Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses
Law and Order Provisions, Red Lake Reservation (1952 - 1990)

Red Lake Code of Indian Offenses, page 40
Chapter 3

Game and Fish
Section 1
     No Indian shall at any time take, transport or possess any protected wild animal on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, except as permitted by the provisions of this Chapter.  As used herein, "protected wild animal" shall mean any animal commonly taken for food or for its pelt, and shall also be taken to include all upland game and migratory water fowl.

Section 2
     No Indian shall  possess within the Red Lake Reservation any wild animal or fur which has been unlawfully taken, bought, sold or possessed outside of the Reservation, or unlawfully shipped therefrom into the Reservation.  Game or fur found in the possession of anyone and in violation of this section shall be confiscated for the benefit of the tribe.

Section 3
     It shall be unlawful for any Indian not enrolled in the Red Lake Band to kill, transport, or possess any game animal on the Red Lake Reservation, except that a non-enrolled resident Indian may be issued a permit by the Chairman of the Tribal Council, or his designated representative, authorizing a non-enrolled resident Indian to kill, transport and possess game animals for his family's consumption.  No permit shall be issued hereunder except to a non-enrolled Indian married to an enrolled member of the Band.  Game taken and equipment used in violation of this Section shall be confiscated for the benefit of the Band.

Section 4
     It shall be unlawful for any enrolled member of the Red Lake Band to permit, encourage, assist or

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