Ojibwe Bibliography – part 9




3889.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). From its beginning, the United States of America’s policy toward the indigenous people of this continent has been genocide ...
Abstract: From its beginning, the United States of America’s policy toward the indigenous people of this continent has been genocide.  After the U.S. Senate finally passed the United Nations Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, then-Senator Proxmire of Wisconsin wrote me a letter advising that the provisions of this so-called International Law (which is European Law) were “not retroactive,” although even under the imported laws of every State, there is no statute of limitations on murder—and genocide (and ethnic cleansing) are murder on a mass scale, as well as being human rights violations.
The founding documents of the U.S.A.—both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution—mention “Indians.”  This is an open admission of genocide: the European immigrants did not and still do not speak of the real identities of the aboriginal people here; in order to pursue their mythology of “Manifest Destiny,” they needed a generic term which referred to both the indigenous people and to the mixed-blood people under their control, and so they used the artificial European identity of “Indians.”  In the late 1800’s, United States policy-makers changed from openly murdering indigenous people (including paying a bounty on “Indian scalps”) to passing compulsory-education laws and institutionalizing boarding schools designed to transform Aboriginal Indigenous people into “Indians”—which is also a violation of the U.N. Genocide conventions.  But, through the magic of Crooked English and other greedy Romanized thinking, killing “Indians”—although it’s a human rights violation—is not genocide, because “Indians” have a White patriline and are not a separate people.
In the early 1970’s, I worked with several political-action groups including the Jewish Defense League and the paper-tiger American Indian Movement, to get justice—or at least an admission of genocide—from the United States in the World Court.  When the Jewish groups found out that I was both serious and an Aboriginal Indigenous person, they dropped me like a hot potato.  There is a big, big difference between the deplorable human rights involved in killing communities and families of people with European patrilines, and the genocide of destroying Aboriginal Indigenous people, Dodems and communities, who do not have European patrilines.  The United Nations Genocide Convention does not have any teeth because none of the Romanized Western European Nations, including the United States, want to deal with, or face the consequences of the genocide and ecocide of Aboriginal Indigenous people, which is still going on and is still enriching them.  They want to deny their past and create a new mythology and “new” (old European class-system) identities here.  The Europeans who became “Americans” ran away from the institutionalized poverty and all the other problems of Europe—but because of their language, they brought their old Romanized social pathologies with them.
By the late 1970’s, United States policy-makers figured that the few, and I mean very few, Aboriginal Indigenous people who survived in the Indian and White onslaught, had all been successfully transformed into “civilized Indians.”  In 1978, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, described by the Minneapolis Star Tribune as giving “tribes extraordinary control over the adoptions of their members.”  The Indian Child Welfare Act is one of several pieces of fraudulent legislation which are touted as giving Indians the “sovereignty” to “restore Indian tradition,” which is a pipe dream and an illusion.  How can the Indians regain Aboriginal Indigenous traditions which they never had—the “Indian tribes” smugly and one-sidedly promoted by linear-thinking writers at the Strib are a statutory invention of the U.S. Congress; and the Indians are patrilineally White people who have been used for centuries to sell Aboriginal peoples’ land, destroy Aboriginal peoples’ subsistence, and otherwise act in complicity with their paternal White relatives in the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous people, including obscuring the ongoing genocide by acting as a broker and a cover in such violations of the Genocide Convention as the adopting-out of Aboriginal children under the Indian Child Welfare Act.  The U.S. Congress (and the United Nations) were acting under Roman Law and their heritage of Roman Imperial thinking which justifies the exploitation of all people but their own elite.  They are using their Indians, who are trapped in an artificial identity which makes them scapegoats and political hockey-pucks, to keep their lily-White hands clean in their fraudulent claim to this bloodied land.
The abusive character of the immigrants’ Roman Law and Imperial thinking is obvious from the violent slums of the American cities, from the destruction of the ecosystem which indigenous people kept in balance and harmony, from the pollution of the water and their institutionalized exploitation of people.  Politicians and P-R men speak poetically of justice and exude endless speeches of fine flowery words dripping with honey; in reality they are snake-oil salesman obscuring the truth of the human rights violations they continue to perpetrate on everybody else.  The people who are exploiting need to become human beings, as well as the people who are disenfranchised.  The medieval thinking which the White leaders imported from Europe needs to change—this is a different land than Europe, and European Capitalism, European Feudalism, Constitutional Monarchy, Judeo-Christianity, Communism, Democracy, Imperialism, Socialism, Indian Law, Manifest Destiny and other pseudo-legalized theft, etc., etc. are all alien con-jobs and rip-off philosophies which do not belong on this land.  The Indian Child Welfare Act is just another one of that greedy old crook Uncle Sam’s many schemes and cover-ups.
MORE COVER-UPS: In 1972, Richard “I am not a Crook” Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), which was Orwellian legislation designed to protect the corporate structure which was polluting the environment.  The E.P.A. bureaucrats are tenured on pork-barrel legislation, slopping at the public trough and pigging out on corporate kickbacks (the Bureau of Indian Affairs is the same kind of “public lands” bureaucracy).  The publicly proclaimed Environmental Protection Acts are not enforced: the big corporations may have a token slap-on-the-wrist fine levied against them by courts which they own (under their imported Roman Law), but continue their filthy business as usual.  The public is told “you have an agency to protect the environment,” but in actuality the resources are being strip-mined, the ecosystem is being demolished, millions of tons of toxic chemicals are dumped into the environment, people are crippled by industrial waste, and more children are born deformed every year (the blame is diverted by the abstract scientific term “recessive gene”).  Under E.P.A. “protection,” the environment is so degraded that the government tells you not to eat the mercury-contaminated fish—why buy a fishing license just to catch-and-release?
The reality of Roman Law is anarchy and lawlessness at the top of the hierarchy—eighteen amendments were recently added to the Environmental Protection Act to give the Good Ol’ Boys further latitude in polluting and destroying the environment.  The U.S. Congress, in passing legislation to “protect the public,” is like a cat playing with a mouse (or the fox guarding a chicken coop): what they write looks good in the press releases as parroted by a well groomed television anchorman—some of what these puppets say sounds like they were effectively indoctrinated by the C.I.A. or the K.G.B., although it’s called “schooled in good journalism.”  Now that Disney has moved in and taken over A.B.C. (Americans Before Columbus), expect that the news will be more animated, and have an even faster spin in Fantasyland.  Under Affirmative Action, will Pocohantas as co-anchor balance the color scheme and decor?
Under immigrant Roman Law, the Ten Commandments are not enforced, either—where do you go to get action?  Maybe you have to go to Hell.
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3890.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1996). In the Metro Section of the Thursday, February 15 Star Tribune, there was an article headlined “Heritage of Indian firefighters questioned.” ...
       FAX number: (612) 673-4359

In the Metro Section of the Thursday, February 15 Star Tribune, there was an article headlined “Heritage of Indian firefighters questioned.”  According to the article, Leonard Thompson, leader of the American Indian Fire Fighters Association, charged that “as many as half of the 24 people claiming to be Indians in the Minneapolis Fire Department either are not legitimate Indians or cannot prove that they are [Indians].”
There are several issues at stake in the Wanna-Be fire fighter fracas: discriminatory hiring in the fire fighting department, who owns and controls the Indian identity, and exactly what is an “Indian.”  The Strib quotes Thompson as saying that undocumented and self-proclaimed Indians are “taking our jobs;” according to the article, firefighter Thompson wants all those who were preferentially hired as Indians in the past to meet current documentation standards for being “Indian:” either through the U.S. Department of the Interior or its Indian Reorganization Act tribal councils; or by showing that “either a parent or grandparent is an enrolled tribal member.”  This sounds good, but there are “Indians” on the White Earth enrollments, for example, with 1/32 or less “Indian Blood,” so city-sanctioned discrimination in hiring can be based on as little as 1/128 “Indian blood”—one great-great-great-great-great grandparent, born about two hundred years ago, who is now “federally recognized” as having been an Indian.  For all of the disputed Indians to qualify under present standards, this well-publicized fuss adds up to less than 10% of one “full-blooded Indian,” and eleven (and nine-tenths) Black or White guys.
The real irony is that “Indian blood” does not have any genealogical correlation to having ancestors who are indigenous to this land.  During the second half of the nineteenth century, Federal designation as an “Indian” was a purely political process—and it still is.  Some U.S. Department of Interior regulations explicitly directed recording the ethnicity of certain white men as “half breed” (or other blood quantum) Indians.  For example, Bazile Hudon Beaulieu, born 1815-16 and the patrilineal ancestor of the Indian who is presently director of the Minnesota Human Rights Department, was changed from a White man into “3/8 Indian” for the purposes of determining Minnesota Chippewa blood quantum, so that his descendants could sell land and participate in U.S.-supervised “tribal politics” ultimately intended to alienate the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ property and resources.  In the process of researching a book, I have documented the genealogy of more than 50,000 so-called Chippewa Indians in Northern Minnesota.  Less than two hundred have an Ahnishinahbæótjibway Dodem—an Aboriginal Indigenous patriline and extended family; the rest have an immigrant European or African Moorish patriline and a culture based on nuclear families and fragmented French feudal social structures.
In order to receive federal funding, preferential hiring, grants for pow-wows, recognition as Indian Chiefs or artists, etc., Indians are dependent on White institutions to “authenticate” their identity.  This is but a continuation of the Euro-Americans’ long and cozy relationship with their manufactured Métis and White Indians, beginning with Columbus, continuing through the treaty era (when European and Mediterranean people identified as “Indians” ceded lands which were not theirs), to the I.R.A. Tribal Councils’ Reservation and Indian gaming politics of today.
The policy of the Republican party, which the Eisenhower administration executed on a tribal level, was the termination of the Indians.  United States policy and American culture have been directed toward making Indians into the Vanishing American since the Dawes Allotment Act of 1878 (as a part of Manifest Destiny); depriving people identified as “Indians” of land ownership and civil rights has been part of the American agenda since the United States Constitution described “Indians not taxed,” a Jim Crow category which so-called Indian leaders cling to as the basis of the apartheid and illusory “Indian Sovereignty” (both Whites and Indians get upset at the idea of amending this racist clause out of the Constitution and thereby creating a more level playing field and making affirmative action superfluous for protected-class Indians).
U.S. Congressional policy papers still carefully detail the legal foundations for terminating the Indians at any time.  The problem with termination was not that Indians would lose their identity, but that political-spoils jobs would cease to exist for the Party faithful and political hacks—terminating the Indians hurts the Whites worse than it hurts the Indians, most of whom have a preponderance of White ancestry (almost all the rest could assimilate into the Black community and nobody would notice).
The real issue isn’t job discrimination or job creation, though—it’s the White man’s guilt at having committed genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous people on a massive scale, and having despoiled this entire continent.  As a community, as a culture and as a cohesive people, we the Aboriginal Indigenous people are extinct: intentionally destroyed by explicit U.S. Government policies including the Indian boarding schools.  The Indians’ main purpose is as pretenders and imitations, “reel” Hollywood style Indians who are a living portrayal of the Euro-Americans’ mythology, projections, and stereotypes.  Instead of wasting time and valuable resources playing games with minimal potential benefits, the Minneapolis firefighters and police could be lobbying for a Constitutional amendment to eliminate the built-in discrimination of “Indians not taxed,” and start protecting their own property as well as that of the people they serve.
Why not accept one’s real identity, and begin to address the root problems that plague the immigrants’ Euro-American society: violence, the destruction of the ecosystem and the extended families, water pollution, and the dehumanization of Euro-American culture, based on the nuclear family.  This is reality, and sooner or later you immigrants won’t be able to run from your past—you’ll have to face it.
                                                Bear Dodem, Ahnishinahbæótjibway
                                                P.O. Box 484
                                                Bemidji, MN 56619
                                                (218) 679-2382
Wub-e-ke-niew lives on his ancestral homeland at Red Lake, writes a column for the Native American Press/Ojibwe News, and is the author of We Have the Right To Exist, A Translation of Aboriginal Indigenous Thought, The first book ever published from an Ahnishinahbæótjibway Perspective (Black Thistle Press, 1995).  Wub-e-ke-niew is Ahnishinahbæótjibway—an Aboriginal Indigenous person—he is not an “Indian.”

3891.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Indians have always accused the Whites of racism, using racism as a bludgeon of guilt ...
Abstract: Indians have always accused the Whites of racism, using racism as a bludgeon of guilt to keep Whites from looking at who the Indians really are.  These accusations of racism keep people separated and polarized, rather than talking to each other and solving the problems.  Indians’ complaints of racism are also used as an excuse to justify their failures caused by living out the Indian stereotype.  What the Indians are complaining about is not racism, although there is discrimination.
The Indians should look in the mirror before they say a word about racism.  It’s always been the Indians and the Whites, who have been racist towards the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Racism is there so that the average person will not see the social and genetic engineering that is being done to American society.  Racism prevents dialogue, discussions, and having people from all backgrounds get together to make this a better world.  Racism works to the advantage of the policy-makers at the top of the social hierarchy—that’s why it’s there.  Simply going by the identity of Chippewa Indian is racist.  To call the Anishinabe Ojibway, “Chippewa Indians,” is racist and apartheid.
An example of the White and Indians’ racism is the environmental destruction of the Anishinabe Ojibway homeland, by the Indians.  If this was Indian land, the Indians wouldn’t be destroying it.
There is not one issue that the Indians can get together on, in solidarity.  Their identity is one manufactured by outsiders, and it’s pretty hard to live out a stereotype and a projection.  The only issue that there isn’t any division in the Indian community about, is destruction of the environment—they’ve gotten together on stealing and destroying the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  The Indian identity perpetuates and promotes racism.  The time has come for the people who call themselves “Indians” to be honest about who they are.
BOARDING SCHOOLS: On Sunday, August 29, 1993, the Bemidji Pioneer ran a quarter-page ad promoting Wahpeton Indian School, which according to the ad is “Honoring Old Traditions.”  Which old traditions?  The racism, and the violent abuse which characterized the Indian Boarding Schools for three generations—are these the old traditions that Wahpeton wants to honor?
When I was in boarding school, it was U.S. Government policy to beat young children for speaking our own language. I couldn’t mention my grandfather’s name without getting whipped with a strap.  Now, the ad says that the Wahpeton Indian school wants to teach “Whole language” and “Native language,” as well as “Singing.”  At Wahpeton, they’re not teaching the Anishinabe Ojibway language; they are going to teach the pidgin language of Chip-away Creole, which is a bastard language made up from stolen words.  Rather than being an egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous language, Chippewa is an hierarchical Indo-European language.  Why waste valuable educational time teaching nonsense?  Why not teach these children English, so that they have a language to defend themselves from United States Government crooks?
The curriculum at Wahpeton includes Home Economics, Arts and Crafts, and Industrial Arts.  It is not advertised as including History, Chemistry and Science.  If the children attending Wahpeton are the élite of the Indians’ future generations, then it looks like the future of these children is termination and abrogation of the crooked Treaties.  It looks like Wahpeton Indian School is still trying to hide the genocide (in which this school played a part), and the grand theft of the land.
The ad says that Wahpeton Indian School will be “Teaching Indian Values,” including “Honesty.”  The very name Indian is dishonest, an identity which perpetuates the lie that European people with European values, called “Indians,” are the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this land.  Indians don’t have Aboriginal Indigenous values.  To see what Indian Values really are, all you have to do is step out your front door and look at the terrible destruction of the ecosystem done by Indians.  All you have to do is look at the “Indian Communities,” which are filled with crime, alcohol, and violence.  Indian values are reflected in the corruption and racism in Indian Organizations such as Tribal Government, the Indian Health Board, etc.  These conditions reflect Indian values, and, my friend, Indian values are no different than European values.  Indian values are not the values of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.
TREATIES: At the Treaties, there were some honest White men, who said, “these Treaties will come back to haunt us.”  These men knew that the Indian Treaties made by the United States Government were fraudulent and fake, and that the Indians who signed the Treaties were not the Aboriginal Indigenous People who own the land.  If the people in this country want to call it, “The Land of the Free,” then they have to come to terms with the genocide and grand land theft that was committed here.  Americans can no longer hide behind their brokers, the Indians.
RETROACTIVE TAXES:  Your President is talking about balancing the budget with retroactive taxes.  Under the Clinton tax plan, taxes will go back retroactively to January.  I wonder if the legal basis for retroactivity also applies to the presidential elections?  Does the legal philosophy that Clinton is using mean that he can be recalled—retroactively?  I don’t see why the leaders who raided the U.S. Treasury shouldn’t be the ones who are paying for the deficit.  Reagan’s cronies in the Savings and Loan industry, Bob Dole’s friends—these are the people who should pay retroactive restitution to the U.S. Treasury, with interest.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3892.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1996). Maple sugaring time is almost here—it’s time to start checking your taps, cleaning your kettles, and getting your wood supply ready to make a good healthy food. ...
Abstract: Maple sugaring time is almost here—it’s time to start checking your taps, cleaning your kettles, and getting your wood supply ready to make a good healthy food.
We’ve still been using that old method, of the four poles in the ground, with a fork.  The old way of hauling sap, and tapping the trees is just about gone—using wooden stakes.  We’re now using drills and tapping... we’re using new methods now ...

3893.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). The Minneapolis Star Tribune has turned over a new page, and edited their stylebook. ...
Abstract: The Minneapolis Star Tribune has turned over a new page, and edited their stylebook.  In their sports section, they’ve gone from bashing stereotypical Indians, to being politically correct and promoting good-guy Indians.  They are doing some ethnic cleansing, deleting some potentially offensive terms from their sportswriting, like “Redskins.”  It’s no longer sporting to make fun of Indians, at least as ** But, this doesn’t mean that in the other sections of the paper, they aren’t still using Indians a political football.  Now, Clyde Bellecourt and his crew of Wanna-Be’s don’t have to demonstrate against the Washington Redskins, and the Washington team doesn’t have to change their name, either.  They can keep on doing the Tomahawk Chop, too, because the sports apologized.  If they’re worried about ethnic slurs and racist mascots, why don’t they look at their own home team?  If they’re worried about calling their “Redskins,” why don’t they call the Vikings “White-skins.”  Maybe because most of the Vikings are African-American players with black skins.
Knight-Ridder News Service ran a story on the wires from San Jose, printed in Sunday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press.  The Asian Indians and the American Indians are having a conflict about who’s the real Indian.  Probably it’s the Indian fakirs from India and the Indian fakers from America.  They’re worried about who is the real Indian.
There is a problem here.  How do you get government officials to accept change, in renaming these Indians, with all of these Indian treaties.

3894.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). The October-November, 1993 issue of International Gaming & Wagering Business had a front-page article by Matt Connor, “Corruption on the reservation: Cause for concern?”.
Abstract: The October-November, 1993 issue of International Gaming & Wagering Business had a front-page article by Matt Connor, “Corruption on the reservation: Cause for concern?”  In this article, White Earth enrollee Erma Vizenor is described as “infuriated at her tribal administrator,” because $12 million dollars worth of funds for developing the Shooting Star Casino came from the White Earth Land Settlement Act.  She says that this money rightfully belongs to the White Earth people, and is quoted, “It is almost impossible to get [accountability] because the tribe is insulated by sovereign immunity.”
The same article discusses casino security, referring to Potawatomi security director Roger Miller talking about sending confidential information back and forth from tribe to tribe, “Our attorneys told us that as sovereign peoples we could transfer that type of information without being liable for the types of penalties other organizations might be.  For our own protection, we’re allowed to do that.”  Just who are the “sovereign peoples” Miller is talking about?
Matt Connor writes, in the same article, about the gaming contracts, “And once the contract is approved, it’s extremely difficult to remove a management team who’s signed on the dotted line.  Connor quotes “Chip” Wadena as saying, “My word is my bond.”  Why are some White Earth people complaining about the casino?  Chip gave you his word!  Matt Connor also quotes Mystic Lake Vice President of Planning and Development, Allene Ross, “Once the contract’s approved and whatnot, tribes have no legal remedies.”  Now, get this, folks, once the Bureau of Indian Affairs approves the contracts, as trustee for their legally incompetent Indian wards, there are only illusions of Indian sovereignty, and the “sovereignty” that makes it impossible to get information, belongs to the Secretary of the Interior.
Ever since the Treaties, White intermediaries have been taking the lion’s share: they take part of it as brokers, and then they take the rest under trusteeship.  At the Treaties, the Indian Traders were collecting big bucks on what they called “depredations.”  Now, the White media are molding public opinion, in a diversionary tactic that “organized crime” might be involved with Indian Gaming.  Don’t worry about the Mafia moving onto the Reservations—organized crime has been involved since the European Whites and Indians invaded Ahnishinahbæótjibway land.  The treaties are analogous to a giant garage sale, giving away land and resources that never belonged to either one of them.  The concerned public doesn’t need to get overly optimistic, and look for a different set of criminals or a change in their behavior.
Instead of complaining, there are a number of ways that anybody can find out what’s happening with the Indian Casinos:
In the business section of the February 15, 1994 Minneapolis Star Tribune, under Consolidated Stock Listings, Grand Casinos (GrdCasn s) was listed under the G’s as a National Over-the-Counter stock with a price-to-earnings ratio of 34, 3064 shares traded, and a closing price of $26.50 per share—stock prices are listed Tuesday through Saturday in the Business Section.  On January 26, the price was listed as 27 5/8, which means twenty-seven dollars and 62 and a half cents, according to a wise old sage I asked.  This elderly gentleman, who understands the wheeling and dealing of the stock and bond markets, told me that the 5/8 comes from the Spaniard’s plunder of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ gold.  The Spanish used a gold coin called the Real, and to make change, they cut it up into eight pieces.  This is where “two bits” comes from, and this old European plunder currency is still quoted in the stock market every day.
I was also told that stocks are usually sold in blocks of 100.  This the message he gave me for you White Earth people: Legally incorporate a stock-buying co-operative, and keep accurate records.  If a hundred people get together, for about $30. each (stock price plus stockbroker’s “points”), you will be part owner on both sides, and the Casino will send you quarterly or annual reports, probably on expensive glossy paper with four-color printing.  Stockholders also can attend stockholder’s meetings (according to the old sage, often held in Delaware, Texas or Nevada, since these states have bigger loopholes in their business laws and tax shelters), and vote on the people who are running the company.  If a hundred Indians show up, with one share of stock each, at the next stockholder’s meeting, Chip Wadena will be very surprised to find out he has a new boss.  Don’t blame me, I’m not a rabble rouser.
Anybody who can get to the library can also find information on any company, including Grand Casinos and Gaming World International, in such reference books as Standard and Poor’s, Dun and Bradstreet, and many others to which a friendly librarian can direct you.
Companies which sell stock to the public must register with the Securities Exchange Commission—and some of the information they file is public information.  All companies are incorporated, and their articles of incorporation, and owners of record, are public information.
The Bureau of Indian Affairs has copies of all of the contracts with Gambling Management Companies—and if the B.I.A. is doing its job, they also have a file of the information they found when they investigated the company before approving the contract.  This is public information, and the Bureau is legally obliged to answer Freedom of Information Act letters.
I gave you all the good news.  Now, the bad news is that Indians are under trusteeship, and are wards of the Government governed by Chief Jim Crow and his squaw A-par-theid.  Indians don’t have any legal rights, and I suppose that the U.S. Government can take away any stocks an Indian buys, under trusteeship, and if an Indian acts too uppity, remember that the U.S. Government can take away your Indian identity, with one stroke of the pen.
Momentum is gathering for the elections which will be held in May at Red Lake.  Some of the candidates are starting to politick, and the loggers are busy making stumps, so everybody will have a choice of stumps of their very own, when the time comes for stump speeches.
After every election, since the Indian Reorganization Act brought Democracy onto Red Lake, there has been a petition circulated, contesting the election.  (What these petitions really do, is authenticate the crooked political system that the Bureau put in here.)  There has been one dissident, and a few malcontents, who have spent thirty years trying to get Chairman-for-Life Roger Jourdain out of office with petitions.  Now, this dissident and his malcontents have good jobs inside the system.  The Florscheim’s on the other foot, and the former “outsiders” are the ones trying to keep the Chairman-for-Life from getting his job back.  During his tenure, Roger Jourdain made it tough for other candidates to run against him—but some of the laws that he passed are boomeranging back on him, close enough to the ground that they might hit him where it hurts.  One of Roger’s own laws, that he now has to live under, is that a candidate for Tribal Office has to live on the Reservation for a year.  Roger has a trailer in Redby, but the New Chairman, Butch Brun, won’t hook up his water or his electricity.
The dissidents and the malcontents could get ahead of the game, and start circulating their petitions now.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs has already had a closed-door election, and using proxy votes under trusteeship, the B.I.A. has already decided who won the election—the new Tribal Directories are probably at the printer’s now, so they can be passed out the day after the elections.
In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, words we used to hear quite often were “sell-out” and “apple.”  Now, we don’t hear these seemingly obsolete words anymore, because the people who were hollering “sell-out” the loudest, now have well-paying jobs as professional apples.  Years ago, you weren’t a militant until you could use the word “sell-out” as a part of your vocabulary.  A Real Militant Indian wore sunglasses, cowboy boots, braids, and walked kind of bowlegged down the street, practicing how to say “sell-out” with a condescending sneer.  Hmmm, how times change.
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3895.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). One of the reasons that the people in the higher levels of Western European hierarchy put everything they have into keeping their position is that they’re afraid of getting a taste of their own medicine ...
Abstract: One of the reasons that the people in the higher levels of Western European hierarchy put everything they have into keeping their position is that they’re afraid of getting a taste of their own medicine.  The people at the top, like George Bush, are so isolated they don’t even known what’s going on.  They live in their own little Utopia, and self-righteously parrot the slogan that oppression is the fault of the oppressed.  Rather than addressing the social problems from which they personally benefit, they buy more locks, more keys, more prison cells, and more police “protection.”  Why don’t they just put barbed wire around the whole country, and admit that it’s a prison and we’re all slaves.  Gassing and burning people who think differently is not the answer.  All of us are human beings—we must stop this “war and peace” and work for a non-violent and harmonious society, and make this a better world.  It can be done.

