Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Echinate.  Prickly.
Ellipsoid.  A solid body, elliptic in section.
Elliptic.  With the outline of an ellipse ; oval.
Emarginate.  Notched at the apex.
Embryo.  A rudimentary plant in the seed.
Embryo-sac.  The macrospore of the flowering plants, contained in the ovule.
Endocarp.  The inner layer of the pericarp.
Endogenous.  Forming new tissue within.
Endosperm.  The substance surrounding the embryo of a seed ; albumin.
Ensiform.  Shaped like a broad sword.
Entire.  Without divisions, lobes, or teeth.
Ephemeral.  Continuing only for a day or less.
Epigynous.  Adnate to or borne on the upper part of the ovary.
Epiphytic.  Growing on other plants, but not parasitic.
Equitant.  Folded around each other ; straddling.
Erose.  Irregularly margined, as if gnawed.
Evanescent.  Early disappearing.
Evergreen.  Bearing green leaves throughout the year.
Excurrent.  With a tip projecting beyond the main part of the organ.
Exfoliating.  Peeling off in layers.
Exocarp.  The outer layer of the pericarp.
Exogenous.  Forming new tissue outside the older.
Exserted.  Prolong past surrounding organs.
Exstipulate.  Without stipules.
Extrorse.  Facing outward.

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