Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

October 31, 1990

In the last column, I wrote about identities.  Wherever the Indo-European people have gone and stolen other peoples’ land, their elite has been giving people identities which are created by Indo-Europeans.  These identities are designed to restructure the society of colonized and occupied people, and put them under control.  By control, they mean total slavery—owned by the Indo-European upper class.  It’s pretty well hidden now by “land of the free, democracy” propaganda, but an 1891 civics textbook explains that human beings are the personal property of the Sovereign Monarch.  What it does not explain is that the European monarchies are still theocracies.  Protestant people are the personal property of the Queen of England, through the Church of England; Catholic people are the personal property of the Holy Roman Empire and the Pope.  Once a person accepts an Indo-European man-made hierarchical identity as their own, they are no longer free, and they no longer own either themselves nor any land.

Aboriginal Indigenous people hold our own personal Sovereignty and our religious sovereignty as individual human beings.  We are free people.  Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous people do not need a broker to talk to the Creator (as Christians do); there is nobody between us and the Creator.  We are free, and the beauty of all Creation is our Sacred Cathedral.

One of the things that European Monarchs did is promote intense racism in order to keep their slave-subjects from fraternizing with Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous people, in order to keep their subjects from finding out what Sovereignty is.  If European immigrants had been “allowed” to associate with Aboriginal Indigenous people as human beings, particularly when our traditional language and culture were still intact, the entire Indo-European slave-system would have fallen apart as subject European slave-people woke up and reclaimed their personal Sovereignty, their Sovereign Traditional religions, and their European land.  (A few people woke up anyway, but the revolutions, civil wars and Great Depression were turned into restructuring back under hierarchical European control.  Subject people can’t run away, because their slavery is built into their language.  They don’t know what freedom is, nor how to be Sovereign.)  “Chippewa,” “Sioux,” “Eskimo,” etc. are insults, a part of this racism, derogatory labelling and stereotyping.  This racist categorization is part of what was used to keep the Europeans and the Aboriginal Indigenous people polarized and keep the Europeans from learning what Aboriginal Indigenous people can teach them.  This racism is still promoted, even against mixed-blood people who have been trapped into the identity of “Indian,” because of the Indo-European elite’s need to maintain the privilege that comes from owning slave-people and to perpetuate their parasitic man-made value system.

When the Indo-Europeans came to these two continents that belong to the Aboriginal Indigenous people, they found Sovereign and Free people.  The Indo-Europeans were not free and they were not Sovereign; they were under the control of the Pope and the European Royalty.  They had to answer to a series of higher-ranking subordinates all the way to the Pope; they were and still are slaves.  When Columbus and those who followed him “claimed” our land, they did not claim it for themselves, they claimed it for the Kings and Queens, for the Pope.  The Indo-Europeans had been slaves for centuries, and did not know about freedom.  If they did question their slave rank, it was called anarchy or heresy and they would be tortured and thrown in prison.  There are still laws against “anarchy” on the statute books, but they are not enforced against the elite (who wrote the law).

Columbus called the people on these continents “Indians,” because he thought he was in India.

Another one of the schemes that the Indo-Europeans used to steal and plunder was Treaty-making.  Under the Traditional Aboriginal Indigenous economic system, money was useless, and the land was held jointly by the Clans through the Midewiwin and couldn’t be sold, anyway.  The Europeans followed the same strategies which had been used against hem by the Roman Empire, and by the Greeks and other colonizers before them, and created mixed-blood people who were owned by them and under their control.  The mixed-blood people’s Sovereignty was held by the Europeans because they had European fathers, and under Indo-European law they were automatically low-ranking subjects owned by the Indo-European empires.  They did not have high-ranking status.  (They were given the identities of “minorities” and “ethnics.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous people are neither minorities nor ethnics, but instead are the Sovereign owners of this land.)  The mixed-bloods did not own any land—but because these mixed-blood “Indians” were owned by the Europeans under Indo-European patriarchal slave-thinking, they could be forced to act as scouts against their mothers’ people—and to sign “Treaties.”  Mixed-blood people have been absolutely necessary in the expansion of the Indo-European Empires throughout recorded history, but because they do not own their own sovereignty they have not benefitted from this.  One of the strategies that Indo-European hierarchies use is psychological control: the mixed-blood people were pressured and manipulated in ways that made them desperate to be accepted by their white fathers.  These are the people who are called “Indians,” that’s why there is a Bureau of Indian Affairs.  There isn’t any Bureau of Anishinabe Ojibway Affairs, nor Lakota Affairs, nor Inuit Affairs—but Indian people were genetically engineered (this is genocide) by the Indo-Europeans and are not Sovereign.  This is not Indian land and never has been, and never will be.  Indians are from India, or they are people who accepted the stereotyped, hierarchically-controlled identity given to them by a lost Indo-European pirate and the Queen who hired him.

Indian children are not placed in foster care nor adopted out; it’s the Anishinabe Ojibway children who are taken away from their community by the Indians—the Indo-Europeans who hire Indians to do their dirty work, to break up the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  To be blunt about it, I think that some of these United States Indian Citizens are guilty of complacency in genocide, when they keep on “doing their job” of fostering out and adopting out Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous children.  Indians do not adopt out their own children; that’s what the Indian Child Welfare Act is about.

According to the Red Lake Chippewa “Tribal” Code, when a white person comes onto the reservation, he is not subject to Indian law, and he does not recognize the legitimacy of Traditional Aboriginal Indigenous law.  But, when an Indian goes off the reservation, he is subject to the Indo-European colonial laws under the United States, the state, the county, the European mother/fatherland, and the church.  Most of the people walking around with “Indian” identity cards have mostly Indo-European ancestry; maybe that’s why the Indian Tribal Code is written like that.  Crooked English.

I am not an Indian.  I am not a Chippewa.  I am not a Red Laker, and I am not an American.  I am Sovereign of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations and of the Bear clan.  I was born into the Midewiwin, and the Midewiwin religion is Sovereign, and it is through the Clans of the Midewiwin that this land is owned, jointly.

United States citizens are told that democracy is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  This is crooked English, because “the people” means just for the privileged.

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