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Selected interviews available for download
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Dr. Barbara Bowers
Oncologist and Medical Director, Fairview Southdale Breast Cancer Center

Download Interview
     9 minutes play time - 4,219 KB - mp3 audio file

Katherine Murphy
M.A. (Counseling)
Cancer Guide - 612.802.0982  katherinemurphycg@yahoo.com
* Counseling, groups, workshops, & retreats with a heart-based, mind-body-spirit focus
* Creating integrative healing plans

Part 1 - Download Interview
     13¼ minutes interview time - 6,309 KB - mp3 audio file

Part 2 - Download Interview
     17½ minutes interview time - 8,265 KB - mp3 audio file

Part 3 - Download Interview
     15 minutes interview time - 6,133 KB - mp3 audio file

Reona Barry and Betty Sanders
     Women's Cancer Resource Center
            Telephone: 612-822-4846 (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota); 877-892-6742 (nationally)
            Fax:  612-822-4784
            E-mail: wcrc@wcrcmn.org
            Website: www.givingvoice.org
     African American Breast Cancer Alliance - phone 612-825-3675
     Woman-to-Woman Program
            For additional information, contact Benita Robinson - phone 612-822-4719
            Outreach and Education Coordinator

Download Interview
     21 minutes interview time - 9,910 KB - mp3 audio file

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