Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Labiate.  Provided with a lip-like organ.
Lancinate.  Cut into narrow lobes or segments.
Lanceolate.  Considerably longer than broad, tapering upward from the middle or below ; lance-shaped.
Latex.  The milky sap of certain plants.
Leaflet.  One of the divisionsof a compound leaf.
Legume.  A simple dry fruit dehiscent along both sutures.
Lenticular.  Lens-shaped.
Ligulate.  Provided with or resembling a ligule.
Ligule.  A strap-shaped organ, as the rays in Compositae.
.  The expanded part of a petal, sepal, or gamopetalous corolla.
Linear.  Elongated and narrow with sides nearly parallel.
Lineolate.  With fine or obscure lines.
Lobed.  Divided to about the middle.
Loment.  A jointed legume, usually constricted between the seeds.
Loculicidal.  Applied to capsules which split longitudinally into their cavities.
Lodicules.  Minute hyaline scales subtending teh flower in grasses.
Lunate.  Crescent-shaped.
Lyrate.  Pinnatifid, with the terminal lobe or segment considerably larger than the others.

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