Minutes of councils held by James McLaughlin, United States Indian Inspector, with the Indians of Red Lake Agency, Minnesota, from March 4th to March 10th, 1902, for Cession of land.
1902 cession of 11 western townships, Red Lake Indian Reservation, "council" proceedings, page 42



representative I am in these negotiations.

As I said in ay first council, and my friend Kay Gay Gah Bow Oince said the sane yesterday, we meet as friends and if we do not conclude an agreement we will part as friends.

You now have my proposition; it is for you to consider.  The question is before you and I will be ready to hear your answer at any time.  It is a matter that you should deliberate upon with great care, you should look at it from all sides before you come to a conclusion.  Whilst I am ready for your answer at any time, I would prefer that you take tonight to think it over.  Discuss it among yourselves and give me your answer tomorrow. We will now adjourn until you send for me.  I will be ready to meet you at any time you send for me.  I would suggest that we place the hour of meeting tomorrow at the same time we met today.   In the mean time consider my proposition and what I have said to you very carefully, and any time, be it tonight or early tomorrow morning, if you want to ask any question send for me and I will come.

I won't detain you much longer and if you are short of provisions while you remain here in our negotiations, call upon Mr. Graves, who will provide for your needs.

Meeting adjourned at 4.50 P.M.

Council reconvened Saturday March 8th, 2 P.M.

GAY BAY NO DIN:-     We would like one and all of the Red Lake Indians to understand what you have said in regard to these negotiations. One of our main spokesmen, who has been sick, and not been in our councils heretofore, is here now and he wants to hear all that you have said to us and to speak to you and ask you a few questions.

Mr. McLAUGELIN:-     It would be better for me to turn the type written minutes of our councils over to you and have the three

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