3896.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): According to the Bemidji Pioneer, the 1994-95 Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians’ Royalty were named earlier this month ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: According to the Bemidji Pioneer, the 1994-95 Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians’ Royalty were named earlier this month at what the Pioneer called the “Red Lake Nation Fair.”  I telephoned the Bemidji Chamber of Commerce to ask if they knew anything about this Tourist Attraction called Indian Royalty.  After I identified myself, they put me on terminal hold.  It’s a long-distance call from Red Lake Reservation to Bemidji, even though it’s only thirty miles away.  I suppose that the toll rates have something to do with royalty.
The question I wanted to ask the Chamber of Commerce is: why do these upstanding pillars of White society call this the Red Lake Nation, when it began as a concentration camp created by the United States Government on Ahnishinahbæótjibway land.  Years ago, the U.A. Indian Agent was in absolute military control.  The mixed-bloods could only leave with a pass from the Indian Agent; the Aboriginal Indigenous People could not leave the Red Lake prison-camp at all.  This policy of the U.S. Government was one of many designed by the Euro-Americans to destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous People.
Now, there has been a 180 degrees turnaround: from a concentration camp to a “Nation.”  Most of the people here who call themselves “Indians” and “sovereign” have at least 7/8 White blood, and most of the rest of their ancestry is North African or Indo-European.  (Many do not have any Ahnishinahbæótjibway ancestors at all.)  How can these White people call themselves Indians—and be Federally Recognized as card-carrying Chippewa Indians?  (A person who had 7/8 African-American ancestry would probably not call themselves “White”—although if they had a White patriline, I don’t know why they couldn’t.)
The New Yorker magazine quoted U.C.L.A. Professor G. Reginald Daniel, “We are the only country in the world that applies the one-drop [of black blood] rule.”  The “drop-of-black-blood” is a White concept, which is used by their upper class for social and genetic engineering.  The corollary “drop-of-Indian-blood” rule is a part of the same diabolical scheme, which creates an artificial social class of tainted-blood “Indians,” who can be eliminated with one stroke of the White man’s pen when they are no longer needed.  Indian blood-quantum serves several purposes: it keeps the fractionally-tainted-blood Indians from marrying the White man’s supposedly “lily-white” daughters.  Indian blood quantum also maintains the illusion that the White man’s hands are clean, and creates millions of hypothetical blood-quantum Indians to obscure the heinous genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People on this Continent.  White blood-quantum Indians act out the White man’s sick fantasy role of Indians—no self-respecting Ahnishinahbæótjibway person would act that foolish.  Most of the Indians are deluded into thinking that they are Aboriginal Indigenous people (and in fact the U.S. Department of the Interior supports this perversion, paying their Indians big bucks to be pathological liars about their real identity).  But, these cheap imitations don’t know anything about the people whose identity they are trying to steal.
The paradox of the one-drop-of-tainted blood rule is that because of the many wars that raged back and forth across Europe, and the rape and other social diseases that are an inherent part of Western European wars: every White person has been mongrelized and hybridized, and there is no White person of pure White ancestry.  The Euro-Americans are running away from their past and their real identity, just as their European ancestors have done for two thousand years.  European languages are abstractions which obscure reality, and disconnect the people who are trapped by these languages from Nature.  Their subject peoples’ languages have also been distorted—for example, the hierarchical Creole language of Chippewa.  The people who created and mutated this Indian language (stealing words from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway) also spoke a Creole language: English is a mongrelized, bastard language which has war and other violence, misogyny and racism built right into it.  Because English has a patched-up Creole structure, the English-speaking women of the world should feel no qualms about getting together to make up words and grammar to fit their needs as women.
Murphy’s Law is based on an old superstition blamed on the Irish, “if anything can go wrong, it will.”  Years ago, the 7th Cavalry followed the Boston patriots’ tea party precedent, and dressed up as Indians to assault the women and children of the pioneers’ wagon trains—these atrocities were then used as an excuse to annihilate Aboriginal Indigenous People, leaving the hang-around-the-fort Indians.  They claimed the 19th-century West was “wild,” although the West was not wild before the White immigrants got here and made it wild with their greed.  Now, the West really is wild: shoot-em-in-the-back drive-by shootings, O.J. Simpson, Rodney King police protection, and inner-city riots.  The ecosystem is demolished, and the White settlers are caught in a self-fulfilling prophecy of the violent English language: the “west” has become really “wild.”  Go ahead, Euro-Americans, sing “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land ... This Land was Made for You and Me.”  When I first heard this song by Woody Guthrie, it seemed gross and repulsive—but we the Aboriginal Indigenous People do not want to claim this violent mess the Euro-American immigrants have made on our land.  What goes around, comes around, and the consequences of Euro-American irresponsibility are closer than you think.
In Minnesota, the 8th District Federal Court has superseded the 7th Cavalry.  The recent hunting-and-fishing Treaty-Rights decision rendered by Judge Diana Murphy is being presented in the media as a “victory for Indians,” but if you look closely at it, the Court decided with a flip of a one-sided coin, in favor of the Euro-Americans.  The money involved has always been printed and controlled by the White man.  At the time that the Treaty was signed, the Ahnishinahbæótjibway did not need the White man’s money, and as long as our ecosystem remained intact (into the 1930’s at Red Lake), we were self-sufficient, so the White man’s money was irrelevant and useless.  (We had a pristine water system, there was plenty of fish and game, and we had not been trapped by the immigrants’ greed-ridden mercantile infrastructure.)  But, the White man’s Indians have a White patriline, and because they were created by the Euro-American immigrants, they have always been tied into the White man’s money system.  The Ahnishinahbæótjibway had no reason to sign an Indian treaty drawing us into the alien White and Indian economic system.  The Indian Treaties had nothing to do with the Aboriginal Indigenous People—which is why the State of Minnesota has a vested interest in upholding the crooked Indian Treaties.
Using the forked-tongue English language, the State of Minnesota thinks that they have come up with a heads-I-win, tails-you-lose foolproof scheme to steal the land that still belongs to the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  On the one hand, they are “upholding” crooked treaties while encouraging White “Bud Grant” backlash to create the illusion of legitimacy; and on the other hand, they are preparing another court case to claim Red Lake Ahnishinahbæótjibway land—on the grounds that it was never ceded.  To further compound their crooked scheme, the State of Minnesota is in collusion with the United States Government, using crooked English to claim that their Indians are “sovereign nations,” which is both a fraud and a big joke. Instead of promoting White racism, Bud Grant and his fishing buddies ought to research the genealogies of their Sovereign Indians with European patrilines.  The State of Minnesota knows that neither the Chippewa Indians nor the other immigrant citizens including the Mille Lacs “landowners” are indigenous to this land, and they are re-entrenching the con job of the 1837 Treaty, trying again to steal the land, and then hoping to use the White resentment they’re molding to horn in on the Federal turf of Indian gaming, and get their 20% cut off the top while crying about compulsive gambling (I hope these greedy people get 50% of the gaming gross, so they can take the blame for all the misery that’s been created by breaking up families).  The Indians, who are White wards of the U.S. Government under Sovereign Trusteeship, have become pawns in yet another power play of the apartheid and Jim Crow European immigrant government.  If the State of Minnesota was honest, they would trash the Indian Treaties, and admit their thievery and complicity in genocide.
If the United Nations did not operate as a puppet of the Western Europeans under Roman Law, the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent could sue the State of Minnesota, the 1934 I.R.A. Indian Tribal Councils, the United States Government, and the Mille Lacs resort owners, who are all illegally here.  Unfortunately, the name “World Court” (operating under Roman and English Law) is an euphemism for the Great White Kangaroo.  The European Nation-States are stealing Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources and destroying Aboriginal Indigenous ecosystems world-wide, using the alien pirate-laws of Western Civilization, while perverting any semblance of justice in the so-called World Court.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3897.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): “Activist heads home from China,” according to the front-page headline in Friday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  American citizen and human rights activist ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Notes: “Activist heads home from China,” according to the front-page headline in Friday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  American citizen and human rights activist Harry Wu was expelled from China after having been convicted of spying.  Mr. Wu had been videotaping documentaries about human rights violations and prison labor in China, but his arrest was used by the Good Ol’ Boys in the United States as a pretext for boycotting the United Nations World Conference on Women to be held in Beijing September 4-15.
Women around the world have not had an effective voice in international—or national—politics.  The International Conference on Women is finally providing a forum for women to have dialogue, debate and discussions about the systematic oppression of women, worldwide, under the Romanized Western parody of international law.  The Good Ol’ Boys have used all kinds of strategies to keep women from gaining the voice which is rightfully theirs: from witch-burning to polarizing discussion into volatile and inflammatory divisive issues like the “abortion debate.”  The world is changing; the entrenched male hierarchy has had their chance and has created nothing but wars and other violence, poverty, pain and suffering, and ecological devastation.  Hey guys, wake up and smell the coffee!
LABOR DAY: Labor Day will be celebrated September 4.  Union-busting intensified under the Kennedy administration and has further escalated since the Reagan administration, and we need acknowledge the changes by re-naming this national holiday.  A more accurate name would be “Slave-labor Day,” or, better yet, “International Human Rights Day,” recognizing the people who will be working the whole three-day weekend in the highly touted “service sector” at $4.25 an hour or less, and the migrant laborers who will be sweating in the fields for far less than the minimum wage, harvesting the food for your Labor Day picnic.  And, what about the guys in the newly-formed chain gangs, bringing back the good ol’ days of prison-labor, do they get a 3-day holiday?  Harry Wu, where are you?
CRIME WATCH: In the cities, local police departments sponsor “Neighborhood Watch” programs under which neighborhood residents report criminal activity.  We also need “Neighborhood Watch” groups in the Northbrush: the tree-huggers need to organize to stop fly-by-night wood-butchers from terrorizing the local environment and destroying the habitat of the bears, birds, deer, and other local residents.  If you see any suspicious bulldozers, tree-skidders (especially the kind that takes 40 acres to turn around, and wrecks everything in front of it)... if you see people in hard-hats or orange vests, building roads that go nowhere; if you see any questionable-looking politicians with that greedy look in their eyes, especially ones with bulging back pockets—that’s when the people who care about this land should be able to call a hotline and report crimes against the environment.  The only problem: what’s the phone number?
BROKEN PROMISES: When I was growing up at Red Lake, when we met someone, instead of saying “Hello,” we usually said, “When’s Payment?”  That was standard etiquette on the Rez a generation ago.  But, things change, although people still don’t greet you with a “Hello.”  Now, especially at White Earth, the usual greeting is “When are the indictments coming down?”
John Collier, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs who was the Founding Father of the Indian Reorganization Act (I.R.A.) Tribal Governments, was quoted as saying the Indian politicians he wanted had a “white-plus psychology,” meaning that they were greedier and more corrupt than the white politicians that Collier knew in Washington—if that’s possible.  But, there is always “the good and the bad” in every politician, including the Federally-Recognized I.R.A. Indian leaders.  I try to see the good in everybody, and these Indian politicians are good at stealing, they’re good at lying, and, in a Democratic way, they’re very good at putting their own interests ahead of their constituents’.  (The “mismanagement” of the recent Indigenous Games is one of many examples.)
FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED INDIGENOUS GAMES: The White man has been playing games with his Indians since he invented them.  On one hand, he says “Indians are sovereign,” but on the other, he says that “Indians are wards of the government, under trusteeship,” which means “incompetent.”  Under the English common law used in the U.S., in order to be guilty of a crime, a person must be competent to stand trial—maybe this is why certain Indian Leaders can rip off tax dollars.  The White immigrants used “Indians”—specifically adult Indian males—to sign treaties and land cession “agreements.”  How can documents signed by incompetent people be legally valid?
FOURTH PARTY: Rumor has it that Senator Bill Bradley is throwing his grey hat into the political melee.  He publicly announced that he is leaving the Senate, but he hopes to make some changes in Washington, D.C.  I don’t know what his platform is, but he sounds inspirational and patriotic; as though he sees some fresh air and a light at the end of the tunnel.  His Party needs to start with cleaning out the bull-pen: some of those old bulls and over-fed steers have been fouling the barn for 200 years (and rats have infested the foundation), and the stench and pollution from Washington, and the brown cloud that hangs over it, are sometimes remarkably vile.
Have a safe holiday—drive safely and wear your seat belt.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3898.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Another new deal: Newt Gingrich and his cronies are making moves ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: ANOTHER NEW DEAL: Newt Gingrich and his cronies are making moves to bring one of Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt’s projects, the “New Deal,” to an end.  Their “reform” package includes privatizing social security and abolishing FDR’s social safety net, welfare (which has become a dirty word).
Before the 1929 stock market crash, most of the United States economy had been privatized under President Hoover.  Even small investors were encouraged to put their life savings into Wall Street—and then the stock brokers sold them more stock on credit.  As long as the patterns remain embedded in the language, history will repeat itself.  If the reform to do away with FDR’s new deal, and privatize the economy again, succeeds, then the money in the Social Security trust fund will be invested in the stock market.  Stock prices will rise dramatically.  Then, more credit will become available for the U.S. Government investors to buy even more worthless stocks.  You guessed it: the stock market will crash—it will be 1929 all over again.  The only difference is that along with your social security number, you’ll be assigned your own private window to jump out of.  That’s progress.
CRIMINAL CULTURE: In the editorial section of Tuesday’s Star Tribune, the editorial staff writes that the new Congressional “juvenile-crime” legislation “forbids the use of its funds for crime prevention.”  The policy advisors to the U.S. Congress are not fools, and in their criminal minds, they know perfectly well that investment in prisons increases the crime rate.  So, why are they voting to condemn another generation of children to a marginalized life of crime and imprisonment?  Ever since the Europeans got to this continent, they have developed their criminal culture: stealing land through crooked treaties and unjust wars, killing all of the indigenous people and replacing them with Indians, ripping off resources, polluting the water, and creating mayhem everywhere they went.  The funny part of it is, they’re so crooked they won’t even admit to what they did.
The congressmen who are voting to build more prisons, create gangs by forcing single mothers into a marginal job market, destroy communities with “urban development,” and continue their generations-long strategy of attacking women and families, know perfectly well what chaos their policies will create.  They are buying time, and making money for themselves and their good buddies in the prison-contracting business, while the taxpayers pay to entrench the police-state more deeply.
The propaganda and spin doctors of the mainstream media are very effective in hiding what the elite policy-makers are doing in this “land of the free and home of the [apartheid] brave.”  The electorate looks straight at the schemes and con jobs, and most of them are so brainwashed by crooked English that they don’t see what’s right in front of them—or, they’re into denial.  According to the July 15 Strib, Green Bay Packers’ defensive end Reggie White told a group of high school students in Knoxville that the white government and white police “provoke young black men in order to put them behind bars, thus allowing the government to deprive them of education.  [They] want young black males to sell drugs, join gangs and use guns, so they can be arrested.”  Sportswriter Patrick Reusse dismisses Reggie White’s observations by implying that his comments referred to a “conspiratorial view” of the white electorate, but, the common person in the U.S. lost his power with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.  It’s hard to see from inside the English language, but the feudal history of medieval Europe is repeating itself.  Serf’s up, peon the peasants.
MORE SCANDALS: While we’re on the subject of crime, congressman Fred Thompson of Tennessee is described by Robert Reno, in an editorial reprinted in the Star Tribune, as “soldiering bravely” through the muck of campaign finance.  There are different categories of financing the political parties, and nobody seems to have a handle on what kind of money they’re upset about—it remains nameless in this bastardized English language (as the Indians would say, “it’s so sacred, we can’t talk about it”).  The issue of the moment is that somebody got caught publicly doing business that is supposed to be discretely conducted behind closed doors and remain part of the good ol’ boys’ exclusive tradition.  In the old days, some kinds of foreign relations were called “gunboat diplomacy,” and very few people protested about that kind of influence in other peoples’ governments.  Desert Storm was another example of sticking your nose into other peoples’ business, a “world policeman’s” shakedown for well-entrenched vested interests.  But, now that the circle’s come around, and the former victims of gunboat diplomacy are using their finances to protect their own interests, the good ol’ boys don’t like it, but nobody knows exactly what to call it: is it soft money, hard money, cold cash, clean money, laundered money, hush money, Indian money, bread, lots of dough, or good old fashioned influence peddling?
GOLD DIGGERS: When the colonial investors wanted to get Europeans to leave their homeland and come to this continent, they planted rumors about the streets on this continent being paved with gold.  When they wanted to get settlers into California, they had the Gold Rush of 1849.  Then, when they wanted people to go to Alaska, there was another gold rush.  They make their advance settlers into fly-by-nights, crazed with gold fever.  Unwilling participants in these gold rushes and settlement schemes are “transported” prisoners—a lot of prison-boats were unloaded on these shores, and it looks like their descendants are going to take another flying leap.  There hasn’t been a good old American gold rush in a long time, so Uncle Sam sent Pathfinder to Mars to look at rocks.  If you’re going to invest in the stock market, I recommend stocks in pick-and-shovel companies ... good luck to you Martian prospectors, and don’t forget to be inoculated for gold fever.  ‘Bye.
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3899.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): “Chip Wadena” was the headline of a staff editorial in Tuesday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: “Chip Wadena” was the headline of a staff editorial in Tuesday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  Sixty-one years after the fact, the mainstream media is finally waking up to the human rights abuses of 1934 I.R.A. Indian tribal government, writing, “problems with reservation administrative, political and electoral processes are often the rule, dating from the federal government’s creation of elected [sic] tribal governments in 1934.”
In reality, the so-called “Indian constitutions” are abusive client documents, written by White bureaucrats within the Euro-American power structure, designed to benefit the good ol’ boys in the resource and real estate industries.  The Strib writes that power is centralized under the 1934 I.R.A. constitutions, but does not identify the primary problem of the 1934 I.R.A., which is that the people defined as Indians are wards of the U.S. Government under trusteeship—without any power at all.
The corruption at White Earth (and on the other Indian reservations) has always been a three-ring circus, involving the Federal government, the State government, and the so-called “Tribal government.”  The corporations are the ring-masters, and the Indian and other government puppets are fulfilling P.T. Barnum’s maxim that “there’s a sucker born every minute.”
If U.S. Attorney Lillehaug gets his way with U.S. Government jurisdiction under Indian sovereignty, then Wadena and his cohorts will probably push for application of Public Law 280, in the hopes that the good ol’ boys in the State of Minnesota will only give him a slap on the wrist.  The Indian Dissidents at Camp Justice have been cheering ever since the indictments came down, but now’s the time for them to get busy and go after the D.F.L. party hacks and members of the State Legislature who have been behind the scenes in making life miserable for Indians on the Rez.  If you settle for another round of broken promises, we’ve got news for you.  The good ol’ boys are planning to write a new Indian Constitution for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, with the same basic structure (the U.S. Government will still be autocratically in charge)—but with more refined lawyerese and more paragraphs of Crooked English.  My advice to you dissidents and malcontents in Camp Justice: if you don’t keep up the pressure, and if you just sit back and wait for justice to take its course, things will only get worse.  You might as well stand out in your front yard, place your hand on your ass, and wish for the moon.
“HONEST BOB:”  The Honorable Senator Bob Dole is on the campaign trail.  One of the planks in his super-patriotic platform is “English First,” mandating that all American citizens be fluent in the language of the British heirs of the Roman Empire.  I don’t know how he’s going to manage that, since the public education system is a shambles, and many of the students who complete their term of compulsory school education speak only a few words of rudimentary English, and can neither read nor write.  With all the funding cutbacks that the Grand Old Republican Party is pushing through Congress, it sounds like the bill he’s campaigning to introduce is some more Crooked English.
In my experience with compulsory education, the Red Lake schools beat me for speaking my native Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, but only taught us a few words of English.  I learned the English language from reading, and looking up every word I didn’t understand in a dictionary.  I am not a linguist, but from where I stand in the Northbrush, I see it to be a violent language; a pseudo-male language with undertones of homosexuality—programming men to be “macho,” self-destructive and insensitive; a hierarchical language which oppresses and denies the identity of women and everyone else who has only a rudimentary grasp of English.  English is a linear-thinking language—a con job which makes it impossible to win an argument with those who have superior knowledge of this insidious language.
The 1934 I.R.A. Constitutions are a good example of how the good ol’ boys use Crooked English.  That the United States Secretary of the Interior holds all of the Sovereignty and all of the power in the so-called “Indian Nations” is written right into the Tribal Constitutions, but because most of the Reservation Indians don’t understand Crooked English, they believe the hocus-pocus about “Sovereign Indian Nations” which has been promoted by the media, and stand up right on cue to holler, “Honor the Treaties,” which is some more Crooked English—the U.S. is honoring the treaties, they are the ones who wrote these fraudulent documents in Crooked English (the Treaties were land cession documents and the U.S.A. has the land).  Would you buy a used car from “Honest Bob?”
Senator Bob gives speeches in Crooked English, promoting the illusion that English First will bring this country back together.  The Demo-Publicans put a lot of energy and effort into destroying Aboriginal Indigenous families and communities, as well as using the old Roman “divide and conquer” strategy to promote ethnic, class, and racial strife.  Now, the very same people who proclaimed themselves “our brother’s keepers” and claimed God told them to use Manifest Destiny, are complaining about “ethnic separation.”  The English language is a masterpiece of manipulative deceptions, abstract illusions, mixed metaphors, violently twisted dichotomies and subtle falsehoods.  It’s an amazing work of con artists and the foundation of centuries of suffering and wars; but I love this language, because like all of the other monumental achievements of Western Culture (such as destroying the environment, wrecking Indigenous communities all over the world, and sending everything toward extinction), it’s so magnificently and disgustingly crooked.  English is a slave language, and promoting English First is a big step in the direction of Euro-American feudalism.  It goes something like this: “Serf’s up, peon the peasants.”
The English language does not belong on this continent, and immigrant Westerners mandating English as the official “American” language is an open admission of genocide.  Go ahead, Honest Bob, make my day.
MORE INDIANS: The blood quantum strategy has taken its toll, and the B.I.A. is running low on Red Lake Indians—as planned.  The shysters and backroom chiefs at the Bureau are at a loss for crooked terminology re-defining “Indians” yet another time, so the white men who run the 1934 I.R.A. Red Lake Tribal Council have amended the “Tribal Code” to create more Indians.  They’re really getting cheap: the only “Indian benefit” these new Indians get is prosecution by the B.I.A.’s kangaroo Indian court under the new “beefed up” tribal code.
The Euro-Americans’ Indian identity has always been a lie, and the people who give up their own identity to play Indian are hypocrites.  In Indian affairs, the White man has always been a hypocrite, promoting a fraudulent identity which is a human rights violation.  Because the Euro-Americans think in Crooked English, they thought they could get away with using Aboriginal Indigenous resources—which made them rich—to destroy the Indigenous peoples of this continent.  But if you listen carefully, you can hear the circle coming around.
            My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3900.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): “Clinton is the first president to level about race,” according to journalist Syl Jones ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: “Clinton is the first president to level about race,” according to journalist Syl Jones in the Commentary section of the June 17 Star Tribune.  Historically, all of the U.S. Presidents were “level” about race—most of them were prone, although Lincoln went toward a vertical dimension in Mankato.  Clinton, like other second-term presidents, is playing politics for future history writers, wanting to leave his legacy.  But, like most politicians, Clinton’s noble posturing is meaningless: just another slogan.  Nixon’s Clean Air Act was a slogan, Johnson’s War on Poverty was another slogan, and Affirmative Action is another empty slogan.  Without a serious plan of action, these words are nothing more than hot air.  Like the Ten Commandments, which are ten slogans, they are meaningless: hypocritical catchphrases and empty platitudes.
APOLOGIES: Ever since the Roman Catholic Pope apologized to Galileo (about five hundred years late), public figures have gone ape, monkey-see, monkey-do, making headlines with meaningless apologies.  Sunday’s Star Tribune mentions a number of these would-be apologists, including British Prime Minister Tony “Radical Center” Blair, who apologized for the Irish famine of 1845.  From another British colony, former U.S.A. President F.W. De Klerk apologized, “on our knees before God Almighty” for living at the wrong time, and getting caught.  The Star Tribune quotes de Klerk as begging God’s forgiveness (but not the forgiveness of the South African Blacks’) for being “the product of the cultural and political circumstances into which we were born and with which we grew up.”  From yet another continent of the stolen British Empire, Prime Minister John Howard of Australia “rejected recommendations” that he apologize to the aboriginal people of Australia for more than a century of British genocide, rape, forced removals and other human rights violations.  And, from still other heirs of the British, state of Minnesota representative Martin Sabo is said by the Star Tribune to be “not prepared to respond” about either slavery or racism.  Sabo is the DFL Party’s in-house Congressman.  Another apartheid statesman we haven’t heard from yet is Nelson Mandela: who has been a highly touted advocate of “democracy” and “freedom,” but whose administration is henching for European globalization and NATO imperialism.  “Democracy” and “freedom” are some snake-oil salesman crooked English words, and in spite of the positive “spin” on them, what they really mean is “exclusion” and “apartheid.”  What Nelson Mandela should be doing, is apologizing to De Klerk for kicking out the old horse-and-buggy form of European apartheid, and bringing in a newer, updated, “electronic age” form of European apartheid.  If Nelson Mandela does the manly thing and apologizes, watch De Klerk’s face light up with a big, devious smile.
MILITARY PROMOTION: The Major Crimes Act has been promoted to the General F--k-up Act at Red Lake.  The Major Crimes Act, now known as the General F--k-up Act, was passed by the White man in the 1800’s, as encroachment legislation to control the community on Indian Reservations, and that’s just how Attorney General Lillehaug is using it.  He’s throwing the blame for recent reservation violence onto the people of Redby, and hiding behind the “60 to 70 day” countdown “to make a case.”  What Lillehaug is doing is even more encroachment, social engineering to give the FBI and the federal government an excuse to create a police state at Red Lake, and get their hands into the casino coffers at the same time.  Lillehaug could have easily arrested the people who were part of the school-party murder.  “60 to 70 days” is an empty excuse, because the Feds could have arrested the murderers on other trumped-up charges, like they do for everybody else.  Lillehaug’s delay is a part of a long-standing strategy, an old Machiavellian concept, of creating conflict in communities which the Europeans have invaded and occupied.  The people at Red Lake need to sue Lillehaug for the “consequential damages” caused by his unnecessary social-engineering delay—and, as a part of the wanna-be White government, Lillehaug needs to make an apology for the pain and suffering that his high-handed apartheid policies have inflicted on people at Red Lake.
KA-LAI-JA: Years ago, when former vice-president Hubert Humphrey was still campaigning for Congress, Chairman-for-Life Roger Jourdain adopted Humphrey into the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.  Not so very long ago, when Roosevelt’s machine politics were still running smoothly on well-greased wheels, Roger Jourdain didn’t need a medicine man to help him play Indian, and he didn’t need a shaman, either.  He adopted Hubert Humphrey, but through the Indian grapevine, it was always said that they gave Humphrey the wrong name—that his real name was “Walking Eagle.”  And now, you know the rest of the story.
As long as I can remember, all the White man had to say about Indians was “assimilate, and be civilized like us.”  Now, politicians have given up on kissing babies, and are being adopted into Indian tribes.  Under the authority of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal I.R.A., the Red Lake Tribal Council has adopted Roger Moe (presumably with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior or his duly authorized representative).
Back in the 1950’s, when the Bureau of Indian Affairs was “precipitating factions” to get the Indian Reorganization Act onto Red Lake, the landless Indians who aren’t from here, like Roger Jourdain and his flunkies, backed the I.R.A. because the United States Government was promising to give these outsiders land at Red Lake.  (The United States Government has never had any legitimate claim to the land at Red Lake, but that’s another issue.)
Bobby Whitefeather isn’t an Indian Medicine Man, like Roger Jourdain was.  So, he had to go get the Minnesota Legislature’s Indian Shaman to make Roger Moe into an Indian.  The newspapers don’t report how much blood quantum they gave Roger Moe when they adopted him—back in the old days, when they turned White men into Indians, they usually made them into “halfbreeds.”  There’s something strange going on, with the highly advanced civilization that the White man was forcing us to assimilate into.  Now, the children of the White Man who said that God entrusted them with Manifest Destiny are regressing, and their guilt is showing.  (Guilt makes people do strange things.)   They’re so civilized they’ve degenerated, and they all want to become “natives,” “New Age Indians,” and White Federally Adopted Wanna-be’s.  If you Republicans really want to get rid of Roger Moe, all you have to do is terminate the Indians.  With “one stroke on the keyboard,” you’ll get rid of that degenerated half-breed Indian Roger Moe, and then your troubles are over (or maybe they’re just beginning).  Well, anyway, the rest of you, who aren’t adopted Indians and wanna-be’s, have a nice day.
My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619, and my telephone number is (218) 679-3984.                                                                      Wub-e-ke-niew

3901.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1996). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Governor Arne Carlson is “firmly opposed to any increase” in Minnesota’s poverty-level minimum wage ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Governor Arne Carlson is “firmly opposed to any increase” in Minnesota’s poverty-level minimum wage, according to the Tuesday, February 20 Minneapolis Star Tribune.  (If Arne thinks the minimum wage is that great, he should be paid $4.25 an hour for being Governor.)  The Strib also reported that Republicans explained the increase would put rural businesses at a “competitive disadvantage.”  But, rural businesses are not all small businesses, and some of the “rural businesses” which pay minimum wage are major, multi-national corporations.  The minimum wage for small-town Ma-and-Pa stores which have a high school kid helping out after school is one thing, and a livable-wage minimum wage law which exempted rural businesses with less than ten employees could be fair.  But big businesses which sell stock on the New York Stock Exchange paying the minimum wage to their 39-hours-per-week (and no benefits) employees, and million-dollar bonuses to top-level executives, is exploitation—sanctioned by the State, and subsidized by tax breaks for the wealthy and condoned with meager poverty-programs for the “working poor.”  But, then again, the imported European Capitalist, Communist, Socialist, etc. philosophies advocate the concepts, “greed is good” and “exploitation is healthy,” although the people who are being exploited have never had a forum to air their grievances and broadcast how they feel about it.

BLOWING SMOKE: Since Grassroots Party leader Arlin Troutt’s eloquent speech at his conviction on drug charges, the controversy over the Government’s role in “morality legislation” has become more public.  If the government is using selective prohibition to “protect the citizenry,” why don’t they also prohibit sugar, tobacco, coffee, chemical food additives and alcohol other than untaxed moonshine and Crazy Horse Malt Liquor.  I detect a more than a hint of hypocrisy—it looks like the Great White Father is using drug laws as social engineering: to keep the class system intact, to tear apart inner-city communities, to divert attention away from the shenanigans and rip-offs done by the elite and their henches the “democratic leaders,” and to make money for the good ol’ boys through economic opportunities created by the criminal justice system (like sweetheart prison contracts).
In the 1960’s, some of the Hippie Generation used a mild form of marijuana as a religious sacrament.  The Generals in the Drug War are afraid that a new religion will become formalized, something like the “Peyote Cult” of the Native American Church.  If prohibition continues, that’s probably what will happen... schisms from the Grassroots Party could form outdoor churches and little cults like “Rope-a-Dope,” “Heap-Big-Smoke (but no fire),” and “The Congregation of the Church of Good Shit,” to name a few.  The Good Christians use alcohol as a sacred drug, burn incense, and have canonized some far out visions described in their Bible, so this kind of “new religion” would be Constitutionally protected.
Marijuana is a medicinal herb, and like all medicines (even aspirin), can be abused.  Just as the British promoted opium abuse in China, and rauwolfia in the water supply in India, the U.S. Government is tacitly promoting certain kinds of drug abuse to keep non-white communities subjugated in a re-run of the same kinds of exploitive colonial thinking that they’ve been using for centuries.  The present prohibition “drug laws” are intended to create criminal behavior and social disintegration—and to fragment communities into powerless nuclear families.

THE “GOOD GUYS:” According to the social science textbook, Theories of Deviance, edited by Stuart H. Traub and Craig B. Little, “Crime is a definition of behavior that is conferred on some persons by others.  Agents of the law (legislators, police, prosecutors and judges), representing segments of a politically organized society, are responsible for formulating and administering criminal law.  Persons and behaviors, therefore, become criminal because of the formulation and application of criminal definitions.  Thus, crime is created.  ... Crime is not inherent in behavior, but is a judgement made by some about the actions and characteristics of others. ... Crime is seen as a result of a process which culminates in the defining of persons and behaviors as criminal.  It follows, then, that the greater the number of criminal definitions formulated and applied, the greater the amount of crime. ... Criminal definitions describe behaviors that conflict with the interests of the segments of society that have the power to shape public policy.” [emphasis theirs]
From an Ahnishinahbæótjibway perspective, many of the actions and values of these powerful “segments of society” are those of criminal con-artists.  If the European culture and values which have been imposed on this Continent had been balanced and harmonious, then the Europeans would have never had to cut themselves off from their roots and leave their homeland.

 BROWNSHIRTS: Using innuendos and allegations, the young Republicans are demolishing each other with “negative campaigning;” the anonymous alligators need to come forward and act responsibly.  When all the bashing is done, and the primary melée is over, will there be anybody left?  How about Newt?
To solidify his constituents in the New Hampshire primaries, perennial presidential candidate and former Nixon speechwriter Pat Buchanan reluctantly suspended militant right-winger Larry Pratt, who was adept at rabble-rousing, and getting out the riff-raff and redneck vote.  Four years ago, Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and neo-Nazi David Duke was suspended by the Republicans, and because of his “tainted blood” suddenly dropped out of politics and went back to selling insurance in the Aryan Nation.  Both parties want the reactionary vote, but don’t want their enthusiastic public support or “kiss-of-death” endorsements.
Buchanan is extremely sensitive to the mood of the disenfranchised lower classes, and is effectively promoting issues which attract and motivate them.  But, he is also attracting another element—and creating scapegoats to blame for the economic woes of blue-collar workers.  Remember the last time such a charismatic and expedient leader got involved in politics: the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s was accelerated by his apparent sympathy to the woes created by high German unemployment, and the urgent need for scapegoats to protect the upper classes and motivate the working people.
Can you hear the faint cadence of hob-nailed jackboots marching through the distant night on cobblestones, to the strains of Richard Wagner.  They say that music “soothes the savage beast,” but Wagner’s is a wake-up call for the beast; it stirs nationalism and ethnic cleansing, pseudo-morality based on judging others—creating unhappy groups and thus legitimizing hate.
As long as the Westerners are prisoners of their hierarchical, disconnected and violent language, their history will continue to repeat itself.  Rodney King said, “why can’t we all get along?”  But then again, it’s not a level playing field.

My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619.

3902.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Greetings and hello to all of you peasants and you immigrants, and boozhoo to all you Indians, eh.  When Mike Tyson telephoned Ross Perot, what did Perot say? ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Greetings and hello to all of you peasants and you immigrants, and boozhoo to all you Indians, eh.  When Mike Tyson telephoned Ross Perot, what did Perot say?
NICOTINE FITS:  This year, the city of Bemidji is celebrating its Centennial.  For sixty of the past hundred years, since 1937, Paul Bunyan has been standing on the western shores of Lake Bemidji.  This rugged individual, who was the first mercenary and eco-terrorist for the paper mills and lumber companies who lobby in Washington, D.C., has been the icon of Bemidji, and a role model for the local youth who wanted to grow up to be lumberjacks like Paul Bunyan.  Now, the timber is gone, clearcut, but Paul still continues to influence children: he has a pipe in his mouth continually.
Rumor has it that Bemidji High School has installed surveillance cameras throughout the school neighborhood to apprehend students smoking on their lunch break, and the State is stepping up enforcement (and creating crime where there is no crime) by “carding” would-be tobacco purchasers and running expensive “sting” operations.  It seems like they’re spending an awful lot of money—and prohibition just makes illicit products seem more desirable.  The guys who are using tobacco prohibition for their own gain, making unnecessary laws to enhance their own employment, are con artists, and they should be in jail.  If they really cared about public health, they would be focussing on big polluters instead of on mickey-mouse issues and scapegoating tobacco.  They’ve already castrated Babe the Blue Ox, so the pillars of Bemidji might as well take away Paul’s symbol of manhood, his pipe, so he’s not a big example of filthy, rotten, dirty habits.
DOUBLESPEAK: The discussions about the Boundary Waters “wilderness” have reached an impasse, and so the final settlement will be hashed out in Washington, D.C.  Those of us who have dealt with Washington on a long-term basis know what that means.  The spin departments for the timber industry are already planting “trial balloons,” including improbable stories about how the ecosystems work, into the media.  Among the rationales that they’re testing for public acceptance are the “global warming” and the end-of-the world theories: that the BWCA is at the “southern boundary of the conifer forest area”—it never used to be, until the immigrant European lumberjacks came in here and cut down the rest of the pine forests.  In another year or so, the paper mills will try to persuade the public to cut down the forests in the BWCA because the forests will “die anyway” from global warming and pollution, so they might as well cut down the forests so the trees aren’t “wasted.”  Another corporate fable is that the trees in old-growth forests are “too crowded,” and “sound management” requires that they cut down two out of three trees to “make room” for the remaining trees.  The part of this fairy story that they don’t tell you is that this is the next step in demolishing the entire ecosystem: cutting down the few stands of old-growth which remain on this continent, replacing them with “tree farms,” and then telling the public that there are “more trees” than there were five hundred years ago.  What they don’t say is that these “more trees” are only about three inches tall, and in sickly, chemical-laden tree farms—like the modern agricultural cornfields with nothing but dead birds in them.
Looking beyond the doublespeak, the English language tells me what they’re going to do.  I’m making a prediction and a prophecy: the entire Boundary Waters Canoe Area is going to be destroyed: cut down, logged off, and “developed,” and the animals will be driven into extinction.  Your European English language is out of balance with nature, with yourselves, and with reality.  Even if God came down and performed a miracle, the BWCA will still go into extinction—the bottom line for the White man is making money, and the English language is filled with blueprints for exploiting women, nature ... and everything else.  That’s why the Euro-Americans left Europe and gave themselves a new name (although they kept their old criminal values).
LAND OF THE FREE: In a Strib “Counterpoint” editorial on August second, attorneys for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People quoted from a NAACP position paper stating that, “segregation was and is tied inextricably to the ideology of white supremacy.”  The NAACP proposes battling the consequences of white supremacist thinking in the courts, as well as in “state legislatures and executive mansions, before boards of education and councils of local governments, with local businesses and civic organizations, and last but not least, with parents and students.”  All of these proposed NAACP “battlegrounds” are White institutions, including the NAACP, which, if it was all Black, wouldn’t be “colored.”  If they’re expecting to win “justice” with their battles, they’re in for a big disappointment.  There’s another institution, called “repeat after me, ‘our father who art in heaven,’” but that’s a dead-end White institution, too.
Dealing with problems created by White institutions inside of the context of these institutions isn’t going to solve the problems of racism and “race relations,” nor the hierarchical apartheid which is embedded in the English language.  If Euro-American language was not inherently apartheid, both the White immigrants and the descendants of their Black slaves would not be here—they would still be at home, taking care of their “motherlands” and their “fatherlands” in Europe and Africa.
Violence is a part the un-natural makeup of cultural and religion of Western Civilization, and is inherent in the English language.  It amuses me, when the Euro-Americans create all kinds of different religions, political parties and other institutions, and then fight about them.  They are stuck in the violence, abstract unreality and stupidity of their language.  If the NAACP and other organizations looking for social justice are serious about wanting change, they need to look beyond “race relations,” which is a White institution created by the language, and take a damn’ good hard look at the violence and oppression in the pathologically unbalanced English language.

Perot said, “Go ahead, Mike, I’m all ears.”  Y’all have a good day, eh.

My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619, and my telephone number is (218) 679-3984.

3903.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Greetings and hello to all of you peasants and you immigrants, and boozhoo to all you Indians, eh.  Achtung! to you Germans and sainted Germans ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Greetings and hello to all of you peasants and you immigrants, and boozhoo to all you Indians, eh.  Achtung! to you Germans and sainted Germans.

ONE NATION UNDER JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY: According to the Metro/State section of the August 14 Star Tribune, TV evangelist Robert Schuller was convicted for assault on a United Airlines flight attendant.  In my book, We Have The Right to Exist, I write about the violence of the Christians’ religion.  In St. Mary’s Mission School at Redlake, and in other boarding schools across the country, run by the U.S. Government and the religious reich, indigenous children were beaten daily in the name of God and civilization, so that we would become numb and immune to the violence which saturates the White man’s culture.  Now, people are concerned about the violence in Euro-American culture, about the daily gunshots and murders which are a part of Euro-American urban life.  They keep pointing fingers and blaming television as causing the violence.  Instead of blaming the symptoms, they need to go to the source: male violent language and the western religion that it molds, are the cause of their violence, and what about the Branch Davidians at Waco?  The surro-great white mother (acting on behalf of the Great White Father) burned up all of those little children to “protect” them.

TIGHT SHOES (if the shoe fits, wear it): My name is Wub-e-ke-niew.  That other name was given to my father in the Mission School by racist Christians, to destroy my people’s real identity.  My father was the first generation with the name “Blake,” and using that derogatory “Indian” name is an insult, a human rights violation, disgusting and obscene.  I have my identity—and I am not a European and I am not an Indian or a “Native American.”  The Indians, who were brought onto my land by the White man, call me “Blake” just like their racist full-White relatives do, because the Indians are hiding from their genocidal history like the rest of the immigrants.  When you claim to own stolen property, you are just as guilty as the people who murdered to steal it.
Hitler learned from the Americans, the British, and other European colonizing nations, how to commit genocide and other vile human rights violations.  These perversions remain embedded in Western European thought, and are still a part of Euro-American language, culture and tradition.  In this beginning of this century, United States Senator Albert Beveridge spoke for the mainstream when he addressed Congress: “We will not renounce our part in the mission of our race, trustee, under God, of the civilization of the world.  And we will move forward to our work ... with gratitude for a task worthy of our strength, and thanksgiving to Almighty God that He has marked us His chosen people, henceforth to lead in the regeneration of the world... Mr. President, this question is deeper than any question of party politics; deeper than any question of isolated policy of our country even; deeper even than any question of constitutional power.  It is elemental.  It is racial.  God has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and idle self-contemplation and self-admiration.  No!  He has made us the master organizers of the world to establish system where chaos reigns.  He has given us the spirit of progress to overwhelm the forces of reaction throughout the earth.  He has made us adept in government that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples.  Were it not for such a force as this the world would relapse into barbarism and night.  And of all our race He has marked the American people to finally lead in the regeneration of the world.  [Such garbage—they didn’t take care of their land in Europe, and they still don’t know how to take care of the land here.]  This is the divine mission of America, and it holds for us all the profit, all the glory, all the happiness possible for man.”  By “man,” Beveridge and his cohorts meant the invading European white man, and not even their own women.
If anyone is looking for the Third Reich, all they have to do is look at their own Euro-American history—where did you come from, and what are you doing here?  The indigenous people of this continent did not invade Europe or anywhere else.  The European invaders and their Indian descendants have been on this continent for five hundred years, and they are behaving in a way that gives pigs a bad name: polluting everything, killing people and sending entire ecosystems into extinction.  All you have to do is look at Red Lake—the fish are gone, and the forests have been cut down by wanna-be Indians who have European values and are a part of the Euro-American parasitic culture.
Racism is a European concept, and it always has been.  It’s embedded in the European languages in order to justify stealing, enslaving people, dehumanizing and domesticating them, and taking away their real identity.  There were no “Indians” on this continent until the Europeans got here—the artificial Indian identity was created by the Europeans and Euro-Americans as a part of their racist culture, and it continues to be funded by the White good ol’ boys who run “America.”  The darker-skinned children of White men were called Indians because these Whites were so racist they excluded their own children from their community.  These Indians, who all have a White patriline, were used by their fathers’ people to destroy indigenous people and our permaculture, and to hide the near-total genocide of my Ahnishinahbæótjibway people.
The “one drop of black blood” rule segregates people.  Madame Albright points to Chinese “human rights violations,” but what about her own back yard?  The “black blood” rule remains enforced to this day, with Indians (whose ancestors were categorized as “mulattos” 137 years ago) classified down to 1/508th non-White blood quantum, and “federal recognition” of Indians based on this fictitious “blood quantum” and controlled by the White government.  Indian “sovereignty” is a part of this Euro-American apartheid, in which the lily-Whites keep all of the power and segregate their relatives who are a darker shade of White, into dependency as a part of a feudal class structure.  And, you want me to be a part of that civilized society by calling me “Blake.”  No thank you!
If the indigenous people here had been civilized like the Europeans, we would have killed Christopher Columbus—he would never have landed.  I don’t need to be civilized, and I don’t need a “soul,” because I don’t condone slavery.  Western civilization is a slave society, and I do not want to be a part of it.  By refusing to recognize me as an indigenous person of this land, the language of the invaders and their heirs like c.e. saint germaine, tells me that they want to continue creating the American Reich, dripping with the blood of my people.  And, stay away from me, saint—the further people like you stay away, the better I like it: in your arrogant self-righteousness, you have bad “manifest destiny” vibes.
“Racial purity” is an illusion and a con job, and “peace” is just another word for continual violence.  The people of Western Civilization have been mongrelized by the rape of war-and-peace ever since their violent society began.  There is no such thing as race, but there is a class system.  The egalitarian indigenous people of this continent did not have either “race” or “social class,” but we had family, the Dodem, which is my identity.  This has nothing to do with “race.”  As a diatribe-writer in last week’s Native American Press/Ojibwe News observed somewhat less than compassionately, I am among the last of my people.  All of my relatives of my Dodems were massacred in the genocide against my people.  They are gone.  To label my remembrance of my relatives who were killed in the continent-wide holocaust of half a millennium, as “racism” is bad manners and no respect, as well as being active complicity in the coverup of the White man’s perverted philosophy of “my brother’s keeper” which is an euphemism for genocide.  When I reach down into the soil, when I touch Grandmother Earth, the bones of my ancestors for hundreds of millennia are right here.  My Indodemian may be dead, but I am not alone.  I am still connected to the Earth here.
There was never any genocide against the Indians, because they all have European patrilines—those who were killed, were murdered in fratricide (like Cain and Abel) by their own father’s people for economic reasons, greed.  Both miscegenation and primogeniture were used to disinherit the White man’s children: “race” is a part of the White man’s economic system and class structure.  That’s why the Indians never talk about genocide of the Indian people, and they’re not going to.  And, they never admit to the genocide of the indigenous people, because they are in complicity with it.
According to the Christian calendar, we stand at the threshold of a new millennium.  Some Indians write about their “venture into the next millennium,” because they are a part of the invader’s Christian system.  What I have to say to them is: if you want to create a decent future for your next generations, you had better talk a long, hard look at your history, if you can.  But, you are caught up in the Euro-Americans’ language, you are into denial, you are a foreigner to this land and it still terrifies you where you haven’t completely trashed it, beaten it into submission and domesticated it—like in the BWCA, where the land is still a reflection of my ancestors’ language.  Even if you cut down every tree, become a tree farmer, and said there was “nothing here” but what you created, you would still be a stranger to this land.  Because of your alienation with everything here, you refuse to say my indigenous name, Wub-e-ke-niew.  I am among the very last of my people, and I will not vanish in silence—you will not get away with your “perfect crime” of stealing this content.  American imperialism and the Third Reich have the same roots and the same values.  You aren’t afraid of the Thousand Year Reich—you already have that, and after more than a five hundred years on this continent, you’re more than half done.  It can’t last, and projecting your immoral values and guilty fears onto me will change nothing: Euro-America had a beginning, and it will also have an end.  And, until you face reality, the violence of the American Reich will circle back around on you, again and again and again.
You need to be cleansed of some of your ignorant illusions, c.e. saint germaine—a golden shower to you, eh.  And the rest of you have a good day.

My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619, and my telephone number is (218) 679-3984.

3904.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Greetings, pilgrims! And to the rest of the descendants of the Western European immigrants, I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Greetings, pilgrims! And to the rest of the descendants of the Western European immigrants, I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday while celebrating your “independence” in the Land of the Free, and violently pursuing your traditionally elusive happiness.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: The good upstanding, moral citizens of California have enacted an unconstitutional Proposition which denies all government services to illegal aliens, a foreign kind of discrimination against immigrants based on date of arrival—the second sons of the old European blue-bloods didn’t have green cards, either, and the U.S. Constitution is a European immigrants’ document based on imported Roman and English law.  The recent undocumented immigrants pay more than their fair share of taxes, and subsidize the economic system in California with wages which are far below the poverty level.  The fruit growers and other agribusinesses welcome these so-called illegal aliens with open arms and pats on the back, exploiting their cheap labor, and then, when the crops are harvested, instead of receiving unemployment compensation or social security, the I.N.S. has a big roundup, fines the workers a hefty percentage of their earnings, and deports them back south of the border using firearms and batons (clubs).  So much for “affirmative action” for the most recent immigrants without green cards.
Affirmative action has been touted to “disadvantaged minorities” as redressing the legacy of centuries of discrimination.  A very few Uncle Toms, Uncle Tomahawks and some Aunt Jemimahs and Pocahantases got middle-class jobs as tokens under affirmative action, which maintains the status quo—it was not designed to assimilate or desegregate the good ol’ WASP boys’ economic system.  The people who have benefitted from the last three decades of affirmative action are the white businessmen, including consultants, federal contractors, and office supply companies.  Under Affirmative Action, the big corporations get wealthier and minority employees have less take-home pay than they used to—for the working people, nothing’s adjusted for inflation and never will be.
Affirmative action has been an unwritten law for a long time, under other names.  In one example of affirmative action, the self-proclaimed upper class labelled their lower class “White trash,” and used them to do the carpetbaggers’ and squatters’ dirty work: the K.K.K. dressed in white robes and carried crosses in the south.  In the north, affirmative action was promoted by White squaw-men carry ing crosses and dressed in Black Robes, who segregated the French “[clearcut] Jackpine Savages” and sawed-off “Burnt Stumps” from the allegedly “civilized” WASPS, laying the foundation for what’s now called “Indian [quasi-] Sovereignty” (held in trust for their Indian wards by the United States Government).  The mixed message is an illusion, a dichotomy of slogans: “Church and State are Separate,” but “In God We Trust;” greenbacks pack a bigger clout than green cards, and blood runs thicker than water.  Any Affirmative Action program designed by the WASP elite is going to benefit nobody else, but it turns Congressional politicians into rabid demagogues and provides the White lower classes and riffraff with an expedient scapegoat.
GET GOVERNMENT OFF OUR BACKS: There has been much ballyhoo, by people who made their fortunes and social position from Anglo government give-aways (including four centuries of pork-barrel distribution of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ property), to “get Government off our backs.”  Just the other night, television news featured cry-baby American auto makers whimpering about not having a “level playing field” for selling shoddy, left-hand drive, gas-hog cars in the islands of Japan (maybe they’re hoping that if they send enough Detroit-irons over there, they’ll sink those tiny islands and their competition along with it).  The elite who is urging the American public to “get government of your backs” is subsidized by American public taxpayers though the gas taxes, energy programs, trade stipends, etc., etc.  But, in the good old American Tradition of greed, they want more!  They’re asking Government to get on somebody else’s back, and nuke the Japanese if they don’t agree to buy an Affirmative Action quota of American cars.
GROUNDWATER: The electric companies are spraying an incestuous close cousin to Agent Orange on the power-line right-of-ways east of the Reservation.  Poison is poison, and what they’re spraying to kill the plants is also killing the birds, insects, deer and what’s left of the vanishing species that comprise the wildlife in the Northwoods (whoops, I meant Northbrush—it’s all been clearcut) of Northern Minnesota.  The herbicides also get into the surface water and the groundwater—instead of providing summer jobs cutting brush, the electric companies are creating a time bomb for future generations.  NASA is promoting its space program, but the utility companies have another space program all their own—they are completely disconnected from Grandmother Earth, out of balance and in disharmony.
I.R.A. NEWS: The Big Indians are gearing up for the White man’s colonial Democracy (presented to the public as “Tribal Elections”), and the Real Chip-away politicos are jockeying around, playing Indian in a context of French feudalism.  One-term Chief Gerald Brun is gone, and after only two years in office it looks like Bobby Whitefeather will be another One-term Chief unless the Democratic Party pulls off a miraculous feat of ballot-box stuffing and raising the dead.  Judy Roy has political ambitions, and is maneuvering to become Chieftainess.  Bobby Whitefeather, run like a Deer (but not to Ada)—there’s another Mankiller here, and she’s not from Oklahoma.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3905.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1996). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Greetings, pilgrims and immigrants.   Just about everybody survived the big cold spell during the first week of February, and they’re still here...  Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Greetings, pilgrims and immigrants.   Just about everybody survived the big cold spell during the first week of February, and they’re still here... but cars wouldn’t start, water pipes were frozen up, school busses were running late and one day the schools were closed by the Governor because it was too cold.  In fact, he kept the children home, but he made their moms go to work, leaving the children home alone or their mothers desperately looking for child-care.  What he should have done is given moms the day off, with pay.  The Western European nuclear family structure leaves people extremely vulnerable—with an egalitarian extended family, there wouldn’t have been such a problem.

