1889 - Minnesota Chippewa Commission
The Statutes at Large of the United States of America from December, 1887, to March, 1889, and Recent Treaties, Postal Conventions, and Executive Proclamations.
     Vol. XXV, pp.642-646 -
Fiftieth Congress, Sess. II, Chap. 24, January 14, 1889. 

"An act for the relief and civilization of the
Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota"

  Act for the relief and civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota, page 2

Bond and oath of commissioners.

faithful discharge of their duties, each give a bond to the United States in the sum of ten thousand dollars, with sufficient sureties, to be approved by the Secretary of the Interior, and conditioned for the faithful discharge of their duties under this act, and they shall also each take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, and to faithfully discharge the duties of their office, which bonds and oaths shall be filed with the Secretary of the Interior.


Said commissioners shall be entitled to a compensation of ten dollars per day for each day actually employed in the discharge of their duties, and for their actual traveling expenses and board, not exceeding three dollars per day.


Said commissioners shall also be authorized to employ a competent interpreter while engaged in the performance of their duties, at a compensation and allowance to be fixed by them, not in excess of that allowed to each of them under this act.

Removal of Indians to White Earth Reservation.


SEC. 3. That as soon as the census has been taken, and the cession and relinquishment has been obtained, approved, and ratified, as specified in section one of this act, all of said Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota, except those on the Red Lake Reservation, shall, under the direction of said commissioners, be removed to and take up their residence on the White Earth Reservation,

Allotment of lands on Red Lake Reservation.

and thereupon there shall, as soon as practicable, under the direction of said commissioners, be allotted lands in severalty to the Red Lake Indians on Red Lake Reservation, and to all the other of said Indians on White Earth Reservation, in conformity with the

Vol.24, p.388

are hereby ratified and confirmed with the like tenure and condition prescribed for all allotments under this act:

Prior allotments confirmed

and the acceptance and approval of such cession and relinquishment by the President of the United States shall, be deemed full and ample proof of the assent of the Indians, and shall operate as a complete extinguishment of the Indian title without any other or further act or ceremony whatsoever for the purposes and upon the terms in this act provided.


Provided, however, That the amount heretofore allotted to any Indian on White Earth Reservation


shall be deducted from the amount of allotment to which he or she is entitled under this act: Provided further, That any of the Indians residing on any of said reservations may,

Allotments on other reservations.

in his discretion, take his allotment in severalty under this act on the reservation where he lives at the time of the removal herein provided for is effected, instead of being removed to and taking such allotment on White Earth Reservation.

Survey of ceded lands.

SEC. 4. That as soon as the cession and relinquishment of said Indian title has been obtained and approved as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Commissioners of the General Land Office to cause the lands so ceded to the United States to be surveyed in the manner provided by law for the survey of public lands, and as soon as practicable after such survey has been made, and the report, field-notes, and plats thereof filed in the General Land Office, and duly approved by the Commissioner thereof, the said Secretary of the Interior, upon notice of the completion or such surveys shall appoint a sufficient number of competent and experienced examiners, in order that the work may be done within a reasonable time,

Subdivision into forty-acre lots.

who shall go upon said lands thus surveyed and personally make a careful, complete, and thorough examination of the same by forty-acre lots, for the purpose of ascertaining on which lots or tracts there is standing or growing pine timber,

"Pine lands."

which tracts on which pine timber is standing or growing for the purposes of this act shall be termed " pine lands," the minutes of such examination to be at the time entered in books provided for that purpose, showing with particularity the amount and quality of all pine timber standing or growing on any lot or tract, the amount such pine timber to be estimated by feet in the manner usual in estimating such timber, which estimates and reports of all such examinations shall be filed with the Commissioner of the General Land Office as a part of the permanent records thereof, and thereupon that officer shall cause to be made a list of all such pine lands, describing each forty-acre lot or tract thereof separately,

Minimum Valuations

and opposite each such description he shall place the actual cash value of the same, according to his best judgment and

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