Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

May 16, 1990

Treaty rights are a news issue again

To the Editor:

Treaty rights are a news issue again.  The European-Americans who want to abrogate the Treaties have been orchestrating demonstrations and supporting racist organizations like Stop Treaty Abuse.  As far as this treaty Indian is concerned, if the European-Americans want to abrogate the Treaties—and return all of our land and restore the resources that they have abused for over a century because of the Treaties—that’s just fine.  Put all the buffalo, all of the trees and fish and passenger pigeons and everything else back.  Then, show the European-American members of Stop Treaty Abuse whose fault it is that there aren’t very many fish.

The 1863 Old Crossing Treaty hasn’t been brought to national attention by racist anti-Treaty organizations, yet.  We extend an invitation to the Stop Treaty Abuse people to come up here: we’d like some national attention focussed on the mindless clear-cutting of our forests by the non-Treaty 1934 Indian Reorganization Act Tribal Councils.

Part of the problem is that not all Indians have Treaty rights.  There are Treaty Indians and there are non-Treaty “Indians” (in Canada, these non-Treaty people are called “metis”).  The people hat the United States Government allows to serve on the 1934 I.R.A. Tribal Councils that the U.S.A. invented and controls, are almost all Metis.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has used many methods to define and identify who is an Indian for the U.S.A.’s purposes.  These have included measuring people’s heads, taking blood samples, and fancy fraction “blood quantums” down to 3/64th.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs says that it is, “very difficult to determine who is Indian,” and they have a lot of different definitions to fit every crooked deal that might come up.

In the European-Americans’ greed, through organizations like Stop Treaty Abuse, it has become very simple to identify who is Indian and who isn’t.  There are Treaty Indians and there are non-Treaty “Indians”—Metis.  (There are also “generic Indians” who do not have any Indian ancestors at all.  These people do not have any Treaty rights, Indian land or sovereignty.  It’s very simple.

A Meti, non-Treaty “Indian” has a father or patrilineal grandfather who was European-American or some other hyphenated-American.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs called these men “squaw men,” and brought these low-class European scoundrels onto Indian reservations for the exact purpose of having as many Meti children as possible: people without Treaty rights.  This Indo-European strategy of screwing Sovereign people out of their land, their Sovereignty, and their birthright has been used by Indo-European colonizers over all the world they knew about, for more than 2,000 years.  The racism that has been a part of hierarchial Indo-European society since it was invented, keeps these Meti people in the more tolerant traditional Sovereign communities, where they marry back in and keep on creating more people without Sovereignty, land, or Treaty rights.

Many people have the illusion that “tribal enrollment” gives enrolled people Treaty rights and Sovereignty, but it does not.  The United States Government controlled tribal enrollments until they had their puppet 1934 I.R.A. Tribal Councils in place and under their thumb.  Almost all of the people on these 1934 I.R.A. Tribal Councils do not have Sovereignty or Treaty Rights.  In Red Lake, almost all the people who worked for a quarter of a century to disenfranchise the remnants of our Traditional government and put the I.R.A. in here, did not have Treaty Rights.  The people who forced allotment of White Earth did not have Treaty Rights.  (These outdated tactics to steal land have run their course.)  The European-American men went through all that trouble to abrogate the Treaties individually by bringing in Squaw men, and he’s not going to “give” any land or other Treaty rights back.  That’s not how he acts.  “Tribal Enrollment” doesn’t mean anything, it’s just European equity that the European-Americans used to illegally sell Indian land.  (How can these Metis without Treaty Rights sell something they do not own?  They cannot sell Indian land or Treaty Rights.  Even the Clans cannot sell land, it belongs to the Indian religion and cannot be sold.)  After the land is allegedly sold, government funding is cut off, and the Metis are taxed right off of the land they helped steal—and then they feel the full force of Title 25 and the other Jim Crow laws and regulations.  This has already happened in White Earth and other parts of the country where the Metis claim to have sold the land.

Treaty Indians are the patrilineal descendants of the Indian people who were part of the Treaties.  Treaty Indians still have their patrilineal Indian Clan and their Dodem.  (Indian society is matriarchal but patrilineal.  Traditionally, it is balanced.)  Treaty Indians are sovereign people—through their clan and through the Indian Religion [in the same way, the White man’s sovereignty is held by the Judeo-Christian religious empires].  Treaty Indians own the land jointly as a part of their Clan.  (Under the United States’ enrollment scheme, the Bureau has been trying to say that the land is held in common, but it’s not.)  The Clans—Treaty Indians—have an egalitarian society where government is by the consensus of all the sovereign people who belong there.  Metis, non-Treaty Indians have their fathers’ European clans, even though the racist European-Americans might recognize them as members.  Metis do not own themselves or their sovereignty, they are under control.  According to unjust European hierarchial systems, everything European is jointly owned by the Holy Roman Empire, the Church of England, and the Sovereigns of the European Nations.  European-Americans do not own any land, that’s what property tax and eminent domain is all about. Red Lake is STILL a Sovereign nation held by the Indian Religion and jointly by the Clans, AND THE LAND IS NOT FOR SALE AND NEVER WILL BE.  This is Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway land and cannot be sold.

