Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 18, 1997

ANOTHER NEW DEAL: Newt Gingrich and his cronies are making moves to bring one of Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt’s projects, the “New Deal,” to an end.  Their “reform” package includes privatizing social security and abolishing FDR’s social safety net, welfare (which has become a dirty word).

Before the 1929 stock market crash, most of the United States economy had been privatized under President Hoover.  Even small investors were encouraged to put their life savings into Wall Street—and then the stock brokers sold them more stock on credit.  As long as the patterns remain embedded in the language, history will repeat itself.  If the reform to do away with FDR’s new deal, and privatize the economy again, succeeds, then the money in the Social Security trust fund will be invested in the stock market.  Stock prices will rise dramatically.  Then, more credit will become available for the U.S. Government investors to buy even more worthless stocks.  You guessed it: the stock market will crash—it will be 1929 all over again.  The only difference is that along with your social security number, you’ll be assigned your own private window to jump out of.  That’s progress.

CRIMINAL CULTURE: In the editorial section of Tuesday’s Star Tribune, the editorial staff writes that the new Congressional “juvenile-crime” legislation “forbids the use of its funds for crime prevention.”  The policy advisors to the U.S. Congress are not fools, and in their criminal minds, they know perfectly well that investment in prisons increases the crime rate.  So, why are they voting to condemn another generation of children to a marginalized life of crime and imprisonment?  Ever since the Europeans got to this continent, they have developed their criminal culture: stealing land through crooked treaties and unjust wars, killing all of the indigenous people and replacing them with Indians, ripping off resources, polluting the water, and creating mayhem everywhere they went.  The funny part of it is, they’re so crooked they won’t even admit to what they did.

The congressmen who are voting to build more prisons, create gangs by forcing single mothers into a marginal job market, destroy communities with “urban development,” and continue their generations-long strategy of attacking women and families, know perfectly well what chaos their policies will create.  They are buying time, and making money for themselves and their good buddies in the prison-contracting business, while the taxpayers pay to entrench the police-state more deeply.

The propaganda and spin doctors of the mainstream media are very effective in hiding what the elite policy-makers are doing in this “land of the free and home of the [apartheid] brave.”  The electorate looks straight at the schemes and con jobs, and most of them are so brainwashed by crooked English that they don’t see what’s right in front of them—or, they’re into denial.  According to the July 15 Strib, Green Bay Packers’ defensive end Reggie White told a group of high school students in Knoxville that the white government and white police “provoke young black men in order to put them behind bars, thus allowing the government to deprive them of education.  [They] want young black males to sell drugs, join gangs and use guns, so they can be arrested.”  Sportswriter Patrick Reusse dismisses Reggie White’s observations by implying that his comments referred to a “conspiratorial view” of the white electorate, but, the common person in the U.S. lost his power with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.  It’s hard to see from inside the English language, but the feudal history of medieval Europe is repeating itself.  Serf’s up, peon the peasants.

MORE SCANDALS: While we’re on the subject of crime, congressman Fred Thompson of Tennessee is described by Robert Reno, in an editorial reprinted in the Star Tribune, as “soldiering bravely” through the muck of campaign finance.  There are different categories of financing the political parties, and nobody seems to have a handle on what kind of money they’re upset about—it remains nameless in this bastardized English language (as the Indians would say, “it’s so sacred, we can’t talk about it”).  The issue of the moment is that somebody got caught publicly doing business that is supposed to be discretely conducted behind closed doors and remain part of the good ol’ boys’ exclusive tradition.  In the old days, some kinds of foreign relations were called “gunboat diplomacy,” and very few people protested about that kind of influence in other peoples’ governments.  Desert Storm was another example of sticking your nose into other peoples’ business, a “world policeman’s” shakedown for well-entrenched vested interests.  But, now that the circle’s come around, and the former victims of gunboat diplomacy are using their finances to protect their own interests, the good ol’ boys don’t like it, but nobody knows exactly what to call it: is it soft money, hard money, cold cash, clean money, laundered money, hush money, Indian money, bread, lots of dough, or good old fashioned influence peddling?

GOLD DIGGERS: When the colonial investors wanted to get Europeans to leave their homeland and come to this continent, they planted rumors about the streets on this continent being paved with gold.  When they wanted to get settlers into California, they had the Gold Rush of 1849.  Then, when they wanted people to go to Alaska, there was another gold rush.  They make their advance settlers into fly-by-nights, crazed with gold fever.  Unwilling participants in these gold rushes and settlement schemes are “transported” prisoners—a lot of prison-boats were unloaded on these shores, and it looks like their descendants are going to take another flying leap.  There hasn’t been a good old American gold rush in a long time, so Uncle Sam sent Pathfinder to Mars to look at rocks.  If you’re going to invest in the stock market, I recommend stocks in pick-and-shovel companies ... good luck to you Martian prospectors, and don’t forget to be inoculated for gold fever.  ‘Bye.

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