trying to steal your Indian identity, you’re a confused Indian.
If you’re still wearing your cowboy boots and your sunglasses at midnight, you’re a Real Indian.
If you look for your identity in the movies Billy Jack and Dances with Wolves, you’re an Indian.
If you listen to loud pow-wow music on a ghetto-blaster, you’re an Indian.
If you figure your identity by blood quantum fractions given to you by the United States Government, you are a R-e-e-e-eal Indian.
If you argue with your brother about who has more “blood quantum,” you’re an Indian.
If you follow Clyde Bellecourt, who is a Frenchman, as your leader, you’re a lost Indian.
If you think colonial fry-bread is your indigenous food, and your belly hangs over your belt, you’re a Big Indian.
If you’re wearing more than two pounds of turquoise-and-silver and five pounds of beads, hey! you’re an Indian.
If you still don’t know whether you’re a Wanna-Be or an Indian, there’s more to come in the next column.
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3955.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: In the January 7, 1994 OJIBWE NEWS, Charles Lone Eagle expressed his distress with the media circus which has hounded him. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: In the January 7, 1994 OJIBWE NEWS, Charles Lone Eagle expressed his distress with the media circus which has hounded him.  He said that he was tired of being given the identity of a drunk who was a Trunk Indian, singled out as one of the many people who are abused by the Minneapolis police.
Clyde Bellecourt and Larry Levanthal are exploiting Charles Lone Eagle with no regard to his feelings or best interests.  Where is the highly touted Indian solidarity, Indian Sovereignty, and Indian and Free?  Where are the Tribal Chairmen, and the Indian Tribal Councils?  What about the B.I.A., which is bound by departmental regulations to watch out for the best interests of their Indians?  Maybe the Indian élite and the Federal officials feel that the “best interests” are to use Indians with an alcohol problem as a punching bag; to kick them while they’re down.
Former Minneapolis Police Chief Tony Bouza wrote, in an editorial in the March 29, 1989 Minneapolis Star Tribune, that “Controlling the underclass is one of the key functions of America’s police. ... The cops know that ... they must sometimes use force.  They possess a legal monopoly on violence.”  Could it be that the “Indian leaders” want to rise on the Euro-American class hierarchy, because of their White values, and so they have no objection to the brutality used in maintaining the social classes they aspire to?
When Charles Lone Eagle got categorized as an “Indian,” the United States Government and the churches took away his real identity and gave him a stereotype.  When he tried to live out a part of this stereotype, he got trapped.  The Minneapolis Police Department knew the stereotypes that he was stuck in, so they took away the rest of his self-esteem and his dignity—and beat him for no other reason than that the Euro-Americans are a violent people, and some of the members of the Police Force get their jollies from sadistic violence.  I’ve been on both sides of the fence: I was trained as a military policeman and assigned to a constabulary unit, and I saw the way that some of those M.P.’s enjoyed violence.  The Minneapolis Police are no different than the B.I.A., which enjoys an abusive relationship with their Indians.  The U.S.A. was founded on violence, and in order to solve the epidemic of violence which is tearing apart U.S. cities, the Euro-Americans need to take a hard look a their violent history, culture, and values.
In the Sunday, January 9, 1994 issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, there was a front page article about Indian-owned Casinos.  The newspaper reported that B.I.A. Area Director Earl Barlow got caught selling his influence in gaming regulation, accepting vouchers for gambling money, and jackpots at the casinos he was supposed to regulate.  While Clyde Bellecourt and his Wanna-Be Indians were standing around in the cold demonstrating against Indian Mascots at the 1992 Superbowl, their B.I.A. Chief, Blackfoot Indian Earl Barlow was sitting in a Metrodome Skybox paid for by a slot machine company, doing the Tomahawk Chop.  According to the F.O.I.A. records quoted by the Minneapolis paper, Barlow also was apparently driving all over town, dilly-dallying with his secretary—and charging the taxpayers for his mileage and his time.
According to the Star Tribune, the National Indian Gaming Commission does not allow its staff to gamble in Indian casinos. Fred Stuckwisch, the Commission’s Executive Director, is quoted as saying “I guess any [gambling] machine can be rigged under the right circumstances.”
Abuse of power by Area Directors, public officials, and Indian Agents has been going on since the inception of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and United States Indian History is a chronicle of fraud, corruption, and mismanagement in the B.I.A.; cover-ups and investigations; firing of scapegoats and bureaucratic reorganization; and then another round of fraud, corruption, and mismanagement in the B.I.A.
When I was young, in the 1930’s, Red Lake Reservation was explicitly a concentration camp.  The U.S. Government policy was compulsory education.  The boarding schools were designed to take away our Aboriginal Indigenous identity.  They used forked-tongue speaking, and gave us an Indian identity.  Then, these “Indian givers” took away the Indian identity that they had just given us, by telling us “you are the vanishing Americans, and you will go.”  Now, the same crooked institutions are back here again, promoting the Indian identity they were trying so hard to destroy fifty years ago.
Now, the B.I.A. is having their Indians say that this Indian concentration camp is an “Indian Nation,” with “Indian Sovereignty” (belonging to the Secretary of the Interior).  Rather than trying to solve one small part of the problems in the B.I.A., by trying to regulate B.I.A. employee gambling, why not just phase out the B.I.A., the Indian Tribal Governments established by the Bureau under the 1934 I.R.A.—and the Bureau’s Indians.
The French Métis who were made into P.O.W. Indians as a result of the “Indian Wars” have an European identity on their patriline.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs knew this, and in the 1890 Report of the Commissioner, wrote that, “the question depends ... not on the quantum of Indian blood, but upon the condition of his father, under the rule of civil law ‘partus sequiter patrem,’ which governs in this class of cases.  ... Vattel, in his Law of Nations, p. 102, [wrote] as follows: ‘By the law of nature alone children follow the condition of their fathers and enter into all their rights;’ and adds that this law of nature, so far as it has become a part of the common law ... must be the rule in the case before it. ... “
Despite laws that the people they were making into Indians were considered Whites, the B.I.A. Commissioner stated U.S. Indian policy as, “the admixture of blood, however, must be considered in connection with all the circumstances of each case; consequently a fixed rule applicable to all cases can not well be adopted.”  Ten years earlier, the B.I.A. had advocated turning White men into Indians “on the books” for the issuance of halfbreed scrip.  The Bureau has not historically operated on the basis of meticulous attention to legal or ethical niceties, because their philosophy has been, “Since, under existing conditions, tribal organizations are now rapidly passing away, almost every question of importance depending on the tribal system will be solved.”
In their arrogance and greed, the Indo-Europeans have refused to recognize the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations of this Continent.  Rather than deal with reality, the Euro-Americans made “Indians” out of their subject people.  Using their “Indians,” they have created demeaning Indian mythology; fraudulent Indian Treaties in which they controlled both sides; and their bureaucratic agency of war and occupation, the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  It’s about time that the Euro-Americans trashed their whole Indian mythology, and decommissioned the B.I.A.  The money saved by eliminating this obsolete, pork-barrel bureaucracy could be applied to the deficit.
If Euro-Americans can’t phase out their mythology of Indians, why not let the Boy Scouts take over?  They’re volunteers, and they take an oath of Scouts Honor—which is more than can be said for the present corrupt Indian leadership.
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3956.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Indian identity is in the news.  On Sunday, October 17, ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Indian identity is in the news.  On Sunday, October 17, Jodi Gregory of the Bemidji Pioneer reported that Dr. Gerald Hill of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, said that Indians do not want to become physicians because they are “afraid to lose their identity as an Indian.”  I telephoned Dr. Hill to confirm that he really made this amazing and unique statement, but he did not return my call.  I wanted to ask him, how can he take an abstract identity like “Indian” and make it real?
Dr. Hill is quoted in the same newspaper article as saying that “33 percent of Indian people die before they reach age 45.”  I wanted to ask him how these statistics were calculated.  Were these figures weighted for blood quantum—in computing them, was only the “Indian blood” taken into consideration, or was the whole person counted?  Do sixteen people of 1/16 blood quantum have to die before the statisticians count one dead Indian, and are they also counted as fifteen dead White people?  If they’re going to invent blood quantum Indians, they might as well be statistically accurate about them.  Since Dr. Hill is quoting these numbers, he should know how his data were cooked.
The numbers that Dr. Hill is quoting reflect the European immigrants’ philosophy that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” and according to Dr. Hill’s figures, the European settlers continue to create conditions that kill Indians.  But, their genocidal agenda is running into a quandary with blood-quantum Indians.  Most of the Indians have 1/16 Indian blood, so in order have one “good dead Indian,” statistically speaking, they also have to kill fifteen White people who have been turned into Indians.
Dr. Gerald Hill was in Bemidji to attend the 9th Annual Minnesota Indian Education Banquet, at which awards were given to Outstanding Indians.  It must that the people who parade around in the Media as Indians know that they have a fake identity, and this is why they do not invite Aboriginal Indigenous People.  If you were trying to steal somebody’s land, identity, and resources, would you invite them, or recognize them with awards?
POLITICS:  Now it’s known that Butch Brun has taken off his White hat, and thrown his Indian turkey-feathers into the ring—he is going to run for Tribal Chairman again.  Butch has been preparing for a long time.  As a candidate, he’ll have to make stump speeches—and we all know that there are plenty of stumps around the Rez.  Butch and his cousins have made sure of that.  I have heard rumors that the reason Brun’s running is that he hasn’t yet fulfilled the election promises he made four years ago, and that he needs four more years to straighten out the mess he’s made during his first term.
When I asked Chairman Brun about running for Chairman again, he said, “Why should you care?  You’re not a tribal member anymore, you don’t vote.”  I told him, “my interest is because you White guys are on my land.”  Brun, if you want to play Indian, go some other place, and take your I.R.A. Tribal Government and your inter-related clique of French Feudal Indians, with you.
Rumor also has it that Butch is running again because he and his cousin Chunky are trying to evade paying taxes on the timber that they have stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway.  While Brun is Tribal Chairman, the legal fees on their tax cases are being paid by the Feds out of so-called “Tribal Money.”  The United States Government subsidizes their ecologically destructive timber operations, so why is Brun & Co. biting the hand that feeds them by tax-dodging?  How greedy can you get?  The Bruns also have not paid full stumpage on the miles of forest and wildlife habitat that they’ve destroyed.  I know that if I were given a subsidized business to go to Europe and clearcut Chairman Brun’s Teutonic Aboriginal lands, in the tree farm they call the “Black Forest,” I’d gladly grease the wheels and pay my taxes, and everybody would be happy except the indigenous German people, who would be understandably upset about having their trees cut down yet again.
The foreigners who call themselves Indians are plundering Anishinabe Ojibway forests at Red Lake, abetted by sweetheart contracts and backroom deals.  If Earl Barlow was winning big money gambling at B.I.A.-supervised Indian casinos, what about the influence peddling and kickbacks from the forest products corporations?
MINNESOTA SCHOOL DISTRICT 38:  The United States Congress is responsible for Indians, since they created Indians by legislation and implication, and use U.S. statutes to define this counterfeit identity to meet the needs of the moment. The U.S. Congress also invented and controls the 1934 I.R.A. Governments for their Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.  The U.S. Government put their White and mulatto Indians on land which does not belong to them, and that’s an act of violence.  On a smaller scale, it’s the same as going into somebody’s house, breaking and entering, and then having the burglars set up housekeeping and holding the real owners prisoner.
The United States also passed unilateral laws mandating compulsory education.  The policy-makers who saw compulsory education as a more publicly acceptable form of genocide than a war of annihilation, had two separate agendas for what they called “Indian education”: totally destroying Aboriginal Indigenous language and culture; and simultaneously turning Europeans and Indo-Europeans into “Indians.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People who survived a century of genocide are learning crooked English, and understanding the White man’s strategy.  When Aboriginal Indigenous people take on the Indian identity, they give up everything: their land, their children, their natural resources, their Sovereignty, their religion, even the air they breathe.  According to Tuesday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, there are Aboriginal Indigenous People from South Dakota, who are taking back their real identity, who don’t want to pushed into the Wanna-Be identity of “Sioux Indian” anymore.  I applaud and admire you for your courage.  It’s about time.
 But, the Red Lake Schools are promoting racism and segregation; they are still caught up in the 19th-century cowboy-and-Indian frontier daze of making people into Indians.  They say that they have “Indian Education,” which doesn’t fit any of the children who are forced to attend these European-curriculum schools, because there are no such people as “Indians.”  The compulsory school education system is being used to brainwash Indo-European children into the non-existent identity of Indians.  That is child abuse, teaching children to hate themselves by encouraging them to hate White people and hate Black people, which is who they really are.  Instead of trying to mold children into something that doesn’t exist, why not teach them the skills that they will need to succeed in this world: physics, political science, chemistry, calculus, and reading and writing fluent English.  The way it is now, Indians educated on the Reservation don’t know enough math to figure out the implications of their own mythological Indian blood quantum.
There needs to be a public Congressional investigation into what the United States has been doing with their invented Indians since the first Continental Congress.  Some of the White people who have been turned into Indians have legitimate grounds for lawsuits for damages incurred by forcing them into a fake identity.  The monetary value of these damages far exceeds the carrot-on-a-stick dollars involved in potential per-capital payments and illusory “land settlements,” for example WELSA.  The U.S. has consistently violated their own Federal Civil Rights legislation in the way that they have treated their invented Indians.  That’s why the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Civil Rights Act, which makes civil rights for “Indians” as mythological as the Indians themselves.  How many Indians have won big-money court settlements for civil rights violations under the I.C.R.A.?
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3957.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: It must be a sporting event to make Indian Treaties.  An in-depth interview ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: January 1, 1993
It must be a sporting event to make Indian Treaties.  An in-depth interview by staff writer Ron Schara with Don Wedll about the Mille Lacs Treaty was published in the Sports section of last Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  Don Wedll is the Indian commissioner of natural resources at Mille Lacs.  In this article, it is reported that the Mille Lacs Tribal Council held community meetings with their constituents about the resource negotiations with the State of Minnesota, or whatever they discussed.  However, in the last paragraph of the article, Wedll is quoted as saying “that [a] tribal person doesn’t have any more rights than what the tribal government authorizes them to have.”  This statement is in accord with the United States Congress’ position that political, civil, and human rights for Indians—and by their insinuation, for Aboriginal Indigenous People—are a “purely political process.”  What is the point of having community meetings, when the decisions have already been made by the Department of the Interior, under their unilaterally imposed, dictatorial and all-embracing “trust.”
Under the “trust” the United States Government claims the right to refuse to recognize “democratically elected” members of the Indian Reorganization Act Councils, as well as taking away the “Chieftainship” of allegedly hereditary “Indian Chiefs.”  The entire structure of the United States’ Government’s “Indians” is fictitious, and dealing with real problems through this fictitious “Indian” context makes the problems insoluble.  The United States Government’s “think tanks” of social engineers manage to keep most people from even seeing the real problems by creating factions, diversionary schemes and illusory issues, and crippling people by not teaching them any language with which they can communicate.   The “Indian studies” programs are a case in point: teaching students to effectively understand and use Crooked and Slippery English would help them more than the present practice of teaching them Bishop Baraga’s make-believe Creole language called “Chippewa.”  The effectiveness of Camp Justice at White Earth is similarly crippled because the “Indian community leaders” depend on the United States Government for their position and their very identity—whether they are on the side of “protest” or whether they are on the side of “establishment.”  They are not dealing with reality, and so they cannot possibly effect any real change.
The “treaties” also have no connection with reality—the one affecting Mille Lacs as well as the rest of the 400-odd ratified “Indian” treaties are boilerplate land theft, in which the United States owns both sides of the “treaty.”  These “Indian Treaties” have no connection with the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resource rights, except that “treaties” are being used to try to steal them.  If the “treaties” were real, “Indians” could take the United States Government to World Court, instead of dickering around with the State of Minnesota.  Don Wedll is not an Anishinabe Ojibway: unless he is being grievously misquoted by Ron Schara, Wedll is discussing the issues only within the limited context of the Indo-Europeans’ centralized, hierarchial thinking.  If Wedll knew anything about the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin philosophy, he would know that the reason that the forests, lakes, and other natural resources here were kept in a beautiful, abundant, and pristine state, is because each individual (not the “tribe”—another English word referring to an European import) jointly holds their own Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty, and that each individual person holds personal responsibility for keeping the environment the way it is supposed to be.  Now, under the slash-and-plunder management of the fictitious Tribe of Chippewa Indians, and their puppet-masters the U.S. Department of Interior, everything that the Anishinabe Ojibway hold sacred is being destroyed.
The “Indian Tribal Councils” are hierarchial governments, created by the Europeans.  Specifically, the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Council” of the Mille Lacs Band of Minnesota Chippewa Indians is a political hockey-puck created by the United States Congress by specific acts of United States Legislation in 1889 and 1934.  The ultimate authority of this “unique” “federally recognized” “Indian tribal government” is, under United States law and bureaucratic regulation, vested solely in the Secretary of the Interior, who is a political hack appointed by the U.S. President.
I got a telephone call from a reader who stated he was not an Indian.  He proceeded to give me a lecture on the evils of gambling, and what Indian Casinos were doing to the community, and  categorized me as an “Indian” presumably benefitting from the Casinos.  I told him right out that I was not an Indian, I am an Anishinabe Ojibway with a Clan and a Dodem, and I have nothing to do with the Casinos nor the people who receive any benefit from them.  The people who operate the Casinos are White people: Métis people with White biological fathers and European values, and the more-or-less full-blooded Whites who get a hefty chunk of the Casino profits for “management” and are using the White “Indians” as a front to maintain their gaming monopoly.  This reader apparently wanted to scapegoat me for the Casinos, and when I wouldn’t accept the blame he hung up on me.
If the European Courts weren’t so crooked, I would file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Aboriginal Indigenous People, about defamation of character by calling us “Indians,” hooking us up to “Indian Gaming” and crooked treaties that we never had anything to do with.  The United States Government has a vested interest in keeping the “Indian Treaties” in public view as “legitimate,” because their fraudulent title to the land they occupy, as well as avoiding responsibility for their genocide, depend on the “Indian Treaties,” on their social and genetic engineering, and maintaining the blurring of Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Indians.”
A lot of people get hurt by the “Indian” identity.  When I was growing up, the role models for being “Indian” were drunken, lazy, dirty “Indians.”  There was a lot of fighting and violence along with alcohol and stress—the Europeans brought their social problems here, and intentionally encouraged the breakdown of social order in their “Indian” communities so they could steal the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and destroy our traditional communities.  The consequences of this genocidal social engineering are still with us, and many of the community’s role models are still trapped in the violence of the “Indian” identity.  Going through old newspapers as a part of our research, I found a newspaper from 1952 in which the F.B.I. reported that “crime” was “one the rise,” and it wasn’t too long ago that Bemidji claimed it was the “crime capital” in order to get a new jail here.  I don’t know if crime went down after the jail was built, but you don’t hear the Chamber of Commerce promoting “Bemidji the Crime Capital” anymore.  This society has to be sick, to promote violence and crime in order to get more funding so they can hire more Crime-fighters, and buy more weapons.  Crime is still going up, and so I suppose even more police officers will get even more assault weapons.  What kind of society are you creating, where you don’t know who is the “good guy” and who is the “bad guy,” but they both have machine guns?  They told me I was a “savage” in school, and told me I had to be “civilized.”  Is this terrible violence the best that Western Civilization can do?
Over and over and over again, the European-language media reports on issues that concern Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ rights, land and resources as though the “Indians” are the same people as the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  I pointed this out to a reporter recently, who said, “those Indians are dark, and they all look alike.”  That’s what he said.  I told him that a lot of these “Indians” were Métis people when they left Europe, because of the Moors, and that as a matter of verifiable fact, many of the “Indians” do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry at all—the United States Department of the Interior controls who can be Indian and who can not, because the Europeans created Indians.
MORE POLITICAL SHENANIGANS, and a re-cap of Lame Duck President Bush’s four years: “Read My Lips ... Pardon Me”  “No More Taxes ... Pardon Me”  “S & L Bailouts ... Pardon Me”  Did you know that Charles Keating and his son’s prison sentences total nearly 900 years?  The judge who sentenced the Keatings has discovered what Ponce de Leon lost his life looking for, the “fountain of youth.”  In the sado-masochistic society which the Europeans have created here, it figures that only people who would be allowed access to near-immortality would be incarcerated crooks and criminals.  Pardon me.
The politicians and the lobbyists who have been doing capitalist/communist economic engineering for the last two hundred years have given St. Avarice, the God of Greed, a bad name.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3958.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Mark Neuzil, of the Associated Press, put a story on the wires which ran Sunday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  He wrote, “according to legal precedent, the treaties can be overridden by acts of Congress ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Mark Neuzil, of the Associated Press, put a story on the wires which ran Sunday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  He wrote, “according to legal precedent, the treaties can be overridden by acts of Congress.  The president even has the power to declare entire tribes extinct.”  In plain layman’s terms, this is abrogating the Treaty and terminating the Indians.
When the Anglo-Europeans created “Indians,” they were insane with greed, using their own European English language as a weapon against the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  At that time, we did not understand English.  Now, we have studied the oppressor, and his language tells us a lot about him and how he looks at the world.  It is significant that the A.P. disseminated the information that the president “has the power to declare entire tribes extinct,” but the published article did not add the complimentary pieces of information that these “Indian tribes” are an European concept, and the “tribes” over which the U.S. President has jurisdiction are “tribes” invented by the U.S. Congress and other Europeans.  “Tribe” is an European concept, and has nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous Nations.  I’m sure glad I’m Anishinabe Ojibway.  I am not an “Indian,” and trying to trying to put the “Indian” label on me, or any other Aboriginal Indigenous Person, is racism.  The racist U.S. has no jurisdiction to declare me “extinct,” although they have murdered most of my Anishinabe Ojibway relatives trying to send my people into extinction.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist.  The United States openly admitted genocide when they created “Indians” and the “Indian religion.”  The World Community ought to take a very cautious second look at any European Nation-State which talks of declaring entire groups of human beings “extinct.”  The very word “Indian” is racism, and the United States is still committing genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous People, hiding their Final Solution behind the “Indians” they have manufactured and are promoting very heavily.
In the same Sunday paper, Mille Lacs Chippewa D.N.R. Commissioner Don Wedll was quoted as saying that the way to resolve the “Treaty” issue was to ship all the Europeans back to Europe.  The irony of it is that he is not Anishinabe Ojibway, either, and the Mille Lacs “Indians” who voted to abrogate the Treaties and terminate themselves are European Métis who might as well go back to Europe along with their White fathers, if anybody’s getting sent back to where they came from.  I see part of the issue as being that we are all here now—we can’t turn back the clock.  In order to live here harmoniously, people need to be honest about the reality of history, and about their own identities.  The “Indian” identity is a dishonest, artificial identity created by the Europeans with malicious and thieving intent.
INDIAN RELIGION:  Indian religion is in the news again, being legislated by Whites, which it should be—because the people caught in the Indian identity are defined by the Whites.  They become Wanna-Be’s.  But, Indian religion has nothing to do with the Midewiwin or other Aboriginal Indigenous religion here, which is much older than either Christianity or Indian Religion.
The United States Government has a vested interest in confusing the Aboriginal Indigenous People with the “Indians” and Métis, both to hide the genocide and to assure their hold on the land they have stolen.  As Indian Commissioner Thomas Jefferson Morgan wrote in 1892, to suggest that mixed-bloods with a White father were not Indians  “would unsettle and endanger the titles to much of the lands that have been relinquished by Indian Tribes and patented to citizens of the United States.”  Morgan also observed that if patrilineally White people were not “Indians,” then there was a serious question as to whether the Aboriginal Indigenous People might not have an equitable claim against the U.S. Government for the misappropriation of their annuities and their land, among other claims.  Former Vice President Charles Curtis, who was an “Indian” without Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry himself, supported Commissioner Morgan’s position, and realized that “Congress could make or unmake an Indian regardless of genealogy, ethnological data, treaty commitments, or tribal preference.  So could an employee of the Indian Office, acting under his interpretation of federal law or the directive of an administrative superior.”
After a hundred years, you’d think they would know better.  But, the Senate Select Committee on Indian and Insular Affairs, of the United States Congress, is at it again.  They have been having hearings on “Indian religion.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People retain our own Sovereignty, and do not need the permission of the United States nor any other dependent Nation-State to practice our own religion in our own land—and it’s not “Indian religion,” either.  Senator Inouye’s “Indian Religion” legislation is yet another hokey and fake ploy to use “Indians” for the Unites States to gain jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous People.
The Senate Select Committee is also using their “Indian Religion” to try to claim jurisdiction over the Black Hills, as well as the burial sites of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, which they are erroneously claiming are “Indian Sacred Sites” and “Indian burial mounds.”  The mounds in which my Anishinabe Ojibway ancestors are buried, especially those at the “outlet” of Red Lake, were plundered and robbed sixty years ago.  The European (Métis Indian and White) grave-robbers are trying to cover their ass by re-writing the “Indian Freedom of Religion Act.”  Has Senator Inouye read the “establishment” clause in the Constitution?
ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT:  A Christianized Métis Indian had taken two dollars from a merchant.  He was afterwards converted and was taught that it was sinful to steal.  So, he went to the merchant and gave him the two dollars.  The merchant praised him for his honesty, but still the Indian showed no disposition to go.  Not knowing what he wanted, the merchant asked him if he wished to buy anything.  He replied, “I want a receipt.”  “Why do you want a receipt?  Have I not credited it in my book?” asked the merchant, “and is that not sufficient?”  “Well,” said the Indian, “St. Peter has the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and when I go up there he will ask me if I was a good man, and I will answer, ‘Yes, St. Peter,’ and he will ask, ‘But have you not sinned?’ and I will say, ‘Yes, St. Peter, but the Blackrobe has forgiven me.’  St. Peter will ask, ‘Did you return those two dollars you stole from the merchant,’ and I will say, ‘Yes, St. Peter.’ When St. Peter asks, ‘Where is your receipt’—I don’t want to have to chase all over Hell to find you.”
The moral of this story is, always get a receipt in writing.
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3959.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On Friday, April 29, the Clinton Administration is hosting an Indian media circus, which the White House press relations office termed an “historic event.” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On Friday, April 29, the Clinton Administration is hosting an Indian media circus, which the White House press relations office termed an “historic event.”  More than five hundred duly elected 1934 I.R.A. Indian Wanna-Be Leaders (including Lame Duck Chairman Gerald “Butch” Brun) will stand around outside the White House, waiting to shake hands with the President.  (I don’t know if they will let them inside the Big House if they have to go to the bathroom, or if other arrangements have been made for the 498 clowns—Indians on the Federal payroll—who will be attending at the taxpayers’ expense.)  The public relations people at the White House did not mention whether Chairman-For-Life Roger “Absentee Ballot” Jourdain will be there.
The Blood Quantum Chip-away Indians are gearing up for Federally mandated Unique Indian Elections, to be held at the end of May at Red Lake and other P.O.W. camps called Indian Reservations.  Sovereign Chairman-For-Life Roger “Outsider” Jourdain has been disqualified as a candidate by the incumbent I.R.A. Tribal Council, using an amendment to the 1959 I.R.A. Red Lake Chippewa “Band Constitution” which was enacted during Chairman-For-Life Roger Jourdain’s Federally Recognized dictatorial regime: “Article 5, Sec. 5(b), Amended [I.R.A.] Tribal Election, May 24, 1978.”  In his campaign literature, the Chairman-For-Life claimed that his Sovereignty (as a Federally acknowledged majority of the Red Lake Chip-away Band’s government) over-rode the 1959 I.R.A. “Band Constitution,” and that he should be automatically qualified as a Candidate.  Roger Jourdain is so Sovereign that he took away Archie King’s Title, as Hereditary Head Chief, and gave it to Chairman “Butch” Brun’s half-brother, another White man.
The campaign promises are flying thicker and thicker, and one of the benefits of holding the election in the Spring, is that people won’t have to buy much fertilizer for their gardens.  But, there is one candidate who is talking like an honest man—his rhetoric almost made me want to become an Indian again, so I could vote for him in the election.  Then, I thought about all of the other candidates, with what former B.I.A. Commissioner calls a “White Plus Psychology,” and I quickly returned to reality.  The promise that this “honest politician” made, is that when he’s elected, he will pass a resolution: “May I be excused from this meeting, with a year’s salary, so I can go pick up my new car.  I will be available in an Atlantic City Casino, or I will be laying on the beach in Waikiki.  Instead of sitting through a cold Minnesota winter, nodding my head in unanimity, FAX me the resolutions, and I will rubber-stamp them ‘YES’.  For an extra $50.00 a resolution, I will nod my head while I do it.”
