Glossary of Botanical Terms

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Baccate.   Berry-like.
BarbellateFurnished with minute barbs.
Baxifixed.  Attached by the base.
Berry.  A fruit with pericarp wholly pulpy.
Bilabiate.  With two lips.
Bipinnate.  Twice pinnate.
Bipinnatifid.  Twice pinnatifid.
Blade.  The flat expanded part of a leaf.
Bract.  A leaf, usually small, subtending a flower or flower-cluster, or a sporange.
Bracteate.  With bracts.
Bracteolate.  Having bractlets.
Bractlet.  A secondary bract, borne on a pedicel, or immediately beneath a flower; sometimes applied to minute bracts.
Bulb.  A bud with fleshy scales, usually subterranean.
Bulblet.  A small bulb, especially those borne on leaves, or in their axils.
Bulbous.  Similar to a bulb; bearing bulbs.

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