Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Raceme.  An elongated determinate flower-cluster with each flower pedicelled.
Racemose.  In recemes, or resembling a raceme.
Rachilla.  The asix of the spikelet in grasses.
Rachis.  The axis of a compound leaf, or of a spike, or raceme.
Radiant.  With the marginal flowers enlarged and ray-like.
Radiate.  With ray-flowers, radiating.
Radicle.  The rudimetnary stem of the embryo ; hypocotyl.
Radicular.  Pertaining to the radicle or hypocotyl.
Raphe (Rhaphe).  the ridge connecting the hilum and chalaza of an anatropous or amphitropous ovule ; the ridge on the sporocarp of Marsilea.
Ray.  One of the peduncles or branches of an unbrel ; the falt marginal flowrs in Compositae.
Receptacle.  The end of the flower stalk, bearing the floral organs, or, in Compositae, the flowrs ; also, in some ferns, an axis bearing sporanges.
Recurved.  Curved backward.
Reflexed.  Bent backward abruptly.
Regular.  Having the members of each part alike in size and shape.
Reniform.  Kidney-shaped.
Repand.  With a somewhat wavy margin.
Reticulate.  Arranged as a network.
Retrorse.  Turned backward or downward.
Retuse.  With a shallow notch at the end.
Revolute.  Rolled backward.
Rhachis.  See Rachis.
Rhizome.  See Rootstock.
.  The gaping mouth of a two-lipped corolla.
Rootstock.  A subterranean sem, or part of one.
Rostellum.  Beak of the style in Orchids.
Rostrate.  With a beak.
Rosulate.  Like a rosette.
Rotate.  With a flat round corolla-limb.
Rugose.  Wrinkled.
Runcinate.  Sharply pinnatifid, or incised, the lobes or segments turned backward.

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