Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 12, 1990

The real issue in the standoff between the Mohawk Nation and Canada/England is Sovereignty.  The Mohawk Nation, part of the ancient Six Nation confederacy, has been asking for Indo-European recognition of their Sovereignty as a Nation ever since European Nations withdrew recognition of the Mohawks after signing Treaties with them.  The Europeans recognized Mohawk Sovereignty but their intentions were not honorable.  The Mohawks were a peaceful people and peaceful, egalitarian Sovereign people cannot exist side-by-side with warlike Indo-European piracy and plunder empires—peaceful and harmonious ideas are subversive to hierarchical societies and Hitler didn’t invent “the Final Solution.”

There is another Canadian issue in the news that directly relates to the refusal to recognize Mohawk Sovereignty that led to the Euro-Canadian army’s invasion of the Mohawk Nation.  With the rejection of the Meech Lake Accord, the French-speaking people of Quebec are once again talking about leaving the Canadian Confederation.  One of the strategies which has been discussed to keep Quebec within the Confederation is using the Governor General to block Quebec’s moves toward “Sovereignty association.”  The Governor General is appointed by and responsible to the Queen of England; in spite of “repatriation of the Constitution,” the Queen of England still holds the sovereignty of the English-speaking European people in Canada.  The conflict between the French (most Catholic) Quebecois (whose sovereignty is held by the Pope of the Holy Roman Empire) and the English-speaking Canadians (whose Sovereignty is held by the Queen and the Protestant-Episcopal Archbishop of Canterbury) has it roots deep in European history.  This conflict has been reinforced over the centuries by European wars and the ethnic violence which is embedded in their language, their culture, and in Indo-European traditions which are so detached from the real and natural world that virtually all Europeans cannot see for themselves what is real, what is man-made, and what is propaganda.

The European people do not hold their own Sovereignty; their ancestors lost it at least a thousand years ago, and some of them lost it four or five millennia ago.  The Sovereignty of European people has been held by a series of theocracies (alleging separation of church and state is legerdemain—Crooked English).  The Church/Royal property and slave (“subject”) people are administered by an elite who is allowed to hold enough “wealth” to give them almost unquestioning allegiance to the system.  Part of the way in which the Indo-European hierarchies (including those under the sovereignty of the Queen of England and of the Pope) have deepened their control and expanded their territory for six thousand years is by disrupting the people on the lower levels of their artificial hierarchies with factions and violence.  The courts, the police, and the rest of the hierarchial infrastructure keep the oppressed people from either seeing clearly or dealing effectively with where their problems are really coming from: that’s why they are there.  This kind of control includes taking away whatever identity people do have, and manipulating them into Indo-European hierarchically controlled identities: “drunk,” “drug addict,” “gang member” “welfare recipient,” criminal,” “minority,” “our Indian,” etc.  Racial stereotypes are part of these projected identities and Indo-European psychological warfare.  T.V. violence reinforces the context of these artificial, imposed identities.  If people do not know who they are, they can’t figure out the world around them, and they are predictable and under control, “programmed” and regimented into the identity that was created for them, owned by the elite, slaves.  Both jails and United States Government “Indian” boarding schools are part of the strategy of stealing people’s identity which as been refined by Indo-European hierarchial slave-states over a period of 5,000 years.

If a Euro-Canadian tries to say they are “independent from England,” they should look at whose picture is on their money.  England maintains control over virtually all of her “former” colonies through their economic system, among other ways.  Land stolen from indigenous people throughout the world is still called “crown land.”  Prices for products coming from “former” colonies are controlled in Europe.  Commonwealth territories are administered by people trained in Europe, using Indo-European bureaucratic structures, Indo-European social infrastructures, and crooked Indo-European languages.  The legitimate aboriginal peoples’ title to land—all over the world—is not recognized by either the Pope or the Queen.  This is one of the many methods used to steal: others include crooked English, genocide, and forced education in boarding schools to take away Indigenous peoples’ identity and thus their knowledge of their Sovereignty; as well as their harmonious egalitarian stewardship religions.  Many Indigenous people are forcibly starved [this is part of what ecological destruction is about] into rigid hierarchical exploitive “religious” world-views, for example Christian Manifest Destiny.  “My brother’s keeper” is abused as just another way of stealing from Indigenous peoples.

Indo-Europeans have subsisted without their own Sovereignty for so long, that they do not understand what the Mohawks are talking about.  Hundreds of centuries of violent hierarchical Indo-European history have obliterated almost every trace of personal Sovereignty for Indo-European people and their societies.  The Indo-European hierarchial system is designed so that Sovereign people, including the Mohawks will get absolutely nowhere talking to flunkies, lackeys and political hacks.  Part of the role of these high-level subordinates is to maintain the power structure, absorb the responsibility for the Euro-Canadian and other Indo-European subordinates’ refusal to recognize Mohawk Sovereignty.  Their subordinates do not have Sovereignty, it has been beaten out of them by thousands of years of the same kind of violent repression that they are trying to do to the Mohawks, and so they do not understand what the Mohawks are talking about.

Traditional Algonquin society, including both the Mohawk Nation and the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations, is egalitarian society.  Every single member of all the Traditional Algonquin societies held their own personal Sovereignty.  Indo-Europeans may hold their property “in common” as a group of non-Sovereign people, and that’s why they pay taxes up the hierarchy.  The Indigenous people, including the Anishinabe Ojibway people, held their land jointly, through the Clans.  The land is held jointly by Sovereign people who cannot sell it.  Both the Anishinabe Ojibway Midewin and the Six Nations Longhouse are a part of this joint stewardship of the land by egalitarian Sovereign people.

Both the people of the Midewin and the people of the Longhouse had writing which inherently recognized joint, Sovereign stewardship of the land by all of the People.  Both the Midewin and the Longhouse have had many of their sacred writings stolen by Indo-Europeans in the early 1900’s.  Bank robberies are good public relations for the Indo-European monetary system; Indo-Europeans realized that our writing was valuable enough for crooked people to steal.  Also, but ethnocentrically, they refuse to recognize its legitimacy as writing.  Apparently the Queen of England is cross-culturally illiterate; she only recognizes land titles she or her predecessors had written in crooked English.  (Reading all of their invented land titles written in Crooked English is enough to make a person want to throw up.)  The Royal Families and Religious Sovereigns of Europe have been isolated, fawned upon, and pampered for so long that maybe they can’t see the humanity of other people or feel the magnitude of the suffering created in their name and called “unique” all over the world.  The privileged class just underneath them on the hierarchy helps to maintain the myths that their parasitic artificial class system depends on; it seems as though the only Sovereign people left in Europe are so coddled by pomp and ceremony that even they have lost sight of their roots as human beings.

Machiavelli, in his cunning textbook for dirty politics, The Prince, wrote about Sovereign people.   What he said was that Sovereign people were extremely dangerous to an hierarchial state because Sovereign ideas are infectious.  Just about every Indo-European political figure since then has followed Machiavelli’s guidelines, and tried to annihilate Sovereign people and their knowledge of the world.  Mahatma Gandhi recognized this.  He wrote, “European democracy as it functions today is deluded Fascism and Nazism.”  The Indo-Europeans who call themselves Canadians surrounding the Mohawks with tanks, rockets, machine guns, and bombs—on Sovereign Mohawk land—are a crystal-clear example of this Indo-European/Canadian Hitler complex.

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