The 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Band of the Minnesota Chip-away Tribe is at it again -—these Federally Recognized Indians are gambling and treaty-making like there was no tomorrow.  The United States Government is using their Federal Instrumentality (created under European Roman Law).  The U.S. Government’s Indians, with their English Law, Roman Law and Indian Law, are operating under an European paradigm which has no jurisdiction in the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation.
The present “Treaty Negotiations” are no more honest than the original ones were.  The “bait-and-switch” being used, this time, is hunting and fishing in the so-called “ceded area.”  As far as I can see it, the hunting and fishing is pretty hypothetical—the forests have been clearcut, the water has been polluted, mahnomen beds have been destroyed, and rivers have been dammed up, and the European immigrants have raised havoc with the Ahnishinahbæótjibway permaculture and the ecology in general.  The hunting and fishing is gone (would you eat a fish out of the Mississippi river?).  The Mille Lacs Chip-Away Indians are allowing themselves to be put into the position of scapegoats: the fish have nearly disappeared, and the State of Minnesota is (as usual) setting up the molding of public opinion.  According to my crystal ball, the Mille Lacs Indians will be blamed for the disappearing fish and other wildlife.
What neither the State of Minnesota nor the Mille Lacs Band is publicly talking about, is that the Generic Chip-away Indians ceded whatever eminent domain they might have had (as patrilineal Indo-Europeans, by “right of discovery” under Holy Roman Law), under Article 3 of the Treaty of 1826, under which these Generic Chip-aways stipulated the United States’ “existing jurisdiction” as the Sovereign over Chip-away Indians.  Whether the fishing licenses are issued to Federally Recognized Blood Quantum Mille Lacs Chip-away Indians through the 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Tribal Council, by the United States Government; or whether they are issued directly by the State of Minnesota, the Federally Certified Indians (whether they are catalogued as “full-blood” or “1/8”) still have to jump through Roman Law bureaucratic hoops to get a hunting and fishing license from the White Man.  It’s the same old story—now that the fish and game are gone, it’s mighty white of the invading European immigrants to offer their patrilineal blood brothers a good deal on special hunting and fishing licenses.  The forthcoming lawsuit over the 1837 and 1855 Indian Treaties is being heard in United States Federal Court, rather than in International Court, because the so-called “Indian Treaties” have always been internal affairs of the European government which calls itself the United States of America.
None of this hoop-la has anything to do with the allodial, autochthonous and inalienable jurisdiction of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway over our land and everything connected with it.
In a recent Commentary article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Laura Waterman Wittstock wrote that “Tribes are independent entities ... subject only to the exceptionally great powers of Congress,” and quoted the U.S. Constitution that the U.S. Congress has the power to “regulate Commerce with the Indian tribes.”  She implies that the “Unique” relationship between what the U.S. Congress calls the “Federal instrumentalities” of 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “Indian Tribes” and the U.S. Government comes under the jurisdiction of International Law—but the U.S. relationship with their Indians has always been an internal affair, although admittedly under the jurisdiction of International Law in terms of the Rules of War for occupied people, which comes out of Judeo-Christianity and Roman Law.  Under this parasitic European law, the White Indians are falsely claiming to be Aboriginal Indigenous People, and continuing to steal our identity and what remains of our land and resources.
The Catch-22 is that so-called International Law, administered through the World Court and the United Nations, is also Roman Law as it has been modified through the Western European colonizing nations.  It is a European concept, with no connection to the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  There are no Aboriginal Indigenous People in either the World Court or the United Nations—almost all of the people involved in these so-called “international” agencies are patrilineally Indo-Europeans or descendants of hierarchical Asian empires.  It is a lie to call what comes from this European institution, “International Law.”  It has no jurisdiction over the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of the world.
Schoolchildren are taught that the “Roman Empire fell,” but in reality it only mutated, and rears its ugly head on both sides of the duality of church and state.  They say “Latin is a dead language,” but it’s alive and well, embedded in the English language, Roman law, and Christianity: defining people into old hierarchial Roman-derived categories, regulating the perceptions and behavior of native speakers of English.  The perversions of the European colonial paradigm have come full circle, and if there is going to be a harmonious and viable world for future generations, both the European hierarchical languages and the old Roman assumptions about nature and Grandmother Earth have to change.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3960.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On March 7, 1902, the B.I.A. held meetings at Redlake, using their Indians to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous People again. ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On March 7, 1902, the B.I.A. held meetings at Redlake, using their Indians to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous People again.  The land on the agenda was 256,152 acres of Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway alleged “surplus land,” also known as the eleven Western Townships.  According to the transcripts of the negotiations, Indian Agent McLaughlin did not mention Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway title to our own land, but in order try to steal the land, he talked about the mythology of Indians and Indian title, “The title to Indian lands, Indian reservations, not only this Red Lake reservation, but all other Indian reservations in the United States, the title of the Indian is simply the right of occupancy, that is to use it ... “  Earlier, McLaughlin had claimed, “Indian reservation lands held in common by Indians cannot be sold or disposed of except to the United States; ... the fee or vested right to the lands is in the United States ... Indians are therefore simply tenants for life ... “  So-called Indian title is a White man’s abstraction which does not exist.  Charles Morrison, of Scottish patrilineal ancestry, was the translator at these negotiations.
The 1902 transcripts also refer to the 1889 Agreement: “Mr. Rice, in negotiating the treaty [sic] of 1889 promised the Indians that there would be only two steam-boats on the lake and river.”  Commissioner Rice was lying to the Indians at the 1889 Council.  As McLaughlin explained in 1902, “The agreement ... made in 1889 clearly provides that all waterways within the reservation therein described are to be free for commercial purposes to all citizens of the United States, nothing is said about number of boats, whether there is to be 1 Boat, 2 Boats, 50 Boats or 100 Boats.  The waters are free to navigation.  Free transportation on the Boats that are navigating these streams should have been provided in the agreement to entitle you to it, but there is no such provision.  If the commission negotiating with you promised you free transportation they exceeded their authority.”  This is an euphemism.  What Agent McLaughlin said was “exceeded ... authority,” was an outright lie.  Commissioner Rice, Indian Agent McLaughlin, Reverend Whipple, and the rest of the land thieves who represented the United States Government were liars.
The 1889 Minnesota Chippewa Commission Agreement was presented, both in the English-language transcripts, and in the documents published by the U.S. Congress, as a freely negotiated agreement, although the Act of January 14, 1889, reads otherwise—and during the “negotiations,” some of the people there rather politely called the U.S. Government liars.  In 1902, McLaughlin was talking to people who had been present in 1889, and he admitted that the “treaty [sic] which Governor Rice presented here ... is that this was enacted by Congress and sent here for your ratification without your having any say in its preparation ...” and did not require Red Lake consent.  The alleged “Treaty” was written in Washington, D.C., the legislation unilaterally enacted by the U.S. Congress reads “as to the Red Lake Reservation the cession and relinquishment shall be deemed sufficient if made and assented to ... by two-thirds of the male adults of all the Chippewa Indians in Minnesota.”  This phrase is where the “Minnesota Chippewa Tribe” came from, and this is also why some of the Leading Indians supported by the United States Government at Red Lake are descendants of White Chippewa Indians packed on the Red Lake Indian Rolls under the Minnesota Chippewa Commission.  If you want to know more, read the Committee Hearing Reports and the other U.S. Government Documents about how the Indians and the Whites stole the land from the Anishinabe Ojibway.
The European immigrants were, and still are, trying to destroy our Aboriginal Indigenous ecological base.  The Mille Lacs band is presently negotiating for the illusion of hunting and fishing rights.  What good are hunting and fishing rights if there is no fish or game?  Annihilating the wildlife has been White man’s plan all along—in 1902 Indian Agent McLaughlin said, “in a few more years there will be no more game in the country.  Therefore this tract of land that I ask you to cede is of little value ... the game will soon disappear ...”
The White European Indians who spoke French or broken English greedily signed the 1902 Agreement.  My grandfather, Bah-wah-we-nind, could not and did not sign, because he could not sell the land, his religion, nor his identity.  He could not sell Grandmother Earth.  The crooked Indian Agent put down an “X” mark for my great-grandfather, Bah-se-noss who was already dead, and who would not have signed nor agreed if he had been still living.  The Anishinabe Ojibway have never agreed to sell any of our land; we can’t.
The United States Government has been trying to invent European land titles since they got here, using every illusion they can think of to steal this land and hide the genocide.  These Europeans recognize Aboriginal Indigenous land title, by propping up puppet Indian governments and shuffling paper Sovereignties.  The Indians have whatever crumbs of White sovereignty the White man gives them, but Indians are not Aboriginal Indigenous people, and the Indians do not have Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty, they do not have Natural Rights, and they have no legitimate claim to Anishinabe Ojibway land.  They are carpet-baggers and squatters, put on this land by the invading U.S. Government, and they are helping their White relatives steal.
European land title rests on the mythology of their Judo-Christian religion, which holds their Sovereignty.  As explained by one real estate attorney, “I acknowledge your letter inquiring as to the title of the ... property prior to the year 1803.  Please be advised that in the year 1803 the United States of America acquired the Territory of Louisiana from the Spanish Crown by conquest.  The Spanish Crown had originally acquired title by virtue of the discoveries of one Christopher Columbus, sailor, who had been duly authorized to embark upon the voyage of discovery by Isabella, Queen of Spain.  Isabella, before granting such authority, had obtained the sanction of His Holiness, the Pope; the Pope is the Vicar on Earth of Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is the Son and Heir apparent of God.  God made Louisiana [territory] ...”  Judeo-Christianity is a foreign religion with a Western European perspective, and it has no jurisdiction on Anishinabe Ojibway land.  Judeo-Christianity is fine in Europe  (what the Europeans do in Europe is their own business), but it does not belong here.  Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty is held by Grandfather Midewiwin and Grandmother Earth, and we have inalienable Sovereign title to our land.  We are on our authochthonous land.  We the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist.
THE BOSTON TEA PARTY SYNDROME: Everybody has read about the U.S. Revolution, and about the Boston Tea Party, where White men dressed up as Indians.  The Indian is not an Aboriginal Indigenous person, but the White man is trying to create an illusion, a mythological race of people who will fill the role of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, but who do what the White man wants them to do, for example sell land and resources.  Now, there are Urban Indians who run around dressed up in cowboy boots and dark glasses; they are White people telling other Whites that they are Aboriginal Indigenous People.  They go around in the Cities with single issues, one of which is “mascots.”  They say, “stop the racism of mascots and sports teams logos.”  But, Clyde and Vernon—don’t you know that the very word “Indian” is a derogatory name?  Why don’t you lobby to have the Politically Correct people abolish the word “Indian,” which is a dirty word?  Or, are you living out the lazy Indian Stereotype, too lazy to go to work?  And, who are the low-class White man sponsors who keep you funded to perpetuate the stereotype of mythological Indians, sponging off the Aboriginal Indigenous People and pretending to be somebody that you’re not?  The Professional Indians are caricatures acting like fools, who apparently have no pride.  This country would be in better shape if people would quit telling lies.  Every time I hear somebody claim to be an “Indian,” I say, “there goes a liar”—there are no Indians here.  People who say they are Indian are in complicity with the White man in genocide.  It’s time we make this a better world to live in.  The celluloid era of Cowboys-and-Indians is gone, if it ever existed.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3961.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On May 27, 1993, the Red Lake Chippewa Tribal Council passed a resolution to hire Claire Henderson as a Research Consultant ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On May 27, 1993, the Red Lake Chippewa Tribal Council passed a resolution to hire Claire Henderson as a Research Consultant under the Cross Cultural program, to “authenticate” the Red Lake Chippewa history.  I don’t know why the Tribal Council needs to spend an undisclosed amount of money to find out who they are (they could have asked me for their genealogies, and I could have given them their French family trees, for free.)
Since the Boston Tea Party, White people have been dressing up as Indians.  The Indian Claims Commission cites “North-West [Fur] Company employees, disguised as Indians,” who were threatening to attack Lord Selkirk in 1817.  Since the Europeans got here, they have been pretending to be Aboriginal Indigenous people, stealing our identity in order to fight each other and steal our land.
In December of 1992, James Kirkpatrick wrote a column for the San Diego Union, entitled “The fight over certifiably ‘Indian’.”  The issue on the surface was Public Law 101-644, which was about who was a real Indian, and had a right to sell certified Indian art.  Kirkpatrick wrote, “Ironically, many artists without a drop of Indian blood may be certifiably ‘Indian’ under the law.  These are the descendants of Caucasians who managed by chicanery to get on the famous—or infamous—Dawes Rolls.”
Federally Recognized Indians are issued plastic laminated CDIB (Certification of Degree of Indian Blood) cards.  The United States Government evades responsibility for the making and un-making of Indians by saying that Blood Quantum is “Tribally Determined” from the Base Rolls established under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act of the United States Congress.  These Base Rolls had to be approved by the Secretary of the Interior—the Red Lake Base Rolls were approved by the White man running the U.S. Department of the Interior on November 10, 1958.  According to the I.R.A. Constitutions, enrollment resolutions of the I.R.A. Councils, enrolling anybody, also need to be approved by the White man, or “his duly authorized representative.”  A Federally Recognized Indian becomes a ward of the U.S. Government, under U.S. Trusteeship.  This means that Indians are automatically defined as legally incompetent people who cannot own any land.  If “Indian” was a real culture, they wouldn’t have to teach Indian culture in school.
Kirkpatrick also writes, “the child of a full-blood Indian father and a Euro-American mother may not be called Indian at all and may have no tribal rights.  Bizarre.”  Kirkpatrick does not understand that “full-blooded Indian” is not the same as having only Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry.  Ahnishinahbæótjibway are patrilineal, and we are not “Indians.”  The United States Government is legislating Indian inheritance through the mother, which is a standard colonial tactic.  In Ahnishinahbæótjibway tradition, a woman marries into the Dodem of her husband, and her children are born into their father’s Dodem.  Euro-American culture is also patrilineal—that’s why there are so many new last names on the Red Lake Rolls.  These are White men’s names, and these people have been made into Indians under the White man’s colonial rules.
Clinton is promoting a plan of “universal health care coverage,” under which everybody in the United States will have access to health care.  The President’s Surgeon General started talking about preventative medicine, and everybody jumped all over her for threatening the C.I.A.’s golden goose, the lucrative illegal drug trade.  Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Clinton has said much publicly about “prevention.”
What about the homeless and the unemployed?  If a person is homeless and is sleeping under the bridge, and gets pneumonia from exposure, or hypothermia, will he be eligible for health care?  If he’s admitted to the hospital under Universal Health Care, he’ll get pumped full of antibiotics, and have a warm place to sleep for a few nights.  Then, when he’s cured, will he be sent back to live under the bridge, and get pneumonia again?
What if a guy comes to the hospital with gunshot wounds, and he dies of lead poisoning.  It seems like the main kind of “preventative medicine” that the White House is talking about, is blaming abstracts and inanimate objects.  I suppose that the kind of solution that the Clintons would propose to stop this kind of lead poisoning, would be to blame the lead bullets, and propose closing down the lead mines.  Then, so the lead miners would not be put out of work, they’d solve the problem by creating a bigger law enforcement bureaucracy, hiring more police and raising the tax on cigarettes to pay for it.
The Chairman of the Mescalero Tribe, a good friend of Roger Jourdain’s, is accepting nuclear waste, agreeing to a radioactive nuclear dumpsite on the Apache Reservation.  What thousands of White Cavalry couldn’t do, it only takes one Indian Reorganization Act Tribal Chairman to accomplish: killing both the Aboriginal Indigenous people and the Mexican mestizos with radioactive poisons.  Roger Jourdain is running for Tribal Chairman at Red Lake; the Indians and the Wanna-Be’s will have Band elections in May.
People used to quote what they called an Old Indian Saying: “Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins.”  I don’t hear this much, any more.  Now, the new Indian Leaders, like Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt, and Russell Means; and the 1934 I.R.A. Indian Leaders, like Earl Barlow, Darrell Wadena, Butch Brun, Roger Jourdain, ad nauseam, are wearing Florsheim shoes, and wouldn’t let you ride a mile in their Cadillac.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3962.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On Monday, May 9, the Minneapolis StarTribune ran a front-page article about the people they identify as the Shakopee Mdewakanton Dakota Tribe ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On Monday, May 9, the Minneapolis StarTribune ran a front-page article about the people they identify as the Shakopee Mdewakanton Dakota Tribe “buying back the land.”  (Mention of the [White] Cargill family buying up banks was limited to a paragraph buried in the Business section of the same day’s paper—because under Euro-American democracy, that’s how the system is supposed to work.)  The Minneapolis staff writer Mike Kaszuba very carefully wrote the article so that he avoided referring to the “Dakota Tribe” as Indians; although the article says, “land bought by the tribe [is] placed in trust with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.”  This is because the Shakopee Indians are wards of the U.S. Government under the unique provisions of the U.S. Constitution.
Staff writer Kaszuba does not clarify which aspects of land title are being purchased—is it what real estate books refer to as the entire “bundle of rights?”  Does it include eminent domain for the so-called “Sovereign” Mdewakanton Dakota Tribe, and if so, why is the land remaining under White jurisdiction, in the trusteeship of the United States Government?  He also does not write about the future of this land.  The foundations of the present U.S. Indian policy were explicitly laid during the 1880’s and 1890’s, and many of the policy-making discussions were published in the annual Commissioner’s Reports of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and in the transcripts of the Lake Mohonk Friends of the Indians conferences.  For example, on October 9, 1890, General Whittlesey observed that: “These treaties are made with tribes.  You have already signed the death warrant of the tribal relation [and when] the tribe has gone, the party of the second part no longer exists”—and the so-called sacred Indian Treaties are no longer binding upon the United States, which then presumes clear title to the land, under imported Roman Law.  The means of “disestablishing” the second party to the treaties might have changed, but the intent has not.
What happens to the land, held under U.S. trusteeship for the Federally Recognized Shakopee Mdewakanton Dakota, when this small group of peoples’ children and grandchildren lose their Federally Recognized blood quantum?  The Shakopee Mdewakanton are gambling with the White man’s system of blood quantum, which is mathematically unsound.  Then, they are gambling again, with the United States Constitution’s provisions for “Indians not taxed,” meaning that Indians cannot own any land and will not have any representation—and as you well know, the deck is stacked in favor of the House.
1934 I.R.A. colonial democracy rears its ugly head again.  The Chairman-for-Life rubber-stamped a Constitutional referendum preventing non-resident Red Lake Chippewa Indians from running for offices in the I.R.A. Tribal Council.  While the Dictator-for-Life, a City of Bemidji resident, was still Federally Recognized as Chairman, this was not a problem.  After Federal Recognition was bestowed upon his cousin, what the Chairman-for-Life should have done, is pressed for a Constitutional Referendum changing the rules that he played a role in enacting.  But, Democracy backfired, and now the Chip-away Chairman-for-Life is formally classified as an “outsider” under his own rules.  The B.I.A. may have proposed these rules, and the B.I.A.’s in-house Philadelphia Lawyer may have written an airtight amendment to the 1934 I.R.A. Constitution under which it is impossible to be honest, but the Chairman-for-life agreed to them.  It’s an odd kind of democracy, where absentee ballots from “non-resident voters” (some of whom have been underground for many years) have decided many elections, but where these same people whose votes are the deciding factor, cannot run for office themselves.  The Underground Constituency is also informally prevented from running for office, although their votes are often crucial.
In the last few days of this unique Colonial Democratic Process, the Candidates are everywhere, listening to everybody.  They shake hands every four years, and if elected, we won’t see them until the next election campaign.  Some of these guys who are running for office are talking like they can perform miracles.  One Wanna-Be Tribal Councilman answered a complaint about the Red Lakes being fished out, by promising “more fish, a federal subsidy for every fisherman, and Payment.”  I said, “how the hell can you do that?”  He said, “I’ll promise them anything.  That’s politics—and those Indians are so dumb, they don’t know, anyway.”  No wonder John Collier wrote that his Indians politicians have a “White-plus psychology.”  The crooked White politicians are pikers compared to some of these I.R.A. Indians.
This is the last issue of this newspaper before the election.  As I gaze into my crystal ball, I would like to make some predictions.  I’ll make two of them:  One, that Bobby Whitefeather will be the new Chip-away Tribal Chairman.  And, second, that Gus Strong will be the next Chip-away Tribal Treasurer.  Happy Colonial Democracy to all you Blood-Quantum Indians!
The State of Minnesota has not created enough ecological mayhem as it is, destroying the forests, killing the wildlife, and polluting the water.  The legislature is running rampant, and has passed state laws mandating the spraying of poisonous chemicals on plants they call “weeds.”  They are using the prolific imported plant, purple loosestrife, which was an immigrant plant which was intentionally planted by European “landscrapers,” as the justification for killing ecologically and medicinally valuable plants—and then putting liens against the land to pay for this destruction.
The Euro-Americans came from a devastated land that had been ravaged by hundreds of years of Imperial Roman and other Indo-European wars—and they have not understood how the ecology worked since they got here.  Because the English language is so detached from reality, they haven’t a clue that the living beings that they call “weeds” are a part of the ecosystem.
I have several plants that Beltrami County has on their “noxious weed” hit list growing in my yard.  These plants are food for the wildlife (and people), nourish the soil, and provide healing medicines.
The arrogant Euro-Americans have destroyed the passenger pigeons, cut down the forests, decimated the fish, and polluted the lakes.  Now, they want to kill the only beings that can live in the ravaged, toxified ecosystem that they have created—and justify themselves by calling them “noxious weeds.”
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3963.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On page 4 of the December 24 Native American Press/Ojibway News, there was an unsigned letter to the Editor complaining about a “NON-MEMBER.”... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On page 4 of the December 24 Native American Press/Ojibway News, there was an unsigned letter to the Editor complaining about a “NON-MEMBER.”  When I was growing up at Red Lake, people referred to other people who were not from Red Lake, as “Outsiders,” and many people (mostly “Outsiders” themselves) still use this term.  But, Reservation English seems to be on shaky ground, and now some Wanna-Be’s are using the term “Non-Member.”  The meaning of these two words is different, though.  Most of the people who are defined as “Members” by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, are “outsiders” who are also not Anishinabe Ojibway—of Red Lake or anywhere else.
 I am no longer enrolled as a “Member” of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians; because I am not an Indian.  I took my own identity back, and let the definers of Indians play with their own Members.  The Chippewa Indians are a group of Indo-European Settlers who are not Anishinabe Ojibway, who were put onto this land by another group of people who are, guess what, “Non-Members” and “Outsiders.”  Specifically, the people who put the Chippewa Indians onto Red Lake were the White Members of the United States Congress, working through the White Members of the Minnesota Chippewa Commission.  I resigned from the U.S. Government Rolls of “Members” of Chippewa Indians, because I refuse to be part of the dishonest and racist scheme of making Wanna-Be Indian “Members,” which is done by “Outsiders.”
Before Big Indian Members start crying about “Non-Members,” they had better take a good look at who they are, and what they’re asking for.
Who’s the head of the Beltrami County Welfare Department, and who pays the taxes that pay for Welfare?   They’re “Non-Members.”
 Who’s the head of the Forestry Services?  Bud Anderson, an “Outsider” and a “Non-Member.”  He’s only following orders written in Washington, D.C. by “Non-Members,” to destroy the whole ecosystem at Red Lake.
Who are the school-teachers here, and who certified these teachers and gives them jobs in the schools at Red Lake?  “Non-Members.”  Who pays them?  It’s not Indians.
What about you Chippewa Indians’ court system?  Indian Law is imported English Law and Roman Law, defined by White Members of Congress.  The Chippewa Courts were put in here and paid for by “Non-Members,” who define Chippewas as “Indians” and non-persons.
The Police and the Law Enforcement used by the United States Government at Red Lake was illegally brought in here by people who the anonymous “Member” would define as “Non-Members.”
The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act created the Indian Chippewa Tribal Council, by Act of United States Congress, whose White Members are “Outsiders.”
Federal Recognition is given to the I.R.A. Tribal Council by the Great White Father, who is a “Member.”
What about your hierarchical Chippewa language?  Bishop Baraga, an Outsider and a “Non-Member,” took a pidgin Creole language spoken by French Voyageurs, and created a language for Chippewa Indians.  The Chippewa language which Clergy Member Baraga gave Indians is worthless language, and wasn’t even used it in the Treaties which the ancestors of Chippewa Members signed to sell my Peoples’ Anishinabe Ojibway land.
What about the Indian Sovereignty that you Chippewa “Members” claim?  It was given to you by “Non-Members.”  The only reason that “Indian Tribal Sovereignty” was given to Chippewa Outsiders who are now calling themselves “Members,” is so that the United States Government, which invented this Indian Sovereignty, could protect themselves against violations of their Nepotism regulations.  If you very carefully read the 1958 Chippewa Indian Constitution that “Non-Members” wrote for you, you will find out that this is just about all that “Indian Sovereignty” is good for.
What about the Indian Settlers’ housing which you ungrateful Indian “Members” and carpet-baggers live in?  It was given to you by “Non-Members,” and you should be thankful you have a roof over your head and Indian Rations called Commodities on your table.
What about the land that you Chippewa Indians claim?  It’s all held by “Outsiders.”  If you don’t believe me, go look at the land records in the County Courthouse.   The land title to what is alleged to be Chippewa Indian land is held by the United States Government.
Who gives you funding to run all of the Indian programs?  You guessed it—“Non-Members.”
The Chippewa Indian “Members” never had it so good.  I don’t know what they’re complaining about: they don’t have to think for themselves; they don’t have to learn job skills to compete in the “outside” labor market; they don’t have to learn English, and all the Math they have to learn is enough to figure out how big a “Member” they are according to Indian Blood Quantum.  Under Sacred Indian Trusteeship, Outsiders and Non-Members define you “Member” Chippewa Indians as Legally Incompetent Wards of the U.S. Government.  You don’t even have to worry about voting in elections: the United States will vote for you Chippewa “Members” by proxy, to make sure you vote the right way.
Who gave you Chippewa “Members” the identity of Indian?  Outsiders and “Non-Members” are the definers the racist, demeaning stereotypes you self-important “Members” try to act out as an Indian.
Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz explains who a definer and labeller is: “Definers (that is, persons who insist on defining others) are like pathogenic microorganisms: each invades, parasitizes, and often destroys his victim; and, in each case, those whose resistance is low are the most susceptible to attack.  Hence, those whose immunological defenses are weak are most likely to contract infectious diseases; and those whose social defenses are weak—that is, the young and the old, the sick and the poor, and so forth—are the most likely to contract invidious definitions of themselves. ... In short, he who first seizes the word imposes reality on the other: he who defines thus dominates and lives; and he who is defined is subjugated and may be killed.”
The anonymous letter-writer who is complaining about “Non-Members” should find out what he/she is really writing about, before they write letters as a “Member.”  The first definition of this word, in Webster’s Dictionary, is “a human or animal ... penis.”  The translation of “Member” in the hierarchical Chippewa Creole language is “Pa-jog.”  Bill Lawrence publishes a respectable newspaper, but the anonymous letter-writer is the one who brought “Members” up.
To all of you Chippewa “Members,” and all of you non-Indian Members who define their time by imported European calendars, Happy New Year; and not discriminating against you ladies, Happy New Year to you, also.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3964.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On September 21, 1863, Governor Alexander Ramsey came to the “Old Crossing” of the Red Lake River ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On September 21, 1863, Governor Alexander Ramsey came to the “Old Crossing” of the Red Lake River, which was on one of the main fur trade routes for the “Red River Oxcarts.”  The next day, according to Governor Ramsey and Indian Trader Ashley Morrill’s official journal [which the U.S. Government hid for more than a century as “classified information”], the French Pembina Métis arrived, along with Hole-in-the-Day and a number of professional Indian treaty-signers.  On September 23, Governor Ramsey gave a speech which opened negotiations for what was presented as a right-of-way for a road across the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  After talking about the advantages of trade, Ramsey said, “Now, this is a trade which cannot ... be interrupted.  And their Great Father, feeling this, and desirous to prevent any trouble between his white and red people, has sent us here to come to some understanding with you about it.  The Great Father has no especial desire to get possession of their lands.  He does not want their lands if they do not want to part with them.  He has [stolen] more land now than he knows what to do with.  He simply wishes that his people should enjoy the privilege of travelling through their country on steamboats and wagons unmolested.”  Ramsey had unsuccessfully tried before to get the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway to sell our land, and his talk about “right-of-way” was fraudulently misrepresenting his purposes.
