Half Breed Scrip
Halfbreed Scrip issued on Article VII of the April 12, 1864 amendments to the Old Crossing treaty
    between the Red Lake and Pembina Bands of Chippewa and the United States


Red Lake and Pembina Halfbreed Scrip - photocopy of document page
Red Lake and Pembina halfbreed scrip

Alexis Sutherland

Joseph Smith

Louis Smith

Francis Saquier (see Lequier)

William Sere

Albert Sentier

Augustine St. Germain

Joseph St. Germain

Baptiste St. Luke

Charles Saice

Alexis Saweyare

Leading Feather Sayre

George Seyer

Henry Seyer

Alfret Shenvert (see Chenvert)

Alexander St. Arneau

Francis St. Peters

Ambroise Sutherland

Baptiste Saice

Francois Saice

Joseph Saice

Antoine Shaurett

Frank Shaurett

Charles St. Arneau

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