Minutes of councils held by James McLaughlin, United States Indian Inspector, with the Indians of Red Lake Agency, Minnesota, from March 4th to March 10th, 1902, for Cession of land.
102 cession of eleven western townships, Red Lake Indian Reservation, page 64


pocket.  My friend, we want to understand each other fully what our wishes are.  We are prepared to close our treaty today and make an agreement with you, but we want to make a good agreement.  We have set before each other certain propositions and I wish them to be includ­ed in the treaty.  After we have the agreement written out and before we commence to sign it we want to place our grievances before you. We will have these things written out and ready.  The act of 1889 will be one of our grievances.  The treaty that we are going to make is going to be a new law, and the grievances that I refer to is on account of the act of 1889.  After we have submitted these different things we will be ready to sign the agreement, which, however, will not be binding until Congress ratifies it.

GAY BAY GAH BOW OINCE:-  You have listened to the man that has just got through talking.  He was authorized to talk to you.  The territory that he spoke about was the property that we thought the most of.  This is one reason why we want to make a good treaty for it. The reservation that will remain after ceding the western portion we wish you to do all in your power to help us hold it as a permanent reservation.  This is the main thing that we wish to include in the agreement; that we are going to hold this reservation.  It must be distinctly understood in the agreement, that we shall hold this reservation after we have ceded the land you are asking us for.

McLAUGHLIN:- My friends, I wish to say that I am very glad to have our friend here who has been so ill, and that he is able to be with us today.  He has presented your case in a very commendable manner.  And I will have words in the agreement that will as far as possible cover the points raised by your speakers.  As I told you the other day I prepare my agreements with great care, so that every word will have but one meaning, no two or more meanings to the same word.  I have already been thinking of this matter a great deal and

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