1934 Dakota Base Rolls

Note: the validity of legitimate 1934 B.I.A. Enrollments as the Mdewakanton Base Rolls is currently (September 2004) under litigation.

These rolls are described in Article III, Sec. 1 of the Lower Sioux Indian Community Constitution and Prairie Island Constitution as the “official census roll of the Minnesota Mdewakanton Sioux Indians as of April 1, 1934," and along with the January 1, 1935 "official supplement" are the "base rolls" upon which a person or his/her ancestors must be listed in order to be eligible for federally-recognized tribal enrollment.

1934 Minnesota Dakota Base Rolls

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Ashley C. Anderson
Inez F. Anderson
Leona O. Anderson
Mabel Anderson
Vernon A. Anderson
Grace L. Barnes
Harriet P. Barnes
Herbert A. Barnes
James L. Barnes
Lucille M. Barnes
Robert E. Barnes
William H. Barnes
William H. Barnes, Jr.
Dorothy L. Barnes
Violet M. Beach
George J. Beaulieu
Grace L. Beaulieu
Irene C. Beaulieu
Adelia Bebeau
Della Bebeau
Edward Bebeau
Eva Bebeau
George Bebeau
Mary Bebeau
Matilda Bebeau
Susan R. Bebeau
Herbert Bebeau
Henry J. Belland
John A. Belland
Robert J. Belland
Roderick Belland
Alice S. Bellows
Corrine Berger
Dorothy M. Berger
Emelia M. Berger
Estelle H. Berger
Matilda Y. Berger
Myrtle Berger
Maria (Bluestone)
Madeline Blatter
Margaret Blatter
Medora Blatter
Pearl Blatter
Rex Blatter
Richard Blatter
Betty Bluestone
Donald Bluestone
Leona Bluestone
Louisa E. Bluestone
Marjorie Bluestone
Maude Bluestone
Samuel Bluestone, Jr.
Thomas D. Bluestone

Frederick Bluestone
George Bluestone
Mary L. Bluestone
Walter Bluestone
Anna Braun
Della Braun
Della P. Braun
Doris Braun
Norma Braun
Henry Buisson
James H. Buisson
Lillian E. Buisson
Mary J. Buisson
Lena (Campbell)
Daniel Buisson
Etta E. Buisson
Cora P. Burke
Cecelia Campbell
Delmar Campbell
Fern Opal Campbell
George P. Campbell
Hazel Campbell
Irvin Campbell
Jeanette C. Campbell
Joseph B. Campbell
Joyce Elaine Campbell
Melvin Donald Campbell
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Ida W. (Campbell)
Annie Campbell
James Campbell
Joseph Campbell, Jr.
Joseph P. Campbell
Thomas Campbell
Mary O. Canku
Frank Cermak
Henry Cermak
John Cermak
Joseph Cermak
Margaret Cermak
Rose Cermak
Eleanore (Columbus)
Lucy (Columbus)
Adeline L. Chandler
Hazel Chandler
Moses Columbus
Thomas Columbus
Valeria Columbus
Willard J. Columbus
Willis B. Columbus
Annie Coursolle
Raymond Coursolle
Rose E. Coursolle
Esther C. Couture
Ernest Coursolle
Alfred H. Cratte
Charles E. Cratte
Daniel Cratte
David H. Cratte
Frederick W. Cratte
Harry D. Cratte
Harry D. Cratte, Jr.
Lomyra J. Cratte
Mary Cratte
Michael Q. Cratte
William W. Cratte
Alice T. (Crooks)
Irving P. Cratte
Octave Cratte
Oliver Cratte
Oliver J. Cratte
Amos Crooks
Amos Crooks, Jr.
Caroline Crooks
Clarence Crooks
Conrad Milton Crooks
George M. Crooks
George W. Crooks
Harold Crooks
Norman R. Crooks

