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Commelina dianthifolia Delile
Birdbill Dayflower; Commelinaceae
Keres, Western Drug (Tuberculosis Remedy)
Infusion of plant used as a strengthener for weakened tuberculosis patients.
Swank, George R. 1932 The Ethnobotany of the Acoma and Laguna Indians. University of New Mexico, M.A. Thesis (p. 38)

Commelina dianthifolia Delile
Birdbill Dayflower; Commelinaceae
Navajo, Ramah Drug (Veterinary Aid)
Cold simple or compound infusion given to livestock as an aphrodisiac.
Vestal, Paul A. 1952 The Ethnobotany of the Ramah Navaho. Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology 40(4):1-94 (p. 19)

Commelina erecta var. angustifolia (Michx.) Fern.
Whitemouth Dayflower; Commelinaceae
Seminole Drug (Other)
Mucilaginous sap used to soothe irritations.
Sturtevant, William 1954 The Mikasuki Seminole: Medical Beliefs and Practices. Yale University, PhD Thesis (p. 303)

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