Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

August 8, 1997

Greetings and hello to all of you peasants and you immigrants, and boozhoo to all you Indians, eh.  When Mike Tyson telephoned Ross Perot, what did Perot say?

NICOTINE FITS:  This year, the city of Bemidji is celebrating its Centennial.  For sixty of the past hundred years, since 1937, Paul Bunyan has been standing on the western shores of Lake Bemidji.  This rugged individual, who was the first mercenary and eco-terrorist for the paper mills and lumber companies who lobby in Washington, D.C., has been the icon of Bemidji, and a role model for the local youth who wanted to grow up to be lumberjacks like Paul Bunyan.  Now, the timber is gone, clearcut, but Paul still continues to influence children: he has a pipe in his mouth continually.

Rumor has it that Bemidji High School has installed surveillance cameras throughout the school neighborhood to apprehend students smoking on their lunch break, and the State is stepping up enforcement (and creating crime where there is no crime) by “carding” would-be tobacco purchasers and running expensive “sting” operations.  It seems like they’re spending an awful lot of money—and prohibition just makes illicit products seem more desirable.  The guys who are using tobacco prohibition for their own gain, making unnecessary laws to enhance their own employment, are con artists, and they should be in jail.  If they really cared about public health, they would be focussing on big polluters instead of on mickey-mouse issues and scapegoating tobacco.  They’ve already castrated Babe the Blue Ox, so the pillars of Bemidji might as well take away Paul’s symbol of manhood, his pipe, so he’s not a big example of filthy, rotten, dirty habits.

DOUBLESPEAK: The discussions about the Boundary Waters “wilderness” have reached an impasse, and so the final settlement will be hashed out in Washington, D.C.  Those of us who have dealt with Washington on a long-term basis know what that means.  The spin departments for the timber industry are already planting “trial balloons,” including improbable stories about how the ecosystems work, into the media.  Among the rationales that they’re testing for public acceptance are the “global warming” and the end-of-the world theories: that the BWCA is at the “southern boundary of the conifer forest area”—it never used to be, until the immigrant European lumberjacks came in here and cut down the rest of the pine forests.  In another year or so, the paper mills will try to persuade the public to cut down the forests in the BWCA because the forests will “die anyway” from global warming and pollution, so they might as well cut down the forests so the trees aren’t “wasted.”  Another corporate fable is that the trees in old-growth forests are “too crowded,” and “sound management” requires that they cut down two out of three trees to “make room” for the remaining trees.  The part of this fairy story that they don’t tell you is that this is the next step in demolishing the entire ecosystem: cutting down the few stands of old-growth which remain on this continent, replacing them with “tree farms,” and then telling the public that there are “more trees” than there were five hundred years ago.  What they don’t say is that these “more trees” are only about three inches tall, and in sickly, chemical-laden tree farms—like the modern agricultural cornfields with nothing but dead birds in them.

Looking beyond the doublespeak, the English language tells me what they’re going to do.  I’m making a prediction and a prophecy: the entire Boundary Waters Canoe Area is going to be destroyed: cut down, logged off, and “developed,” and the animals will be driven into extinction.  Your European English language is out of balance with nature, with yourselves, and with reality.  Even if God came down and performed a miracle, the BWCA will still go into extinction—the bottom line for the White man is making money, and the English language is filled with blueprints for exploiting women, nature ... and everything else.  That’s why the Euro-Americans left Europe and gave themselves a new name (although they kept their old criminal values).

LAND OF THE FREE: In a Strib “Counterpoint” editorial on August second, attorneys for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People quoted from a NAACP position paper stating that, “segregation was and is tied inextricably to the ideology of white supremacy.”  The NAACP proposes battling the consequences of white supremacist thinking in the courts, as well as in “state legislatures and executive mansions, before boards of education and councils of local governments, with local businesses and civic organizations, and last but not least, with parents and students.”  All of these proposed NAACP “battlegrounds” are White institutions, including the NAACP, which, if it was all Black, wouldn’t be “colored.”  If they’re expecting to win “justice” with their battles, they’re in for a big disappointment.  There’s another institution, called “repeat after me, ‘our father who art in heaven,’” but that’s a dead-end White institution, too.

Dealing with problems created by White institutions inside of the context of these institutions isn’t going to solve the problems of racism and “race relations,” nor the hierarchical apartheid which is embedded in the English language.  If Euro-American language was not inherently apartheid, both the White immigrants and the descendants of their Black slaves would not be here—they would still be at home, taking care of their “motherlands” and their “fatherlands” in Europe and Africa.

Violence is a part the un-natural makeup of cultural and religion of Western Civilization, and is inherent in the English language.  It amuses me, when the Euro-Americans create all kinds of different religions, political parties and other institutions, and then fight about them.  They are stuck in the violence, abstract unreality and stupidity of their language.  If the NAACP and other organizations looking for social justice are serious about wanting change, they need to look beyond “race relations,” which is a White institution created by the language, and take a damn’ good hard look at the violence and oppression in the pathologically unbalanced English language.

Perot said, “Go ahead, Mike, I’m all ears.”  Y’all have a good day, eh.

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