Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Obcodate.  Inversely heart-shaped.
Oblanceolae.  Inverse of lanceolate.
Oblong.  Longer than broad with the sides nearly paralle., or somewhat curving.
Obovate.  Inversely ovate.
Obovoid.  Inversely ovoid.
Obsolete.  Not evident ; gone, rudimentary, or vestigial.
Obtuse.  Blunt, or rounded.
Ochreae.  The sheathing united stipules of Polygonaceae.
Ochreolae.  The ochreae subtending flowers in the Polygonaceae.
Ochroleucous.  Yellowish white.
Oösphere.  The cell of the archegone which is fertilized by spermatozoids.
Operculate.  With an operculum.
Operculum.  A lid.
Orbicular.  Approximately circular in outline.
Orthotropous.  Term aplied to the straight ovule, having the hilium at one end ant the micropyle at the other.
Ovary.  The ovule-bearing part of the pistil.
Ovate.  In outline like a longitudinal section of a hen's egg.
Ovoid.  Shaped like a hen's egg.
Ovule.  The macrosporange of flowring plants, becoming the seed on maturing.

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