SOVEREIGNTY: The 1957 Webster’s dictionary defines apartheid as “the policy of strict racial segregation and discrimination against the native Negroes and other colored peoples as practiced in the Union of South Africa” [U.S.A.].  When applied to non-European people, any Western European ideology, such as capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy, and big organized religion, is also de facto apartheid.  U.S.A. Indian law and Indian reservation “sovereignty” is the pattern of segregation upon which the Europeans based their South African apartheid; this kind of exploitive and dehumanizing relationship to indigenous peoples is an integral part of Western European colonial thinking and ideology.  The resulting tremendous injustices to both the people and the land can’t be fixed with human rights activism or civil rights movements; affirmative action won’t do it and neither will raising the minimum wage.  Instead of dealing with the problems of apartheid/Indian “sovereignty” on a case-by-case symptomatic level (and thereby entrenching the system), people who are sincere about wanting to fix the problems need to scrutinize the English language, Western hierarchical values and linear thinking, and the fragmentation of society created by nuclear families.

WELFARE REFORM: I drove by the State Capital last week, when the Legislature was in session, and all I could smell was pork.  Many of the lobbyists and vested interests were hurrying and scurrying around to get their fair share of the Tax Dollars and Tax Breaks, looking for government subsidies for their businesses and investments, and at the same time crying out for “welfare reform,” “tax breaks” and “get government off our backs.”  So, what’s the beef?  Social workers, case-workers and Human Services administrators get a far more comfortable standard of living from the Welfare system than their scapegoated clients do.  The problem is crooked English.  The upper and middle classes are “subsidized” by pork; it’s only the poor who get “welfare,” and only the powerless, many of them excluded as societal classes from the mainstream economic system, who are socially sanctioned for being poor.
But, from an Ahnishinahbæótjibway perspective, the whole country is on “welfare”—the Western European immigrants have been on welfare subsidized by Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ resources and property for the past five hundred years, and our wealth is just about gone.  Plundering our land is why many of the European immigrants left their homeland—they didn’t take care of the land they left, and they’re not taking care of this land, either.  They act as though they have no roots and no responsibility for their own future generations... here today and gone tomorrow, highly mobile fly-by-night people who only know how to sing “patriotic” songs like “this land is your land, this land is my land” as they leave a ruined ecosystem behind them, such as the abandoned iron ore pits which once provided “jobs, jobs, jobs” that are now “gone, gone, gone.”
WHITE PINE: According to a staff editorial in the February 8 Minneapolis Star Tribune, another endangered species is the White Pine.  A 1913 botanical reference book describes the typical White Pine (Pinus strobus) as being 225 feet tall, and about 33 feet around the trunk—leaving a stump 10 and a half feet across.  In 1980, the Minnesota D.N.R. published a pamphlet describing the biggest trees in Minnesota and in the U.S.A.  The largest remaining White Pine in the entire state of Minnesota is part of a puny remnant of the magnificent Ahnishinahbæótjibway old-growth forests which were once here—in Sec. 16-143-36 at Itasca Park.  This D.N.R.-proclaimed “champion” tree is about 4½ feet in diameter, and only 112 feet tall.  After more than a century of corporate welfare granted to the logging companies, the largest White Pine remaining in the entire United States is a dwarf and a runt, less than half the size of the typical tree at the turn of the century: a “record-making” tree in Maine which is 5.8 feet in diameter, and only 147 feet tall.
Rather than scrutinizing their own history, including the U.S. Government’s using guns and violence to give away the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land and resources (which kept the U.S. budget balanced for a century—in 1890 there was a multi-million dollar budget surplus resulting from the sale of White Pine and unallotted Aboriginal land), the Star Tribune quotes un-named sources blaming hungry deer for devouring the White Pine, writing that deer are attracted to the “soft, silky needles ... like bees to flowers.”  The ecology is has been plundered to the point that it’s totally out of balance, and the vast cedar swamps where the deer herds used to winter are a vanished ecosystem, either logged off or flooded into extinction by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other “water management” agencies under the immigrant Western Europeans’ apartheid administration.  The deer herds are no longer balanced, as they are supposed to be, by wolves, and if hungry deer nibble on White Pine, it’s because they don’t have anything else to eat—their natural food supply is gone.  A moratorium on cutting White Pines is a very good idea—they should have done it a hundred years ago, before the ecosystem was destroyed ... they should put a moratorium on their greed at the same time.  Forests are not a renewable resource, and the Ahnishinahbæótjibway’s permacultural base and beautiful old-growth forests were a completely different thing than the ugly caricature and ecological farce of “tree farms,” which are not forests at all.  Translating crooked English, Western European “resource management” really means “subsidizing the rich” and “managing to destroy everything.”

PRECINCT CAUCUSES: The Presidential hopefuls, perennial candidates and Rushist clowns have been providing comic relief in the Iowa winter for the past several months, self-righteously promoting volatile and contradictory issues (such as abortion and teen-age pregnancies), attacking the nuclear family and creating public frenzy for the media poll-cats who specialize in “interpreting” [molding] public opinion.  Webster’s dictionary defines “polled” as “with the wool, hair, etc., cut off or trimmed,” but it’s more like fleecing the flock and pulling the wool over their eyes.

ACHY BREAKY HEART: When Ed Gheen of Wisconsin was arrested for his violent crimes, he told the sheriff, “Aw, have a heart.”
On Valentine’s day, did Cupid put an arrow in your heart?  Caveat emptor.  Be good, and if you can’t be good, be careful.

My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619.

3906.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): “Hey, Chief!”  “Hey ... Indian!”  “Can you make it rain?”  “Ugh!  Do you live in a tee-pee?” ...  Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: “Hey, Chief!”  “Hey ... Indian!”  “Can you make it rain?”  “Ugh!  Do you live in a tee-pee?”  “Can you make a fire by rubbing two sticks together ... do you use smoke-signals? ... How much wampum you got?  ... You smokum peace-pipe? ... You got-um fat squaw? ... “  These are all stereotypes and projections which promote the mythological identity of “Indian.”
It wasn’t too long ago that the professional Indians in Minneapolis got national media attention by speaking against the racist mascots of the big-league sports teams, as well as of the schools.  Now these professional Indians have a new theme, “save the Indian culture.”  Bleeding-heart White liberals [another stereotype] are riding shotgun for the Big-Bucks Indians who make a living promoting the Indian images of the moment: save the Chippewa language; shake-the-sweat-lodge shamans; and Wellstone and Inouye’s cult of Indian Religion.  The crooked Treaties of the last century excluded the Aboriginal Indigenous people—the only religion at the Treaty meetings was Judeo-Christianity.  Friend-of-the-Indian Bishops prayed over the Treaty participants and their stereotypes, and then they began preying on the Aboriginal Indigenous people, and the Good Christians haven’t stopped.  The Indian Freedom of Religion Act legislation currently under consideration by the United States Senate is one more attempt to unilaterally draw the Aboriginal Indigenous people under the jurisdiction of racist Roman Law and Judeo-Christianity.
During the mascot-stereotype protests at the Hubert Humphrey stadium, B.I.A. Big Chief Earl “Vouchers” Barlow sat in a skybox doing the Tomahawk chop, while the other Wanna-be Indian leaders used the Atlanta Braves’ Indian symbols to feather their own nests, and these clowns also dressed up as caricatured painted, beaded and feathered Indians for the national media.  The National Indian Leaders were not addressing the needs of the people in the Red Ghettos—they were following the agenda of the National Council of Churches and the other people who were funding them, promoting racism and scapegoating so that their exalted leaders would retain their position in the hierarchy.
The reality of U.S. history is that the Euro-Americans have all but destroyed the Aboriginal Indigenous cultures of these two continents, and what is being promoted is now as “Chippewa” is a White man’s re-interpretation which has nothing to do with the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  The Indian stereotypes which are being so obligingly portrayed by Wanna-Be Indians insulate the people of the mainstream immigrant culture from facing the heinous genocide of more than a billion Aboriginal Indigenous people, and the other atrocities of Western European civilization.  When a White Wanna-be gets a racist, stereotypical question like, “can you make it rain,” that Wanna-be takes it as a compliment, “I’ve finally arrived, because that [other] White person thinks I’m an real Indian.”  These Wanna-be Indians are the ones who actively promote degrading and demeaning stereotypes of Aboriginal Indigenous people.  The Wanna-be’s who so desperately crave the artificial identity of Indian may not realize that all stereotypes—no matter how complimentary they may seem—have another side, and provide an easy avenue for scapegoating, etc.  Stereotyping and labelling also make it almost impossible to deal with the underlying causes of the racism that they portray.
The narrow world-view of which Roman Law is a part, depends on an artificial hierarchy sustained by self-serving illusions like scapegoating and stereotyping.  The world has reached the point where we can no longer afford to waste the human resources which are destroyed by racism, stereotyping, and other vicious illusions.  Whether it’s nappy-headed papooses eating watermelons, Amos ‘n Andy, drug-dealer gangsters or Ten Little Indians, the time has come to trash these obsolete stereotypes.  If racism and other hierarchical insults make you feel good—take a long look in the mirror, you should really have a good laugh.
According to the Sunday, July 17, Bemidji Pioneer, there are only fourteen “taxpayers” on the Red Lake Reservation, and they all live in Redby.  The article quotes Superintendent Schmidt, “We have to rely on state and federal funding.  The impact aid supplements the state aid we receive.  The idea behind the funding is that it is designed for Indian reservations because of no tax base.”  This sounds like pork barrel, doesn’t it?  Someone slopping at the public trough, and all of those lazy Indians are on welfare, eh?
Well ... who gets the high-paying jobs?  Hey, who gets the contracts and sub-contracts them out at a big profit?  Since the Treaties, compulsory Indian school-education has provided lucrative jobs for the White community, paid for out of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples resources.  Where are the billions of dollars of supposed “Indian money?”  Where is it actually spent?  Would the town whose mascot is the original ecocidal resource thief and his Big Blue Ox (and that other wooden Indian down the block, shading his eyes looking for graft and hand-outs) have any economic base, not to mention a “tax base,” if it were not for Ahnishinahbæótjibway land and natural resources?
There is a certain in-group of Whites who are using Indians as a get-rich-quick economic system.  As wards of the government under Trusteeship, Indians have no political clout, and have always been exploited by unscrupulous Whites.  The latest shakedown about Red Lake School funding obscures the real issue, which is compulsory school education as child-abuse, again.  The “good students” at the Red Lake Schools are being trained to be pow-wow Indian mascots for the White man, drumming up business for the tourist industry and the rest of the regional White infrastructure.  Can you imagine what will happen to one of these kids when they try to apply for a real job at a big corporation, and they have to fill out their resume: “I speakum Chippewa ... wear feathers and heap-many beads and do-um pow-wow dancing ... Ugh, me Indian!”  According to the grapevine, the programs which are going to get cut in the recent “budget crunch” are the ones which actually give the kids access to some real job skills: transportation outside the red-lined I.S.D. 38 into the “white” schools, and vocational education like welding and mechanics, which gives the students self-esteem and incentive to take on more responsibility, including continuing their education.
To all of you people who are hollering about the tax base and the “welfare mothers,” let’s have a Constitutional Amendment, to repeal the provisions that your White racist Founding Fathers wrote about “Indians not taxed”—and thereby without representation or Constitutional rights.  I’ll bet that the people who predictably raise the issues of “taxes” and “welfare mothers” every election, won’t get off their dead asses to help make a level playing field, where everybody has an equal chance to steal the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ wealth, and shares the illusion of the elusive pursuit of happiness.
To the Lakota woman who called me Sunday:  Thank you for the encouragement, but I can’t speak for you.  There are people in your community who can, and must, write your own history, and your own present perspective.  If the Whites and the Wanna-be’s try to assimilate into Aboriginal Indigenous culture, more than likely they’ll become better people, and show more responsibility for Grandmother Earth.  The problems come when “outsiders” try to act like Indians, who don’t know anything about the Aboriginal Indigenous people, either.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3907.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Honest Injun!  Former Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier, who helped design the 1934 I.R.A. which is the foundation of the present Indian Tribal Governments ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Honest Injun!  Former Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier, who helped design the 1934 I.R.A. which is the foundation of the present Indian Tribal Governments, described the so-called “breeds” and the Wanna-be’s who call themselves Indians and were created and written into the 1934 I.R.A. boilerplate by the U.S. Congress.  Because of their greed, Collier said that his Indians had a “white-plus psychology,” and worse.  These White-Plus Indians were given their mythological cheating identity by the White U.S. Government and its subsidiary bureaucracy the B.I.A., so they could be passed off as the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.  But, these Federally Recognized Indians are really Europeans who are ashamed of their White identity and where they came from.  They are using the facade of “Indians” to hide their history and disassociate from their past so that they and their masters can continue to steal.
According to news releases, on August 17, U.S. Attorney David Lillehaug announced that State Senator Harold “Skip” Finn and his cohort, Myron F. Ellis, have been charged with Federal Crimes.  Stealing from the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe is apparently not a State crime, so “Skip” Humphrey did not bring himself into the case brandishing Public Law 280.  “Skip” Finn wrote a letter published in the August 22 Bemidji Pioneer, explaining that “fictitious invoices had been requested by and approved by the [fictitious] Reservation Tribal Council,” meaning that his confessed “misapplication of tribal funds” is business as usual: stealing.  The Indian identity was designed by the Euro-Americans for the purpose of stealing (in the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, there is no word for Indian—it’s a White European term), and if the Attorney General’s office is going to indict “Skip” Finn, they had better start indicting all of the Indians who are posing as Aboriginal Indigenous People, because they are all in complicity with stealing.  The United States Government is using their Indians, who they created, to justify their theft of the land and resources, and to hide their atrocities, their holocaust of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and their rape of this Ahnishinahbæótjibway land.
GAMBLING AND CASINOS: The Monday, August 22, Star Tribune published an article about Indian Casinos by staffwriter Josephine Marcotty.  I tried to contact Rick Hill, Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association at (202) 546-7711, about some of the comments he was quoted as making, although the rregulators of Indian Gambling are in Congress.  NIGA did not return my call.  Rick Hill was quoted as saying, “white people do not have a monopoly on smarts,” and “sophistication is coming because of the dollars.  The money controls everything but religious freedom.”  [He did not mention the Christians’ collection plates.]  But, Rick Hill was given an identity as an Oneida Indian.  Rick Hill is not saying how smart the White people are, who have defined him as an Oneida Indian, and who gave him an Indian identity.
The White people also gave him Indian Gaming—and the White people run that, too.  We called one of the Casinos, trying to get the telephone number for the regulators of Indian Gaming, and nobody in the vast Casino bureaucracy the operator shuffled us through, would admit who was in charge, that there was such an agency as NIGA, or where their regulatory agencies were.  I suppose that they have to wait for orders from their bosses in Washington to tell anybody anything.
Rick Hill is also quoted as talking about “some” Oneida treaty, which, like all Indian Treaties, was made by White people signing Treaties with White people.  Who has the smarts?  Rick Hill wants to get some money for the land, but the White man is so smart he’s the one who prints the money, and he’s going to keep the land.  Mr. Hill, who has a White identity and unquestioningly takes orders from his White employers [slavery], is complaining about “White people” being “trespassers.”  Rick Hill is a White man’s Indian, a broker and a trespasser who doesn’t belong here, either.  What is it about White culture that makes White people run away from their patrilineal heritage and want to take on a different identity, even a shabby cheap imitation caricature like that of Wanna-Be Indian?
DRUGS AND TAXABLE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES:  Hubert “Skip” Humphrey III and his co-plaintiff Blue Cross Blue Shield are going after a big shake-down, of the tobacco industry—which because of corporate mergers, includes one of the biggest food-processing companies in the world.  But, H.H.H. III is biting the hand that feeds him—going after the tobacco companies on a State of Minnesota salary is a conflict of interest.  The State of Minnesota collects millions of dollars a year in tobacco taxes, sales taxes on tobacco products, etc.  Scapegoating tobacco, which makes a hefty involuntary contribution to the budget of “Skip” Humphrey, his staff and his pork, is mis-representing the problem.  If he wants the tobacco industry to subsidize the Clinton Health Plan, why not spread the responsibility fairly, and go after the alcohol industry?  What about the costly medical care for all of the people injured in automobile accidents—the only cigarettes that contributed to this extremely costly medical expense are “funny cigarettes”—and the Attorney General doesn’t have the guts to go collect the Minnesota State Marijuana Taxes, which are flagrantly evaded.  By neglecting the Marijuana Tax collection duties mandated by the Legislature, “Skip” is promoting funny cigarettes at the same time as he’s condemning tobacco.  State of Minnesota Law Enforcement personnel are presently collecting the Marijuana Tax under the table, in the form of confiscated vehicles and personal property, and through the court system.  If “Skip” collected the Marijuana Tax up-front and above-board, a significant percentage of the graft in the State of Minnesota would be eliminated, and the burden of health care would be distributed more evenly.  Eliminate hypocrisy—tax them all.  Closing the drug-tax loophole, which benefits only certain law-enforcement groups, would go a long way toward paying off the deficit.  But, when the federal unemployment statistics are compiled, is all drug-pushing counted as full employment, is it part-time employment, or are only the legally-approved dealers counted?
CLINTON’S CRIME BILL:  The crime bill that Clinton proposes has nothing to do with making the streets safer, or protecting people in their homes.  The Clinton Crime Bill is a publicly subsidized campaign for re-election: creating jobs for police officers, improving business for gun and ammunition manufacturers, and entrenching the American Police State that nobody talks about.  The Health Care Bill is an integral part of the Clinton Crime Bill—the people who get gunshot wounds in the festering class warfare of Urban America usually do not have medical insurance.  In fact, the levels of crime in the cities has nothing to do with the number of policemen—one could make everybody a uniformed policeman with a badge and a gun, and the crime rate would just keep on escalating (go ask the people who have received Rodney King police protection, or better yet, ask Mike Sauro).  Clinton’s Crime Bill is criminal because it promotes the deadly game of cops-and-robbers being played across the country, echoed in T.V. violence, and entrenches the G-Man-and-Mafia cult of violence which is one of the underlying problems.  The imported Euro-American value system depends on this violence: it is part of the infrastructure of their hierarchical Western European language, their songs, and their culture.
They used to say, “crime does not pay,” but it does.  Both sides are filled with greed.  The crooks and criminals who are elected to office, are the ones who define the petty criminals in the streets, and give them their abusive identities as crooks, hoods, kingpins and gangsters.  Their constituents deserve to live in fear—they got what they voted for, and apparently did not question the demo-publican propaganda that was spoon-fed to them.  In layman’s terms, Euro-American democracy is called “fleecing the flock, and pulling the wool over their eyes.”
MORE PORK: Thanks to the legislators who passed the Clean Air Act.  The hot-air politicians who are using taxpayer dollars to campaign for re-election are using sleight-of-hand to clear the air (but not the smell), and now we can all breathe Congressionally-approved, Federally-inspected Western-European-style Clean Air, delicately scented with Federally-safe levels of “particulate matter,” hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, etc., etc.  Cough, cough, ... choke, choke ... gasp, gasp ... a third-world rattle.
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3908.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1996). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): In the June elections at White Earth, held when Wadena’s four-year term was already out, Bugger McArthur won the contest ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: In the June elections at White Earth, held when Wadena’s four-year term was already out, Bugger McArthur won the contest for I.R.A. tribal chairman.  According to the constitution of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Inc., the legal term of office is four years, not four years and a day, or four years and a week—so, after the election, Wadena was out, he had no business hanging around the tribal offices.  If they wanted a transition period, they should have held the elections a month earlier.
Since taking office, Bugger has been a center of controversy, and many wanna-be candidates and sore losers are crying “foul ball,” and want a new election.  It appears that some of them want to get their sticky fingers into the coffers.  Chairman of the Sour Grapes Committee Chip Wadena has been complaining vigorously—he and his pals need to go to Camp Justice and spend the next four years having protests, signing petitions and sucking eggs.  Skip Finn said that the Indians are like “crabs in the bottom of a bucket,” when one almost gets to the top, everyone else drags him back into the bottom.  The White man owns the I.R.A. Indian tribal councils, created the Indian identity in his image of Machiavelli, and made back-biting and back-stabbing a part of the Indian culture.  To the newly elected Tribal Chairman—watch out for crooked arrows in your back.  If Jesus Christ came back and won as White Earth Tribal Chairman, there would be people at Camp Justice still hollering that it was a crooked election... they’d probably nail Him to the cross again.  Hmmm

HONEST BOB: According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the GOP Candidate “Reveals Economic Plan.”  One of the rules of thumb in politics is that when you’re behind in the polls, you always promise the electorate a tax break.  This sounds like one of the planks in Malcolm Forbe’s platform.  But then, come to think of it, Reagan and just about every other politician has used the old trick of buying people’s votes with their own money, including Clinton.  On one hand, they give you a tax break, but watch the other hand—the Federal Reserve takes twice as much away with inflation.  Inflation steals from everybody, and putting the money you save on “welfare reform” into more cops on the street is an oxymoron.  If they want to really solve social problems and address crime, why aren’t they arresting the guys on the Federal Reserve Board, who have their hands in everybody’s pocket.  Inflation has been stealing from you for years, and nobody says a damn’ thing.  I wonder if this is because the American public is into S&M?  Wait until Ears gets a hold of this newest rehash of a tired old economic plan.  Would you buy a car from “Honest Bob.”

BOUNDARY WATERS MOTORIZED AREA: Part of the “American Dream” is progress—destroying the old to make room for the new.  Other parts of this dream are a “high standard of living” (lots of material goods and recreation), and always remaining youthful (never growing up).  The Chosen People have been able to purchase ATV’s, motorboats, snowmobiles, airplanes... and now they want to really “have it all,” and come into the very last bit of relatively undamaged nature with their high-powered, noisy and ecologically destructive toys.  Because of the American emphasis on remaining “forever young,” they may not see themselves as they react in a very juvenile way, throwing tantrums as they drive through a fragile ecosystem with their new toys, wrecking it.  They’re just like bullies in a schoolyard.  After these spoiled brats’ toys damage the “pristine” nature of the B.W.C.A., skidders are not too far behind them, ready to engage in “multiple use,” flatten everything in 40 acres as they turn around, and load up the clearcut so the good ol’ boys can make money.  Why not make the people who are making the decisions accountable for the consequences, instead of letting them hide behind the faceless bureaucracies, acronyms and organizations.  For posterity, why not publish the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the people who want to destroy the Boundary Waters, as well as of those who want to save it.
In Northern Minnesota, Paul Bunyan was the first eco-terrorist—and he’s become an icon and a culture-hero.  Many people get their picture taken at the Bemidji monument to Paul Bunyan.  In the nearly lost oral history of the local lumberjacks and wood-butchers, there is a previously unpublished story about Paul Bunyan when he was in his logging camp.  It seems, he needed to hire some cheap labor to help him clearcut.  So, he hired a boatload of immigrants from Egypt and North Africa who had just crossed the Atlantic.  (These guys all looked like “Indians,” so they fit right in.)  When Paul was interviewing these job applicants, he asked them where they were from, and if they knew how to cut trees.  They told him that they came from the Sahara Forest.  Paul scratched his head, and then asked, “you mean the Sahara Desert?”  They replied, “that’s what they call it now.”  So Paul Bunyan hired the whole boatload on the spot.  Now, the aboriginal ecosystems, with natural forests and plentiful fish, are gone.  The tree farms that are “replacing” them are not in balance or harmony—since they cut the forests down, there are only a few fish left in the lakes.
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3909.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Indian taxes, again ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Notes: INDIAN TAXES, AGAIN: In Wednesday, June 18, staffwriter Pat Doyle published an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  According to the article, headlined “County to get a fraction of its request from tribe,” the Scott County board has “settled” for only two hundred thousand dollars a year from the Shakopee Sioux to pay for “road maintenance, law-enforcement and court costs related to the casino in Prior Lake.”  Is this an exclusionary rule, or is it an inclusionary one?  Is Scott County trying to tax the Sioux, is this an insurance policy, or is this just a plain old shakedown?
Bud Grant has been telling his fishing buddies that we’re all equal under the law, and that no group of people should have special privileges.  But, then again, that’s not how the U.S. Constitution (or the Declaration of Independence) reads.  Both in the fourteenth amendment, section 2, and in Article I, Section 2, Subsection 3, the U.S. Constitution clearly says, “excluding Indians not taxed.”  They put it there twice, so that you wouldn’t forget it.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs has spent years (ever since a few Indians finally became literate) trying to put spin on this clause, telling people (with a straight face and tongue in cheek) that this part of the U.S. Constitution means “sovereignty.”  But, the Founding Fathers referred to “merciless Indian savages” in their Declaration of Independence, so I doubt that they had “sovereignty” in mind, not even the “limited sovereignty” of “domestic dependent nations” (no matter how the BIA defines these crooked, ambiguous words).  What this slippery English, “excluding Indians not taxed,” really means, is not including Indians under the protections of the U.S. Federal Constitution—that Indians are Constitutionally prohibited from owning land or having representation in the U.S. Government.
Bud Grant is talking about a “level playing field,” but he’s not dealing with the facts.  Bud Grant has probably been out in the sun, fishing, too long, and he’s only thinking about hooking suckers.  Perhaps the time has come to repeal this little clause in the U.S. Constitution, especially now that President Clinton wants to address racism, or else to amend the Constitution, and to change the “ex” to “in.”  But, then again, instead of calling the Great White Fathers racist or apartheid, a person could give them the benefit of the doubt, and call this devious little phrase a “typo.”
I don’t know what the Scott County Commissioners are complaining about.  If they want to treat the Indians just like everybody else, instead of having the Indians pay special fees, they should just negotiate an in-lieu-of-property tax settlement.  To be fair, they could charge the Indians: the Scott County rate on the price that the White man claims to have paid for the land, from “the Indians.”  they used their own assessment of the price of the land, when they said they were paying for it, Scott County wouldn’t be entitled to one red penny from the “red man.”  They wouldn’t get anything, because even ten percent of nothing, still comes out zero.
POLITICKING: In the last election, President Clinton’s campaign slogan was “building bridges to the twenty-first century.”  I guess that a lot of people wanted to be bridge-builders, because he got elected.  But, Clinton and the Democratic Party didn’t let you in on the full details: that these are toll bridges, that they want to build.  You have to pay to get on, and you have to pay to get off.
On the other side of the aisle, Newt Gingrich has been censured by his colleagues—but he still has ambitions to become President.  He wants to forget about his shady past, his money-making schemes and good ol’ boy deals.  Bob Dole, who was defeated, has paid Newt’s fine, so Newt is hoping to start his Presidential campaign with a clean slate.  His new campaign slogan will be, “burning bridges.”
Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister who recently got elected into Parliament, his campaign slogan doesn’t make much sense.  His slogan was, “radical center.”  It got him elected, but does anybody know what it means, besides bamboozling people with socialist pork, or maybe just empty words?
FLOODGATES: The Army Corps of Engineers’ floodgates at the top of the Red River watershed are bulging at the seams.  I suppose they’re waiting for a drought, so that the sugar beet growers down in the floodplain will have water for irrigation.  But, there are other gates.
Twenty five years ago, Watergate was in the news.  The White House “plumbers” were trying to close the gates for the twenty-first century.  Since then, there have been a lot of other “gates” in this supposedly open society.  There was Iran-gate, and there was Whitewater-gate.  There’s Finn-gate, and then there’s Bill Gates.  Just recently, there was Heaven’s Gate.  In Minneapolis, developers are talking about building “Gated Communities” to protect the opulent from the unwashed masses ... and then you have prison gates.  Last but not least, there’s San Francisco’s Golden Gate.  Have a good day.
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3910.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Many of the blue-blood and the supposedly (self-proclaimed) upper-crust “old families” who immigrated to the land they call America, did not come here voluntarily. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Many of the blue-blood and the supposedly (self-proclaimed) upper-crust “old families” who immigrated to the land they call America, did not come here voluntarily.  For more than a century, their “Mother Country,” England, emptied her prisons into the colonies as “indentured” (white slave) labor.  Fidel Castro is using an old Colonial trick when he sends convicts to the U.S. as “refugees”—as many of the people who are complaining about “undesirable elements” would know if they researched their own genealogies.
Ever since the first European immigrants came here, crime has been a big problem on this Continent.  Jail-building, dungeons and prisons have been a part of Western Culture for millennia—as if locking people up solves the symptoms of unbalanced social hierarchy, cultural disharmony and ruined ecology (which are the reasons the people who call themselves Euro-Americans left their homeland).  The Western Europeans seem incapable of looking at themselves, their violent values, their culture which emphasizes slavery and power over others, and their language which molds their behavior.  The “crime problem” which plagues the United States has very little to do with the “criminals” who are being incarcerated in ever-increasing numbers.  “Crime” is an economic system in which the “good guys” make a lot more money than the “bad guys.”  Western Civilization uses the dramatic illusion, “the Good Guy vs. the Bad Guy” to obscure reality: the “good guy” creates the problems, and the “bad guy” just follows self-destructive scripts learned in school and on television.  The “good guys” [good ol’ boys] are pathologically greedy, and are fostering a “criminal culture” which fills their pocketbooks.  The “good guys” and the (relatively powerless) “bad guys” are enabling each other in a closed system which needs them both, using their abusive European social infrastructure, and the victims are the ones who are getting ripped off.  Instead of abusing the crime victims a second time by levying high taxes to build more jails: if the State upheld their contract to provide a secure society with the tax dollars they take in, and compensated crime victims whom they failed to protect, the crime rates would fall dramatically.  Using “high crime rates” to justify building more dungeons and hiring more police, is criminal—a positive feedback loop [a good analogy is connecting a thermostat backwards—the hotter it gets, the more the furnace runs] and a round-robin, and will only make the crime problems worse, although in entrenches the class system and builds the infrastructure for an increasingly repressive police state.  The “good guy” is making big bucks off of both the “bad guy” and the victim—and if the Goddess of Justice took of her blindfold, most of the so-called “good guys” would be in jail, too.  From this perspective, it seems as though the foreign Goddess of Justice is not only blind, she is also deaf and dumb.
Western social structure depends on destroying the community and the family, replacing them with the patriarchal State.  Abusing peoples’ family natural ties, and manipulating them into transferring their loyalty to the abstract pseudo-families of the State and the Corporation is a big part of what holds so-called “modern society” together—this perverted strategy of enslavement is built into the English language and Judeo-Christianity, and is reinforced by the compulsory-education system and “social welfare” programs (the Indian Child Welfare Act is a good example).  The leaders’ repetitive hollering of the NewSpeak slogans, “freedom” and “democracy,” is a clear indication of slavery and societal pathology.  If there wasn’t something seriously wrong, they wouldn’t need to waste hot air.
 INDIAN LAW: At the conclusion of the Mille Lacs Treaty Trial, Bud Grant and the Resort landowners objected to the Judge Murphy’s decision, asking why there separate laws for special-interest groups, saying “why can’t we all live under one law?”  The tricky part is that when the Euro-Americans created the Indian, they created them under White law.  The “Indian laws” are really White laws—they are Western European apartheid which has absolutely nothing to do with Aboriginal law.  For your information, “Indian law,” when applied to Aboriginal people, is a human rights violation.  Putting the Indians, and the White/Indian law that goes with them, on Ahnishinahbæótjibway land is also a human rights violation.  Renaming the Aboriginal people and trying to turn us into “Indians,” so that the Euro-Americans can use their foreign Indian law on us, is also a symptom of the massive genocide of the Aboriginal people on this Continent, and part of the on-going cover-up.
“Upholding the Broken Treaties” is an euphemism for re-entrenching the Euro-Americans’ fraudulent claims to the land they have stolen, and a cynical denial of full responsibility for the ecologies which have been demolished.  The White Wanna-Be Indians who continually cry “Broken Treaties” are just following orders, so that they can stay on the payroll.  The political leaders who advocate “upholding the [White man’s] Treaties” know full well that these so-called “Treaties” are dishonest, one-sided documents.  The policy-makers are trying to get one step ahead of the time when the Circle inevitably comes around, telling carefully calculated half-lies to manipulate the White immigrants’ guilt for their own ends.
The Indians keep referring to the “Great White Father” in the Treaties.  This semi-metaphorical, foreign, pale prick is the Indians’ father (who abandoned his illegitimate children and had somebody else support them, using Aboriginal resources).  I am not an Indian, and this White man is not my father.
FOUL BALL: Baseball is no longer the national pastime.  One of the staples of television is re-runs, like “Leave it to Beaver” and other hits from the 1950’s.  As long as the professional baseball players are on strike, the Networks should air re-runs of the old World Series (which are a lot better than modern baseball, anyway).
The book, We Have the Right to Exist, by Wub-e-ke-niew, is going to press on October 15.  If you have any questions about your book order, call the publisher at (212) 226-0578.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3911.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): “Mille Lacs Chippewa snare a fish and game victory, but waters will remain muddy for a while in treaty dispute,” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: “Mille Lacs Chippewa snare a fish and game victory, but waters will remain muddy for a while in treaty dispute,” according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune headline on September 4—but the Indian treaties have always been a muddy issue.  These so-called treaties were unilaterally made by Euro-Americans in the nineteenth century, and the State of Minnesota, the United States Government and Judge Murphy put on their Indian feathers and beat their own drums, and re-affirmed the treaty among themselves, again.  The Western Europeans are re-enacting their classical Indian Treaty melodrama, recasting their mythological Wild West caricatures in judicial robes and Federally-licensed feathers, trying yet another time to revise their sordid history and legitimize their crimes through symbolic “magic,” transparent White acting and typical tall tale re-runs.  They are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars with their carefully-scripted B-Western rigmarole; instead of “Oscars,” Judge Murphy may be awarded a “golden parachute” and the proverbial Noble Loser, Bud Grant, should get a golden shower.  The Indian Treaties were crooked when they were written by White Treaty Commissioners in the 1800’s, and bringing them back into Court compounds the pathological lies, compulsive theft and other violent “ethics” of Western Civilization, which were inherent in the Indian treaties from the very beginning.  The media reports focus on the so-called Indians (who are wards of the U.S. Government under the plenary control of White trusteeship) taking half the meager fish stocks—which have been depleted by White over-fishing, deforestation, pollution and the European immigrants’ re-creating their plundered homelands in “the New Country.”  Newspaper articles explain the Treaty court decision as “the Indians get half” and the sports-fishermen get half, but the Indians were created and are owned by the White man and he gave them an identity, so the White man gets 102% of everything, including the Treaty, and the Indians lose everything they had, which was already nothing except for paper Sovereignty owned by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, 1934 I.R.A. Tribally-Acclaimed Royalty, and a shabby identity created by pulp fiction writers.
The White United States Constitution contains the clause, “Indians not taxed,” and therefore defines Indians as economic non-persons without representation or political voice.  The hypothetical Indian identity was created to provide the Western European status quo with scapegoats and political hockey-pucks.  The State of Minnesota intends to use the illusory Bud-Grant-backlash, which has all the hallmarks of a smoke-free back-room deal, both to “authenticate” the Treaty and to bring public opinion to a fever-pitch so they can take their cut in the Indian Casinos—which are already owned and controlled by the White man (pretty slick, huh).  The Star Tribune pundit writes that the French Feudal Indians will be allowed by their White puppet-masters to “sustain a modest standard of living” from combined fishing and casino income, and ignores the black Moorish and other impoverished and disenfranchised Wanna-be’s who are not part of the “Indian” in-group circle.
“LILY-WHITE FAMILY VALUES”: According to media reports, on Thursday, September 8, Dan Quayle told the silver-spoon Commonwealth Club, “Our poverty of values spares no group.  ... The pop philosophy of the 1960s—’all truths are relative,’ has taken root, and it is bearing bitter fruit.  The ills we sometimes attribute to welfare queens and deadbeat dads are actually manifestations of an ethical cancer that has metastasized through all levels of society.”  Quayle’s speech was an open admission of “ethical chaos,” lack of good role models, and absentee fatherhood throughout the world’s “democratic” societies, but he did not touch the deeper issues or the root causes of the problems he identifies as lack of “family values.”  Quayle did not mention the archetypes of Welfare Queens: Queen Isabella and the Queen Mum of England, whose family has been on welfare for five hundred years; and also including Dan Quayle, who is a bona fide welfare recipient living off of Aboriginal resources, and cheap labor violently extracted from people of color.
Quayle criticized “absentee fathers” and “fatherless children,” but he did not make an offer to share this Country’s plundered wealth and status.  Nobody mentions the White “Squaw Men” who walked away from their families and forced their own children to become non-person Indians.  Quayle’s self-righteous discussions of “fatherhood” also ignore the children left by military occupation, the genetic engineering of Western Civilization, and the polygamous White fathers who disinherited their darker children and sold them into slavery.  Where are the good role models for the Euro-Americans?  The Great White Fathers have always been a rip-off role model.  Western Civilization lost its family values two thousand years ago, and there is no community, nor even an English-language word which means “community.”  The people who call themselves “Americans” are running from their past; denying their origins, their roots and their real identity.
The candidates for Governor in Minnesota are pontificating on social problems from an even shallower perspective: stump-speaking on the same old worn-out self-serving non-issues of abortion, welfare mothers, assault weapons, ad nauseam.  These politicians, and their professional party-machine constituency have become a closed circle of narcissistic vested interests, wooing and seducing each other, and then pocketing the taxpayer-funded gravy from the social-services pork barrel.  The problems they identify have very little do to with the real issues, and the solutions they legislate are regurgitated redundancies which did not address the problems thirty years ago, and still do nothing more than generate civil service jobs for faithful political hacks, lavish government contracts for campaign contributors, and create bashable abstract red herrings while maintaining slush funds.
POLITICAL CANONS: The media is in an uproar about Tony Bouza suggesting that people turn in their handguns (and keep their shotguns), and political analysts are prognosticating political suicide—that Bouza shot himself in the foot and although he did not lose any hot air, he is said to have lost the support of the heavily-armed Iron Rangers.
The Biggest Crime of the Year is the O.J. Simpson case, and guess what, two murders were committed with a knife.  It must have been a high-powered automatic knife, that the second murder was committed; but no hand-gun was used.  The only firearms involved were in the possession of the police who arrested O.J.
The second crime which has received much media attention was the Rodney King case.  Rodney King suffered physical and psychological damages, and is scarred for life.  Drawn guns were used to arrest him, but he was beaten violently with clubs.
The violence upon which America was founded has gotten out of hand, and the people who call themselves “Americans” have no leaders with the guts or the will to address the real problems.  You, the People, are deluding yourselves by echoing political platitudes like “regulating, registering and confiscating guns,” and scapegoating Welfare Mothers.  The violence which is blasting America comes from Euro-American history, the English language, Judeo-Christian values, and a hierarchical social structure in which the people who should be solving the problems passively allow themselves to be lied to and misled by political leaders who enrich themselves and their close constituency by maintaining violence, ignoring the real problems and making big bucks.  The rich and striving-to-be-rich are deluding themselves that money can buy “security” and buy time.
Guns were used in the massive genocide committed as a part of stealing this land, and millions of dollars were made by the Manifestly Destined Peoples’ White manufacturers of firearms in Providence, Connecticut.  The Atomic Bomb was used on Japanese cities to kill millions of non-White civilians and cause incalculable harm to future generations from radioactivity.  Gas Ovens were used by the Third Reich for “ethnic cleansing,” annihilating millions of Semitic people, Gypsies and others who were said to be “tainted.”  Without Europeans’ and Euro-Americans’ violent values and violent religion: guns, clubs, knives, gas, ovens and atoms would not be a problem.
FEMALE PROBLEMS: Allen Quist says that women have a “genetic predisposition” which makes them unsuitable for public leadership.  More than half of the world’s population is female, and yet very few women have either a language or an identity which fits them or belongs to them.  Most women cannot even describe who they are, except in the White man’s patriarchal, condescending and abusive terms.  (If you don’t believe me, you “chicks” and “old hens” can try to trace your genealogy on the female line.  Very few can trace their ancestry back to any woman who had a surname of her own.)  English is a Creole language and a pseudo-male language (and English is not my language).  English and American English are not pure languages; they are a hodge-podge of words and grammatical structures taken from other languages, but redefined by the educated male élite to fit their own isolating and controlling agenda.  The Aboriginal Indigenous languages here are both male and female, in balance and harmony with Grandmother Earth and connected to reality.  Chippewa and other so-called Indian (Creole) languages have been mutated into dichotomies and ambiguities which take them out of balance with Nature and perpetuate the values of violent Western gun-toting “Civilization;” these Indian languages, like English, are hierarchical languages which imprison people inside their abstract “station in life” and make them into slaves.  These artificial, so-called “civilized” languages are structured to make it nearly impossible for Western Europeans to see outside of their artificial paradigms and into reality, and also make it very difficult to even think about solving problems at their root causes (that’s why I used common English-language colloquial nouns like “chick,” instead of a proper noun, as an example of the inherent misogyny of English).
 DARWIN, SPENCER AND NOAH:  In response to a reader’s question, I called a wise old sage who lives in the desert, and said, “there’s much talk about the dinosaurs in the news.  Can you tell me what happened to the dinosaurs?”  He told me that Noah’s Ark wasn’t big enough, and so God told Noah the dinosaurs would have to perish.  Then, I asked him about the Hairy Mastodons.  He said, “the Indians came over the Bering Strait, and they ate them up, and then they went back over the Strait and ate up the ones in Europe, too,” and then, being a cantankerous old sage, he hung up on me.  But, according to the scientists quoted in the media, there was selective meteor bombardment from outer space which was aimed only at dinosaurs, so my quandary is paradoxically impaled on the horns of a dilemma.
            I was also going to ask what happened to the fire-eating, fire-breathing dragons, but the old sage apparently felt he had already answered enough questions for one day.  Did St. George kill all of the dragons, and why aren’t there any dragon skeletons on display in the Natural History museums?  Why don’t we ever read about paleontologists searching for dragons?  Did fire-breathing dragons play a part in the deforestation of Europe?
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3912.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1996). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): On February 16, 1996, Skip Finn appeared in court with a “Notice of Motion and Motion to Quash” all fishing expeditions ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On February 16, 1996, Skip Finn appeared in court with a “Notice of Motion and Motion to Quash” all fishing expeditions by the U.S. Government on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation—or at least those regarding 1934 I.R.A. Leech Lake Band documents related to the Leech Lake Reservation Construction Company, the Shingobee Inn, and Band-reimbursed legal expenses of Alfred “Tig” Pemberton, Dan Brown and Harold “Skip” Finn.  These Indians’ legal costs are apparently being paid at taxpayer expense under the Leech Lake Reservation Litigation Expense Reimbursement Ordinance, Ordinance No. 96-02 of the Leech Lake Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, operating under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act (I.R.A.).
The 1934 I.R.A. Constitution of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe contains the boilerplate I.R.A. provision required by the U.S. Department of the Interior for “acceptance” of all the I.R.A. constitutions, mandating that almost every act of any Indian Tribal Council or Reservation Business Committee have the “approval of the Secretary of the Interior or his authorized representative.”  In accord with the centralized-power philosophy of the 1934 I.R.A. Constitutions, the establishment and operation of Skip Finn’s Reservation Risk Management, Inc., was presumably approved by the Secretary of the Interior or his duly authorized representative—and under the philosophy of Indian Trusteeship, the Secretary of the Interior is also in on the scam.
The March 16 Motion to Quash is based on Western European concepts of Sovereignty, describing what they call “Indian sovereignty” as “inherent” and derived from “retain[ed] ... natural rights.”  Either the authors of the Motion to Quash are trying to steal Ahnishinahbæótjibway natural rights, or by their logic 99.9% of all U.S. Citizens have such “inherent ... natural rights” by virtue of their White patrilines and at least a few non-White (probably African) ancestors somewhere in the distant past of their mothers’ ancestry.
The authors of the Quashing Motion also base their definition of “Indian sovereignty” on the “domestic dependent nations” decision of Justice John Marshall, who wanted to put a “civilized” veneer on the brutality of the 19th-century U.S. genocide and land theft.  These shysters also cite “treaties,” without observing that the very first treaty  (The 1785 Wyandot Land Theft Treaty) in which the U.S. Government dealt with Chippewa Indians—who were patrilineally White real estate salesmen selling property stolen from the Aboriginal Indigenous people—provided in Article IX that “If any Indian or Indians shall commit a robbery or murder on any citizen of the United States, the tribe to which such offenders may belong, shall be bound to deliver them up at the nearest post, to be punished according to the ordinances of the United States.”  “Kitchi-ogima” and his band of renegades are accused of having stolen from U.S. citizens, so if they’re going to adhere to “treaty law,” they should have already made the trip to Fort Ripley, and be sitting in the stockade awaiting trial.  Skip, if you’re going to be the White man’s Indian, you might as well play it by the book—none of this half-ass stuff.
In Chippewa linguist Frederic Baraga’s dictionary of the French Creole Chippewa language, sovereign is translated as kitchi-ogima, which is a joke in any language, and has nothing to do with the egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous people of this land.  The only word fifth columnist Baraga records relating to title is ondenindiwin, which he translates ambiguously as “title of condemnation” in the English side of the dictionary, and as “anger for such a reason, cause of anger,” or under another hierarchical conjugation as “I have had feelings, revengeful thoughts, against him...” in the Chippewa part.  None of this has anything to do with the deep and inalienable Ahnishinahbæótjibway connection to the land.  The “Indian Sovereignty,” “domestic dependent nations,” ad nauseam that Harold “Skip” Finn, et al. claim in their Motion to Quash has absolutely nothing to do with the Aboriginal Indigenous people that “Skip” Finn and the other White Chippewas are pretending to be.  “Indian sovereignty” is something like affirmative action—in both of them the White man keeps control of his system, and uses token bucks to make big bucks.
Case No. 5-95-12 is a strange case: the victims from whom the defendants are accused of having stolen are banding together with the defendants to thwart prompt administration of White Collar “justice.”  “Indians” are a good racket for the entrenched D.F.L. establishment and their cronies and cohorts, and if the prosecution went forward to its logical conclusion and terminated the Minnesota Chippewas, the White man would get hurt worse than the “Indians” because it’s the Whites who get the good-paying political patronage jobs in Indian affairs (the “Indians” just get a fake identity and a Wanna-be lifestyle wearing feathers and beads).
The United States Government’s fishing expedition into “sovereign” Leech Lake waters wanted to look at documents “that relate to a purported study conducted by the Band concerning the disparity in treatment of Indians by Beltrami County Judges.”  What if the average Leech Lake enrollee were to claim “Indian sovereignty” as a defense for any petty violation of the White man’s law.  If the judge asked him, “how do you plead,” and the Indian said, “I am sovereign,” the Indian would also be up for manslaughter, because the judge would fall off his chair and die laughing.  So much for Indian Sovereignty.