The United States Government refused to recognize the Traditional, Clan government of the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway Nation when they deceptively “put democracy” onto Red Lake like a thief in the night.  We, the Traditional Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway are still here, and we are still Sovereign, and, for that matter, we don’t have to recognize the United States, either.  As far as we’re concerned, the territory they claim is all stolen Indian land illegally sold by Metis who did own it.

Title 25 of the United States Statutes (and all the rest of the United States Statutes) apply to non-Treaty Indians, to Metis who are United States citizens under the jurisdiction of United States law.  What’s amazing is that this Jim Crow legislation was ever written.  (If you’ve never read Title 25, get a copy and go to the back of the bus to read this Jim Crow crap.)  Why in the world would the European-Americans want to write such totalitarian racist legislation for their own clansmen, for a group of their own relations that they planned and fathered?  While they’re at it, why don’t they write several volumes of racist legislation for the descendants of Scandinavian women, they could call it the “Uff-dah Statutes,” or maybe for the Vietnamese mixed-bloods.

All of the Chippewa (another word for Metis) 1934 I.R.A. Tribal Councils, all of the appointed Chippewa leaders that are in public view, do not have Treaty rights and do not have Sovereignty.  Yet, they say that they are speaking for the Traditional Sovereign Ojibway Indian people who still have land and who have Treaty rights.  This is a conflict of interest, and also fraud.  We can speak for ourselves.

The issue in Red Lake right now is not spearfishing off of the Reservation, it isn’t even U.S.-created elections.  (I don’t have to vote, this is Sovereign Indian land and we Clan members and Treaty Indians already have our Sovereignty and the Traditional government we have had for many thousands of years.)  The issue is trespassers and land thieves on the Reservation.  We are over-run with Metis who are fraudulently claiming to be Treaty Indians, who have abused our wildlife, clear-cut our forests, and been greedy with our fish.  These Metis are illegally claiming Sovereign Red Lake land, in violation of the Treaty.  They are politically embarrassing us by pretending to be sovereign Treaty Indians.  These Metis were intentionally created by the United States Government, and they are citizens of the State of Minnesota and of the United States.  They are trying to hide behind our Sovereignty, and some of them are even trying to claim 40 acres each of our Sovereign land.  They are violating the Treaties.  If the Clans tell the Sheriff or the D.N.R. that they want Meti troublemakers removed from Red Lake Indian land, then the Sheriff has to come and get them.  They are subject to all of the laws that the European-Americans have written, and the U.S. is responsible for their European clansmen.

We asked a high-ranking European-American bureaucrat about Indian Sovereignty.  He told us that the reason that Indians couldn’t have full Sovereignty was that “criminals and gangsters would hide out on the reservations.”  We’ve got news for you, these impostors and crooks and land thieves are already hiding out on the Reservations.  For example, Metis on White Earth posed as Indians, and sold the land out from under the Indian people although they had no right to sell it.  The United States Government has the same plans for Red Lake, that’s why the Chippewa Metis without land or Treaty rights are given jobs, houses and money by the United States Government to keep them in our community.  That’s also why they want us to have their kind of Judeo-Christian Democracy, rather than our Traditional, Sovereign egalitarian and free society.

The Metis have legitimate complaints against the United States Government: cultural genocide is one of them.  Part of the reason that the I.R.A. councils were put together the way they are is to hide this cultural genocide.  Both the Nuremberg Principles and the United Nations Genocide Convention were written by Indo-Europeans, in European languages, with no input whatsoever from Tribal peoples.  The Genocide Convention needs an addendum or an amendment.  There needs to be a provision against bringing European males into Sovereign communities to hybridize the community and destroy their Sovereign rights.  This Christian tactic is a very popular European colonial strategy, that’s why it’s not in the Genocide Convention—it was mostly Judeo-Christians who wrote it.  The International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide must be rewritten to protect all people around the world.  There has been an enormous amount of damage done to Tribal peoples everywhere in the world by this racist genetic and cultural “engineering” (destruction).  The Genocide Convention and all other International Law must have the full participation of all Sovereign Tribal peoples, and must also be written in Tribal languages.  The European languages that International Law is written in now are crooked and have racism built right into them.

Francis Blake, Jr.

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