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   Spotlite 1972-3

A note from the editor
If you are among the people whose names got lost during production of the 1972-73 Spotlite, my apologies.
The Spotlite was produced with offeset printing technology -- before computerized desktop publishing.  It was created from thousands of little pieces of paper 'typeset' with a typesetting machine similar to an IBM Selectric typewriter, fastened together with that 1970s standard, hot 'layout' wax.
            The Spotlite had a team of wonderful volunteers who worked long hours during the fall and early winter of 1972.  We did our best to keep the layout properly aligned with 'light tables': shining lights through the
back of the sheets of paper -- 'camera-ready copy' -- we were creating to take to Kenny Theis, our first-rate printer at Shakopee Valley Printing.  Simeon Ngiratregd printed most of the photos, using a 5x7 enlarger to print several strips of negatives at the same time, Debbie Gump transcribed my notes and typed thousands of names, Joan Henderson is a true friend who worked through uncounted 'all-nighters'  (our office space was Macalester College Information Services by day), and Linda Bergsnev, Mary Ellen Shaw, Ruth Satterlee, Karen Godshall, Denise Adamson, Ann Torgersen, Julie Hiebert, Tonia Papke, and a lot of other folks put a whole lot of work into making the 1972-73 Spotlite a reality.  The custodians in 'Old Main,' Louis Kavaloski and Jim Purvis, shared their coffee with us.
          We used layout wax to fasten people's names and identifying information to the photos, through the production process.  That was my idea - and it worked
almost well enough....
          As a belated amends, if you're among the people whose names I misplaced, all those years ago, I'd be glad to make corrections here - and to add whatever comments you have.

Clara -

Macalester College Photo Directory, 1973 - scanned page image

Jim Hartung

Jeannie Ditter

George Dickson


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