Minutes of councils held by James McLaughlin, United States Indian Inspector, with the Indians of Red Lake Agency, Minnesota, from March 4th to March 10th, 1902, for Cession of land.
1902 cession of 11 western townships, Red Lake Indian reservation, page 7



Council reconvened Tuesday Evening March 4th, 1902, 7:45 P.M.

McLAUGHLIN:-  I am advised that you have sent for me and I am ready to hear anything you have to say.

KOI BAY NO GIN:  We have authorized MAYS KO KO NAY AY, one of our chiefs to speak to you for us.

MAYS KO KO NAY AY:-  My friend I will now tell you what all of us Indians here wants me to say to you.  The mission that you have come upon I don’t mean to be contrary to.  There are lots of matters behind that is blocking me which the government has done to me.  When any official has been sent here to see me, the talk they make to me is very nice and I have been cheated every time, and the government is the one that has been sending these parties to me.  I have been looking in that direction expecting our wishes fulfilled and to receive what we have been promised.  I know what has been promised me and I know that the government owes me considerable.  I am still looking for those promises that the government has made and expect them, and therefore I don't accept and we will not agree to what you propose.  When the government comes and hands me what has been promised me, and I know what the government owes me, then I will consider.  I am in fear now.  The government has caused me to be distrustful and that is why your mission is a failure.  I now want to state one of the main matters that has blocked me.  In dividing my property into four quarters the government took away one quarter of my property.  All these Indians are of the same mind.  We don't mean to be contrary.  When I was in Washington year before last I called upon Senator Nelson and asked him who authorized the opening for settlement of some of my land and told him that as he was there all the time he must know who authorized the opening of some of the lands, and whether it was himself or the government?  He would not give me an answer, he simply walked out of the office without his hat.  I am

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