Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 4, 1986

Europeans brought Bemidji’s crime problem with them
[published in the Bemidji Pioneer,
jointly written with George Whitefeather]


Mr. Ryan discretely labels Indian people as “sociological factors” in his August 26 letter to the editor but then proceeds to make it quite clear that he is blaming Indians for Bemidji’s crime.  Perhaps Ryan is ignorant of the facts.

A close, unbiased and impartial look at history makes it unmistakably clear that the “sociological factors” which Ryan so coyly refers to are white imports from feudal Europe.  Before our unwritten immigration laws allowed Europeans to empty their prisons onto this continent, Indian people had no crime.  We did not have, nor need, prisons, jails, police.  We did not need to lock our doors.  There wasn’t a lock or a chain on this continent until whites imported them to fill the needs of their own criminal culture.  The other “classical sociological factors” that Ryan refers to: alcoholism and drug abuse, unemployment, AFDC and truancy (“truancy laws” are cultural genocide—forcing children into an alien culture) are also white imports.

The reason, plain and simple, that the city of Bemidji has such a high crime rate, is that Bemidji is the child of a crime-ridden European culture, and the city itself is founded on heinous criminal acts: genocide, ethnocide, and land and resource thefts from Indian people totalling billions of dollars.  The is the foundation—the “cause”—of your crime.  White people way, “as the twig is bent, so it will grow.”  Indian people say, “The Circle comes around.”  What both of these sayings mean is that the root of your crime rates is as old as the roots of your criminal nation.

Your history books are gilded propaganda, one-sided lies from beginning to end.  Just a few examples will probably suffice:

THE BOSTON TEA PARTY: Armed dissident, Christian tax-evaders dressed up like Indians to destroy government property.

Indian disguises are an old white tradition.  Maybe the F.B.I.’s “under-cover” operations have their roots in U.S. Cavalry agents dressing up like Indians to kill unsuspecting white pioneers, providing the “justification” for “punitive raids” on Indians to steal the rest of our land and murder our women and children.

THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR: United States of America’s high crime rates go back to Valley Forge.  Ragged desperado dissidents, having rousted the British, proceeded to break every treaty that had ever been written and wage a war of genocide against the American Indian people of the Eastern Seaboard.  Whole tribes—five major linguistic groups—were annihilated.

The motive was greed.  The land that was stolen was used as collateral to print money.  The land stolen from the Five Civilized Tribes was used to underwrite the Louisiana purchase.  The Trail of Tears and the legislation authorizing expenditure of $15 million (from a country that was bankrupt 20 years earlier) were actually part of the same Congressional Act.  The land stolen by breaking the Ft. Laramie Treaty was used to finance the Alaska purchase.

The European criminals let out of prison to become “American colonials” arrived on the shores of our land impoverished.  Less than 200 years later, these white transients had stolen an entire continent, murdered most of the original owners and concocted a vision that they were “God’s Chosen People” under the doctrine of Manifest Destiny.

MANIFEST DESTINY is glossed over lightly in your history books.  If Ryan is concerned about “crime in Bemidji,” he should read it.  Manifest Destiny is a Christian doctrine of rabid bigotry and unbridled greed.  And it’s the doctrine of world conquest which Adolf Hitler used as a model for the Third Reich.

MISSIONARIES: In violation of U.S. Constitutional provisions of “separation of Church and State,” these parasitic fifth-columnists were paid by the U.S. Government (with stolen Indian money) to destroy traditional Indian culture, language, religion, and social order.  The “classical sociological factors” to which Ryan so glibly refers were “given” to Indian people by these missionaries, by the U.S. Government, along with such gifts as smallpox, tuberculosis, syphilis, diabetes, and starvation.  (The U.S. Army was the first to use germ warfare.  They used it against Indian people.)

Ryan claims that the Bureau of Indian Affairs Police (run by the Justice Department, which also runs the FBI) is “stable, professional, non-political.”  The BIA evolved from the War Department—an occupying army for “conquered” Indian Nations.  Perhaps Ryan means “stable, professional, non-political” in the same vein as Senator Dawes (of the Dawes Allotment Act and Public Law 280) did when he lobbied successfully for a “stable, professional, non-political” agency, the BIA to oversee “a permanent solution” to the “Indian problem.”  We are still talking about crime: Senator Dawes engineered a land theft of billions of acres of Indian land, advocated—and enacted—genocide, and played a causal role in the Wounded Knee Massacre.

To Indian people, the BIA police are definitely political.  As Commissioner of Indian Affairs price described the just-established BIA police and courts systems in 1881, “a power entirely independent of the Chief.  It weakens, and will finally destroy the power of tribes and bands.”  The structure, function and organization of these “non-political” agencies hasn’t changed since 1881.

Before Ryan criticizes the tribal council (which is powerless under the 1858 Constitution which the “non-political” BIA forced on us), he should look closely at the low pay, lack of fringe or retirement benefits and other racist employment practices of the BIA Police.

If Ryan wants to write about crime rates in the Bemidji area, he should look at unreported, unprosecuted (possibly even “legal” under your apartheid laws) white-collar crimes committed against Indian people: the Red Lake Mill run into bankruptcy by the “stable, professional” BIA; the theft of billions of dollars worth of Red Lake Indian land on the Northwest Angle; Indian money held “in trust”—without interest—in the U.S. Treasury, etc. (He could write a very long book.)

Ryan complains about the lack of jail space.  Bemidji whites know that they are living on stolen Indian land.  They know that their economy is based on stolen Indian resources.  When a Bemidji law enforcement officer sees an Indian, they want to lock him up—both for the money that flows into the Bemidji law enforcement system, and because they want to “lock up their consciences.”

Indian authors and Indian historians are coming.  We will debunk the lies your history is founded on.  Now, if I’ve made enemies, or if I’ve made friends, so be it!  This is the way I see it.

George Whitefeather
Enrolled Member, Red Lake Band of Ojibway Indians
Red Lake

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