LOOSE BU-KANNON:  Patrick Buchanan is becoming the leading candidate in the Republican party, and the spokesman for what the Republicans stand for.  He’s talking about the American Dream, abundance and the Good Life—but at the same time, he’s harking back to the good old days when the good ol’ boys had slaves and the ‘good woman’ knew her place.
Russian president-for-life candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky has endorsed his philosophical clone and comrade-in-rhetoric Pat Buchanan.  Buchanan’s message is aimed toward Whites, and I have yet to see a Black contingent at a Buchanan rally or political caucus.  Maybe the Grand Old Party needs affirmative action to meet their quota of minority constituents.  Or, is the word “conservative” a euphemism for Jim Crow, and the word “liberal” a code-word for accepting minorities—and that’s why it’s become a dirty word.

FLAT [WALLET] TAX: Leona Helmsley did the unthinkable when she opened her big mouth and told the truth, “rich people don’t pay taxes.”  Multi-millionaire Steve Forbes has come up with a hare-brained scheme, the “flat tax,” a tired old re-run of the American Dream where the rich get richer and the poor take the blame.  If Congress passes Forbes’ flat tax reform, they need a rider and an amendment to re-design the American dollar: by replacing the picture of George Washington with American huckster P.T. Barnum of the famous Barnum-and-Bailey show, and also replacing the slogan “In God We Trust” with “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Intact old-growth forests are not a “renewable resource,” and replacing them with tree farms is ecologically unsound and looks ugly.
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3913.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): On July 7, at about 6:30 in the evening, I received a call from a Federally Recognized blood-quantum Indian... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On July 7, at about 6:30 in the evening, I received a call from a Federally Recognized blood-quantum Indian, who stated that my columns were “negative writing” about the Indians and the Whites.  He said, “You should not be writing that negatively, because the White man gave you a house,” meaning the “Indian housing” funded by the United States Government for the Indian settlers to occupy Ahnishinahbæótjibway land.  I told him, “I do not live in a house built by the U.S. Government.”  I built my house myself, with my own labor and my own money, on the land which has belonged to my Dodem for hundreds of thousands of years.
Then the White Indian made a typical White racist remark, “Do you live in a tepee? ... What are you, a Traditionalist?”  A “Traditionalist,” as told by Chippewa Indians, is embodying the White man’s definition of what an Indian is supposed to be: Hollywood stereotypes, racist anthropology, and other vicious scapegoat-projections.  This abusive nonsense of the White man about what a “Real Indian” is supposed to be and do, comprises insults that I have heard many times.  About a month ago, I talked to a White woman who was working on the new edition of the League of Women Voters’ book, “Indians in Minnesota,” which on the surface seems to be a thoroughly researched and objective book, but the last edition of which promotes and re-creates the White man’s artificial Indians.  This woman’s latent racism came out when she saw that I use a computer to write this column.  She said, “I thought you Indians used tom-toms and smoke signals” to communicate.  Then, she said, “you should be saving the Indian culture, and teaching the young all about being Indian.”  I answered, “I’m not an Indian, and I am not about to promote your artificial, White Indian culture for you.  You White people have deliberately destroyed much of my Aboriginal culture, and killed most of my Dodem,” meaning my family.  The Indian culture curriculum taught in the schools is both institutional child abuse and a human rights violation.  I told the League woman that the schools should teach the children chemistry and math, and “better yet, teach them English” instead of Chippewa.  I am not going to stand by silently while anybody’s children are taught to self-destruct with Indian stereotypes and are programmed to be the White man’s scapegoat.  Examples of the racism which I have experienced my whole life include the name-calling, stereotyping and scapegoating which are a necessary part of the pseudo-male Euro-American English trade-language.
The Chip-away Indian caller also complained that I wore “white man’s glasses”—my glasses are not Indian Health Service glasses.  As far as I am concerned, the United States Government could leave my land tomorrow, and take the B.I.A. and all of their other Indian programs, and their Indians, with them.  I don’t benefit from the U.S. Government’s “Indian” programs.  I would joyfully give up my computer, and my glasses, and everything else that the White man has “invented” within his infrastructure based on my Peoples’ resources: to have my family that’s been killed, back again.  I would also gladly give up their English language, which is not my language and was violently forced onto me in “Indian” Boarding School.
I explained to the Wanna-Be Redby Indian that ninety percent of the so-called “Indians” are Indo-Europeans who have been turned into “Indians” and put on the Indian Rolls by the White man, and who maintain their fictitious Indian blood quantum at the pleasure of the White man—and I invited him to come look at his genealogy, and see for himself.  I also said to him that the Indian identity is an English term—it is not an Aboriginal term.  There is no word for “Indian” in the  Ahnishinahbæótjibway language.  I informed him that he had a White man’s identity, of “Indian.”  He hung up on me then.  Part of the artificial Indian identity is hating “white people,” and I suppose that he didn’t want to hear about how the White man trapped him with the Euro-Americans’ Indian identity.
INDIAN TREATIES:  The testimony at the Mille Lacs Treaty Trial has concluded, and the main question of who is going to regulate the six fish and the other few natural resources which remain after three centuries of plunder, awaits the decision of Judge Murphy.  The question of who will issue fishing licenses at Mille Lacs was not stressed in the media reports of the trial—but State Law, United States Law, and Indian Law are all Roman Law, and no matter what decision is handed down, the White man wins.
Irrelevant of the outcome of the Mille Lacs Case, “Me-Economics” [a social structure organized according to the White pseudo-male paradigm and enforced by violence: “hooray for me and F* you”] will prevail.  The Roman and British illegal systems which have been imported by the Euro-Americans to this Continent, in concert with the Indo-European languages, define and structure an abstract “reality” which is a closed system, and deny the existence of any other possible reality, especially the egalitarian and harmonious Aboriginal Indigenous ones.  Subject peoples of the “world powers” derived from the Roman Empire are imprisoned by their language and their culture so thoroughly that most of them do not even realize that anything exists beyond the very real walls of their linguistic, theological and metaphorical prisons.
Because the “Indian Treaties” were based on the White man’s mythology of Indians without eminent domain; and written in the Euro-American English language, under Roman and British laws, the outcome of these “Treaties” was predetermined before they were ever negotiated.  The dice were loaded, the deck was stacked, and all the Aces were up the Treaty Commissioner’s sleeve.  The bottom line of the Indian Treaties was to re-define the Aboriginal Indigenous people and to brainwash our children in compulsory-education schools.
UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION:  There is no mention of women in the U.S. Constitution, and their President and Vice-President are explicitly referred to with male pronouns.  The Nineteenth Amendment did not literally give women the right to vote, although it mentions sex.  The U.S. Constitution, like other documents of Roman Law, was written in the pseudo-male language of English.  There is no female language in the U.S. Constitution, or in American English for that matter, which is why the Equal Rights Amendment failed.  It is also why, although women purportedly gained the “right to vote,” they are disproportionately represented in elective offices.  The Nineteenth Amendment did not re-apportion representation to accommodate the additional voters, and I don’t know what 51% of the electorate is voting for, since representation in the U.S. Congress is Constitutionally allocated to “male citizens 21 years of age.”
Although women are by implication invisible chattel—un-named and not recognized as human beings (like the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples) throughout the U.S. Constitution, “Indians” are mentioned both in the European colonists’ Declaration of Independence (as “merciless savages”), and three times in the U.S. Constitution: once as subject to U.S. commercial regulation, and twice as “Indians not taxed” explicitly excluded from U.S. representation and implicitly barred from holding land as Indians.  (So-called “Indian land” has been stolen from the Aboriginal Indigenous people, and the White man’s alien title is held by the United States Government, under “trust” for their mythological Indian wards.)  One of the reasons that the deliberate racist misnomer, “Indians,” is used so many times in the Constitution, was to cover the genocide that the European settlers had begun and were planning on continuing.  Many of the Euro-American immigrants had fled violence and/or ecological devastation in Europe, but because they did not understand their hierarchical languages and social structure objectively, their descendants have inevitably re-created the very conditions which made their ancestors migratory refugees from their home lands.
The United States Constitution begins, “WE the people of the United States, in order ... to secure the blessings ... to ourselves and our posterity, ... “  At the time the U.S. Constitution was written, the identity of “WE the people” was unambiguous—they meant White, Protestant, male property-holders.  In the past two hundred years, “WE the people” has become conveniently ambiguous.  The people who have been referred to as the Founding Fathers are said to have “fought for freedom” in the American Revolution, although by the time the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1789, their ardent desire for “liberty” had been distorted by greed and lust for power in European-language terms.  Article four, section 3, of the Constitution includes, “1. New States may be admitted by Congress ... but no new State shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other State ... “  This is one place where the malignant social pathology of Manifest Destiny, stealing other peoples’ property, is written right into the U.S. Constitution, using ambiguities and euphemisms to explicitly lay out their plans for destroying Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ families and cultures, and stealing our land.
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3914.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): On the twelfth of July, the Minneapolis Star Tribune had an article in the Metro section reporting the jury’s decision that the Native American Press/Ojibwe News ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: On the twelfth of July, the Minneapolis Star Tribune had an article in the Metro section reporting the jury’s decision that the Native American Press/Ojibwe News publisher and staffwriter were “not guilty” of “defamation of character,” or any of the other charges filed by Noreen Beaulieu Smith.  Bill Lawrence was not name-calling, he and Gary Blair were reporting the news accurately; what they wrote was the truth—and, sooner or later, the truth always comes out.
SUE INDIANS:  In other news, the two Indians who got a humiliating and dirty ride in the trunk of a squad car won their case against the City of Minneapolis, although the settlement awarded to them by the court was only a fraction of the damages that should have been paid—they’ve been sold out before, and they were ripped off again by their lawyer.
The Minneapolis police were “not guilty” of violating the Indians’ rights—it was the Minneapolis cops who did it.  The difference between the police and the cops goes like this: when they wear their cap or helmet, they’re policemen.  But, when they don’t have a cap on, they’re only cops.  The cops are the ones who put the people in the trunk of their car, not the police.  What the cops did is also known as “trunk and Indian,” and even cops should know that without a designated driver, “trunk” and “Indian” don’t mix.
There’s a new movie out, “Indian in the Cupboard.”  I’ve never seen the movie, but I’ve been wondering what strange characteristic it is about Western culture and its mythologies, that these people always want to stuff Indians in the cupboard, or in the trunk of a car, or any place else that’s out of sight and out of mind.
After the French and Indian Wars, the British stuffed the defeated French Indians out of the way, in prisoner-of-war camps.  Their heirs changed the name to “Indian Reservations,” and stuffed the rest of the French Moors, the fur trade half-breeds, the Indian Chiefs, and even the aboriginal people onto the Reservations and into the invented identity of “Reservation Indians.”  Re-naming things seems to be a European trait (their Bible tells them to give everything names—so they’re great at name-calling).  They can’t leave it alone, and they’ve changed the names again, this time to “Indian Nation;” and to keep their “Native Americans” from contaminating the WASPs, they’ve re-segregated them (after a phase of assimilation) and called them “sovereign.”
The immigrant Euro-Americans seem obsessed with segregation—they segregate themselves in the suburbs, and segregate their minorities and ethnic groups in ghettos and in rural poverty (they should call this place the Un-united States).  The animals in a zoo are also segregated—but would they be a sovereign nation?  The people in the ghettos are segregated and isolated as thoroughly as Indians are on the Reservations—the way I see it, they’re set apart by matrilineal ancestry, so using the White man’s crooked linear logic, the “other America” must be sovereign too.  The people in prisons are also segregated from society, so are they sovereign or is it just apartheid under another name?  What exactly does this word “sovereignty” really mean?  It seems like forked-tongue speaking, because making human beings into wards of the government under trusteeship is a human rights violation, but I don’t see how this kind of “sovereignty” or sivilization has any connection to that claimed by the United Nations, the Queen of England, or the Roman Empire (whose heirs are here).
MORE MYTHOLOGY:  Burger King, which sells ecologically devastating fast-food hamburgers, has a new promotion scheme based on the movie Pocohantas.  Have you seen the Indian caricature on their french-fry packages—boy, is he ugly, and I mean ugly!  He’s even uglier than the Ka-lai-jah, the wooden Indian across the street from Paul Bunyan in Bemidji.  Everybody’s getting into the Disney-promotional tie-in scheme.  The rumor is that there is a new perfume coming out, also based on the Pocohantas mythology.  It’s called “Beaver Tail,” and it’s an irresistible lure which only attracts Squaw Men, especially those square-jawed Europeans who are tall, blonde and blue eyed.  It would have been more accurate to call this new perfume “Genetic Engineering,” or maybe “Continental Conquest”—because the origin of Indians begins with a Squaw Man, and the Europeans depended on their Indians to steal this Continent.
The mythologies of the Western European man and of his Disneyland are interesting.  I wonder what would have happened if Ka-lai-jah or Chief Wahoo found Cinderella’s glass slipper?  Would the South rise again?  Would anybody say anything if Uncle Tom romanced Princess Pale Moon, or would Aunt Jemimah spend her life as a spinster?  Would Disney, Inc. spend millions of dollars making a buxom, glamorous and highly promoted movie about either story?
ORIGIN OF MAN: There are many different myths and theories which different cultures have about the Origin of Man, and two of these theories are in the news again because of the prayer-in-school issue.  (This is an example of the Western hierarchies’ classical diversionary tactics, as well as being social engineering legislation no matter which side wins.)  One of the most hotly debated pseudo-controversies is Darwin and Spencer’s evolutionary theory of “survival of the fittest.”  Darwin’s brainstorm was inspired by sitting on an island with an intact ecology (which he didn’t see—he called it “wild”).  This Galapagos island had not yet been exploited by Western European man, although it had been inhabited by Aboriginal people since time immemorial.  What Darwin thought he saw was animals rapaciously devouring other animals, but he did not understand that the predators were only practicing ecological euthanasia by eating the weak and the sick who would have died anyway—they did not kill to extermination like the people of Western so-called Sivilization have done for millennia, shooting everything and letting it rot.  The inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands lived in balance and in harmony, but Darwin couldn’t see it because he was culturally crippled and a prisoner of his violent language.  Darwin should have pursued his studies farther, gone back to Western Europe and sat on one of the islands there, and then written about the consequences of “survival of the fittest” on land which had once had a balanced ecology like that he saw on the Galapagos islands, but had been plundered into a barren rock.
A POKE IN THE RIB: Western European scientists’ theory of origin is the “Big Bang.”  The principal competing theory is that of Adam and Eve.  It looks like Adam married his own rib—did he commit a sin, or was that was before sin was invented?  I don’t know what he said when he introduced Eve at a social occasion, did he say “and here’s my wife—my rib” or did he say “this is my apple-polisher.”  To me, this Good Christian mythology features a role model of the ultimate in incest, promoting a very effective way to create a gene pool with recessive and mutated genes.  People who claim “this is only a myth” should think about what their scientists are doing with the condors and the wolves and other “endangered species.”  Instead of admitting that they destroyed them, they’re following the Adam-and-Eve theory of origin, using a few individuals to re-create an artificial, crippled species full of recessive mutations and other genetic defects, which has no chance of surviving in a demolished ecosystem and polluted watershed; in cities filled with guns, drugs, crime and violence; in suburban trophy-rooms; or in D.N.R. offices.  They should face the consequences—they’ve already forced them into extinction.  They can’t escape the destructive patterns in their English language, and the Westerners want to make this Continent into a wasteland like old Europe—if they’re so homesick for a trashed ecology, why don’t they just move back to Europe and leave this place alone.
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3915.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): “Park status assailed,” according to the headline in Sunday’s Duluth News-Tribune. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: “Park status assailed,” according to the headline in Sunday’s Duluth News-Tribune.  The headline should have read, “Voyageur National Park status assaulted.”  On Friday, August 18, the Congressional Natural Resources committees will hold a hearing in International Falls, taking testimony from the immigrant population “to gauge regional public sentiment on federal control of land, especially Voyageurs National Park and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness,” according to the Duluth newspaper.
Former U.S. Congressman John Blatnik is described in the same newspaper as writing some of the original Voyageurs Park legislation with the intent that “people be able to experience the same solitude and wilderness that voyageurs experienced 200 years before.”  Progress is a crooked English word meaning “to destroy the old,” and in the name of progress, vested interests in the north-brush are pushing to change the wilderness designations at Voyageurs and in the B.W.C.A.  Their opening spearhead is being supported by people in the tourist industry and by fishermen, who want motor-boat and snowmobile access to the entire area.  But, history repeats itself, and the longer-range agenda of the backroom good ol’ boys, including the pulp and lumber industries, to gain access to the 70-year-old pines in the area, is written clearly in the Duluth News-Tribune: “you can’t cut down trees” with a wilderness designation.
When the natural resource industries get done with the B.W.C.A. and Voyageur’s National Park, it will be a barren rock like Europe, where the ancestors of the transient (nomadic wanderers) and highly mobile immigrants came from, and there will not be a trace of what was originally here—as planned.
In 1913, botanists Nathaniel Lord Britton and Addison Brown of the New York Botanical Garden described the tattered remnants of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway’s original forest in An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada.  These are a few of the vanishing species that were plundered from the now-extinct ecosystem:
White Pine (Pinus Strobus): height over 225 feet, trunk diameter 10½ feet—White Pines taller than a 22-story building.
Red Spruce (Picea rubens): height of 100 feet, trunk diameter 4 feet.
Red Cedar (Juniperius virginiana): height about 100 feet, trunk diameter 5 feet.
Black Walnut (Juglans nigra): height about 150 feet, trunk diameter 8 feet.
Yellow Birch (Betula leutea): height about 100 feet, trunk diameter 4 feet.
Red Oak (Quercus rubra): height about 140 feet, trunk diameter 7 feet.
White Oak (Quercus alba): height about 150 feet, trunk diameter 8 feet.
Why not clear-cut the B.W.C.A.—the wood-butchers are expected to win over the “tree-huggers,” and some of the “peoples’ representatives” in Washington are getting big bucks to help speed the ecocide.  The slogan “jobs, jobs, jobs” will last about ten years, then there will be unemployment lines, soup lines, and not even any fish because the fish need the forest to live in balance and harmony.  There is no place on earth left to “discover” (which is an English-language euphemism for “invade”), so this time some of the people pressing for “economic development” will be forced to live with the ruined consequences of their actions.
The vast majority of the immigrants who call themselves Americans don’t have any sense of their own history, their own identity, nor of their connection to the land.  They don’t have any roots, and so they do not realize what they will be doing to themselves if they trash one of the very few remaining almost-wilderness areas.  The buffalo are a vanishing species, and your buffalo nickels are gone.
MORE THIEVERY: Who took those “No Wake, No Wash” signs down along the Mississippi River?  The wake from motorboats washes away the shoreline, and the signs were posted to preserve what little shore was left after the now-worthless Power Dam was constructed.  The sportsmen pushing for “motorized access” to the B.W.C.A. say they are just as “respectful” as people in canoes, but actions speak louder than words.
TRUNK-AND-INDIANS: According to the Associated Press, the Hennepin County Medical Center is billing the two Trunk Indians, who won their case in court, for more than $24,000 in old medical bills.  It would be interesting to see the itemized bill that they’re sending them.  Instead of calling an ambulance, they used the trunk of squad car to transport them—I wonder what they’ll be billed for cleaning the trunk of that squad car.
Is this the way that the White establishment works under Roman Law—billing victims for the crimes committed against them?  Getting these people defined as “lower class,” “unwashed masses” and “outcaste;” hooked on alcohol, drugs and crime; destroying them and their families is a reflection on the grim reality of the alien Americans’ imported “democracy.”  I suppose that other County and City agencies will be getting onto the gravy train, and instead of getting a ettlement from the City of Minneapolis, the Trunk Indians will be going to court for owing the city money.  Concerned Indians should call the Bureau of Indian Affairs and their 1934 I.R.A. Tribal Councils, and ask them if this is how a “sovereign” people should be treated?  Is paying the damages after you’ve won in court another form of the B.I.A.’s “diplomatic immunity,” or is it only another segregation policy under colonial sovereignty?  When A.I.M. leaders recommend a lawyer, you’d better get a second opinion, or better yet, run like hell.
“I’D RATHER SWITCH THAN FIGHT”: Ross “The Boss” Perot is in the news again.  He’s talking about a third party, but not with great enthusiasm.  The way that Congressmen and Senators are switching party affiliation in mid-term, does “America” really need a third party to compound the confusion?  One hand already doesn’t know what the other hand is doing, but you’d better watch your back (pocket).
What Ross and other would-be political reformers should be doing is talking about a law requiring those elected to keep their campaign platforms and promises—and party affiliation would seem to be fundamental, unless there isn’t any difference between the political parties anyway.  If Ross Perot gets elected, could he then switch to the Republican party, and leave his Third Party holding the bag without any representation?  What if Clinton switched to became a Republican?  Would the country fall apart, or would he just be another mug-wumper sitting on the fence like the rest of them?
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3916.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Pat Doyle’s article in the Tuesday, June 14 issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted expert witnesses for the Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Pat Doyle’s article in the Tuesday, June 14 issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted expert witnesses for the Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians who claimed that Chief Hole-in-the-Day did not speak for the Mille Lacs Chippewas.  An anthropology professor who testified for the 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Band of Indians said, “I don’t know who Hole in the Day represents.”
Hole-in-the-Day was no different from all of the other White Paper Indian Chiefs who were created by the White man and recognized by the United States during the Indian Treaty years under the provisions of imported Roman and British law.  Using these European laws, the immigrant Europeans’ governments have always owned both sides of the Indian Treaty process, as well as the subsequent court cases.  This was made very clear in 1805, when U.S. representative Zebulon Pike recorded in his diaries that he had appointed Indian Chiefs and issued them U.S. Government Chief Medallions at Leech Lake.  In Baraga’s nineteenth-century Chippewa Creole language, the word “ogima” refers both to Indian Chiefs and to U.S. Government agents.  There is no word for “chief” in the egalitarian Ahnishinahbæótjibway language.
The U.S. Government has always chosen Indian Chiefs who endorse United States interests.  These Federally Recognized Indian Chiefs have all been genetically and culturally European—U.S. Chippewa Indian Chiefs are by definition Squaw Men and/or descendants of Squaw Men.  The U.S. is an outside force which artificially created both Indians and a centralized Indian government designed to illegally sell what the U.S. Government called (using alien Roman legal terminology) the “usufruct” of [Ahnishinahbæótjibway] land.  The U.S. paid their professional Indian Treaty Chiefs handsomely for selling fictitious Indian “rights of occupancy.”  Their Feudal European system was unilaterally “modernized” by the U.S. Government under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, but remains structurally unchanged.
According to Treaty transcripts, Hole-in-the-Day was acting in an European capacity as a centralized agent, and he was quoted as saying, “The Indians don’t own anything.  I own this land,” which he did not.  Hole-in-the-day was part of the imported European government, which sold land in a “democratic way,” without referendum or consensus.  He sold “Indian right of occupancy” in the same way as the European Sovereign of France sold “eminent domain” on the same land as a part of the Louisiana Purchase.  This is how the land claimed by the United States was stolen.  The United States Government’s claim to the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ land they call the United States is based on racist immigrant Roman Law.
Part of the perennial waste of taxpayers dollars is promoting crime and compounding the fiction of the legitimacy of U.S. claims to Ahnishinahbæótjibway land.  The three-ring Barnum-and-Bailey Treaty Case presently being held at the Federal Court in Minneapolis, is a trilogy of artificial entities which have no claim to this land: the Indians, the State of Minnesota, and the United States.  They are using imported Western European Law on Ahnishinahbæótjibway land, and their alien and violent system has no jurisdiction on this Continent.  The Mille Lacs Indians are erroneously stipulating, along with the State of Minnesota and the United States, that the cessions made in the 1837 Indian Treaty by U.S. Medallion Indian Chiefs are binding on the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  Their purported selling of our land is obscene.
In the foreign U.S. Indian Treaties, there is no provision for protection of the gravesites of the Aboriginal Indigenous people.  This was not important to the Indians, because these graves are not the graves of their ancestors.  All three parties in the three-ring trilogy have apparently agreed, under racist Roman Law, not to talk about the crucial issues.  The In-House Indians at Mille Lacs are not challenging the legitimacy of the Europeans’ claims to eminent domain by “right of discovery” under foreign European pre-Colombian Papal Bull, because the 1934 I.R.A. Indian Leaders at Mille Lacs are a part of the White man’s system under Roman Law; and as such they are in complicity with the genocide of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.
In the Letters to the Editor section of the Sunday, June 19 Minneapolis Star Tribune, Phil Bemis’ letter from a Western European perspective was printed.  Mr. Bemis “hopes” that Judge Diana Murphy will hold the [devastating] change in the ecosystem over the past 157 years, “foremost in her mind.”  He writes that in 1837, “there was no corner grocery store to pick up bread and milk,” although for the Ahnishinahbæótjibway our intact ecosystem was a supermarket providing everything that we needed, and we did not need food stamps or Kommod’s.  That was then, and the immigrant Europeans have been on welfare for the past 500 years, devouring the ecological infrastructure of our Continent.  That was then, and it continues now.
Judge Murphy should understand that the destruction of the environment which came about as a result of the Chippewa Indians’ agreement to sell our Ahnishinahbæótjibway land resulted in genocide of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, who never agreed to the sale of land.
Phil Bemis writes that when the Treaty was signed, “that was then—and this is now.  In the late 1800’s, the Native Americans were still taking the white settlers’ scalps, but that was then—this is now.”  He writes his own racist and Eurocentric version of history, claiming that White immigrants were being scalped.  If he were to research what he writes, he would find that it was the Whites who were doing the scalping, and getting paid big bucks by the State of Minnesota to do it—as much as $500. per scalp.  The vast majority of the scalps taken, were not White peoples’ scalps taken by Indians, but the scalps of Aboriginal Indigenous people murdered by Whites and their Indians.  That was then, when $500. was more than a year’s wages.  This is now; they don’t take scalps anymore.  But, the bounty is still being paid out, in the prison economic system, where under Roman Law, bounty-hunters get more than $40,000. per year for their role in taking the whole body: hapless people who have accepted the stereotypical labels and definition of “criminal,” and become entrapped as Europeans’ slaves.
In the non-violent Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, there is no word for “War” or “peace” or “warrior.”  In the hierarchical Indo-European Chippewa language by Baraga, and in the Indian culture which was created by the immigrant Europeans for the subject people descended from their Squaw Men, there is a word for “warrior,” and there are words for warfare and peace.
Phil Bemis goes on to write that “All men are created equal,” and that “this great country” was built on principle.  The underlying principle that he refers to is violence, including the violent theft and rape of the land.  That was then.  Maybe that’s why there is violence clear around the world dominated by the European superpower, the United States, because of this “principle.”  This is now, and it needs to change.  Violence is perverted and unnecessary, and only creates more violence.  The policy-makers of Western European $ivilization know this, and profit from it.
Mr. Bemis also writes, “It’s time all Americans lived by the same rules”—this is now.  What rules does he refer to?  The racist Roman and British Law which the White immigrants brought with them from the bankrupt European countries they fled?  This is now.  From an Ahnishinahbæótjibway perspective, it looks like what he really means is, “Now that we Whites have the land, the law and the guns, everybody plays by [the White man’s Imperial Roman] rules.”  The Roman legal system, and gambling, have the same structure.  That was then, and that is still now.  It’s always been designed so that the House wins.  It’s long overdue that these laws be integrated and desegregated, and there urgently needs to be reform to make this a better world for everyone.
They say the United States is a “culturally diverse” country, but it is founded on Western European laws derived from the Romans and Hammurabi, and the allowable “diversity” is all Western European.  Under this $ivilized system, the upper-class Whites are bamboozling everybody else on this Continent, holding five aces of clubs up their sleeve, and go unchallenged when they say, “heads I win, tails you lose.”  Their European laws are the Europeans’ own business in Europe, but they should have never been exported.  The Euro-Americans’ so-called “Indian” laws are apartheid codified under their imported Roman and British legal system, and are stacked in the White man’s favor.  Every time the Good Ol’ Boys of Western Civilization use their Law on another race of people, the Whites inevitably end up committing genocide and human rights violations.  That was “then,” and now, their violent laws and languages need to be changed, so that they are in harmony with the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ ancient Laws of this Continent.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3917.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Red Lake wins $27 million?... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: RED LAKE WINS $27 MILLION?  According to the front page of the June 19 Bemidji Pioneer, the Red Lake Band recently “won” 27 million dollars “compensation” for destruction of red and white pine after 1889.  But, there is more to a forest than the pine trees.  What about the destruction of the indigenous people’s homeland?  That pine forest provided food, clothing and shelter for us.  What about the deer, moose, buffalo, partridges, rabbits and fish?  What about the permaculture: berries, nuts, grapes, chokecherries, pincherries, and medicinal plants?  The White man’s attorneys and their rubber-stamp Indians make no mention of what else was destroyed, along with the pine trees.  The proposed settlement ignores indigenous people’s burial grounds, rice lakes, the loss of our homes, and pollution of our water.  It also ignores the violence that the White man brought in here.
What these Indians are settling for, is rapacious hypocrisy.  They ignore the devastation and pollution caused by these “first environmentalists” and so-called conservationists.  Since Roger Jourdain and his cronies brought the 1934 I.R.A. onto Red Lake, the Bureau’s Indians have been plundering the forests, clear-cutting.  For nearly forty years, truckload after truckload of stolen timber has been hauled off of this land at discount prices.  And, what about the lake?  The greedy Indians have destroyed one of the richest fisheries in the country, and it will be fifty years before Red Lake recovers, if ever—and now they want “Indian management” of Mille Lacs Lake.  The forests and the lakes go together: there are no fish flies to feed the young fingerlings, the food for the fish has disappeared with the forest, and the Lake has been polluted by runoff from commercially grown domesticated rice and other sewage.  You can’t drink the water here, it’s all polluted.  We might as well live in the desert, you can’t drink the water there, either.  The barren environment that is now at Red Lake is the result of greedy self-interest on the part of the Anglo-Chippewas and Franco-Ojibwas—wanna-be’s of Western European imperialism acting for the benefit of the colonizers, selling land and resources that have never belonged to the Indians or to the Whites.
The United States Government is trying to buy time, with yet another “settlement.”  Using their crooked English language, they created institutions to steal, and now they are negotiating with themselves, through their in-house “instrumentality” the IRA Tribal Council.  The purpose of the 1889 Nelson Act was to steal nearly three million acres of land, but the Tribal Council isn’t even questioning the land theft.  In the White man’s backroom deals with himself, the Tribal Council signed legal papers that include the stipulation,  “By Exception 41, the Red Lake Band does not contend that the Nelson Act is void,” and agree to “ab initio” provisions “that a statute or treaties, in and of itself,” does not need to be “fair and honorable.”
The $27 million dollars mentioned in the Bemidji Pioneer headline is a misleading figure.  According to the next-to-last paragraph in the Pioneer article, “before the settlement can be finalized, the band must submit a plan describing how the money will be used.”  This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a lawsuit where the plaintiff had to justify their use of settlement money.  Could this be a smokescreen?  After the lawyers take their 33.3% share off the top of the settlement, about nine million dollars, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs takes its third for “administrative costs,” and then Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” the DFL party, takes it’s third in “campaign contributions,” what have you got left?  Only a red herring, and it smells.
ECONOMIC SUMMIT: The Sunday Pioneer published several articles about an “economic summit” held at Red Lake last Friday.  About two hundred people, mostly outsiders, discussed strategies to increase employment at Red Lake.  The  Pioneer could have entitled their articles, “Deja-vu all over again,” “Treaty Reruns,” and “White history repeats itself.”  The majority of people who claim to be Red Lakers, both those living on the reservation and those who have already been relocated, did not attend, according to Bobby Whitefeather as quoted in the Pioneer—although there were a few hang-around-the-fort Indians in attendance.
Although Friday’s session was billed as a “summit,” it sounds like yet another crooked deal was being cut in the backrooms.  This time around, instead of selling stolen timber, they’re caught up in enabling further encroachment on land that doesn’t belong to them, using 99-year leases.  By the way, the colonizer’s lease on Hong Kong’s is up this year.  Western European Imperialism is all over the world, where it doesn’t belong, hidden under the slippery euphemism of “globalization.”
The themes of the 1997 “Red Lake summit” are more than a hundred and thirty years old.  Only the language changes: refurbished versions of slippery and crooked English make it look more appealing.  The kinds of economic plans that are being offered generate low-class jobs like working in a car wash at less than the minimum wage—and you’re addressing poverty and unemployment?  It sounds like the White Buffer Indians and wanna-be’s are just doing their jobs, brokering the dirty work for their Western European colonizing relatives.  They are using social engineering to entrench the class system promoted by the Whites.  The in-group will keep their high-paying jobs working for their masters in the Federal government, and once the welfare payments are cut off, the out-group will be forced off of the reservation, in another historical re-run relocation project.  This isn’t surprising, since forced migration is a part of the here today and gone tomorrow, fly-by-night European culture.
VIOLENCE AT RED LAKE: President Clinton has been in the news lately, trying to address racism.  Could it be that racism hides the real issue, which is classism?  The class system at Red Lake was created by the White colonizers, using social engineering and eugenics blood-quantum policies.  The White man’s Buffer Indians are so good at math, that the Whiter they get, the higher their “Indian” blood quantum is and the more Hollywood Indian movies they watch.  When I was in school in the 1930’s, I was told by the Catholic nuns, “You Indians are the Vanishing Americans, and you will go.”  I am not an American and I am not an “Indian,” and even as a kid in boarding school, I was wondering who they were talking about.  The White man has painted himself into a corner with his guilt about the genocide they committed here: killing off the indigenous people, and then replacing them with Anglo-Chippewa and Franco-Ojibwa Indians who are in fact Indo-Europeans.
The violence which is escalating at Red Lake has nothing to do with the indigenous people.  In school, the forcibly administered theme, repeated so many times I’m still sick of it, was “assimilate,” and “you will become civilized.”  Apparently the Buffer Indians got the message, and assimilated into the White man’s violent civilization.  If the indigenous people of this continent would have been “civilized,” Christopher Columbus would have never landed—we’d have killed him.  Only Western European “civilized” people go to war, and kill one another.  Christian and other Western values have made their people immune and desensitized to their stupid and senseless violence.  People need to take responsibility, take charge of their lives, and take back their real identities, instead of acting like juveniles, gangs and schoolyard bullies.
Perhaps the violence at Red Lake is a message about the genocide that was committed here.  Maybe the land is saying something to you—and being not connected to the land, you don’t listen.  The English language is out of balance—before the coming of the European, the language on this land was always a balanced male and female language.  This is why we had all of the tall, beautiful red pine and white pine here, that you Indo-Indians are brokering to the White man.  The English language is a male hierarchical language, and it’s out of balance with Grandmother Earth and the female ecosystem.  English has no manners or respect for anybody—even for themselves, that’s why there’s all this senseless violence.  We need female language, to balance everything out.  With a female language, we can become human beings, treat each other with respect and manners, and nurture Grandmother Earth—she gives us all life.  On the other hand, the White man’s male, violent hierarchical English language takes away life.  This is called “civilization.”
My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619, and my telephone number is (218) 679-3984.

