Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

Letter to the Secretary of the Interior

To the Department of the Interior, United States Government:

This is to inform you that I want my name removed from the basic membership, identification and enrollment lists of your "Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians." I will no longer be identified by your racist term of "Indian." I am not an "Indian," I am not a "Chippewa," and I am not a "Native American." These words are all European terms using Crooked English. I am Anishinabe Ojibway. My father was Anishinabe Ojibway, and all of his patrilineal ancestors were Anishinabe Ojibway, going back for hundreds of millennia. Every one of his ancestors were Aboriginal Indigenous people of these two Continents. I am of the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewiwin, and as you know quite well, the Indigenous governments of this continent are, and always have been, theocracies. The land is held jointly by the Clans of the Midewiwin, and every Aboriginal Indigenous person of the Clans is Sovereign. The land is not, and never has been, held "in common," nor has it ever belonged to "Indians," as the United States Government continues to falsely claim. The only Indigenous Indian people that I know of are from India. The Christian Democracies of the Indo-Europeans have criticized Aboriginal Indigenous peoples' egalitarian theocracies, although they themselves are an hierarchial theocracy, with their Sovereignty held by the Queen of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and/or the Pope. They criticize us because their agenda is world conquest; and as such they are structurally incapable of co-existence with anybody else, even with themselves or with their own blood relations the people of the Muslim Nations. This is because of their mental illness of Greed.

In studying the history of my own people, as well as the history of the European people, I find that there are tens of thousands of Indo-Europeans claiming to be "Indian," claiming to have Aboriginal rights and title. Maybe they have Aboriginal rights and title to Europe, to North Africa, or to the Middle East, but not here. All of the people that the Indo-Europeans recognized as "Chiefs, virtually all of the "Indians" who are on the "Band Councils" and "Tribal Councils" created by the Indian Reorganization Act [unilateral legislation by the United States Congress in 1934] are people of Indo-European descent. It seems that according to the United States Government, just about anybody can be an "Indian." A person cannot claim to be an Officer in the Military without actually being one. However, these Indo-European "Indians" are falsely claiming to be Aboriginal Indigenous people, and have been trying to steal our land, our Aboriginal rights, our identity, our religion, and even our names by pretending that the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous people are also "Indians." This has been happening since before the Boston Tea Party. There were no Indians on either of these two continents until the Europeans got here and invented them. Then, all of a sudden, the instant Indians got "governmentally recognized" title to Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous peoples' land. How did these Indians get title to our land? There were no Indians here until the Europeans got here with their boats. They must be boat people like the Europeans are. The only Aboriginal Indigenous Indians are from India, and most of them are still over there.

The Constitution of the United States mentions their "Indians" as "not taxed" and thus without representation. The Declaration of Independence calls their Indians "merciless savages." The Indian people that the Europeans invented were a scapegoat, labelled "lazy," "drunken," "warlike," etc. These labels were used to discredit the real Aboriginal Indigenous people, so that the Europeans could justify to themselves blatantly trying to steal two continents. Such derogatory labels are the inventions of the Indo-European; these racist stereotypes are projections from guilty Indo-European psyches, and have been used everywhere the Indo-Europeans have had colonies as a Christian "justification" for stealing land and oppressing people. Christian "original sin" is an ancient tactic for blaming the victims of oppression.

