Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Habit.  General aspect.
Habitat.  A plant's natural place of growth.
HastateHalbert-shaped ; like saggitate, but with the basal lobes diverging.
Haustoria.  The specialized roots of parasites.
Head.  A dense round cluster of sessile or nearly sessile flowers.
Herbaceous.  Leaf-like in texture and color ; pertaining to an herb.
Hilium.  The scar or area of attachment ofa  seed or ovule.
Hirsute.  With rather coarse stiff hairs.
Hispid.  With bristly stiff hairs.
Hispidulous.  Diminutive of hispid.
Hyaline.  Thin and translucent.
Hypocotyl.  The rudimentary stem of the embryo ; also termed radicle.
Hypogynium.  Organ supporting the ovary in some sedges.
Hypogynous.  Borne at the base of the ovary, or below.
Hyponym.  A generic or specific name untypified.

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