Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Galea.  A hood-like part of a perianth or corolla.
Galeate.  With a galea.
Gametophyte.  The sexual generation of plants.
Gametopetalous.  With petals more or less united.
Gemma.  A bud-like propagative organ.
Gibbous.  Enlarged or swollen on one side.
Glabrate.  Nearly without hairs.
Glabrous.  Devoid of hairs.
Gladiate.  Like a sword-blade.
Gland.  A secreting cell, or group of cells.
Glandular.  With glands, or gland-like.
Glaucous.  Covered with a fine bluish or white bloom ; bluish-hoary.
Globose.  Spherical or nearly so.
Glomerate.  A dense capitate cyme.
Glumaceous.  Resembling glumes.
Glume.  The scaly bracts of the spikelets of grasses and sedges.
Granulose.  Composed of grains.
Gregarious.  Growing in groups or colonies.
Gynaecandrous.  In Carex, a spike with upper flowrs pistillate and lower staminate.
Gynobase.  A prolongation or enlargement of the receptacle, supporting the ovary.

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