Bernice Crooks
Geraldine Crooks
Harry Crooks, Jr.
Harry H. Crooks
John Crooks
Meredith Crooks
Obed Milton Crooks
Philip Crooks
Emma W. Dashner
Lucy P. Dederick
Helen R. DeFloren
Julia C. Demers
Inez McFadden
Lucy E. (Dow)
Ann L. Dieters
Doris Dieters
Emily Y. Dieters
Florence M. Dieters
Edgar Dow
Eunice Susie Dow
Howard Dow
Lizzie Annie Dow
Norman Dow
Ruth Dow
Francis Dufour
Henry A. Dufour
Marie C. Dufour
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Alfred M. Dufour
Ernest Dufour
Florence Dufour
Henry Dufour
John W. Dufour
Lester Dufour
Adelbert Ebersold
August Ebersold
Charles Ebersold
Della Ebersold
Elfa Ebersold
Lila Ebersold
Ralph Ebersold
Roy Ebersold
Albert R. Ebersold
Earl W. Ebersold
Edward Ebersold, Jr.
Elizabeth P. Ebersold
Eveline M. Ebersold
John Ebersold
Josephine R. Ebersold
Loretta Ebersold
Matilda B. Ebersold
Michael R. Ebersold
Rudolph E. Ebersold
Rudolph T. Ebersold
Viola F. Ebersold
Vera Ebersold
Walter Ebersold
William E. Ebersold
Carmon Faribault
Frank Faribault
Frederick Faribault
George H. Faribault
Helen A. Faribault
Josephine Faribault
Mildred Faribault
Oliver Faribault
Oliver L. Faribault
Raymond A. Faribault
Virginia L. Faribault
William M. Faribault
William R. Faribault
Coursolle Felix
Dennis Felix
Edmund Felix
George Felix
Gladys Felix
Joseph Felix
Louis Felix
Mary P. Felix
Morris Felix
Stella Felix
Charles Flynn
Harriet Y. Flynn
Harvey B. Flynn
William T. Flynn
Adelle Fredette
Agnes C. Fredette
Eda Fredette
Frank X. Fredette
Joseph A. Fredette
Charles F. Fuller
David Fuller
Henry Fuller
Lois Fuller
Nellie Fuller
David Fuller
Elmer Fuller
Ervin Fuller
Ethel Fuller
Frank B. Fuller
Harry Fuller
Honora Fuller
John Fuller
Martin Fuller
Scholastica Fuller
Timothy Fuller
Viola Fuller
William Fuller
Emma L. Gale
Henry Godfrey

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Emma E. (Goodthunder)
Jane Cloud Gilbert
George Godfrey
Peter Godfrey
Sadie R. Godfrey
Mamie B. Goffas
Arthur E. Goodthunder
Charles W. Goodthunder
Evelyn Goodthunder
Francis G. Goodthunder
Fred Goodthunder
Guy R. Goodthunder
Lucinda Goodthunder
Robert Goodthunder
Selwyn J. Goodthunder
Vernie S. Goodthunder

