Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 8, 1995

“Chip Wadena” was the headline of a staff editorial in Tuesday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  Sixty-one years after the fact, the mainstream media is finally waking up to the human rights abuses of 1934 I.R.A. Indian tribal government, writing, “problems with reservation administrative, political and electoral processes are often the rule, dating from the federal government’s creation of elected [sic] tribal governments in 1934.”

In reality, the so-called “Indian constitutions” are abusive client documents, written by White bureaucrats within the Euro-American power structure, designed to benefit the good ol’ boys in the resource and real estate industries.  The Strib writes that power is centralized under the 1934 I.R.A. constitutions, but does not identify the primary problem of the 1934 I.R.A., which is that the people defined as Indians are wards of the U.S. Government under trusteeship—without any power at all.

The corruption at White Earth (and on the other Indian reservations) has always been a three-ring circus, involving the Federal government, the State government, and the so-called “Tribal government.”  The corporations are the ring-masters, and the Indian and other government puppets are fulfilling P.T. Barnum’s maxim that “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

If U.S. Attorney Lillehaug gets his way with U.S. Government jurisdiction under Indian sovereignty, then Wadena and his cohorts will probably push for application of Public Law 280, in the hopes that the good ol’ boys in the State of Minnesota will only give him a slap on the wrist.  The Indian Dissidents at Camp Justice have been cheering ever since the indictments came down, but now’s the time for them to get busy and go after the D.F.L. party hacks and members of the State Legislature who have been behind the scenes in making life miserable for Indians on the Rez.  If you settle for another round of broken promises, we’ve got news for you.  The good ol’ boys are planning to write a new Indian Constitution for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, with the same basic structure (the U.S. Government will still be autocratically in charge)—but with more refined lawyerese and more paragraphs of Crooked English.  My advice to you dissidents and malcontents in Camp Justice: if you don’t keep up the pressure, and if you just sit back and wait for justice to take its course, things will only get worse.  You might as well stand out in your front yard, place your hand on your ass, and wish for the moon.

“HONEST BOB:”  The Honorable Senator Bob Dole is on the campaign trail.  One of the planks in his super-patriotic platform is “English First,” mandating that all American citizens be fluent in the language of the British heirs of the Roman Empire.  I don’t know how he’s going to manage that, since the public education system is a shambles, and many of the students who complete their term of compulsory school education speak only a few words of rudimentary English, and can neither read nor write.  With all the funding cutbacks that the Grand Old Republican Party is pushing through Congress, it sounds like the bill he’s campaigning to introduce is some more Crooked English.

In my experience with compulsory education, the Red Lake schools beat me for speaking my native Ah­nish­i­nah­bæót­jib­way language, but only taught us a few words of English.  I learned the English language from reading, and looking up every word I didn’t understand in a dictionary.  I am not a linguist, but from where I stand in the Northbrush, I see it to be a violent language; a pseudo-male language with undertones of homosexuality—programming men to be “macho,” self-destructive and insensitive; a hierarchical language which oppresses and denies the identity of women and everyone else who has only a rudimentary grasp of English.  English is a linear-thinking language—a con job which makes it impossible to win an argument with those who have superior knowledge of this insidious language.

The 1934 I.R.A. Constitutions are a good example of how the good ol’ boys use Crooked English.  That the United States Secretary of the Interior holds all of the Sovereignty and all of the power in the so-called “Indian Nations” is written right into the Tribal Constitutions, but because most of the Reservation Indians don’t understand Crooked English, they believe the hocus-pocus about “Sovereign Indian Nations” which has been promoted by the media, and stand up right on cue to holler, “Honor the Treaties,” which is some more Crooked English—the U.S. is honoring the treaties, they are the ones who wrote these fraudulent documents in Crooked English (the Treaties were land cession documents and the U.S.A. has the land).  Would you buy a used car from “Honest Bob?”

Senator Bob gives speeches in Crooked English, promoting the illusion that English First will bring this country back together.  The Demo-Publicans put a lot of energy and effort into destroying Aboriginal Indigenous families and communities, as well as using the old Roman “divide and conquer” strategy to promote ethnic, class, and racial strife.  Now, the very same people who proclaimed themselves “our brother’s keepers” and claimed God told them to use Manifest Destiny, are complaining about “ethnic separation.”  The English language is a masterpiece of manipulative deceptions, abstract illusions, mixed metaphors, violently twisted dichotomies and subtle falsehoods.  It’s an amazing work of con artists and the foundation of centuries of suffering and wars; but I love this language, because like all of the other monumental achievements of Western Culture (such as destroying the environment, wrecking Indigenous communities all over the world, and sending everything toward extinction), it’s so magnificently and disgustingly crooked.  English is a slave language, and promoting English First is a big step in the direction of Euro-American feudalism.  It goes something like this: “Serf’s up, peon the peasants.”

The English language does not belong on this continent, and immigrant Westerners mandating English as the official “American” language is an open admission of genocide.  Go ahead, Honest Bob, make my day.

MORE INDIANS: The blood quantum strategy has taken its toll, and the B.I.A. is running low on Red Lake Indians—as planned.  The shysters and backroom chiefs at the Bureau are at a loss for crooked terminology re-defining “Indians” yet another time, so the white men who run the 1934 I.R.A. Red Lake Tribal Council have amended the “Tribal Code” to create more Indians.  They’re really getting cheap: the only “Indian benefit” these new Indians get is prosecution by the B.I.A.’s kangaroo Indian court under the new “beefed up” tribal code.

The Euro-Americans’ Indian identity has always been a lie, and the people who give up their own identity to play Indian are hypocrites.  In Indian affairs, the White man has always been a hypocrite, promoting a fraudulent identity which is a human rights violation.  Because the Euro-Americans think in Crooked English, they thought they could get away with using Aboriginal Indigenous resources—which made them rich—to destroy the Indigenous peoples of this continent.  But if you listen carefully, you can hear the circle coming around.

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