In 1863, the Anishinabe Ojibway people did not speak English.  The Pembinas and the Chippewas spoke French and Chippewa Creole—they did not understand English either.  After one of his failures at “Treaty-Making” in 1849, Alexander Ramsey had made certain that the people he dealt with the next time would be unable to speak English. In 1852, he issued an executive order abolishing the teaching of reading, writing, and English to both the Anishinabe Ojibway and the “Indians.”  In both the brainwashing institutions known as U.S. Government Schools, and in the Missionary’s schools, the curriculum was “manual labor.”
What began as an alleged right-of-way negotiation was taken up to Washington, D.C., where it was re-written as a boilerplate land cession “Treaty” stealing about eleven million acres.  The language of the “Treaty” is standard Government Issue “Indian Treaty.”  The people who actually agreed to the land “cessions” and payment to the fur traders in the “Treaty” were not the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway, and were not indigenous to this Continent.  Two of the people who allegedly agreed with “X-marks” as a “Pembina Warriors” actually used their French names—Joseph Gornon and Joseph Montreuil.  Another, who the U.S. Government appointed as a “Red Lake Indian Chief,” was a Frenchman named Racine (related to the Beaulieu’s) who used the name Kah-nun-dah-wah-wenzo as a professional Treaty-signer who also helped “sell” land at the “Treaties” of Sandy Lake, Gull Lake, and Boise Fort.  All of those who assented to this fraudulent “Treaty” were European subject people who had no claim to this Anishinabe Ojibway land.
As crooked as Ramsey’s original “Treaty” was, it wasn’t crooked enough for the U.S. Senate, who took the 1863 “Treaty” and amended it in New York so that more land could be alienated with the use of “Halfbreed Scrip.”  One of the so-called “Red Lake Indian Chiefs” who was taken East to agree to the Amendments died of the “persuasion” he was given.  The sacred drug of the White Men (rotgut whiskey) was used by the U.S. Government as standard procedure to procure “agreement” to “Indian Treaties.”  As the widow of another victim of deadly Eastern Treaty persuasion said over the body of her husband, “I told you not to touch that thing (whiskey) which has killed so many of our people.  Had you paid attention to my warning you would not be where now you are.”  This European ritual still persists to this day—for example weekend binge drinking.  The Ancient Indo-European Tradition of Bacchus (the Greek and Roman God of mus-zhah-way and mish-kwe-bee) dies hard and painfully.
On March 3, 1871, the United States Congress abolished Indian Treaty-Making.  It was reasonable that they abolished it unilaterally, because they had always owned both sides of the “Indian Treaties.”  Lo and behold, the snake-oil salesmen came up with new schemes, which depended on a unilateral assumption of a fiction they called the “Sacred Trust Responsibility,” based on imported European law, racism, and alleged “eminent domain” derived from the violent Judeo-Christian God.  In 1885, the scheme-of-the-year was another tax, which they called “stumpage.”  The United States Government used “timber thieves” (from whom they collected “stumpage” tax) as an excuse for “official” theft of Anishinabe Ojibway timber.  This particular chapter of ecological mayhem was officially known H.R. 4384, with which the 48th U.S. Congress replaced H.R. 846.
If you look at reality instead of the words which obscure the truth, the only thing that’s changed in the last 107 years is that there aren’t very many trees left—and as a direct result of the destruction of the Anishinabe Ojibway forest ecosystem, the lakes are dying, and the rivers are rampaging.  The immigrant European hocus-pocus (called in Crooked English “scientific forest management”) and their mentality of greed is making this land a barren rock like Europe.  What good is “making money” if your children get washed away by floods, poisoned by pollution, mutated by radiation, or starve?  Academic “forest management” has nothing to do with forests—it’s corporate tree farming run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and conveys no understanding about what a forest is really about.  In the interest of honesty, the United States Forest Service should be renamed the “European Plunderers and Tree Farmers [in the back pocket of resource corporations].”  If you put most of the “forestry professors” out in the woods, they’d get lost.  Many of them have never even seen a real forest. The abstract curriculum teaches the Europeans and their Indians that they are somehow separated from Nature, that they can exploitively “manage” Grandmother Earth, and that kind of perverted theoretical thinking has very real consequences.  You will not be able to continue burying your head in the sand with your abstract thought.  The time will come when you European immigrants have “intelligently” and “scientifically” stripped away the buffers of Mother Nature, and will have to come to terms with the reality that you cannot buy, sell, or “own” Grandmother Earth, nor destroy Mother Nature.  What you call “America” here is not for sale, and never has been.  Your European “land title” is a self-destructive delusion.
Seventeen years after “Indian Treaty-Making” had become illegal, who should come back to Red Lake, deranged with the mental illness of greed, but another Treaty Commission.  The 1889 Minnesota Chippewa Commission slithered around the boundaries of crooked Congressional statutes by writing that they were “ratifying an agreement,” although they told the people in Red Lake that they were making a “Treaty.”  The descendants of the foreigners who were packed onto Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land under the “provisions of the Act of January 14, 1889,” including Indian Reorganization Act Chairmen Roger Jourdain and Butch Brun, celebrate the thievery of most of the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land and resources with pomp, ceremony, fanfare, speeches, and Wanna-be singing and dancing, every Fourth of July, and both they and the Minnesota D.N.R. call it the “1889 Treaty.”  The Anishinabe Ojibway call it the Grand Land Theft—and Genocide.  More than two thousand, five hundred documented Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway people “disappeared” in the twenty-five years between the 1863 “Treaty” and the 1889 “repopulation” by the French Minnesota Chippewas.  These more than 2,500 genocide victims were most of the remaining survivors of the Europeans’ earlier Holocaust which annihilated more than one and a half million (1,500,000) Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway.  When I write, “complicity in genocide,” I mean exactly that.
We, the surviving Anishinabe Ojibway have an inalienable right to exist as a Sovereign People on our own land.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3965.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On Sunday and Monday, staff writer Pat Doyle published a two-part series on the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On Sunday and Monday, staff writer Pat Doyle published a two-part series on the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  In his article, he quotes B.I.A. Commissioner Ada Deer, “It’s always easy to talk about phasing out the bad old BIA.”  In the late 1950’s, Ada Deer was in the forefront of the termination movement for the Menominee Indians in Wisconsin.  After White Friends of the Bureau got choice pieces of lakeshore real estate and pine timberlands, then Ada Deer was recognized as an Indian Leader in the re-instatement of the Menominees under B.I.A. trusteeship.
According to Pat Doyle, “BIA employees have allowed some tribal leaders to squander money or violate the rights of their members.”  (Easily embezzled money and sado-masochistically satisfying abusive relationships are among the “perks” used by the B.I.A. to control their Indians.)  Since the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Self-Determination Act, the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act tribal “leaders” have become representatives of what the U.S. Congress describes as a “federal instrumentality.”  Under Trusteeship, the so-called Indian Tribal Leaders are simultaneously wards of the U.S. Government, and working for the U.S. Government in carrying out U.S. policy, which has never changed from genocide of Aboriginal Indigenous people, and eventual termination of “Indians.”  Under the present B.I.A. blood-quantum guidelines, there will be no more Federally Recognized Indians born after the year 2020.  Between the lines in Pat Doyle’s article, it looks it’s going to be sooner—and “Indian factions” are going to get the blame.
Pat Doyle also quotes Senator Paul Wellstone, who sits on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, “The tribal leadership has been the most visible and vocal constituency.”
According to Pat Doyle’s article, “on the White Earth Chippewa Reservation, when the opponents of the Tribal Chairman called the BIA to investigate election fraud, the agency said it lacked jurisdiction.”  This is convenient for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which under Trusteeship has control over Indians as wards of the Government.  The ballots cast by Indians have no relationship to outcome of the elections, the winners of which can be—and have been—determined by the B.I.A. by proxy vote before the general elections have ever been held.  Star Tribune writer Pat Doyle describes the B.I.A.’s Ada Deer as “a former tribal leader [who] shows little sympathy with dissidents, saying they often cry foul because ‘their person didn’t get elected.’”  Super-Squaw is saying, out of one side of her mouth, that she is going to shake up the Bureau.  The woman who helped terminate the Menominees speaks with forked tongue, and is saying she isn’t going to do anything.  Out of the other side of her mouth, she is quoted by Pat Doyle as saying that she only wants to hear one side of the story, and that’s the one from the Indian Leaders in the in-group.  She totally disregards the grassroots, and the Indians in the red ghettos, who have no representation and who do not get any services.  According to my crystal ball, all of you dissidents, malcontents, protesters and sore losers who are going to go around getting petitions signed after the elections—forget it.  Save your energy for something constructive.
Ada Deer is quoted by Pat Doyle as saying, “we all know that many of these treaties were not honored, but the moral obligation still remains.”  Under the founding documents of the United States including the U.S. Constitution, “Indians not taxed” cannot own land, and have neither Constitutional protections nor representation in Congress.  The purpose of the Indian Treaties was to use the Indians to steal the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land under capitalist Manifest Destiny, and redistribute this plunder to the White invaders—isn’t that socialism?  I fail to see the “moral obligation” in documents of criminal design.  Ada Deer, as long as she remains a Federally Recognized Indian, is a ward of the Government under P.O.W. trusteeship.  How can she “shake up the BIA” when, under trusteeship, the B.I.A. owns her.
Former B.I.A. Commissioner Ross Swimmer, who had some Cherokee ancestry, suggested terminating the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which implied that the Indians would no longer be under the jurisdiction of Chief Jim Crow and his Squaw A-par-theid.  The problems that Indians have are embedded in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment, so that Indians can take their rightful place as human beings in society, rather than being used as political hockey-pucks and scapegoats—or as a buffer and a smokescreen hiding Aboriginal Indigenous people.
U.S. President Clinton is criticizing China for that Nation’s human rights violations.  Instead of being piously self-righteous, he had better take a good hard look at his own back yard.  The Euro-Americans seem to have a very short memory—the United States needs to come to terms with its own genocidal history and its present relationship to the Aboriginal Indigenous people whose land they are on, before they start telling somebody else what to do.  The Minneapolis Police Department, and other urban police departments, continue to use people that they categorize as “Indians” as punching bags, brutalizing and abusing them.  One mild example of these human rights violations is putting Indians in the trunks of squad cars.  Where are the Indian leaders who are supposed to be standing up for the people?  Not one Indian leader stood up and protested to the City of Minneapolis, or the Federal Agencies which are funding the Minneapolis Police Department, and protested this and many other human rights violations.  The Indian Leaders are off worrying about the Washington Redskins, and other non-essential trivia.  They are puppets whose strings are tightly controlled by the White man, living in a Mickey-Mouse fantasy of pow-wow’s and turkey feathers.
In the Ojibwe News/Native American Press, there has been a concerted letter-writing campaign against the brotherly Indian Leadership of the “Broncos” who supposedly run A.I.M.  According to the paper, there is going to be a Tribunal in San Francisco, investigating charges against these two Indian leaders.  I don’t know why most of the other Indian leaders aren’t also being called before the Tribunal—many of the other Real Wanna-Be Indians are just as bad as the Bellecourts (including Roger Jourdain, “Butch” Brun, “Chip” Wadena, Earl Barlow and Ada Deer).  As the former Red Lake Tribal Chairman-for-Life used to say, “these crooks ought to be in jail!”  Rather than getting lost in the details of individuals, the Tribunal should be investigating what outside organizations are appointing and funding Indian Leadership.  If the Tribunal made some telephone calls to the people who are funding renegade Indian leaders, and requested that the funding be cut off, it would no longer be lucrative for these people to run around in the media promoting themselves as Great Indian Leaders.  One of the priorities of this Tribunal should be researching the genealogies of these Indian leaders.  Some of them are 100% European frauds, and every one of them goes back to Europe on the patriline, and if they have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry, it’s back in the 1600’s or 1700’s, on the female lines.  If a mosquito were to bite most of these Indian leaders, the Government would have to take away their plastic laminated Indian cards, and withdraw their Federally Recognized Indian status, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars.
The Sovereign Chippewa Red Lake “Tribal Elections” will be held under the supervision of the United States Government, 1934 Indian Reorganization Act and Department of Interior regulations in May.  The rumor is that present Chippewa Indian Chairman “Butch” Brun looks too much like an White man (which he is), for the show-and-tell of parading Indians around Washington, and so, according to the rumor, he is going to be replaced in the upcoming election.  The likely candidate is a “Fullblood” Red Lake Chippewa Indian on the books, who has French ancestry on the patriline but is dark enough to look like a Real Indian, and has an “Indian” sounding surname out of Wisconsin.  He speaks fluent Chippewa, which is a hierarchical European Trade Creole language.  He has curly hair, and he definitely has a Mediterranean tan, just like Roger Jourdain—who is his first cousin once removed.  This “Indian election” is more French feudalism.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3966.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: On Sunday, the Bemidji Pioneer headlined their in-house editorial, "New Credibility for BIA with Deer appointment." ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On Sunday, the Bemidji Pioneer headlined their in-house editorial, “New Credibility for BIA with Deer appointment.”  They wrote, “the B.I.A. has long been mistrusted by Indians and tribal governments alike.”  That’s putting it mildly, and only refers to the European “Indians.”  The Bemidji Pioneer made no reference to the Aboriginal Indigenous People whose land and resources are being ripped off under the auspices of the Bureau of White Indian Affairs.
The anonymous editorial writer commented that a “breath of fresh air is needed in the B.I.A.”  It needs more than fresh air—it’s more like hot air.  “Indian” government is by definition apartheid, and the very people who are supposed to be representing their “constituents” are busy plundering, for example all of the I.R.A. “Tribal Chairmen,” who former B.I.A. Commissioner John Collier described as having a “white-plus psychology.”  The problem is not the moral integrity of the particular individual in office—the real problem is the nature of the institutions: “resource” Corporation lobbyists, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Councils” they control.  A “breath of fresh air” won’t do anything to improve the pigsty of special interests slopping at what they claim as a W.A.S.P.’s public trough, or an upper-income Welfare Trough.  Just exactly who is on “welfare” here?  There needs to be honest and sincere dialogue about “welfare reform.”
The analogy of the Bureau of Indian Affairs is the “fox guarding the chicken coop.”  Putting Ada Deer as Commissioner is like a turkey lobbying for, or against, Thanksgiving day—either way, your goose is cooked.  The more things change, the more they remain the same, and it’s business as usual.  It doesn’t matter who is appointed as Commissioner of Indian Affairs.  I’m old enough to remember the termination of the Menominees, and who was at the forefront of that termination.  I also remember the hoop-la that heralded several other fine people who were appointed as Commissioner, which, as former Indian Commissioner Lewis Bruce told me, is the ultimate job as cosmetically correct “token Indian.”
The Bemidji Pioneer quotes Ada Deer as saying that “90 percent of [Bureau] employees are Indians.”  If you add up the actual ancestry of all of the Bureau of Indian Affairs employees put together, you would get 99 percent European or African ancestry.  Maybe one percent of the ancestors of the Bureau’s “Indians” were at one time Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent—and probably none at all on the patriline.  Blood runs thicker than water.  As I gaze into my crystal ball, at the Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and their Tribal Councils, I see nothing but crooks and rip-off artists, and business as usual.  Nothing will change.
I’ve been watching this a long time.  Peoples’ hopes are always raised by promises of a “New Dawn in American,” but the same old scams go on, and on, with only minor variations on the same old thieving theme.  If there is going to be real change, it has to come from socially aware grass roots.  Change will never come from the Euro-American élite at the top—the problems are designed to entrench the hierarchy as it has evolved over the centuries.  All you have to do is look at the ecosystem here to see concrete evidence of immigrant European values.  Quit blaming “Acts of God” for the consequences of your own greed.  That makes as much sense as blaming the Corps of Engineers for fact that the Mississippi River floodplain is under water, which has always been a natural state of affairs for a floodplain.  Sending the U.S. Army on a campaign against Mother Nature and Grandmother Earth is just plain dumm.
CROOKED TREATIES:  The Minnesota lawmakers are scapegoating their own blood brothers.  According to the a Sunday article in the Minneapolis StarTribune, the Minnesota legislators are “angry” at the Indians.  The rip-off “Treaty settlement” did not go as planned.  If you state lawmakers had done your homework, you would know that the U.S. Congress passed a law, on March 3, 1871, saying that there would be no more treaty-making with Indians.  If you want to make “treaties,” why don’t you go to Congress, and get them to repeal this statute which abrogates the “Indian Sovereignty” which never existed in the first place.  The Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent are not under the jurisdiction of the Euro-Americans, because they are not “Indians.”  We still have our Sovereignty, whether the Europeans recognize it or not, and this is still our land and our birthright.  Aboriginal Indigenous natural rights supersede any imported European or Euro-American law.
The Red Lake Chippewa Indians began celebrating the “1889 Treaty” during Roger Jourdain’s I.R.A. administration.  Butch Brun continued celebrating this grand theft of more than three million (3,000,000) acres of Anishinabe Ojibway land with a Métis and Wanna-Be pow-wow.  The reason that these Indian Tribal Chairman are promoting this nefarious unilateral legislation mis-represented as a “Treaty” is because their French Métis ancestors were packed on top of the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway people under the crooked provisions of the 1889 Minnesota Chippewa Commission.   There is no “1889 Treaty.”
The provisions of the unethical Act of January 14, 1889, under imported European “democracy,” did not require the consent of the Anishinabe Ojibway at Red Lake for the U.S. Government to unilaterally claim alienation of our land.  The Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway also did not sign the 1863 Treaty or the 1864 Amendment.  We couldn’t sign it, we cannot sell it, and we cannot give it away.  It is sacrilegious, under the ancient Midewiwin religion, to sell Grandmother Earth, and it is sacrilegious for someone to steal it or wreck the ecosystem on our land.  It’s about time that the people who claim to be “United States Citizens” confront the reality that the Europeans’ alleged claim to the land on this Continent has very clouded title.
TAXES:  In Crooked English, “stumpage” is an euphemism for “taxes.”  The Indians who are cutting down the Anishinabe Ojibway forests are paying taxes called “stumpage.”  If these trees actually belonged to the “Indians” who are running big logging operations and destroying the ecosystem and the fishing grounds, they wouldn’t need to pay “stumpage.”  (They also wouldn’t be wrecking everything like there wasn’t any tomorrow.)  Under the crooked Trust, the United States Government is fraudulently claiming the trees, and they are claiming your “Indian” identity, and that’s why you Wanna-Be Indians pay “stumpage” taxes to the United States Government.
FOREST PRODUCTS: Paper.  To all you Civil Rights promoters who interpret “freedom of the press” as deciding what somebody else can and cannot read, especially the ones who stole free newspapers, you will notice that this newspaper is not free anymore.  It costs fifty cents.  What we need is a hotline, Turn In Paper Thieves, especially the ones who are self righteous self-proclaimed guardians of the First Amendment.  What the Press needs to do is apply the Fourth Amendment to get our papers back.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3967.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: One hundred and twenty two years after the United States Congress unilaterally decided that Indian Tribes no longer existed and abolished the Treaty-making process, the U.S. and the State of Minnesota are still living in a nostalgic dream of the mythological frontier ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: One hundred and twenty two years after the United States Congress unilaterally decided that Indian Tribes no longer existed and abolished the Treaty-making process, the U.S. and the State of Minnesota are still living in a nostalgic dream of the mythological frontier—the good old days of Cowboys and Indians, Cavalry and Covered Wagons.  The Fed’s Indians and the State of Minnesota are going at it, battling over who has the right to hunt and fish wildlife that was massacred at about the same time as the Last Treaty was signed.  Most of the fish and game are extinct, and the Indians never existed as a race of Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Rather than foolishly wasting taxpayers’ money on legal fees and shyster lawyers, the Wanna-Be Indians need to make a backroom deal with the State of Minnesota to bring in the Movie Moguls, and make Heap Big Bucks from Hollywood’s celluloid version of their amazing delusions.
Under Public Law 280, the State has jurisdiction over Indian fish and game, and can put their Indians in state prisons for violations of State hunting and fishing regulations.  Now, some of the many Big Chiefs in Washington D.C. want to take their Indians back under Trusteeship, which means that Indian violators of Federal fish and game regulations will go to Federal Prison.  The Federal and State Indian Givers are flipping an extinct coin, the Buffalo Nickel, and giving their Indians the terms, “heads I win, tails you lose.”
The Indians may not realize the full implications of the Sacred Trusteeship that they tout in the media.  They might as well be homeless and under house arrest—under Trusteeship the Indians do not own any land and they do not own their alleged Sovereignty, either.  The Secretary of the Interior pimps for multi-national resource corporations on all so-called “public land”: land claimed by the Bureau of Land Management, the National Forest Service, and Indian Reservations.  The Wanna-Be Indians are acting in complicity with the U.S., as a scapegoat for exploitive resource and land management on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ property, which the U.S. Government is using “Indians” to claim.  The concept of “Indian Sovereignty,” so casually tossed about in the media, is a legal fiction created by the Euro-American immigrants, which insulates the office of the Secretary of the Interior from public scrutiny, but has absolutely nothing to do with the inalienable Sovereignty, Natural Rights, and hunting and fishing rights of the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.
As Mr. Austin Abbott bluntly told the Fourth session of the 1890 Lake Mohonk Conference, “These treaties are made with tribes.  You have already signed the death warrant of the tribal relation in disestablishing the reservation system: and, when the reservation has gone, the tribe has gone.  The party of the second part no longer exists.”  1934 I.R.A. reservation land, with the Title owned by the United States Government, means that the Indians don’t own anything.  The way that the I.R.A. Constitutions were written, the Indians’ don’t even own the corrupt legal fictions the Department of the Interior calls Indian Tribal Governments.
MORE STEALING:  In the Saturday, December 18th Minneapolis Star Tribune, the headline on page one read, “TRIBAL CASINOS WASTED MILLIONS, AUDITORS SAY  They overspent on management, machines.” Where is Earl Barlow, who was paid in advance with Casino vouchers to be the fall guy and scapegoat when allegations of mismanagement and inept B.I.A. supervision inevitably hit the media.  John Collier, of the Indian Reorganization Act, is quoted as saying that these Indians have a “White-plus psychology,” just like the rest of the White politicians, but more so.
MORE STEALING:  Mary Head was accused of embezzling from the Gilfillan Center in Bemidji, and Shirley McNeal was convicted of embezzling and got a slap on the wrist, sentenced to two years probation and a restitution of $4,500.
MORE STEALING:  Zoe Baird relinquished her nomination to the U.S. Cabinet because she was caught not paying social security taxes for illegal aliens who worked in her house.  High-ranking C.I.A. man and Secretary of Defense nominee Bobby Ray Inman has grudgingly and belatedly paid back social security taxes for his immigrant household servants.
REINVENTING GOVERNMENT: Al Gore was going to fix (or un-fix) government, but the United States Government has ratified NAFTA with the support of Mexican President-for-Life Bob Dole.  So, if you don’t have enough money to finish your Christmas shopping, you’ll have to notify Santa Claus, who has moved from the North Pole to Mexico along with most other employers benefitting from the NAFTA deal.  He doesn’t sing “Ho! Ho! Ho!” as he flies a sleigh drawn by reindeer.  Since there isn’t any snow south of the border, he isn’t singing.  Santa just says, “¡Sí, Señor!” as he makes his rounds in a two-wheel cart drawn by burros.  Hey, kids, if you’re waiting up for Santa Claus this year, watch for him coming from the direction of the South Pole, and if you see him, you can ask Santa Claus to help the unemployed to find jobs, and help the homeless find homes.
PAGANISM: The Christians are busy with their annual celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ.  According to the American Airlines Flight Magazine, “a number of holdovers from Paganism have been woven into the Christmas Celebration.  Among them:
Gift-Giving: While Christmas gift-giving is often linked to the gifts of the Magi, the Romans, Egyptians, and others gave gifts to mark their year’s end, winter solstice, and the New Year’s festivals.
Christmas Carols: Early Christmas carols in the vernacular (as opposed to sacred music in Latin) grew out of often ribald pagan songs.  Followers of St. Assisi (born 1182, died 1226) adapted the songs to religious subjects.
Christmas Greenery: Evergreens symbolize the ever-renewing Christian faith at Christmas, but many ancient cultures gave greenery as presents and used it as decoration at their year-end festivals.”
Indian religion, which is really Christianity, is being re-legislated by the United States Congress to gain jurisdiction over—and possession of—Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ artifacts.  Indian religion is a cult which was intended to replace Aboriginal Indigenous religions, and it has nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway Midé.  My religion, the Midé is still underground, still being persecuted by the invading practitioners of Christianity and the Indian Religion.  But, from this Anishinabe Ojibway of the Midé, and from my family the Dodem of Ma-kwa, who have been stereotyped and labelled as Pagans, we wish you Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, and a Merry X-Mas.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3968.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Parlez vous Français, and Bonjour!  That’s Indian talk, saying “Hello” to you Pembina, Red Lake, and Pillager Indians. ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Parlez vous Français, and Bonjour!  That’s Indian talk, saying “Hello” to you Pembina, Red Lake, and Pillager Indians.  Wie geht’s, and Guten Tag!  This is another Indian greeting, to Chairman Brun and Rossback, who are patrilineal German Indians.  The first greeting is also to Roger Jourdain, who is a French Moor, and was also made into a Federally Recognized Indian by the White man.
To the readers who’ve been calling in, wondering what happened to my column:  I’m sorry, I’ve been overwhelmed with the work involved in finishing a book.  According to the publisher, it should be out in the next month or so.  The book is entitled, “We Have a Right to Exist.”  After doing eight years of research into the history and the genealogy of Red Lake, it’s finally getting ready to go to press!  This the first book ever published from an Anishinabe Ojibway perspective.  I’ll give you an advance sample from a section in which I address racism, from pages 16 and 17 (the page numbers are subject to change by the publisher):
“Dealing with personalities and individual racism will not solve the problems of structural racism.  Many “racist” individuals are operating within the context of the institution that they represent, and have no inkling of the racism that they convey.  In order to deal with racism effectively, we need to deal with the racist institutions that support the Euro-American hierarchy, and with the underlying thought patterns that mold the institutions.  The courts, the police departments, the I.R.S. and the schools are all racist institutions which entrench the White value system and social hierarchy.  In plain English, the W.A.S.P.s have a perpetual and eternal monopoly on racism, the way their system is set up.
“European thinking is hierarchial thinking, and because of this, individual racism is not the core problem, and until the European world view changes, the racism built into their language and their culture will continue to be a problem.  There were some particular incidents of outright racial discrimination at the Minneapolis Alcoholics Anonymous, for example a Mexican man with twenty years sobriety was passed over for staff employment in favor of a White with only two or three years sobriety.  This racism was inherent in the institution, and it became clear that the established White A.A. could not address our needs, and so we formed our own group.  Our struggling for sobriety, and trying to solve the problems which confronted us in both the Indian and Euro-American culture is what gave birth to the American Indian Movement.
“The Métis and White Indians could not get away from the European values, and so the American Indian Movement eventually also became a racist institution, as have all of the other Indian organizations.  The Minneapolis Indian grassroots organizations of the 1960’s and 1970’s: the Indian Center, the Indian Health Board, the Indian Neighborhood Club on Alcohol and Drugs, the American Indian Movement, the Indian-run housing programs, were designed and funded in the White hierarchial pattern, and all of them eventually reverted into racist institutions which discriminated particularly against the Aboriginal Indigenous People and other non-Indians.  The Aboriginal Indigenous People pay taxes, and it is our own resources which underwrite the United States dollar.  We are paying for the Federal Funding which subsidizes the transformation of grassroots organizations into racist institutions.  We are also subsidizing Federal racist institutions with our land and resources, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Federally funded ‘social welfare services.’
“Using their old strategy of blaming the victim, Aboriginal Indigenous People are publicly castigated for “being on welfare.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People have never been on welfare, and as a matter of fact, it is the Europeans who have been on welfare since 1492, living off of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ property.  We ask the immigrant Peoples the question, ‘why are you here, if you’re not on welfare?’  In this day, Federal Dollars do deep damage, not only to Aboriginal Indigenous People, but also to the unemployed, the homeless, and the underprivileged in the White man’s hierarchy.  Years ago, the Cavalry’s Federal bullets (also paid for with Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources) were used to destroy us.  Now, what is used is Federal Dollars.  United States policy is to break up families, using foster care, adoption, and the economic system.  Federal dollars hurt more than Federal bullets—they do deep psychological damage to people, and inflict a slow, painful death.  Simultaneously, they entrench the Euro-Americans’ racist social structure.”
