April 7, 1967

Page scan of advertisement for Nutrament, page 1, Life Magazine, April 7, 1967


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Give this Nutrament coupon to a skinny friend.  She has more to gain than  cents.

Nutrament, nutrionally complete liquid food, is scientifically balanced to help her gain weight.  375 body-building calories in every can.  Four delicious flavors - Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Dutch Chocolate - make protein, fat, carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals irresistible.  Great hot or cold.  With meals or between.  if you've got a skinny friend, slip her the coupon.  She gain 8 cents.  And that's only the beginning.  She'll find Nutrament Liquid food in the dietary section at food and drug stores.

Good Housekeeping Guarantees: if product or performance defective, replacement or refund to consumer.

Mead Johnson Nutritionals.

Volume 62, Number 14.  LIFE is published weekly, except one issue at year end, at $7.75 yearly, by Time Inc., 540 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60611.  Second-class postage paid at Chicago, Ill, and at additional mailing offices.

Life Magazine, page 1, April 7, 1967.