Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Tendril.  A slender coiling organ.
Terete.  Circular in cross-section.
Ternate.  Divided into three segments, or arranged in threes.
Tetradynamous.  With four long stamens and two shorter ones.
Thallus.  A usually flat vegetative ogan without differentiation into stem and leaves.
Thrysoid.  Like a thrysus.
Thrysus.  A compactg panicle.
Tomentose.  Covered with tomentum.
Tomentulose.  Diminutive of tomentose.
Tomentum.  Dense matted wool-like hairs.
Torsion.  Twisting of an organ.
Tortuous.  Twisted or bent.
Tracheae.  The canals or ducts in woody tissue.
Tracheids.  Wood-cells.
Triandrous.  With three stamens.
Tricarpous.  Composed of three carpels.
Trimorphous.  Flowers with stamens of three different lengths or kinds ; in three forms.
  Three-sided, the sides channeled.
Truncate.  Terminated by a nearly straight edge or surface.
Tuber.  A thick short underground branch or part of a branch.
Tubercle.  The persistent base of the style in some Cyperaceae ; a small tuber.
Tuberculate.  With rounded projections.
.  Top-shaped.

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