3918.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): “Set priorities, avoid weekends when planning trip to Disneyland,” advises the Sunday Travel section ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: “Set priorities, avoid weekends when planning trip to Disneyland,” advises the Sunday Travel section of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  I don’t know whether the writer means Washington, D.C. or Anaheim, California, because on the front page of the same newspaper beneath a picture of Mickey Mouse, there is a headline, “Exercising tribal sovereignty in the face of new conflicts”—Washington, D.C. and Disney, Inc. are both indulging in make-believe, creating fantasy-lands and mythological people.  Disney created Pocohantas and on the other side of the continent, Congress created the Pokagons.  (The Star Tribune devotes more than two newspaper pages to 315 Federally Recognized Pokagon Pequot “Indians” of 1/16 blood quantum—they don’t tell you their other 15/16ths is mostly European, and blood runs thicker than water.  The Strib is playing the White man’s guilt for all it’s worth, obscuring both the genocide of the Aboriginal people and the massive White Federal “Indian” bureaucracy by promoting the illusion of “Indian sovereignty.”)  After the jump to page 15A, the Star Tribune article reads, “Congress recognized the Pokagon tribe last summer ... the ink was barely dry on the recognition documents” when the newly created Indians had a referendum to put up a casino.
SCAMS AND OTHER CRIMES: The good ol’ WASP elite used to have the Mafia handle their dirty work and run their disreputable businesses, but since the RICO Statutes came into effect, we haven’t heard much about the Mafia or the G-Men (just the re-runs on T.V.).  Taking their place, it’s déja-vu all over again with the Indians and the same old crooked games go on.  It looks like the New Indians, who are under trusteeship and are wards of the U.S. Government just like the older Treaty Indians and Chiefs, are being used by an in-group of Euro-American shyster lawyers to fill the void left by the Mafia.  When the dirt beneath the glitz in the new Indian casinos starts to stink, will the Congressmen, Senators and B.I.A. bureaucrats who institutionalized Indian gambling by creating their own mythological sovereign Indians, be sent to jail along with their Federally Recognized Indians for racketeering and moral turpitude?
SECONDHAND HOT AIR: Affirmative Action is also front-page news—it looks like President Clinton is going to use it as one of the planks in his platform.  President Pete Wilson wants to abolish A.A. (Affirmative Action) because too many people are getting “uppity,” and they don’t show him proper respect like genuflecting and kissing hierarchical butt.  They need a 12-Step Program in Affirmative Action (or A.A.).  When they talk about “reverse discrimination” in Affirmative Action, I always thought there should be an exchange program where the upper class would go live in the homeless’ section of town, and the dregs of society would go live in the penthouses and country estates for awhile.  That would really be Affirmative Action!  Or, the moneyed Congressman should swap status with the down-and-out and unemployed, and let the poverty-stricken govern for awhile.  The homeless and the chronically unemployed pay taxes, but do not have representation in Congress.  The first ten steps in the Affirmative Action (A.A.) Program should address these and other despicable inequities in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  In the thirteenth step, history repeats itself again: you’re getting screwed without any loving.
USED BOOT-STRAPS: How does Affirmative Action apply to the Sovereign status that the White man gave to his Indians?  Can Whites file equal-access lawsuits to wear war-bonnets, beat tom-toms, smoke peace-pipes, live in tee-pees and run sweat-lodges?  Or, are they scared to use Affirmative Action to get equal treatment—they might be labelled “Squaw Men” or (Ugh!) Wanna-be’s.  In re-inventing the New Indian and leaving the old stereotype in the dust of history, some of what used to be the exclusive province of Indians is being left behind.  I haven’t heard the words “Ugh, Me Indian,” or the songs “Squaws Along the Yukon are Good Enough for Me” or “Ka-lai-jah the Wooden Indian” for a long time, and I haven’t heard Russell Means calling everybody a “Squanto Sell-Out” in his speeches lately.  When I was in boarding school, we were told over and over again, “Indians are the ‘Vanishing Americans,’ and you will not live among us, and you will go;” Indians were to be scapegoats and political hockey-pucks.  But, the U.S. Congress keeps re-inventing their Indians, leaving the old stereotypes behind and turning the “bad Indians” into the “good Indians”—wait until the casino profit pendulum swings back again.  In the meantime, White Wanna-be’s could keep the old stereotypes alive through Affirmative Action, suing for the right to use these farces for themselves.  Everybody wants to get into the Hollywood act of playing Indian and re-playing tired old caricatures; as long is this is America, why can’t everybody be an Acting Indian?
RED, WHITE AND BLUE: The K.K.K. seems to have given up on cross-burning because of a city ordinance against burning trash, but burning as a public demonstration has been a part of European and Euro-American tradition for hundreds of years—if they’re not burning witches at the stake, they’re burning steaks in their backyard (it’s either steaks or mistakes, I haven’t completely figured out the Euro-American culture yet).  The new White Supremacy groups are looking for something else to burn—if Bud Grant’s anti-Indian organization burned war-bonnets and sold Treaty Beer and Custer Malt Liquor as the Indians look for a depleted fish to spear, would the 7th Cavalry rise again?
The U.S. Congress is getting on the burning bandwagon (along with their Prayer-in-school agenda) by proposing a Constitutional Amendment making a symbol, the United States flag, holy and sacred—while at the same time trashing the real ecology and polluting the water.
INDIAN LAW: When Congress created White mythological Indians (using their expansionist culture’s mystique of “discovery”—they were lost but yet they “discovered”), they had to give the illusion which they created all the trappings of assimilated civilization including “Indian Law”—a tired old rewrite of Roman and English law.  Indian law is not Aboriginal law, and is not indigenous to this land.  Congress and the Star Tribune would like you to believe that Aboriginal people had Roman “Indian Law.”  If Indigenous people had, this Continent would have been even more of a barren rock than Europe was at that time, and the Europeans would have turned around and gone back home—there would have been nothing left for anybody to steal.  There would have been no need for Missionaries under “Indian Law,” which is based on the Christianity of the Holy Roman Empire.  Under White “Indian Law” the ecosystem at Red Lake has been trashed and demolished, and the water polluted—so much for the Romanized people who claim “Indian Law” as their own.
THE AMERICAN DREAM: The melting pot theory has been renamed, they now call it “diversity.”  Instead of being founded on “race,” it’s based on social class; using social engineering to steal what little identity the “Americans” have left, and mongrelizing these people in a hodge-podge of mythological identities and pseudo-history.  It fans the smoldering flames of anger and resentment, disenfranchises the lower classes, and (using Affirmative Action) keeps the Good Ol’ Boys in power.  It’s another “Manhattan Project,” a loose Cannon connected to a lightning rod, out of control and approaching critical mass.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3919.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Since I’ve been writing this column, I’ve been getting a lot of mail and telephone calls that need to be answered.  Tuesday, my mail-order certificate for completing a home-study course in Shamanism finally arrived.  ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Since I’ve been writing this column, I’ve been getting a lot of mail and telephone calls that need to be answered.  Tuesday, my mail-order certificate for completing a home-study course in Shamanism finally arrived.  As is documented by my genuine, gilt (guilt) edged diploma from the International Institute of Shamanism, I’ve become a full-fledged Shaman, D.D.—but I’m only going to work part-time ... it depends on how I feel.        Under my new title as Shaman, D.D., I want to thank the young lady in Cass Lake for calling to let me know she agreed with me, on the last column that Wub-e-ke-niew wrote.  There are a very few Ahnishinahbæótjibway people left.  Thank you for calling.
Now, to the stack of mail:
Dear Shaman,
I grew up a Chippewa reservation with an Indian name, and there is no way I’m going to let anyone denigrate that upbringing.  Yes, the whole nine yards: the tar-paper shack, 11 brothers and sisters, cutting wood for heat and cooking, hauling water, outside toilets, spearing fish in the spring for food, hunting ducks and deer in the fall for winter food, trapping with the old man for needed cash items, etc.  When we went into town to spend our hard-earned money, the white folks were so glad to see us.  We never experienced any racism.  The BIA was always there to help us out when we needed it, and they gave us fine schooling, with scholarship opportunities to go to college so we could work as mid-level Token Indian bureaucrats for the Bureau and other white institutions.  So, why don’t you quit bitching and crying in your news column?
                        Signed, Jean-Paul
Dear Wemetigozhens (translated into English, this means, “Little Burnt Stump”),
Yeah, I guess I should quit complaining.  Some of the descendants of the French fur traders, who got turned into Indians during the War of 1812 with England, got a pretty good deal.  Forty years ago, there were quite a few tarpaper shacks in the northwoods, and almost nobody had electricity or running water—a lot of the white people didn’t have it, either.  Back then, there were actually ducks and deer to hunt, and wood to cut.  Nobody had refrigerators, and the only way to keep fresh food was to share it.  Abe Lincoln was born in a log cabin, and so were a lot of other people.
Dear Charmin,
Indian Religion, doesn’t it have degrees?  How do I go about studying this religion, and getting some of these degrees?  Is it like Chemical Dependency certification?  And, do I have to learn the language so I can help my people?
                        Signed, Wanna-be
Dear Helpful,
First of all, you spelled my name wrong.  It’s Shaman, with an “S.”  If you want Charmin, you’ll need to go see Roger Jourdain, Butch Brun, Bobby Whitefeather, Buggers McArthur, or former Tribal Chairman Chip Wadena.  Those are the official Indians you want to see; I’m not an IRA Indian, never have been, and never will be.
The idea of “degrees” is a historical accident.  There was a Frenchman trying to be a medicine man, and he didn’t speak English too well.  He couldn’t say “the,” he always said “de.”  He was talking to a blood quantum Indian about the seven Crees up in Canada, and what he said sounded like “de Crees” or “degrees.”  It’s time to start debunking this mythology of “degrees.”
If you want religion, there are still a lot of missionaries around who will be happy to give you a free Bible and save you.  And, if you want to help your people, it’s more useful to learn English.
Dear Shaman,
How do you make the wigwam shake?
Signed, Curious
Dear Nosy,
Use a bungee cord, some of the Real Indian Traditionalists (especially those with college degrees in Indian Studies) spell it bangii.
Dear Shaman,
Some of your story-telling, some of your Wannaboozhoo stories, seem to be outdated.  Why don’t you get “with it,” and give up on all your useless old antiquated ideas?  I don’t know why you can’t be more like us.
            Signed, White Traditionalist
Dear White Liberal,
The fish are all gone and the deer are disappearing.  The forests are mostly clearcut or turned into sick agriculture called “tree farms.”  The buffalo are gone, and the passenger pigeons are extinct.  They’ve been tearing down piñon nut trees to make room for more cattle, and the spin doctors are creating public opinion to destroy the BWCA.  They want to “develop” the BWCA to make money.  In plain English, their Euroamerican motto is, “greed is good and exploitation is healthy.”
We’ve given up a lot, already.  Why don’t you try giving up something for awhile, like maybe quit stealing other people’s lands, stop giving other people different identities ... why don’t you give up your apartheid Constitution?  And, violence seems like a useless old antiquated idea to me.  As long as you’re talking about giving up worthless customs, why don’t you straighten out your language so it doesn’t lie so much?

Dear Shaman,
I wanted to know if there really was a Nanaboozhoo.
                        Signed, Anthropologist
Dear Grave-Robber,
            I went and consulted a Real Indian Medicine Man, and then I went and talked to several Real Indian Traditionalists.  They informed me that, “It’s so sacred, we can’t talk about it.”  That’s what Real Indians always say when they don’t know, so I figured that they didn’t know.  I don’t know either, and I don’t really care.

That’s all for now.  Keep the mail coming.  My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619, and my telephone number is (218) 679-3984.

3920.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Someone sent me a copy of the October 19 issue of Indian Country Today.  A front-page headline reads, “Mocking a culture,” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Someone sent me a copy of the October 19 issue of Indian Country Today.  A front-page headline reads, “Mocking a culture,” with a photograph of a White high school student in turkey feathers acting the role of “Big Chief” of Bennett County.  In the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, there is no word which is a translation of the English word, “Indian,” and there are no concepts or words in our language for “chief,” “squaw,” “band,” or “tribe,” or “Indian Tribal Council.”  These words are all Western European words in their imported Indo-European languages, referring to alien European concepts which have nothing to do with traditional Ahnishinahbæótjibway culture, values or language.  Neither the Indians nor the Whites have any understanding of the languages of the Aboriginal people of this Continent, and the “Indian culture” which is portrayed in the media—by both Whites and Indians—is a shoddy caricature and an insultingly cheap imitation of the egalitarian and harmonious Ahnishinahbæótjibway language and culture.  Most “Indian languages” which are taught in “Indian Studies” University departments are Creole languages which embody Western European abstract thinking and hierarchical structure.
According to the accompanying article, a highly irate Indian of Porcupine, South Dakota, said that Whites wearing buckskin, beads, war bonnets and face paint is “a mockery of our culture.”  How can Whites dressing in feathers and buckskins be a mockery of Indian culture, when the Indian identity and Indian culture were created by the Whites and given to their subject people, whom the Whites define as “Indians.”  High school students in Martin, South Dakota, are no different than the Washington Redskins or the B-Western movies—and they are also no different than the Federally Recognized 1934 IRA Indian Tribal Councils and professional Wanna-Be blood quantum Indians.  Indians are an invention of the White man, so how can Whites portraying their own projections possibly be insulting to the people who have chosen to spend their lives acting out this fraudulent Indian identity?  Whether the person dressed in buckskin and feathers identifies himself as “Indian” or “White,” if they act an Indian role, they are caricaturing and mocking the Aboriginal Indigenous people—who are not, and have never been, “Indians.”
HANGOVER: The Indian was created to be the Euro-Americans’ political hockey puck and scapegoat, and “drunken Indian” and the other vicious projections that go with it are inseparable reinforcements of the White man’s old worn-out “Indian” stereotype.  Just as opium was vital for the Western European occupation of Asia, so alcohol has always been used as a tool of oppression against the so-called Indians.  To keep the stereotype in modern circulation, two breweries have chosen to use Indian brand names for booze: one called “Chief Crazy Horse” and the other one, “Oshkosh.”  The people who identify themselves as Indians—whether they are sober or drunk—are complaining about the use of these two Indian Chiefs’ names, protesting that this scapegoat commercialization is ruining their “good times” and their culture.  What these two breweries are doing is not fair play.  In order to create a level playing field, they need to let their Indians brand a few kinds of brew—such as Old George Washington, Pope John Paul Malt Liquor, Jesus Christ Lite (and Dark) and the demon rum called “The Devil Made Me Do It.”  They could sell liquor brands caricaturing White cultural icons in the Indian Casinos.  What’s fair is fair, but the White man has never allowed his subject Indians access to his monopoly on his economic system, although his entire monetary system is parasitic, feeding off of the Aboriginal peoples’ resources.  Even the so-called Indian Casinos are classical minority-preference businesses, in which Real blood-quantum Indians are fronting for the White man who created and defines Indians in his own agenda, and runs and controls them.
THE BELL CURVE: The bean-counters in Washington, D.C. are venturing onto the sociologists’ turf, and are seriously considering the invention of official designations for the new peoples, new ethnicities and new races engendered by the Western Europeans’ greedy occupation of this land.  The racial admixture of the U.S. population has become so blended that Whites’ arrogant claims of “bell curve distribution” of intelligence were obsolete before the Bell Curve became a widely accepted statistical tool.  (With the new mixtures, some so-called Americans are really getting “smart.”)  Rumor has it that a new racial category, tentatively called “mixed,” will be used on the year 2000 census.  A number of clever descriptions have also been proposed to describe the Western Europeans’ “diversity” which they have created to obscure the real, patrilineally Western European identity of their relatives whom they would like to oppress as lower-class subject people.  Some have suggested that the “melting pot” metaphor for the mongrelizing and hybridizing of the people here be renamed “a salad bar mixture,” although nobody has specified which groups will be the “lettuce,” “turnip,” and “pea.”  Other possible neologisms and new euphemisms for the mixing of races which is an inevitable consequence (along with new diseases such as AIDS and “Gulf War Syndrome”) of the Western Europeans’ violent war-and-peace have also been proposed.  The Census Bureau has been inundated with suggestions (they should have a contest), including: Heinz 57, “United Nations,” The Duke’s Mixture, “six of one and a half dozen of another,” and Nuts-and-Bolts or “Chex Party Mix.”
Speaking of “party mix,” years ago—and before the Bell Curve—the White man called other groups of people, who he did not know or understand, who were not under his control or domination, “wanderers” and “nomadic people.”  The ambiguities and the euphemisms in the language change, and now the Western European (mixed-blood) people here call themselves “highly mobile,” and complain about “jet lag.”  The White man claims, “we are ahead of our time—we even have Daylight Saving Time, we are making money and saving time.”  The horse-and-buggy days are gone.  The people who call themselves “Americans” are so highly mobile that significant numbers of the population are conceived in the back seat of a car or a Humpmobile, often as a result of what is called a “quickie,” and a lot of these Speedy Americans are born in the back seat of a car or a taxicab, going about 70 miles an hour to the hospital.  But then again, when they die, these “time is money” fast-living Americans take their sweet time going to the cemetery in a funeral procession at 20 miles an hour, creating traffic chaos and gridlock in every direction.  Could it be that they’ve been lied to so much about the “hereafter” that they really don’t want to go and they’re dragged, kicking and screaming, out to the cemetery; or is it a consequence of the “White lie” of the two-dimensional Bell Curve of the “highly mobile Americans.”  Well, anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3921.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Staffwriter Gary Blair’s article in the October 28 Ojibwe News was headlined, “Indian Chamber of Commerce faces dilemma: Who is an Indian?” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Staffwriter Gary Blair’s article in the October 28 Ojibwe News was headlined, “Indian Chamber of Commerce faces dilemma: Who is an Indian?”  In his article, Blair observed that “many of the Indian chamber members ... are only Indian when they’re at chamber meetings.”  The Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce is confronted with the same dilemma as the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs—that, because of the genocide, there aren’t enough Aboriginal Indigenous people to act as Indians, but the Bureau has been solving this problem since the early 1800’s by creating their own Indians from the ranks of their patrilineally European “minority” people.  Blood runs thicker than water, and not only are they resurrecting dead Indians as absentee voters, they are also using their paternally White relatives to resurrect entire Bands of Indians.  I suppose that the day will come when they will “discover” that whole Tribes of Indians formerly thought to be “extinct” can be unilaterally resurrected by re-enactment, using European subject people as Acting Indians.  Rather than inefficiently re-defining one person at a time (and trying to validate “Indian Princess” genealogies), the Indian Chamber of Commerce should go to the U.S. Department of the Interior, where you can get a voucher issued for a whole new Band of Indians, or a used blood-quantum Indian, or a blue-eyed full-blooded BIA Indian.  The BIA’s Acting Superintendent can unilaterally create any number and many kinds of Acting Indians—why not Rent-an-Indian, like some minority businesses do.
HAIR-SPLITTING: In his book, “Race Relations,” Professor Brewton Berry asks the question, “Who is an Indian.”  He writes, “there are Indians (the writer has seen them on the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina) who have blue eyes, fair skin, and blond hair.”  In explaining Indian identity, Berry cites legal definitions of “Indian” and “Negro,” observing that in the State of Virginia, some people are forced into a dualistic identity, “Virginia regards [these people] as Indians as long as they remain on a reservation.  Should they move [off the Reservation], however, they are regarded as colored [meaning Black or mixed-race Negro].”  Translated into plain English, what he means is that on all of the 535 Indian Reservations, as long as the Indians are living on the Rez, they can beat their pow-wow drums and wear their Federally-licensed feathers.  When they leave the Reservation, they are re-defined by the White man into yet another “ethnic” racial category, which reflects their real identity as Mediterraneans mongrelized by the violent and rapacious Classical Empires of Western Civilization.  The State of Minnesota’s racist definitions such as “Jackpine Nigger” and “burnt stump” are the reason Reservation Indians have problems with racism in little towns like Bemidji.  They have been forced into a chameleon dual identity, and the Good White Christians are “color-blind” in their usual, peculiar and self-centered way, favoring “diversity” as long as everybody else is just like they are, and under the White man’s centralized control.
GIT ‘EM UP, SCOUT: According to the news, a woman was arrested in the metropolitan skyways for wearing her traditional Muslim dress.  The charges were “concealing her identity in a public place,” but the Christians scored in forcing their right-wing values on another group of people in this land of “religious tolerance.”  There have been comments from members of the public about making citizens’ arrests of people who are wearing ski masks, although nobody has mentioned lipstick, beards, dark glasses, and wigs—or “falsies,” “Annie-fannies,” American passports and Indian sovereignty.  (I’m not going to say anything about Polident, Preparation H, eyeglasses, and walking with a cane.)  There are others who run around unimpeded (cheered by the masses) in masks and long cape Tonto, who was categorically identified by the BIA as a “dumb pagan,” didn’t dare wear a mask (for fear of Rodney King police protection).  I don’t know on what reservation Tonto was enrolled—he never flashed his enrollment card or talked about his blood quantum, like some of the BIA’s Great Wanna-Be Chiefs.
TERM LIMITS: One of the issues in this mid-term election across the U.S. has been “term limits,” although no mainstream candidate, incumbent or aspiring, has fully endorsed their own “term limit” (political suicide).  To return to meaningful government, there should also be “term limits” on political hacks, party bosses, and lobbyists.  They need “term limits” on the old worn-out issues that have been waved like red flags in front of the electorate for the last half century, like abortion, gun control, crime, patriotism and “family values.”  If you don’t want to solve the problems, why bring them up?  Could it be these are bread-and-butter issues for those in political power, and the endless rhetoric on empty issues puts money in the incumbents’ pockets.  The two political party-system has never intended to act on these filibustering, gridlock issues—which are yet another strategy of social engineering to keep the “unwashed masses,” peasants and peons from rubbing elbows with the political elite.  While we’re on the subject of “term limits,” there should be irrevocable “sunset clauses” on every piece of legislation which creates a subsidy for corporations and wealthy individuals—although the self-righteous finger-pointers never talk about the upper-class, all of whom are engorging themselves on Welfare (they wouldn’t be on this land if they had to depend on their own resources).  If the U.S. Government is going to “subsidize,” why not give a subsidy to those earning the sub-poverty minimum wage, and transform the minimum wage into a middle-class “living wage” for the people whose labor is the foundation of the Euro-American economy.  A “living wage” should also be paid to illegal nannies, migrant farm workers, and sweatshop “aliens.”
DÉJA-VU: One of the aspiring Senatorial candidates, Rod Grams, summoned Moses, a.k.a. Charlie Heston, down from Hollywood Mountain to accompany him on the political stump circuit.  Heston finally revealed the Thirteenth Commandment: “It’s time to return to the ways of those wise old dead white guys who started all this.”  Hey, Charlie, if you’re going to return to these dead ways, you should get your real identity and go back to your ancestral homeland where all these dead white guys and their traditions originated—the Aboriginal people didn’t invite you, or your God, to live here, or to practice bigotry.  The Religious Reich of the Third Right backed democratically elected Reich-wingers, the “dead white guys” Adolf Hitler and his deputy Herman Goering.  Is this the kind of government your God is in favor of, Charlie?
Speaking of dead White wise guys, why not resurrect right-wing Methodist minister Colonel Chevington, who took the sword of God into his hands in service of the U.S. Army, and led the Sand Creek massacre, killing every man, woman, and child who was non-violently living at Sand Creek.  Although most of these people were not Ahnishinahbæótjibway, these were my Aboriginal relatives that your Minister of God slaughtered.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people of this Continent never massacred the White immigrants, Charlie—either on this Continent or in Europe.  For those Whites who were killed (either by Army Scouts in Indian costume, or by the U.S. Cavalry), a monument should be erected in their memory.  Like the Vietnam Memorial, every one of their names should be engraved in stone for posterity—although it’s a very short list if you don’t count the ones killed in the movies or in inflammatory nineteenth-century “reports” concocted to mold White public opinion in favor of annihilating Aboriginal people and the subsequent grand land theft.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3922.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The election is over, and you did it again!  You said you were going to “kick the rascals out,” and you voted the same old ones... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The election is over, and you did it again!  You said you were going to “kick the rascals out,” and you voted the same old ones, and some new ones who are just as bad or worse, right in to office.  The American electorate, most of whom did not look beyond shallow campaign rhetoric of which candidate was going to execute the most “criminals,” got just what they deserved for the next term, while these newly elected rascals raise your taxes and steal your autonomy and paycheck.  If there isn’t a big payoff, why would California Senatorial candidate spend $20 million of his own money for a $90 thousand a year job, if he wasn’t going to get his investment back (plus interest and a big tax break) in kickbacks and sweetheart contracts.
1492 SYNDROME: California’s Proposition 187 made history as one of the many election-year con jobs, diverting the attention of the voters—as the duly elected government legislatively picked your pocket, while slapping you on the back, kissing your babies, making sweet campaign promises and telling you what a great sucker you are.  The Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted immigration reform advocate Sally Vaugn about the massive Chicano demonstrations against Proposition 187: “How would people in Minnesota feel if 100,000 Canadian immigrants marched through the streets of Minneapolis carrying Canadian flags, shouting anti-American slogans? ... The arrogance is just appalling.”  The ruckus over “illegal immigration” is like the pot calling the kettle black.  If you get right down to the nitty-gritty, the people who call themselves “Canadians,” “Americans,” and “Indians” are illegally here, squatters and carpet-baggers.  The self-righteous people complaining about “illegal immigration” are foreigners and outsiders themselves, living on stolen land.
ROLE PLAYING: According to the Los Angeles Associated Press, former Acting President Reagan “disclosed ... that he has Alzheimer’s disease.”  Reagan has spent too many years in Hollywood.  When he was elected President in 1980, he didn’t know what was happening, he didn’t know where he was going, and he didn’t know where he’d been.  He’d had so many roles in the movies, it seemed as though being President was just another acting job, and he got the difference between playing roles and reality confused.  For Reagan, Alzheimer’s has come to the rescue, and is giving him a post-facto justification for his most-often quoted sound bytes, “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall,” and his paraphrasing Dirty Harry, “Make my day.”
KISSING COUSINS:  Western Civilization and their Indian identity have already destroyed the community and the family, so that 90 closely related Shakopee Sioux can’t get along.  I have always said that there is not one issue about which the Indians can get together in solidarity, and I know—I’ve tried to get people together to improve the community, and there are always Indians who will stab you in the back.  Maybe one of the problems was that I’m not an Indian and I’m not a White man, and any time the Indians manage to get something done, there is always a White man behind the scenes running things.  One of the factors is also that the Indian doesn’t own his own identity—the Indian identity is a fraudulent caricature which is given to him by the White man, so that the Indians would be used to replace the Aboriginal people.  Living a lie makes it impossible live harmoniously.
The volatile issue about which the Shakopee Sioux are quarrelling is tribal enrollment—and the per-capita payments from Mystic Lake Casino which come with enrollment.  The Shakopee Sioux are Sovereign and are wards of the U.S. Government under trusteeship and the self-proclaimed plenary power of Congress; and the Indian Casinos are minority business front operations, where management decisions are being made by the White man, as they always have been.  Indians are kept—by their very identity—in a position of political powerlessness, and part of the sham of the Indian identity is taking their frustrations out on each other.  That’s the way it’s always been, on all the Indian Reservations and among other oppressed people.
Instead of quarrelling about “tribal enrollment” and who’s got more “Indian blood,” why don’t they just pay the Casino per-capita payments proportionally, on the basis of Indian blood: a person of 1/4 Indian blood would get 25% of what an Indian fullblood would (if proportional per-capita payments were made on the basis of Aboriginal blood, very few of them would get paid).  If the Shakopee Sioux were to re-determine their Indian blood quantum on the basis of their genealogy, some of the present enrollees would get about ten bucks per capita, and some would get a buck three eighty—but I guess that’s better than nothing.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3923.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The immigrants are arguing about “treaties” under their imported laws again. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The immigrants are arguing about “treaties” under their imported laws again.  The Sunday, May 15 Bemidji Pioneer reprinted an article from the Associated Press reporting that Chief U.S. District Judge Diana Murphy denied the State of Minnesota’s motion to dismiss the U.S. Federal Government and their client organization, the 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians’ lawsuit over hunting and fishing rights presumed to have been “guaranteed” under the Indian treaty of July 29, 1837.
Western European culture is not based on hunting and fishing, and when the European immigrants saw the Aboriginal Indigenous people hunting and fishing as a part of our sustainable permaculture, they called us “primitive” and “savage.”  Since the early days of “discoverer” (guided) tourism and invading pioneers, the European immigrants have acculturated a little bit, and now some of them see hunting and fishing as important—after the ecosystem which the Ahnishinahbæótjibway maintained as an abundant paradise has been destroyed, and there is almost nothing left to hunt or fish.  Indian culture (which is patrilineally Indo-European) may have been based on poaching on the King’s Game Preserves in Europe, and the Métis ancestors of most of the Indians were commercial hunters for the fur companies, who decimated the Ahnishinahbæó tjibway fish and game, hunting some species into extinction, for a few pieces of silver and a barrel of rotgut whiskey—and who did not have a license from the people who owned the resources.
The issue to be heard in court is described by the Attorney General’s Office as the “merits,” which do not have anything to do with whether there can be hunting and fishing on the so-called “ceded” lands.  Two of the three parties to the lawsuit—the 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs band of Chippewa Indians, and the State of Minnesota, did not exist when the 1837 Treaty was signed at St. Peters in Wisconsin Territory, and the people who actually signed the Treaty were Western European subject people under the jurisdiction of the United States.  For that matter, most of the non-White ancestors of the “Indians” who are now enrolled in the Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians, as the Department of the Interior explains, “did not have rights as Indians [in 1837], for the reason that they were mixed bloods, and mixed bloods were not recognized as Indians until the treaty of 1847.”  Under Article 4 of treaty of August 2, 1847, these patrilineally White people were officially categorized as “Chippewas of the Mississippi and Lake Superior.”  In 1860, another branch of the United States Government was still counting these mixed-blood people as “mulattos.”  None of these official classifications have anything to do with the peoples’ real identity.  The people who signed the “Indian Treaties” as “Indians,” even before 1847, were patrilineally White; they were not Ahnishinahbæótjibway.
This so-called “Indian Treaty” is not a matter of international law; it is an internal affair of the United States, which has always owned both sides of this treaty.  (The reason that the United States broke their “Indian Treaties” regularly, is because the U.S. signed these treaties with themselves.)  The “Indians” have never owned anything on this Continent—they are patrilineally Indo-European people whose ancestors were conscripted on the other side of the Atlantic, and were brought here in chains to serve as involuntary labor.  The Federally Recognized Indians still do not own anything—they are Wards of the Government under Trusteeship.  That the United States Government continues to maintain Indo-European people as Federally Recognized Blood-Quantum Indians is an open admission of the ongoing genocide and grand land theft of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  What are called “Chippewa-Indian Treaties” were not negotiated nor written in the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language.  They were negotiated in two hierarchical languages with Indo-European roots, English and Chippewa (and are recorded and archived only in the English language).  The new round of Indian Treaty-related negotiations will be conducted only in English (or, to be more precise, Philadelphia Lawyerese).  I guess that shyster lawyers will be the new Treaty Interpreters.