The White value system, and why it reverts to racism, is explained in much further detail in the book.  The White man says that the Indians live in two worlds, meaning that they have two value systems, which is not true.  The Indians, because of their Indo-European patriline, are no different from their White blood relatives, and have only one set of values, that of the immigrant Europeans.
Indo-Europeans are always trying to say that they are “Federally Recognized Indians,” figuring their heritage on the matriline.  Hanging onto their mother’s skirts is what conquered people do, and these self-proclaimed American Indians do not have a Dodem or a Clan and they are not indigenous to this land.  They may be “Indians,” but they are not Aboriginal Indigenous People, whose heritage of identity is on the patriline, from the father’s people.  Even the Bureau of Indian Affairs admits this.  In their ecocidal economic plan, published in March, 1979 as The Red Lake Indian Reservation, It’s Resources and Development Potential, by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior, as Report No. 253—endorsed for the mythological Chippewa Indians by a French Métis, Roger Jourdain, and an immigrant German farmer, Celestine Maus, the Bureau writes that the Anishinabe Ojibway are “patrilineal and divided by clans [Dodems] usually named after animals.”  Also published in this book is the Bureau’s diabolical scorched-earth total destruction of the ecosystem scheme, which is apparently the blueprint being followed by the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, because this is not their land.  This Indian and United States Government “economic development plan” recommends deep degradation of our environment, noting for example on page 173 that their proposed rice paddies appear “to have contributed significant amounts of dissolved solids and sulfates to the river ... [and] contributed significant amounts of biochemical oxygen demand and oxygen deficient water to the river system.  Violations of the agency standard ... seemingly occur.”  The plan endorses blasting duck nesting sites “with ammonia nitrate” on page 33, and recommends clearcut “land clearing” with [heavy-equipment] mechanical shearing blades on pages 69-73 and 131, along with “machine scalping” of the land, application of 2-4D, 2-4-5T and other poisons (page 135), and elimination of “mature stands (page 127),” meaning wholesale destruction of balanced Anishinabe Ojibway forests, in order to make areas of ecological devastation euphemistically called “tree farms.”  The Bureau of Indian Affairs writes on page 126, “Despite conflicting opinions, stand conversion [i.e., demolishing intact forests] will occur.”  The White planners also note on page v of the introduction that “such a program will necessitate changes in certain activities and attitudes that may not be entirely acceptable to tribal members [i.e. Anishinabe Ojibway people].”  It needs to be clearly reiterated here that the B.I.A.’s Chippewa Indians are not the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this land, and they are not the same people as the Anishinabe Ojibway; and in fact that the Bureau’s in-group Indians expect to make money from this ecological mayhem, and some of them already have.
According to my crystal ball, this insane plan is going to wreak immense hardship not only on the Anishinabe Ojibway, who own this land—and who were not consulted about the Bureau’s Hitler-mentality assault on our environment—it will also have dire consequences for the White people, and the Indians, in the surrounding ecosystem.  The effects of environmental devastation will hit all of you people.  There are no political boundary lines when it comes to destruction of the ecosystem.  Why bother with Ducks Unlimited if the United States Government is just going to blow up their nests?  Save your money for a trip to Washington, to talk to your Senator about this criminal madness.  Maybe there are some people in Washington who also need some butt-kicking to get their brains back in gear.
We, the surviving Anishinabe Ojibway have an inalienable right to exist as a Sovereign People on our own land, without Wanna-be’s and pretenders officially endorsing plans ruining land which does not belong to them.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3969.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Rumor has it that Al Gore is reinventing government by cutting back on bureaucracy ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Rumor has it that Al Gore is reinventing government by cutting back on bureaucracy, and, guess what, the cutbacks are hitting the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The B.I.A. has always been a pork-barrel political patronage organization and a dumping ground for political hacks, filled with bureaucrats slopping at the public trough.
The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, which was also known as the “Indian New Deal,” is the legislation upon which Wanna-be-Chairman-for-Life Roger Jourdain entrenched his Red Lake Chippewa Tribal Council.  The problems of 1934 I.R.A. “corruption or bad judgement on the part of the Indian councils” was described by professor Graham Taylor, “Their dilemma was real and should not be viewed simplistically.  It would be easy to portray the Indian New Deal as a fraud in which puppet councils danced to the tune of hypocritical administrations mouthing worthless slogans about Indian-self government” and Indian Self-Determination.  Dr. Taylor wrote this description in 1980, and if there has been any change it has been change for the worse.  Cutting back on the B.I.A. is a good idea.  But, if the Bureau of Indian Affairs is going to withdraw from the Reservations, they’d better take their Indians with them.
According to Dirk Johnson, in the December 27, 1993 New York Times, the sound of Indian drums is being heard in Boulder, Colorado.  Trishuwa, a member of the Church of Gaia, Council of the Six Directions, has been performing Indian rituals.  In 1978, when the United States Congress passed the Indian Freedom of Religion Act, Chief Jim Crow and his squaw, Ap-ar-theid were the main proponents and lobbyists for this bill.  The N.C.A.I. thought that the I.C.R.A. gave Federally Recognized Indians exclusive rights to discriminate against other people with regard to the Indian Religion established by U.S. Congress.  Recently, the N.C.A.I. approved a “declaration of war” against the New Age practitioners of Earth Religions, endorsed by John Lavelle, who says he’s a Sioux Indian.  Is he going to use Bad Medicine and sage smoke-signals in his war?   Before he “declares war,” Injun John needs to get an Act of Congress, because the U.S. Congress owns the I.F.R.A.  Also, as an Indian, Lavelle is a ward of the U.S. Government under trusteeship, and he has to get approval of the United States Department of the Interior before he declares war.  Monsieur Lavelle also says that Ed McGaa, who is a Sioux Indian medicine man, is “a huckster and a disgrace to his tribe.”  Lavelle is upset with McGaa for saying, “If we don’t share our medicine, we’ll lose it.  We’re all brothers.”  No wonder M. Lavelle’s Indians can’t get together, they’re too busy backstabbing, and shooting arrows in each others’ backs.  It seems like the Wanna-Be Indians are fighting each other about who has the hotline to the Great White Father (they’re not sure if he’s in Washington, D.C. or in the Sky), instead of understanding that there are many different ways to find one’s balanced and harmonious path in life, and that every human being is on this earth for a reason, even White people and N.C.A.I. Professional Indians.
The N.C.A.I. Indians are angrily criticizing the New Age People for trying to heal the earth.  New Age Pam Gershen was quoted as saying, “Healing the earth is something we all need to do.  I’m not trying to be an Indian.  But the connectedness to the earth—that’s God-given to everybody.”  These White people came to this continent looking for Freedom of Religion, and now the Indians are being racist and denying to the Whites, Freedom of Religion.  The Circle comes around, and then the Circle comes around again.  As far as I’m concerned, if White people want to get connected to Grandmother Earth and help heal her, more power to them.  Go ahead and practice Indian religion.  Grandmother Earth is very vulnerable and fragile.  Respect, and the harmony of the efforts of people of every color, is what is needed.
James W. Baugh wrote in the August 9, 1992 San Diego Union, “The writer [of an August 1 article on Religion & Ethics] cites a Gallup Poll in which 63 percent of Americans believe that religion can answer all or most of today’s problems.  No wonder we’re in so much trouble.  Thousands of years of organized religion have done nothing to solve any problems and have almost always exacerbated them by promoting fear, superstition, and irrational mythologies.  Kneeling in prayer to some imaginary supernatural entity seeking ‘divine guidance’ or, even more implausibly, ‘divine intervention,’ is not only a waste of time, it is counterproductive because it lulls the supplicant into inactivity.  We must stand up, open our eyes and face life’s challenges head-on in a problem-solving approach that is reality-based ...”
There is an old story about a young man who came to an ignominious end.  Convicted of a capital crime, he was tortured, then executed.  Some folks weren’t surprised.  After all, the mother had gotten pregnant out of wedlock.  The father had disappeared—the record is unclear whether he died or just up and left, but at any rate he never paid any child support.  As a young adult, the son abandoned the family business.  He never again held a paying job, never married, dropped out of sight for 18 years without contacting his family, and often hung out with prostitutes, shysters, and the homeless.  He always maintained that there is a higher power.  They crucified two thieves, and put Him in the middle.  So much for family values.
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3970.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The 1837 Broken Treaty is still in the news.  The State of Minnesota, which did not exist in 1837, wants to amend this Broken Blood-Quantum Treaty ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The 1837 Broken Treaty is still in the news.  The State of Minnesota, which did not exist in 1837, wants to amend this Broken Blood-Quantum Treaty and call it an “agreement.”  They are trying to get their so-called “property owners” (who have never owned the land) involved.  The State of Minnesota is really hurting.  The snake-oil salesmen in the State Legislature are diverting attention away from the crucial issues of mineral rights, the inalienable Sovereignty of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, and the State of Minnesota’s clouded title to stolen land.  The Good Ol’ Boys are molding public opinion about wild rice, writing legislation about gambling, and dealing with the problem that they created of polluted water by proposing limiting people to one large fish per year.  They are blaming “Indians” for the consequences of the environmental havoc they have wreaked [and, for once, they’re right—those mythological “Indians” are part of the problem.]  As one wag said about State Senator Charlie Berg, “one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing, and he’s so busy, his ass tips over what his hands are doing.”  He’s trying to please everybody, especially his pocket-book and his prospects of re-election.
The way that the immigrant Europeans look at land “ownership” amazes me.  They say they “own land,” although if you press the issue, they’ll say “the bank owns the land.”  Their relationship to the land is broken apart into all kinds of abstract-thinking “rights,” and the way they see it, the State has “eminent domain,” This was never ceded by the Anishinabe Ojibway—according to some real estate legal precedents, the Europeans got their made-up title from the Judeo-Christian God.  “Landowners” pay “property taxes” (not “land taxes”) on “their land,” and if you want to find out whether you really own land or not, just don’t pay your taxes.  The immigrant Europeans also talk about “public land.”  If you don’t buy a license, you can’t go on that land, either.  So, under their imported European law, who really “owns the land?”  The Queen of England? [Some laws written after the U.S. “Revolution” still refer to “Crown Land.”]  She doesn’t own it, and neither do the Indians.  The land in what the European immigrants call “northern Minnesota” is Anishinabe Ojibway land.
ANONYMOUS:  If you become addicted to alcohol, there is Alcoholics Anonymous.  If you have an addiction to gambling, there is Gamblers Anonymous.  If you eat too much, there is OverEaters Anonymous.  What there needs to be, is Indians Anonymous.  If you have the uncontrollable urge to “go native,” you should be able to call the Bureau of Indian Affairs or the Indian Tribal Councils, and get referred to the Indians Anonymous program in your neighborhood.  If you feel driven to go down the “Red Road,” and follow the United States Government’s regulations on their fake “Indian Religion,” there are plenty of Real Indian Medicine Men to go around and make a few Bucks—but you might be better off going to Indians Anonymous.  If you have a compulsion to wear buckskin, beads and feathers; if you’re obsessed with being “Adopted Into The Tribe,” there needs to be an Indians Anonymous.  Many of the immigrant Europeans want to go Native, and walk around in the forests.  If you can’t get to an Indians Anonymous meeting, and find yourself in the forest of stumps at Red Lake, just make sure you don’t step in the polluted water, because your moccasins will fall off.  If you see berries along the roadside, be careful!  Many of them have been sprayed with 2-4-D and other deadly chemicals.  The White D.N.R. posts a few signs in a few places (can Bears read English?), but the details of all the places that they’ve spread poison: “Mum’s the Word,” and it’s confidential.  They’re poisoning the entire food chain.
THE THREE STOOGES:  Peter Graves was the second immigrant European external-Government Federally Recognized Indian Chairman here.  Peter Graves was relatively accountable to the Anishinabe Ojibway community here (at least in things that were visible), and did not oversee massive clearcutting.  But, these other two stooges, these two Chippewa Indian House Niggers: Roger Jourdain and “Butch” Brun, have been Chairmen during massive destruction and clearcutting of the forests here.  They call themselves “Chippewa Indians,” with no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry at all.  They owe their “Indian” identity to the White Man.  That Indian identity is a dishonest identity: a stereotype, a vicious label, inherently racist.  All of the White man’s Good Indians walk around with a plastic laminated card with a color picture of themselves on it, so that they have an identity.
I wonder what ever happened to Roger’s Petition to oust Butch  Brun?  Or, was it just a ploy to get his Golden Parachute of $150,000.000?  Are Butch Brun and Roger Jourdain in together on the same scheme?  The present fake Chip-away White Chairman hasn’t changed Roger’s policy of ecological annihilation: destroying the timber, the wildlife, and the water.  The fishermen say “there’s no fish out there.”  The entire ecology of this watershed is one interconnected entity, and destroying the forests destroys the lake and the fish.  These immigrant European “Indians,” alleged by the White man to be the “first Conservationists,” apparently don’t understand that, and I doubt they ever will.  They’ll wreck anything to make a few Bucks.
VERY OLD CROOKED TREATY NEWS: September 1892, J.B. Bottineau, attorney for Peter Cochelle (a.k.a. “Little Shell”), recommended that the United States Government turn the following people from Indians back into French people again:  Michael Allard, Francois Allery, Pierre Allery, Napoleon Bercier, Norbert Bercier, Moses Bercier, Joseph Bercier, Mary Bercier, William Bercier, J.B. Bercier, Hyacinth Bercier, Antoine Bouvier, Angelic Brieve, Joseph Boneau, Joseph Brazo, Casmere Bouvier, Madelaine Bouvier, Angelique Boneau, Abraham Boyer, Eliza Boyer, Sussette Bry..., Frizine Cyre, Ambroise Chattraud, Chas. Demontigney Sr., Chas. Demintigney Jr. [sic], Joseph Diome, Patrice Demontigney, Margaret Dauphinais, Daniel Daugnon, Urbane Delorme, J. Baptiste Davis Sr., J. Baptiste Davis Jr., Laran Dauchain, Joseph Delorme 2nd, Christom Ducharb, Andre Dejarlais, Hermance Demontigney, Madelaine Ducept, Philomene Dion, Antoine Enno Sr., Antoine Enno Jr., Francois Fournier, George Frederick, Joseph Fleury, Andre Fleury, Wm. Fayant, Alexis Gonneville, Antoine Gonneville, Stanislaus Gosselin, Alexis Zast, J.B. Gonad Sr., Joseph Demarais, Francois Gonad, Gaspard Gonad Sr., Alexandre Gonad, Gaspard Gonad Jr., J.B. Lafontaine, Louis Lafontaine, Leon Lafrenier, Francois Lefort, Antoine Laraque, Pierre Lambert, James Laroque, Catherine Lissotte, Olivier Laroque, J.B. Langan, Jeremie Ledoux, Margaret Langan, Alexander Laraque, Gilleum Langan, Michael Langan, Edward Langan, Francois Langan Sr., Francois Langan Jr., Augustin Lefort, Charles Laviollette, Jacob Laviollette, Albert Laviollette, Pierre Lizotte, Joseph Langan, Pierre Lavallie, Madelaine Lafontaine, Charlotte Lafontaine, Napoleon Landry, Francois McCloud, Moses McCloud, Margaret Malaterre, Alexandre Morin Sr., William Morin, Roger Morin, Theophile Martin, Frezine Martin, Leonard McKay, Patrice Morrisault, Starr McGillis, Francois Morin, Pierre Morin, Charles Peltier, Pierre Paul Jr., Pierre Paul Sr., Solomon Paul, Norbert Poitras, J.B. Peltier, Corbette Pacnaud, Francois Laviolette, Jerome Premeau, and Francois Packnaude.
Peter Cochelle’s Councilmen included Francis Poitras, W. Davis, Louis Lenoire, J. Baptiste Davis, Karyence Delorme, Charles Bottineau, Frs. Demarais, Tcheekee-tarn Parisien, Bad Baptiste Valey, Alex Jeannott, Jos. Demarais, Corbett Grant, Antoine Heneauld, and J. Batees Gorien.
The United States Government and England owned, and still own, the definition of “Indian.”  When they needed more “Indians” to steal, many of these French people were turned back into Indians again.  As long as the Aboriginal Indigenous people who own this land didn’t speak the Crooked European English language, and didn’t have access to the U.S. documents, they could get away with having “Indians.”  These Wanna-Be’s are Europeans, and none of them have any right to alienate Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have a right to exist.
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3971.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Aboriginal Indigenous people on this Continent have been mis-labelled “Indian” for the convenience of the Europeans. ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Aboriginal Indigenous people on this Continent have been mis-labelled “Indian” for the convenience of the Europeans.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people protested, and said “we are not Indians,” but for centuries nobody else heard us because the immigrants did not bother to learn the languages that belong here.  We had to learn the imported European language of Crooked English, in order to be heard outside of our own circle.  My people have always been here on this land, and we have always called ourselves Anishinabe Ojibway, “We, the People,” and we have a right to exist.
It is only now that many of the Aboriginal Indigenous people are protesting the stereotypical “Indian” identity in a language which the Europeans understand.  We object to the demeaning and derogatory identity which the Europeans are trying to project onto us, and if the alien European laws were honest and dealt fairly with all cultures, we would sue you for “defamation of character,” but the imported European courts are so crooked that we can’t get our case into a court with jurisdiction.
One of the reasons that many of us are dissatisfied is that the Europeans have categorized the Aboriginal Indigenous people, the Métis with European patrilines, and dark-skinned Moorish Europeans, all in the same invented stereotypical identity of “Indians.”  The European invaders have used the confusion which they have intentionally created by the broad and vague term of “Indian” to advance their agenda of ethnic cleansing, apartheid and grand theft.
An example is the “Indian Preference Act.”  Because of the dishonest and ambiguous way in which the identity of “Indian” is defined by the W.A.S.P.s, the European, blonde, blue-eyed “Indian” is the one who gets the “Indian Preference” jobs.  (In jobs where “looking Indian” is important, a brown, Moorish “Indian” is hired.)  An Aboriginal Indigenous Person never gets a job under the “Indian Preference Act,” probably because “Indians” is a crooked English word, and we’re not “Indians.”  The “Token Indians” employed by the U.S. Government are European Indians, with no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors from this Continent at all.
Last week, I was asked by a reader of this column to explain, “who is an Indian.”  I said, “Let’s call the Department of the Interior, who created Indians, and have them explain to us just what an Indian is.”  We talked to Carl Caine, in the Solicitor’s Office in Washington.  His telephone number is (202) 208-3401.  He said that the United States had no comprehensive definition for an “Indian;” that the U.S. Government uses an ad hoc definition of “Indians,” crafted according to the vagaries of the particular statute in which “Indians” are defined.  He added, in response to a question about stereotypes, that the word “Indian” was like the word, “uh, ... negro” [which is a Spanish word with Latin roots meaning “black”, so the African people here also have been inflicted with an European identity for the Europeans’ convenience].  When asked how the Bureau of Indian Affairs could manage the affairs of “Indians” when they couldn’t define them, the Solicitor suggested using a computerized data-base search of legal definitions in Title 25, United States Codes.  If the Department of the Interior needs a computer to figure out what the B.I.A., the U.S. Congress and the Queen of England mean by “Indian,” they’re in trouble.  “Indian” is a word with a circular definition: the longer you look, the less meaning you find, and finally you end up where you started, without any real meaning at all.  There is no race of people who are “Indians,” except maybe in India.  In further researching the identity of an “Indian,” it was explained to me that a “real Indian” is from Asia, and many of them have a red “caste mark” in the middle of their forehead.
We also asked about the meaning of “Native American,” and the Solicitor’s office agreed that “technically, it means anybody born on this Continent.”  In other words, “Native American” is an euphemism for European, because Aboriginal Indigenous People do not call this Continent by the foreign European name of “America.”
When pressed for more details about the meaning of the word “Indian,” Solicitor Caine said, “call the American Indian Movement.”  It sounded like the Bureau of Indian Affairs and A.I.M. have a very cozy relationship, that the Bureau has the American Indian Movement in their hip pocket.  The Heart of the Earth Survival School is being funded by Federal dollars, through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, so maybe this isn’t surprising.  We called A.I.M., and talked to a woman who identified herself as the “financial officer” and Treasurer of the American Indian Movement.  She couldn’t define “Indian” or “Tribe,” and said, “I can’t answer those questions.”  A.I.M. doesn’t define themselves as Aboriginal Indigenous People, because they are immigrant European Indian Wanna-Be’s.  The Treasurer knew she didn’t like the word “Redskins,” but apparently she didn’t realize that “Indian” is also a derogatory word, given the meanings “lazy,” “dirty,” “drunken,” “savage,” “primitive,” “noble,” ad nauseam by the European invaders who coined the word so they could steal our land and resources.  Would you do the same thing, if your continent had been plundered to the bedrock by your ancestors?  Would you go over to somebody else’s land and call them dehumanizing names, so you could live with yourself after you killed them and stole their property?  That’s what the Europeans have done, and isn’t that what the Europeans who call themselves “Americans” are doing now, in Somalia, Iraq, South America ...  Instead of living in harmony, respecting and getting along with other people, they are going around starting wars.  Just because the resources of the Aboriginal Indigenous People were stolen to create the immense “wealth” and power of the European-Americans doesn’t mean that they should go around bullying everybody else.  Not too long ago, an European-American could go anywhere in the world, and be treated at least with courtesy.  The Ugly American has become so arrogant, and has so much blood on his hands, that it’s dangerous to travel on an United States passport.  The Circle comes around.
THE FIRST AMENDMENT:  According to a complaint received by the Native American Press, Jim Beatty was seen taking all of the copies of the N.A.P., which at that time was a free paper.  I guess Jim Beatty was interpreting the First Amendment rights of a “free press” to steal free newspapers, and keep other people from reading something he disagrees with.  It’s bad enough, that members of most minority groups don’t have a chance to exercise their First Amendment rights.  The airwaves are claimed as their personal “public property” by the immigrant Europeans, and are monopolized by the Capitalist values of the White European élite.  The mainstream press and news media do scapegoating, Willie-Horton-bashing, and promote derogatory stereotypes about other people, and when a minority person writes a rebuttal, the media usually says, “sorry, it’s too volatile, too inflammatory, and we can’t print it,” and so they monopolize the First Amendment by exclusion.  The very newsprint that the big metropolitan papers are printed on is made from stolen Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources.  What the media are doing is dominating mass communication with the White European élite’s world-view, while at the same time claiming that there is a “diversity of cultures here.”  There is a great diversity of people, but in the media there is only a “diverse” voice within very narrow and tightly controlled limits.  Right-wing “conservatives” like Rush Limbaugh are pigging out on the First Amendment, trying to hog it all and not let anybody else have a voice.  I’m tired of listening to these neo-Fascists dominate the airwaves.  Whenever I turn on the radio or the T.V.—all I hear is these scapegoaters: their disharmony, their greed, and their self-righteous violence.  It’s time we heard from all cultures, all the other points of view.  Everybody is a part of this world, and has their part to contribute in making this a better place.  There are other people here besides just the European Fascist Fundamentalists and the Bleeding Heart Liberals, who occupy two “poles” of an artificial and narrow dichotomy.
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3972.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Associated Press ran an article last week in which “tribal leaders hailed a new dawn in Indian history” after a meeting with Bruce Babbitt. ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Associated Press ran an article last week in which “tribal leaders hailed a new dawn in Indian history” after a meeting with Bruce Babbitt.  According to this article, Secretary of the Interior Babbitt “recognized the federal government’s [crooked and patronizing] trust responsibility for Indians.”  The U.S. doesn’t really have any “trust responsibility” for “Indians”—Trusteeship is a crooked way of using “Indians” to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The United States Government claims title to the Sovereign Anishinabe Ojibway land at Red Lake, for example, under “Trusteeship” for their invention of Chippewa Indians.  The unilateral U.S. Supreme Court case which the U.S. uses to justify “trusteeship” dealt with “Indians” who were already genetically engineered into being European subject people.
The U.S.A. got away with “trusteeship” when we didn’t understand English, but now they got caught.  The “Indians” that they are using are history.  The genocide was so massive that most of the “Federally Recognized Indians” are plain old White folks, Western European people with an historical accident of “blood quantum” which has nothing to do with their ancestry.  An obvious example is the blonde, blue-eyed “one-quarter Indians” (with no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all) who are the first to get jobs under the “Indian Preference Act,” because they are Europeans comfortable with Western European culture.  When we point out the truth to the Euro-American policy makers, they stick their head in the sand and go into denial.  They are desperate for “our Indians,” both because their fraudulent claim to this land rests on their Indians, and to hide their genocide, which they haven’t admitted here yet.  They don’t want to listen, and under Linear Thinking, they jump from compartment to compartment in their brain.  How many categories of Abstract Thinking do they go through, in order to run away from the truth?  The leaders and philosophers of Western European $ivilization say they don’t know whether anything is real, or not.  Under abstract thinking, nothing is real, because it’s all in their head.  They have to get out of their head, and put their feet on the ground, and start dealing with the truth.  The environmental degradation which threatens every living being on this planet is not abstract—it is very real.  Maybe they’re so caught up in their Christian cults that they’re happy with Armageddon, but I’m not.
RELIGION: The Christian Indian religion is the subject of pedantic discourse in the U.S. Senate.  The Judeo-Christian Congress which created the “Indians” are at it again.  They are trying to use “Indian Religion” as a means of unilaterally regulating the Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous People, trying to abrogate our inherent and unceded Sovereignty, and as yet another strategy to steal land.  Why don’t they go regulate their own religions—and address the deadly violence that’s written right into their Bible?  The competing Jesus Christs of Waco, Texas (ATF and “Branch Davidians”) studied violence in their Holy “Good Book.”  Look for yourself—start with Genesis, which advocates genocide.
HISTORY: In 1939, Red Lake B.I.A. Superintendent Raymond H. Bitney’s Annual Report included his “unbiased” version of history at Red Lake.  He wrote that in the 1700’s the Chippewa and the Sioux were fighting here; Bitney used misleading and distorted “historical” sources to imply that this is not Aboriginal Anishinabe Ojibway land.  This is a lie which has been perpetuated by White historians since the 1850’s—in part to justify their stealing of Anishinabe Ojibway land at Red Lake.
The “Chippewa” and the “Sioux” were European subject people: Métis who were created by the White man and made into “Indians.”  They were fighting over the fur trade.  There were no “Indians” here until the White man made them up.  There is no word for “Indian” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  “Wars” are a part of Western European culture, and are used to steal.  War is not and has never have been a part of Anishinabe Ojibway culture.  We do not even have a word for “war” in our language.  The “Sioux” and the “Chippewa” came from the East, with their White fathers.  These Métis and White people caught in the “Indian” identity and the “Indian wars” were not Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Bitney would have been more accurate if he had written, “the Wanna-be’s and Métis came from the East.  They brought their violent European culture with them, and engaged in bloody battles with each other, over who could steal the most.”  The Anishinabe Ojibway have always been here, and we have never gone to war.
The “Informants” used by ethnohistorians, anthropologists, and other “students of Indians” have been either White or Métis Indians.  My advice to anthropologists: if you want to study “Indians,” all you have to do is go look in the mirror, and write out your projections, stereotypes, labels, and vicious self-serving lies.  That’s what you’ve been doing—but because “Indian” is a racist stereotype created by the White man, it’s true that you’ve been writing about “Indians.”  The Chippewa language, a Creole pidgin hodge-podge invented by the Europeans, has the same linear thinking as other European languages.  It’s a fraud and a fake.
 CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS:  Rodney King is on trial again, although he is the one who brought suit for violation of his rights.  As a product of Western European Civilization’s ghettos which the White man built on this Continent, Rodney King’s peoples’ rights have been violated ever since his ancestors were brought in chains from Africa.  When the Los Angeles Police arrested Rodney King, they violated both his civil rights and his human rights.  Using Crooked and Slippery English, and very sharply polished industrial psychology, the perpetrators are trying to exonerate themselves from the beating, which is real.  They are trying to say, “it didn’t happen.”  It did happen to Rodney King, this kind of violence has been going on ever since the immigrant Europeans have been here, and still goes on.
