Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Imbricated.  Overlapping.
Imperfect.  Flowers with either stamens or pistils, but not both.
Incised.  Cut into sharp lobes.
Included.  Not projecting beyond surrounding parts.
Incumbent.  With the back against the hypocotyl.
Indehiscent.  Not opening.
Indusium.  The membrane covering a sorus.
Inequilateral.  Unequal sided.
Inferior.  Relating to an organ which arises or is situated below another.
Inflexed.  Abruptly bent inward.
Inflorescence.  The flowering part of plants ; its mode of arrangement.
Integument.  A coat or pretecting layer.
Internode.  Portion of a stem or branch between two successive nodes.
Introrse.  Facing inward.
Involucel.  A secondary involucre.
Invollucellate.  With a secondary involucre.
Involucrate.  With an involucre, or like one.
Involucre.  A whorl of bracts subtending a flower or flower-cluster.
Involute.  Rolled inwardly.
Irregular.  A flower in which one or more of the organs of the same series are unlike.

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