Glossary of Botanical Terms
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Acaulescent.  With stem subterranean, or nearly so.
Accumbent.  Cotyledons with margins folded against the hypocotyl.
Achene.  A dry one-seeded indehiscent fruit with the pericarp tightly fitting around the seed.
Acicular.  Needle-shaped.
Acuminate.  Gradually tapering to the apex.
Adnate.  An organ adhering to a contiguous differing one; an anther attached logitudinally to the end of the filament.
Adventive.  Not indigenous, but apparently becoming naturalized.
Albumen.  See Endosperm.
Alliaceous.  Onion-like, in aspect or odor.
Alternate.  Not opposite; with a single leaf at each node.
AlveolateLike a honeycomb; closely pitted.
Ament.  A spile of imperfect flowers subtended by scarious bracts, as in the willows.
Amphibious.  At times inhabiting the water.
Term applied to the partly inverted ovule.
AmplexicaulClasping the stem, or other axis.
Anastomosing.  Connecting so as to form a well-defined network.
Anatropous.  Applied to an inverted ovule with the micropyle near the hilum.
AndrogynousFlower clusters having staminate and pistillate flowers; in Carex, a spike with upper flowers staminate and lower pistillate.
Angiospermous.  Pertaining to the Angiosperms; bearing seeds within a pericarp.
Anther.  The part of the stamen which contains the pollen.
Antherid.  The male organ of reproduction in Pteridophyta and Bryophyta.
Anthesis.  Period of flowering.
ApetalousWithout a corolla.
Aphyllopodic.  In Carex, with lower leaves bladeless or with rudimetnary leaves only.
Apical.  At the top, or referring to the top.
ApiculateWith a minute pointed tip.
Appressed.  Lying against another organ.
Aborescent.  Tree-like, in size or shape.
Archegone. The female reproductive organ in Pteridophyta and Bryophyta.
Areolation.  The system of meshes in a network of veins.
Areole.  A mesh in a network of veins.
Aril.  A fleshy organ growing about the hilium.
Arillate.  Provided with an aril.
Aristate.  Topped by an awn or bristle.
Aristulate.  Diminutive of aristate.
Ascending.  Growing obliquely upward, or up-curved.
Asexual.  Without sex.
Assurgent.  See Ascending.
Auricled(Auriculate) with basal ear-like lobes.
Awn.   A slender bristle-like organ.
Axil.  The point on a stem immediately above the base of a leaf.
Axile.  In the axis of an organ.
Axillary.  Borne at, or pertaining to an axil.

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