Rodney King has no court of redress.  The very court that he is going to is violating his rights, again.  It is a Western European Court of Roman and English law, designed to uphold the White hierarchy and immigrant European class system.  After a beating which almost killed Mr. King, the lawyer for the defendant asked him if he was lying.  The same people who are asking him if he’s lying, don’t know anything about the truth, and they are humiliating and lying to Rodney King.  His rights are being violated by their Crooked English.  Rodney King doesn’t speak Crooked White-man English.  The “jury of his peers” who are judging him (and all African-Americans) rather than his assailant, are all White, and they don’t know right from wrong, either.  The judge is White.  Rodney King is suing for White money that he’s not supposed to have, and after this Court finds him guilty, he’ll go back to a White jail.  Rodney King doesn’t need any White money.  What he needs is for the laws to be changed.  Rodney King and the rest of his People need to address the social problems which created the conditions for his beating in the first place.  The imported European money system is a part of the problem.
Los Angeles is gearing up for riots, and pouring more money into bad housing, ineffective education, corrupt police, riot gear, heavy artillery for the police, and other social problems.  Violence is not going to solve the problem, it is only going to make it worse—and if the African-Americans in Los Angeles get manipulated into another riot, they’ve been conned.  Western European Civilization’s “Law and Order” has been nothing but anarchy and violence ever since the immigrants ran away from the violence in Europe, and it has to stop.  We are all here on this earth, and we have to make this a better place to live.  We need to address the social problems which the White man created, and maintains through his laws.  Instead of the violent and rigid European “rule of law,” we need to create a harmonious world for everybody, not just the élite heirs of European $ivilization.  Every person is on this Earth for a purpose, and has something valuable to contribute.
Blaming the victim is an old European strategy.  In the police reports, they call Rodney King a “perpetrator,” but the real perpetrator is Western European law.  The perpetrators are trying to exonerate themselves from the violent beating of Mr. King, claiming that “it’s not real,” that it didn’t really happen, and in spite of the videotape evidence claiming that Rodney King is lying.  Now, who’s lying and who’s telling the truth?  Confusing, isn’t it?  Using crooked and slippery English, and language that Rodney King can’t communicate in, they’ll get away with it.  Rodney King speaks “street language,” but he neither speaks nor reads Crooked White English.  The Europeans are here to steal.  Although the White man says, “you’ve got to have law and order,” it’s White law, on his terms.  In order to understand what the European immigrants are really about, all you have to do is go look at the ecosystem here at Red Lake.  It looks like a war zone: the trees are clear-cut, the water is polluted, and the wildlife has all but disappeared.  If this is “$ivilization,” the Euro-Americans are in damn sorry shape, and also in deep, deep doo-doo.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3973.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The controversy surrounding Leonard Peltier and the F.B.I. is front-page news again ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The controversy surrounding Leonard Peltier and the F.B.I. is front-page news again—along with Robert Redford’s Hollywood “documentary,” which presents a perspective on an incident at Oglala, South Dakota after the Wounded Knee takeover in 1973.  According to the Sunday, January 17 Minneapolis Star Tribune, F.B.I. agent Nicholas O’Hara calls the Hollywood movies Thunderheart  and Incident at Oglala “one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, an outrageous portrayal of how we [the F.B.I.] do business.”  But, he isn’t complaining about Hollywood’s Gangbusters series, nor all of the Elliott Ness movies which glamorized the F.B.I., and which were just as far away from reality as the movies he’s complaining about now.
Hollywood has always promoted the “Indian.”  The entertainment moguls have a problem with reality—their goal is making money, no matter what kinds of lies and fairy-tales they tell, rather than the truth.  The very word “Indian” is an European term.  It is not an Aboriginal Indigenous word, and the people to whom the word “Indian” refers are not indigenous to this continent.  That’s reality.  Whether it’s Robert Redford making a movie about a French Métis, or the Lone Ranger’s favorite “sidekick”—or Robert Stack living out a fantasy—Hollywood has never been noted for accurate historical documentation.  The main connection that Hollywood has with reality is when Hang-Around-The-Fort Indians and Wanna-Be Indians look to Hollywood for their mythological identity, and live out the projections and the racist stereotypes that the White man invented to promote the self-serving identity that the Euro-Americans depend on to defend their “Big Lie.”  If there are “Indians” like the ones in the Hollywood movies, it’s because these “Indians” learned how to wear their headbands and feathers in the movie theaters.
“Indians” (Hollywood and otherwise) are unreal, a fake identity that both feeds on and generates racism.  Far worse than peopling the mythological Indian identity with Wanna-be’s, Hollywood images of “Indians” are violent and warlike, or (recently) so such incredibly “noble savages” that to try to live out either dichotomy of the Indian stereotype will shatter the self-esteem of anyone who tries.  That’s why there are so many “Indians” in jail.   These stereotypes are all false projections of Western European $ivilization, and have nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous People.  We are not “Indians.”  But, a lot of real human beings get hurt by real violence because of “Indian” and other violent Indo-European mythologies.  Western European $ivilization is based on violence—otherwise they wouldn’t be here.  Where are the mainstream media reports of people objecting to the mindless, gratuitous and sado-masochistic violence which pours out of Hollywood?
Hollywood Indians are not the only people having trouble telling apart fact and fiction.  Ronald Reagan, the celluloid cowboy, played the role of Great American Hero.  He filled the leadership vacuum of the political right wing, and for his acting in Washington, D.C. he got knighted by Queen Elizabeth.
NEWS FROM THE CRUSADES: Kuwaiti Sweet Crude is lubricating the hidden agenda of George “Black Gold” Bush.  There’s a new epidemic of the mental disease of greed, and the symptoms include the fear of running out of stealable oil, Klepto-petro-gone-a-phobia.  But, the pattern is at least as old as the European occupation of this Continent.  “Infrastructure” is the hot word, but apparently most people aren’t thinking about the way in which the colonial “post roads” were replaced by the railroads, etc. ...  The glory days of the railroads were underwritten by the wholesale plunder of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  Fortunes were made and lost on speculation—and insider trading of coveted railroad “rights.”  The real (not “theoretical”) nature of capitalism [and its blood brother, Communism] is that only the “in-group” of the Good Ol’ Boy W.A.S.P.s is in a position to take advantage of the real prizes.  When the people whose “station in life” is lower on the hierarchy start to get too “uppity,” then the Capitalist Financial Engineers create a “recession” or a “depression”—and, not incidentally, change the details in the rules of the game.  They use economic restraints and financial handcuffs, along with the social engineering they call “money,” in order to hang onto their position at the top of the hierarchy they invented.
The Anishinabe Ojibway timber that the railroads used to run their locomotives should not have been plundered—but if you take care of them again, for a thousand years or so, forests can re-grow.  Once a barrel of oil is burned, it’s gone forever.  It cannot be replaced.  Although the Euro-American occupation of this continent—and everywhere else these locusts have invaded—has never been environmentally responsible nor sustainable, there was not so long ago a very efficient public mass-transit system in the United States.  It was purposefully gutted by special interests, including certain corporations which have been greedily devouring everything they could reach in the public trough for nearly a century.  The gas-guzzlers held a near-monopoly on the publicly funded New Infrastructure.  Gas stations were known as “Service Stations” and gave away premiums for filling your tank.  Then, the OPEC Outbreak brought an epidemic of No-Petro-Phobia.  Now, a person has to pay a fine for not wearing a seat belt, people pump their own gas—and the Good Ol’ Boys are talking about a “Brand New” infrastructure of—guess what—public rail transportation.  Most of the Euro-American elders who remember the last time this all went around are sitting in warehouses called “Old Folks Homes,” dancing the Thorazine Shuffle.
There will come a time when there is no more oil available.  Instead of burning it up, why aren’t the “World Leaders” using what remains of the petroleum wisely, to build a better and more harmonious world for future generations?  The “New World Order” that Ex-President Bush talked about is just as crooked as the Third Reich, or any other Old World Order.  Under European thinking, and European “International Law,” “Peace” is more violent than war.  Look at what has happened to the Anishinabe Ojibway lands and people after the white “Indians” signed a Treaty of “perpetual peace and friendship.”  Under what the Europeans call “peaceful conditions,” tree-clippers, chain-saws, toxic chemicals, bull-dozers and skidders are decimating our environment, perhaps even beyond regeneration.  If they quit destroying them now and leave them alone, we will be lucky if our forests can be healed in five hundred years.  But, Indo-European “peace” and their “war” are the same thing: European violence.  There is no word for either “war” nor “peace” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  Violence was neither in our culture, nor in our language, and we also did not need the violence of “Anglo-Saxon” swear words.
Under the right-wing leadership of the Reagan-Bush administrations, the Pentagon has changed its name to the Petro-gone.  The oil baron who used to run the Secret Police has started Bush-fires all over the world, as a oily smoke-screen for his major objective in the Middle East.  The Islamic Nations and the Christians have been fighting for more than a millennia.  In 1918, the British occupation forces were kicked out of Kuwait, and the Arabs have also broken away from direct British colonial occupation in the rest of their homeland.  (Although their Imperial boundaries shift like the sands of the man-made deserts created by Indo-European “civilization,” the underlying structure remains the same.)
George Bush, who is an Englishman with so-called “royal blood,” feels obliged to avenge the insult to his crown cousins.  He’s spending more money stealing oil, than it would cost to buy it.  His last days in office have been dictated by what he’s deluding himself is “principle.”  He’s also hoping that the mess that’s he’s leaving will keep the new administration so busy that they won’t have time to think about the Iran Contra-Gate Affair, nor about the war crimes committed during Operation Desert Storm. Even Adolf Hitler did not strafe nor bomb the retreating British troops he had routed out of France and had “bottled up” at Dunkirk.  In this new era of instantaneous communication and satellite news networks, where was the world-wide broadcast news coverage of retreating and surrendering Iraqi troops being killed in cold blood?  How about the photographs of all the U.S. military equipment that George Bush sold, and then turned around and blew up?  Military censorship of the media was to hide not only the criminal brutality of the U.S. command, but also the U.S.-made tanks and other U.S. armament and equipment which Commander Bush sold to the Iraqi Army so he could go to war and steal oil.  If greedily creating the agony of untold thousands of shattered families of widows and orphans is “heroism” or “patriotism,” then so-called Western Civilization needs to seriously rethink its priorities.
Saddam Hussein and George Bush are both right-wing fundamentalists coming out of the very same Indo-European mad-dog hierarchial theocratic tradition.  Islam and Judeo-Christianity share identical violent roots: Allah and Jehovah are very closely related: both disharmonious patriarchs who are easily manipulated into war.  But, before you start calling people names, go take a hard look in the mirror, George.  My advice to George Bush is to seek political asylum in Great Britain.  Although the U.S. Supreme Court has arrogantly decided that they can kidnap “suspects” from anywhere in the world, England is the exception.  The Queen of England still holds the Sovereignty of the protestant Euro-Americans, through their religion—and they exercise minute control over their subject peoples’ lives through the imported European monetary and military system, just like the exported English monetary system is used in the other U.S.A., the Union of South Africa, and in the rest of the world.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3974.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Cree Nation, and the Quebecois, who also call themselves a Nation, are presently at an impasse over the flooding of much of the Cree ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Cree Nation, and the Quebecois, who also call themselves a Nation, are presently at an impasse over the flooding of much of the Cree Nation in order to construct a giant hydro-electric dam.  Negotiations have come to a standstill, and the Cree are presently threatening violence if the Quebecois invade to flood their land.  What the Cree need to do is take an inventory of what each acre of the land proposed to be flooded holds: the deer, the moose, the fish in the lakes, the birds, the plants, and the value of these in the Traditional Cree economic system and in the ecology.
The hydroelectric project proposes genocide: the flooding of this land will destroy the Cree Nation’s infrastructure, including their families.  The Quebecois are following the old European practice of assigning White values to this land—saying that “there is nothing there,” because they do not understand the land and they do not understand the value of it.
The third party, the British Canadian Government, is presently sitting on the sidelines, adhering to the old British colonial practices of divide and rule.  By their actions and inactions, they are promoting violence, with the plan of stepping in to take over after the Quebecois and the Cree have exhausted themselves fighting each other.
What the Cree Nation and the Quebecois Nation need to do, is sit down and talk about the economics of the situation from both sides, rather than getting suckered into violence.  Without the land, the dam is worth nothing.  The Cree Nation would do well to talk to the White man on his own terms: to say that they want 60% of the hydroelectric plant’s net income, 60% ownership, and a majority of the seats on the board of directors.  This way, the issue can be settled non-violently, the Cree will survive as a nation, and the British Canadians can be kept out of the whole issue.
ONGOING GRAFT:  Roger “Bucky” Head, who was the executive director of the Minnesota Indian Affairs Commission, resigned one day after allegations that his wife, Mary Head, had taken $200,000 from the Gilfillan Center in Bemidji.  So, what else is new in Indian Country?  If the accusation of embezzlement is true, Mrs. Head is only a piker in terms of Indian stealing.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs has set up the administration of Indian programs according to the classical European pattern of corrupt colonial government.  The B.I.A. needs corruption among its underlings and henchmen in order to maintain their control of the system.  (Who knows, maybe Mary Head didn’t take any cash, she only took vouchers.)  If they are going to prosecute Mary Head, they had better start indictment proceedings against all of the Indians, all across the country.  Anybody who claims an “Indian” identity is, by definition, at least in collusion with the theft of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources.  The White man brags about this, saying “without the Indians, we wouldn’t have this land.”  None of the land on this Continent has ever been Indian land.  The Indian is a fantasy and an illusion created by the White man.
FIREARMS CONTROL: The buck stops here! a.k.a. the honorable Attorney General Janet Reno, hasn’t been publicly visible during the debate over the Brady Bill.  Maybe this is because you could pass a hundred Brady Bills, and you still wouldn’t be dealing with the root causes of violence in this country.  Could it be that she stood behind her deputies’ foolish ideas before, and she’s had enough of taking the heat for somebody else’s abstract macho fantasies.  What you immigrant Western Europeans who call yourselves Americans need to do, is look at the root causes of your violent culture.  Who stole a continent at gunpoint, and committed genocide to try to hide the evidence?   To find the causes of this violence, all you Western Europeans have to do is look in the mirror (this includes you Indo-Europeans who are posing as Indians).
In slippery crooked English, the word “democracy” is an euphemism for “human rights violations.”  Capitalism translates into stealing Aboriginal Indigenous (and other third-world) peoples’ property,  and distributing it to the privileged Western Europeans.  Hey, isn’t that how socialism works, re-distributing the wealth of plundered resources?  The Western Europeans say that they “hate socialism,” so why don’t they go home and live on their own homeland?  Why are they here?  Could it be that because of their violent culture and their many wars, they have already destroyed their own ecosystems and used up all of their own resources?  Hierarchial English misconstrues the world in the abstract, so that human rights for non-whites do not exist from an European perspective.  “Gun control” is a diversionary tactic, which will not heal the violence embedded in Western European language and culture.  “Gun Control” also will not change the vested interests of the economic system created by crime.  For the criminal, crime does not pay.  But, for professionals in “law enforcement” and the “criminal justice system,” crime does pay: with lucrative salaries, status and other perks, and the sadistic joy of having violent authority over people they hate.  By not dealing with their own values, they maintain banana republics in every big urban police department.  Violent crime rates also mask the Bosnia in U.S. cities.  Janet Reno needs to talk about the slow war of genocide against African Americans, present-day us-against-them class warfare, and Rodney King police protection.  “The Buck Stops Here” could make everybody in this country a policeman, and because of their Western European values, the crime rate would still keep going up.
LOSS OF IDENTITY: According to the Associated Press, a white man had a child, known as K.K.S., with a Metis Indian woman, who is also patrilineally White.  Although the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Indian Tribal Courts have no jurisdiction over non-Indians, the Minnesota Court of Appeals is violating the U.S. Constitution by “declining jurisdiction” in the custody case of K.K.S.  The three White Appellate Court Judges: Mary Ann Short, Edward Parker, and Harriet Lansing, expediently sacrificed the rights of their own White people.  “Indian Sovereignty” was created by the United States, under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution.  The White father of K.K.S. is also supposed to have rights under the U.S. Constitution, which are being denied by muddying up the issue under so-called Indian Sovereignty, which is non-existent and was not intended to take rights away from Whites.  The real issue is that the State of Minnesota does not have valid title to this land, and they are promoting “Indians” to perpetuate the illusion that the way the State stole Anishinabe Ojibway land under various Indian land scams is valid.
INDIAN GIVER:  The White man gives with one hand, and then he takes back with the other.  There never has been any such thing as “Indian land.”  How many Indian still have the land from the Land Scrip issued under the Indian Treaties?  How many Indians, under the Dawes Act, still have their allotment?  The U.S. Indian policy was designed to steal the land from the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and then blame the Indians for “losing the land.”  Under the “land settlements” and the 1934 I.R.A., the United States may say that they gave some land “back” to the Tribes they created, but the U.S. put this land under “trust,” and this fake land title is retained by the United States.  If that’s not stealing and being an “Indian Giver,” I don’t know what is.
WANNA-BE’S: There was a per-capita payment issued to Red Lakers last week: a turkey.  If you got one, you’re a stuffed Indian.
If you’re a ward of the B.I.A. and you’re wearing dark glasses, and the Bureau’s stealing you blind, you’re a bankrupt Indian.
If you still like signing Treaties to sell land that doesn’t belong to you, you’re an Indian.
If you’re a patrilineal descendant of an Indian Chief, you’re a Royal Indian.
If you like living out the stereotypes, so you throw your beer cans and your empty cartons along the roadside, you’re a real Indian.
If you think hangover soup is your national food, you’re an Indian.
If you don’t have a Clan or a Dodem, and you don’t have enough guts to take your real identity, you’re an Indian and a Wanna-Be.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3975.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The details of the ground rules for “Indian Gambling” need to be made clear and public ...   Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The details of the ground rules for “Indian Gambling” need to be made clear and public.  George Washington supposedly said, “I cannot tell a lie,” but what was the truth?  On Washington’s birthday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an editorial about compulsive gambling, in which it was written that “Indian tribes ... sovereignty puts them beyond the reach of the law...”  The Sovereignty that the editorial writer refers to is a phony Sovereignty, which under U.S. Statute belongs to the U.S. Cabinet Officer, Secretary of the Interior.  This phantom “Indian Sovereignty” was invented to hide the Euro-Americans’ genocide and theft of the land.  It is one of the many lies that arise directly from the hierarchial Judeo-Christian values which the Europeans brought with them.  What good is this illusory Sovereignty, under which Indians do not have jurisdiction over “non-Indians,” White people, natural resources, territory, or much of anything else, including their Chippewa identity?
When the State of Minnesota signed agreements with the fake Indian Tribes, using these White Indians as a smokescreen for gambling operations, the “Indian Tribes” waivered something, although it probably wasn’t Sovereignty, because the Indians never had any “sovereignty.”  “To Waiver” means “relinquishment of some legal privilege, as of a jury trial, or immunity from judicial process.”  Behind those Indians’ publicly bemoaned broken treaties and empty promises, the Indians are European subject peoples.  (The Aboriginal Indigenous People are not, and never have been, subject peoples.)  How can the Indians be “Sovereign” when, because of their Indo-European biological fathers, the Indians were born European subject people with an European patriline?  The Indians did not have any Sovereignty even before the State of Minnesota required them to “waiver” it in order to open casinos.
The State of Minnesota is one of the states with stringent, effective “Dram-Shop” laws.  The precedent of liability has already been established—and compulsive gambling isn’t much different from compulsive drinking.  It ruins families and destroys lives.  The “Indian Casinos” are wide open for lawsuits involving millions of dollars in punitive damages and “pain and suffering” resulting from compulsive gambling.
I don’t know if the writer of the unsigned editorial in the Star Tribune is purposefully dissembling, or if he or she didn’t bother to research the background facts about “Indian Tribes” and the Indian Casinos.  In my lifetime, I have seen any number of schemes using “Indians” to steal from the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  My educated guess is that “Indian Gaming” is one more Euro-American scam.  For the record: both the Minnesota Chippewas (created by act of U.S. Congress on January 14, 1889) and the Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Council” of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians are on Anishinabe Ojibway land illegally.  They have no valid claim to our Sovereignty, our resources, our rights, nor our land.  The “Indians” do not have Aboriginal Sovereignty.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have nothing to do with the “Indian” casinos, which were created without the consent of the few surviving Aboriginal Indigenous People.  I have not received one foreign Euro-American penny from the casinos, and whatever liability the Indian Casinos incur is their problem, and is not “covered” by Anishinabe Ojibway property.
DEFINING INDIAN LEADERSHIP:  Because the White man created the Indians, he has a right to appoint his Indian Chiefs, as well as to do anything else that defines his Indians.  (If you’ve been an “Indian” and don’t like the control that the White man exercises over his mythological invention of “Indians,” go get your real identity—don’t let somebody else define who you are.)  On the Reservations, this includes creating the Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Councils” and then recognizing them “subject to the review of the Secretary of the Interior or his duly authorized agent [and other White organizations].”  On the Reservations, the purpose of “Indian leadership” is mostly to alienate resources, sign “land deals” and other “government to government” [translation from Crooked English: “European to European”] agreements, and exercise nepotism by appointing their relatives to five or six “Indian Preference” jobs apiece.  Because the land which the U.S. Government calls “Indian Reservations” is part of the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land which has never been legally “ceded,” what reservation Indian leaders really are is symbols of non-existent “democracy” in fake “Indian Nations,” propped up by illegal Euro-American occupation forces.  (Read the boilerplate Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal” Constitutions”—and the United States Government regulations which rigidly define them, if you don’t believe me.  Also, read the committee hearing reports of both the U.S. Senate and House, regarding the good ol’ boys’ backroom politics relating to the passage of the crooked Social Engineering Law which is the 1934 I.R.A.)
Due to relocation, many of the “Indians” live in what is called the “Red Ghetto.”  The leadership there is picked and paid by some do-gooder liberal Christian Churches.  Because of the Indians’ artificial identity and thus their White European values (which former Indian Commissioner John Collier called “White plus psychology”) and their greed, it becomes a pocket book issue.  Others question the “Indian leadership.”  The real issue is—are these “Indian leaders” being followed, or are they being chased?
JOURDAIN-PERPICH ELDERLY CARE FACILITY:  Monday, I visited Mr. George Tanner, who resides at the Jourdain-Perpich nursing home at Red Lake.  Other community members have raised serious questions about the quality of the care at this facility in the past.  Mr. Tanner has fallen twice, and may have broken his leg.  He would like to have his leg X-rayed.  So far, his requests for an X-ray have been denied, although as far as I know the X-ray machine in the adjacent hospital works.  Also, he would greatly appreciate hearing from friends or relatives around Mille Lacs.  All of the elders in the nursing home enjoy visitors.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3976.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The front page of last Sunday’s Metro/State section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune blared the stereotype of the “Drunken Indian” ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The front page of last Sunday’s Metro/State section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune blared the stereotype of the “Drunken Indian” across all six columns.  One wonders what public opinion is being molded for now.  Is the media setting the stage to exonerate the Minneapolis Police and the Minnesota State Legislature in their treatment of Trunk Indians?
“Ethnic Cleansing” is an euphemism for genocide.  By any name, this despicable crime against humanity is just as ugly, and just as unjustifiable.  If you want to see genocide being committed, you don’t have to go to Bosnia, or Serbia, or Ethiopia.  Take your cameras and your camcorders, and you can document the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent in its final stages, right before your eyes in Elliott Park.
The Aboriginal Indigenous People who are being killed by chemical warfare in Elliott Park have been maneuvered into a position where they will be blamed for their own deaths by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Government.  These Aboriginal Indigenous People (not the “Indians”) were forced out of their homes by the B.I.A. program of “relocation,” and are prevented from returning by a combination of economic programs, political I.R.A. puppet governments, the U.S.-supported vested interests of the “White Indians,” and alienation of the resources which are being used to pay for their own destruction.  These people are suffering from psychological damage resulting from torture in boarding schools and abuse in foster homes, as well as by the foreign I.R.A. “tribal governments” and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which maintains a parasitic relationship living off the resources of the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Instead of getting off their backs and letting these people help themselves and each other up, the Great White Father is kicking then while they’re down.  The Circle comes around.  Have your vicious fun—your days as a “world power” are numbered, too.
The Good Citizens around Elliott Park, who are free of sin, are complaining about the indignities they witness in their neighborhood.  These immigrants don’t complain about the suffering and the genocide right under their nose, they complain about “curses” and property damage.  Genocide is never pretty, whether by blame-the-victim chemical warfare, or by gas ovens.  Death by Bad Medicine—the Europeans’ sacred drug of alcohol—is a slow and dehumanizing death.  The theft of this Continent, and the genocide of almost all of the people that this land belongs to hasn’t cost the Great White Father a dime—every bit of this genocide has been funded by stolen land and resources.
In the early 1960’s a position paper was written by the a federation of Indian programs in Minneapolis.  They identified all of the problems: the educational system, the unemployment, the housing, the alcoholism—these were all identified thirty years ago by “Indian organizations.”  The White Indians all got good jobs—and the problems of thirty years ago are still here.  You can go out there and document the same conditions, or worse.  If the Indians made real progress in solving the problems of the Aboriginal Indigenous people they try to claim as “their relations,” they would be out of a job.  You don’t see the Bureau of Indian Affairs, nor any of the mainstream “Indian Organizations” addressing any of the problems effectively.  Their role as “Indians” is as a broker and a smokescreen to hide the genocide which is now being done in a “politically correct” way: socially engineering lethal traps, and then blaming the victims.
What needs to be done is to have the White Indians quit sponging off of the misery of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The White man’s “Indians” are in complicity with the United States Government in committing and hiding the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  It’s been like that for more than a century, and it’s about time that the hypocrites in Washington like Paul Wellstone and Daniel Inouye publicly came to terms with the truth, instead of putzing around with self-serving legislation like the “Indian Freedom of Religious Act.”
“Indians” are not, and have never been, the same people as the Anishinabe Ojibway, Lakota, and other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  A “real Indian” great-grandmother (“princess” or not) does not make you an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  If you have a White father or White paternal grandfather, you are who your White father is.  You have been genetically engineered as planned by Judeo-Christian principles, and are just as much a part of the European community as a full-blooded European.  You no longer have an Aboriginal Indigenous birthright.  You are gone as an Aboriginal Indigenous Person of this Continent.  Dressing up in feathers and speaking “for Indians” puts you in the position of openly admitting and condoning genocide.  There are no “Indians” here.  Get your real identity, and stand on your own feet, rather than parasitically continuing to enable the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  This genocide must stop.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous People have a right to exist in our own land.
TREATY INDIANS:  There is another group of “Indians,” who are signing agreements about the “treaties,” fronting for White management in the Casinos, and complaining about “Indian Mascots.”  These are a different (hybrid) breed of “Indians” than the so-called “Indians” in Elliott Park, and the Trunk Indians.  As long as a person goes under the “Indian” identity, they are caught in the United States Government’s White-Man-Burden Trusteeship.  “Trusteeship” means that the United States Government takes your property, deprives you of any right to sue (or sign legal documents like “treaty agreements”), and defines you as an incompetent ward.  I don’t understand how these incompetent wards can go around signing Treaty Agreements, or allege to represent the Aboriginal Indigenous People, whose resources are being “negotiated” in crooked courts.  The White man imported his legal system, defines the terms, and has it stacked in his favor.  Why ask the guy who stole something in the first place, to decide if what he did is fair, or not?  That’s dumb.  There is no court of redress for the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this world.
SIN TAXES:  The Republicans never intended to balance the U.S. budget.  When Ronald Reagan promised to “balance the budget,” the budget he was talking about was the bank accounts of his low friends in high places.  George Bush even gave away the Savings and Loans, and some of the banks.  When the Europeans first got here, they stole from the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Now that they’ve plundered almost everything we had, they’ve turned to stealing from each other, and from their future generations.  Now that the U.S. Government is in debt and deep doo-doo, they’re looking for taxes to pay off their deficit that they’ve stolen from the future.  Since they’re such crooks themselves, the first thing they do is become indignantly self-righteous, start pointing the finger at other “sinners,” and propose to balance the budget by taxing “sin.”  They want to tax Joe Sixpack and Joe Camel, not themselves.  These two-faced sanctimonious grafters are waffling and wallowing and pigging out in pork gridlock.