The United States Government is using their subject people, who they name “Federally Recognized Indians,” in an unique scam: the Federal Instrumentalities known as 1934 I.R.A. “Sovereign Indian Governments” are a front for the dummy corporations known as “Indian Tribal Councils,” which are controlled through the non-democratic bureaucracy under the United States Executive branch.  The furor and White Backlash over Indian hunting and fishing (particularly spearfishing) is drawing attention away from the “Indian Gaming” casinos operated under the jurisdiction of the United States Government.  The issue which will be determined in Federal Court is whether the State of Minnesota or the U.S. Government will be the party issuing hunting and fishing licenses to the “Indians” under separate and unequal apartheid, Jim Crow “Indian Government.”  The Indians have always been able to go hunting and fishing in the so-called “ceded” lands—all they had to do was buy a hunting or fishing license under English and Roman law, just like the other immigrant Citizens do.
On Friday, May 13, there was a special meeting of the Red Lake Chip-away Tribal Council called. According to rumor, the purpose of this meeting was to “investigate” the candidates in the upcoming 1934 I.R.A. elections, and to eliminate any who are classified by the United States Government as Federal Felons, from running for election in the Indians’ unique Sovereign, separatist Government.  I said to one of the Tribal Members who was at the meeting, “this is a strange way to hold a primary.”  He replied, “So, what else is new?  They just make laws whenever it’s convenient, to suit themselves.”  I went to the meeting as a photographer; waited for forty-five minutes and nothing happened in the public part of the building, and so I left.
In order to legitimize and authenticate the 1934 I.R.A. “Indian Democracy,” there have always been petitions after the elections—why break the traditions now?  You can make the process more efficient, and get your petitions ready.  Instead of rushing around after the elections, trying to get signatures before the five-day waiting period is up, start the petition process now.  For each of the special-interest groups, you will need a Chairman: a Chairman of the Dissidents, a Chairman of the Malcontents, a Chairman of the Sore Losers Committee, a Chairman of the Sour Grapes Committee, a Chairman of the Outsiders Committee, a Chairman of the Absentee Ballot and Mail Fraud Committee, a Chairman of the Supporters of the Chairman-For-Life Committee, a Chairman of the Outside Agitators Committee, a Chairman of the Snivelers’ and Whiners’ Committee, a Chairman of the Envious Rival Factions Committee, a Chairman of the Disappointed Committee, a Chairperson of the Comité Pour Le Culture Indién, two Chairmen and a Vice Chairman for the Greed Committee, a Lawyer for the Chairman of the Embezzlers’ Committee, and least and last, a Chairman of the Rabble-Rousers.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3924.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The Indians clear across the country, including here at Red Lake, celebrated their “Independence” on the Fourth of July. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Indians clear across the country, including here at Red Lake, celebrated their “Independence” on the Fourth of July.  There were many dancing contests with big-bucks prizes, drumming and singing.  The Warrior Societies were celebrating their many wars, and honoring two hundred and eighteen years of “freedom” for the Indians, under their “unique” relationship with the United States of America, “the land of the Free and the home of the Brave.”
S. 1021:
If you don’t know what Senate Bill 1021, of the 103rd U.S. Congress, first session is, then you Indians had better find out quick.  The short title is: “Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act of 1993.”  In the United States Constitution, the First Amendment is often cited as guaranteeing “freedom of religion,” which isn’t exactly what it does—the text of this part of the First Amendment reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  Because there was no explicit Constitutional guarantee, under the alien Roman and English Law of the United States, or under the Indian Law derived from it, the United States Department of War and Department of the Interior had no problem generating bureaucratic regulations and actions naming “Indians” but aimed at annihilating Ahnishinahbæótjibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ religious philosophies and practices.
I spent nine years as a political prisoner of the United States Government, in the Roman Catholics’ boarding school—held there under the immigrant Europeans’ regulations which were enforced under imported Roman Law.  We were told that because of our ancient Midé tradition, we were “Pagans,” and that we “worshipped the Devil.”  Our own resources were used (disbursed by the United States), to pay intolerant people, including the Catholic Nuns who told us, “the only good Indian is a dead Indian,” and “you are the Vanishing Americans, and you will go.”  The formative documents of present United States “Indian Policy,” including both the transcripts of the Lake Mohonk Conferences and the Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, are filled with references to their long-term goals of abolishing the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ religion, language and culture, and then, forcible Christianization of the survivors of this Holocaust.  “Indians” have always been used by the Euro-Americans as an euphemism to obscure what is being done to the Aboriginal Indigenous People.
The policy-makers of the United States Government know that they are descendants of illegal immigrants to this Continent, and that they are a Judeo-Christian State, “one Nation under [their foreign] God;” which runs into conflict with the egalitarian, harmonious and non-violent Aboriginal Indigenous Traditional philosophies/religions.  It is clear from scrutinizing S. 1021 that long-term policy of the Euro-Americans hasn’t changed in the last century.  The snake-oil salesmen and the shyster lawyers who work in the back rooms for the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs have masked the genocidal and historical revisionist intent of their proposed legislation behind flowery language and reeking red herrings.  The way that S. 1021 hedges its definitions, cites authorities for jurisdiction including the elastic clause of the U.S. Constitution, and uses a purportedly altruistic purpose to try to redefine Aboriginal Indigenous people as “Indians” under the jurisdiction of the Indian Tribal Councils and the related system of Indian Law which the U.S. created, makes it clear that the authors and sponsors of the Bill know exactly what they are doing.  One of the things which S. 1021 does, is establish an Indian cult—a cheap imitation of the Aboriginal Indigenous religions/philosophies.
No matter what they say or write, Euro-American law has no jurisdiction over the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of this Continent, nor over the land.  Judeo-Christianity is used as the reference point in this Bill because the Honorable Senators apparently understand enough of their own history to know that the U.S. claims to the eminent domain on this continent rest on imported Judeo-Christian dogma and brazen assertion backed by force.  There is no need for an “Indian Freedom of Religion Act” for Indians, who were born subjects of the Judeo-Christian empire, and in fact the requirement in S. 1021 for “aboriginal ancestry” excludes a great many of the U.S.’ Federally Recognized blood-quantum Indians from “protection” under the proposed legislation.  The United States Government is promoting “Indian law” to obscure both their bloody history and their present intent.  So-called “Indian law” has absolutely nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ philosophies, laws, religions, culture, traditions, and values.  Aboriginal Indigenous People are always invisible in United States laws, except for attempts to re-define us and our land as “Indian.”  The land of this Continent has never been “Indian land,” and we, the Ahnishinahbæótjibway have our own ancient identity, and do not need to have a racist parody of an identity imposed on us by illegal aliens.
Senator Wellstone and Senator Inouye: “have you no sense of decency?”
The Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune featured an interview with the versatile lawyer, Jeff Chaffee, who is said to argue either side of a case “with enthusiasm.”  At the Mille Lacs Treaty Trial in Minneapolis, which side he is on doesn’t make much difference, because it’s all Roman Law, so the White man was already the “winner” before the Trial opened under his rules.  As an attorney for the State, Mr. Chaffee questioned Mille Lacs elder Herman Kegg, and according to the Star Tribune, thus “established ... that he accepted the authority of the state to regulate natural resources” because Mr. Kegg bought State hunting and fishing licenses.  Was Mr. Kegg accepting the invaders’ and immigrants repressive, racist Roman Law, and does he also accept the Indian law which is derived from Roman Law?  The author of the newspaper article, Pat Doyle, does not write whether Mr. Kegg is Ahnishinahbæótjibway with a Dodem, or if he has a White patriline—although some of the people involved in the Mille Lacs Trial know.  The issue is critical, because if he is an Indian with a White patriline, he is automatically under State jurisdiction and has to buy a license, whether it’s from the Federal Instrumentality of the 1934 I.R.A. Mille Lacs R.B.C., or from the State of Minnesota.  If he is Ahnishinahbæótjibway, with a Dodem, then the only reason he was buying a license was to avoid harassment—but if he has a Dodem, then his testimony at the Treaty Trial is irrelevant, because the Indian Treaties and United States Roman/English laws have no jurisdiction over him.
The Independent Republicans nominated the Reverend Allen Quist as their endorsed candidate for Governor of the State of Minnesota.  To get this endorsement, Quist vowed that he would stand by the planks in the I.R. Party Platform.  But now, he is standing by a huge bonfire he has made out of the Party planks that are not in accord with his fundamentalist Kristianity.  When questioned about the issue of abortion, Quist said that there should be a State-mandated waiting period.  His evangelical right-wing philosophy is about nine months.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3925.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The Native American Press/Ojibwe News scooped all the White Man’s in-house (mainstream) newspapers ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Native American Press/Ojibwe News scooped all the White Man’s in-house (mainstream) newspapers, by reporting the Indian Reorganization Act election fraud at White Earth in meticulously documented detail.  The September 30 issue reported the indictment of the Chair of the White Earth Election Board.  The elections, the candidates, and the inherent fraud is not the issue.  Crooked elections have been standard misuse of taxpayers funds in White Indian Country since the U.S. Congress enacted the 1934 I.R.A.  For years, some of the Federally Recognized Indians have been complaining about crooked elections.  Gathering signatures and filing petitions about fraudulent Indian elections after every election is part of the Indian election process designed by the B.I.A., intended to generate enthusiasm and other strong feelings (including ignorance) about I.R.A. democracy, and to authenticate and validate the jurisdiction of this White man’s colonial system by gathering signatures.  Even if the outcome of the election was fixed by the Superintendent before the ballots were cast, the Indians enthusiastically participate in the B.I.A.’s version of democracy by selling their votes several times, and protesting the election results, sometimes violently.  The Bureau’s bureaucrats refer to the standard post-election situation on the Reservations as “a very volatile situation.”  Because Indians are wards of the government under trusteeship, there is no legal redress for election fraud in Reservation politics.  As former Commissioner of Indian Affairs explained to a group of malcontents and dissidents, “You don’t have a government!”  The “Indian Tribal Governments” established by the B.I.A. under the authority of the U.S. Congress’ 1934 I.R.A. are puppet governments which are designed serve the purposes of the United States Government and Corporations.  The primary function of the “duly elected tribal officials” is to lease land, sell timber and mining rights, and take a few kickbacks to keep the in-group Indians docile.  They beat their White grandfathers’ drum for a few bucks, and do P.R. by embodying caricatures of Real Feathered Indians for the White media.  The B.I.A. also keeps their Indians under control by distracting their attention from the real problems and “saving Indians from their tendencies to self-destruct.”  The politically inclined, the Demonstrators and the apathetic Indians are all kept busy worrying about crooked elections and that old carrot-on-a-stick which is called “payment,” instead of looking at the underlying issues.
Ms. Carly “Baby Doll” Jasken, chairwoman of the White Earth Election Board, was indicted for “obstruction of justice” after she shredded ballots.  U.S. Agent Dave Barnes is said to have instructed her not to tamper with the ballots, but he then left them in her possession for two weeks after serving a subpoena requesting this incendiary evidence.  This Enrolled Indian Frenchwoman (a faded burnt stump) obeyed the implicit suggestion of Dave Barnes to keep the gravy train on track.  She destroyed the paper trail leading to the big culprits and the supposedly “good guys.”  The cut-and-dry mail fraud case that the United States Government was investigating is gone, because Barnes apparently told Baby Doll she was “sovereign,” and could shred the evidence with impunity.  Mail fraud and R.I.C.O.-statute racketeering are serious crimes which have set precedents of sending criminals to prison for long sentences—look at what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.  There is no precedent of sending election board members or anyone else to jail for a crooked election.  Barnes and Baby Doll should be prosecuted under the R.I.C.O. Statutes and for destroying the evidence in a Federal Mail Fraud case—but the way the case is being handled, the only penalty will be a slap on the wrist for Baby Doll (and probably a promotion for Barnes).
RESURRECTION: The United States Government is running out of Indians—the intended result of U.S. policies in the past.  The General Allotment Act was social engineering designed to destroy both the Aboriginal and Indian communities within three generations.  After the Aboriginal communities were nearly destroyed, the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act brought back the Indians, and entrenched the plush patronage jobs in the B.I.A. bureaucracy, so Friends of Politicians could continue pigging out on public pork.  But, the 1934 I.R.A. also created “Base Rolls,” and the Indian Agent can no longer turn pure White people into Indians with a stroke of the pen—now, in order to get Indians, the Indian Agent has to conscript a “Squaw Man” for stud service.  But, the B.I.A.’s Blood Quantum Indians are slowly being diluted.
The Disney Corporation wanted to put an amusement park in Virginia, but it was voted out.  Mickey Mouse and History According to Disney are abstract cartoon concepts.  Speaking of abstract and mythological thinking, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is resurrecting Indian Tribes which had gone extinct.  They also computerized the enrollment lists of other Michigan Indian Tribes which were on the edge of extinction, using the mystique of Modern Technology to redefine “blood quantum” so that their Indians with 63/64 White blood will get 1/4 or more Indian Blood Quantum.  This is also known as “blood runs thicker than water.”  Instead of just bringing a few deceased Indian voters to the polls, in Michigan and on the East Coast, the Bureau is resurrecting whole Indian Bands of mythological Indian Tribes.  (Most of the Aboriginal people who lived there were killed a hundred a years ago.)  These New Indians will vote in the Bureau’s crooked elections, and will be costumed and paraded to show the world that there are more Real Indians living now, than when Columbus landed.  (The only problem is that the Bureau’s New Indians are not Aboriginal people, whether the B.I.A. gives them matrilineal Indian Clans or not.)  The precedent was set at White Earth, where the 1934 I.R.A. was brought onto White Earth by voters of 1/64 Indian blood quantum (and less), and the deceased not only voted regularly, but also married, wrote wills and sold land.  Election fraud is only a symptom of the U.S. Government’s fraudulent Indian system, which has been corrupt since the first Indian Treaty was signed.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3926.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The Northern Minnesota town of Squaw Lake is in the news. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Northern Minnesota town of Squaw Lake is in the news.  The June 10 issue of Bill Lawrence’s Native American Press reported that Angeline Losh and Dawn Litzau are working to remove the name “squaw” from place names in Northern Minnesota.  According to newspaper reports, these young women have learned that the word “squaw” is a racist stereotype of presumably vulgar origin.  I don’t know of anybody who likes to be called “squaw,” or to have any other racist, stereotypical labels used on them, such as “N*gger Buck,” “Inj*n Buck,” “Drunken Indian,” “Lazy Indian,” “Dirty Indian,” ad nauseam.  In spite of the human misery that it causes, race-baiting has been a sporting event in Euro-American culture for a long time.  The capitol city of the United States of America is Number One in promoting fictional racist stereotypes under the guise of having a good time (and making big bucks in the process), with the Washington Redskins and the Tomahawk Chop.
In Ahnishinahbæótjibway culture, there are no stereotypes or name-calling.  Because of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, our people have manners and respect, we are polite, and we have lived in harmony with the environment here for the past million years or so, which is why our ecosystem was intact and our land was a paradise.  The Western European immigrant peoples apparently have no manners at all, nor any respect for anybody, even themselves—as they have demonstrated by going into other Peoples’ lands, destroying and polluting Grandmother Earth, and promoting their abstract dichotomy of the Devil and God.
Western European racism is so entrenched in Euro-American culture and values that I don’t know if Ms. Losh and Ms. Litzau’s efforts at eliminating the word “squaw” from local place names will be successful.  Instead of fighting an uphill battle against vested interests who profit from the use of racist and sexist epithets to make themselves feel superior (and ease their consciences while they steal Ahnishinahbæótjibway property and resources), these dedicated and socially aware students could flow with the Judeo-Christian values that they’re being asked to assimilate into, although rather than assimilating they can help the Western European immigrants integrate.  Instead of changing the name of Squaw Lake, they could acknowledge that racism is endemic in Euro-America, and organize a fund-raising effort to erect a huge Monument to racist stereotypes in downtown Squaw Lake.  Instead of fighting the Chamber of Commerce, they could get the Big Buck City Fathers go along with their cause, and promote politically incorrect tourism.  As the most racist city in the U.S.A., they could have travel posters and brochures, T-shirts and bumper stickers; and put up a huge statute of a Squaw Man, with his squaws and papooses, by Squaw Lake.  They could take the concept of Squaw Lake and really get into it, and rename the streets.  Can you imagine the publicity, and consequent tourist dollars, that N*gger Avenue, H*nky Drive, K*yke Way, W*p Street, and a dead-end street named “A Chinaman’s Chance” in downtown Squaw Lake, would generate?  The Good Ol’ Boys who run the town could encourage everybody in town to get involved, having the Hospitality Industry change the names of the bars in Squaw Lake to “The Red-Neck Ranch,” “The Praise-The-Lord Saloon,” and “The Gringo Greenback.”  The Pillars of Squaw Lake could also change the names of the other public establishments to match the image automatically conveyed by the name of their town, such as changing the name of the police station to “The Gestapo Headquarters” of the S.S., because they are using imported Western European (Roman) Laws to maintain an hierarchical social structure. These are the same laws as were used by the Democratically elected Chancellor of Nazi Germany, and the same laws which were used by the immigrant Europeans to name the town Squaw Lake in the first place.
When I was forced into Boarding School, I was not allowed to speak my egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous language of Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  I was beaten for speaking my own language, and for many years, I had use of very little language at all.  The immigrant Euro-Americans are still using the compulsory education system to destroy the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, this time by teaching Chippewa as a fake substitute.  Chippewa is a Creole trade language with an Indo-European hierarchical structure.
Like most other Ahnishinahbæótjibway who spent our formative years speaking our own language, I had a very difficult time learning how to read, write, and speak the imported Western European English language.  I asked a number of well-educated native speakers of American English what the key to understanding their language was, and although it was right in front of them, none of them realized that the hierarchical structure of the English language was a critical barrier to an Aboriginal Indigenous person learning that language.  I am also amazed by the ways in which Western $ivilization uses language to manipulate, mentally imprison, and psychologically enslave their own citizens.  Included in these vicious linguistic structures is linear thinking, which creates a misleading and narrow world-view, and generates a perspective which distorts reality into lies.  The abstractions which are the foundation of the imported Western European languages are also very alien to an Aboriginal Indigenous way of thinking, misleading and nonsensical, and I have heard many old Ahnishinahbæótjibway laughing about how strangely abstract thinking makes the immigrant Europeans talk and behave.  Abstractions may be OK in math, but they are very foolish when the Euro-Americans try to apply them to reality.
Language patterns how a person looks at the world, and by defining their interaction with the world, regulates their behavior.  An example is the Ahnishinahbæótjibway language, which is both male and female, and synergizes the harmony which kept this Continent beautiful.  On the other hand, Western European languages are based on an unbalanced caricature of maleness, and define the world in terms of power and greed.  Imported Euro-American English relates to Grandmother Earth in obscenities which the English-speaking Leaders describe as “He-Man” terms of domination, prostitution and beating; as “virgin wilderness” to be penetrated; as a frontier for pioneers to outflank; and as “resources” to be raped and plundered, bought and sold, and otherwise exploited.  An example is the “Mille Lacs Treaty” which is presently in the news, often in the sports section.  The so-called Indian Treaties were recorded only in English.  Even if the Chippewa language into which the treaties were mis-translated had been recorded, it would still have the same consequences as the English-language document—the Chippewa language also has an abstract, Indo-European structure.  The Chippewa Indians have the same values, and are a part of the same system, as the other Indo-Europeans.  Chippewa Indians are defined by Congressional con artists and other Constitutional front-men as Sovereign wards of the Government under Trusteeship, and under Roman Law, no matter who wins the Mille Lacs “treaty-rights” case, the “resources” will end up under the control of the White man.  Notwithstanding the fact that most of the Indian Treaties were signed by professional Indian Treaty-Signers, the whole Chippewa Indian Treaty scam is in the abstract of Western European $ivilization, has nothing to do with Ahnishinahbæótjibway reality, and has neither roots nor validity on this Continent.
The English language is designed to disconnect and alienate its speakers from nature, and it is difficult for most native speakers of English to understand what is wrong with “exploiting resources,” for example.  My Ahnishinahbæótjibway language is connected, alive, and in harmony with Grandmother Earth.  In translating the meaning of “exploiting resources” into Ahnishinahbæót jibway, it becomes very clear what is wrong with such exploitation.
The imported language, American English, is a patriarchal male-parody language, which was profoundly influenced by the Catholic Priests, who were almost the only people who could read and write for several centuries in Europe.  The Holy Roman Monastery establishments, which were the centers of European academic learning at that time, had their world-view set by men who had no intimate relationship at all with women—even their relationship with their own mothers was in the abstract, mythologized by their language and perverted by their dogma.  Western European and Euro-American White women do not have an identity.  They are defined and crippled by the patriarchal European languages, in terms set by a homosexual and/or celibate, misogynistic priesthood, which at times had such ritual practices as burning women at the stake.  Euro-American women could    not vote until the 1920’s, and are still defined in the English language as chattel, which means “property without what is required to be a human being.”  The English language also defines those people who choose to allow themselves be called “Indian” in very derogatory terms.  Indians do have an identity of their own, but not as Indians, which is a racist and artificial definition by immigrant Europeans. The so-called “Indians” could take responsibility for their own identity—they know who they are.
Even when they are not being called “squaws,” English (or Chippewa) speaking Indian women are caught under the double, demeaning, Indo-European language definitions of “Indian” and “woman.”  These languages have been developed over the centuries to conceptually chain women to a patriarchal world-view, and simultaneously to separate them from Aboriginal Indigenous understandings.  Some anthropologists have described this separation as a “glass wall,” although they do not understand that this prison wall is an illusion in their own minds, generated by their language.  Aboriginal Indigenous women define themselves, in harmony with men, Grandmother Earth, and the Universe, through our egalitarian Aboriginal Indigenous languages which are a balance of male and female, harmonious and with no linguistic structure for holding power over another.  White women, and other female speakers of Indo-European languages, do not have the vocabulary or the grammar to describe who they really are, nor to talk about what they feel inside of themselves nor how their inner nature leads them to see the real world, because they are blinded, crippled, and made fundamentally mute by their male-centered languages.  There is no communication, and the White man does not know anything about women, even though he defines them.  When White and other hierarchical women rediscover the balanced male and female harmony of the Aboriginal Indigenous languages, and re-create their own vocabulary and grammar, then they can take back their world.
The off-again, on-again news media has changed their focus away from the Arkansas S & L and Whitewater.  The Evangelical Right has set a precedent on the President, and is skirting the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution very narrowly by promoting a sexual-harassment suit against the President.  I have always wondered about Fundamentalist, Right-Wing politics.  I finally realized that why they act so weird is that they have a Methodist God and a Presbyterian Devil, and their Catholic Archangels compound the confusion.  The High Priests of Judeo-Christianity have always abused women to advance their own vested interests.  Their latest version of a very old scam, is promising Paula Jones fame and fortune, including television appearances, a book, and lots of money, which she pledges she will “donate to Charity.”  This is the New Right-Wing Evangelical version of “The Devil in Miss Jones.”
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3927.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The October 21 Native American Press published letters submitted by community members, including one from the Department of the Interior to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The October 21 Native American Press published letters submitted by community members, including one from the Department of the Interior to the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, authorizing establishment of the “Minnesota Chippewa [Indian] Courts,” and a second from BIA lawyer James M. Schoessler offering the South Philadelphia back-alley shyster opinion that establishing an Indian Tribal Court for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe is not in violation of the MCT 1934 IRA Constitution [although the 1934 IRA Constitution is a human rights violation] and “is a major victory for the Tribe and Bands.”  In an accompanying letter to the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, also published by the NAP, Lowell Bellanger observes that the proposed Tribal Court will “set up a ... system whereby corrupt tribal judges and so-called ‘elected’ people will be able to try themselves and escape justice.”  The BIA’s decision to establish what they call a Tribal Court turkey-feathers the bureaucrats’ nests, maintains their lucrative positions to administer sweetheart contracts, enables them to continue pigging out on perks at the public trough, ensures their golden-parachute retirement, and re-entrenches the Bureau’s pit-bull hold on their puppet IRA Tribal and Band Governments.
The timing of the BIA’s decision is just at the right moment for incumbents to appoint Tribal Judges who will try these very same incumbents for election fraud—and in this Western European archetype of Democracy, Wadena and his crooked cronies will acquit themselves and set themselves free using post-facto BIA Indian Sovereignty and other uniquely creative legalistic shell games.  The Bureau has apparently unilaterally repealed Public Law 280 and State jurisdiction, and is supporting MCT incumbents because the BIA’s very existence depends on their corrupt in-house IRA Indian politicians.  (I don’t know what kind of back-room turf deal was cut between Federal bailiwicks in Washington to “take care of” the mail fraud which continues on 535 Indian reservations in conjunction with the dead-vote.)  Vernon Bellecourt and Camp Justice are gathering petitions to challenge the White Earth IRA election and oust Wadena, but they’ll never get enough signatures, because the BIA and Wadena have the keys to the voting booths in the cemetery, and the polls are not in your favor, Vernon. Although the BIA may be subsidizing you “dissidents” through third parties and front-men, to hench as token opposition, it’s an old tradition of the Bureau to promote factions and obscure reality and honest Injuns.  Hats off to Euro-American Democracy!  Crooked Judge Lynch and his favorite sidekick Chief Jim Crow ride again, just like the Lone Ranger and Tonto.
THE BELL CURVE:  The Western European social scientists’ all-purpose statistical tool, the “Bell Curve,” is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg that’s been broken in three places, and couldn’t be mended even with a level Chi Square or a straight face.  The Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune reprinted a review from the New York Times of a book, “The Bell Curve,” co-authored by a deceased Harvard psychologist, “which suggests that differences in intelligence between races are a matter of inheritance,” rather than looking at the violent social reality which favors Northern European Whites.  (The playing field is not level when it comes to White definitions of I.Q.—the deck is stacked and the dice are loaded.)  The reviewer’s criticism focuses on his observation that “racial categories, especially in the United States, are often more poetry than science.  American blacks almost invariably have some white ancestry, so their classification has more to do with politics and culture than with genes.”  Descriptions of race and mixed-race invariably ignore the genealogical fact that almost all people identified as “Americans”—including most Blacks, Indians, Jews, and Hispanics—have a White patriline.  This used to be called “miscegenation;” in forked-tongue Anglo-English, it’s called “diversity.”  My, my, tsk, tsk, how Crooked English hides the constant corruption of the status quo.
In the 1860’s, the U.S. Census dealt with mixed race using an illusion of precision, buying time with artificial categories such as “mulatto.”  The problem is still here, and the social engineers are re-naming it in Crooked English, again.  Now, the U.S. Census Bureau is seriously considering adding the category “mixed race” to the year 2000 Census.  The people who like to call themselves “upper class White Americans” are fleeing their own identity, and hiding their roots and their origins.  Instead of admitting who they are, they are neurotically re-creating the abusive conditions of their Old Countries.  The reality is that the Lily-White European immigrants have already been mongrelized in the endless wars, rape and plunder which raged back and forth across Europe for more than a millennium before these hybridized White Anglo-Saxon Protestants got here and unilaterally created the self-serving illusion of Diversity they call “mixed races” in their insatiable greed.
What they call the Melting Pot is a euphemism for: Anglo control of the White dollar-economic system and their imported system of laws which rapes and plunders the Aboriginals’ resources and systematically discriminates against non-white men; and permissive “wink-and-slap-on-the-back” laws condoning rapes committed by White men against non-White women and the land we call our Grandmother Earth (what they ambiguously euphemize as “resource management” is really rape).  The “Melting Pot” can never work, because of the White economic system, and because the laws are all unilaterally White, including the prison system.  What really comes out of this burnt Melting Pot is a putrid smokescreen derived from a stinking red herring and other rotten residue of Manifest Destiny, which masks the hideous bigotry embedded in the imported Anglo-White culture and foreign English language.
SENATORIAL DIATRIBE: Senate Candidates Rod Grams and Ann Wynia had a media event orchestrated by Minnesota Public Television on October 21st.  This carefully controlled spoon-feeding of illusory “Democracy” was heavily promoted by PBS as “citizen participation,” and was itself a pitiful reflection of the cynically elitist parody of fairness which is touted as the Great American System.  A Citizen in the Lunchroom, Mark Anderson, asked a question about “family values” and “diversity.”  Neither one of the Candidates gave a meaningful answer, probably because neither one of them knew anything about a family—they never really had one.  Western Civilization depends on destruction of family and community, and polarization between generations.  Replacing the extended family with the Nation-State and the Great White Father maintains the class system and the status quo.  This is why the United States enacted their genocide policy of forcing Aboriginal children into Boarding Schools, intentionally destroying our Aboriginal families (Dodemian—which are very different from what the White man labels “bands” and “tribes”) and brainwashing us into the fraudulent pseudo-identity of “Indian,” which they now define as “Diversity” under their rigid control.  “Diversity,” translated from Anglo-English, is a rainbow of Apples and Oreos and Bananas and Uncle Toms and Uncle Tomahawks: people with White patrilines who are all White on the inside, paraphrasing their Great White Father in the Big House as they claim to “speak for” their distant non-White maternal relatives.
HOT FLASHES: Rod Grams, when asked about “diversity,” answered that he advocated the unilateral imposition of “English First.”  The White-WASP Language Police are talking about a Constitutional Language Amendment, while they “fight crime” by building more jails.  Unilateral laws to enforce English First are lurking over the horizon.  According to my crystal ball, the penalty for first offense of speaking any language but English will be 90 days in jail, although Whites speaking Norwegian or German will get a slap on the wrist and community [which community???] service as a warning—the first time.  The penalty for a second offense will be a year in jail (at hard labor if it’s a non-European language).  To play ball in the New Diversity, the California Initiative is “three strikes and you’re out”—the BIA has already established the “legal” precedent.  This is also known as “multi-culturalism” and “equal opportunity” in this “great Land of the Free,” where because of unilateral Lily-White legal and economic systems, Citizens of Color are forever in hot pursuit of elusive illusions of Happiness.
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3928.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The Red Lake 1934 I.R.A. Tribal elections are over, and Bobby Whitefeather is the new shadow Chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chip-away Indians ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Red Lake 1934 I.R.A. Tribal elections are over, and Bobby Whitefeather is the new shadow Chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chip-away Indians (representing the B.I.A.), just as I predicted.  My 99.99% accurate forecast did not have anything to do with seeing into the future—the I.R.A. Indian elections are socially engineered, and the winners, who administer the United States’ I.R.A. colonial government, have been chosen by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and their cohort political hacks long before the elections are ever held.
The Sunday, May 29 Bemidji Pioneer describes the new Chip-away Indian Band Chairman’s vision as “forming a number of task forces to define reservation problems and solutions ...”  The social problems on Red Lake Indian Reservation—and in the relocation urban ghettos—are an intentional and necessary part of the immigrant Euro-Americans’ colonial structure for their Indians’ affairs.  The system is now working very efficiently, and very well, for the immigrant Europeans.  Clear across the country, on nearly every Indian reservation, these White man’s 1934 I.R.A. colonial Indian governments are a part of the problem.  When these Wanna-Be Indian governments masquerade as the legitimate governments of the Aboriginal Indigenous people, everything is going according to plan, and the Indian leaders are getting paid to keep the status quo.  What Chairman Bobby Whitefeather is going to accomplish, is fine-tuning the imported Indo-European socio-economic problems to advance the agenda of his bosses, the White colonizers.  The New Red Lake Chairman is simultaneously claiming to be both “Chippewa” and “Anishinabe,” but as the token In-House Indian chairman of the Federal instrumentality called the Red Lake Tribal Council, another part of his Federally-defined role is to sell resources, “Treaty rights,” etc., to the White élite, so that they don’t get their lily-White hands dirty.
Now that the elections are over, the social life on the Reservation is back to whatever passes as “normal.”  One Red Lake humorist described the I.R.A. electioneering process: “The politicians were thicker than on fleas on a dog.  You couldn’t chase them out of your yard, you couldn’t get rid of ‘em.  But, now that elections are over, I won’t be seeing these crooks, or hearing all the promises they couldn’t keep anyway, for another four years.  Next election, I’m going to get two pit bulls, and sic ‘em on every politician that starts telling me White lies.”
Indian mythology has been featured in Country-Western music since the first ecology pirate, romanticized as a Hollywood cowboy, strummed his guitar, kissed his horse, and rode off into the sunset.  Indian caricatures have been promoted as high-class literature since H.W. Longfellow, who was a good friend of the crooked Indian Agent Schoolcraft, concocted “The Song of Hiawatha.”  Now, there is an Indian Uprising over Cletus T. Judd’s song, “Indian In-Law,” which is said to be a parody of another song, “Indian Out-Law.”  These songs about in-laws and out-laws have nothing to do with Aboriginal Indigenous people.  Ahnishinahbæótjibway society centers around our Dodems.  Our family relationships are very different from the blood-quantum Indians, who do not have Ahnishinahbæótjibway Dodems, and who are caught in the White patrilineal system of patriarchal in-laws, so-called illegitimacy and nuclear White family values.
Some National Indian Leaders are claiming that Judd’s song is “the epitome of literary evil,” and rhetorically calling for a Salman Rushdie indictment.  In my personal opinion, I don’t think that the bosses of the Famous Indian Leaders (the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Supersquaw) would go along with such an Ayatollic command.
Cletus Judd’s song is a typical projection of the White man’s own self-image; the Whites created the illusion of Indians as a scapegoat for his own guilt.  This has nothing to do with the Aboriginal Indigenous people.  The ugly stereotypes which are embedded in the invading Americans’ mythology of Indians have generated Big Bucks for the White people forming B.I.A. policy, who manipulate the Indian Leaders.  These Indian Leaders are making Big Bucks maintaining the system which oppresses both Indian and Aboriginal Indigenous people on Franklin Avenue and in the many other Red Ghettos across the country.  Why should Cletus Judd be excluded from making Big Bucks, like all of the other parasites exploiting and living off of the Indian mythology?  Making Big Bucks from illusions and lies, is what the White Man’s alien economic system is all about.  In layman’s terms, Euro-American economics translates into the Rip-Off-er and the Rip-Off-ee, the exploiter and the exploitee.  I wouldn’t give you a plugged buffalo nickel for any of these big-name Indian Leaders.
I’ve watched these so-called Indian Leaders who are anointed by the White man, for the past 50 years, and the main priority of every one of them has been self-interest and their own back pocket.  Other than personal greed, there is not one issue about which they can get together in solidarity.  They can’t even stand in harmony about “Indian In-Laws” and “Indian Out-Laws,” because Indian is an artificial identity.  If Indian was a real identity, then the B.I.A. and their Indian Tribal Councils could file human rights violations lawsuits—but then, the stereotyped Indian identity is itself a human rights violation, and the B.I.A. won’t even stand up for the so-called Indians they claim to represent.
President Lyndon Johnson lost the War in Vietnam, and then he lost the War on Poverty.  In the late 1960’s, the Generals in the War on the Impoverished had a battle plan named Model Cities.  They tore down affordable housing for the poor, and built freeways so that the privileged could theoretically get out of town fast.  When L.B.J. first started huckstering about abolishing poverty, I almost wanted to believe him.  I quickly came back to reality when the Poverty Warriors invaded the ghettos and started their programs up: buying lots of office supplies, parking their new cars outside of gentrified office buildings, and hiring expensively dressed experts with ram-skin Ph.D.’s and other degrees, who had no firsthand knowledge of poverty.  I realized then, that the War on Poverty was just another get-rich-quick scam, abusing the people in poverty, keeping them impoverished while the professional exploiters violated their human rights, and made money off of them.  Once a social services program is established to “address a problem,” the professionals want to maintain the problems as job security for themselves.  The B.I.A. is a good example.
President Bill Clinton’s social program warrior, H.U.D.’s Cisneros, is in the process of creating jobs for the middle class, in another poverty-program bureaucracy.  I don’t know what this program’s going to be called yet: the Bureau of Homelessness, Hutlessness, Shacklessness, and Cabinlessness?  They’re making all kinds of promises, and what will probably happen is that they’ll create a lot of jobs for unemployed social scientists, re-engineer social definitions so that the homeless will be blamed for not having a roof over their heads, and spend a lot of time arresting everybody sleeping under a bridge.  Cisneros is promising to give the Homeless counseling, and provide them with “adjustments.”  Translated, this means that his agency will make the poor homeless jump through hoops, and do flip-flops and other acrobatics (like kissing bureaucrats’ behinds) to qualify for substandard ghetto housing.  You can place your bets and wagers, that voter registration and political organization will not be a part of the Homeless programs.
Crime is another big business, where the crime-fighters have painted themselves into a corner.  According to the White man’s Indian mythology, their legendary West was “wild.”  In Aboriginal Indigenous history, the so-called “West” did not become wild until the European invaders and their Indians came here with their violent family values.  What the self-righteous media is now calling “drive-by shootings,” are no different than the old “Wild West” tradition of “ride-by shootings,” when outlaws and bandits would ride through on horseback, and shoot up the town.  Euro-Americans have very short memories—the only thing that’s changed in the modern drive-by shootings is that the Old West’s White townspeople would get a posse together, and ride their own horses out into the hills to chase down the renegades and bandits.  The chase is still on, but now the duly delegated professionals use high-powered vehicles, with red lights flashing, sirens blasting, and two-way radios cackling with static.  Can you imagine a whole posse of cars, chasing bandits down the freeway—in hot pursuit at 25 miles an hour?
The banner headline in the May 29 Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune was old news, “Mafia associates had ties to 5 casinos.”  So, what else is new?  At Red Lake, imported European organized crime has been entrenching itself since patriarchs Sibley and Ramsey negotiated both sides of a crooked treaty, aided and abetted by crooked fur trader Norman Kittson.  Organized crime has been in Ahnishinahbæótjibway territory since the first European fur traders opened up shop with their Tonto Indian side-kicks.
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3929.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The September 18 Bemidji Pioneer published a letter to the editor with the headline, “Red Lake sovereign nation, yet county taxes pay costs.” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The September 18 Bemidji Pioneer published a letter to the editor with the headline, “Red Lake sovereign nation, yet county taxes pay costs.”  The author, Dick Larson, writes, “admittedly, I’m naive about county spending but this is unbelievable.”  Mr. Larson, it’s not your fault that the history that you were taught in school was from a blindered European perspective; a one-sided litany of mis-information and outright lies which have nothing to do with the reality of what has happened on this Continent.  They did not tell you about the rape and plunder of our land and our people; they did not tell you about the social and genetic engineering and why the ecosystem is being systematically destroyed and the water polluted and poisoned.  Your teachers did not tell you about your Euro-American hierarchy—and that property taxes are feudal “protection” on land you can never really “own.”  You were also not given the facts about “Indians,” which is a White term (look it up in your dictionary)—and “Indian” has nothing to do with the Aboriginal people who belong here: we are the Ahnishinahbæótjibway in this part of our country.
Property taxes are alien to Aboriginal society—we lived in harmony with the land, which is what gives us life.  The idea of some foreigner owning our land is disgusting, and metaphysically impossible in our world-view.  You complain about “property taxes,” as if you are the only one paying for your corrupt foreign system.  We pay exorbitant taxes: an example is the utility taxes on the Red Lake Reservation, which include extremely high property taxes levied on utility-company property in Redby, passed on to us in our bills.  Another example is the telephone rate structure: long-distance charges on every call off the Reservation.  The Bemidji merchants charge me seven cents on the dollar; and even higher taxes on gasoline, fuel oil and tobacco products (although I don’t smoke).  Every purchase made on the reservation includes payment “in lieu of taxes,” which go to pay for the occupation forces.  We pay more, and we get nothing worth while back; taxes are like paying for a dead horse in the White man’s economic system: “White-Male” instead of blackmail.  Although people live quite some distance from the post office, there is no rural mail delivery on the reservation; there is no rural newspaper delivery.  Our taxes support your community, just like yours do.  Mr. Larson, if you want to do any finger-pointing about taxes, go point at your lying, crooked Congressmen and Senators, and then go look in the mirror.  You are the problem—we did not ask you to bring your White laws or your funny money system onto our land.
The White United States Constitution contains the clause, “Indians not taxed” three times, meaning that the Indians who were created by the Europeans were never intended to own any land, and would not have representation in Congress, either in the Senate or in the House of Representatives—or in State or County Government.  So, the money that you are complaining about, your property taxes, is money taken under policies set by the Congressmen and Senators whom you elected.  The Indians, who were created to be politically powerless wards of the U.S. Government under trusteeship, have nothing to do with designing the property-tax structure in Beltrami County, nor with the Federally-mandated social assistance programs.  Indians are, by definition, disenfranchised second-class citizens who, with one stroke of the pen, will no longer exist—they have no power to lobby for higher property taxes (or, for that matter, for Indian gaming, which is the unmentioned, underlying complaint in Mr. Larson’s letter, and which is controlled by White interests.)  Indians do not make “policy,” not even “Indian policy.”  The Aboriginal people are invisible in the Euro-American system, and in the White man’s hierarchical, racist and misogynistic language.
The Indian “Sovereignty” that you mention without understanding, is an illusion and a con game, created by your White immigrant democratically elected representatives, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Aboriginal people.  (If you don’t believe me, read the so-called “Tribal Constitutions,” written by the U.S. Government under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, which is pre-Nuremberg genocide legislation endorsed by greedy mixed-blood Indians—French Moors who are also known as “burnt stumps”—like chairman-for-life Roger Jourdain and his French feudal cousins “Butch” Brun and Bobby Whitefeather.)  The Indians, who are programmed to bemoan and cry repeatedly, “broken Indian Treaties!” [Charmin-type documents in which their ancestors sold land which did not belong to them], are a part of Euro-American folklore, with about the same reality-quotient as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the fictional characters of Disneyland and celluloid Hollywood—which has consistently promoted the White self-serving racist mythology of “Ugh, Me Indian.”
The taxes that you complain about are a part of your White economic structure, imported from Europe, and along with your money system, are alien; but the land and the resources here belong to the Aboriginal people—and have never belonged to either the Whites or the Indians.  The illegitimate, mythological and illusory Indians are the fraudulent means by which the Whites are claiming the land (“Treaties,” agreements, etc.).   A careful examination of the economic structure of this area makes it clear that if anybody’s on “welfare,” it’s the White immigrants and their Indians, who are pigging out on the Ahnishinahbæótjibway land and resources.  If you remove the land, the resources, and the income which is derived from that property from the White economic structure, what would happen to the Beltrami County economy—you freeloaders would not have to worry about taxes on anything.  Complaining about “taxes” on stolen property reveals that you have no self-respect, and no identity, either—and you are trying to obliterate your roots and deny where you came from.  The equitable solution would be to return the land to the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, pay compensation for the damages done to both the people and the land, and go back to where you came from—and take your Indians with you.  Mr. Larson, would you find this a viable alternative to paying property taxes (most of which you pay for fire protection, police protection, county paperwork, schools and high-salary County pork—your property taxes may well have paid for the handle of a County “Defense Hammer”).
That the “social welfare programs” earmarked for Indians benefit the Ahnishinahbæótjibway is a diabolical illusion.  First of all, the vast majority of the money involved in the Social Services goes from White hands directly into White hands.  This system is a racist one, designed to serve Whites, and the high-paying jobs are almost exclusively held by Whites.  Welfare, and the corollary prison system, are a demeaning structure which entrenches the Euro-American White economic and class system.  On the reservation, this “welfare” system was structured with the intention of destroying Ahnishinahbæótjibway families and community; using Indians as brokers in the White man’s genocidal social engineering system of which “welfare” is a part.  Before the Western Europeans got here, the Aboriginal people lived in a paradise, with an abundance of everything and water that a person could drink anywhere.  In the fall of the year, the Lake here was black with vast expanses of flocks of geese and ducks; throughout the woods there were fruit trees heavy with fruit, and the smaller lakes were thick with ripe Mahnomen.  You could see the bottom of the lakes through thirty or forty feet of crystal-clear water, and there were vast schools of fish which we used to watch through the pristine water.  I remember how my people, the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, maintained our land, with everything in abundance—and now there is nothing, because of what the Whites and Indians have done in their blind greed.  We did not need “welfare” and we did not need taxes.  Because of our non-violent connectedness to Grandmother Earth and our inherent social harmony, we did not need “prisons,” nor did we need or want any of the other abusive hierarchical schemes imported by the Whites, including their money system, which is nothing more than a violent shell game.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3930.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The Sunday, July 24, Bemidji Pioneer featured an article by Pioneer staffwriter Jodi Gregory, "‘Kids Count’ study paints bleak picture," ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The Sunday, July 24, Bemidji Pioneer featured an article by Pioneer staffwriter Jodi Gregory, “‘Kids Count’ study paints bleak picture,” which began, “While the media often paints a picture of a nation delving deeper into poverty and crime, a recent study documents that the majority of Minnesota’s children are faring well, ... however on the local level, trends slowly move in the wrong direction.”  According to staffwriter Gregory, the study was “created” by the Anna B. Casey Foundation.  Upon inquiry, I was referred to Laura Cadwell, at (612) 870-3660.  Ms. Cadwell no longer works at the Casey Foundation, and the only information available at that Foundation was the “Kids Count” study is for sale as a ten dollar book.  The Anna B. Casey Foundation apparently did contract research for the Children’s Defense Fund and the Minneapolis Council of Churches’ organization, Congregations Concerned for Children.
These organizations are trying to solve the social problems inherent in Western European/Judeo-Christian social structure by entrenching that society, using “social service” programs which will end up benefitting only selected children.  The people with whom I spoke at these agencies offered neither rationale nor apologies for their society’s genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples, and had no defense for the involvement of their Judeo-Christian institutions in this heinous crime.  Although they knew that it had happened, they did not understand how to prevent similar atrocities from happening again.  When I questioned them about their agenda for the future, including what kind of family role models they proposed to offer the shattered single-parent families which are the consequence of generations of Western European social engineering, they had no idea.  They insisted that they are not “blaming the victims of poverty,” although the statistics presented in the report they commissioned are being used that way, including the false insinuation that forty-six percent of single mothers are so promiscuous that they do not have “clearly established paternity” (in plain English, that these women don’t know who fathered their children).
Western European tactics in this Ahnishinahbæótjibway land began with rape and plunder.  In doing the genealogy and the history of Red Lake, the number of documented bastards left by the White invaders is large.  Who supported these fatherless children?  The United States Government blamed the women for being raped, and at the same time condoned rape as one of the perks of the occupation forces.  When these children were born, the Ahnishinahbæótjibway provided for them—our resources and our land took care of these children who were abandoned by their White fathers.  The breakup of Aboriginal Indigenous families was a very strongly advocated part of U.S. policy, proclaimed by a U.S. President as “pulverizing” our community.
The Ahnishinahbæótjibway did not invade Europe; we are on our own land and we have always been here.  We did not claim the Europeans’ countries, and then destroy the ecology, salt the fields, burn the forests and the longhouses, plant epidemic diseases, scalp the men and rape the women—and then adopt official policies designed to destroy the families (Dodems) and the rest of the Aboriginal Indigenous social structure.  The Ahnishinahbæótjibway are a non-violent people; our language and culture do not even include swear words.  In our world-view, such atrocities are unthinkable and unspeakable.  The U.S. social policy, endorsed and promoted by the Christian churches, focussed on the annihilation of everything pertaining to the Aboriginal Indigenous people, while at the same time they endorsed and promoted the Tribes and Bands of fake Indians and Wanna-be’s which the White man created to replace the Aboriginal Indigenous people.
The Western Europeans apparently have very short memories, and now that the consequences of their social engineering, including low-grade class warfare in every American city, have become firmly entrenched, they want to blame the victims.  The upstanding White citizens are complaining that “single Indian mothers” are on welfare.  But, what are you White people complaining about?  Why didn’t your ancestors stay in Europe, and live off your own European resources?  Since the Europeans (including most of the Indians) have been on this Continent, these immigrants have been on welfare, living off of the capital of Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ resources, plundering the ecological infrastructure (without seeming to understand that they are stealing from their own future generations as well as ours).  The robber barons whose vast fortunes underwrite U.S. high society got rich from “welfare.”
The U.S. policies, since the early nineteenth-century days of grand theft, have been formulated on a dishonest foundation: simultaneously blaming their crimes, including genocide, on God [as in “Manifest Destiny”]; and socially engineering the communities they assaulted, to cover up the reality of their crimes.  “Compulsory school education,” with curricula designed to destroy indigenous communities, was a more important aspect of the Indian Treaties than “cessions” of land already claimed by the U.S.  Once they got Aboriginal Indigenous children brainwashed into being their Indians in the boarding schools, the U.S. policy-makers figured that they could get off “welfare”—that there would be no Aboriginal Indigenous survivors to challenge the “legitimacy” of their theft of two Continents.
The schools at Red Lake, and the “Indian education” programs throughout the State of Minnesota, also reflect the United States’ social engineering.  The children who are tracked into becoming “Indians” are being mis-educated in a Chief Jim Crow curriculum: the schools are training them to wear feathers, do beadwork, dance, make a fire with two sticks, and talk Chippewa.  Instead of being nurtured in a creative and supportive environment, encouraged in the study of chemistry, physics, sociology, history, and English writing—which would provide these children with the tools to understand how they are being exploited and ripped off (and the means with which to survive in the society they’re asked to assimilate into)—children from single-parent families in particular, are being channelled into becoming the scapegoats and fall-guys for the Western Europeans’ crimes.  Rather than integrating and desegregating the curriculum, these children have a “disadvantaged” identity imposed on them, and are being trained to hold pow-wows and otherwise play out the Indian mythology as a tourist attraction.  The other alternative with which they are presented, is to provide well-paying jobs for welfare case-workers, the legal system, and the prison system.  To you kids who think you’re being “smart” and “tough” because of the stereotypes—the White man has mapped your path right down the Red Road and into Stillwater, where he’s planning to make big bucks off of you in prison.
The way the Indian system has been set up by the Western Europeans, the majority of the people who accept the fraudulent identity of Indians, have less of a chance than a snowball in Hell.  They are exploited mercilessly by their White-appointed “Indian leaders.”
SKIMMING THE 2% CREAM: According to the media, the Indian Leaders have been “denounc[ing] Senate gambling legislation.”  The question is, why are these puppets, who the United States calls “sovereign nations,” wards of the government and under trusteeship, testifying in the U.S. Senate?  It seems to be as though the White men who run the States, the Federal Executive Department, and the U.S. Congress are using their Indians as pawns in a turf war.  The present Senate hearings are about which bailiwicks and bureaucracies get to skim the Indian gaming industry.  While the governments are spending millions of dollars debating who gets the cream, other Government social-service agencies are exploiting and skimming the children in poverty, painting a “very bleak picture” and no future.  If this 2% was put away for the children’s’ future, then they’d have something.  But, the Indian leaders presently testifying in the Senate have neither the guts nor the backbone to invest in the grassroots of what they claim as their communities.  All they’re looking for is hand-outs and affirmations from the White man that they’re Real Important Indians—without any plans for the future.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3931.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1995). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s program “restoring wetlands” on private land is “on the chopping block,” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s program “restoring wetlands” on private land is “on the chopping block,” according to Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  “Restoration” of wetlands is yet another rip-off coming out of linear Western European thinking, out of harmony and out of balance.  In the same way that a tree farm has no resemblance to an old-growth forest, a “restored wetland” is nothing like the natural and intact ecosystems which the Euro-Americans have destroyed.  What the Western European immigrants are doing in trying to “manage” the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples’ permacultural ecosystems which were here, does not make sense.  They do not understand the delicate inter-relationships and harmony, and because they do not have Grandmother Earth under regimented, hierarchical control, they fearfully call everything “wild.”  From an aboriginal perspective, their thinking is wild and crazy, out of balance and suicidally self-destructive.
One example of this kind of wild and demented thinking was the dredging of the channel of the Red Lake River, done by the United States Government in the early 1960’s.  In their wild-eyed planning policy publication, “The Red Lake Indian Reservation, It’s Resources and Development Potential,” the U.S. Government itself describes their own project as having “destroyed one of the great natural habitats for fish and wildlife plus one of the best nesting grounds for ducks in the United States.”  Permacultural hunting and fishing were never part of the old European—or the Indian—culture, and for generations the U.S. policy has been to destroy the ecological base of the aboriginal indigenous people, as well as our families, culture and language; domesticate and enslave us, “change [our] lifestyle.”  The BIA wants to “civilize” us by destroying our traditional food supply, to force us into their economic system and make us buy groceries at their in-house supermarkets.  But, the human body is not designed for the kind of food that they are selling, laced with preservatives, food additives, and other toxic chemicals.  The aboriginal food supply, which was healthy, is gone; the white man’s food gives the people who eat it medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.
POCAHONTAS: Another symptom of the guilt which the Western Europeans feel when they allow themselves to become even vaguely aware of the enormous holocaust of both land and people here, is their compulsive (hand-washing) re-inventing of the Indian mythology.  In the last century, their grandfathers killed millions of people, while drugged on greed and deluded under Manifest Destiny and another hypocritical philosophy called “my brother’s keeper.”  Stealing land and resources from a non-violent people was too easy, and the plunderer’s grandchildren have come into their inevitable next phase of history: guilt and denial.  In order to try to ease their collective social conscience, they keep forcing their own European half-brothers into the role that they invented of “Indians.”  Over and over again, they re-enact the mythologies of the treaties, replaying their self-serving fraudulent Indian mis-stories to the hilt, reliving their re-runs and déja-vu, trying to hide from the nightmarish reality of their own history and legitimize their fraudulent claims to this land.  As long as they remain prisoners of their imported English language, they are caught in this vicious guilt-ridden cycle.
The Indians are created and owned by the White man, so they go along with his scheme.  Some “socially conscious” Indians are protesting the Disney movie Pocahontas because of the “multicultural” heroine’s mythological measurements, but none of them talk about the reality of the genetic engineering which is inherent in both the Pocahontas story and in their own history: it takes a squaw-man to make Indians (who always have a White patriline).  Celebrating Indians in the White media will not bring back the Aboriginal people nor our indigenous culture—the White man’s Indians are foreigners like he is.  The White man said he was going to destroy the indigenous people of this continent, and over the centuries, he has.  Re-creating Indians, and re-inventing “traditional culture” under the White man’s paradigm, is the same kind of thinking as planting tree farms and calling these disharmonious eyesores of chemical-laden monoculture “forests,” or bulldozing holes and calling them “restored wetlands.”
RE-INVENTING THE TREATIES: The Red Lake DNR’s publication, “Red Lake Natural Resource News,” recently promoted public meetings about the Red Lake dam.  The way that such foreign bureaucracies work: the “proposed reservoir regulation plan” is already cut, dried and ready to implement, and the public meetings are merely to provide a rubber-stamp of community approval (this is how imported Western European democracy works—it’s manipulative dishonesty is masked by public relations couched in crooked English).  Although the DNR does not say so in their article, their long-range plan includes “construction of more dams ... along Clearwater and Red Lake Rivers,” justified as “restoring ... fish and wildlife habitat [wetlands]” but actually flooding more Red Lake land for the benefit of the sugar-beet farmers downstream.  If they’re serious about the ecology, they should remove the dams entirely and let the Red River Valley flood like it has since time immemorial.  The “wetland” controversy is a con job which does not benefit the ecology—it’s a politically motivated buy-off for selected landowners, and a smokescreen which stinks like a rotten red herring.  White agribusiness has no intention of allowing the natural ecosystem to regenerate over the centuries required to heal the indigenous permaculture.
The DNR mentions that the Army Corps of Engineers has “reviewed the treaties” to support their authority to wreck the watershed on the Red Lake Reservation, while implying that their operations will create better hunting and fishing.  The Treaties were land cession documents, and that’s all they were.  The ones relating to Red Lake did not mention hunting or fishing.  The people who actually signed the treaties were immigrant people with European patrilines, who did not own the land, and neither the 1863 Treaty nor the 1864 Amendment dealt with the cession of the land, the lakes or the aboriginal people right at Red Lake.
However, the “1889 Agreement,” the signing of which was celebrated as “Independence day” with a Real Wanna-Be Indian Pow-wow last weekend, did have to do with the ceding of land and lakes here: allegedly transferring both land and water into U.S. trusteeship and opening it to allotment.  Sunday’s Bemidji Pioneer guiltily mis-represents history for their own self-serving interests, lying by calling the proceedings of 1889 an “agreement reached between the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians and the U.S. Government on July 6, 1889.”  In reality, the RE-INVENTING THE TREATIES: The Red Lake DNR’s publication, “Red Lake Natural Resource News,” recently promoted public meetings about the Red Lake dam.  The way that such foreign bureaucracies work: the “proposed reservoir regulation plan” is already cut, dried and ready to implement, and the public meetings are merely to provide a rubber-stamp of community approval (this is how imported Western European democracy works—it’s manipulative dishonesty is masked by public relations couched in crooked English).  Although the DNR does not say so in their article, their long-range plan includes “construction of more dams ... along Clearwater and Red Lake Rivers,” justified as “restoring ... fish and wildlife habitat [wetlands]” but actually flooding more Red Lake land for the benefit of the sugar-beet farmers downstream.  If they’re serious about the ecology, they should remove the dams entirely and let the Red River Valley flood like it has since time immemorial.  The “wetland” controversy is a con job which does not benefit the ecology—it’s a politically motivated buy-off for selected landowners, and a smokescreen which stinks like a rotten red herring.  White agribusiness has no intention of allowing the natural ecosystem to regenerate over the centuries required to heal the indigenous permaculture.
The DNR mentions that the Army Corps of Engineers has “reviewed the treaties” to support their authority to wreck the watershed on the Red Lake Reservation, while implying that their operations will create better hunting and fishing.  The Treaties were land cession documents, and that’s all they were.  The ones relating to Red Lake did not mention hunting or fishing.  The people who actually signed the treaties were immigrant people with European patrilines, who did not own the land, and neither the 1863 Treaty nor the 1864 Amendment dealt with the cession of the land, the lakes or the aboriginal people right at Red Lake.
However, the “1889 Agreement,” the signing of which was celebrated as “Independence day” with a Real Wanna-Be Indian Pow-wow last weekend, did have to do with the ceding of land and lakes here: allegedly transferring both land and water into U.S. trusteeship and opening it to allotment.  Sunday’s Bemidji Pioneer guiltily mis-represents history for their own self-serving interests, lying by calling the proceedings of 1889 an “agreement reached between the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians and the U.S. Government on July 6, 1889.”  In reality, the U.S. Congress passed a bill in January of 1889, which was used to simultaneously create the white man’s Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, and to claim the land at Red Lake as being “sold” by the “Chippewa Indians” of Minnesota—although neither the U.S. Government nor the so-called Chippewas have ever had any jurisdiction at Red Lake.  The people who really own the land at Red Lake are the Dodems of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, who did not agree to the U.S. Government proposals and did not sign the “Agreement” celebrated by the White wanna-be’s who call themselves Indians.  The dirty dozen who actually signed the document as “Chippewa Indians,” selling land that was not theirs, did not belong here, and they all had European patrilines—they were: John English, A.R. Jourdain, Amos Big Bird, William Sayers, C.A.H. Beaulieu, Nah-ge-shence (Joe Mason), J.C. Roy, James Fairbanks, John Beaulieu, J.B. Jourdain, Roderick McKenzie, and Johnny Spees.  The “x-marks” alleged to have been made by the indigenous people are forgeries.
PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL: I wonder if one of the planks in Larry Flynt’s presidential platform will be supporting Hollywood Indians—will he have top-heavy (48-17-36) Pocahontas pose in the centerfold of Hustler magazine?  Russell Means claims that Disney Inc.’s fantasy is an “important historic achievement,” writing as a hierarchical Chief for his mythological Indian race.  So much for stereotypical actors who live in La-la Land.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3932.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): Victims of Congress: According to Friday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, Congress finally passed its flood relief legislation ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
According to Friday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, Congress finally passed its flood relief legislation—which the President is expected to veto.  The disaster which was sandbagged in the Red River Valley, is now being stonewalled in the Halls of Congress.  Law makers are in the back rooms cutting deals to get more Pork for their Districts, and they are using promises to flood victims to get re-elected.  Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blow foot the bill: paying for Congressional boondoggles out of one pocket, and inflation has got its hands in all of their pockets.  While the people of Grand Forks and other towns in the flood plain are digging the mud out of their basements, the politicians are rubbing their hands in glee, thinking about the money that will go through their good buddies into their district.
The people who are living on the flood plain choose to live there, and should not be called flood “victims.”  If you bought a used car from Honest Bob, and it broke down before you got it home, would the Federal Government reimburse you for your good judgement?  Honest Bob also sells real estate on the Red River Flood Plain.  If you bought any property in that area—which has flooded for millennia, and is supposed to flood—should the Federal Government bail you out, or should Honest Bob reimburse you?  It should be obvious to any schoolchild that the reason a “flood plain” is called a flood plain is because, plain and simple, it is supposed to flood there.  It has always flooded there.  That’s how all that nice rich black dirt got there—from floods.  Or, didn’t anybody ever tell you that?
There is a song about the Red River Valley, which starts, “From this valley, they say you are leaving.”  That’s kind of a prophecy for you folks who got caught up in the Army Corps of Engineers’ grandiose delusions that they could change the course of Mother Nature and the Red River of the North.  The U.S. Army Corps is fighting a loosing battle, building dams to move the floods out of the floodplain and onto the top of the watershed.  Did they ever hear of Isaac Newton, or gravity?  Water is heavy, and the weight of all that water (upstream) is another disaster, just waiting to happen.  The Army Corps of Engineers should have opened their floodgates and let the excess water out last fall, but the arrogant dummies didn’t do it.  Now, Red Lake—and probably other reservoirs—are filled beyond capacity.
As one old timer says, “the more water you put in a hog waller, the harder it is to get them out.”  Instead of letting the politicians play games with you, buying your votes with your own money, and selling you pork in a poke in the form of more—and very expensive—dikes, why not take your flood insurance and get out of the flood plain?  Or, better yet, why not reverse the swindle and sell the land back to the “Indians” who supposedly sold it to you—for the original purchase price of four cents an acre?  (Who were the victims, then?)  You don’t have to be a “victim” unless you choose to be—or unless you’re caught up in cultural S & M.
ANOTHER SOB STORY: The National Congress of American Indians has a half page ad in the Sunday Star and Tribune.  This $lick piece of propaganda shows an old Indian woman, looking into the camera sadly.  With all of the money that is supposedly going to Indian people with the “New Buffalo” of Indian gaming, why doesn’t this old lady have a new hairdo, eyeglasses, a new sweater ... why doesn’t she have teeth?  The NCAI’s ads remind me of fund-raising drives that the National Council of Churches used to have years ago, with portraits of starving children who would never get any of the money given to the churches to help them.
John Collier said, about the new Indians he intended to empower with the Indian Reorganization Act, that these Indians have a “white-plus psychology.”  In plain English, this translates to Collier’s Indians exploiting their own people even more than the white man did, if that’s possible.  The National Indian Gaming Association paid for the NCAI’s ad exploiting the old lady.  The next time you NCAI lackeys and you white Federally Recognized Tribal henchmen run this ad, why don’t you give the old lady you’ve been portraying some nice gold earrings, new clothes, a new house in the background, a new car with a chauffeur—and some good teeth, with gold in them.
The point of the NCAI’s ad, was to protest proposals to tax the IRA “tribal” governments established by the United States Congress.  This proposal to tax these “tribal governments,” who are political pawns created and controlled by the white man, doesn’t make a lot of sense.  What this new tax proposal amounts to, is the US Government taxing itself—Newt should save some paperwork and send the Indians’ proposed tax bill to himself.  If he’s really serious about Indian taxation, he should also charge himself sales tax and surtaxes on all of the land that the Indians are supposed to have sold.
SPEARFISHING: The annual spring rite of Indian spearfishing controversy and promoting white tourism has begun again.  The flurry of news articles generated every year, blame the Indian spearfishers for declining walleye populations, but never write about preserving the ecosystem.
The Indians make a big deal about “ceremonial fish,” which reeks of New Age Indian mystique.  But then again, maybe these fish are “ceremonial” because nobody in their right mind would eat fish contaminated with mercury and PCB’s.  The white resort-owners are going after tourist dollars by promoting “catch and release,” so they don’t have to put warning labels about mercury poisoning on each fish.  That’s a job that the DNR needs to start doing: labelling every fish in the lakes: “This fish is contaminated with mercury and other pollutants, and eating it is harmful to your health.”
But then again, reviving the old treaties is just another con job: a remarkable example of cooperation between the Indians and the Whites.  They are like two peas in a pod, and so wonderfully crooked it has become a science.  Just remember: Jesus loves you, but I don’t.  Have a good day.
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3933.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): What follows is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of my book, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST, A Translation of Aboriginal Thought, The first book ever published from an Ahnishinahbæótjibway Perspective ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: What follows is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of my book, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST, A Translation of Aboriginal Thought, The first book ever published from an Ahnishinahbæótjibway Perspective, which according to the publisher, Black Thistle Press, went to the printer on October 4, and should be out in just a few more weeks.:
In my great-grandfather’s time, old-growth forests covered more than half of this Continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the tallgrass prairies west of the Mississippi.  The trees rose to meet the skies, and the sentience of these ancient living beings was a part of our Ahnishinahbæótjibway community, part of the seamless continuity of time.  They were more magnificent than the finest of the Europeans’ cathedrals, but they were not oppressively cold, psychologically manipulative man-made canyons of stone; nor flying-buttressed edifices like hordes of giant locusts crouched in waiting to devour the land and suck the life out of Grandmother Earth.  Our forests were comfortable and nurturing, like the haven of baby chicks under their mother hen’s wings.  The forests were home, serene and secure, gentle and wise.  Theirs was a concert of voices: the sharp snapping of trees in the cold winter nights, the wind in the pines, the low calls of mother foxes to their young, the soft conversation of our Dodemian and the crackling of the fires in the sugarbushes, the spring symphony of birds, the drumsongs drifting across the water in summer, and the whooshing beat of the air as millions of birds flew south in the fall.  When I was young, I walked through these forests.  The earth was soft underfoot, like walking on a plush carpet.  The undisturbed primeval forests had very little underbrush, and a person could see a great distance.
When we were young boys playing in the old-growth pine forests, we used to watch the flying squirrels in the pines in wonder and amazement.  We watched them glide from one tree to the next, walking behind them on a thick carpet of pine needles.  They were beautiful, graceful animals.  It’s been more than forty years since I have seen a flying squirrel.  They have joined the vanishing species that disappear with the plunder of the ecology.  They are gone, because their home in the ancient pines has been clear-cut, replaced by aspen, and the whole ecosystem has changed.  There is no habitat for flying squirrels in aspen brush.  Where are the smallest of the woodpeckers, that used to be all over the woods when I was a boy?  In the last ten years, I have only seen three of these tiny birds.  Where are the cedar swamps, so thick that it was dark at noon?  I used to go down into these swamps and pick our swamp tea, and a few of the moccasin-flowers.  All of this is gone, and not one White man raised his voice in protest when this entire forest was destroyed.  It is only very recently that a few of the Euro-Americans are waking up, and realizing that all life on Earth is connected.  They are standing up in public and speaking out in defense of the spotted owls, and the kangaroo rat, and all of the other beings that are an integral part of Grandmother Earth, that gives us all life.  I applaud these courageous people.
Most White men can not see into the forests; they can only see the edge of them.  Along the highways and lakeshores in Northern Minnesota is a Potemkin forest: a strip of trees about six trees deep.  What the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources calls “aesthetic buffers” mask ravaged clear-cut land.
The old trees have been cut, replaced with what are called tree farms, in which the ground is hard, furrowed with plow ridges, and choked with underbrush.  These pitiful tree plantations are diseased monocultural plantings grown in an overload of insecticides and herbicides; barren unbalanced ecologies where the wildlife starves or is poisoned.  They bear no resemblance to the forests which belong here.
The ecosystem in this area is in serious trouble.  The forest products companies will not—and cannot—restore what they are looting and ransacking.  A few trees cut down, will grow back in an intact forest, but forest ecosystems, once destroyed, are not renewable.  “Fish flies” are one example of our fine-tuned ecology.  Ask any old-timer about the clouds of fish flies, so thick they looked like smoke, that swirled and hummed every May.  I haven’t seen a single fish fly in four or five years.  They may be “pesky,” but they are a necessary part of the ecosystem, and provide food for the hatchling fish at the exact time that they need it.  When the Euro-Americans destroy the forests, they destroy everything, and ultimately themselves.
The beauty which our people kept for thousands of generations  has been completely destroyed in my lifetime by the Euro-Americans and their Indians.  My children will never see much of what was our peoples’ beautiful, magnificent heritage, because of the greed of the Whites and their Indians.  Our water is polluted, our fish are cancerous and infested with parasites, and the game has almost disappeared—because the inter-connected circles of life have been destroyed.  The children growing up now see aspen brush, and do not have any understanding of what a real forest means.  They are a lost generation, and nobody is telling them that a stand of aspen, which the D.N.R. defines as “forest,” is something entirely different from the beautiful primeval forest which was once here.  Once clear-cut, the old forests are gone, and will require undisturbed centuries to regenerate.
You can plant tree farms to the horizon, and you still do not replace even one of the trees that was here.  A healthy forest is much more than trees, and planting trees will not restore an ecosystem which has been demolished.  It is said that the Europeans “can’t see the forest for the trees.”  Don’t get me wrong—I’m certainly not against planting trees—but no matter how many trees you plant or tree farms you make, no matter how much public pomp and circumstance, and no matter how many scientific foresters with Ph.D.s, a tree farm has very little resemblance to the harmonious, intricate, and balanced ecosystem of the Ahnishinahbæótjibway A tree farm will not stop your lakes from drying up; it will not provide what forests must provide in order for the lakes and rivers to be full of fish.
The scientists talk about forest management, but for them the bottom line is G.N.P.  They do not seem to understand that even a free-market, democratic economy cannot exist outside the reality of the ecosystem.  Allow the clear-cutting to continue, and you will see—you will feel the effects much closer to home than you expect.
Such heedless destruction is sacrilegious to the Ahnishinahbæótjibway.  The Midé is beyond European time, encompassing our lives, everything that we do and think and dream.  It is not a one-hour-a-week religion, like Christianity, where a person goes to Church on Sunday morning, and then goes back to destroying the environment again.  The Western Europeans have declared a war of total annihilation on our religion, on Grandmother Earth, and on Grandfather Midé, and then they have the gall to say that we, the Ahnishinahbæótjibway who have always been a non-violent people, are warlike.
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3934.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): When I was growing up in the late 30’s and early 40’s, one of the luxuries we had on the Res was “going to the show.” ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
When I was growing up in the late 30’s and early 40’s, one of the luxuries we had on the Res was “going to the show.”  We never went “to the movies,” and there was no place called a “movie theater” at Redlake, but anybody who had the price of admission (ten cents) went to the show—at the Show Hall.  Those of us who did not have ten cents sat outside, and listened to the movie through the thin walls of the theater.
At that time, politicians had already realized the power of propaganda in the mass media.  Most of the movies at Redlake were Grade B Westerns—the archetypal Cowboy-and-Indian movies (“shows”).  The plot was always the same: in the early part of the movie, Hollywood Indians in grease paint rode out of the barren hills with war whoops, terrorized White “pioneer” women and children, burned the wagon train and drank up the whiskey.  (They never attacked the Chinese railroad laborers or the Black slaves.)  The climax of all these Western movies was the Cavalry charge on horseback, coming to the rescue in a cloud of flying dust, with bugles blowing and horses running, then the U.S. Army would slaughter the “merciless savage” Indians: every man, woman and child.  The French Métis children would stand up on their benches in the Show Hall, clapping their hands and cheering loudly for the Cavalry as they mercilessly killed the Indians, shooting them in the back and scalping them.
These burnt stumps grew older, and guess what.  Times have changed, and now these very same French Métis people who applauded the Cavalry, along with their descendants, have replaced the dead Indians who were massacred every week on Hollywood’s movie sets.  They are now running around with beads and feathers and pow-wow paint, telling gullible White people that they are “Real Indians” who are experts on Indian culture; Indian Medicine Men practicing White Christian shamanism in what they claim are “sacred sweats” for big White bucks; hiding a heinous and despicable Holocaust—the genocide and “ethnic cleansing” of the Aboriginal people here, exploiting the rotten residue of Manifest Destiny and playing the White man’s burden of guilt for all it’s worth; parading in the mass media and acting like damn’ fools.  Before World War II, these Métis spoke Creole French, and had lively French dances with expert French jiggers and fiddle-players.  The highlight of these French dances was a raucous drunken fist-fight, which kept the local gossips busy until the next week’s dance.  I often wonder what happened to their Traditional Cajun culture (did the English take it away from them as a part of the French-and-Indian wars?).  I also wonder why they reject their own roots for the shallow pretense of mythological Indians.  Could it be they fell for the second oldest dirty trick in the books, that carrot-on-a-stick of “payment” and “land money.”
Politically correct people have claimed this manufactured phenomenon of [mythological] Indians is a “Diversity of Culture,” but on closer examination, it’s an self-serving illusion of White culture that’s really out of focus, out of kilter and way out of balance.
To promote the Johnny-come-lately Indian culture on this Continent, the formerly French Indians create jobs for themselves, using phony “Indian preference” as “equal opportunity” to hire their relatives.  These Indian fakers and con artists should be in jail for fraud and abuse of hard-earned taxpayers’ money and pigging out at the public trough [“salt pork”].  The people who claim to be “Indians” are nothing more than dark-skinned southern Europeans.  Also participating in the Indian scam, are the lighter-skinned low-class Whites who are trying to get their share of the plundered resources here.  The “me-too” grabbers include Squaw-Men who have become instant Indian experts because they fathered “Real Traditional full-blood Indians,” although they know nothing about the Aboriginal culture or values.  Squaw Men have a vested interest in promoting Indian programs for their so-called Indian children, and some, like Schoolcraft, have written much nonsense about how to be a Real Indian.  Instead of supporting their children in their own society like everybody else does, the Squaw Men are pretending that they did great service by making Indians, who can take advantage of Indian college tuition subsidies, Indian health care, and other “Indian” programs paid for with Aboriginal resources and taxpayer dollars.  These parasitic Squaw Men are not only complicit in hiding the genocide of the Aboriginal people of these Continents, they are also vital to the perpetration of the American Indian fraud, which makes a pathological liar out of everyone who claims to be an “Indian.”  The only Indians who have ever lived on either one of these Continents are people from India.
GRAVE ROBBERY: The Indian Freedom of Religion Act uses unilateral legislation to try to turn Aboriginal people into Indians, so that the White élite can use their Indians to get at the Aboriginal peoples’ graves—maybe they’re digging for more voters and petition-signers.  The Indians who are trying to steal the Aboriginal peoples’ ancestors (and the self-serving Whites who hench for them) should go look at the Indians’ genealogy; they should look at reality.  Most people don’t know that the Aboriginal people are buried with their heads to the North and their feet to the South, but the ancestors of the Indians who are pretending to be Aboriginals are buried East and West, and their graves are in the Christian cemeteries, where they are interred like the rest of the Europeans.  The Indians who have enabled the White man to steal almost everything, and now are desecrating the few remaining intact Aboriginal gravesites.  The Indian impostors are not indigenous to this Continent, and maybe they don’t realize that the spirits of the Aboriginal people whose graves they are plundering and whose identity they are trying to steal, are still here.
There has been a lot of election-year hoop-la lately, about what the White man proclaims are “family values,” “community” and “cultural diversity.”  Western Civilization depends on the destruction of the family and the community, usurping peoples’ loyalties into a paternalistic Nation-State.  There has also been some discussion of racism, and what it means to be “American.”  The United States of America is founded on violence and the destruction of families, including the Boarding Schools, which were designed to destroy Aboriginal families and brainwash Aboriginal children into becoming Indians and slaves for the White man.
“Diversity” in Euro-American terms is a cruel illusion: what is called “diversity” comes out as only one paradigm, the Western European one, and it is locked in and can’t get out.  There is no “diversity” in this imported paradox—there is the narrow, Western European, point of view, and this is the only (one-sided) perspective presented by the mass media.  There are no checks and balances on this linear and abstract form of not-thinking, which is why there is so much violence.  Euro-American “diversity” has no respect either for other people, or for themselves.  The imported European form of “diversity” needs to be de-segregated and integrated, and then the people who call themselves “Americans” might begin to find harmony and respect for themselves, but first they will have to get their real identity—they are not Americans, and they are not Indians, either.
Almost all of the Aboriginal Indigenous people of this Continent were annihilated, and more than 99% of the people now living on this Continent are immigrants.  A lot of these so-called Indians and other Americans say, “I’m born here, and I’m a native American, so therefor the land and resources are mine, and I can plunder and destroy them (without regard to the consequences).”  The Euro-American policy makers are promoting Indians to justify their illegal and abusive tenure on this land.  My Aboriginal ancestors are from here (and they are not immigrants, either), and I am born here, and I am not an American and I am not an Indian.  Those are European foreign identities.  I’m Ahnishinahbæótjibway of the Bear Dodem, and I am on my own land.  This is not American, or Indian, land.  This is Aboriginal land.  The Ahnishinahbæótjibway people have lived in harmony here for countless millennia, and all the land here is the dust and the bones of my ancestors.
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3935.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): While I was digging through my papers looking for another document, I came across some copies of B.I.A. records I’d misplaced, about taxation on the Red Lake Reservation. ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: While I was digging through my papers looking for another document, I came across some copies of B.I.A. records I’d misplaced, about taxation on the Red Lake Reservation.  According to these files, the Bemidji Daily Pioneer published a list of delinquent Red Lake Reservation taxpayers on January 11, 1924: Whites, Citizen Indians, and certain “non-citizen Indians.”  None of these people against whom Minnesota School District Number 119 levied a ten percent personal property tax in 1923 were Ahnishinahbæótjibway with a Dodem (although two of them were later defined by the U.S.A. as “4/4 blood quantum Indians”).  These White man’s Indians were being used to set a European-law precedent.  The plan was to use this motley group of B.I.A. employees, French Métis, and “lumberjack bastards” (who were already citizens prior to the 1924 U.S. Indian Citizenship Act because of their Indo-European patrilines) as a purported proxy for the Ahnishinahbæótjibway, institutionalizing State and local taxation of everyone’s personal property on Red Lake Reservation.
In his greed, the White man over-reached, and the deal fell through.  Part of the justification used for the taxation levied in the early 1920’s was payment for schools, and the long-range goal was to use property taxes to steal this land—as was done on the allotted Indian reservations.  But, under the Act of January 14, 1889, the United States unilaterally mis-appropriated more than three million acres of Ahnishinahbæótjibway land at Red Lake.  The Ahnishinahbæótjibway never consented to the sale of our land.  The U.S. Government knew that our Midé philosophy means we cannot sell land, and wrote the 1889 Act so that Ahnishinahbæótjibway land would be taken on the “consent” of the Métis Chippewas throughout Minnesota.  As with all “Indian land sales,” under both Indian Treaties and subsequent “Agreements,” one part of the title to the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land was stolen by Indian proxy “sale,” and another part claimed by the White man with a Judeo-Kristian ritual.
During the meetings which were held in 1889, the assembled Indians and Ahnishinahbæótjibway were told by the crooked Minnesota Chippewa Commission that there would be “payments.”  When I was young, Métis people and other Chippewa Indians relied on the oral history of the lies told at the July, 1889 meetings, and would tell me, “you know, you Red Lakers are going to be rich some day.”  The Minnesota Chippewa Commission lied to the Chippewa Indians they were using to sell Ahnishinahbæótjibway land, as well as to everybody else.  Under the provisions of the 1889 legislation which had already been passed by Congress, there would be no annuities or big lump-sum payments.  The proceeds from the sale of our stolen land was squandered on boarding schools, support of missionary religious institutions, B.I.A. operating funds, and other instruments of genocide used to destroy the Ahnishinahbæótjibway families.  The schools for which the White man wanted to levy a ten percent personal property tax, had already been paid for under the unilateral United States Act of January 14, 1889.
There was much grumbling and dissent about having to pay for the schools twice.  The B.I.A. considered their Indians dumb and inferior [they claimed “scientific evidence” that the Indians’ I.Q. was about 70], but they weren’t that dumb, and the files contain a number of letters written by the Chippewa Indians protesting the taxation and proposed tax-forfeiture.  The U.S. reconsidered their strategy, and the Department of the Interior wrote an opinion which included, and I quote, “as the United States has not fully carried out its object and purpose toward them, and they and their property still remain under its exclusive jurisdiction and control, it is believed that, under such circumstances, the State is without authority ... to interfere.”  The United States had been operating their Indian Reservations as concentration camps in which even the “proceeds of Indian labor” were confiscated under U.S. trusteeship of the Indian wards of the Western European Government, and continues their encroachment under the White “Indian Sovereignty” given to their 1934 I.R.A. Tribal Councils.
PLUNDER ECONOMICS: Roman law has always been based on an economic system in which self-proclaimed “royalty” applied their laws to other races of people (but not to themselves), committed genocide and colonized [stole] other peoples’ land and resources.  In order to hold and expand their colonies, the heirs of the Roman empire have used the dual strategy of genetically engineering the colonized people [for example, Indians], and forcing their own narrow hierarchical world-view onto their subject people through their own languages and the Creolization of the languages of the people they colonize.  Chippewa is such an hierarchial Creole language.
Encroachment, ecological plunder and self-serving ambiguities within their languages and their laws are defined by the heirs of the Romans as “the spread of $ivilization.”  When Columbus claimed that he had “discovered” this Continent for King Ferdinand and his Queen, Isabella, and claimed it under the authority of the Holy Roman Empire, this began encroachment which has continued unabated after Henry VIII’s break with the Papacy.  The Good Kristians, who broke the Ten Kommandments, and are still breaking them to this day, were encroaching on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples as they established missions across the Continent.  The Manifest Destiny openly proclaimed by the United States in the last century was blatant encroachment, allegedly justified by the dual encroaching assertions, “God is on our side,” and “they weren’t using the land or ‘developing’ the resources.”  (Greed is a mental illness co-dependent with encroachment.)  The Western Europeans use of germ and chemical warfare, including deliberate infection of Aboriginal Indigenous people with tuberculosis and smallpox, was genocidal encroachment.
Trying to re-define the Aboriginal Indigenous people by lumping them in the same Western European category as their White Squaw Men—Indians—has always been encroachment, and signing Indian Treaties with the U.S.’ patrilineally White Indians was further encroachment.  Creating concentration camps euphemistically called Indian Reservations, operating compulsory-education boarding schools under the aegis of the Indian Treaties and Indian “Agreements,” and forcing Ahnishinahbæótjibway to take on the identity of Kristian Indians who spoke broken English, are all encroachment.
The Euro-Americans tried to encroach at Red Lake by taxing automobiles, horses and wagons in 1923.  This attempt was unsuccessful, and in 1924 they unilaterally and inaccurately re-defined Aboriginal Indigenous people as “non-citizen Indians” again, and further encroached by passing the oxymoron Indian Citizenship Act.  By that time, most of the people on the Reservation had gone through the compulsory-education boarding schools, and the Euro-Americans thought that they had brainwashed the Aboriginal Indigenous people into becoming Indians.  At Red Lake, “Indian citizenship” did not mean voting—it translated into slave labor: being forced to build roads for the encroaching Euro-Americans, under what was called a “poll tax.”  Encroaching “democracy” belatedly followed the poll tax, with the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, patterned after the imported White government, and controlled by the U.S. Department of the Interior.
The I.R.A. form of encroachment government was unilaterally imposed by the U.S.A. at Red Lake in 1958.  In the 1970’s, the State of Minnesota used the White man’s I.R.A. for further encroachment, and used the Euro-Americans’ “Indian Sovereignty” to finally levy a State tax on automobiles at Red Lake, by issuing State “vanity” license plates (which say MN in the corner) through the I.R.A. tribal council.  The State of Minnesota Highway Patrol stops older cars with “Red Lake Plates” frequently—the State is obscuring the encroachment by hassling people, doubling their revenue, and laughing all the way to the Auditor’s Office.  This is classical European encroachment-sovereignty, aided and abetted by Chairman-for-Life Roger Jourdain.  The U.S.A. gave you Indians at Red Lake “Indian Sovereignty,” and now is using the ambiguities of this “Sovereignty” to tax you twice.  Poll taxes were made unconstitutional under the 24th Amendment, but apparently under the Jim Crow of Indian Sovereignty, such taxes (under another name) can still be legitimately applied to “Indians not taxed.”  Seat belt fines and cigarette taxes are both part of this White man’s protection-racket of encroachment.  Every time a centralized government taxes a person “for your protection,” they are taking another small part of your freedom.  Like the Mafia, the governments’ protection racket is just another shakedown.
The State has used encroachment—the schools, the “welfare” system, and taxation to take away any autonomy that Indians ever had as wards of the government under Trusteeship.  For generations, the U.S. policy-makers have assured each other that the “Indian problem” would be solved by the elimination of the Indians, and their Indians have been told, “with one stroke of the pen, you will no longer exist.”  The White man created the Indians, and because he owns the Indians’ identity and is the definer of Indian culture, he can unilaterally abolish Indians.
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3936.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1994). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway Nation (We, the People): While looking through Indian Country Today, which lauds itself as “America’s Indian Newspaper,” I came across a racist ad ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: While looking through Indian Country Today, which lauds itself as “America’s Indian Newspaper,” I came across a racist ad for the Marty Indian School in Marty, South Dakota.  According to the application process explained in this ad, the prospective Student’s Enrollment Application must be approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Education Office.  While multiple agencies in the United States Government disburse millions of dollars to promote integration and “equal opportunity,” the Marty Indian School requires “Certification of Blood Degree,” promoting pseudo-racial discrimination by admitting only those students who have papers to document their pedigree of what the White man designates as Federally Recognized Indian blood.  This Jim Crow admission requirement does not imply that the students at Marty Indian School have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestry, however it is in accord with the archetype of the apartheid Anglo-American philosophy of racial purity, the “one drop of [tainted] blood” rule.
Since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, racism in America has become many muddled shades, obscuring what was previously perceived to be a black-and-white issue.  Behind the illusions of “protected classes” and “minority preferences” is the old Roman colonial tactic: divide and rule.  Not-quite-lily-white people were mongrelized in their homelands through eugenics, miscegenation, ethnic un-cleansing and the rape which is inherent in Western European Civilizations’ wars.  Then, they “discovered America,” and the Utopia engineered by the old European upper class on this Continent included the use of “race” as an indelible caste mark, an impenetrable barrier to advancement of the “low-born” into the élite.  What the Ethnic Leaders who are avariciously holding their hands out for “special funding,” “Indian Education,” and other “privileges” do not realize is that they are strengthening the structure which oppresses them, greedily gulping the bait of a very old colonial ploy.  The “special privileges,” including blood-quantum Indian education, are in direct violation of the fundamental concepts attributed to the White Founding Fathers’ Documents of the United States, “All [People] are Created Equal,” as well as the rhetorical pursuit of illusions of happiness and delusions of “freedom.”
The W.A.S.P.s are buying time by seemingly pandering to special-interest groups who are demanding “recognition,” “entitlements,” “protection” and other perks.  Only the Ethnic Leaders get a worthwhile portion of these “protected class” gratuities—the people whom they presume to lead, go without—the only thing they get is self-destructive Ghetto Gangster role models and Rodney King police protection.  The White man appoints members of what he calls the “lower classes,” as Ethnic Leaders.  If these Ethnic Leaders were genuinely concerned about the welfare of their purported followers, and of their next generations, they would all band together, and desegregate and integrate the racist Roman and English Laws imported to this Continent by the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant good ol’ boys, as well as the U.S. Constitution derived from those imports.  This should have been done a long time ago.  The Law of Western European Civilization, and the economic system derived from it, is what keeps the people labelled as “minorities” on their knees, begging for handouts and fighting like hungry dogs over a pat on the head and a few scraps.
The Western European language of English is not my native language, and from the perspective of an Aboriginal Indigenous person who learned English as a second language—with great difficulty—English is a rigid and disharmonious language, which was intentionally manipulated and engineered by a literate élite, to maintain and entrench their flat-earth slave society.  The English language programs its native speakers into a very narrow world-view circumscribed by the old Roman Propaganda Fide.  Compounding the problem, it systematically disconnects native English-speakers from reality and from nature, and brainwashes them so that they do not see the ways in which their perceptions and their behavior are being controlled and their expectations downsized.
Because the foundations of the English language were formulated before the Indo-Europeans knew that there were other Continents beyond their limited horizons, the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples of these Continents do not exist—in some very critical ways—for native speakers of English.  (Racism is built into the English language and into their legal system.)  When the Europeans arrived on our Continents, and claimed our land in the name of their god for the Holy Roman Empire, their White black-robed shamans waved their crosses in front of them to exorcise the apparent apparitions of the Aboriginal Indigenous people, who bedeviled their guilty consciences, and who have always walked free, beyond the constraints of the chains and shackles inherent in the Western European languages.  When the Europeans found they could not linguistically enslave the Aboriginal Indigenous people, the White man then turned his own subject people—who were already slaves trapped within the context of his languages and who did not have an identity—into purported blood-quantum Indians (of Columbus’ lost Continent).   In dealing with his greed, the White man could conveniently deal with visible and controllable proxies for the linguistically nonexistent, invisible and unknowable Aboriginal Indigenous people.  Over the past five hundred and two years, the White man has perpetrated a remarkable scam, and has almost gotten away with it.  This is also why the United Nations does not have any representatives of the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations in the Security Council, which operates under the very limited and racist paradigm of Roman Law, and the violence of Imperial Pax Romanus.
The Western European languages split hair-breadth differences into presumably irreconcilable dichotomies, and the ensuing high-voltage arguments, for example Creationism vs. Evolution, maintain the illusion that the narrow world-view of the Western Europeans is all-encompassing.  Other examples of this Trickster’s Shell Game are the decades-long “confrontation” between the blood brothers of Capitalism and Communism; and fratricidal brothers like Cain and Abel.
The intense congressional debate over “Health Care” is another example of the Western European language run amok.  The real issues of sickness and wealth are not publicly acknowledged, nor is the entrenchment of compulsory Western European “medicine.”  None of the many “Competing Health Care Plans” deviate from the enrich-the-rich boilerplate of U.S. Congressional legislation.  All of the attention is being focussed on giving “breaks” to “employers,” rather than to the workers.  Instead of passing legislation to subsidize businesses buying insurance, why not increase the wages of the employees so that they can buy their own health insurance, or pay their own medical bills out of pocket?  Or, is part of the urgency in “Health Care Reform” to bail out health-insurance companies whose near future holds immense, massive liability because of radioactive contamination, the AIDS epidemic, pollution-induced “environmental illness,” and an increasingly adulterated food supply?  The Great Ms. Bubba is writing the fine print so that the taxpayers will pay several times for the consequences of the demolished ecological infrastructure of this continent—and no matter who Congress lays the tab on, nobody’s pockets are that big, or deep enough.  Health Care insurance is not the problem, although the severe mental illness of greed is.  You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
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3937.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway (We, the People): Dear Shaman, Why are the treaties only written in the English language  ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Dear Shaman,
Why are the Treaties only written in the English language, why aren’t they also written in the Indian languages?  Shouldn’t a Treaty be written in both languages, eh?
                        Traditional Indian
Dear Wanna-be,
That’s a very good question.  I’m glad you asked that.  The treaties have been interpreted many in different ways, by many different people: by sportswriters, by the DNR, by the BIA, by the courts, by would-be Indian leaders...  The treaties were not recorded in the indigenous languages because they were never interpreted into them.  Here, for example, the treaties were interpreted into French and into the creole trade language, Chippewa, but not into the indigenous language, Ahnishinahbæótjibway,  which is a language the treaty interpreters did not speak or understand.
One of the big problems with the so-called Indian Treaties is that they were negotiated between European parties: the Americans and the French Métis.  The indigenous languages are not a part of the treaties, because the indigenous people were excluded from the treaties.  The “Indian Treaties” were based European laws of “discovery,” which are foreign European laws which do not belong here.
The “Indian Treaties” are not really treaties.  The World Court does not recognize them—and they never were a part of international law.  Even when they were being negotiated, the “treaties” were considered to be internal affairs of the United States, on land already claimed as United States territory.  They were never intended to be international law, because neither the United States Government nor any other European nation ever recognized indigenous people’s right to our own land on this continent.  That’s a human rights violation.
The so-called treaties were written to fulfill the bare letter-of-the law requirements of Article V of the U.S. Constitutional amendments, that: “No person ... shall be ... deprived of ... property, without due process of the law.”  Because of their white patriline, the Indians all came under the Constitution, and the “Indian Treaties” were the U.S. Government’s way of claiming that they stole the land legally, in their way of thinking.  The English language is so crooked that it creates a criminal culture.

