Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 31, 1995

From its beginning, the United States of America’s policy toward the indigenous people of this continent has been genocide.  After the U.S. Senate finally passed the United Nations Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, then-Senator Proxmire of Wisconsin wrote me a letter advising that the provisions of this so-called International Law (which is European Law) were “not retroactive,” although even under the imported laws of every State, there is no statute of limitations on murder—and genocide (and ethnic cleansing) are murder on a mass scale, as well as being human rights violations.

The founding documents of the U.S.A.—both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution—mention “Indians.”  This is an open admission of genocide: the European immigrants did not and still do not speak of the real identities of the aboriginal people here; in order to pursue their mythology of “Manifest Destiny,” they needed a generic term which referred to both the indigenous people and to the mixed-blood people under their control, and so they used the artificial European identity of “Indians.”  In the late 1800’s, United States policy-makers changed from openly murdering indigenous people (including paying a bounty on “Indian scalps”) to passing compulsory-education laws and institutionalizing boarding schools designed to transform Aboriginal Indigenous people into “Indians”—which is also a violation of the U.N. Genocide conventions.  But, through the magic of Crooked English and other greedy Romanized thinking, killing “Indians”—although it’s a human rights violation—is not genocide, because “Indians” have a White patriline and are not a separate people.

In the early 1970’s, I worked with several political-action groups including the Jewish Defense League and the paper-tiger American Indian Movement, to get justice—or at least an admission of genocide—from the United States in the World Court.  When the Jewish groups found out that I was both serious and an Aboriginal Indigenous person, they dropped me like a hot potato.  There is a big, big difference between the deplorable human rights involved in killing communities and families of people with European patrilines, and the genocide of destroying Aboriginal Indigenous people, Dodems and communities, who do not have European patrilines.  The United Nations Genocide Convention does not have any teeth because none of the Romanized Western European Nations, including the United States, want to deal with, or face the consequences of the genocide and ecocide of Aboriginal Indigenous people, which is still going on and is still enriching them.  They want to deny their past and create a new mythology and “new” (old European class-system) identities here.  The Europeans who became “Americans” ran away from the institutionalized poverty and all the other problems of Europe—but because of their language, they brought their old Romanized social pathologies with them.

By the late 1970’s, United States policy-makers figured that the few, and I mean very few, Aboriginal Indigenous people who survived in the Indian and White onslaught, had all been successfully transformed into “civilized Indians.”  In 1978, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, described by the Minneapolis Star Tribune as giving “tribes extraordinary control over the adoptions of their members.”  The Indian Child Welfare Act is one of several pieces of fraudulent legislation which are touted as giving Indians the “sovereignty” to “restore Indian tradition,” which is a pipe dream and an illusion.  How can the Indians regain Aboriginal Indigenous traditions which they never had—the “Indian tribes” smugly and one-sidedly promoted by linear-thinking writers at the Strib are a statutory invention of the U.S. Congress; and the Indians are patrilineally White people who have been used for centuries to sell Aboriginal peoples’ land, destroy Aboriginal peoples’ subsistence, and otherwise act in complicity with their paternal White relatives in the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous people, including obscuring the ongoing genocide by acting as a broker and a cover in such violations of the Genocide Convention as the adopting-out of Aboriginal children under the Indian Child Welfare Act.  The U.S. Congress (and the United Nations) were acting under Roman Law and their heritage of Roman Imperial thinking which justifies the exploitation of all people but their own elite.  They are using their Indians, who are trapped in an artificial identity which makes them scapegoats and political hockey-pucks, to keep their lily-White hands clean in their fraudulent claim to this bloodied land.

The abusive character of the immigrants’ Roman Law and Imperial thinking is obvious from the violent slums of the American cities, from the destruction of the ecosystem which indigenous people kept in balance and harmony, from the pollution of the water and their institutionalized exploitation of people.  Politicians and P-R men speak poetically of justice and exude endless speeches of fine flowery words dripping with honey; in reality they are snake-oil salesman obscuring the truth of the human rights violations they continue to perpetrate on everybody else.  The people who are exploiting need to become human beings, as well as the people who are disenfranchised.  The medieval thinking which the White leaders imported from Europe needs to change—this is a different land than Europe, and European Capitalism, European Feudalism, Constitutional Monarchy, Judeo-Christianity, Communism, Democracy, Imperialism, Socialism, Indian Law, Manifest Destiny and other pseudo-legalized theft, etc., etc. are all alien con-jobs and rip-off philosophies which do not belong on this land.  The Indian Child Welfare Act is just another one of that greedy old crook Uncle Sam’s many schemes and cover-ups.

MORE COVER-UPS: In 1972, Richard “I am not a Crook” Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), which was Orwellian legislation designed to protect the corporate structure which was polluting the environment.  The E.P.A. bureaucrats are tenured on pork-barrel legislation, slopping at the public trough and pigging out on corporate kickbacks (the Bureau of Indian Affairs is the same kind of “public lands” bureaucracy).  The publicly proclaimed Environmental Protection Acts are not enforced: the big corporations may have a token slap-on-the-wrist fine levied against them by courts which they own (under their imported Roman Law), but continue their filthy business as usual.  The public is told “you have an agency to protect the environment,” but in actuality the resources are being strip-mined, the ecosystem is being demolished, millions of tons of toxic chemicals are dumped into the environment, people are crippled by industrial waste, and more children are born deformed every year (the blame is diverted by the abstract scientific term “recessive gene”).  Under E.P.A. “protection,” the environment is so degraded that the government tells you not to eat the mercury-contaminated fish—why buy a fishing license just to catch-and-release?

The reality of Roman Law is anarchy and lawlessness at the top of the hierarchy—eighteen amendments were recently added to the Environmental Protection Act to give the Good Ol’ Boys further latitude in polluting and destroying the environment.  The U.S. Congress, in passing legislation to “protect the public,” is like a cat playing with a mouse (or the fox guarding a chicken coop): what they write looks good in the press releases as parroted by a well groomed television anchorman—some of what these puppets say sounds like they were effectively indoctrinated by the C.I.A. or the K.G.B., although it’s called “schooled in good journalism.”  Now that Disney has moved in and taken over A.B.C. (Americans Before Columbus), expect that the news will be more animated, and have an even faster spin in Fantasyland.  Under Affirmative Action, will Pocohantas as co-anchor balance the color scheme and decor?

Under immigrant Roman Law, the Ten Commandments are not enforced, either—where do you go to get action?  Maybe you have to go to Hell.

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