Minutes of councils held by James McLaughlin, United States Indian Inspector, with the Indians of Red Lake Agency, Minnesota, from March 4th to March 10th, 1902, for Cession of land.
1902 'agreement,' page 1

            THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into this Tenth day of March, Nineteen hundred and two, by and between James McLaughlin, United States Indian Inspector, on the part of the United States, and the Red Lake and Pembina bands of Chippewa Indians belonging on the Red Lake Reservation, in the state of Minnesota, witnesseth:

            ARTICLE I.  The said Indians belonging on the Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota, for the consideration hereinafter named, do hereby cede, surrender, grant and convey to the United States all of their claim, right, title and interest in and to all of that part of the Red Lake Indian Reservation situated within the boundaries of Red Lake County, Minnesota, as said county is at present defined and organized, the tract hereby ceded being more particularly described as embracing all that part of the said Red Lake Indian Reservation lying west of the range line between ranges thirty-eight (38) and thirty-nine (39) west of the Fifth (5th) Principal Meridian, the tract of land hereby ceded approximating two hundred and fifty-six thousand one hundred and fifty-two (256,152) acres, and also hereby agree that all of said Indians now residing o the tract hereby ceded shall removed to the diminished reservation within six months after ratification of this agreement, and shall be paid not exceeding five thousand (5000) dollars in cash by the Indians of said Red Lake Reservation out of the first payment received by them from the proceeds of this cession, and said five thousand (5000) dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be paid equitably to those thus removing, in proportion to the value of their respective improvements, which payment, by said Red Lake Indians, shall be in full for all improvements which they will abandon, and also for the removal within the diminished Reservation of their dead where they are now buried on the tract hereby ceded.

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