Department of the Interior, 1948:
            "Náásgóó háadi da nihe'awéé doo tsístl'a nádááh da dooleel biniiyé naaltsoos bee 'ééhózinii bá 'ádaalne'go yá'át'ééh ..."




Department of the Interior, United States Indian Service and Federal Security Agency, U.S. Public Health Service, National Office of Vital Statistics, 1948

"Of course you love your baby.  Do you know how much it needs a right name and a certificate as soon as it is born?" ... page 1

"As soon as your baby is born, give it a right name.  The doctor needs to know the right name to tell the registrar." ... page 2

"If the baby was born at home, someone in the family should visit the registrar right away." ... page 3

"Any of the baby's relatives who knows when the baby was born, the names of the father and mother, and the right name of the baby can tell the registrar.  Do it right away." ... page 4

"When babies are small this may not seem important, BUT" ... page 5

"Children soon grow up.  You want them to go to school.  The school will want to know the permanent name of your child." ... page 6

"Washington wants to know how many Navajo children need schools.  Certificates for your children will help Washington to know." ... page 7

"When his school days are over a young man may wish to get a job off the reservation.  He will need a birth certificate which tells all about him." ... page 8

"A birth certificate shows who a man is.  When he is far from home it shows what his name is, what people he comes from, and how old he is." ... page 9

"He will use his certificate all his life.  He can use it to prove who he is when cashing checks, in getting work, and in many other ways, even when he grows old."  ... page 10

"A birth certificate made out when he was a baby shows how old he is.  It will help him get Social Security or pension checks when he is an old man." ... page 11

"Soldiers remember the trouble their dependents had in getting checks when there was no certificate." ... page 12

"The birth certificate helped the soldier's dependents get the check without trouble." ... page 13

"This is a birth certificate.  How can you get one for your baby?  Just go to see the registrar as soon as your baby is born." ... page 14

"Tell the registrar just when the baby was born.  Tell him the name of the mother and father.  Tell him the right name of the baby, the name it will use all through life." ... page 15

"Of course you love your baby.  Make his life easier by giving him a right name, and getting a certificate for him, as soon as he is born."  ... page 16


"A BIRTH CERTIFICATE TELLS THE FACTS!  Give Your Child A Permanent Name!"



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