Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses
Law and Order Provisions, Red Lake Reservation (1952 - 1990)

Red Lake Code of Indian Offenses, page 43
Chapter 4

Civil Actions
     The Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses shall have jurisdiction of all suits wherein the defendant is an Indian residing on the Red Lake Reservation.

Section 1 - Action
     a.  There shall be on the Red Lake Indian Reservation a form of action for the enforcement  or protection of private rights and the redress of private wrongs.  This shall be called a civil action and the party complaining shall be called the plaintiff and the party against whom the complaint is made the defendant.  A civil complaint shall be commenced by the filing of a complaint with the Clerk of the Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses.
     b.  The cause for a civil action shall be defined by any authorized regulation of the Interior Department, approved ordinance of the Tribal Council or the laws of the State of Minnesota.  The Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses in the trial of civil cases may be guided by the laws of the State of Minnesota provided for a Justice of the Peace, except when a specific rule is made by those regulations and without the restrictions imposed by that section of the law making the court ineligible to try cases where the recovery is made over $100.00

Section 2 - Summons
     All summons shall have a copy of the complaint attached.  The summons shall be signed by a judge of the Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses; be directed to the defendant and require the defendant to serve a

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