United States Commission on Civil Rights

Confidential Draft Report
“Enforcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968”

May 1990

Indian Civil Rights, page 31
2. Federal employees in courts of Indian offenses are prohibited from supplementing their salaries from the money accumulated through criminal fines, court fees, and from other sources.

3. Courts of Indian offenses personnel must comply with a request for court records made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act ....

4. The Indian Civil Rights Act and the Constitution of the United States guarantee that individuals appearing before courts of Indian offenses will be afforded all of those rights guaranteed by the Constitution to all citizens of the United States from any federal court.

5. An  indigent criminal defendant facing imprisonment must be afforded a court appointed attorney if he/she so desires. ...

6. A criminal defendant facing possible imprisonment has the right to a trial by jury of not less than six persons. ...

7. Professional attorneys can not be denied the right to practice before courts of Indian offenses. ...

8. In locations where CFR courts have been established tribal and BIA law enforcement officers

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