United States history is full of what unilaterally written history books call "Indian wars." This term "Indian wars" is also a projection; they were really European wars. The Indo-Europeans were greedily fighting each other (as well as annihilating Aboriginal Indigenous people), European against European fighting over who got to steal the most, like a pack of hungry dogs. The people of European, Mediterranean and African ancestry who the U.S. called "Indians" were undoubtedly involved in wars. However, the Aboriginal Indigenous people of these Continents have never been a warlike people; it was inconceivable to us that human beings could act like the Indo-Europeans have: greedy, dishonest, violent, hierarchial and without any manners. After the "Indians" that the Indo-Europeans created signed Treaties—with their fellow countrymen of France, England, etc.—to sell land and resources that did not belong to them, then these "Indians" were drafted to fight in more wars. (There is a word in the Ojibway language for this kind of violent insanity.) The Indo-Europeans are still involved in wars over somebody else's land; wars to steal and plunder, wars to subjugate, wars of world conquest. They will always be involved in wars until they become civilized, until they start coping with their mental illnesses of greed and pathological lying. It doesn't have to be like this, violence is not an inherent human characteristic. If the Aboriginal Indigenous people here had been violent and warlike, the Indo-Europeans would not have been able to land their boats, and there certainly would not have been abundant resources left to steal. Violence and war may indeed be intrinsic to hierarchial structures; it seems as though Indo-Europeans have been brainwashed to be greedy and warlike, so that their "upper class" can live in parasitic luxury. I have experienced these brainwashing attempts first-hand under the Indo-European compulsory school-education laws unilaterally and illegally applied to Aboriginal Indigenous people to allegedly "civilize" us. Some of my people succumbed to this violent brainwashing, and got trapped into the identity of "Indian." This is a bitter White false identity, filled with "White lies." Every day the Catholic Nuns would tell us "you are the `vanishing American,' and you will go."

In July of 1889, the Minnesota Chippewa Commission was on my land to "negotiate" an Act of Congress which had already been unilaterally legislated, and then amended five times, the Act of January 14 1889: "An Act for the Relief and Civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota." [The title of this Act is Crooked English, as usual: what "relief" meant was "relieve of land and resources," and "civilization" meant genocide.] In their letter to the President of the United States on January 30, 1890, the Department of the Interior endorsed this particular racist and dishonest unilateral Act of Congress, "it is hoped that this agreement will furnish a basis for its early and final solution." Adolf Hitler got this concept of "final solution" from the British-Americans and the British-Canadians, from the British Empire and the Holy Roman Empire however you want to categorize these Indo-Europeans. Hitler studied the Christian ideas of world conquest, and emulated them in his building of the Third Reich. Hitler was Democratically elected by Christians, and the Nazi political party was supported by the Christian Church; and then you had the Holocaust, not only of Jewish people but also of Indigenous Slavic people, Gypsies, and others. The Nazi Holocaust was not unique; there is a Holocaust on these two Continents, and where ever the Indo-European has gone. These Holocausts continue, and they are kept quiet just as the Nazis kept theirs hideous agenda quiet.

The people who signed the Treaties and the subsequent "Agreements" were of Indo-European descent on both sides of the negotiation process: the French, the British, the Yankees and the Canadians were making fraudulent agreements with their own fellow Indo-Europeans. (It's the same way with the present-day Indian Claims Commission: the U.S.A. is trying to "close the books" on their fraudulent thefts of their past—but they are still "negotiating" Indo-European with Indo-European.) The Aboriginal Indigenous people of these Continents have not had a part in any of these negotiations, because we cannot and will not "sell" our land—the land is sacred to us and cannot possibly be sold. The United States and the rest of the Indo-Europeans can use all of the Crooked English that they want, this is not their land and lying about it won't make it so.

The original Treaties were "negotiated" between two Indo-European parties in foreign languages like English and French; the people who signed the Treaties for both sides were Indo-Europeans citizens, and that's why Treaty settlements like the one in Wisconsin was handled in the lower courts; nothing has changed and the Indo-Europeans still have both sides of the crooked "Treaty." This is also how the U.S.A. can claim "plenary power" over the Indian Treaties—Indo-Europeans have always held their Indians' Sovereignty. However, they have never held the Sovereignty of the Aboriginal Indigenous people of these continents, and they still do not. The "Indians" were Indo-European citizens when they got off the boats here, and yet in 1924 the United States passed an Act of Congress to make these Indo-European Indian people Citizens of the United States. The Indians were already citizens of the United States. The U.S. made these Indians citizens twice, maybe that's why they're second-class citizens. In their greed, the United States Congress also inadvertently made all of India's people citizens. There are almost a billion people over in India, who have a loophole through the immigration process because they are already citizens. These millions of real Indians could vote everybody out of Congress, and repeal the U.S. Congress' intolerant legislation about Indian religion, as well as all of the rest of the Indian Jim Crow and Apartheid laws.

