Minutes of councils held by James McLaughlin, United States Indian Inspector, with the Indians of Red Lake Agency, Minnesota, from March 4th to March 10th, 1902, for Cession of land.
1902 cession of 11 western townships, Red Lake Indian Reservation, page 15



thing more to say to you tomorrow.  If you have nothing further to say to-night we will adjourn until tomorrow morning at ten o’clock.

I wish to say in case you run short of provisions at any time, notify Mr. Graves who will see that you receive what you need.  I was advised by the Indian Commissioner that you would be subsisted while we were in council.  In case the supplies should run short here at the Agency, Mr. Sullivan, who I think will return tomorrow night, will doubtless be able to purchase provisions outside.

If you have nothing further to say we will now adjourn until tomorrow morning.

Meeting adjourned at 10 P.M.

Council reconvened March 6th, 1902, 2 P.M.


My friends you have notified me that you are ready to meet me.  We have assembled in council and I am ready to hear what you may have to say,


We have assembled here again to come to an understanding.  Now we meet here as friends.  As long as we are here together we want to be as friends and after our councils are over we want to be friends.  Mr. J.C.ROY is the man we have appointed to read the matters that we want to present to you,

J.C.ROY:-  ( reading)  Peter Graves interpreting.

In the treaty that we made in 1863 we ceded about 9,500,000 acres of agricultural land and we also ceded some pine land.  The land that was ceded by that treaty we only got about four cents an acre for this whole, that is what we have received for it up to the

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