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We Have The Right To Exist, by Wub-e-ke-niew

Table of Contents

    - Dedication -. PAGEREF _Toc37930687 \h 3

    - Foreword -. PAGEREF _Toc37930688 \h 7

    -  Acknowledgements -. PAGEREF _Toc37930689 \h 9

    - Preface -. PAGEREF _Toc37930690 \h 11

    - Introduction -  We, The Ahnishinahbæótjibway and the Euro-Americans' Chippewa Indians. PAGEREF _Toc37930691 \h 15

    - About the author -. PAGEREF _Toc37930692 \h 22

    - Chapter I -  The Ahnishinahbæótjibway. PAGEREF _Toc37930693 \h 37

    - Chapter II -  The Western European colonists and their Indian interface. PAGEREF _Toc37930694 \h 43
            Early United States Indian policy. PAGEREF _Toc37930695 \h 43
            Columbus PAGEREF _Toc37930696 \h 44
            The influx of slaves, convict laborers, and military conscripts
PAGEREF _Toc37930697 \h 46
            Indian captivity literature.
PAGEREF _Toc37930698 \h 48
            Genetic engineering. PAGEREF _Toc37930699 \h 48

    - Chapter III -  French Canadians,  the fur trade,  and colonial exploitation by corporations with royal charters. PAGEREF _Toc37930700 \h 52
            Royal corporate charters PAGEREF _Toc37930701 \h 53
            The fur trade. PAGEREF _Toc37930702 \h 55
            The Métis PAGEREF _Toc37930703 \h 56

    - Chapter IV - Indian treaties. PAGEREF _Toc37930704 \h 57
            Various European territorial claims PAGEREF _Toc37930705 \h 57
            Indian treaties PAGEREF _Toc37930706 \h 58
            Pembina negotiations 1849-1851. PAGEREF _Toc37930707 \h 59
            The 1863 treaty at Old Crossing. PAGEREF _Toc37930708 \h 62
            Halfbreed Scrip. PAGEREF _Toc37930709 \h 66

    - Chapter V -  Indian Reservations. PAGEREF _Toc37930710 \h 69
            Starvation into submission. PAGEREF _Toc37930711 \h 70
            1886: the Northwest Commission. PAGEREF _Toc37930712 \h 72
            1889: the Minnesota Chippewa Commission. PAGEREF _Toc37930713 \h 74
            The General Allotment Act PAGEREF _Toc37930714 \h 77
            Allotment and blood quantum.. PAGEREF _Toc37930715 \h 77
            Theodore Roosevelt's philosophy of allotment PAGEREF _Toc37930716 \h 78
            Allotment at Red Lake. PAGEREF _Toc37930717 \h 78
            Reservation economics PAGEREF _Toc37930718 \h 79
            Aboriginal Indigenous People. PAGEREF _Toc37930719 \h 80

    - Chapter VI -  Euro-American perspectives. PAGEREF _Toc37930720 \h 82
            William Warren's "Bible of Chippewa History". PAGEREF _Toc37930721 \h 82
            Anthropologists PAGEREF _Toc37930722 \h 84
            Of anthropologists and Indians PAGEREF _Toc37930723 \h 86

    - Chapter VII -  History and time. PAGEREF _Toc37930724 \h 90

    - Chapter VIIIIdentity and stereotypes. PAGEREF _Toc37930725 \h 97
            Debunking racist stereotypes PAGEREF _Toc37930726 \h 102

    - Chapter IXThe Mission School PAGEREF _Toc37930727 \h 104

    - Chapter XThe 1934 Indian Reorganization Act PAGEREF _Toc37930728 \h 113
            Indian policy. PAGEREF _Toc37930729 \h 115
            The reform movement of the 1920s PAGEREF _Toc37930730 \h 117
            The Miriam Report PAGEREF _Toc37930731 \h 118
            The Great Depression. PAGEREF _Toc37930732 \h 120
            John Collier PAGEREF _Toc37930733 \h 121
            Meriam Report recommendations PAGEREF _Toc37930734 \h 123

    - Chapter XI -  The I.R.A. and Red Lake. PAGEREF _Toc37930735 \h 124
            The M.C.T. and its sequels PAGEREF _Toc37930736 \h 125
            Rival factions PAGEREF _Toc37930737 \h 127
            The 1918 Chippewa General Council PAGEREF _Toc37930738 \h 132
            Petitions PAGEREF _Toc37930739 \h 133