Even though the theft of these continents depends on Indians, they are kept in the lower classes. They are legislated to be "born losers," ethnic minorities in a racist society. Although they are Indo-European, most of them are not pure-blooded White Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the upper class, and under the Good Old Boy Network, the gerrymander lines are drawn to keep them in their place. After 100 years, they are still Trustys in the P.O.W. camps unilaterally and illegally placed on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples' lands and called "Indian Reservations." But, I am not an Indian, I have never even been to India. I am an Anishinabe Ojibway. The Indo-Europeans knew the name of my great-grandparents' Nation perfectly well when, with larceny in their hearts, they "negotiated a Treaty" with Indo-European Indians.

This whole "Indian" identity is a fraudulent scheme. (It is also quite painful for the people who are trapped into an Indian identity.) The Indo-Europeans know perfectly well that "Indians" are not a distinct race of people, although they draw attention away from the dishonest way that they tried to steal this land by talking about the "Bering Strait Theory" instead of admitting that "Indians" came over on the same boats as the rest of the Indo-Europeans. I cannot in good conscience allow myself to be erroneously identified as an "Indian," to have any part of this fraud. The British Empire and their cronies and heirs created Indians, and when they have finished using Indians to dispossess and destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous people of these continents, they will terminate the Indians; they will be discarded onto the bottom of the hierarchy as cheap labor, cannon fodder, ... and living projections of "lazy," "criminal," "drunk," etcetera ad nauseam will continue the same way as they do in Europe. Indian people are told "with one stroke of the pen you will no longer exist," so they can't say they weren't warned. The Indo-European upper class needs the homeless, the drunks, the prison inmates, the panhandlers and the derelicts on Skid Road, as a threat and example to keep the rest of their subjects under control, regimented into being mechanical men so that the privileged can live in parasitic luxury. An hierarchial class system has to have people suffering on the bottom of the hierarchy, as a visible reminder of what happens to dissidents. The world doesn't have to be inhumane. Crooked social engineering and civilization are two entirely different things.

The Red Lake "Tribal" Code, obviously written either by a Philadelphia Lawyer or by an old Nazi in the Department of the Interior, makes this clear in the Definition Section about "Persons or Indians." Indians are defined as non-persons; they are an invention of the Indo-Europeans and are under Indo-European sovereignty; owned by them. Maybe the reason that Indians are not recognized as human beings by the Indo-Europeans is that the Indo-Europeans created their identity and has been using them to commit genocide. No matter what, they are human being—but they are definitely Indo-European human beings.

The United States Government unilaterally applied the 1889 Agreement and volumes of other legislation and regulation to the Indians they had invented, to "civilize" them. We see that European culture is a deformed culture; they call it "civilization," and if this is Civilization I cannot in good conscience be a part of it. We would like to propose a program for the treatment of the mental illness called in English "greed." Almost every Indo-European I know, including most of your Indians, is seriously ill with greed. These Indians that the Europeans created are virtually identical to the Indo-Europeans themselves; they have the same value system, same religion, same culture, same kinds of thinking. So-called "Indian religion" is not the Aboriginal Indigenous religion of this continent. The only Indian religions I know of are Hindu, Moslem, Sikh, Jain, etc. The "Indian Medicine Men" touted by the media are Indo-Europeans, who may have taken some of the surface artifacts of our Aboriginal Indigenous religion, but don't know anything about most of it. If they have an "Indian name," it's either a made-up one, or one that was stolen from an Aboriginal Indigenous person; Aboriginal Indigenous people are named only through the Midewiwin or other truly Aboriginal Indigenous manifestations of our religion.