Dear Shaman,
What about the “hunting and fishing rights” in the Treaties?  Where do the rights of the red-blooded American citizens fit into this?
                        True Sportsfisherman (Catch-and-Release)
Dear Bearer of Tall Tales,
The whole thing is a tourist trap.  Any way it’s been interpreted, the Indian still has to buy a license from the White man: from the State, or from the IRA “tribal councils” that the White man established.  Whether sovereign or semi-sovereign, the Indians have always come under the jurisdiction of the White man, because Indians are also Europeans.
The Mille Lacs Treaty has been a big circus, because both the treaties and the white laws behind them are written only in crooked English, from a European point of view.  The White man keeps reviving the dead treaties because the existence of the United States depends on them.  In the early 1970’s, the American Indian Movement was hollering, “honor the treaties,” as were the IRA “Tribal” governments.  The U.S. didn’t honor the treaties, so the Indians quit hollering—their loud and violent protests didn’t produce anything but job security for the media, more violence and social problems.  But, the United States Government’s claim to this land rests on the treaties, so now the White man (Congress and everyone else) is hollering, “honor the treaties.”  It’s hot air out of Washington, D.C.—the Euroamericans are hiding their genocidal guilt behind the Indians that they created.
Hunting and fishing is a red herring: it aggravates and agonizes public feeling about the treaties, builds White backlash, and makes money for the White man.  Even though some of the treaties have clauses about hunting and fishing in them, the United States never intended to honor anything about the treaties except that the U.S. got to claim the land: the French Métis and the Spanish Mestizos (who were the people who signed the “treaties”) were a conquered people who had to take the identity of “Indian” as a part of the conquest, had no rights then, and still don’t have any rights.  “Indian” is a foreign name, and is not indigenous to this land.