    - Chapter XII -  "Indian democracy" PAGEREF _Toc37930740 \h 139
            The United States Government's relocation programs PAGEREF _Toc37930741 \h 139
            "Precipitation of factions". PAGEREF _Toc37930742 \h 141
            Threats of "termination". PAGEREF _Toc37930743 \h 143
            I.R.A. constitutions PAGEREF _Toc37930744 \h 144
            The 1958 I.R.A. election at Red Lake. PAGEREF _Toc37930745 \h 145
            Dissatisfaction with the I.R.A. PAGEREF _Toc37930746 \h 146

    - Chapter XIIIIndian tribal courts. PAGEREF _Toc37930747 \h 150
            Dispensing Indian justice. PAGEREF _Toc37930748 \h 155
            Indian Major Crimes PAGEREF _Toc37930749 \h 156
            Revising the Indian Law and Order Code. PAGEREF _Toc37930750 \h 156

    - Chapter XIVReligion. PAGEREF _Toc37930751 \h 158
            Two world-views PAGEREF _Toc37930752 \h 160
            Indians PAGEREF _Toc37930753 \h 162
            Dichotomy and paradox. PAGEREF _Toc37930754 \h 162
            Judeo-Christianity. PAGEREF _Toc37930755 \h 163
            The Black-Robes PAGEREF _Toc37930756 \h 165
            Indian religion. PAGEREF _Toc37930757 \h 167

    - Chapter XVLanguage. PAGEREF _Toc37930758 \h 171
            Reality and hierarchy. PAGEREF _Toc37930759 \h 173
            The abstract PAGEREF _Toc37930760 \h 177
            Abstracts PAGEREF _Toc37930761 \h 179
            Language and identity. PAGEREF _Toc37930762 \h 180
            The Chippewa language. PAGEREF _Toc37930763 \h 182
            The English language. PAGEREF _Toc37930764 \h 183

    - Chapter XVIConclusion. PAGEREF _Toc37930765 \h 187

    - Glossary -. PAGEREF _Toc37930766 \h 188

    - Appendix I - International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. PAGEREF _Toc37930767 \h 200
            Article I PAGEREF _Toc37930768 \h 201
            Article II PAGEREF _Toc37930769 \h 201
            Article III PAGEREF _Toc37930770 \h 201
            Article IV. PAGEREF _Toc37930771 \h 201
            Article V.
PAGEREF _Toc37930772 \h 201
            Article VI PAGEREF _Toc37930773 \h 201
            Article VII PAGEREF _Toc37930774 \h 202
            Article VIII PAGEREF _Toc37930775 \h 202
            Article IX.. PAGEREF _Toc37930776 \h 202
            Article X.. PAGEREF _Toc37930777 \h 202
            Article XI PAGEREF _Toc37930778 \h 202
            Article XII PAGEREF _Toc37930779 \h 202
            Article XIII PAGEREF _Toc37930780 \h 202
            Article XIV. PAGEREF _Toc37930781 \h 203
            Article XV. PAGEREF _Toc37930782 \h 203
            Article XVI PAGEREF _Toc37930783 \h 203
            Article XVII PAGEREF _Toc37930784 \h 203
            Article XVIII PAGEREF _Toc37930785 \h 203
            Article XIX.. PAGEREF _Toc37930786 \h 203

    - Appendix II -   
            [1918 General Council Constitution] Adopted April 13, 1918 
                Constitution of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.
PAGEREF _Toc37930787 \h 207
            [1934 Indian Reorganization Act Constitution]
                Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Minnesota..
PAGEREF _Toc37930788 \h 209

    - Appendix III - 
            Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Minnesota.
PAGEREF _Toc37930789 \h 217

    - Appendix IVThe Red Lake genealogies. PAGEREF _Toc37930790 \h 229
            Computerization. PAGEREF _Toc37930791 \h 229
            B.I.A. records PAGEREF _Toc37930792 \h 229
            Canadian Government Indian records PAGEREF _Toc37930793 \h 230
            Census records PAGEREF _Toc37930794 \h 231
            Annuity records PAGEREF _Toc37930795 \h 231
            Missionary and church records PAGEREF _Toc37930796 \h 231
            Death records PAGEREF _Toc37930797 \h 232
            County courthouse records PAGEREF _Toc37930798 \h 232
            Halfbreed Scrip. PAGEREF _Toc37930799 \h 233
            The U.S. National Archives PAGEREF _Toc37930800 \h 233
            Allotments PAGEREF _Toc37930801 \h 233
            The fur trade. PAGEREF _Toc37930802 \h 234
            General histories PAGEREF _Toc37930803 \h 234
            Newspapers and periodicals PAGEREF _Toc37930804 \h 234
            Specifically genealogy. PAGEREF _Toc37930805 \h 234

    - Appendix V - P.O.W. camps established by the Bureau of Indian Affairs by 1871. PAGEREF _Toc37930806 \h 236

    - Notes -

. PAGEREF _Toc37930807 \h
We Have The Right To Exist
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