1938 Dakota Base Rolls
Note: the validity of these 1934 B.I.A. Enrollments as legitimate Mdewakanton Base Rolls is currently (September 2004) under litigation.

Page 3

Herbert Bebeau
Henry J. Belland
John A. Belland
Robert J. Belland
Roderick Belland
Alice S. Bellows
Corrine Berger
Dorothy M. Berger
Emelia M. Berger
Estelle H. Berger
Matilda Y. Berger
Myrtle Berger

1934 Dakota Base Rolls, page 2

These images are scanned from the Minnesota Historical Society Manuscript Collection, "Indian Census Rolls, 1885 - 1940," Microfilm Call # M559.
The entire microfilm can be purchased from the National Archives.


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