Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Falcate.  Scythe-shaped.
Farinaceous.  Starchy, or containing starch.
Fascicle.  A dense cluster.
Fascicled.  Borne in dense clusters.
Fastigiate.  Stems or branches which are nearly erect and close together.
Fenestrate.  with window-like markings.
Fertile.  Bearing spores, or bearing seed.
Fertilization.  The mingling of the contents of a male and female cell.
Ferruginous.  Color of iron-rust.
Fetid.  Ill-smelling.
Fibrillose.  With fibres or fibre-like organs.
Filament.  The stalk of an anther ; the two forming the stamen.
Filamentous.  Composed of tghread-like structures ; thread-like.
Filiform.  Thread-like.
Fimbriate.  With fringed edges.
Fimbrillate.  Minutely fringed.
Fistular.  Hollow and cylindric.
Flabellate.  Fan-shaped, or arranged like the sticks of a fan.
Flaccid.  Lax ; weak.
Flexous.  Alternately bent in different directions.
Floccose.  With loose tufts of wool-like hairs.
Foliaceous.  Similar to leaves.
Foliolate.  With separate leaflets.
Follicle.  A simple fruit dehiscent along one suture.
Follicular.  Similar to a follicle.
Foveate.  Foveolate.  More or less pitted.
Free.  Separate from other organs ; not adnate.
Frond.  The leaves of ferns.
Frutescent.  Fruticose.  More or less shrub-like.
Fugacious.  Falling soon after development.
Fugitive.  Plants not native, but occuring here and there, without direct evidence of becoming established.
Funiculus.  The stalk of an ovule or seed.
Fusiform.  Spindle-shaped.

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