The deficit could be paid off in a year, and the budget running a surplus, if they would tax lies.  A dollar per lie would do it.  Taxing just the lies in Washington D.C. would come very close to balancing the budget.  The lie taxes could be administered on the “honor system” [Ahem!].  Sin Taxes are about pointing the finger, using guilt to keep the beer-drinking sinners from objecting to shouldering a heavy tax load to pay for the sins of the upper class, who stole from the Treasury and are making big bucks off of the interest on the Deficit.  Instead of taxing beer, there’d be more tax revenue from taxing lies.  The bartender could collect the taxes, as Joe Sixpack and his buddies sit in the bar drinking beer and telling lies.
After doing the genealogy and the history here at Red Lake, it’s obvious that if the “lie tax” were made retroactive, the U.S. Budget Deficit could be paid off in a month on just the lies told to the Anishinabe Ojibway at Red Lake—and you’d have enough left over to run your pork programs for another hundred years.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3977.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Mille Lacs Lake Band of Chippewa Indians is once again in the news.  The B.I.A. is using the Minnesota D.N.R. ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: January 15, 1993
The Mille Lacs Lake Band of Chippewa Indians is once again in the news.  The B.I.A. is using the Minnesota D.N.R. to weasel out from the Mississippi Chippewa Treaty, and is trying to re-negotiate the terms and take what they haven’t stolen over the past 150 years.  The State of Minnesota is calling it an “accord,” the Mille Lacs Band is calling it an “agreement,” and the Indians are calling it a “treaty.”  When the U.S. first signed both sides of the Mississippi Chippewa Treaty, they planned that the third, excluded party, the Anishinabe Ojibway people, would be extinct within a generation or so.  The Anishinabe Ojibway couldn’t sell the land, nor the resources, because Grandmother Earth is an inseparable part of our religion and our identity—and the U.S. knew that.  So, by legislation and executive order, England, the United States and the Northwest Territories created “Chippewa Indians” out of the White European fur traders and their Métis children.
At the time that the Mississippi “Treaty” was negotiated, neither the Anishinabe Ojibway nor the French Métis spoke English.  The “Treaties” were negotiated in English.  Although we have done extensive research at document repositories, and have requested copies from both the Bureau of Indian Affairs and from the United States Senate, there seem to be no copies of either the negotiations nor the “treaties” in any language except English.  (You can bet that Boris Yeltsin has a copy of the weapons-limitation treaties in Russian.)  Even if the archivists did come up with a copy in Chippewa, it wouldn’t make any difference, because the Chippewa language has the same European thought-patterns and embedded values as the European language of English.
Minnesota Viking media-created “folk hero” Bud Grant is going around laying the groundwork for angry confrontations about fishing at Mille Lacs Lake, just like Dean Christ did in Wisconsin.  (One wonders about the coincidence of Bud Grant’s onetime Viking quarterback just seated on the Minnesota Supreme Court.)  The P.R. coming out of the opinion-makers’ offices in 1993 isn’t much different than it was in the 1830’s: the media is urging the wagon-trains to circle, the brave cavalry is closing flanks, and the mythological Indians are whooping it up.  It’s the same hyperbole and crooked scheming—for the same purpose: swindle and grand theft of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples land and resources.  It worked in the 1800’s, and Western European history is full of lies and distortions that need to be debunked.
It’s to the advantage of the State of Minnesota to polarize the communities here using hunting and fishing rights, and to have contentious, even violent demonstrations on one or both sides of the fishing issue.  The State of Minnesota is promoting “catch and release,” but what they are really doing is “bait and switch.”  While the environmentally conscious hunters and fishermen of Minnesota are busy demonstrating against the Indians, the Minnesota “conservation agency,” the D.N.R., (which, along with the B.I.A., is a dumpground for political hacks who feed off pork barrel legislation and other public carrion) are stabbing the White sportsmen in the back.  While you sportsmen are “Indian bashing,” your own fair-weather friends in the D.N.R. will be raising hunting and fishing license fees, and blaming you for their milfoil and other environmental mismanagement.  Since the Europeans have been here, they have polluted the water just like it is in Europe.  The D.N.R. is promoting “catch-and-release” because most of the fish are too contaminated by toxic pollutants to eat.
The conspicuous and highly publicized quibbling about fishing: how big is the “tribal zone,” and probably the mesh-size of gillnets, and other trivia, also obscures some billion-dollar questions that neither the State of Minnesota nor the Department of the Interior want to air publicly: particularly water rights and mineral rights (like the Mesabi Iron Range, and the value of all the ore ever removed from there).  There are a handful of Anishinabe Ojibway people still surviving, who were forcibly removed from their homes preparatory to the mining operations—people who are still the legitimate owners of everything that was either “ceded” or not ceded by the Mississippi Chippewa Treaty.
The “treaties” are being negotiated through the Mille Lacs Band of Minnesota Chippeway Indians 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “Tribal Council.”  The “Indians” have no say-so, nor input, into this “tribal government.”  “Indian country” is just as fictitious as Disneyland, where all of these caricatures of “animated” make-believe animals occupy the twilight zone in the inner sanctum of regimented Indo-Europeans’ minds.  For example, there is a little rat named “Mickey Mouse,” who was born in Hollywood and who speaks English.  The United States Congress foreshadowed Hollywood, and created the Minnesota Chippewa Indians, and then they invented Indian Tribal Councils.  The voices you hear from these fictitious “tribal” caricatures are also in English, scripted by their W.A.S.P. puppet-masters, just like all of the voices you hear at the United Nations are also cast in the single rigid framework of narrow-minded European thought.
If you want to demonstrate, I suggest that you demonstrate against the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the United States Congress, and the State of Minnesota, if you’ve got the guts.  These are the responsible parties, who invented the caricatures, forged the “x-marks” on expedient “treaties,” who forcibly relocated the Eastern Anishinabe Ojibway in the death-marches of 1850 and 1851, and who have created and continue to aggravate this corrupt mess.  Don’t make the Anishinabe Ojibway, or the Indians, into a scapegoat, because we had nothing to do with it.  The pious Christian crooks, who are supposedly the moral leaders in the White communities, are by their silent complicity, condoning the vicious “Indian racket,” just like the “good Christians” who supported Hitler’s scapegoating of the Jewish, Gypsy, and other peoples during the Holocaust.  This ancient pattern of Western European “Civilization;” the occupation of other peoples’ land, is a pattern which the Indo-Europeans have repeated over and over again for thousands of years.  Because of your hierarchial thinking, it never changes.  Minnesota’s present-day scapegoating of both Anishinabe Ojibway and Indians is virulent right-wing hatemongering, of the ilks of Pat Robinson, David Duke, and his far-right cronies.  (The focussing of attention away from industrial pollution to “secondhand smoke” is another right-wing diversionary tactic, typical of the Reagan-Bush administration, just like “abortion,” and the misinformation which masks the problems of homelessness, unemployment and slave-labor minimum wages—scapegoating and Willie Horton blame-the-victim tricks.  The Lame Duck is on the way out, but the consequences of his right-wing policies to destroy families and family values are still here.  The sacrilegious Right has played a big part in the U.S. government’s latest try at terminating the “Indians” and abrogating the Treaties.  They have told so many lies that they don’t know which lie is the “truth,” and have fallen for their own propaganda that Aboriginal Indigenous people are “Indians” and the self-serving lie that the “treaties” were once legitimate.)
The negotiators for the “agreement” or “accord,” or whatever you want to call it, are strongly advised to scrutinize the United States Code, Title 18, Sections 1961-68.  Neither the Chippewa Indians, nor the United States Government, nor the State of Minnesota (nor the Northwest Territories, nor the Pope, for that matter) own the land and resources in question.  The Chippewa Indians, by colluding with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the State of Minnesota, and continuing to participate in the dishonest “Indian” identity and promoting the fictions that the “treaties” are legitimate and “Indians” are the same as Aboriginal Indigenous People, are putting themselves in violation of the RICO Statutes.  Indian gambling and Indian treaty-making are both racketeering.  You got away with it a hundred years ago, but this is a new age, and there are a number of Anishinabe Ojibway people who speak English fluently.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist as a Sovereign Nation on our own land.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.                                                       Wub-e-ke-niew

3978.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article about sexual abuse on Red Lake Reservation ...   Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article about sexual abuse on Red Lake Reservation on the front page of the “State/Metro” Section on Monday, April 26.  Staff writer Robert Franklin used his article about Red Lake High School students’ adaptation of the play “Touch” to create the impression that sexual abuse is rampant on Red Lake Reservation.  This may, or may not, be so—Red Lake Court statistics are held as “confidential information” by the United States Government, under their foreign European paper illusion of “Indian Sovereignty.”
What the Minneapolis Star Tribune has never clarified is that the “Chippewa Indians” and the Anishinabe Ojibway are two entirely different groups of people. The identity of the Chippewa Indians is given to them by the United States, and is defined by the alien U.S. Government in terms of “blood quantum.”  Marrying one’s own blood relatives to maintain the next generation’s “blood quantum” reflects the French culture and traditions of the Métis who are now called Chippewa Indians.  In doing the genealogy of the French Métis who have taken on the foreign invented identity of “Chippewa Indian,” we find that these people were inter-marrying with their own blood relatives even before they came over here as uninvited guests.  The French Métis who call themselves “Red Lake Chippewa Indians” are much more closely inter-related than most of them realize.  The so-called “Chippewa cross-cousin marriage” recorded by anthropologists is a French Métis tradition.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs has been doing social and genetic engineering on these people for more than a century—and there is a very good reason why they say that their records are “confidential” or were “burned in a fire.”
The Aboriginal people who are indigenous to this land here, the Anishinabe Ojibway, prevented in-breeding with our Traditional system of patrilineal Dodems and Clans.  “Tribal Councils,” “Bands,” “Tribes,” “blood quantum,” “Chip-aways,” and “Indians” are not part of Anishinabe Ojibway culture—they are hocus-pocus invented by the invading Europeans in order to steal our land and hide their ongoing genocide.
STACKING THE DECK:  I wish that there was not any gambling, nor any “Indian Casinos” on my land.  But, I can’t help but comment on the fast-moving, fishy deals being cut in the Minnesota State Legislature this week.  On Monday, it was suggested that “Indian leaders make payments in lieu of taxes” on casino profits.  How many “payments” are they going to make?  Will they be forever, like taxes?  What’s the difference, and who’s defining the “Indian leaders” paying off the State of Minnesota?  I think that the RICO statute applies to Roger Moe and the rest of his gang, who are in essence racketeering and dealing from the bottom of the deck.
The con artists in the State Legislature are playing “Treaty Hunting and Fishing Rights” off against “Indian Gaming” in order to abrogate the crooked Treaties and terminate the Indians (without having the State of Minnesota’s very tenuous title to the land, mineral rights, etc., come into question).  I don’t know why the White “sportsmen,” like Bud Grant, are so worried about the fish, when hunting and fishing haven’t been in the foreign European culture for at least a millennia.  There are no primeval forests in Europe; the ecosystem is shattered and therefor there are no lakes.  The closest thing the Judeo-Christians had where they came from was the Dead Sea, and there were no forests remaining in the man-made desert around there, either.  (Lakes and forests go together—the Europeans didn’t understand it then, and they still don’t.)  I can’t imagine anybody in their right mind eating fish in Europe—you can’t drink the water there, and the European idea of the purpose of a river is as an open sewer.  All you have to do is look at the Mississippi River, which in the interest of accuracy needs to be re-named the Great Immigrant European Sewer; the Father of Waters should be known as the “Great White Father of Sewers.”
The Judeo-Christian Bible stresses re-naming everything in order to claim it—while they’re at it they should re-Christen the Great Lakes, “The Great Cesspools.”  Even though they say they used “Indian names” here, the invading Europeans re-named places everywhere they went, and most of the “Indian names” they used were actually European Creole words.  The European immigrants say they want “reconciliation,” to “forgive and forget and get on with our lives [until they do the same old thing again, which always happens].”  Before we have the first “conciliation,” we need geographical truth.  Because of the destruction of the real names of places here, Aboriginal Indigenous People need to get a Re-Naming Committee together.
For the record, fishing and hunting have always been an inherent part of Anishinabe Ojibway culture, and fishing and hunting are not in the European culture.  The Europeans found what they saw as incredible abundance of fish and game here, because the Aboriginal Indigenous people kept it that way, in harmony, as an integral part of our values and traditions.  I personally remember drinking clean pristine water from the lakes and waters of my land.  Now, you can’t see the trees and forests for the stumps.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist on our own land.  Our Aboriginal Indigenous permaculture is an inalienable part of our birthright.
PORK:  The “landowners” in Bemidji claim that their property taxes go to subsidize the AFDC and other “welfare” programs on the Reservations.  When the Good Christians do welfare-bashing, they are psychologically abusing children, just as they incinerated the Branch Davidian children, and tortured and brainwashed Indian and Aboriginal Indigenous children in the Boarding Schools.  Christian violence apparently never changes.  By targeting and condemning “welfare mothers,” the Christians are really putting a stigma on defenseless children, wallowing in self-righteousness, and reinforcing a structure designed to destroy families.  Anishinabe Ojibway land and resources have been subsidizing the European immigrants since they got here.  You have been living off the “fat of the land,” living high on the hog, and every one of the White Bemidji landowners has been subsidized by Aboriginal Indigenous resources, distributed through your foreign Government.  In one way and another, the economy of the Bemidji area resembles nothing so much as swilling at the Public Trough, while claiming to be “bringing home the bacon.”  When the unemployed and the homeless come asking for minimum subsistence, these well-fed Pork Eaters slam the door on them.  They say, “in a Pig’s Ass,” and make the people who are without crawl in order to get barely enough to eat.
President Lyndon Johnson was right—the American People are so sedated and glassy-eyed from pigging out on pork, they don’t even know what’s going on around them.  Americans’ greedy addiction to pork is why their huge budget deficit cannot be balanced.  The U.S. economy is neither “Bearish” nor “Bullish,” it’s “Piggish.”  The Japanese call you “lazy Americans.”  During his administration, Johnson ordered the whole country to have Swine Flu shots.  The Clinton Administration’s recent budget made a grievous omission when they neglected to include funding for booster shots for the swine who are slopping at the public trough.  That includes your “blood quantum Indians,” who are not Aboriginal People, and who are not Indigenous to this land.  If you have to pay people to be “Indian,” you’re being short-changed, and you’re not getting your buck’s worth.  “Indians” who are bought and paid for are not worth one red cent.  The B.I.A. Indian identity is a racist stereotype.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3979.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Red Lake unsanitary landfill was mentioned recently in the Minneapolis StarTribune. ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Red Lake unsanitary landfill was mentioned recently in the Minneapolis StarTribune.  The article quoted Red Lake’s professional indian environmentalist, who cited the Federal Code about dumping garbage, and complained that these laws are not enforced.  These external laws were written by Whites for the Reservation, and he complained about “environmental racism”—that there are no funds allocated by the U.S. Government to maintain an adequate dumpsite.
There is no such race of people as “indians,” and so for indians, racism is not the issue.  There is discrimination against indians, and to the Aboriginal Indigenous People whose land this is, there is racism.  This has always been a “dumping ground.”  The Europeans dumped their people, their crooked legal system, their illegal trusteeship, and their foreign governments onto Anishinabe Ojibway land over which they have no legitimate jurisdiction.  They have been dumping their cultural waste for more than a century.  According to the Meriam Report, which laid the groundwork for the indian Reorganization Act, page 110, “Often ... an extremely low grade white, a misfit in the economic and social life of the white civilization, forms a union with a low grade Indian.  These low grade whites turn Indian in a way that is quite shocking, and they may be found existing in shacks that are below rather than above those of the purely Indian dwellings in the neighborhood.  Children of these unions have frequently the handicap of both bad heredity and bad environment.”  The authors of the Meriam report followed the U.S. policy of confusing the issue by claiming that “indians” are Aboriginal Indigenous People, and they do not explain that indians and Whites are the same people.
EDUCATION:  There has been much study and research done on the problems of “indian education,” beginning in the last century when “education” was crooked English for destruction of Aboriginal Indigenous culture.  Janet Lee Sullivan did a masters’ thesis studying the educational system at Red Lake in 1972, but she did not define what she was studying and she chose to ignore the differences between the indians and the Anishinabe Ojibway.
The early educational programs were called “assimilation,” and tried to make Aboriginal Indigenous people into Whites, which cannot be done.  The only way to change Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Whites” is by genetic engineering: using White men to create mixed-blood people with no Dodems and White values.  I’m not talking about “racial purity”—the child of an Anishinabe Ojibway man, no matter who the mother is, still has an Anishinabe Ojibway Dodem, which the woman has taken on by marriage.  This is like the European women taking the surname of their husbands.  The U.S. Government’s use of patrilineal genetic engineering is why there are so many different surnames among the blood quantum indians.  Blood quantum is irrelevant, and has nothing to do with whether or not a person is an Aboriginal Indigenous person.
Now, “indian education” programs are trying to go the other direction, and turn White indians into a cheap imitation of Aboriginal Indigenous people.  It’s hilarious, how foolish these indian children have been conned into acting, living out a vicious stereotype and projection.  For your information, you indians are helping the White man commit genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Clyde Bellecourt, Roger Jourdain, Butch Brun, Earl Barlow, Ada Deer—particularly if you’re getting paid to maintain an indian identity, you are legally liable for complicity in genocide.
Part of the paradox of Judeo-Christian culture, for the last two thousand years, has been knowing what’s real and what isn’t.  No matter how they try to redefine reality, they can only change their illusions; they cannot change what is.  Brainwashing children in school does not work in the long term, and trying to turn White indians into caricatures of Aboriginal Indigenous People is child abuse.  It’s about time indians quit trying to get something for nothing, living out the stereotypes and waiting for “payment;” and took responsibility for what’s being done to their children.  It’s time to break the cycle of your illusions of being a “real indian”—instead of stealing from the Anishinabe Ojibway people, trying to get something for nothing, why not find out who you really are, quit your bullshitting, and work toward making this a better world for all of us.  There are no indians here, and there never were.  The indians might fool themselves, and their White brothers, walking around in feathers and acting stupid, but the Aboriginal Indigenous People see you for exactly who you are.
I, and all of the other Anishinabe Ojibway children of my generation, were physically beaten in school for speaking our native language.  Now, “indian education” includes teaching the bad actors who are White indians how to speak the invented chip-away language.  It can’t be done, because there isn’t any such language as chippewa.  Why cripple these children teaching them nonsense and hocus-pocus?  Why waste all this money teaching children to be something that doesn’t exist, instead of teaching them the English language, which is their value system?  In a decent educational setting, these children will learn English like ducks taking to water, because they have White values and an European heritage.  Or, do the indian education programs have a hidden agenda, because the U.S. Government will not own up to its violent history here, and is busy trying to create another generation of indians to hide the genocide and the grand land theft.  The indian education curricula are developed by Whites with larceny in their hearts.  (If they were honest, they would be willing to engage in dialogue, debate, discussion, or even a rap session—but the people in charge won’t return telephone calls.)  What goes around, comes around.
RUMORS AND GRAPEVINE NEWS:  The law firm of Edwards, Edwards, and Bodin have withdrawn their representation of the Red Lake band of chippewa indians.  To me, this sounds like rats leaving a sinking ship.  The story goes that there were a priest, a rabbi, and a B.i.A. lawyer in a lifeboat, after their ship sank.  There was land in sight, but they couldn’t get there, because there were sharks circling the boat.  The priest said, “I’ll try to get to land, because Christ walked on water.”  When he stuck his foot in the water, the sharks came swarming at him, so he immediately jumped back into the boat.  The rabbi spoke up, and said, “I’ll try it, because Moses parted the Red Sea.”  He put his foot into the water, and the sharks all came rushing at him, so he quickly got back into the boat.  Then, the B.i.A. lawyer said, “We’ve been at this land business a long time.  Let me go.”  He got into the water, and the sharks formed two lines at attention.  The B.i.A. lawyer swam safely to shore and got help.  After they were rescued, the Rabbi and the Priest asked the B.i.A. lawyer, “how’d you do it?”  He replied, “professional courtesy.”
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3980.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The regional leadership of the Bureau of Indian Affairs was featured on the front page of Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune. ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The regional leadership of the Bureau of Indian Affairs was featured on the front page of Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  According to the copyright article, Indian Preference Earl Barlow accepted vouchers which could be turned into cash at an Indian casino.  Barlow said he gave most of the vouchers away.  Instead of giving them to his female assistant, he could have given them to the homeless and starving people on Franklin Avenue.  Don’t you think it would have been mighty White of you, Earl, to help out those poor people, some of whom were disenfranchised by your office?  The Aboriginal Indigenous people on Franklin Avenue are victims of the Bureau’s policies of relocation, land sales, genocide, and other B.I.A. criminal behavior.
The Star Tribune calls Earl Barlow a “Blackfoot Indian.”  I don’t know if the statute has been repealed, but it used to be that once a so-called Indian became literate and acculturated, he was no longer classified as an Indian.  But, I don’t think that this statute said anything about knowing right from wrong, or knowing what’s real or unreal.  Then again, in researching the history of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, it looks like none of the Indian Agents knew what was true and what was a lie, so if a B.I.A. Indian Agent got caught in the corruption that has pervaded the Bureau of Indian Affairs since it began, they could just tell a White lie, and their superior would say, “he exceeded his authority.”  Earl Barlow probably behaved unethically, and peddling influence is a breach of trust—but I don’t think that there will be any criminal prosecution because Indians don’t exist and so the Sacred Trust is hocus-pocus.  Cheating Indians, who are a non-existent mythology, and making laws for invisible people, really says a lot about imported European abstract thinking.  The immigrant peoples of the United States can’t tell fact from fiction.  They elected a bad actor, Ronald Reagan, as President of America.  They also created mythological Indians, and their Indians are bad actors, too.  Mickey Mouse gets votes every election—one of these times he’s going to get a majority.  The United States is in deep doo-doo, and their citizens are living in a world of delusions.
I asked Red Lake Chippewa I.R.A. Tribal Chairman Butch Brun if he issued Earl Barlow any vouchers at the casinos, or if former I.R.A. Chairman Roger Jourdain gave him any vouchers.  He said “no.”  But, I didn’t ask the Chairman if he’d issued any vouchers to Barlow’s assistant, and I also didn’t ask him if he’d had the casino employees issue any vouchers to B.I.A. officials.  The reason I raise this issue, is certain irate and indignant White males have called me, and have accused me of profiting from Indian casinos.  I have never seen one cent from any of the casinos, and if I had my way, I would close them down.  These people that called were concerned about “organized crime” infiltrating the casinos.  I replied, “I’ve got news for you, organized crime has been here on my land since the Bureau’s Indians signed the Treaty in 1863.”  I answered these callers, who were trying to tell me that I was an “Indian who was getting rich from the casinos,” that I am not an Indian, and that there are no Indians here, there never were any Indians, and there is no such people as “Indians.”  I said that the people who are going around posing as Indians and making big bucks from the casinos, are White people; they are not the Aboriginal Indigenous people of this land, they have no roots on this land, and they do not belong here.  These mythological Indians are racist against the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous people, and they are stealing Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  Most of these White Indians wear two hats: a White hat and then when they cross the Reservation Line, they put on their turkey feathers.
The U.S. Government is using the Indian Casinos for social and political engineering.  The casino money helps support the 1934 I.R.A. Governments, established as puppets for the United States Government.  Casino money benefits the “in” group, and according to their genealogy, all of these élite blood-quantum Indians are Europeans, and they are all related to each other.  The United States is using Indian Gaming to entrench their Indians on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  The social structure of the Bureau’s White Indians is based on French feudalism, and the Indian Casinos, regulated by that White man Earl Barlow, are deepening the hold of the imported European hierarchial culture and values.  Machiavelli explained how this European structure works: centralized control and “divide and rule” at the same time.  Some examples of splitting the community in order to control it are Noreen Smith’s Indian Health Board, the Minneapolis Indian Center, and the American Indian Movement.  Another example is “Indian Self-Determination,” some of which is detailed in Title 25, Section 272 of the United States Code.  The U.S. is using Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources to fund Indian Self-Determination.  How can Indians be “self-determining” when it’s rigidly defined by Congress, and funded through the crooked Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Somebody’s in cahoots, and sleeping with some very strange bedfellows.
“The Buck Stops Here,” also known as the Honorable Attorney General Janet Reno, promised to fight crime in the streets and drug trafficking.  Her office needs to look at some of the criminal Indian Bucks that her Government is funding.  The U.S. needs to clean up their own act, first, then maybe there wouldn’t be so much street crime.  The corrupt government, particularly the Bureau of Indian Affairs and their I.R.A. Tribal Governments—which the U.S. Congress created and illegally put on my land, are the role model for the petty criminals in the streets.  How can you expect people who are living on stolen property buttressed by lies and fraudulent land titles, to be honest?
INDIAN AND FREE:  Red Lake school is an apartheid school.  The reason that Independent I.S.D. #38 has not run into conflict with the civil rights legislation about segregation, is because “Indians” are not a race of people.  I don’t know how they get around the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, teaching Indian Religion in the schools.  I suppose that there haven’t been any complaints from the Good Christians because Indian Religion is a made-up religion, based on Christianity, and has nothing to do with the ancient Anishinabe Ojibway philosophy and religion, the Midewiwin.

            The curriculum of the Indian schools is insulated from politically correct White liberal criticism by having Indians wring their hands in the media, and having these White Indians push the White man’s guilt buttons.  The Indians are just as guilty as the White man, and the educational environment has not improved for the Anishinabe Ojibway children.  I know—I’ve been there, and I see what’s still going on.  By pretending that “Indians” are Aboriginal Indigenous people, the damage which continues to be done to Anishinabe Ojibway children remains obscured.  The Indian children are also being hurt.  Instead of teaching them “Indian and Free,” the schools should really set these children free, and teach them English, so that they can see what’s going on, and defend themselves against being “tracked” into being cheap labor.  The “Indian pride” taught in the schools has nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous values—it looks like teaching racist hatred to me.  The idea of teaching the Indian children to hate White people, when the patriline of these children is White, is beyond me.  I’ve done the genealogy of the people at Red Lake, and I will show anybody who wants to know.  The Indian Chiefs, recognized by the U.S. Government at Red Lake, all have White patrilines.  What kind of psychological damage does it do to Indian children, to teach them to hate white people?  They are teaching these children to hate themselves.
The Bureau of Indian Affairs’ records, kept in great detail on every Indian and most of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, were put together in such a way that the record-keepers thought that nobody would ever see the fraud of turning European people into Indians.  But, the important records in determining who has a White patriline, and who has an Anishinabe Ojibway Dodem, were compiled before computer technology was invented.  Understanding the Anishinabe Ojibway language, knowing our oral history, and modern technology, have unscrambled the lies that were coded and indexed. We have used the old and the new together, and we can tell you who these Indians that the United States Government created are.  The ancient laws of the Midewiwin are eternal, and neither I, nor the United States Government, can change them.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have a right to exist on our own land, and our identity is not subject to theft nor desecration by the White Indians or any other Europeans.
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3981.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The rumor is that there are two farms which are going to be bought up by the Bureau of Indian Affairs ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The rumor is that there are two farms which are going to be bought up by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, under the Department of the Interior.  One is in Beltrami County, and one is in Clearwater County.  This land has always belonged to the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  In 1889, it was stolen by unilateral Act of Congress on January 14, 1889, and such “cession and relinquishment [was] deemed sufficient [when] made and assented to in like manner by two-thirds of the male adults of all the Chippewa Indians in Minnesota.”  This phrase in the Nelson Act is what created the “Minnesota Chippewa Tribe,” and now these French Minnesota Chippewa Indians are at it again.
The Red Lake Chippewa Indians think that they own land, and that they are buying more land.  There are several categories of land ownership at Red Lake.  Most of the diminishing Reservation is Ahnishinahbæótjibway land which has never been sold or ceded, and which the United States Government uses the Chippewa Indians to claim—on the plat maps the Red Lake Reservation is recorded as being “owned” by the United States Government.
The other main category of land is “restored ceded lands.”  The Chippewa Indians sold this land for the Red Lake Ahnishinahbæótjibway in 1889—the land did not belong to the Chippewa Indians, and yet they sold it, and the United States Government bought it.  Then, the Chippewa Indians brought the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act onto Red Lake in 1958, under which yet another colonial government was organized by the U.S.A.  In order to get the colonial government onto Red Lake, the B.I.A. lied, and said that the eastern half of Upper Red Lake would be returned to Red Lake.  (Peter Graves and Roger Jourdain always blamed Nat Head for the alienation of this part of upper Red Lake, which was taken in Washington, D.C. in 1889.)  This was the promise, but after the I.R.A. was forced in here under false pretenses, the Indian Givers in the B.I.A. reneged on their promises, and said they were “giving back” some tax forfeit lands in Pine Island.  This is another scam—somebody in the B.I.A.’s Good Ol’ Boy network got all of the timber off of this land, and the title is held by the United States Government.