Sarah J. (Goodthunder)
Andrew M. Goodthunder
Genevieve Goodthunder
Joseph Goodthunder
Maxine Vivian Goodthunder
William Goodthunder
Frances Graham
James Graham
Joseph Graham
Louisa Graham
Maria Graham
Eliza (Goodthunder) Thomas
Agnes C. Heminger
Babe Heminger
Ethel Heminger
Charles B. Hess
Edward A. Hess
Elizabeth M. Hess
Theodore Hess
Susan P. Hoevet
Fannie C. Hogle
Cornelius Hudson
Edward Hudson
Edward Hudson, Jr.
Frank Hudson
William Hudson
Charles Hudson
Donald Hudson
Edith Hudson
Frank Hudson, Jr.
Harold Hudson
Helen Hudson
John Hudson
Margaret Hudson
Maude M. Hudson
Calvin W. Jackson
Charles Jackson
Albert Johnson
Erma Johnson
May (James)
Arthur James
Leola James
Raymond James
Blanche Johnson
Marion Johnson
Posie Johnson
Elroy A. Jones
Howard E. Jones
John Jones
Julia B. Jones
Mable Jones
Margaret Jones
Gertrude James
Annie C. Kehout
Mary C. Kelly
George Kettles, Jr.
Mary B. Kirkendall
Mary E. Kleiber
Ethel W. Krach
David L. LaFromboise
Agnes Lawrence
Gertrude D. LeClaire
Clarence A. Leith
James L. H. Leith
Levi J. Leith
Adelia B. Lovejoy
Agnes (Leith) Wells
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Cora (Leith)
Alvin Leith
Charles Leith
Gladys Agnes Leith
Katherine Leith
Marcell Marcella Leith
Peter Milton Leith
Roy J. Ray Leith
Walter Jesse Leith
Charles Loechler
Evelyn Loechler
Herbert Loechler
Nora E. Loechler
Rose G. Ludurus
Pauline Lawrence
Rose W. Lawrence
Beatrice Lucas
Edna F. McArdle
Boswell McCoy
Chester McCoy
Earl McCoy
Evelyn C. McCoy
Frank McCoy
Lucille McCoy
Martin McCoy
Richard C. McCoy
Clara F. McDonald
Frank McCoy
Frederick McCoy
Frederick McCoy
Herbert McCoy
Joseph McCoy
Lavina McCoy
Mary M. McCoy
Mary M. McCoy
Pearl McCoy
Stella McCoy
Theresa McCoy
William McCoy
Audrey K. McLean
Beryl McLean
Bethel McLean
Lois McLean

Scholastica Maginnis
Grace Manaige
Palagie Manaige
Ellen Max (Mack)
Alexander F. McLean
Frederick F. McLean
John E. McLean
John R. McLean
Mabel E. McLean
Mary E. McLean
William R. McLean
Isabelle McLeod
Lucy C. McLeod
Mary McLeod
Carrie M. Markie
Florence Markie
Frank Markie
Jerry L. Markie
Mary L. Markie
Walter Markie
Manuel Melendez
Rita Melendez
Melvin O. Menaige
Lillian B. Monette
Alfred H. Montour
Frank Montour
Mary E. Niehaus
Elizabeth (Pendleton)
Frances F. (Owens)
Margaret Niehaus
May Niehaus
Margaret F. O'Donnell
Irene Opal Owens
Julia W. Owens
Quinton Owens
Wallace Calvin Owens
Wallace W. Owens
Earl Pendleton
Frederick R. Pendleton
Marion S. Pendleton
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Catherine L. (Picard)
Douglas W. Pendleton
Lois Jean Pendleton
Vivian H. Pendleton
Wallace B. Pendleton
Anna P. Pettijohn
Elizabeth M. Pettijohn
Ethel A. Pettijohn
Kenneth Pettijohn
Lucille C. Pettijohn
Theodore Pettijohn
William A. Pettijohn
William A. Pettijohn, Jr.
Charles Picard
Anna R. Butts
Helen C. Picard
Cora E. Post
David Prescott
Margaret Prescott
David Pugh
Hugh A. Pugh
Jacob H. Pugh
Josephine B. Pugh
Margaret Pugh
Alma B. Putnam
Phoebe R. Quick
Charles H. Radicot
Robert Radicot
Samuel Radicot
William H. Radicot

