Glossary of Botanical Terms

- V -

Valvate.  meeting by the margins in teh bud, not overlapping; dehiscent by valves.
Vascular.  Relating to ducts or vessels.
Vein.  One of the branches of the woody portion of leaves or other organs.
Veinlet.  A branch of a vein.
Velum.  A fold on the inner side of the leaf-base in Isoetes.
Velutinous.  Velvety, with dense fine pubescence.
Venations.  The arrangement of veins.
Vernation.  The arrangement of leaves in the bud.
Versatile.  An anther attached at or near its middle to the filament.
Verticillate.  With thre or more leaves or branches at a node ; whorled.
Vestigial.  In the nature of a vestige or remnant.
Villous.  With long soft hairs, not matted together.
Virgate.  Wand-like.

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