If I continue to allow myself to be falsely identified as "Indian" I am guilty of complacency and conspiracy; I want no part whatsoever of the fraudulent Indians that the United States Government is still using to destroy the legitimate Aboriginal Indigenous people of these two Continents. I cannot possibly be Indian and Anishinabe Ojibway at the same time, only Indo-Europeans know how to speak with forked tongue in Crooked English. I wipe my hands clean of being identified in the same category as those who are contributing to ongoing genocide, dispossession and destruction of my own people and my own Traditional Aboriginal Indigenous culture. I sending my "Indian Identity Card" by certified mail to the Supreme Court. I am turning it in as a false document issued with felonious and genocidal intent by the United States Government in collusion with their colonial Indian Reorganization Act "Tribal Councils."

The Indo-European Good Old Boys who run Beltrami County and the State of Minnesota have been trying to take the Red Lake Indian Reservation for a hundred years. If they want the Red Lake Indian Reservation that bad, we'll FAX the whole thing, in its entirety (apartheid laws and everything else that legitimately under Aboriginal Indigenous Law belongs to an Indian Reservation) to them—but the land, the resources, the Aboriginal Rights, and the Traditional Aboriginal Indigenous people stay right here, an inherent part of this Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, right here where our people have always been. They can put the Reservation on Callihan Avenue in the City of Bemidji if they want it so bad—we'll even send them, C.O.D. Express, the "Arches" at the Indo-European drawn line in the middle of our land. We'll be glad to get this P.O.W. camp out of our heartland. If they insist on having it on Indian land, they can talk to the real Indian people in New Delhi about putting it in India.

Because of the racism and greed embedded in Indo-European culture, because of their complete lack of understanding of what Civilization means, the Indo-Europeans have consistently refused to recognize the Sovereignty, Aboriginal Indigenous land title, and legitimacy of Aboriginal Indigenous people. That's the Indo-Europeans' problem. From our perspective, civilization is not unbridled greed, it is not stealing peoples' children and brainwashing them, it is not world conquest, it is not oppression and hierarchies, and it is not violence. The Indo-Europeans have abused "civilization" in their Crooked English to justify a parasitic relationship with Aboriginal Indigenous people as hosts. They have been trying to say that "civilization" is stealing peoples' identity and brainwashing and terrorizing them into becoming something that they are not. There are so many people who could contribute to all humankind, and their talent is being wasted because of Indo-European greed. This could be a good community, instead of in turmoil. Violence and upheaval are a necessary part of the Indo-Europeans' way of government; a symptom of a sick society; a Machiavellian means of destabilizing a society so that the privileged can live in luxury. Greed is a mental illness. If you want to see just one aspect of Indo-European greed, all a person has to do is look at the land: the way we kept it and the way it is now. The uncivilized Indo-Europeans are always at war: at war with somebody else or at war with the environment, with the very Earth that we all depend on. The mental illness of greed must be dealt with, before we can go on any further.

I have discussed this matter with my daughter, Valerie Lynn Blake, and she asked that her name be removed from the basic membership, identification and enrollment lists of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians along with mine.

I am not Indian, I am not Chippewa, and I am not Native American. These are also racist Indo-European terms. They are derogatory, and they are uncalled-for insults. I am Anishinabe Ojibway of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations. The heartland of my peoples Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous Nation is located right here, on the shores of what the French mis-identified as "Lac Rouge" and the British, British-Canadians and British-Americans mis-identified as "Red Lake."

Aboriginal Indigenous people are already starting to escape from Indo-European false identities, and get their own Traditional identities back, and it's beautiful.  The Natural harmony and Natural Laws are coming full circle again.

(aka Francis Blake, Jr.)

carbon copies sent to: Crow Dog; World Court; United States Supreme Court; Chief Orin Lyons; Chief Louis Stevenson; Assembly of First Nations; Nelson Mandela; Dennis Banks; Washington Post; Ojibway News; Native American Rights Foundation; Jesse Jackson; Office of the Prime Minister of India; Mikhael Gorbachef; Kurt Waldheim; William Kuntslter, Esq.; Greenpeace; Amnesty International; Senator Daniel Inouye; and others

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