Dear Shaman,
How did “sovereignty” get into the treaties and into these reservation tribal governments?
                        Indian Law Student
Dear Future Shyster,
“Sovereignty” is a form of segregation, and the “Indian laws” are so bad that the Whites don’t want to apply them to their own people.  They are part of the Jim Crow system of apartheid which was supposedly abolished in the South after the Civil Rights Act in the 1960’s.  The United States has no legal basis for taking indigenous peoples land and resources—they simply stole them by declaring eminent domain under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church.  “Indian Sovereignty” discriminates against both Whites and Indians, and it hides the genocide and the grand land theft here.  The Whites need to get honest about their history, but they can’t, because their language restricts them.

Dear Shaman,
Why are all the Indians called “the First Americans”?
                        A Concerned White Guy
Dear White Boy,
The indigenous people of these continents were destroyed in the genocide.  The “Indians” are called the “first Americans” to hide this genocide and to pacify the Euroamericans’ conscience.
The Pope made a statement in 1985 about the genocide here, when the Catholic Church was going to Canonize one of the Spanish Missionaries in California.  But, the Catholic Church was into genocide on this continent.  Since the mid-1500’s their legal documents have justified genocide here with statements like Aristotle’s, “War arises in a certain sense from nature, since a part of it is the art of the hunt, which is properly used not only against animals, but also against those men who, having been born to obey, reject servitude: such a war is just according to nature.”  Aristotle tells you a whole lot about your European criminal culture and values.

Dear Shaman,
I went up to get my last payment check from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and it wasn’t ready.  Everyone was sitting around filing their nails and standing at the water cooler, and just gossiping.  What’s wrong with this system?
                        Ration Indian
Dear Dole,
When Custer rode off to his last appointment, he told the Indian Agent at the fort, “Don’t do anything until I get back.”  This order has never been rescinded.

My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619, and my telephone number is (218) 679-3984.

3938.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1997). Reflections from the Ahnishinahbæótjibway (We, the People): Dear Shaman, Why did the Pilgrims and other European immigrants call this “The Promised Land,” when there were people living here?  ... Native American Press/Ojibwe News.
Abstract: Dear Shaman,
Why did the Pilgrims and other European immigrants call this “The Promised Land,” when there were people living here?
                        signed, D.A.R. Blueblood Daughter
Dear Holier-Than-Thou,
The “promise” in “the promised land” comes from claims that the Christians made about what their God said to them.  Although the Ten Commandments say, “Thou Shalt Not Steal,” the Christian God apparently told His followers that it was fine to steal from the indigenous people here.  The Christian religion changed when good Christian men saw the vast wealth belonging to the indigenous people—greed became their illuminating light, and this enlightenment created such shady doctrines as Manifest Destiny.
There were a number of allegedly Divine mind-games that the Christians used to justify their rapacious theft to themselves, which are still in operation today.  Their thieving rationales included saying that the indigenous people were not really human beings (in the 1500’s the Catholic Church revealed the “truth” that indigenous people were half-human homunculi).  This is the same kind of thinking as modern racism.  They also said that their God created this land and therefore it “naturally” belonged to Christian immigrants and not to the people they labelled pagans, heathens and savages.  This is the still the modern legal foundation for the United States’ “eminent domain,” which is why the media is devoting so much attention to the Landless Indian Treaties and to the IRA White Government Tribal Councils.
The immigrants’ Godly thieving strategies depend on crooked hierarchical languages, like Crooked English.  They called some of their earliest settlers, “Pilgrims,” but pilgrims are supposed to go back to where they came from, and pilgrimages don’t usually last three centuries, either.
Interpreted from crooked English, what “The Promised Land” really means, is “The Land of Broken Promises.”  The American Dream is a broken promise, a decent living wage is a broken promise, and the Mille Lacs Treaty is only one treaty out of more than four hundred treaties.  Are they going to honor the rest of those crooked treaties?  I think not.

Dear Shaman,
It was in the year 1972 that Roger Jourdain told all of the Red Lake Indians, “I am building, for you Indians and you white people, a good road from Bemidji to Red Lake.  Look at what I have done for you, and you still don’t appreciate me.”  People gossip about him and make fun of him, instead of honoring our first constitutionally elected leader, the Father of the Red Lake Chippewa Nation.
                        signed, Rez Shi-nob
Dear Landless Indian,
What Ira Jourdain did not tell you: to watch out for the big logging trucks that might run over you, which have been going day and night ever since they straightened out that road.  He also did not tell you that the White IRA government that he put onto this land, was not to serve you Indians, but to serve the White institutions and the White corporations.  Take a good look around you, and see that the forests have been clearcut, you can’t drink the water, and everything is going into extinction.  The Indian Reorganization Act was encroachment legislation which concentrated political power into the hands of a few White Indians, and that 1934 IRA is a human rights violation.

Dear Shaman,
What is the meaning of “Indian and Free”?
                        signed, Indian and Proud

Dear Mr. Crow,
The Red Lake Schools have been trying to teach you English, and you haven’t been listening.  You’ll have to go to the back of the segregated bus, Jim.  The meaning of “Indian and Free” is a con job, and whoever started it is ripping you off.  If you’re “free,” why are you living on the reservation under the U.S. Government’s White IRA Tribal Government, without any civil or human rights?  Why is the white man paying you to be Indian, when he could get all those New Agers to be his Indians for free?  The hypothetical $27 million is just another  the devoting so much attention to the Landless Indian Treaties and to the IRA White Government Tribal Councils.
The immigrants’ Godly thieving strategies depend on crooked hierarchical languages, like Crooked English.  They called some of their earliest settlers, “Pilgrims,” but pilgrims are supposed to go back to where they came from, and pilgrimages don’t usually last three centuries, either.
Interpreted from crooked English, what “The Promised Land” really means, is “The Land of Broken Promises.”  The American Dream is a broken promise, a decent living wage is a broken promise, and the Mille Lacs Treaty is only one treaty out of more than four hundred treaties.  Are they going to honor the rest of those crooked treaties?  I think not.

Editor’s  note:  Space limitations in the September 19, 1997 paper precluded publication of the remainder of this column:

Dear Shaman,
I’ve heard that the Red Lake Schools are going to institute a tax on the Red Lake people to encourage reading the English language.
                        signed, Concerned Future Taxpayer
Dear Bearer of Bad News,
Well, you already live on the reservation, which is segregated and at the bottom of the White man’s social class hierarchy.  Why should anybody teach you the White man’s tricks, like the English language, when you might rise up and do the same thing to the White man as he has done to you: put him on a reservation and mis-educate him so that he doesn’t know who he is or where he came from.
If Superintendent Schmidt is really going to teach your kids to read and write—do you think that five hours a year is too much to give your kids?

Dear Shaman,
Maybe you could clarify the statistics about the millions of Indians who live in the United States.  Do people who are 15/16 White, count as one “Indian” in these statistics?
                        signed, Full Blood Quantum Indian
Dear Apple Indian,
According to the White man’s way of thinking, one drop of “tainted” blood makes a person not-White.  A lot of people remain “Indians” because they don’t want to be discriminated against as low class almost-White people.  Years ago, I used to hear the tired old worn-out broken slogan, “Assimilate.”  Now, the White and Indian leaders are using a divide-and-conquer strategy of splitting their subjected people into little ethnic groups with artificial wanna-be identities.  The educated ones who are related to the leaders, get better-paying bureaucratic token jobs than they could get in the White corporate world, and the dregs get commodities, rations, and free rides in the trunk of a police car.
In answer to your question, the White man created Indians, so he can do anything he wants with his Indian statistics.  His blame-the-victim White culture needs somebody like Indians to be his political hockey-pucks and scapegoats.

Dear Shaman,
I think you are a fraud and a fake, and you’re actually nothing but a horse-trader and a horse thief.
                        signed, Unbeliever
Dear Pagan,
Infidel dog!  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits, and may you leave no footprints on the sands of time.

My mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56619, and my telephone number is (218) 679-3984.

3939.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: A Philadelphia Daily News editorial reprinted in the Bemidji Pioneer reported that "Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman somehow managed to get into the United States ... ". Ojibwe News.
Abstract: A Philadelphia Daily News editorial reprinted in the Bemidji Pioneer reported that “Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman somehow managed to get into the United States a step ahead of Egyptian police who wanted to discuss various murders.  Within moments, he had a green card, which allows non-citizens to live, work, and flourish here.  Remarkable!  But our cops think the sheik had a lot to do with plots to blow up major American real estate, along with its inhabitants.  So the sheik was clapped in irons, where ‘insensitive’ guards treat him like a ‘common criminal.’  Hey, it’s a start.”
MORE ALIEN CRIMINALS: The people who made the decision to arrest the Sheik had ancestors who were also transported across the Atlantic as criminals, and settled here without any “green card” issued by the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations.  Their descendants continue to act like this is “their” land.  The virtuous law enforcement agents who arrested the Sheik are illegal aliens living on stolen land.  This Crusade-mentality Sheik-bashing is like the kettle calling the pot black.
When the European refugees and profiteers thought they could become “legitimate” they drafted up a Constitution, which made generous provision for the W.A.S.P.s, and provided very little for anybody else.  The Constitution mentions “Indians not taxed”—the alleged “Indians” were European subject people because of their French and Spanish patrilines.  The U.S. Constitution makes no mention of the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations which still own this land.  The illegal immigrants who formed the United States call themselves a “Judeo-Christian Nation,” as we are frequently reminded by the news media.  Before the Constitution was drafted, the Church leaders also held a meeting to discuss the vast amount of wealth and resources belonging to the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent.  They decided to amend the Ten Commandments.  They put a rider on an obscure tithing bill, and deleted the word “not” from the Commandments.  The Commandment which Moses brought down from the Mountain as “Thou Shalt Not Steal” was amended to “Thou Shalt Steal.”  This is where the Divine Mandate of Manifest Destiny was born, and how the wealth of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources was stolen to fund the Capitalist Industrial Revolution and underwrite the U.S. dollar.  This is why the imported European cultural baggage of violence and crime continue on this Continent to this day, because of Amended Judeo-Christian ethics.
MYTHOLOGICAL INDIANS:  “Indians” have always been subject people of the Euro-American Governments, so the U.S. Government had no problem creating the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The Europeans do not have, and have never had, jurisdiction over the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  They could not legitimately create an apartheid “Bureau of Aboriginal Indigenous Affairs”—that’s why all of the hocus-pocus promoting their “Indians.”
On Friday, I got a telephone call from Indian Activist Clyde Bellecourt, who tried to tell me that I was descended from the Blakeley’s.  I told him that I am not related to them, that I have no connection with the Blakeley’s—and that I am only the second generation with the European name of Blake, which was given to my father’s half-sister in the Mission School, and then to my father and myself, to try to make us into “assimilated [European] Indians.”  He asked my why I was “joining the Whites in Indian-bashing.”  I told him that I am not a White man, and that I am not an “Indian” man—that “Indian” is a mythology of the Europeans and has absolutely nothing to do with the Anishinabe Ojibway nor any other Aboriginal Indigenous People.  How can “bashing” a non-existent mythology hurt anybody but liars?
Clyde said that he was Anishinabe of the Crane Clan.  I told him, “according to your genealogy, you are a French man, and you do not have a Dodem, which means that you are a Wanna-Be.”  He had no answer for this.  There is nothing wrong with being an honest Frenchman, but what about assuming a false identity for purposes of exploitation?  The people who promote “Indians” as the Aboriginal Indigenous People of this Continent, both in A.I.M. and in the B.I.A., become parasites trying to steal the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ identity, our land, and our resources.  Clyde complained about my writing that A.I.M. got funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  I said, “I can retract it, and re-write it”—that Clyde Bellecourt has no connection to the Heart of the Earth Survival School (which does receive Federal money).  Clyde said that he was “not involved” with the school, however he is involved with the O.I.C., which he told me he had used to “help a lot of people get jobs.”  O.I.C. is Federally funded.  However, I was not attacking either Heart of the Earth Survival School or O.I.C.  I was writing about some of the sell-out institutions which have been in Minneapolis for twenty to thirty years, and which have not accomplished anything in dealing with the fundamental problems in the Cities, although some of the “Indian leaders” have fatter wallets.  The problems are still there, and demonstrating against the “Redskins” may promote the mythology of “Indians,” but it neither solves community problems nor helps the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Clyde did not call me to seriously discuss solving community problems; when I raised these issues, he reverted to Anglo-Saxon street language and hung up on me.
“INDIAN LEADERSHIP”: In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, grassroots organizations were springing up around the Cities—alcohol programs, health programs, education programs—which were attempting to address the problems in the communities, with the support of Johnson’s War on Poverty [that War was lost with heavy casualties—there needs to be a Monument in Washington, D.C. commemorating those lost and missing in action in the War on Poverty].  One organization asked me to address the Lutheran Synod, of which Paul Boe was Executive Director at that time, and present a proposal.  A meeting was arranged, and when we presented the proposal, Dr. Paul Boe flatly refused to even look at the proposal.  He said, “Clyde Bellecourt is the leader in the Indian Community, and you have to get his approval.”  We asked him, how did Clyde Bellecourt become the leader in the community?  The Lutherans had unilaterally appointed him, “democratically” voted on him in their Executive sessions, and paid him to become the “Indian Leader” for the whole community.  This colonial strategy of choosing the “leaders” of redefined “subject people” has been going on since the Europeans got here.  It’s the same way with the White man’s “Tribal Governments”—and with the White man’s Duly Recognized Indian Chiefs.  Zebulon Pike was the first official United States emissary to this area.  On February 16, 1806, he spoke to the people assembled at Leech Lake (who did not understand English at the time).  He said, “Your father [meaning ‘The Great White Father’] is going to appoint [White ‘Indian’] Chiefs of his own to reside amongst you ...”  That’s why the “Indian” was created by various United States statutes, and why the U.S. decides, however ambiguously, who is “Indian” and who is not.  The “Chiefs” who signed the “Indian Treaties” had absolutely nothing to do with Traditional Anishinabe Ojibway leadership, and as a matter of fact these “Treaty Chiefs” were White European “Indians.”
The “leaders” appointed by the European invaders in all of the communities they try to subjugate are not people who will make positive changes in the communities—and they are not Aboriginal Indigenous people, either.  European institutions use their appointed leaders to maintain apartheid conditions that benefit the élite.  That’s why the problems which were documented thirty years ago are still here, even though the opportunity to improve conditions existed.  The values of these “Indian leaders” are the same as those of their White employers.  For example, encouraging the abuse of drugs and alcohol to disenfranchise “subject” people is an old Indo-European hierarchial strategy.
I could tell you that I’m a “Chippewa Indian,” but I’d be lying to myself, and I’d be lying to you.  There is no such thing as a “Chippewa Indian” or a “Sioux Indian.”  We have documentation to prove that the “Indians” were, and still are, being used by the W.A.S.P.s to commit, and hide, genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  What about complicity in hiding genocide, Clyde?  The same question applies to the White man’s “Indian Tribal Councils,” who are also guilty under the United Nations Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.  Anybody who runs around with an “Indian” identity is helping the immigrant Europeans commit genocide against the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and helping hide this evil from the rest of the world.  “Indian” is an European apartheid mythology—there have never been any “Indians” here.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway have a right to exist in our own land, without the U.S. Government’s fake “Indians” parading around in the media, trying to steal our identity.
In this column, I try to address issues and institutions, rather than personalities—but if some individual bears responsibility for creating or maintaining problems, I may mention their name.  I didn’t want to do any rabble-rousing, and I’ll let certain other writers do the P.R. work drawing public attention to racist institutions like A.I.M., the B.I.A. and their I.R.A. “Indian Tribal Councils,” and their White-anointed “leadership.”
 My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.

3940.   Wub-e-ke-niew = (a.k.a. Francis Blake, Jr. (1993). Reflections from the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation: A travelling “American History” exhibit, the Seeds of Change, opens at the Minneapolis Public Library in June ...  Ojibwe News.
Abstract: A travelling “American History” exhibit, the Seeds of Change, opens at the Minneapolis Public Library in June, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  The exhibit should more accurately be entitled “Self-Justified European Colonialism.”  The very word “American” is an European word—and so is “Indian.”  It is probably unrealistic to expect the immigrant Colonial Europeans (who call themselves “Americans”) to understand this history of this Continent from an Aboriginal Indigenous perspective.  They have transplanted themselves, their language and culture, and social problems virtually intact from Europe.  They are still Europeans, no matter what they call themselves, and have almost as little understanding of the reality of this Continent as they did five hundred years ago.  Their language and their values are still Colonial European.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people here have a different point of view—that’s why the ecosystem was kept intact.  Everybody is part of the ecosystem, and you cannot “conquer” it without destroying yourself.  (The immigrant Europeans and their Indians seem to be suicidal, or they are caught in the momentum of blind greed.)
Revisionist History, under the guise of “ethnic sensitivity” (after ethnic cleansing), is alive and well.  Last year in South Dakota, the sloganeers and propagandists were promoting the “Year of Reconciliation.”  There can’t be a “Reconciliation” without first having “conciliation,” and the reality of 1993 A.D. is business as usual: destroying the ecosystem, polluting the waters, and having the Europeans’ pet Indians—who have European values, and not Aboriginal Indigenous values—tell their blood brother European invaders soothing lies to ease their guilt (pretending they are speaking for the Aboriginal Indigenous People).  “Reconciliation” and the “Seeds of Change” are nothing more than covering up the theft of the land and the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  For “reconciliation,” do I have to apologize to the Europeans for having been born a Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous Person, for owning this land and for my relatives being killed in the genocide—and for the “Indians” that you invented as brokers to steal Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples resources.  After five hundred years of genocide, do we have to say, “I’m sorry?”  I am sorry that the invading Europeans have destroyed the ecosystem, contaminated the water, killed the wildlife, clearcut the forests, wiped out countless languages and killed more than a billion of my Aboriginal Indigenous relatives.  The problems which the Europeans have created on this Continent are not “ancient history,” they are ongoing today.  Your White “Indians,” who embody Europeans’ own racist stereotypes, are still, under European direction, actively destroying the Anishinabe Ojibway permaculture, alienating our land and resources, and still contributing genocide.  The European U.S. Government is presently working on legislating racist “Indian religion” for their smokescreen of frauds and fakes.  For these, I am sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.
According to Randy Furst, staff writer of the Star Tribune, the exhibit “Seeds of Change” emphasizes the material “exchanges,” corn, horses, sugar, and syphilis.  (Apparently, the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources are not addressed—the brutal theft and plunder of this Continent is buried so deeply in their abstract thinking that they don’t even see it.)  The Europeans have tried to claim that corn was theirs—a few months ago, the Star Tribune ran an article promoting their alleged ancient Greek “Goddess of Corn.”  Appaloosa horses are a pure breed indigenous to this Continent.  According to an anthropologist we talked to, the evidence for the “absence of horses” is that there weren’t any dead horses in the archeological remains of ancient villages here.  Maybe the “Indians” and the Europeans left dead horses laying around town, but we didn’t.  Syphilis is an European disease discussed in the Bible under several euphemisms (for example, I Kings, Chapter 5, Verse 6-9, where it is called “emerods”).  A leading epidemiologist we talked to admitted to us that the Europeans brought over more than 90 diseases, including syphilis.  But, how many categories of mental illness have the Europeans created, through their language, and their abstract and linear thinking?  When you don’t know what reality is, when you don’t know what the truth is, the consequences are a pathological society like the Europeans have here.  All you have to do is look at their prisons, mental institutions, and all of the pain and misery that they have created.  The Europeans had better have a “year of reconciliation” (or better yet, a Century Of Reconciliation) with their own people, first.
I spent nine years a political prisoner in a Catholic Boarding School.  The reason that I, and the other Aboriginal Indigenous children of my generation, were forced into this school, was to brainwash us.  But, they took away my Anishinabe Ojibway language by beating it out of us, and they gave me a “basic English” of about three or four hundred words.  They got too greedy.  They couldn’t brainwash us, because they neglected to give us enough language to brainwash us in.  I studied the language, war culture and violent history of the European oppressors for years.  There are an increasing number of Aboriginal Indigenous people who read and speak English fluently.  You cannot use forked-tongue language on us any more and get away with it.
DESTINATION—MISSING:  If any of you see the “Little Green Bus,” and if by any chance you do find it and it is stuck, and the wheels are spinning, be sure and look and see who’s in the driver’s seat.  If Wellstone is there, don’t worry, because everything is “under control,” but call the publisher of this newspaper and let him know the latitude and longitude, because he’s worried and concerned.  If the wheels are spinning, tell those white “Indian Medicine Men” to get out of the bus and push, and please tell them that what they call “The Red Road” is a blind-alley detour invented by the illegal alien Europeans.
FOUND IN THE MAILBOX—someone asked me to put this in the column:  “Now for a word in defense of Clyde Bellecourt.  Now a lot of bad things have been said about my brother Clyde Bellecourt.  It has been said that he was a drug pusher.  A seller of illicit drugs.  Now I know that he sold bags of Marijuana and hits of LSD.  But let me tell you something about that.  He did in fact sell drugs.  But when he sold bags of weed those bags weren’t skimpy bags nor was that weed he sold bunk weed, nosiree it was the good stuff.  And that acid was good too none of that crappy blotter, nope, not brother Clyde.  So the next time some one says something bad about that incident remember these words.”
Drugs and alcohol are a vicious old European tactic of colonization and genocide.  As an Anishinabe Ojibway elder, I’m giving you advice because I’ve been down that dead-end road—drugs and alcohol are bad medicine of the immigrant European.  I’ve never been old before, and it feels good.  I just wish I knew what I know now, when I was young.  I’m doing my best to pass on what I’ve learned to the next generations, so they don’t have to go through the hurting that I did.
My telephone number is (218) 679-2382 and my mailing address is P.O. Box 484, Bemidji, MN 56601.






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