Now, the Red Lake Chippewa Indians think that they are buying land again.  The founding documents of the United States, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, define “Indians” as hostiles who are not entitled to representation in the U.S. Government, nor civil rights except those provided under the Rules of War.  Because the United States Constitution refers to “Indians not taxed” in Article I, Section 2, and in the 14th Amendment, Section 2, the logical extension in crooked English is that since Indians do not pay taxes, they will not be permitted to own land or other taxable property.  The way in which the White Earth Land Settlement Act unilaterally settled some of the so-called “clouded title” at White Earth in favor of the Pure-Whites, discriminating against the allottees at White Earth because they had “tainted blood”—some of them 1/32 or less non-White blood, is an example of how this works.
What’s really happening is that the United States Government is using the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians as a conduit through which to “buy land” for the United States Government.  The United States Department of the Interior holds the sovereignty of the “Sovereign Indian Nations,” whose members are wards of the U.S. Government, under Trusteeship.  Under the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Indians cannot own land or have any representation in the U.S. Congress.
This is Aboriginal Indigenous land, and there has never been any such thing as “Indian land.”  Before the Treaties were ever signed, the land was already claimed by the United States Government.  The Indians were used by the U.S. as an intermediary so that the élite could keep their lily-white hands clean, as they used their low-class European Indians (all of whom have White patrilines) to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous people.
The news media has had a number of stories recently about a Constitutional Amendment to balance the U.S. Budget.  In December of 1889, President Harrison’s message to Congress dealt at length about the problem of a $5,000,000.00 surplus in the U.S. budget, and “Congress was urged to take measures to reduce the revenues.”  A little more than a hundred years later, the United States Government has an enormous deficit, and people are talking about a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution.  The U.S. Congress already has the authority to balance the budget.  There is an urgent need for a Constitutional amendment to keep the patriots and the elected politicians from pilfering, plundering and raiding the U.S. treasury.
Ms. Bobbit was recently sentenced to the crazy-house for counselling and treatment.  The all-male staff got nervous—they had never handled her kind of case before.  There was no precedent, and they didn’t want to create one, so they released her.  According to reports, she is going to write a book.  I think what she’s writing is a cookbook.  One of the recipes goes like this: you do your shopping at the butcher shop.  When you get home, take out your cutting board, and get a very sharp knife, and then you take one weenie, and you cut it in half.  Rumor is, Ms. Bobbit’s husband used to sing baritone, but he’s now a soprano.  The doctors say that he is recovering from his “small incident,” and everything will be fully functional within two years, although he will be short an inch.  Hey guys, isn’t that normal?
Years ago, everyone in the rural areas used to shop by mail.  A person could get everything they needed from the catalog, and some of the old bachelors even got mail-order brides.  (But I never heard of any old maids getting husbands from the catalog, although maybe they did.)  At that time, there was no indoor plumbing.
In the fall of the year, everything had turned brown.  This former horse pasture, which was no longer used for grazing, was full of tall grass and weeds.  The old Indian had put his out-house in the middle of the pasture when he still had horses, but now, surrounded by all of the dry weeds, it was a fire hazard.  Some kids set fire to the dry grass, and everything went up in smoke, including the old man’s outhouse.  The B.I.A. fire department was notified, but they didn’t arrive until late the next day, after they had gotten approval from the Secretary of the Interior’s office in Washington.  The next morning while he was surveying his misfortune, the old man remarked to his friend who had come to visit, “Ta-yah! Niij, and I just put a new catalog in there.”
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3982.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The State of Minnesota is trying to turn the 1837 Sandy Lake Treaty into the “1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians Treaty,” ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The State of Minnesota is trying to turn the 1837 Sandy Lake Treaty into the “1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians Treaty,” and at the same time the I.R.A. Tribal Council at Mille Lacs is trying to change from Chippewa Indian into Anishinabe Ojibway.  Researching the history and genealogy at Red Lake, we find that the Aboriginal Indigenous People here were neither Chippewa nor Sioux—they were Anishinabe Ojibway.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, are not the same people as the “Indians.”  The people who signed the 1837 Treaty were Government Agents, Fur Traders, and Métis Indians.  We also have been noticing that a number of Métis have begun erroneously referring to themselves as “Anishinabe Ojibway.”  It takes more than stealing an identity to live the values of the Anishinabe Ojibway.  For most of these people, it’s too late by quite a few generations.
With regard to “Treaty Settlements” and “Agreements,” the question is, where did these Indians get land?  There were no Indians on this Continent before the Europeans got here.  Did the Indians get it the same way that Columbus did, by “discovery”?  The Euro-American history books are full of “Indian wars”—did they use the European tradition of stealing land by violence?  Or, were the “Indians” simply mythologized into having a claim to the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land on this continent by European abstract thinking?  The Anishinabe Ojibway did not sign these Treaties.  One does not sell their religion, their birthright, their identity, the very foundation of their existence.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people are an inseparable part of the land through our Dodems and the rest of our spirituality—our relationship with the land is something which cannot be sold, unilaterally legislated away under foreign European law, nor otherwise alienated.  The “Indians” do not have the same values and deep connections to the land as the Aboriginal Indigenous people, and so they’ll sell anything that their White relatives tell them to.  That’s why the White man created “Indians” and used them to sign treaties selling land which does not belong to them.  The proof of this is clear at Red Lake—all you have to do is look at the ecosystem which has been plundered and polluted into wreckage with the help of these “Treaty Indians.”
The State of Minnesota is resting on a very fragile fiction of “land titles,” although this has nothing to do with the “fishing” that they’re promoting in public.  Read the Mille Lacs “Settlement Agreement,” word for word, in the foreign shyster European language that they use.  Then, read the “Treaty,” and the Committee Hearing Reports, and the Bureaucratic Regulations, and all of the other “fine print” that isn’t even distributed publicly.  [In our research, we found that the Treaties were so shamefully crooked that some Treaty documents relating to Red Lake were still “classified” or unavailable after 128 years, including land records of the Chipp-Away Indians who helped steal my peoples’ Anishinabe Ojibway land with Halfbreed Scrip.  The descendants of many of these same Halfbreed Chipp-Away Indians who got Scrip are now sitting on the I.R.A. Tribal Councils, still stealing from the Anishinabe Ojibway.]  The Treaties are not in the Anishinabe Ojibway language, nor even in “Chippewa,” they are in Crooked English.  At that time, the Anishinabe Ojibway called this European language “forked tongue speaking,” and understood that they were lying but didn’t understand all of the details.
A group of Euro-Americans, led by Bud Grant, are claiming that both the water and the fish belong to the “state,” and thus to them.  What did they ever contribute here?  All they have been doing is taking, “gimme, gimme, gimme ...”  Stumps and polluted water is all that immigrant Western European $ivilization has left here.  If the environment were intact, the way the Anishinabe Ojibway kept it for millennia, there would be enough fish for everybody.
INDIAN RELIGION:  The people promoting the amendments to the Indian Religious Freedom Act are Wanna-Be’s who are advancing the genocidal U.S. agenda by implying that the Lakota, Anishinabe Ojibway, and other Aboriginal Indigenous People are the same people as the “Indians.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People do not need a United States law promising “Freedom of Religion”—under U.S. regulation.  What we need is a World Court which recognizes the legitimacy of Aboriginal Indigenous People all over the world, rather than an agency of the United Nations using European Law and composed of European subject people who form de facto colonial governments for their European grandfathers, just like the Indian Tribal Councils do.  We need a “Mind Your Own Business” law, directed at the wild-eyed fanatics trying to run other peoples’ lives, when they can’t even manage their own lives.  This M.Y.O.B. Law would, by its very nature, take precedence over the cults promoted by the “Indian Religious Freedom Act.”
When the Europeans and their Indians got here, they did not protect the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ sacred sites and burial grounds.  They plundered them and robbed the graves.  Under what the U.S. calls “sacred trusteeship,” they continued the plunder and desecration.  Why would yet another amendment change anything, with the imported European greedy mentality?  What the U.S. is trying to do, with the help of bleeding-heart liberals who don’t understand what they’re promoting, is unilaterally proclaim jurisdiction over the very foundation of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ existence.  By passing this law, does that make the Secretary of the Interior an Archbishop?  Does that make Senator Inouye a Prophet?  Will this law make Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell a Federally Recognized Indian Medicine Man?  Will we have to genuflect at the B.I.A. Office, and be sprinkled with polluted Holy Water?
The whole “Indian Religion” thing is a fraud and a fake, from Sun Bear to Princes Moon Beam and Chief Red Fox.  “Indian” is a dishonest identity—it’s an ugly and racist stereotype created by the White man.  By denying who they are, the “Indians” are defeating whatever good intentions they may have.  Go get your real identity, and then you’ll be able to use the power of who you really are.  Is the White culture so racist that the White fathers of the Métis Indians won’t accept them—or is it so bad that the Métis Indians created by the White man don’t want any part of Western European Civilization?
INDIAN EDUCATION:  According to an March 27 AP article, a Cloquet Indian parents group wants to fire an “Indian culture” teacher because she’s White.  Since the racist “Indian” stereotype was invented and is defined by Whites, it seems as though this White teacher should be eminently qualified to teach children how to be “Indians.”  The AP quotes the chairperson of the Cloquet School Board, presumably a Federally Recognized Indian, as saying that she thought this White teacher was an “Indian” because she has “an Indian name, dark hair, and dark eyes.”  The B.I.A. could solve the problem by turning her into an “Indian” with a fancy fractional “blood quantum,” just like they did for the White “Chip-away Tribal Chairmen” Butch Brun and Sonny Peacock.  The people who are complaining about the White Indian teacher should research their own genealogies, and start facing reality.  If you have to look at your Federally Issued plastic laminated identity card to figure out who you are, you’re in deep doo-doo.
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3983.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The Western Europeans renamed this Continent, and called it “America.”  The Indians call it “Turtle Island.”  What it should really be called is “Fantasy Island.” ... Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Western Europeans renamed this Continent, and called it “America.”  The Indians call it “Turtle Island.”  What it should really be called is “Fantasy Island.”
A DIME A DOZEN: The Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indians and other Pembina Wanna-Be’s are having the old carrot-on-a-stick scheme of “payment” used on them, to keep them from figuring out that they are White people and bribe them not to leave the Rez and live as a part of mainstream White society that they really are.  The In-Group Indians keep their Ration Indians so ignorant that they don’t know they can get a hand-out just as easily off the reservation as they can by selling their self-respect for commodities and “payment” once a generation.
Guess what, the U.S. Government is buying Indians again.  The newspaper articles reporting the “Indian payment” are written like it’s costing the taxpayers a lot of money for settling some ancient debt incurred buying land from Indians 98 years ago.  But, the U.S. Government isn’t buying land, they’re buying Indians, and $60.53 per year, per head, is cheap even to buy a White Indo-European Indian.  The “treaty payment” doesn’t have anything to do with land.  Indians are defined as “landless” by the U.S. statutes and precedents that created Indians.  It says right in the U.S. documents that Indians are never to own land—an example of this policy is WELSA, under which the U.S. Government gave a few of the Great White Father’s pet White Indians a “fair price” for stolen land.
The key word in the whole Indian hocus-pocus is Trusteeship.  Whatever land the Indian ever might have owned under imported European law, is taken, without compensation, away from the Indians, and the title held by the U.S., “under Trust.”  What’s the point of making a treaty with subject people, transferring land that’s already held under White Trust, changing some aspect of abstract paper ownership from one group of people that never owned the land, to another group that the land never belonged to.  “Title” is an European concept, and has nothing to do with the inalienable Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ right to our own land.  “Title” is an abstract idea having nothing to do with reality, and European land title on this Continent is worthless.
The European immigrants brought their foreign rules with them, not understanding that their violent way of relating to Grandmother Earth has no place on this Continent.  According to their rules, from their European perspective, the U.S. already “owned” the land, and they owned the Indians: by discovery, conquest, by the Louisiana Purchase.  When France fenced the stolen property involved in “Louisiana Purchase,” their feudally subject people were a part of the package deal, although the Aboriginal Indigenous People were not.  The Anishinabe Ojibway were not lost, so we can’t be “discovered,” we are non-violent so we can’t be “conquered,” and we are not for sale, so we can’t be “purchased.”  There is no word for “war” or “peace” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language, and violence, including stealing land by killing the people it really belongs to, has no place nor legal validity on this Continent.  The Pembina Chippewa Indians covered by the “ten-cent treaty,” however, are Indo-European people with violent European values, and their hierarchial, patriarchal Chippewa language was edited from an immigrant Creole language by Bishop Baraga, and has all of the words and concepts required for the European perversions of War and Peace.
The ancestors of the Chippewa Indians who are presently involved in the payment from the mis-named “Ten Cent Treaty” were sold by France and bought by the United States, in 1803.  As subject people, how could these Chippewa Indians own land and be signing Treaties.  These Indians are living out a fantasy, and have become a cheap imitation and a caricature of Aboriginal Indigenous People.
The Catch-22 is that the U.S. was (and still is) using the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources to underwrite their dollar, so the low-class Indo-Europeans who sell themselves as Indians and are running around giving us a bad name posing as Aboriginal Indigenous People—were bought and paid for with our property.  Anishinabe Ojibway don’t believe in owning slaves and chattel, so you Indians can quit your charade any time, and start acting like human beings.  Everybody is put on this world for a purpose, and needs to be responsible for their actions.  The Indians are acting irresponsible, and the love-hate relationship they have with the Great White Father is an abusive relationship.  If you make the Aboriginal Indigenous People into “Indians,” it’s a human rights violation.
PROHIBITION:  Prohibition didn’t work during the Roaring Twenties, and after a decade of bootleggers and gangster’s gunfights, the United States passed a Constitutional Amendment to legalize alcohol again.
The reason that the U.S. Congress doesn’t want to deal with the drug problem with common sense—legalization—is that the huge amounts of money in the drug trade do not stay in the ghettos that are being demolished because of it.  Millions of dollars in drug money and luxury property like Corvettes, which is never accounted for and doesn’t show up on the books, is confiscated in the War on Drugs and funds a police state and some big slush funds.  I can see why Mexican President Bob “NAFTA” Dole and his sidekick Jim Ramstad want to maintain the status quo, and why they’re agitating to remove Dr. Jocelyn Elders.
The smug, self-righteous people who are calling for Dr. Elders’ resignation are saying that she should mind her own business, and not worry about crime.  But, she was legitimately addressing a health problem.  The violence generated by the drug trade is a serious health problem.  Sudden onset lead poisoning is in epidemic stages in the United States.  More people die violently in the U.S. every day, because of the illegal aspect of drugs, than die in the Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia.  Could it be that illegal drugs, and the violence that inevitably accompanies them, are being used for Ethnic Cleansing in the United States?  Is that why Dole is screaming to remove someone who takes a humanitarian, healing approach to the drug problem.
Dr. Elders did not say that she wanted to legalize drugs, she said that she wanted to discuss and have dialogue about all reasonable solutions to the terrible public health problems created by the illegal drug trade.  The Western Europeans have a long history of changing the subject, using inflammatory rhetoric as a diversionary tactic, and avoiding discussion and dialogue.  The guilt of the people who running Fantasy Island, calling for Dr. Elders’ resignation rather than talking about what’s happening, is obvious.
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3984.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: The White Earth Land Settlement Act was an underhanded backroom deal from the first draft. WELSA continues the U.S. policies ... Ojibwe News.
Notes: The White Earth Land Settlement Act was an underhanded backroom deal from the first draft. WELSA continues the U.S. policies which created the Indian Treaties, the Halfbreed Scrip, the General Allotment Act, the Minnesota Chippewa Commission, the I.R.A., and Indian Gaming blood quantum vouchers.  WELSA was not intended to the few surviving Aboriginal Indigenous people of White Earth; WELSA was designed to scapegoat the Indians that the U.S. created, benefitting only the Whites and the Indian in-group, who are also White, at least on their patrilines.
The purpose of allotment was to destroy Aboriginal Indigenous communities, and to steal the land and resources.  The Catch-22 is that the Indians who have been used to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous People have never owned the land they were selling, so every generation or so, the U.S. has to use more Indians to steal the same land over again.  When there weren’t enough poor French people who had already been turned into Indians, the U.S. Government used the carrot on a stick of “land” and “payment” to give people who had been labelled “poor White trash” the racist insult label of “Indians.”  (According to their genealogies, more than eighty percent of the allottees at White Earth were Indo-Europeans who had been turned into Indians.)  The Euro-Americans are still promoting Indians: to try to prop up their invalid land titles, to promote their mythological version of history, and to hide the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous people.
The United States Department of the Interior explained allotment in internal memorandum 81642/82069: “Land allotment, under the general and special allotment acts, has been mandatory.  To each Indian—man, woman, and child—living and enrolled at a specified date, a separate parcel of land has been attached.  The residual lands, fictitiously called “surplus,” have been mandatorily bought from the tribes by the government and thereafter have been disposed of to whites.
... Allotment, commenced at different dates and applied under varying conditions, has divested the Indians of their property at unequal speeds.  For about 100,000 Indians the divestment has been absolute.  They are totally landless as a result of allotment.  On some of the reservations the divestment is as yet only partial and in part is only provisional.  Many of the heirship lands, awaiting sale to whites under existing law, have not yet been sold, and the Indian title is not yet extinguished.  Under the allotment system it will inevitably be extinguished.
... Through the allotment system, more than 80% of the land value belonging to all the Indians [sic] in 1887 has been taken away from them; more than 85% of the land value of all the allotted Indians has been taken away.
And the allotment system, working down through the partitionment or sale of the land of deceased allottees, mathematically insures and practically requires that the remaining Indian allotted lands shall pass to whites.  The allotment act contemplates total landlessness for the Indians of the third generation of each allotted tribe.”
The White Earth Land Settlement Act is just one more in a string of dirty deals, using Indians to steal from the Aboriginal Indigenous people, and give the most valuable plunder to the Whites.  In a flurry of publicity, the few surviving original allottees (people who are now over the age of 93) got big bucks.  After public opinion was molded and the main opposition was distracted, WELSA changed its tune, and the people who aren’t part of the “in” crowd are getting screwed.  Why isn’t WELSA dividing the present value, or the 1925 value plus compound interest, among the surviving heirs of allottees, instead of inventing marriages, changing blood quantums, making up rules about wills, and all kinds of other shenanigans, to make sure that most of the money stays with the Whites, or goes to Chip Wadena?  If a dying woman wills her property to her young son, where else but on an Indian reservation is the will disregarded so that Chip, U.S.A. & Co. take the first two-thirds share?  For that matter, if the land of the allotment is in what the U.S. claims as “public domain,” why can’t the heirs get together and get their land back, and maybe put together a new reservation without I.R.A. tribal crooks like Chip Wadena, Butch Brun and Roger Jourdain, and have those “Indian Givers” in Congress give you your Indian Sovereignty again.  The White man tells Indians, “with one stroke of the pen, you no longer exist,” so that’s probably why it doesn’t bother them to keep trying to steal the same land over and over again.  Each generation, the descendants of the White immigrants come up with a variation of the same old boilerplate scheme.
The WELSA act that was passed by Congress was written to be full of loopholes, and intended to get people fighting against each other.  That some people are scheming against their own relations for a bigger share of the WELSA pot is an example of why there is no solidarity among Indians.  If you Indians could get together, you could lobby for a rider to the WELSA act: that when the present White landholder dies, the land goes back to the heirs of the allotment; the Whites are paid for “their” land in 1910 prices, divided among all of the relatives of the deceased landholder since 1900, and the most corrupt county officials get to keep the money for any deceased heirs they can find or invent—then Whites can fight among themselves.
The White man over-ran the Aboriginal Indigenous people with poor white trash that he turned into “Indians.”  Now, Indians don’t have any land, and the White man is still trying to buy time, scheming to put the insoluble problems, dilemmas, and quandaries that he has created through his greed onto the next generation.  The policy-makers are trying to keep enough Indians to hide the genocide for another few years, and hoping that nobody will notice that the White immigrants do not have valid land title, nor eminent domain, on this Continent.
How many times has the U.S. Congress issued Sovereignty to their Indians?  At the Treaties, Indians, who did not have Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty, gave up French Sovereignty or whatever it was.  Conveniently, these Indians got their Sovereignty back, under Trust, just in time to give it up when they signed the Indian gaming agreements.  Somehow, the in-group Indians just got another dose of Sovereignty from the Indian-givers in Congress, so now they’re discriminating, sexually harassing, and breaking labor laws in the Indian Casinos.  Indian Sovereignty is a legendary invention of the U.S. Government, and members of Congress doesn’t have to follow the laws they write themselves (for example, Senator Packwood and B.I.A. Regional Indian Leader Barlow).  The so-called Indian Sovereignty created by the U.S. Congress does not have jurisdiction over either Aboriginal Indigenous People, nor Whites.   Another word for Indian Sovereignty, is apartheid.
The American English language, and its embedded Euro-American culture, are designed to insulate the people who are stealing the most, from responsibility for their actions.  Why should the mostly White casino employees, who are complaining about unfair labor practices, be surprised?  How can you expect gambling, which is designed to steal a certain percentage of the patron’s money, to be honest?  If people are looking for a scapegoat for “Indian gaming,” they should look at the Department of the Interior, which created this crooked mess using my stolen resources, and your tax dollars; they should look at the U.S. Congress, which legislated the corrupt I.R.A. infrastructure; and they should also take a look at the White stockholders of the White-managed Casino corporations.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3985.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: There has been an uproar in the news media about the due process of law as it is being applied by the government of Singapore to U.S. citizen ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: There has been an uproar in the news media about the due process of law as it is being applied by the government of Singapore to U.S. citizen Michael Fay.  On Tuesday, the Bemidji Pioneer reprinted an editorial carried by the Associated Press, which concluded that punishment by caning “is not a matter out of which international incidents should be made,” although the editorial writer calls this lawful administration of justice is “a barbaric one.”
The widespread media hype over the punishment of Michael Fay, who has had a fair and legal trial under the laws of Singapore, is ironic, but probably not unexpected, since Mr. Fay is an upper-caste White, and under U.S. common law would be accorded special considerations, meaning no more than a slap on the wrist.  The American judicial system works very differently for the high-class Whites at the top of the immigrants’ hierarchy, than it does for those non-Whites who are called “low-class.”
The laws on the U.S. books require that a person be read their “rights,” and define a person as “innocent until proven guilty” under due process of law.  Rodney King had not been convicted of anything when the Los Angeles police administered some corporal punishment with a baton (in layman’s terms, a club).  When they were pounding on Mr. King as he lay on the ground, did the police tell him that he was under arrest?  While they beat him up, did they read him his rights?  What’s the difference between being clubbed in Los Angeles and being caned in Singapore—a presumably fair trial?
What about all of the “Native Americans” who have had the Minneapolis Police as their judge, jury, and executioner?  Just about every non-White male who has lived in Minneapolis knows what the “elevator ride” means: after a person is arrested, and has their arms handcuffed behind their back, half a dozen of the Brave Men in Blue beat the defenseless “suspect” up, in the elevator in the Minneapolis Courthouse.  This barbaric behavior does not violate the European invaders’ U.S. Constitutional clause about “cruel and unusual punishment” because for many years, this kind of “elevator ride” was usual and commonplace, and I suppose in crooked English, something has to be both cruel and unusual in order to be “unconstitutional.”  The Minneapolis elevator ride was sanctioned and funded by the Minnesota State Legislature, rather than the Ku Klux Klan—or are these both part of the same thing?
The media’s hue and cry about Michael Fay’s punishment in Singapore has been drawing on the deep racism against Asians which has been a part of Euro-American culture for a long time.  The media has implied that punishment by caning is Chinese barbarism.  If caning is an indigenous Asian legal punishment, then it belongs in Asia, just as the English-law practice of “capital punishment” belongs in England.  In the Euro-Americans’ smug self-satisfaction about the U.S. legal system, they do not stop to think that their imported Roman and English law is not indigenous to this Continent, and does not belong here.  The media has been insinuating that Singapore’s legal system should be under the supervision of “International Law.”  The Catch-22 is that what they are calling International Law is an European concept, based on the European perspective of European languages, coming out of inherently violent Roman Law, and has no legitimate jurisdiction over the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples of the world.  The so-called “Indian Law” which is periodically promoted in the media, is also Roman law, and is a foreign concept which does not belong on this Continent either.

Saturday evening, I received a phone call from a female who refused to identify herself.  She referred to my not voting in the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act elections for the puppet “Sovereign Tribal” governments which the U.S. Senate called “Federal instrumentalities for the implementation of U.S. policy.”  She was upset that I am not an Indian, and claimed that I should not live on what she called “Indian land.”  I told her that where I live is Ahnishinahbæótjibway land, and has belonged to my patrilineal ancestors of the Bear Dodem, long before either the Indians or the Euro-Americans got here.  It is still Ahnishinahbæótjibway land, and this place where I live still belongs to my people of the Bear Dodem.  This is not “Indian land,” although I did not have a chance to tell the anonymous caller that the Indians ceded whatever claim they might have had under all of the “sacred Indian Treaties” that they liked to sign so much.  Indians are so uniquely Sovereign that they are wards of the U.S. Government under “sacred Trusteeship,” as well as being subject to State jurisdiction under Public Law 280.
The Nameless Woman told me I should be “Indian and Proud,” but she couldn’t be very proud to be an “Indian,” because she hung up on me rather than explaining how to do this seemingly impossible contradiction.  The Indian identity was invented by the Europeans, and the oxymoron slogan, “Indian and Proud,” was probably written by some White bureaucrat slopping and pigging out at the public trough on Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ resources.  The Indian identity is indefensible, which is why Ms. Nameless hung up.  If I didn’t know what it really meant, I’d be the first to holler “Indian and Proud”—and if “Indians” were real, I’d be defending them.  Since I’ve learned the English language, and understand all of the ugly stereotypes and racist labels which are built into the White man’s projection, “Indian,” and all of the other destructive definitions which are a part of this European word “Indian,” I don’t know how anybody in their right mind could be proud of being an “Indian.”  As a matter of fact, I consider the word “Indian” a racist insult, and don’t understand why the Métis and other people who say they are “demonstrating against racism” aren’t up in Washington, D.C. protesting categorization as “Indian,” rather than worrying about inconsequential problems like the mascots of the Atlanta Braves.
A couple of weeks ago, I spent most of the day calling Washington, D.C., trying to get some sensible answers about the amendments to the Indian Freedom of Religion Act.  If anybody knew anything, they weren’t telling.  All I got was invitations to the White House’s Media Circus Event featuring Duly Elected I.R.A. Indian leaders—if I want to look at Indo-European Tribal Chairmen, I don’t have to buy a ticket to Washington, D.C., to do it.  According to media reports, one of the Wanna-Be Indian I.R.A. Chairmen was in a hurry to catch his private jet.  There are some other Indians who have been forcibly relocated, and travel in the trunks of Minneapolis squad cars, which are also known as “trunkmobiles.”  Ahnishinahbæótjibway society is egalitarian, but the people who are externally defined as “Indians,” have adopted the values of their White fathers, and have an amusing class system as well as a transportation problem.
I suppose that the Real Indian Wanna-Be Leaders get paid good money to be Indian, and it’s a lucrative job to promote “Indians,” and draw public attention away from the real problems.  I don’t need be defined by the immigrant Euro-Americans, especially not into a racist and destructive identity.
Tuesday’s Bemidji Pioneer had a front-page article about the Open Doors project in the Kelliher public schools.  According to staff writer Monte Draper, the questions they asked are “Who Am I” and “Where am I going?”  But, they didn’t want to think about the crucial question: “Where did I come from?”  You have to know how you got to where you are, as well as who you are, in order to make a sensible decision about where you’re going—unless somebody’s defining you and regulating your life as a slave.
