Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Macrosporange.  Sporange containing macrospores.
Macrospore.  The larger of two kinds of spores borne by a plant, usually giving rise to a female prothallium.
Marcescent.  Withering but remaining attached.
Medullary.  Pertaining to the pith or medulla.
Mericarp.  Orifice of the ovule, and corresponding point on the seed.
Microsporange.  Sporange containing microspores.
Microspore.  The smaller of two kinds of spore borne by a plant, usually giving rise to a male prothallium ; pollen-grain.
Midvein (Midrib).  The central vein or rib of a leaf or other organ.
Monadelphous.  Stamens united by their filaments.
Moniform.  Like a string of beads.
Monoecious.  Bearing stamens and pistils on the same plant, but in different flowers.
Monstrous.  Unusual or deformed.
Mucronate.  With a short sharp abrupt tip.
Mucronulate.  Diminutive of mucronate.
Muriacate.  Roughened with short hard processes.
Muticous.  Pointless, or blunt.

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