William H. Radicot
Ida R. Rexroad
Agnes Robinette
Alfred Robinette
Alice Robinette
Carrie Robinette
Donald Robinette
Florence Robinette
Francis Robinette
James Robinette
Jerome Robinette
Lucy Robinette
Mary Robinette
Theodore Robinette
Viola Robinette
Albert Robinette
Charles E. Robinette
Cyril Robinette
Edward Robinette
Emma Robinette
Gabriel Robinette
George Robinette
Ida Robinette
Joseph Robinette
Josephine Robinette
Julia Robinette
Lillian Robinette
Louis Robinette
Margaret Robinette
Rose Robinette
Harold M. Robinette
Iva L. Robinette
Nellie H. Robinette
Paul G. Robinette
Walter P. Robinette
Benny Leonard Rocque
Leo F. Rocque
Mary W. Rocque
Mary C. Roundy
Margaret C. Rybak
Frank St. Jacque, Jr.
Frank E. St. Jacque
Harriet Sandtrock
Emma Shankey
Josephine R. Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Lenora F. Sheehan
Frances Sorrels
Gertrude E. Sorrels
Kenneth Sorrels
Victor Sorrels
Rocque St. Jacque
Noah L. St. Jaque
Mary Teachout
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Lucy (Thomas)
Minnie (Weldon)
Alice Thomas
Charles Thomas
David Thomas
Esther Thomas
Anna C. Valentine
Frances J. Valentine
Harry Valentine
John D. Valentine
Walter H. Valentine
Agnes M. Viken
Charles Weldon
William Weldon
Susan (Weldon)
Charles D. Weldon
Elizabeth Weldon
Frederick Weldon
Harry Weldon
Harry Weldon
Harry Weldon, Jr.
Helen R. Weldon
Henry Weldon
Howard Weldon
James Weldon
Jesse Weldon
Jessie Weldon
John E. Weldon
Matthew Weldon
Nora (Terry)
Gladys Berry Terry
Herman Terry
David Weldon
George Weldon
Joseph L. Weldon
Leona Weldon
Sophia B. Weldon
Sophie M. Weldon
Cora Wells
Elizabeth Wells
Gibbard Wells
Minnie Wells
Ruth Wells
Cecelia J. (Wells)
Mary (Wells)
Elizabeth Wells
Floyd Wells
George Wells
George Wells
Harrison Wells
Howard George Wells
Lottie Wells
Moses Wells
Samuel Wells
Wallace Wells
Harry Whipple
Elsie Whyte
Adeline E. Weigele
Arthur John Whyte
James Martin Whyte
Lulu Marjorie Whyte
Martin Don Whyte
Willis Donald Whyte
Hazel Wiegele
Ivan Wiegele
Juanita Wiegele
Lee Wiegele
Melinda Wiegele
Cornelia Willshaw
Susan Windgrew
Amanda B. Wittshire
Emily Y. Wormwood
Stella C. Young
Orma E. Zeller

This information is from the B.I.A.'s 1934 census of Minnesota Dakota Communities: the lists - scanned from microfilm.  Full images are available as a part of the Minnesota Historical Society Manuscript Collection, "Indian Census Rolls, 1885 - 1940," Microfilm Call # M559, and from the National Archives.


contact information: admin@ojibwe.info

Please note that inclusion on these Indian rolls does not necessarily qualify an individual for enrollment in any of the Minnesota Dakota communities, for example see:
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"Overview of Decisionsof the Interior Board of Indian Appeals Regarding the Government -to-Government Relationship and other Tribal Government Issues" - Priscilla A. Wilfart, Field Soliciitor, U.S. Department of the Interior, B.I.A. Tribal Operations Workship, July 13-17, 1988
"New Growth from Old Roots" - Mendota Dakota Community - reprint from The Circle - February 2, 2000
"Lawsuit Filed Against the Department of the Interior / Bureau of Indian Affairs, for Tribal Leadership Corruption at Mystic Lake Casino, Shakopee, Minnesota" - News from Nations - December 1, 2000
"Enrollment Dispute at Prairie Island" - Native American Press/Ojibwe News - February 8, 2002
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"Larsen, Blue Stone & Owen v. Prairie Island Community Council, 'Still waiting after all these years'" - Native American Press/Ojibwe News - August 30, 2002
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"The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Enrollment Problems and the Minnesota Mdewakanton Sioux Identity"
"Dr. Buttes holds Interior Dept. responsible for Shakopee enrollment mess" - commentary, Native American Press/Ojibwe News - October 4, 2002
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USC 28 § 1360 - "Public Law 280"

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