Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 11, 1997

“Clinton is the first president to level about race,” according to journalist Syl Jones in the Commentary section of the June 17 Star Tribune.  Historically, all of the U.S. Presidents were “level” about race—most of them were prone, although Lincoln went toward a vertical dimension in Mankato.  Clinton, like other second-term presidents, is playing politics for future history writers, wanting to leave his legacy.  But, like most politicians, Clinton’s noble posturing is meaningless: just another slogan.  Nixon’s Clean Air Act was a slogan, Johnson’s War on Poverty was another slogan, and Affirmative Action is another empty slogan.  Without a serious plan of action, these words are nothing more than hot air.  Like the Ten Commandments, which are ten slogans, they are meaningless: hypocritical catchphrases and empty platitudes.

APOLOGIES: Ever since the Roman Catholic Pope apologized to Galileo (about five hundred years late), public figures have gone ape, monkey-see, monkey-do, making headlines with meaningless apologies.  Sunday’s Star Tribune mentions a number of these would-be apologists, including British Prime Minister Tony “Radical Center” Blair, who apologized for the Irish famine of 1845.  From another British colony, former U.S.A. President F.W. De Klerk apologized, “on our knees before God Almighty” for living at the wrong time, and getting caught.  The Star Tribune quotes de Klerk as begging God’s forgiveness (but not the forgiveness of the South African Blacks’) for being “the product of the cultural and political circumstances into which we were born and with which we grew up.”  From yet another continent of the stolen British Empire, Prime Minister John Howard of Australia “rejected recommendations” that he apologize to the aboriginal people of Australia for more than a century of British genocide, rape, forced removals and other human rights violations.  And, from still other heirs of the British, state of Minnesota representative Martin Sabo is said by the Star Tribune to be “not prepared to respond” about either slavery or racism.  Sabo is the DFL Party’s in-house Congressman.  Another apartheid statesman we haven’t heard from yet is Nelson Mandela: who has been a highly touted advocate of “democracy” and “freedom,” but whose administration is henching for European globalization and NATO imperialism.  “Democracy” and “freedom” are some snake-oil salesman crooked English words, and in spite of the positive “spin” on them, what they really mean is “exclusion” and “apartheid.”  What Nelson Mandela should be doing, is apologizing to De Klerk for kicking out the old horse-and-buggy form of European apartheid, and bringing in a newer, updated, “electronic age” form of European apartheid.  If Nelson Mandela does the manly thing and apologizes, watch De Klerk’s face light up with a big, devious smile.

MILITARY PROMOTION: The Major Crimes Act has been promoted to the General F--k-up Act at Red Lake.  The Major Crimes Act, now known as the General F--k-up Act, was passed by the White man in the 1800’s, as encroachment legislation to control the community on Indian Reservations, and that’s just how Attorney General Lillehaug is using it.  He’s throwing the blame for recent reservation violence onto the people of Redby, and hiding behind the “60 to 70 day” countdown “to make a case.”  What Lillehaug is doing is even more encroachment, social engineering to give the FBI and the federal government an excuse to create a police state at Red Lake, and get their hands into the casino coffers at the same time.  Lillehaug could have easily arrested the people who were part of the school-party murder.  “60 to 70 days” is an empty excuse, because the Feds could have arrested the murderers on other trumped-up charges, like they do for everybody else.  Lillehaug’s delay is a part of a long-standing strategy, an old Machiavellian concept, of creating conflict in communities which the Europeans have invaded and occupied.  The people at Red Lake need to sue Lillehaug for the “consequential damages” caused by his unnecessary social-engineering delay—and, as a part of the wanna-be White government, Lillehaug needs to make an apology for the pain and suffering that his high-handed apartheid policies have inflicted on people at Red Lake.

KA-LAI-JA: Years ago, when former vice-president Hubert Humphrey was still campaigning for Congress, Chairman-for-Life Roger Jourdain adopted Humphrey into the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians.  Not so very long ago, when Roosevelt’s machine politics were still running smoothly on well-greased wheels, Roger Jourdain didn’t need a medicine man to help him play Indian, and he didn’t need a shaman, either.  He adopted Hubert Humphrey, but through the Indian grapevine, it was always said that they gave Humphrey the wrong name—that his real name was “Walking Eagle.”  And now, you know the rest of the story.

As long as I can remember, all the White man had to say about Indians was “assimilate, and be civilized like us.”  Now, politicians have given up on kissing babies, and are being adopted into Indian tribes.  Under the authority of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal I.R.A., the Red Lake Tribal Council has adopted Roger Moe (presumably with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior or his duly authorized representative).

Back in the 1950’s, when the Bureau of Indian Affairs was “precipitating factions” to get the Indian Reorganization Act onto Red Lake, the landless Indians who aren’t from here, like Roger Jourdain and his flunkies, backed the I.R.A. because the United States Government was promising to give these outsiders land at Red Lake.  (The United States Government has never had any legitimate claim to the land at Red Lake, but that’s another issue.)

Bobby Whitefeather isn’t an Indian Medicine Man, like Roger Jourdain was.  So, he had to go get the Minnesota Legislature’s Indian Shaman to make Roger Moe into an Indian.  The newspapers don’t report how much blood quantum they gave Roger Moe when they adopted him—back in the old days, when they turned White men into Indians, they usually made them into “halfbreeds.”  There’s something strange going on, with the highly advanced civilization that the White man was forcing us to assimilate into.  Now, the children of the White Man who said that God entrusted them with Manifest Destiny are regressing, and their guilt is showing.  (Guilt makes people do strange things.)   They’re so civilized they’ve degenerated, and they all want to become “natives,” “New Age Indians,” and White Federally Adopted Wanna-be’s.  If you Republicans really want to get rid of Roger Moe, all you have to do is terminate the Indians.  With “one stroke on the keyboard,” you’ll get rid of that degenerated half-breed Indian Roger Moe, and then your troubles are over (or maybe they’re just beginning).  Well, anyway, the rest of you, who aren’t adopted Indians and wanna-be’s, have a nice day.

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