The Bureau of Indian Affairs holds massive amounts of genealogical information—about the immigrant, pioneer, roots of the Whites and the Indians, as well as information about the Aboriginal Indigenous people.  The B.I.A. is hiding this information, which has been compiled using public funds from mostly public sources, and is redefining this public information as “private and confidential.”  This information is public information which needs to be released to the community.  Call Senator Wellstone at: 1-800-642-6041; Attorney General Janet Reno at: 1-202-633-2001, or Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt at 1-202-343-7351.  (Senator Wellstone’s number is toll-free.)  The Bureau of Indian Affairs depends on keeping their dirty secrets hidden under mis-information and bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo, having records destroyed by Congressional order or negligence; or simply hiding them as “confidential.”  If you are going to have honest government, that government should have nothing to hide.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3986.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Treaties are still in the news.  The Tuesday Minneapolis Star Tribune featured a commentary ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Treaties are still in the news.  The Tuesday Minneapolis Star Tribune featured a commentary article by Ronald Steiner, stating “Treaties function to specify grants from Indians to non-Indians,” and adding that “a treaty does not go out of date until one of the parties ceases to exist, or both of the parties agree to change it.”
The crucial issue is one which the mainstream media has obscured: the Third Party—the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation who own and have always owned the land “covered” by these Treaties, and everything connected with the land.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway cannot sell Grandmother Earth, because of our religion and our identity.  This is why the ecology was abundant and the permaculture was intact when the Europeans got here with their Indians.  These immigrants said we were “not using” the land, but we were sustaining the ecology and the ecology gave us food, clothing, medicine, identity, and everything else we needed for life.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs, and their consequent I.R.A. “Tribal Councils,” has always been external governments, operating under the direction and for the benefit of the immigrant Euro-Americans.  In 1979, a B.I.A. planning report said (on Roman-numeral page “v”) about the proposed mutilation of the Anishinabe Ojibway ecosystem at Red Lake, “Such a program will necessitate changes in certain activities and attitudes that may not be entirely acceptable to tribal members [meaning the Anishinabe Ojibway].”  The White man was blinded by greed, and so he said that there was “nothing here.”  Why do they want to destroy the ecosystem, pollute the water, and steal the fish, if there is “nothing here.”
The media focus on “treaty rights” has been on FISH.  Something smells fishy here, like a rotten red herring drawn across the real issues.  The State of Minnesota’s January 15, 1993 “Settlement Agreement” goes into great detail: about catch-and-release, and netting, and spearing, and permits, and etc., and etc.  They are engineering gridlock about fishing.  The emphasis on “environmental conservation”: catch-and-release, is because the water is so polluted it’s dangerous to actually eat the fish.  In Wisconsin, in order to avoid the issue of mineral rights, violent confrontations were orchestrated about “spear an Indian, save a Walleye,” and all of the other ugly racism that the élite in Wisconsin promoted.  They even sold “Treaty Beer.”  What we need to do is manufacture and promote “Treaty Tissue,” then everybody in the State of Minnesota can be part of this crooked “Treaty.”  The Tourists can drink Treaty Beer and then use Treaty Tissue to deal with the inevitable consequences.  Those who don’t drink beer, can use Treaty Tissue for the Montezuma’s Revenge from drinking the polluted water.
It’s a certainty that some influential corporation has found something valuable under “mineral leases” in the Treaty area of Minnesota.  The “Indians” who did not own the land allegedly ceded under the 1837 Treaty did not cede the mineral rights, and nobody’s talking about the value of the iron ore taken out of the Mesabi Range, either.
The people who talk about the Treaty should read it, particularly the Wanna-Be Indians.  Among others, Scottish Indian Trader William Aitkin received twenty-eight thousand dollars for gratuities and influence-peddling, under Article 4 of the 1837 Treaty.
A CENTURY OF PROGRESS, mismanagement, graft, rip-offs, destruction, pollution, waste, and nepotism.  According to a September 26, 1952 Red Lake B.I.A. letter, “since the construction of the Redlake sawmill at Redby in 1924 approximately 107 million feet of timber had been sawed from 1925 to 1952.  All but 5 million feet had been produced from the Redlake Indian forest.  The total cut from the 105,000 acres up to 1952 was approximately 207 million feet of timber.”  This does not include the timber plundered from the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land which was “ceded” by Indians who did not own it, and which was never paid for, nor does it include the timber that was stolen—probably more again than the recorded 207 million feet.  207,000,000 feet of sawed boards is a lot of lumber—and does not include just as much which was wasted.  207 million feet of timber will build 23,000 two-bedroom 24 x 30 houses.  I don’t know how many times the people of Red Lake have been told that the “mill is so you can have ‘civilized’ houses.”  And, if they were placed end to end, the logs would go around the world at the equator twice.  Imagine that: logs one after the next, extending around the world two times, just from half a million acres of Anishinabe Ojibway permacultural forest.
LENGBY, Minnesota—a story told to me by Dick Anderson:  Years ago, when there were family farmers and they had chicken coops, and country circuses made their rounds, the Gypsies also came through the small towns.  When they came, the farmers always seemed to be missing a few chickens, and they blamed the Gypsies.  The farmers knew that their chickens were being stolen, but they could not catch the culprit, because the chickens disappeared in silence.  If a fox goes in a chicken coop, the noise would wake any farmer from a sound sleep, and he would come out with his shotgun and chase the fox.  Dick Anderson said he bribed a group of Gypsy boys with bottles of pop, to tell him how they stole chickens.  He said, “I know you’re stealing chickens, but tell me how you do it.”  They finally told him, in exchange for pop on a hot day, but said, “don’t tell our fathers, because we’ll get a licking.”  This is what they said:
You go into the chicken coop or the hen-house with a sack at night, when the chickens are sleeping on their roosts.  You take a broomstick, and tap the chicken on the toes with the broomstick.  The chicken will step off of his roost and onto the broom handle.  After the chicken is standing on the broom handle, your partner holds the sack open, and you just dump the chicken into the sack.  All the chicken says is “Ark, Ark,” and then you go onto the next chicken.  If you grab the chicken and pull him off the roost, he’ll holler and raise a ruckus in the chicken coop, and you’ll wake up all the chickens and everybody else including the farmer.
I’m not advocating a life of crime, but almost nobody raises chickens anymore, so this is just a good story.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3987.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: Under the Divine Mandate policy of “Manifest Destiny,” the United States Government ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Under the Divine Mandate policy of “Manifest Destiny,” the United States Government created the Boarding Schools.  From their inception into the 1940’s, the specific target of these schools was the assimilation of the “Indian,” along with the annihilation of the Aboriginal Indigenous people.  When compulsory education for “Indians” was established in the late 1800’s, it was explained that the schools were an integral part of the U.S. policy to “abolish the party of the second part” to the Treaties, along with germ warfare: epidemics of smallpox and tuberculosis, and chemical warfare, including alcoholism.  This explicit genocide policy was still in effect in the 1930’s and early 1940’s.  The teachers bluntly told us, “You are the Vanishing Americans, and you will go.”
The U.S. open policy of genocide changed in the 1940’s because of Adolf Hitler.  The Englishmen were subtle and refined about their genocide.  Rather than “ethnic cleansing” (to steal land, property and resources) with finesse, however, Hitler’s plebeian values led him to an unmasked and systematic program of killing.  Hitler studied Anglo “Indian policy,” and modelled his genocidal tactics after those of the United States Government and England.  He said of the Russians he proposed to conquer, “we will treat them like Indians.”
When I was growing up, there were a lot of French people who were living on the Red Lake Reservation.  They had been packed onto the “Indian Rolls” by the United States Government, but they identified themselves as “French Canadians.”  They spoke French, and I remember the lively French Creole music the old fiddlers played at their dances.  I enjoyed watching people dance the jig and reel.  In the 1930’s and 1940’s, there was also a movie theater in Red Lake.  Most of the movies they showed were Grade B Westerns, with Cowboys and Indians.  The French Métis, including the very same people who are so fiercely “Indian” elders today—at that time they were cheering the massacre of the “Indians” by the cowboys and the Cavalry.  Now that all the “Indians” were killed in the movies, the grandchildren of these formerly French people want to be Indian warriors and “medicine men,” and wear buckskin, turquoise and feathers, like “real Indians,” but with an identity problem.
CROOKED MATH: There are several reasons why the Reservation schools don’t teach advanced math (or English).  One of them is so that people won’t be able to figure out that the odds are always against them in all of the gambling operations.  Another reason is because of the blood quantum.  Reservation genealogy records are also kept “confidential.”  The way that the blood quantum is set up, it leads to inbreeding.  Both maintaining a healthy community and maintaining blood quantum over the generations is mathematically impossible.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people use their knowledge of their Dodemians and Clans to avoid inbreeding.  The “Indians” are not Aboriginal, and so in order to stay “Indian” they are caught up in using the White man’s scheme of blood quantum.  For quite some time, they have been in serious trouble with this crooked blood quantum.  White writers do Indian bashing about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which may be part of the problem.  However, the diagnosis of “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” is being used to mask the consequences of “Indians” marrying their own close relatives to keep up their blood quantum.
Another reason that higher mathematics isn’t taught in Reservation schools is because of the Treaties.  In the 1864 Treaty, the Washington real estate thieves said they were paying “four cents an acre” to the Red Lake Treaty Indians.  The amount on the books as being paid (most of which wasn’t actually paid) really came out to about a tenth of a cent per acre.  Then, the White Government turned around and sold the stolen land for $1.25 and up.  So, the Mille Lacs Indians who are talking about the “new Treaty” had better start doing some more research, because you’re being ripped of again by the descendants of the same old immigrant European crooks.
VIOLENCE:  My mother died when I was three years old, of tuberculosis.  When I was seven years old, my grandfather died, and I also lost my father.  In my formative years with my grandfather, I remember a lot of love.  My grandfather was a traditional Anishinabe Ojibway man, and he never used violence.  Instead of physical punishment, even spanking, he used non-violent teaching.  The lessons he taught were indelible, whereas the beatings that the White man uses became just a way of life, and the lessons were forgotten.  In the Mission School, instead of teaching kindness, the “discipline” was just the opposite. The Civilized Christians used violence.  After a whipping, we were told, “don’t cry, be a man.”   There was nobody there to come and hug you, nobody to say “I love you.”  I had to re-learn this from my children, who, after all the years of violence, taught me how to say, “I love you,” and to hug them.  My children are in their late thirties, and when they give me a hug and tell me that they love me.  Non-violence starts in the family.
Lately in the media there has been a lot of news about children carrying guns and knives to school, and about gang violence.  The children are living out the violence of the society, but they are also reflecting the values they have learned at home.  How many of these gun-carrying children have parents who give them a hug, and say “I love you?”  There is supposed to be a diversity of cultures in the United States, but the laws are all European laws written to benefit only the European people.  After people get a Rodney King Beating, how can you expect them to respect the White Law, when this European Law has no respect for the non-White people under its jurisdiction?  There has to be an alternative.  We have to work for a non-violent world, to make this a better place to live.  We can start in our families, by cherishing our children and our parents, by hugging them and saying “I love you.”  Or, are you too “macho” for that, living out a White stereotype projection of a “man.”  Nonviolence works.  I know it.  The Anishinabe Ojibway had a non-violent society for millennia.  I have lived in both worlds.
WACO, TEXAS:  Jesus Christ was celibate the first time he came around.  Now that he’s been reincarnated, he has at least fourteen wives—maybe he’s making up for lost time.  There was a deadly raid on Jesus’ New Galilee compound, and Jesus opened fire on the other Christians.  According to the papers, they were going to arrest Jesus, alias Vernon Howell, alias David Koresh, for having an assortment of “high-powered weapons.”  The Bible is full of violence.  No wonder this reincarnated Jesus took up assault rifles.  There has been nothing but violence on this Continent for five hundred years, since the immigrant Europeans got here.  The Prophets in Christianity have always said, “if Jesus returned, they’d kill him again.”  The moral of this story is, don’t be reincarnated as Jesus Christ, because the Good Christians will crucify you again.  The news media haven’t spelled out who is the “cult” and who is the “sect.”  Both are violent.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3988.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). The Relocation programs which the Bureau of Indian Affairs used during the 1950’s and 1960’s to remove Aboriginal Indigenous people from the Reservation communities—and their indigenous lands—were not the first ...
Abstract: The Relocation programs which the Bureau of Indian Affairs used during the 1950’s and 1960’s to remove Aboriginal Indigenous people from the Reservation communities—and their indigenous lands—were not the first.
From a letter to Alexander Ramsey, from the Reverend William J. Boutwell (at La Pointe), September 18, 1851:
     “... Mr. [Clement] Beaulieu on his arrival at this place proceeded immediately to the interior to assemble the Indians at this point for removal. ... The Indians disputing every inch of ground and stoutly maintaining the right of soil, declaring they would encounter famine and death before they would relinquish their rights and go—declared the treaty [of 1842] a fraud. ...  The Inds. in the mining districts find strong inclinations not to remove. ...”
MUSTER ROLL of Removal Chippewas Transported from Lapointe, Wisconsin to Fond du Lac:
     Nah-gaun-ub (1 man, 3 women, 4 children), Uk-ke-wan-ence (1 man, 4 women, 4 children), Was-sud-gun-ne-we-nin-ne (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Kan-gay-aus-ung (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Mi-gi-si (1 man, 1 woman), Kaus-kiss (1 man, 1 woman), Kake-kake-onse (1 man), Waw-say-ki-shig (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Pup-e-ke-shig-o-que (1 woman), Paud-way-way-guon (1 man, 1 woman, 5 children), Pe-na-see (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Mun-dum-in-ance (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Nin-gauh-dush (1 woman), Aish-qua-gon-dang (1 man), Ke-nis-te-neau (1 man, 4 women, 3 children), Me-tig-o-mish (1 man, 2 women, 3 children), Wau-say-ki-shig (1 man), O-dish-qua-iaush (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Waub-ish-kah (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), O-gub-ay-aun-uck-wad-o-que (1 woman, 1 child), Pe-pe-ki-wig-ance (1 woman), She-bow-ke-sis-o-que (1 woman), O-muk-kuk-ence (1 woman)
MUSTER ROLL of the Chippewa Indians from the St. Croix Valley “emegrated” west of the Mississippi River on Crow Wing and Gull Lake River):
 Ki-a-jig, Chief (1 man, 1 woman), Ne-ke-boin (1 man, 2 women, 2 children), Say-cous-e-gay (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Nin-e-waush (1 man, 1 woman, 5 children), Mij-gee-jauk (2 men), Aun-ge-cown-i-ay (1 woman, 1 child), Manj-e-ke-shig-o-qua (1 woman, 1 child), Sug-gwaun-dug-awe-win-ne-ne (2 men, 1 woman, 4 children), Ah-be-tuh-ke-shig-o-qua (1 woman, 1 child), Nin-ne-waush (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Mang-e-ge-wun-o-qua (1 woman, 1 child), Waub-ish-esh-ence (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Nah-gaun-ub (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Kud-uck-way-saince (1 woman), Min-nuh-waun-e-gwauz (1 woman, 1 child), Bi-a-jig (1 woman, 1 child), Tan-ans-gun (1 man, 1 woman), Me-tig-o-minsh-ence (1 woman), Awe-show-uck-cum-ig-o-qua (1 woman), O-saw-gaw (1 woman)
Kay-gwa-daush (Chief) (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), Ke-way-ain (1 man, 2 children), Nuh-aub-un-way (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), O-ke-mah-ke-shig (1 man, 2 women, 2 children), Me-naun-uck-wud (1 man, 2 women, 2 children), Kaw-wit-awe-say (1 man), Min-uh-waun-ne-gwanz (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), O-ke-mah (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), Ke-way-din-o-qua (1 woman, 2 children), Pe-tow-wuck-um-ig-o-qua (1 woman, 1 child), Kaug-onse (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Way-zaw (1 man, 1 woman, 4 children), Naw-wuh-go-bin-ais (1 man, 1 woman), Sho-ne-iah (2 men, 1 woman, 3 children), As-sin-ne-boin (2 men, 1 woman, 3 children), Me-tig-waub-ence (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), Ke-nosh-ay (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), Osh-ke-now-ay (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Nuh-ab-un-way (1 woman, 2 children), Pe-ko-min-ug-iz (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Nun-ge-ke-shig-o-qua (1 woman), O-daw-showe (1 woman), Mons-o-maun-ay (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Wesh-ay-mauh (2 men, 1 woman, 3 children), Maun-de-mon-ien (1 woman)
Nin-o-min-e-cay-shein (Chief) (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), O-daun-num (2 women, 3 children), O-wuh-yay-quah-ke-shig-o-qua (1 woman), Wah-shuk (1 woman), Kay-kake-onse (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Pe-gaun-quod (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), O-ke-mah-wun-nung (1 man, 1 woman), Buan-de-bay (1 man, 1 woman), Nun-ne-co-be (1 man, 1 woman), Mons-o-maun-ay (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Way-win-duk-um-ig-o-qua (1 woman, 1 child), Waub-ons (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Pay-shig-obe (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Nay-gwon-abe (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Nish-ke-bug-e-cosh-ay (1 man, 1 child), Nish-kaut-ig (1 man)
Tu-yanh (1 man), Aish-qua-ge-wun (1 man, 1 woman), Muk-onse (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), Min-uh-wain-e-gwanz (2 women), Pay-shig-o-bin-ais (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Aij-e-dow-aush (1 man, 1 woman), O-bin-way-way (1 man, 1 child), Nesh-o-danh (1 man), Caug-o-min-de-mon-ien (1 woman), Naug-aun-o-say (1 woman), Naub-aunz (1 man), Omb-e-gaw-bow (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Ay-gwan-o-day (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), Now-e-gwon-a-be-qua (1 woman), Shaw-go-bay (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), May-dwa-waw-we-nind (1 woman), Omb-way-ke-shig (1 man, 1 woman), O-saw-wun-nun-ne-qua (1 woman), Ke-ne-qua (1 woman), Waw-saw-go-wun (2 men, 1 child), Pug-e-nay (2 men, 1 child), May-way-caw-ge-wung (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Shing-goob-e-min-de-mon-ien (1 woman, 1 child), She-gaug (1 man, 1 woman), Ke-way-o-say (1 man, 1 woman), Nay-nuh-aung-abe (1 man, 1 woman), Mons-onse (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Onaw-we (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Ke-me-wun-nun-ne-bee (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Way-me-tig-oshe (2 men), Squa-dum-uck (1 woman, 1 child), Muk-ud-ay-bin-aid (1 man, 1 woman, 3 children), Ki-chi-no-din (1 woman), Auk-o-gwon-ay-aush (1 man), Shaw-baw-shkung (1 man), Min-de-mon-ien (1 woman, 1 child), Qua-ke-ke-shig (1 man, 1 woman), Uh-way-ne-shein (2 men, 1 woman, 1 child), Kay-kake-onse (2 men, 1 woman, r children), Kaug-gans-in-do-bay (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child)
MUSTER ROLL of Chippewas arrived at Fond du Lac from the ceded lands during the quarter ending December 31, 1851:
BAD RIVER BAND:  Ask-a-we-ki-skik-oque (1 woman, 1 child), Ma-shin-a-we (1 man, 1 woman, 5 children), Ke-go-dinse (1 man, 1 woman, 6 children), Ke-wan-se (1 man, 1 woman, 2 children), O-kan-e-que (1 woman, 1 child), Ta-kos-a-mo-que (1 woman, 1 child), Ta-na-go-shin-a (1 man), Ne-gon-e-ki-shik-o-que (1 woman), Shin-gwauk (1 man, 1 woman, 1 child), Is-pan-gi-ole (1 man, 2 women, 2 children), Ma-in-ganse (1 man), Ta-kose (1 man, 1 woman)
ANTONOGAN BAND ...  and the lists go on, and on, and on.  Thousands of people were relocated during the 1850’s.
 In Boarding Schools paid for by the United States Government, they beat us for speaking our language of Anishinabe Ojibway—which meant that speaking the names of our grandparents ran the risk of physical punishment.  We were told, “forget about where you come from.  We want you to assimilate.  You are an American now.” [That means, you are a slave of the Europeans.]  Now, it amazes me to see the White man teaching his Indians “Indian culture” and the Chippewa-Creole language.  When they said “Assimilate,” they weren’t saying, “join us.”  For the Anishinabe Ojibway, “assimilate” is an euphemism for the Euro-Americans’ attempt to completely destroy our culture and our identity.

The people who were relocated included French Moorish people, Spanish Moors, Mulattos, Métis people, and also some Aboriginal Indigenous people were moved along with them.  They lumped them all together and said, “you’re Indians.”  Part of the point of the relocation was to prevent the dark-skinned Moors, Mulattos and Métis from contaminating the Clean Gene pool of the W.A.S.P. Whites, particularly to keep them away from White women.
Relocation also prevented people who had been “corrupted” by contact with egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous peoples from disrupting the English hierarchial social system.
The Euro-American historians wrote in their version of history to say “the Chippewa Indians came from the East.”  There are no Chippewa Indians.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway, have always been right here.  We have a right to exist on our own land.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3989.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Remants of what was here.
Abstract: In 1913, botanists Nathaniel Lord Britton and Addison Brown of the New York Botanical Garden published An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada, a three-volume set which aimed to “illustrate and describe every species, from the Ferns upward, recognized as distinct by botanists and growing wild [sic] within the area adopted.”  By 1913, the forests of Northern Minnesota had already been subject to full-scale assault by commercial loggers for more than forty years, and the biggest and best trees were gone; Britton and Brown described only the tattered remains of the magnificent forests which had flourished for millennia as a part of Ahnishinahbæótjibway permaculture.  This is a summary of some species of the trees which were growing in the Northwoods in 1913:
White Pine (Pinus Strobus), height over 225 feet, trunk diameter of 10½ feet.
Canadian Pine (Pinus resinosa), height about 150 feet, trunk diameter of 5 feet.
White Spruce (Picea canadensis), height of about 110 feet, trunk diameter of 3 feet.
Red Spruce (Picea rubens), height of 100 feet and drunk diameter of 4 feet.
Black Spruce (Picea mariana), height of 90 feet, trunk diameter 2-3 feet.
Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), height of 110 feet, trunk diameter 4 feet.
Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea), height 90 feet, trunk diameter 3 feet.
White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis), height about 70 feet, trunk diameter 5 feet.
Red Cedar (Juniperius virginiana), height about 100 feet, trunk diameter 5 feet.
Black Walnut (Juglans nigra), height about 150 feet, trunk diameter 8 feet.
Butternut (Juglans cinerea), height 100 feet, trunk diameter 3 feet.
Hickory-Nut (Hicoria ovata), height 120 feet, trunk diameter 4 feet.
Balm of Giliad (Populus candicans), height 100 feet, trunk diameter up to 6½ feet.
Hop-hornbeam (Ostrya virginiana), height about 50 feet, trunk diameter 2 feet.
Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera), height about 80 feet, trunk diameter 3 feet.
Yellow Birch (Betula leutea), height about 100 feet, trunk diameter 4 feet.
American Beech (Fagus grandifolia), height about 120 feet, trunk diameter about 4½ feet.
American Chestnut (Castanea dentata), height about 100 feet, trunk diameter 14 feet.
Red Oak (Quercus rubra), height about 140 feet, trunk diameter 7 feet.
White Oak (Quercus alba), height about 150 feet, trunk diameter 8 feet.
Swamp Oak (Quercus bicolor), height about 110 feet, trunk diameter 9 feet.
Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa), height about 160 feet, trunk diameter 8 feet.
American Elm (Ulmus americana), height about 120 feet, trunk diameter 11 feet.
Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva), height 70 feet, trunk diameter 2 ½ feet.
Sugar-berry (Celtis occidentalis ), height about 90 feet, trunk diameter 3 feet.
Plane-Tree ( Platanus occidentalis), height about 130 feet, trunk diameter 14 feet.
Mountain Ash (Sorbus americana), height 30 feet, trunk diameter 18 inches
American Crab Apple (Malus glaucescens), height 25 feet, trunk diameter 12 inches
June-Berry (Amelanchier canadensis), height 60 feet, trunk diameter 2 feet.
Hawthorne (Crataegus punctata), height up to 30 feet.
Wild Plum (Prunus americana), height about 35 feet, trunk diameter about 1 foot
Choke-cherry (Padus virginiana), height about 90 feet, trunk diameter about 4 feet.
Sumac (Rhus hirta), height 40 feet, trunk diameter 9 feet.
Bladder-Nut (Staphylea trifolia), height 30 feet, trunk diameter 6 feet.
Soft Maple (Acer saccarinum), height 120 feet, trunk diameter 5 feet.
Sugar Maple (Acer saccarum), height 120 feet, trunk diameter 3½ feet.
Black Sugar Maple (Acer nigrum), height 120 feet, trunk diameter 3½ feet.
Wild Grapes (Vitis Labrusca), ascending high trees, stem a foot in diameter or more
Basswood (Tilia americana), height 125 feet, trunk 5 feet in diameter
Flowering Dogwood (Cynoxylon floridum), 40 feet tall, trunk diameter 1½ feet.
White Ash (Fraxinus americana), 130 feet tall, trunk diameter 6 feet.
Black Ash (Fraxinus nigra), 100 feet tall, trunk diameter 3 feet.

3990.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Remember when a nickel was a nickel and when you made a purchase you got your money’s worth? ...
Abstract: Remember when a nickel was a nickel and when you made a purchase you got your money’s worth?
This was part of the Great Depression, the C.C.C. and W.P.A. and money was scarce.
If you happened to be in town and had money to purchase a pack of cigarettes, and carelessly opened your cigarettes in front of all of the jobless and unemployed people hanging around town, your tobacco would quickly disappear.  If you lit a cigarette, before it was halfway smoked, someone would say, “give me a drag, give me butts.”  Those were the good old days.
Remember when tobacco advertisements on bill-boards were just starting to clutter the highways and roadsides, signs like Burma Shave, Chesterfields, Lucky Strikes, Camels, and a Copenhagen sign which read “snuff said.”  This was in the days when bars still had polished brass spittoons, drinking alcohol was acceptable social behavior, and chewing tobacco and spitting was “cool.”  I once heard an old Scandinavian mutter as he slowly ambled by, “what’s the youse of chewing snoose, and spitting out the youse, ‘by Golly’.”
As youngsters, the Duke’s advertisement was our favorite.  The poster showed a young man standing in front of an airplane, wearing a helmet and goggles and a white scarf blowing in the breeze, high top boots—a uniform of daring and adventure.  The sign read, “Dukes keeps ‘em rolling.”
We young boys wanted to belong and be part of the crowd.  We pooled our pennies and when we had gotten five cents, some one went into the store, and bought our prize, a bag of “Dukes.”
The grown ups displayed their bag of “Dukes” by letting a small round white tag hang out of their shirt pocket, on a yellow string which was used to close and open this little cloth bag of tobacco.
We were not old enough, so we had to hide our prize until we got to our destination, a safe place in the woods.  Cigarette papers were provided with this bag of Duke’s tobacco, and we would roll our own and sit back, smoke, and dream about being a pilot and able to fly away.
But we were quickly jolted back to reality when the town bully suddenly appeared, and took our treasured bag of “Dukes.”  The bully knew that we were not supposed to have tobacco, so he threatened to turn us over to the local authorities, and when we protested, he decided he was the judge, jury, and executioner.  He placed a number nine boot along our backsides, and we went howling and crying down the pathway.  After several hundred yards, we stopped, nursed our wounds, wiped away our tears, and talked abut when we grew up we were going to come back and give this bully the same treatment, and maybe a little more for good measure.
Times have changed since I was a youngster.  The Good Citizens have “No Smoking” signs everywhere, smoking is banned in all Federal Buildings subsidized by tobacco taxes, and packs of cigarettes are sold at inflated prices.
And, we are told that smoking is bad for one’s health.
Times have changed, although smoking is still here.  Some people call the new age tobacco Mary or Marijuana, taking a toke replaces asking for a “drag,” and one does not ask for “butts,” as the modern hand-rolled smoke is reverently passed around.
It is also called “taking a hit,” after this funny cigarette is about half smoked.
Some one will exclaim, “this is good shit.”  How times have changed.
Oh, I wish I could kick this dirty habit of nicotine and tobacco, and be like the “good people,” able to say, “smoking is bad for your health.”  If only I could reach my lofty perch of moralizing abstinence, and from there look down at the near mortals, wallowing in their vices and filthy habits, and with scorn and contempt, self-righteously proclaim from my bully-pulpit, “I don’t smoke.”
But, Alas!  I am hopelessly addicted to caffeine and nicotine, and after I pass on I know I will surely be where losers and the rest of the addicts go.
And, pay the consequences yet again.
Oh! How I wish for the good old days, when some one would say, “give me a drag,” or “give me butts.”
How times have changed, or did they?






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